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Animal Radio® Show #476 January 17, 2009

NAPPS Annual Conference
NAPPS has been around for a dozen years and is the largest non-profit pet sitting organization in the United States. NAPPS offers certification, educational programs and business advice to pet sitters. They provide all the tools necessary to start up a business, including everything from contracts to marketing and advertising.

For someone considering pet sitting as a career, NAPPS has an annual conference both in the business field as well as people in the pet care and behavior industries. This year's 2009 Annual Conference is scheduled for January 16-18, 2009 at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California. From pet sitting business basics for the novice pet sitter to programs for the more seasoned pet sitter, you won't want to miss this conference!

Animal Radio will be broadcasting live at this conference ­ come out and say Hi!


Vladae, The "World Famous" Russian Dog Wizard

2 Dogs Fight With Third Dog

This guy has a male Bouvier, female Neapolitan Mastiff and male English Bulldog.  If the Bulldog is out in the yard with the other two, they will corner him and gang up on him.  If only one of these dogs is together with the Bulldog, there is usually not a problem, and the fighting will occur whether or not the guardian is in their presence.   Vladae recommends getting 3 big crates and put them all side-by-side.   He then suggests removing one dog at a time and working with it on obedience training in the presence of the other two, while they are in the crates.    After that, put that dog back in his crate, and let out another dog and do the same obedience training with it, until all three have had their training sessions.    When it is playtime, make sure that there are only two dogs out at the same time and that a third dog is always in the crate.  Never have all three out at the same time.    According to canine law, the presence of a strong and confident leader in the pack (the guardian) suppresses any aggression in every member of the pack.  If all three dogs felt that the guardian was a 100% leader, they would not fight in his presence. 

5 Best Travel Tips

  1. Start your trip with a healthy pet.  Visit your vet before you start any trip. 
  2. Make sure you have all of your pet’s paperwork on hand.  This includes health certificate, proof of license, rabies certificate and identification.  Also, make sure you have enough of your pet’s food with you, in case you can’t find it on the road.  It’s also a good idea to take some water from home as well.  And, bring some familiar chew toys from home to help with any anxiety they may have.
  3. Make sure your dog is travel worthy.   You can train your dog to travel well by starting with little trips and gradually increasing the amount of time they spend in a car.  Also work on obedience training.  An obedient dog is a pleasure to be around and there will be welcomed into more places.
  4. Plan ahead and check on accommodations for both hotels and airlines, as airlines sometimes limit the number of pets they will carry at one time and hotels might have size restrictions.  
  5. Keep your pets cool and comfortable.  Make sure they are seated in appropriate places in the car and not hanging out the windows, as flying objects can injure your pet’s eyes.   Another good idea is to use a warming or cooling bed depending on the temperature.

Great Dane Knocks Her Down

This 18-month-old Great Dane weighs 120 pounds.  He is a great dog, but unfortunately when they take him outside to play, he runs straight at them, knocks them down, and at 120 pounds coming at someone at around 80 miles per hour, it hurts!  Vladae suggests getting the device called “Pet Convincer.”  This is spray of air accompanied by a sound that creates a sudden and effective startling sensation for your pet.  At any time your dog even thinks about jumping or running into you, just spray this device and your dog will immediately stop what he is doing.


British Vets List The 10 Weirdest Items Eaten By Pets

Britain's People's Dispensary for Sick Animals, a charity that provides free veterinary care to the pets of low-income Brits, has released a list of the weirdest items its vets have removed from pets' stomachs.

The top 10 items, according to the Telegraph:

    1. Ten-inch tent peg

    2. Christmas decoration (star-shaped)

    3. Kitchen knife

    4. Alphabet fridge magnets

    5. Man's wig

    6. Ann Summers underwear

    7. Bell

    8. Fishing hook

    9. Socks

    10. Rubber duck

So just how big a deal is it when a pet ingests a foreign object? Very big, says, which offers this advice:

Intestinal obstruction is an emergency that requires immediate veterinary attention! Make sure to give your veterinarian a complete history, especially if your pet has eaten any foreign material. Your vet will perform a physical examination and take x-rays to look for signs of obstruction. Treatment consists of abdominal surgery to remove the obstructing material and to examine the full length of the intestine. Sections of intestine that appear dead will need to be removed, with the healthy ends sewn together.  So keep these objects away from your pets!


Vinnie Penn, Animal Radio's Resident Party Animal
Stella’s 1st Fish: “Magnolia, Dandelion, Sarah, Betty…”

Well, we did it!  For those of you who listen to these segments of mine, I told you earlier that my five-year-old daughter Stella was ready for a pet.  We looked at a lot of different pets, but I wanted to start her off with a fish.  Actually, she already has had a turtle and a frog, but they have since moved on, and it was time to get another pet.  I wanted to start her with a fish, as I think that’s a good starting point for any 4, 5, or 6-year old.

We went to the pet store and picked out just the most beautiful pink fish.  Stella picked her out herself.  We got the nice little aquarium and she dressed it up and decorated it really nice.  We went down to the beach earlier that morning where she picked out a beautiful rock to put in the tank, and we were all set up. 

She looks at the fish and it’s called a Betta fish.  Essentially this is not a gold fish, but this is new terrain for me.  I had goldfish as a kid, I think they were goldfish, Cheech and Chong, but this is called a Betta.  Nonetheless, Stella looks at her and says, “I want to call her Magnolia!”  That was really a moving moment!  I looked at my daughter and said that I thought that name was fantastic!  We can call her Maggie for short.   And she smiled and thought that was a great idea.

We got in the car with the little carrying case with the fish and Stella stared at her the whole way home and was saying, “I love you Magnolia” over and over.   We got home and transferred her to her new home, dressed it up, and Stella was looking at her and said, “She is so beautiful, thank you daddy for buying me Dandelion.”  And I said, “Dandelion?  What happened to Magnolia?”  And she said she changed her name and now wanted to call her Dandelion.    Well, that’s all right, Dandy for short.  That kind of works, we can go with that.  Dandelion it is!

Not too long afterward, one of my aunts comes over and the first thing Stella wants to do is take her to see the fish.  She says, “You’ve got to come with me, you’ve got to come and see my fish.”  She runs over to see the fish and I hear my aunt, who’s 91 years old say, “Hey, that looks just like Nemo!”  Well, Magnolia who had become Dandelion, had now become Nemo! 

So I have to sit Stella down and say look, we can’t keep changing the name.  It would be like all of a sudden today if I just started calling you “Sarah.”  To which Stella replies, “I like that name Sarah.  I go to school with a Sarah.   I want to name the fish Sarah.”  At this point I’m a little bit out of my mind.  I’m confused, I don’t know which way is up!  Is it a girl thing?  I’d always heard girls were fickle, but this was bringing it to new heights!

Suffice it to say that this morning as I’m leaving to go and cut these segments, I say to Stella, “I’m going to go and talk about Sarah the fish today.”  And she says, “What kind of a fish is it anyway?  I heard you telling someone that it wasn’t really a goldfish.”  Well, I said that “Daddy’s learning as he goes, just like you.  I think it’s called a Betta fish.”  And Stella says, “Alright Daddy, go and tell everybody about Betty then!”  Aaahhhggg….


Obese Animals

Dr. Jim Humphries, Veterinary News Network

According to the National Academy of Science, one-in-four pets are overweight.  An obese animal can have cardiovascular problems, arthritis and even diabetes, which is more common in cats.   It is not so much the type of food we are feeding them, but the quantity!

1) More than half of all dogs and almost 75% of all cats are considered overweight or obese.

2) Overweight pets are at risk for health concerns such as diabetes, joint issues and heart problems.

3) Pets who are fed controlled portions of food live about two years longer than pets who have unlimited access to the food bowl.

4) Start your pet’s diet with a trip to the veterinarian.  A thorough physical exam and blood tests can help rule out diseases that can cause weight gain.

5) Next, throw away the self-feeders and designate one person in the family to feed the pets.  Feed a few small meals instead of one large meal.

6) Replace high calorie treats with healthy alternatives like green beans or carrots.

7) Increase your pet’s activity level.  Two brisk walks daily for your dog can help both of you shed the excess weight.

8) Try to spend about thirty minutes each day playing with your cat.  Kitty Teasers and laser pointers can really help them lose pounds.

9) Follow up with your veterinarian and adjust your pet’s diet and exercise routine as needed.

10) Be sure to bookmark as your source of up-to-date and accurate pet health information.


Animal Radio® News with Bobbie Hill
Pet Settlement Put on Hold

A settlement approved by a judge last October giving more than 24-million in compensation to pet owners whose animals were sickened or killed from eating contaminated pet food is on hold.  Some 23-thousand pet owners in the U.S. alone were scheduled to begin receiving checks this year, but due to two last minute appeals, that’s not happening.  One Chicago attorney who worked out the settlement with Menu Foods said if the appeals succeed the class action settlement will unravel. Two pet owners in California have appealed claiming the settlement doesn’t address the “Made In USA” labels on food containing products from China.  The second appeal was filed in Texas by an attorney claiming the settlements were rushed.

Be "Happy" For Your Pets During Uncertain Economic Times

In these uncertain economic times job loss is a real threat to America’s workforce.  Experts in animal behavior caution pet owners to keep their pets “happy” despite their own worries about the recession.  Dr. Katarina Reilly of the Veterinary Center of Greater Newburyport in Salisbury Massachusetts doesn’t believe cats or dogs can literally interpret their owners “sad face or gloominess” but admits animals get anxious if their routine changes. The easiest way to keep things happy for your pet is to continue regular activities like walks, playing or even sharing the couch.

Dog Of The Year

The New Year has brought a new title for Alfie the Newfoundland of County Durham, England. The 3-year-old black newf has been named Dog of the Year by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.  Alfie’s life started out hard, the great pup was neglected by his former owners who kept him locked in a pen.  Julia Marsh Pitt rescued Alfie but she credits the big dog for helping her with daily health as she battles a debilitating condition.  Julia said, “ Having Alfie here helps me....every day he makes me laugh and I think he knows he is special.”  Alfie gets a pet portrait, pet insurance and an engraved glass trophy to go along with his title but he has to pick up the schwag at the district’s Felledge Cattery...and Alfie’s afraid of cats.

Flu Season for Dogs and Cats

Winter means cold and flu season for humans, cats and dogs.  Cats and dogs can catch cold and flu viruses but the good news is not from us.  We can’t catch their cold germs either.  But owners do need to watch for the same symptoms in their furry friends. They’ll be sniffling, sneezing, coughing with congestion and a runny nose.  But you can’t and shouldn’t slip Fido or Fluffy a shot of Nighttime cold medicine! Dr. Bruce Sullivan of the Coral Springs Animal Hospital says your cat’s or dog’s symptoms are “going to come and go away by themselves whether you do anything or not.” But if the animals are young, puppies and kittens may need some veterinary intervention to get over their cold or flu.

Oxygen Masks for Dogs and Cats Donated

Thanks to a group of telecommunications workers, dogs and cats in Ohio exposed to smoke during fires will get custom oxygen masks to help them recover.  The Columbus division of Fire will get 21 masks used to help resuscitate pets rescued from fires donated by Telecom Pioneers.  The volunteer organization is giving 150 of the specially designed masks to firefighters across Ohio. Each of Columbus’ 7 fire battalions will receive three masks each - one for cats and two for dogs. 

Scotland's Most Popular Dog and Cat Names

Vets at Scotland’s University of Glasgow have compiled a list of the most popular dog and cat names over the past decade. Dr. Ian Ramsey, Director of the University’s Small Animal Hospital said, “we have seen many thousands of animals over the years, but some names just kept coming up.”  Among the most common for dogs are Ben, Sam, Jake and Lucy.... for cats the top ten include Jack, Oscar, Sam, Cleo, Sophie, Oliver, Jasper and Tigger.  The vet school has treated 378 dogs named Max in the last 10 years but only three named Pickle.  One of the most memorable according to Ramsey was a canine called Wee Dog...turns out he was anything but.  Wee Dog was a huge Neapolitan Mastiff. 

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Animal Minute With Britt Savage
US Border Finds Alligator in Suitcase

Us Border Patrol agents recently detained an Arizona driver when drug-sniffing dogs reacted to the smell of marijuana in his car.  The dogs were right!  A small amount of marijuana was found and when the agents asked the driver if he had anything else they should know about, he admitted yes, he did have an alligator.  Sure enough, there was a live 4-foot alligator stuffed into his suitcase.  The driver was arrested on drug charges, and the alligator, which was in good shape (although wrinkled I bet), was released to the Arizona Game and Fish Department.   Maybe with all of that pot smoking, he thought he was carrying an alligator bag! 


Your Vet Questions Answered with Dr. Debbie
Is Dinovite Good For Itchy/Shedding Chihuahuas?

Dr. Debbie personally doesn’t use this type of supplement on her dogs, and she doesn’t think there is a cure-all for pets with skin problems.  She does, however, suggest using a supplement with fatty acids instead.   You can get these fatty acids, like an Omega 3, from any pet store.  This will help with the luster of their coat and help with the dryness factor.

Boston Terrier Pees All Over After Vaccinations

It seems that after this guardian gave her dog vaccinations about 3 months ago, he has been peeing all over himself.  While this seems to have happened at the time of the vaccinations, Dr. Debbie doesn’t feel there is a connection.  The dog is also not neutered, so because of his testosterone, he wants to mark.   First thing he needs is to be neutered and then have a urine test done. 

13-Year-Old Diabetic Cat Is Pooping Outside Litter Box

Since this problem started, her guardian has tried new litter boxes, new litter and new locations for the litter box, without any luck.  A lot of animals, when first diagnosed with diabetes, have neuropathy, which results in a problem of the function of the nerves to the legs.    Due to this nerve problem, the cat might have a psychological problem and associate the litter box with problems in pooping, and therefore go outside the box.   Dr. Debbie suggests offering multiple litter boxes in the same vicinity.  She also suggests using low litter pans or cutting away a side to make entry into the litter box easier.

2-Yr-Old Sharpie Is Anxious Since Being Neutered

Since being neutered, this dog has been acting anxious and is now approaching his food bowl very cautiously.   He approaches his bowl with his tail down, takes a bite, backs up and looks around and up at the skylights.   He is especially nervous when people enter the home.   At around 2 years of age is normally when a dog comes to age and maturity, and you can see some behavior changes, and Dr. Debbie feels this is just a coincidence with the neutering.    Since there is a second Sharpie in the home who is not having any behavior problems and just loves visitors, Vladae suggests using an “imitative method,” and let this problem dog learn from the good one.  He suggests getting one large crate and put both dogs in it.   When visitors arrive, give them a special treat to present to both dogs.  You can assure that your pet will know it is a treat, by putting it in a cellophane bag and let your dogs get used to that sound ahead of time before receiving any treats.   You can condition this dog in two ways, by having visitors giving him a treat and by having him watch how the other dog responds in a positive manner.

Dog Purchased on Internet is Deaf

This is a Miniature Bull Terrier that was purchased over the Internet, sight unseen, and it turned out to be deaf.  There is another dog in the house and when the two play, the Bull Terrier doesn’t know he is hurting the other dog when he bites him, as he can’t hear his cries.  Dr. Debbie feels that since this is a young dog, it is not an injury but is congenital deafness, which he was born with.  And, the fact that there is another dog in the household is good, because the deaf dog can use the other dog as a lead and follow some of their social hues.   A deaf dog can also easily be trained to follow basic obedience commands using hand signals and even vibrations.   Dr. Debbie also suggests placing a medical ID tag on the dog, so that if he gets out, people can easily see that he has a medical problem and can’t hear.  This guardian wants to tell everyone not to buy a dog over the Internet, where you can’t see the dog ahead of time.  Also, the seller had several good comments on their website, but now won’t return phone calls.

10-Year-Old Dog is Allergic to Wool

This dog constantly licks the top of his paws and it was determined he is allergic to both wool and cotton.   Unfortunately his home is full of wool carpets and cotton items.    While it would be a hardship to rip up all of the carpet in the house, Dr. Debbie suggests getting rid of as many of the offending items that you can.   She also suggests using hypersensitive therapy, which is basically an injection of those antigens that the pet is sensitive to, at a low level, which will eventually bring up the tolerance to those items.


Talk With Your Animals with Joy Turner
Nana is an 11-month-old Mastiff who has been in her new home for about five months.   Her guardian wants to know if she is happy, especially with all of the excitement of the holidays being over, and everything turning back to normal.    It turns out Nana is happy, but she wants to know where her place is, or what her job is, in this new family, as she needs a purpose.  She also wants to know what “normal” is for this family.

Truckers Pet Transport

It is a sad fact that each year millions of healthy, adoptable animals are admitted to animal shelters or are taken in by animal rescue groups across the United States. Many of these animals are adopted into new homes, but many others are not so fortunate.

It is also a fact there are thousands of homes that would adopt many of these animals, but how do you get a dog in Alabama to a new home in New Hampshire? How do you transport a cat in California to its forever home in Florida?

Many would dread a 500 mile or more drive, but for Operation Roger... Truckers Pet Transport, it's another day at the office.

Many times, an adoption agency has a client in a far away location who is ready, willing and able to adopt a pet, but cannot figure out how to transport the animal to it's new home.

It is also a fact that every day and night, tractor/trailers are rolling up and down the nations highways, heading to far away places hauling the freight that we all depend on. Operation Roger serves the animals as the trucks serve the economy while saving everyone interested in helping pets while saving valuable resources.

Operation Roger is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization comprised of regional and long-haul truckers who volunteer our time to share our love of animals with people who run animal shelters or animal rescue groups who are trying to save the lives of pets.  It was started by Sue Wiese in memory of her Manchester Terrier in September 2005 in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  If you are a trucker and would like to help, visit


Fido Friendly Travel Talk

Susan Sims, Fido Friendly Magazine

Susan talks with Tammy Arnett with Pet Fly’s.  Pet Fly’s is the loving creation of Tammy, a clever designer with many years of experience in the garment industry.  Tammy admits she was once exclusively a big-dog lover. That was until she rescued a charming, abandoned miniature pinscher she soon came to know and love as "Monkey Boy.”

After Tammy adopted Monkey Boy, she searched diligently for a pet travel bag to accommodate her new cohort to no avail.  Frustrated by the huge gap between flimsy, poorly crafted low-end bags and prissy, ridiculously priced high-end bags, she decided to create the perfect combination of style and function in pet carriers herself.  Tammy combined her own funky, cool, rock n' roll style with the most comfy, durable fabrics on the market. Launched in 2003, Pet Fly’s has become the industry's most hip, modern line of airline-approved pet carriers.   Since then the Pet Fly’s family has grown quite a bit and there are now three sizes of Pet Fly’s carriers (91 mini, 101 small and 201 super) and many hot new carrier designs as well as coordinating Ready-2-Ride apparel.

Fido Friendly Magazine:

The Travel Magazine For You & Your Dog, a complete guide to Fido-friendly accommodations across the United States and Canada. "Fido Friendly is the only magazine dedicated to the travel lifestyle of man's best friend, and the one magazine your dog will thank you for." And don't forget to join the Fido Friendly Travel Club.


Judy’s Dog Chow

If you are a regular listener to Animal Radio then you are aware of Ladybug, our stunt “Chihuahua.”  Of course we found out she wasn’t a Chihuahua, but that's another story.

However, we, like everyone else, are concerned with what our pets are eating, especially with the tainted pet food and pet food recalls. While I don’t recommend discontinuing the use of canned dog food all together (it is nutritionally prepared to make sure your dog gets all the nutrients he needs) it is okay to supplement that food with good homemade food for your dog every once in a while. 

Please visit to watch a video on a food dish made especially for Ladybug and see just how easy it for you to make this dish for your dog.

Here’s a review of what I used in the dog food recipe:

1/2 pound of Ground Turkey (you can use chicken or beef)

1 stalk celery

1/3 banana

3 tablespoons of Plain Yogurt

1 Handful of peeled baby carrots

1 handful of fresh spinach (you can use canned or frozen)

1 hard boiled egg

You can also add sweet potatoes and other fresh vegetables, according to your dog’s taste.


    * I started the ground turkey and egg boiling in one pan – less dishes that way!

    * I then put all of the other ingredients in the blender and mixed it together

    * Next I added the ground turkey (after it cooked for about 5-8 minutes)

    * The last thing I did was add the egg (after it cooked for about 10 minutes)

    * I then mixed it all together

You will want to serve it immediately.  This will make about 1-2 days of food.  Remember, you don’t want to make more than that because there are no preservatives and it won’t keep much longer.

Bon Appetite (to your dog of course)!


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