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Being #2 Hasn't Hurt Him a Bit!

Bo Bice – American Idol

Bo Bice’s Southern sensibility, earthy vocals and decidedly non-pop performances won over a nation of fans during the fourth season of American Idol, where he landed as the runner-up to Carrie Underwood.    Bo says the best person won Idol that day and that, "coming in second to Carrie Underwood isn't bad."

Today, Bice has been keeping active with tour dates and a new album to benefit to a variety of flood assistance programs that are aiding victims of the recent Nashville-area flooding disaster.   All of his proceeds from the sale of “Long Road Back” exclusively on iTunes will go to help flood relief victims through Second Harvest Food Bank, the Red Cross and the Salvation Army.  

Bice travels with his two dogs wherever he goes. He has an English bulldog named "Sally" and a Bagel  (Beagle/Basset Hound) named "Gracie."  Bo refers to his dogs as his children. "I take my children on the road. You can't say the word 'bus' without Sally heading to the door. She loves traveling."

Someday Bo hopes to add horses to his family, as he has always been a horseman.  But first he thinks he needs to learn how to ride a little better.  Perhaps he will start with a miniature pony. 



The Genius, Mediocrity and Breathtaking Stupidity That Is Nature

Jacob Lentz & Steve Nash, The Animal Review   

Jacob Lentz writes the nightly monologue for the Jimmy Kimmel Show, Steve Nash is an advertising writer.  Together they maintain the beloved blog Animal Review.

In their new book, The Animal Review, they grade animals like a report card.  They do this by finding an animal species, talking about them and then using a scientific and aesthetic standpoint, finally giving them a grade.

Some of the animals they have rated are the Alpaca, Ladybug, Skunk, Great White Shark, King Cobra and Panda, along with many others you will find in their book.

The Alpaca received an "F."  With their cuteness and people's affection for them, they have managed to gloss over the fact that they are responsible for the downfall of the Inca Empire and the Conquest of South America by the Spanish.

The Ladybug did very well and received an "A-."  She is referred to as Nature's Homecoming Queen.  She also has the advantage of being pretty.

The Skunk received an "A," because they felt that it was interesting how different animals solved the problem of surviving in a dangerous world.  The skunk tackled this by attaching a nuclear bomb to its tushy.

The Great White Shark received an "A" because of obvious reasons.  They are the ultimate killing machines.  Plus, Jacob & Steve didn't want to upset the sharks.  The King Cobra also received an "A" for these same reasons – mostly fear and concern for their own safety!

The Panda received an "F."  Pandas are kind of in a revolutionary dead end and they don't like to mate.  We spend all our time and taxpayer dollars on the pandas in trying to trick them into mating, even by showing them panda porn.  Cuteness aside, nature may be hinting around that they should shuffle off this mortal coil.  But to their credit, they have figured out how to do a TV interview!

While they haven’t rated the emu, they did come across a phrase about a year ago called, “Dumber than the Emu,” as they are not the sharpest knife in the animal drawer.

They feel they are highly qualified to do this, as they have the Internet and they are two single guys with too much time on their hands!  Also, they are the first ones to do this.  They could explain their criteria, but it is proprietary and better if left to them.  They feel people should just trust their judgments!

Jacob and Steve stay away from rating cats and dogs, as people have a tendency to go crazy about their pets.



The Dogfather's Grooming Tip with Joey Villani

Using The Right Brush on Your Dog

When combing your dog, you need to use the right type of brush.  While there are hundreds of different brushes available, there are three basic types.

For shorthaired dogs, or flat-coated dogs, use a short curry brush.  It almost looks like a massager.

For medium haired dogs, like Border Collies and German Shepherds, you will use a slicker brush.  This brush has short pins, about half an inch, which are bent backwards.  You don’t have to apply a lot of pressure when using these brushes, just use the weight of the brush, which will work its way down as you work the area until you get to the skin.  It will take out and remove hair and break down knots and remove the undercoat.   If you are not sure about the pressure you are applying, just look at the skin and if it looks irritated or starts to look pink, you are doing it too hard. 

For dogs with longer hair, you will also use a slicker brush.  However, look for longer pins, which are bent even more than the slicker for medium dogs.

Most stores carry a pin brush.  This brush has straight pins on one side and the other side has a soft bristle.  This type of brush will not remove any knots.  This brush is for a dog that is brushed daily and is free of all knots.  This brush will separate the coat and help to remove the dead coat.  However, this is just a maintenance brush. 

Once you use a slicker brush to remove all knots, you can then go to a pin brush and a comb. 

Many people use the “Furminator” brush.  This is best used on medium haired dogs, because you can scrape the skin on a shorthaired dog, and on a longhaired dog, it won’t work as well as a slicker.

We domesticated dogs so now it is up to us to help them get the loose hair off and remove all of the tangles.  In the wild, they would have shed and run through the brush, which would have helped to remove their coat. 

Spend some time brushing your dog.  This is great for your dog and a bonding experience for the both of you.




Animal Radio® News with Bobbie Hill

Keep Your Pets Cool This Summer

The ASPCA has a list of suggestions to keep your pets happy and healthy during the heat. Guard against dehydration by keeping plenty of fresh clean water available and don’t over exercise on hot days. You can also give your dog a summer crew cut – cats too. And don’t forget the sunscreen – check with your vet. Symptoms of overheating include excessive panting, difficulty breathing, drooling even collapse. Remember, flat faced breeds of animals like Persian cats and Pugs are more susceptible to heat stroke.

Mariah Carey Sued Over Unpaid Vet Bills
A New York veterinarian who caters to “prominent and celebrity clients” is suing Mariah Carey over $30,000 in unpaid bills.  Dr. Cindy Bressler filed suit recently in Manhattan state court alleging the pop star only paid $8,200 of a nearly $38,000 vet tab.  The suit says Carey hasn’t ponied up the remaining $30,000 for a bill covering about one month’s care for her Jack Russell terriers.  Neither party responded to emails requesting comment.

Thieves Aren’t All Bad

Take for instance the gang who stole a trailer in Quebec last month. Turns out the trailer belonged to the Ontario Zoo and contained two camels and a tiger. Quebec provincial police said the trailer was spotted three days after it was taken from a motel parking lot about 25 miles away.  The animals were reported to be in great shape, a local veterinarian believes  “whoever stole the animals gave them something to eat and drink.”

Bionic Cat

In a move that will further technology for artificial limbs in humans a British veterinarian and a biomedical engineer have developed the first set of prosthetic paws.  Oscar the cat lost his rear feet in an accident with a combine harvester last October; his owners rushed him to the vet who referred them to a neuro-orthopedic surgeon.  The custom built “faux paws” are two metal pegs fused to the cats rear legs. After a few months of rehab, Oscar has learned to walk again and can now run and jump just like other cats.

Girls Told To ”Throw Away” Pet Before Flight
Three sisters returning home to Milwaukee from Atlanta on an AirTran Airways flight were kicked off the plane and told they couldn’t reboard unless they “tossed their pet turtle.”  The girls did what airline employees said and returned to their seats crying. Two days later, thanks to their dad’s quick thinking and driving they were reunited with their baby red ear slider after it was fished out of the trash.  AirTran says they never told the girls to throw the animal in the trash, they chose that themselves.  The airlines policy bars animals other than dogs, cats or household birds in the cabin citing a CDC report that reptiles have been known to carry salmonella bacteria. (And airline food has never made anyone sick before!)

Do Pets Dream?
Did you ever wonder what your dog or cat is dreaming when they start moving their paws and whimpering in their sleep?  The gang at MIT’s Picower Institute for Learning and Memory in Cambridge, Massachusetts have the answer – because the hippocampus – that’s the part of the brain responsible for memory – is the same in all vertebrates and mammals – the images cats and dogs see in dreams are much the same as human dreams…a replay of past events.  Animals also have different stages of sleep including REM – where dreams occur.

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