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Animal Radio® Show #493 May 16, 2009


In Memory of Dom DeLuise (August 1, 1933 – May 4, 2009)

"It's easy to mourn his death, but easier to remember a time when he made you laugh."

Dom DeLuise's first paying acting job was the role of "Bernie the Dog" in "Bernie's Christmas Wish."  He was paid $15 in compensation plus a spaghetti dinner.  His mother was in the audience, and when asked what she thought of his performance, she said she felt bad when he barked!

Since then, his voice-roles continued both in children's animation and on the big screen. Dom was also a best-selling author of both cookbooks and children's books. He even hosted his own radio-cooking segment on "On The House."

Dom was a big bird lover and was owned by several birds. Pavarotti, Charlie, Chiquita, Banjo and Sparky.

He admits that Charlie was his favorite.  Dom said that they used to share hamburgers, and Charlie always got the last two bites.   One time, Dom slipped and fell and was unable to move.  Charlie stayed with him for two hours until help arrived.  Dom and Charlie were frequent guests of local schools, where they would go to teach the children compassion about animals.

DeLuise died in his sleep on May 4, 2009 at Saint John's Health Center in Santa Monica, California. He was hospitalized at the time, suffering from kidney failure and respiratory problems following a long battle with cancer. 

The world has lost a great animal lover and we will miss him!


Dr. Marty Becker, America's Veterinarian

Flipping the Lip

Dr. Marty Becker says what you want is the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth!  This includes flipping the lip. 

Why is the done?  To see if there is any periodontal disease going on.   Tooth plaque is not an award!   Periodontal disease is the number one health problem in pets and 80% of cats and dogs suffer from some degree of periodontal disease by the age of three. 

In the early stages, it is easy to overlook the bad breath, the discolored teeth and the red gums.  But, as it progresses, it is not just a nuisance.   Its not just doggy breath in a dog or tuna breath in a cat, but studies show that with advanced periodontal disease there is damage to the major organs such as the heart, kidneys and liver, even respiratory disease.   It is a serious health problem.

Dental disease is also painful to pets.  Their teeth are not just for chewing and they are not just cosmetic (like people who like to get their teeth bleached!).  They function as their hands.  This is how they pick things up and carry things.  Their teeth also help hold their tongue in place when they pant.  Their teeth serve several different functions.  They need healthy teeth and gums! 

When you have periodontal disease, as a dog chews and the tooth wiggles, the bacteria works itself into the blood stream, doing major damage to the kidneys, liver, the heart and may even result in respiratory problems. 

Some signs of periodontal disease you can look for are loose teeth and bleeding from the mouth, blood on their toys, they suddenly pull away when you touch their mouth, their appetite has changed, they drool excessively or drop their food and excessively foul breath.

Dr. Becker says that there are two things to the furry fountain of youth.  The two things you can do:  1.  Keep your pet close to their ideal body weight (which is what they weighed at about one year of age) 2. Have good oral health.  Each one of these can add about 15% to a dog or cat’s life, which is an average of two years.  You can add about 4 years to your pet’s life by keep them at an ideal weight with good oral health. 

For your pet’s teeth, you need to do some kind of daily oral care.  Even though Dr. Becker recommends this to all of his clients, only about 20% of them actually brush their pet’s teeth.   Dr. Becker states that he brushes his dog’s teeth everyday, but admits that he doesn’t do this with his cats.  When brushing their teeth, you need to use special toothpaste just for animals, which comes in many flavors such as salmon, chicken or beef.  You also need to use a pet toothbrush.  There are also special dental diets available such as edible toothbrushes, oral gels and dental treats.  And now, there is even a dental vaccine by Pfizer called a Porphyromonas.

Dental disease is worse in small dogs.  This is because their teeth are closer together and the saliva doesn’t flow as easily, so they can’t clean the teeth as well.  Also, the bone that holds the teeth is thinner and they live longer. 

So let’s stop the periodontal disease in our pets and get out there and brush their teeth!


Animal Minute With Britt Savage

Deadbeat Dog Ignores Bill
A Sacramento couple said they were shocked and confused when their dog received a bill from Verizon Online.  Steve Fanelli and Shawn Donovan said their Lhasa Apso, named Andy Fanelli, received a notice in the mail from a collection agency about a bill totaling $142.34.  Verizon said the bill was meant for a man named Andy Fanelli who lives on the other side of the country.   Owner Donovan said, “Just because there’s an Andy Fanelli back east, doesn’t mean you send a letter to Andy Fanelli in California.  There has to be something else to connect it.”  AFNI Collection Agency said the confusion might have resulted from the fact that Andy Fanelli, the dog, has his own American Express card, which Donovan obtained when it was offered to family members.  Donovan said she often takes her girlfriends out to lunch on Andy, the dog.

Baby Bat Found - In Bra!

A British woman who thought the vibration she was feeling was her cell phone, was surprised to find the vibrations coming from her bra, and even more surprised to find the vibrations coming from a baby bat.   Nineteen-year-old Abbie Hawkins wore the bra for five hours while working as a hotel receptionist before finding the baby bat.  She said she was shocked but felt bad for disturbing the cuddly bat who looked cozy and comfortable, adding that perhaps she could have left him in there and given him a good home.   Hawkins doesn’t know how the bat got in there.  She said she had a drink or two the night before and got dressed quickly that morning.  The bra was in a drawer but had been on the clothesline the day before.  The bra bat, which had scampered under a desk, was caught by a co-worker and set free.


Vladae, The "World Famous" Russian Dog Wizard

Dog Takes Items

This Rat Terrier-Chihuahua-mix puppy takes her guardian boots and socks and drags them into her doghouse.  She will do this whether he is there or not.  When a dog does something like this in your presence, it means they are trying to get your attention. A dog feels that even bad attention is better than no attention at all.   However, if a dog does something bad in your absence, that is more likely a case of separation anxiety.   Vladae suggests doing two things – Vladae’s double punch approach.  You need to address the symptoms and address the cause.   Listen in as Vladae explains how.

Dog Pees In The House

This 4-month-old, un-neutered, English Sheepdog poops outside but then comes in and pees.   Vladae recommends three things. 

1.  Always keep your dog under your supervision. 

2.  If you can’t supervise your dog, keep them in the crate. 

3.  Have them with you when they go outside.   

4.  Praise them when they go potty outside. 

They will then get in the habit of peeing outside.


Vinnie Penn, Animal Radio's Resident Party Animal

Rooster the Dog

I hope you’re enjoying your day!  I want to talk to you about a dog that lives in the house behind mine and then one over.  He’s a dog I’d like to name Rooster. 

I’d like to go over there and meet this family, they have only lived there for two years now, and I’d like to find out the name of the dog and say, “Might I suggest you change his name from King or Rover, or whatever it is, to Rooster?” Because he just loves to wake up the neighborhood! 

He loves to do it, like we’re all living in the country.   Rooster just wants to be out there barking as soon as the sun comes up.  When the sun comes up, does it make Rooster have to move his bowels?  Is the sun an instigator for a bowel movement?  Cause it’s the same time every morning.  

The owners don’t seem to mind.  They let Rooster go and go and go.  I think if he stopped, they would actually come out and hit his Rooster’s snooze button to get him to go all over again!  Same time every morning and for a long time.   I’ve never even heard someone yell to him to come back into the house or to quiet him down, or even throw him some sort of a bone.

I’ve got to go over there and find out his name and change it to Rooster.  Maybe I’ll leave in their mailbox the old Alice & Chain song, “They come to see the Rooster…”

You know, sometimes when I do these segments I get ideas.  Maybe you do too!  But maybe that’s not such a good thing!


Animal Radio® News with Bobbie Hill

Pharmacy Admits Mistake that Killed 21 Horses

One day after Florida’s top veterinarian announced the deaths of 21 polo horses was caused by an overdose of selenium; the Ocala pharmacy that mixed the supplement confirmed the mistake.  Franck’s Pharmacy revealed the results of their internal investigation which showed the strength of one ingredient was too strong resulting in the deaths.  The pharmacy’s chief of operations Jennifer Beckett said, “we can confirm that the ingredient was selenium.”

Public Assistance & 14 Kids – Maybe a Pet Is Not a Good Thing!

What’s wrong with this picture.... an unemployed mother of 14 who gets public assistance to pay for her 8 nannies wants to expand the brood to include either a dog or a pig.   Nadya Suleman dubbed Ocotmom recently told that “I’ve actually been looking into a pig, like a little one.”  But PETA is stepping in and asking her not too.  PETA’s Michelle Cho wrote a letter to Suleman in which she pointed out “in today’s uncertain economy - and with all the demands that come with raising 14 children, we urge you to reconsider adding two more dependents to your family.”

Just how discerning is the pallet of the average dog owner?

Recently released research from the American Association of Wine Economists put 18 volunteers to the taste test.  They were given five samples for tasting - duck liver mousse, two imitation pates made of pureed liverwurst and Spam, one pork liver pate and Newman’s Own dog food.  The participants were even told they would be tasting dog food, but the study showed most couldn’t tell the difference.  Here’s how it broke-down - 8 thought the liverwurst was dog food, four said Spam was dog food, two others picked the ultra high end pate as dog food and one thought the duck liver pate was Newman’s Own canine cuisine. {72% of participants rated the dog food itself as bad tasting pate}

Hunters Take Aim at Rush Limbaugh

A group of 28 hunter’s rights organizations are taking aim at conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh over his public service announcements for the Humane Society.  In those spots Limbaugh talked about opposing dog fighting, values which according to U.S.H.S. president Wayne Pacelle are in step with those of all good people regardless of political affiliation.” But U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance president Bud Pidgeon says the humane society is “ the number one opponent of sportsmen in America Today.”  To prove their displeasure the hunters all got together and sent Rush a letter demanding he “Sever all ties with the Humane Society.”

Kill A Spider, Bad Luck Will Follow

Italian folklore says, “ Kill a spider, bad luck will follow.  A man in Portsmouth England proved that to be true when he was attempting to kill a spider with a lighter and set his house on fire. Crews arrived on the scene and found the homeowner trying to douse the fire with a garden hose.  The firefighters were able to douse the fire in a couple of hours and surprisingly enough there was little damage to the house.  Firefighter Steve Pearce told the London Telegraph “We obviously had a chat with the man but I don’t think he’ll be doing this again.”

Dogs “Mace’s” Family

In Portland Oregon the hazmat team was sent to a home after residents called and complained about having trouble breathing, burning in their eyes and throats.  When authorities arrived they found the family was suffering from a case of “mace”.  Their dog found a canister of mace and thinking it was a chew toy - chewed it...macing the family!

NEWS UPDATE Brought To You By Simple Solution Natural Line Of Products


Your Vet Questions Answered with Dr. Debbie

Dog Is A Big Licker

This dog likes to lick everyone, particularly her guardians.   Dr. Debbie sees this quite frequently in little dogs, sort of like OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and they get much pleasure from it.   She suggests using a harness (like a gentle lead harness), which fits over her snout.  This way, when she starts to lick, you can have control and you will be able to pull her head away from you.  Also, redirect her oral behavior with chew toys or food items.  And lastly, give your dog a job to keep him busy and tire him out.

Dog Is Losing Hair on Paws and Neck

This 10-month-old Chihuahua is losing hair on paws & neck, but she is not bothered by it.  Dr. Debbie states that at her age, she might have a skin parasite called a mite.  It takes puppies a year or so before they develop their immunities.  These mites are microscopic and it is very common for puppies to develop mite infections (they are usually not contagious to humans).  She suggests having a vet do a skin scraping to determine exactly what they are. 

Deaf Dog Eats Poop

This dog is a rescue from Aussie Rescue.  He is a lethal white, which means he is deaf.  He has a problem with eating not only his poop, but also the poop from other dogs.  The guardian was told by a trainer to use an Electronic Collar.  Dr. Debbie is not a big fan of electronic collars, and especially discourages it with a dog that is hearing impaired.   She suggests going back to the basics and don’t let the dog have access to any feces.   Some tools you can use are the basket muzzles or the head halters, where you can control them easier.  If these don’t work, you can add something to the stools or try a remote-citronella collar.  Instead of them getting zapped, you can actually push a button to release a citronella smell which will usually make him stop what he is doing. 

Dog Has Hip Problems

This 6-year-old male Chihuahua has hip problems.  He was diagnosed with arthritis, but it is not getting better.  Dr. Debbie recommends the supplement glucosamine.  For this sized dog, perhaps 500 milligrams daily will do the job.   If this doesn’t work, she recommends a multi-model pain management and adding in something like a non-steroidal pain medication.    And, there is also doggy acupuncture. 

Dog Piddles Since Being Neutered

This 12-year-old Lhasa Apso recently had heart surgery and it was decided to have him neutered at the same time.   Since then, he has been ”dribbling,” which medication is not helping.   Dr. Debbie finds out that the dog also had a hernia repaired at the same time, which may have caused some neurological problems with his bladder.   She recommends checking the urine for any signs of infection and also check his prostrate.  Also, while this is less common, a male dog, after being neutered, may have a hormone response problem with their bladder and hormone replacement may help them. 


Beginner’s Agility

Pamela Spock – Affordable Agility

It has been several weeks since Ladybug began agility training.  While she is not ready for competiton (yet!) she has been doing very well.  She has been trained by Judy from Animal Radio® under the guidance of Pamela Spock, the President of Affordable Agility and a 10-year-veteran in agility training and research.

We are working with Ladybug using the Agility-In-A-Bag, which consists of 6 of the most popular agility obstacles, including:

Weave pole set

Adjustable jump

Adjustable tire jump

Pause box

Tunnel & Chute

Carrying bag

Colored vinyl tape

Instruction manual

Ladybug is doing well on the hurdle and the tire jump, but is still having a little difficulty with the weave poles and the tunnel & chute.

Affordable Agility recently held a contest and asked everyone to view a video of Judy and Ladybug and make comments including suggesting potential problems, pitfalls, or just some suggestions for future improvement.

The winner was:

Sue M.

The things I like are that Ladybug seems to be very focused on her trainer as well as very food motivated. Being a stunt dog probably gives her a lot of confidence in trying new things and being responsive to training. These are good qualities to have in an agility dog. The pair seems to have a good relationship. On top of that, Ladybug is very cute and very athletic.

What I would like to see first off is no leash. There is the potential to ‘pop’ or jerk the dog over a jump or knock over equipment and scare the dog using a leash. If your dog is unreliable off leash, work on recalls and train in a smaller, enclosed space.

Secondly, what you are doing is luring over equipment. Luring is enticing the dog to do something by using a treat as a bribe. At one point she is not even looking at the jump but just following the hand and trying to jump up to get the treat. It looks like she is trying to jump the weaves also. She is really not understanding what she is doing to get the treat other than jumping up. Luring can be used very sparingly in the beginning just to get the dog to understand what is wanted, but you need to switch very quickly to asking the dog to perform the obstacle without the reward right in front of her nose and then reward her afterwards.

Third, work on one obstacle at a time, it is too early to be sequencing obstacles together. You should be able to send the dog to take an obstacle from a few feet away and have her come back to you for the reward. Start right next to the obstacle, ask the dog to perform it, then reward. Then take a step back and repeat. The dog should be comfortable doing each obstacle separately and on voice command before stringing a bunch of obstacles together (and make sure you can send her from both your left side and your right side).

Oh and one more — the weaves can be the hardest obstacle to master and yet they are one of the most fun and everyone wants to see their dog weaving as soon as possible. Have someone show you how to train them without luring before continuing on. Even on YouTube you can find some examples of better ways to train (hint — always face forward!).

Good luck and of course most of all have fun.

We are going to apply some of the suggestions and ask that you check back every week to see how Ladybug’s Agility training is progressing and what great tips Pamela helps us out with to get Ladybug through this course!Check out the comments that were made on Judy’s training of Ladybug.

Check out the comments that were made from viewers who watched the video of Judy’s training of Ladybug.


Talk With Your Animals with Joy Turner

Where Did You Come From?

Steve wants to speak with Grimmway, whom he found as a stray.  When Steve originally saw Grimmway, he had an electrical chord tied around his neck; he was rib thin and was barely able to stand.  Steve picked him up and put him in his truck and gave him whatever food he had at that time.  Today, Grimmway is a happy and healthy dog.    Now, Steve wants to know how he came about being where he was in that condition.   Grimmway says that Steve is his Guardian Angel and he dedicates his heart and soul to Steve.   Grimmway says that he originally ran into some bad people that he hopefully will never see again.  Grimmway is also afraid of what Steve would do if he ever ran into those people!


HELP (Spay song)

Matthew Jenkins, Junkyard Productions

Help, I need somebody!

Help, not just anybody

Help, you know I need someone.


When I was young, so much younger than today,

You could have spayed me then before

The boys came here to play

And now I’ve had another litter

Fifth one in a row

And some of them they’re having kids

It’s out of control!

Help me if you can, I’m feeling like

A machine that just makes kittens, where’s MY life?
Take me to the clinic, set me free

Won’t you please, please spay me?

Don’t forget the males, you’ve got to know it takes TWO!

We can’t drive to the clinic; It’s all up to you

Dogs and cats, they don’t need babies

Population BOOM

How would you feel if your children

Couldn’t have a home

Help me if you can, I’m feeling like

All these hormones keep me looking for more wives

Take me to the clinic, set me free

Won’t you please, please neuter me?

The "Help!" video achieved its unique voice thanks to the following talented and remarkable people:

Mathew Jenkins sings on the video and also served as audio producer in his Junkyard Productions studio. Matt's been in more than one successful band; currently, he works with The Girthtones.

Casting director:  Deborah Cassidy

Location Scout: Sharon Johnson

Concepts/Lyrics: Rebecca Adler

Audio Production

Matthew Jenkins: Junkyard Productions

Video production crew:

Lighting and set design: Deborah Cassidy

Assistant Director: Sharon Johnson

Director and Camerawoman: Rebecca Adler


For Kirby – Mathew Jenkins of the Girth Tones

For Kia – Marian McNair (

Special thanks to the Himes Family.  You rock!

The antics of the kittens in this video were strictly supervised.  Please keep the cords to your drapes and blinds from hanging loose as cats and kittens can get tangled up and hurt.

Even though Kirby was driving his car outside, this is not recommended for your cats!


Kia as the mom cat (she’s spayed)

Kirby as the dad cat (he’s neutered)

Sharon Johnson as the Furless One

And the Kittens:





The Scrabbler (curtain cord chewer)



All of the kittens in this video were saved from an uncertain future by one foster home.  Please consider fostering a cat or dog, kittens or puppies, until they can be placed by a local animal shelter.

Spay or neuter your pet now and encourage others to do so.  Contact your local animal shelter to learn about low cost spay and neuter resources in your area.


Alliance for Humane Action


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