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Davy Jones, The Monkees
If you don't know who Davy Jones is, just ask your mother ­ she'll know! If Davy hadn't been so successful with his career as a "Monkee," he probably would have ended up as a horse jockey. He still races his horses and his four daughters would like him to quit and just put the horses out to pasture. Davy currently doesn't own any dogs, but that doesn't stop him from being drawn to them. He loves all animals and feels that they can enrich your life in one way or another,

Maintaining his allure as a sexy icon through generations of fans, Davy Jones first invaded teen hearts as the international idol of millions in the 1960s Emmy Award winning television classic The Monkees. Since the show hit the small screen, Davy has triumphed as both a serious actor and a comedian on the theatrical stage; as a rock musician, composer and artist; and, true to his first love, as an extremely able horseman. Davy currently lives in Florida with his horses and you can still catch him on tour ­ He May Be Coming To Your Town!

Paws, Prayers & Praise
Marti Jones, Old Donation Episcopal Church
Before church, a dirty blonde with a pink ribbon in her hair shared a few wet kisses with a broad-bodied brute outside the sanctuary. No one paid them any mind. The others were too busy sniffing each other's bottoms and wolfing down snacks just a few seconds before worship.

Visitors behave this way every second Sunday of the month at Old Donation Episcopal Church on North Witchduck Road. They're not sacrilegious. They're dogs. And one cat.

Their owners brought them to Paws, Prayers and Praise, a service where pet lovers can express their love for God and their four-legged companions.

The services have been fun and comforting to pet owners, said Jones, who started them in May last year.
Hear more about this great service and how you can start one at your church.

Vladae, The "World Famous" Russian Dog Wizard

My Dog Won't Eat When Left With Sitters
You need to break your dog's dependency on you. Start by giving your dog the cold shoulder about a week before you leave him. Don't let him sleep in the bed with you and perhaps get a crate and keep it by the bed. Do exercises of putting the dog in the crate and go in another room or go outside and let your dog be independent. Also, have a pet sitter come over and feed your dog when you are home. You can also try leaving your dog in daycare 2-3 times per week, which should break his dependency on you.

My Dog Gets My Other Dog Barking, Plus He Gets Carsick
Vladae suggests that every time the dog barks, you need to make a loud growling noise and startle him by using a device such as a CO2 Tire Inflator. And as far as the carsickness goes, you can either put him in the car and drive for 2-3 days and let him get sick and get over it, or you can do it gradually with short car trips.

2 And 1/2 Year Old Dog Can't Be Housetrained
Feed the dog in area where the dog went to the bathroom in the house, because he won't go to the bathroom in an area where he eats. Make sure you clean the area with an enzyme-based product first to get rid of not only the stains but the smell as well. Also make sure you do control exercises with your dog in this same area to teach him this is not his potty area.

Animal Minute With Britt Savage

Deadbeat Dog Ignores Bill
A Sacramento couple said they were shocked and confused when their dog received a bill from Verizon Online. Steve Fanelli and Shawn Donovan said their Lhaso Apso named Andy Fanelli received a notice in the mail from a collection agency about a bill totaling $142.34. Verizon said the bill was meant for a man named Andy Fanelli who lives on the other side of the country. Owner Donovan said, "Just because there's an Andy Fanelli back east, doesn't mean you send a letter to Andy Fanelli in California. There has to be something else to connect it." AFNI Collection Agency said the confusion might have resulted from the fact that Andy Fanelli, the dog, has his own American Express card, which Donovan obtained when it was offered to family members. Donovan said she often takes her girlfriends out to lunch on Andy, the dog.

Manure Bomb Maker Slips in Tank
In Germany, police say a woman attempting to make manure stink bombs with stockings slipped into a manure tank and fled the scene naked. Two women entered a farm in the northern village of Eberholzen and started filling up stockings with manure. A police spokesperson said one of them slipped in the manure tank right into the cow muck. The other one helped her out. Their clothes were found in a field. One seems to have run off completely naked, the other in her underwear. The police said it was unclear what the women had intended to do with the manure bombs, adding the woman can get their clothes back from the local police station ­ unwashed. Now that stinks!

Hi-Tech Lost & Found
Dr. Jim Humphries, Veterinary News Network
Microchip pet identification for pets may not be the answer. Without a doubt, microchips provide the most reliable and most secure method of identifying your pet. But with the never-ending controversy over different types of microchips, can you really rely on this hi-tech ID tag?

Many pet owners assume that the use of a microchip in their pets will keep their pets safe and bring them home automatically. But, what really happens when your pet runs away? Are pet owners aware that this safe, secure and foolproof pet ID method can fail? Essentially microchips are little computer chips, about the size of a grain of rice. Easily implanted under your pet's skin with a hypodermic needle, microchips provide permanent identification that won't wear out or fade, or get lost if the pet runs away. Special scanners find the microchip; translate that into a specific ID code, and then these unique numbers can be found in a database. And, with luck, the owner can be contacted and the family will be reunited again.

But in the United States, currently these microchips are using four different frequencies. And over the last 17 years, the predominant frequency has been 125kh. Some pets may have a different chip in them, one that emits 134.2kh, otherwise known as an Isochip. If a local shelter does not have the right scanner, they can actually miss that chip. That's the problem.

Vinnie Penn, Animal Radio's Resident Party Animal

What Is It With Guys And Neutering?
This subject was sent to me by Hal Abrams from Animal Radio®. He seems to have a problem with guys who go on and on about neutering their dogs. I know what he's talking about!

It's really no different from those guys who have a son and they're talking about circumcision or just anything in general. Men are very territorial when it comes to their offspring's or their pet's privates.

They feel it gives them pause to become standup comedians. They say things like "My dog won't be the same anymore," or "His bark's going to go up an octave or two." They think the dog won't be the same ­ yeah, he's not going to be the same for the first couple of days, and yeah, he may have a look in his eyes that says. "Hey dude, thanks a lot!" But basically, everything your vet says about the neutering situation is true.

Number one, we do need a bit of population control when it comes to pets. There is an overabundance of dogs and cats, and the outcome is something that any pet lover doesn't want to see. So yes, it is the wise thing to do. There is nothing worse than that overheated animal who's calling your Barco Lounger his girlfriend.

So, all of the benefits of neutering are in tact, but the guys tell their wives "You've got to bring him," "You must drop him off, I can't do it!" Why, is there a horserace that day? Is there a Soprano's marathon? Give the real answer! Don't say it has anything to do with your heart breaking or how can a man do this to his dog!

Another similar routine is when its over. It's like your father coming over to your house after you've had a vasectomy, and he's like "What did you do?" You're just lying there looking at him the same way your dog would be looking at you, and saying "Can't you just get out of here! I'm stitched up, a little bit tender and your little comedy routine here is really kind of annoying me. You're really a pain in the ass right now and that's not an area I need a pain in, because I've got one not far from there."

I had one of my dogs neutered and it was the best thing I did because he was really uncomfortable and he was unsightly, to say the least! And I've got to be honest with you and as candid as I can be when it comes to these Party Animal segments, I did the little routine when I dropped him off.

He was scheduled for a few hours later, and I said, "Let my man have some fun in the other room with some of the girl dogs before he goes in there!" And of course they're like, "You want him to knock up three or four of our females before he has the incision? That's really not protocol." And, you're just standing there thinking; I'm just doing some standup. I don't know why, it was just a gravitational pull of some sort for me to do a bad routine out here in the lobby.

But nevertheless, there is something like that that goes on. Spaying, neutering, we all know how important it is, but even more important, ex nay the standup comedy boys!

International Animal News with Kaye Browne

Dog Saves Woman From Kangaroo Attack
An Aussie grandmother credits her son's dog with saving her life after she was attacked by a huge male kangaroo on the family farm in Australia's centre outback. Rosemary Neal was checking on her horses when the 6 foot, 220 pound roo hit her with his powerful hind feet, slicing her face and body with his razor sharp claws. Her son Darren's working dog heard her screams and raced to her rescue, chasing the kangaroo off. Kangaroos normally avoid humans ­ but Australia's lengthy drought has brought the marsupials ever closer to houses in search of food.

Woman Beats Laundry After it Moves
A woman in Maine has taken to beating her washing with a stick before hanging it out to dry that's because the last time Mara Ranger was emptying her washing machine, the clothes moved. A Maine Animal Damage Control operator was called and when he reached into the machine he found a 7 foot reticulated python. The snake's since been taken to York Animal Kingdom in York.

A Snake Goes To The Movies
That's not the only near miss involving a reptile. Forget about snakes on a plane ­ in Australia's northern territory one of the world's deadliest snakes caused mayhem after it was found warming itself under a popcorn machine in a movie theatre. Staff initially thought it was a harmless tree snake and spent days crawling around, trying to catch it. It was only after a professional snake catcher was called in that they discovered they'd been barely a yard away from a deadly venomous western brown snake.

Parachuting German Shepherds
Britain's most famous fighting force, the SAS is reportedly planning to trial a method to reduce casualty rates in Iraq and Afghanistan by parachuting German shepherd dogs to spy on rebels. The UK's Sun newspaper claims dogs are being trained to leap from planes at 25,000ft strapped to human soldiers and wearing their own oxygen masks. On the ground, the dogs will seek out rebels and transmit video of their numbers and location via cameras mounted to their heads. 8 dogs are already in training.

Oldest Greyhound Dies
America's oldest celebrity greyhound has died, just months after celebrating her 20th Birthday in Bradenton with her adopted family, Neena and Tim Derf. Genie attracted national attention when she saved her Tim's life ­ by awakening Neena in the middle of the night and dragging her to the hallway where Tim lay unconscious and near death from a hemorrhage. The Derfs hope Genie's legacy will be a rise in the number of greyhounds finding adoptive homes.

Man Blows Up Apartment Trying To Exterminate Bugs
They must grown bugs real big in New Jersey ­ how else can you explain how a local trying to exterminate insects in his apartment blew it up instead. Isias Vidal Maceda was apparently spraying for pests in his Eatontown kitchen when somehow the bug spray ignited a blast that blew out the apartment's front windows and triggered a massive fire. Maceda escaped unharmed ­ but there's no word on whether the bugs survived!
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The Swiftest Swine Off The Line
Charles Boger, Ham Bone Express
Ham Bone Express pig racing is owned and operated by the Boger family, a name associated with family entertainment since the early 1960s.

The show has four races with four pigs in each race. The "swinemaster" introduces the celebrity contestants for each of four teams: Nashville Runners, Hollywood Runners, Political Runners, and World Champion Heavyweights. Before each race, he introduces the celebrity team's contestants ­ including Synnona Judd, Arnold Schwarzenpigger, and Claude VanHam.

He also assigns cheering sections with one special cheerleader each. The special cheerleader for the "swiftest swine" is awarded a prize at the end of the race. The winning pig gets an Oreo.

A veterinarian inspects the racing pigs from snout to tail every 30 days, and they meet or exceed the requirements of the USDA Animal Welfare Act and state and local regulations. The Bogers watch the pigs 24 hours a day.

Animal Radio® News with Bobbie Hill

Bark Ark
A mobile search and rescue airboat designed specifically to rescue and evacuate animals stricken by floodwaters has been unveiled. The American Airboat Association joined by the FL-3 Airboat Search and Rescue team announced the launch of the Bark Ark. The rapid response team can be deployed anywhere within the United States within 24 hours.
The project, based in Tampa, Florida has been in the works since Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans 3 years ago. The Bark Ark team is available to state and federal agricultural and wildlife agencies. They can rescue pets and livestock and deliver feed along with veterinary care to stranded animals. The Bark Ark is funded entirely by private donations.

More Companies Permitting Pets In The Workplace
More companies in America are welcoming pets in the workplace. A recent poll from the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association showed one in five companies permit pets. The companies reported a reduced rate of employee absenteeism as well as workers agreeing to stay more hours. While the benefits are clear, not every workplace is ideal for pets. Obviously food service businesses, factories and health care facilities are off limits and there are numerous co-workers with allergies or phobias regarding animals. Tim Trow, president of the Toronto Humane Society points out that like kids, not everybody likes your pet as much as you do. Some simple rules to follow could help minimize problems - first make sure the landlord or business owner and other employees agree to allow pets, then have pet owners sign an agreement to be accountable for their furry companion's behavior. Finally, agree just which pets are welcome at work in's no surprise that the number 2 choice of pets in the office is fish.

Charges Not Pressed Against Bird Burglars
Police in Branford, Connecticut decided not to press charges against two would be women bird burglars. Surveillance video at the All Pets Club showed them stealing a dog's harness and one of the women stuffing a parrot, valued at one-thousand dollars, under her shirt and walking out. The tape showed the two women in their 20's in the store earlier making a purchase. The day after the apparent crime, one woman returned to the pet store with the parrot, she offered to buy the bird after she gave it back to the storeowner. The sale was denied and the women were not charged in the theft.

"Free To A Good Home"
Tracyann Mains, PETS 911

You see it all the time in newspapers and on classified ad web sites like Craigslist:

4-year-old Lab
Great with kids
Moving can't keep
Call 555-555-5555

Someone calls about the dog and makes arrangements. He brings his kid who has always wanted a dog and now seems like a great time for one!

So, what's the problem?

The dog's owners may be giving their pet to a wonderful father and his little boyor, they could be turning their dog over to dog fighters or to "bunchers" posing as a father and taking a kid along as a prop. It happens and it happens every day with cats and dogs.

Dog fighters steal pets or get their pets from unwitting dog owners who post their pets in classified ad sections. Sadly, these dogs are used as bait for fighting dogs. Bait dogs and losing fighters are often just dumped in rivers or unpopulated areas and new ones picked up.

Class B Dealers are licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to buy animals from "random sources" (meaning animals not bred or raised on the dealers' property) and sell them to animal research facilities for biomedical research, testing, and educational purposes. Such random sources for dogs and cats include auctions, flea markets or animal shelters. Get a Fact Sheet about Class B Dealers from the Humane Society of the Untied States.

Bunchers are unlicensed but also collect animals from "random sources" such as "Free to a Good Home" ads, shelters, strays, and dog or cat owner's own yards. Bunchers often sell these pets to Class B Dealers or directly to research facilities.

To limit the risk of having your dog or cat fall into the wrong hands:

Your Vet Questions Answered with Dr. Debbie

My Dog Is Shedding Like Crazy!
It seems that at this time of year, both cats and dogs are shedding like crazy! But, you don't have to sit by; there are things you can do to help! It ranges from using a fatty acid supplement to daily grooming.

My Dog Snorts And Seems To Have Trouble Breathing
These breathing episodes can last up to ten minutes and are frightening for the guardian. And after barking, she sounds like she is choking. Dr. Debbie feels this could be called what is "reverse sneezing" which is harmless. But some dogs could also have problems where their trachea or airway collapses, which is more of a problem for overweight dogs. Dr. Debbie suggests having a vet actually look down the throat with an endoscope (which has a camera) to find out just what is going on.

MY Chihuahua Won't Eat Dog Food
This Chihuahua will only eat chicken and steak and won't touch dog food. Unfortunately, Dr. Debbie says you have to use tough love. Put down the dog food and wait at least 72 hours and say "Eat it or too bad." It takes a lot of strength to do this, but you have to be tough and don't give in.


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