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Wildlife Crime Beat

Craig Welch, Shell Games

Craig Welch’s beat is a Wildlife Crime beat in the Puget Sound in Washington, which is on the border of the U.S. and Canada.    The most fascinating crime currently going on in that area are the folks who steal clams from underwater.  We are not talking about a small amount of clams, but millions of dollars worth of clams. 

What are they stealing?  The geoduck (pronounced gooey duck), the “world’s largest burrowing clam,” which lives for decades and resembles male genitalia.  The geoduck is found only in the northwest.  It is the size of a fist, but has a siphon that can stretch the length of a man’s arm.   The geoduck is in hot demand in Asia as an illicit delicacy. It has been the subject of pranks, TV specials, and gourmet feasts. But this shellfish is so valuable it is also traded for millions of dollars on the black market. 

Because there is so much money to be made, it has drawn many illegal activities just to get a hold of these clams.  There have been reports of arsonists who are blowing up rival’s boats; federal agents using undercover informants to catch these thieves; and there was even a guy who tried to hire a hit man to “off” one of his rivals.

There are legal geoduck fisheries where you can purchase it legally and have it served to you in restaurants.    It is a very sweet clam and is a little “chewier” than your average clam.  The geoduck is an acquired taste.

Craig’s book, Shell Games, is a true story that starts back in 1994, and is a 10-year saga of the people who are stealing these clams.



The Dogfather's Grooming Tip with Joey Villani

How To De-Shed a Siberian Husky

A Siberian husky is a big shedder and going to the groomer to get the initial shedding out is costly.  One mistake people make is to first bathe the dog (preferably outside).  But what this does is to loosen up all of the hair, which eventually falls off, most of the time in your house. 

Joey recommends that you do wash your dog, but also use a conditioner.   Our dogs’ coats’ have a negative charge.  So when you shampoo them, their coat then becomes a positive charge.  Using a conditioner will put the coat back into a negative place. 

While the conditioner is sitting on your pet, use a slicker brush, which will grab the coat.  (If you have a shorthaired dog, use a curry brush).  Run the comb back and forth, and the conditioner will help to remove the hair.  This makes it easier to clean up, as it is wet (it won’t fly away) and in one place.  Remember, you don’t have to brush very hard.

When you have combed every inch of the dog, rinse them off.  When your dog dries, you are not going to have that horrible mess; you’re going to save a lot of money; your dog is going to feel good and look good; and you are going to feel like a professional groomer (which you are not!).  Everyone is going to be happy especially your bank account!




Animal Radio® News with Bobbie Hill

Do More Than Just Scoop The Poop

So you think you’re being an environmentally correct pet owner by scooping your dog’s poop into a plastic bag?  Wrong! According to the inventor of the process of turning poop into usable soil who says, “Putting pet waste into plastic bags is not good for the environment.”  Dr. Lawrence Green says it usually ends up in landfills increasing methane gas.  But Dr. Green’s process of “fermenting” the dog poop removes all the nasty microorganisms and converts it to a product that can be used to restore nutrients in soil and is called BokashiPetCycle.  It also prevents ground water pollution and helps eliminate greenhouse gases.  It is available in retail stores in Canada or online.

People Are Starting To Get It

The Associated Press has released yet another pet poll - this one says more people plan to adopt their next cat or dog from an animal shelter.  The survey showed 54% would get their next pet from a local shelter. More than 4 out of 10 people thought pets from stores have hidden problems and only 8% of respondents said they’d get their next pet from a store.

More Airlines Allow Pets in Cabin

Just in time for summer vacation - Frontier Airlines is allowing passengers to bring small pets on board, but there is a catch.  The price for your cat, dog, rabbit, or bird to fly is  $75 each way, which is more than some of the current fares for Frontiers’ two legged passengers.  The airline requires that the pet carrier be small enough to fit under the seat and the pet must have current health documentation.

Pet Hair Is Helping Sop Up The Oil Spill In The Gulf

Bay area organization Matter of Trust uses the pet hair to make mats and booms that contain the oil spill.  Close to 1,000 Petco stores have begun donating fur to the cause rather than discarding it.  The company hopes to ship a ton of fur each day to the massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill.  A UCLA professor of environmental health science said, “it’s cost effective and it works well.”

Dogs Get New Life – Owners Faces Charges

In April, a German shepherd near death was found in a garage in Bellflower and his owner was arrested and charged with animal cruelty.  The good news is “Courage” the dog is not only thriving after extensive veterinary treatment, he’s also got a new home.  The dog’s former owner worked as a kennel attendant at an Irvine veterinary clinic.  Kimberly Nizato was fired and faces one felony animal cruelty count and a misdemeanor of failure to provide care.   Courage’s new owner is one of the volunteers at the German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County and prefers to remain anonymous.

Randy Roo on the Loose

Authorities in the outback Northern Territory of Australia have a randy roo on their to speak.  Several women reported a horny kangaroo hopping along the Honeymoon Ranges near the Township of Tennant Creek.  The amorous macropod reportedly attempted to “dry hump” a woman on her walk.  She told the local papers “There was no doubt what he wanted, the randy old thing.” A second encounter reportedly left one man injured when he tried to stop the kangaroo from approaching a mother of three. Northern Territory police told Reuters that unless the kangaroo reappears they wouldn’t be conducting any searches.

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