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Myth Busters

Dr. Marty Becker, "America's Veterinarian"

ABC Good Morning America's Dr. Marty Becker is back and he's busting-myths. Are Swiffer and Febreze dangerous to your pet? Will Poinsettias kill my puss? What if my dog eats my Halloween candy?

Luckily, "America's Veterinarian" Marty Becker is doing a little myth-busting.

Small Amounts of Chocolate Are Deadly to Dogs: Myth

Many pet owners think that just one bite of chocolate can kill your dog.  But the truth is, a large dog would have to eat a lot of milk chocolate to get sick -- more than a couple of pounds.  But even though chocolate is not necessarily deadly, that doesn't mean you should give it out as treats.  "The rule of thumb is, the darker the chocolate, and the smaller the dog, the more dangerous it is," Becker said.

Febreze bottleSwiffer Wet Jet and Febreze Can Harm My Dog: Myth

This rumor, which was spread mostly by email, said the chemicals in Swiffer Wet Jet and Febreze could get on the paws of your pet and then become ingested when they lick their paws. The rumor also said that the products contained anti-freeze. But the truth is neither product is harmful for your furry friend. The emails circulated so widely that the Animal Poison Control Center of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals looked into the claim and found them perfectly safe.

Chomping on Poinsettias Can Be Deadly: Myth

Especially around the holidays, pet owners are concerned that animals that decide to make a snack out of the festive poinsettias could be eating a deadly plant. But Becker said that the plant is far from deadly, but could give your pet an upset stomach.

Pet Food Isn't Safe: Myth

A few years ago some massive recalls of dog and cat food gave pet owners reason to be suspicious of some pet foods. The recurrent outbreak of salmonella in human food recently certainly hasn't helped to ease fears. But according to Becker, pet food is safe for pets as long as normal precautions are used. Just be sure to keep the area around the food clean and wash your hands thoroughly after feeding your pets.

Non-stick cookwareNon-Stick Cookware is Deadly for Birds: Truth  

The cookware is safe at lower temperatures.  But Becker said that when they are overheated, the coating can emit fumes that can kill pet birds. When exactly the pans become lethal is difficult to tell, but veterinarians suggest not keeping birds in the kitchen and not using non-stick cookware around them.

Lillies are Dangerous: Truth

Becker said that you don't want to have any of these flowers in your garden -- they can be toxic and can even kill if your pets get into them.

Trident gumCandy and Gum Are Harmful: Truth, But Only If It Contains Xylitol 

Xylitol is a popular sugar substitute that is used in many products from gum to candy and can be harmful.  "It doesn't take much to kill a pet, so be sure not to leave gum and candies anywhere your pet can get at it," Becker said.

You Can Use Dog Tick and Flea Products on Cats: Myth

Becker said that pet owners tend to be casual about the use of tick and flea products, but often forget that something that kills small animals can hurt big ones too. The biggest danger is not following labeled directions exactly -- especially when it comes to not using dog products on cats. Before using a flea or tick product, you may want to ask your veterinarian what works best for your animal.

Topical Hormone Cream

A lot of women use hormone cream for menopause and hot flashes, but the ingredients in them can be transmitted transdermally to pets and children.  So if you put it on with your hands, or it is put on areas of the skin that is exposed, your pet may lick your hands or skin.  This can result in extremely large genitalia in female animals and extremely diminished genitalia in male animals, along with hair loss.

Which Safety Issue is Critical? Which One Can You Worry Less Over?

Here are a few extra tips from Dr. Marty Becker:

You Can Worry a Bit Less About...

Puppy Diseases

Yes, your puppy can pick up diseases from other dogs who are sick. But your puppy also needs to be socialized to grow up relaxed and comfortable. Don't take your puppy anywhere other dogs are (unless they're dogs you KNOW to be healthy and current on vaccinations, such as a friend's dog in a friend's backyard for a playmate) until your vet gives you the go-ahead after the last shot. But DO take your puppy where people are. One great way to meet-and-greet: The patio of a coffee shop. Bring healthy treats for your puppy (water, too!).

Chicken Bones

While cooked poultry bones are not safe for pets to eat, they're not instantly deadly, either. Once they're in the system, they'll probably be digested just fine. But do talk to your veterinarian if your pet eats any and take your pet in if you see any sign of illness.

Raw Meat and Eggs

Dogs aren't as susceptible to salmonella as people are. A healthy dog will probably do fine if exposed to salmonella. But since humans aren't as strong against salmonella, the real problem is what could happen when you handle their food with a problem. Kibble and treats have recently been recalled for salmonella. Take precautions with ALL food, even pet food, for your own sake: Wash your hands regularly, and keep food prep areas clean.

... And Worry More About:


Not all dogs can swim. Short-faced breeds such as the bulldog usually can't swim and they can drown easily. Even water dogs like Labradors can drown if they get too tired, the current's too strong or the water's too cold. Cats usually do OK. They can swim, usually pretty well, but they sure don't want to. And beware the warnings for algae blooms. If a pond or lake isn't safe for you, it's not safe for your dog.

Kitten with stringCats and String

Yarn, ribbon, thread or even the juice-saturated string from a roast -- your cat may eat any one of these and need surgical intervention to live. The cure is easy: Keep a lid on the garbage and put all hobby projects safely away when you're not working on them.

Temperature Extremes

Perhaps because they seem more "wild" then we are, we tend to think pets can handle high or low temperatures better than we do. But not so, especially for pets who are unfit, chronically ill or aged. Always protect pets from cold or heat, using shelter, protective gear and -- for heat -- having lots of cool water available.

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Dr. Marty Becker, "America's Veterinarian," is the popular veterinary contributor to ABC-TV's "Good Morning America" and the resident veterinarian on "The Dr. Oz Show." He is a frequent guest on national network and cable television, and radio shows. He has also been interviewed for countless magazine and newspaper articles, and has served as a consultant to or veterinary spokesman for top animal health companies. Along with his writing partner, Gina Spadafori, he is a regular contributor to Parade magazine and the Co-creator of popular web site  You can also join Dr. Becker on Facebook as well as on Twitter.



The Surprising Science of Animals' Inner Lives

Dr. Karen Shanor, Bats Sing, Mice Giggle

Bat with open mouthDid you know that chimps have out-scored college students on memory tests? Birds can see the magnetic lines of the earth. Ant's 'tag' their enemies so others know they're dangerous. Elephants hear with their toes. Dr. Karen Shanor joins us to expose the astounding animal facts that have recently been discovered, in her new book, Bats Sing, Mice Giggle.

Dr. Shanor is amazed at what is going on around us.  We now know a lot more with the help of current technology, which allows us to pick up the frequencies of animals, their vibrations and sounds that they emit.  There is also a lot more behavioral research that has been going on.  This has upended everything we ever thought about human nature.  We now know that many animals show empathy and take care of each other.  They warn and help each other in times of danger.  They also problem solve even more effectively than humans – and they build, create and entertain themselves and others.

For example, female frogs eavesdrop on male frogs' conversations.  They listen to hear what the males are broadcasting about themselves.  But, the male frogs listen to other male frogs and lie to make themselves sound better!

In Japan, they set up a memory test with Chimpanzees and taught them the numbers 1 through 9.  They then scrambled the numbers around and the chimps had to remember where each number was.  As it turns out, the chimps were better at this memory test than were the college students that they competed against!

Bats Sing, Mice Giggle book coverMany animals can count, including bees.  They can also do math.  For example, if a herding dog is in charge of 120 sheep, it makes sense that they might have some kind of account going on of some type to make sure that all animals are accounted for. 

There are so many facts in this book.  We now know that ants are extremely intelligent and can recognize each other; have cemeteries and hospitals; are capable of terrorism; and can even "tag" their enemies by using pheromones.

All of this new information shows us that we really need to listen to the animals.  For example, animals really do know when earthquakes are coming.

Bats Sing, Mice Giggle is the culmination of many years of research that reveals how wild animals, as well as pets, have secret, inner lives of which until recently – although animal lovers will have instinctively believed it – we have had little proof.



Holistic Dental Care

Bud Groth, PetzLife 

Smiling cat and dogOur dogs and cats need to have their teeth cleaned regularly, just like us humans.  However, our animals need to undergo anesthesia to have this done and unfortunately this is sometimes a risky procedure, especially with the older pet.

Bud Groth at PetzLife thought that there had to be a better way to clean our pet's teeth.   At PetzLife, you will find an Oral Care line of products, which include sprays and gels that do just that.   He currently has over 6,000 veterinarians already using this product, especially on senior pets where you don't want to risk using anesthesia.

The Oral Care Spray is specially formulated to end plaque and tartar buildup, and the all-natural ingredients kill harmful bacteria on contact. With your Pets mouth free from this bacteria breath becomes much fresher. It is not necessary to brush, but it will work faster if you follow directions and brush every 3rd to 4th day.

The Oral Care Gel comes in peppermint or wild salmon oil flavors and removes plaque and tartar from your pet's teeth--no toothbrush required! Made with all-natural, holistic ingredients, Oral Care Gel safely removes plaque and tartar, reverses oral disease, promotes healthy gums, brightens teeth and kills the bacteria that cause bad breath. The ingredients mix with your pet's saliva when applied on your pet's teeth and completely coats your pet's teeth and mouth.  This process kills harmful bacteria and loosens plaque and tarter. Safe for cats and dogs of all breeds.

If you have a fussy or finicky pet, Bud has come up with some tricks to use their products.

PetzLife Oral Care bottlesFor Dogs:

One trick is to smear a little peanut butter on a saucer or plate and put the gel on the edge of one side of the peanut butter. Dogs love peanut butter, and they lick the mixture and it coats their entire mouth and gums. The peanut butter is digested, and our product is left in their mouth, which is very effective at bedtime. Keep all other food and water away and it will work its magic all night long! Pet owners have sprayed their dog's favorite chew toy or bone and this has worked for them. For small dogs, all you do is pat a dab of gel on your dog's lips and they lick into their mouth and the product coats entire mouth and gums.

For Cats:

Gel is better choice, because most cats are trained with a spray bottle and are afraid of it; so, just dab the gel on their lips and they lick it in. Especially the Salmon Oil Gel!

Use the gel on a favorite treat or mix in a dab of fish oil, liver paste or other favorite snacks that your cat likes. Or, try putting a dab on the top of their paw, and they should lick it right into their mouth.


Grapefruit seed extract, Grape seed extract, Thyme oil, Neem oil, Rosemary oil, and Peppermint oil. These are all specially formulated with distilled water and grain alcohol to produce one of the most effective and safest dental products ever produced.

Remember, direct application is best with no dilution and occasional brushing. There are no side effects and are even safe enough to use on people!

For a limited time, order now and automatically get 15% of your entire order by entering promo code "petzfan."



Dodge Journey Pet Destinations Logo

Dodge Journey Pet Destinations

What Is Your Favorite Place To Take Your Pet? 

People who have pets love to travel with them.  At Dodge, they have made it easier with their pet friendly vehicle, the Dodge Journey, which contains  concealed storage bins, Chill Zone glove box cooler and second-row dual in-floor storage bins with removable and washable liners (very handy for muddy paws!) Call us with your favorite place to take your furry-friend: 1-866-405-8405

This week's Dodge Journey Pet Destination: 

Theresa with her two black labsTheresa from Montana says that there are lots of beautiful places to take your dogs in Montana.  But, her favorite place is Heart of the Valley Dog Park in Bozeman, Montana.  The park is six acres and it is like a social event for dogs.  There are usually at least ten to twelve dogs there at a time.  Theresa has 2 black labs and they go weekly to the dog park.


Past Dodge Journey Pet Destinations:

Riverwalk along Hudson RiverJoey Villani, the Dogfather and Animal  Radio® Groomer, recommends a place back in New Jersey called the Riverwalk. Riverwalk runs about three miles along the Hudson River with a beautiful view of the Manhattan Skyline.  You will see the most posh pooches in the world with the greatest haircuts, well, maybe not so great now that he is no longer there!

Shih Tzus in shopping cartMike of Santa Maria, California likes taking his dogs to PetSmart in Santa Maria, California.  He has 2 Shih Tzus and they love going there.  It is their treat of the week.  They like to run around the store and smell all of the items on the shelves.  He states that they are very social dogs and they get to meet and great all of the other dogs and people.  They even enjoy riding in the carts!


Loews Lake Las Vegas HotelAnimal Radio® nominates the Loews Lake Las Vegas as this week's Dodge Journey Pet Destination.  This was the first time anyone from the Animal Radio dream team had ever visited Loews Lake Las Vegas and we were all truly enchanted by the grounds.  The fact that they let your furry friend (with all sorts of pet amenities) enjoy it with you, makes it that much more inviting.   If you are ever in the area, don't miss the opportunity to check this hotel out - we give it a 5 Paw Rating!

Black Lab with footballWhile Victor was currently in the process of moving to Alaska from Alabama, he recalls the fond memories he had with his Lab who loves any place that has water. Her favorite place was Twin Mulberries in Alabama, which has a Little Mulberry Creek and a Big Mulberry Creek.  She loved playing in the Big Mulberry Creek with her football.   I am sure she will find some exciting places to play in Alaska as well!


Dog Room at the Wooflands Pet Resort and SpaCarol from Pennsylvania loves to take her dog to the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, which is a family and luxury vacation destination on 2,000 wooded acres in the Laurel Highlands of Southwestern Pennsylvania.  You will also find the Nemacolin Wooflands, Pet Resort and Spa, Pennsylvania .   You will find everything from climate-controlled rooms with elevated beds to a grooming salon, daycare and obedience training classes.  The only problem you will have is that your dog will not want to check out!

Castle at Eagle Point Park, IowaJohn of Clinton, Iowa loves taking his dogs to Eagle Point Park in Clinton Iowa , which has a big dog park and is situated in the northern section of Clinton. There, you will find a place to walk your dog on the levee along the river. Eagle Point Park overlooks the Mississippi River and General Zebulon Pike Lock and Dam (No. 11).  It is a 164 acre park. Visitors are provided with spectacular views of the river and parts of Illinois, and Iowa. In the fall, you might even get lucky and glimpse hundreds of eagles fishing in the river.

Susan and Gregg Sims with their dog juniorSusan Sims, Publisher of Fido Friendly Magazine, travels constantly around the country exploring Fido friendly places.  So, we asked her what her favorite place was for her and her husband Gregg to take their dog, Junior.   Susan loves Seattle, Washington, and tells us some great places.  Susan picks Kimpton's Hotel Vintage Park in Downtown Seattle as her favorite hotel.   During her stay, she enjoyed a view of the Space Needle from her room.  Next, she picks Tulio Restaurant in the hotel.  While your dogs can't dine in the restaurant, she was able to order some fabulous food from room service.   And lastly, while she was in Seattle, she took her dog to Marymoor Dog Park in Redmond, Washington , which has 40 acres of off leash fun for your dog!

Dogs playing in swampMark, from Southeastern Wisconsin, recommends the Burlington Dog Park in Burlington, Wisconsin.  He tells us it is a great place to take your dogs in the summer.  They have some great open fields to let your dogs run free.  It is also next to the Fox River, so if you have a dog that likes to flop around in swampy mud, it is a great place!


German Shepherd at beachVladae, Animal Radio's own Russian Dog Wizard, is one busy guy.   He sees one client after another and is always hard at work turning unruly dogs around for their guardians.   But after a hard day of training dogs, he and his wife like to take their dog Mika (who is of course very well behaved), to the Huntington Beach Dog Park in Huntington Beach, California.  There, Mika can run free with the other dogs and just be herself!


Little River, TNSteve from Tennessee recommends the town of Townsend, Tennessee, one of three gateways to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which has dubbed itself "The Peaceful Side of the Smokies."  You can find many roadside parks along the Little River to take your pets.  Steve states that his dogs first learned how to swim in the Little River.


Dog in riverRichard of Bend, Oregon likes to take his Labrador Retriever to Tumalo State Park in Bend, Oregon, in the heart of sunny central Oregon.  Tumalo State Park rests along Oregon's spectacular Deschutes River, which is a great place for your water-loving dog to romp.

Dogs at Ocean Beach, San Diego, CAGlenn of San Diego recommends Ocean Beach Dog Beach in San Diego, California.  Ocean Beach Dog Beach is open to canines any time. This small beach has plenty of sand for the dogs to run on, and waves for them to run through. On weekends there can be up to 100 dogs there.

Dogs at Runyon Canyon ParkBo from Los Angeles, California tells us her 2 black labs like to go hiking and to the beach.  But one of her favorite places to take them  is Runyon Canyon Park in Los Angeles, California.  It is a 130-acre park in the Santa Monica Mountains, two blocks from Hollywood Boulevard.  She states that this is a great place where your dogs can frolic with other dogs and have a good time!  And who knows, you might even catch a glimpse of a celebrity and their pet while you're there!

People and Dogs on Beach Danielle from Shell Beach, California tells us her favorite place to take her dogs is Avila Beach, California.  She states it is a very secluded beach with a nice protected area to let your dogs run free.  Everyone brings their dogs to this beach and it is a very pet-friendly place.




The Dogfather's Grooming Tip with Joey Villani

Joey Villani

Household Items That Take Years Off Your Pets

What can you do to make your dog look younger by just using household items?  These items can takes years off your pet!

As some dogs get older, their fur turns a different color.  It is not gray, but it just looks lighter, which makes them look old and dingy. 

Pummice rockGo to the store and get yourself a lava rock or a pumice stone, the same item you would use to take the calluses off your feet.   Run the stone through your dog's coat.  For the most part, the older coat that looks lighter in color, pulls right out.  This will leave behind the newer coat with a vibrant color. 

When you have done this, use a nice shine product.  You can find many of these products at on Page 3 (put in the discount code "radiospp" for a 25% discount on all purchases).  Apply one of these items to your dog's coat, which will give it a nice shine.  

Your dog will look great and a lot younger, and when dogs are groomed, they always feel better!

Senior Pet Products LogoDOGFATHER'S GROOMING TIP Brought To You By SeniorPetProducts.comUse the code "radiospp" to receive 25% off!



Laurie RobertsAnimal Radio® News with Laurie Roberts

Get Your Pet Sitter Now!
Traveling for the holidays? They are getting close and it's a good idea to reserve time with your pet sitter now! Why hire a pet sitter? Dog, cats and other animals like routine. They don't have the stress of being moved to another location, they are at home where it is familiar, if they are on medications, your pet sitter will keep them on schedule and your pet won't be exposed to illnesses they could catch at a shelter.  Another plus is your pet will get consistent personalized care. Having a pet sitter also means your house will look lived in.  By collecting the mail, turning lights on or off and more, which can be a crime deterrent. To find a good pet sitter, ask family and friends, or your vet for recommendations. Plan on having at least one meeting with them in person to go over details, and to see if the person and your pet are a good fit.  And once again, a reminder, good pet sitters get booked early, so call yours or find one soon!

Heads Up Dachshund Fans!
Speaking of the holidays, heads up Dachshund fans! Central Texas Dachshund Rescue has put together a Dachshund of the month 2011 calendar that is great! All the photos are of Dachshunds that they have rescued that are now in their forever homes. To get a calendar, you can check out their Facebook page, or go to their website And no, there are not any Dachshunds dressed like Lad Gaga! 

Pets Are Great Help To Seniors
Pets are great for our health and happiness and now it has been proven that they are a great help to seniors, too. The Pets For The Elderly Foundation has released a study that says seniors with pets have 21% fewer doctor visits, have lower blood pressure and better pulse rates. Their pets also ease the loss of a loved one and help the seniors take better care of themselves. Pets decrease feelings of isolation and give unconditional love. Plus people that have pets have a one third lower mortality rate following a heart attack than those that don't have animal companionship.

Poop Is a Deadly Weapon

A woman in Belmont, Massachusetts, was so ticked off when she saw a speeding car nearly hit a bicyclist that she took the law, and a fresh bag of just picked up dog poop, into her own hands. She caught up with speeder, let the poop fly and got the guy right in face.  Don't try this yourself, though, she is being charged with assault and battery, vandalism, disorderly conduct, and, yes, assault with a deadly weapon. Maybe that will become the new weapon of choice in movies!

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dog FoodBlue Buffalo Dog Food Recalled

The ASPCA has passed along a recall by the makers of Blue Buffalo dog foods. The brands not to use are wilderness chicken dog food, basic salmon dog food and large breed adult dog products. Blue buffalo says the products may contain a higher level of Vitamin D, which can cause hypocalcaemia in dogs, which can be very dangerous and often fatal.

Don Peck holding picture of his dog KiwiMan Gets Dog Back After He Was Stolen With Truck
It took 12 agonizing days, but a 77-year-old Anaheim, California man was reunited with his dog, who was in his pick up truck when it was stolen. Don Peck got his 2004 Toyota pick up back too, but most importantly his little black Shih Tzu, 8 year old Kiwi is home. Peck thanks many for their help and prayers, including his daughter-in-law Valada Smith who brought Kiwi home from 1,800 miles away.  The nightmare began when Mr. Peck came out of a store to find his truck gone with his dog in it. Three days later the police called and had found his truck, but no sign of Kiwi. Kiwi's owner was distraught, like it had been the loss of a child. He lost 12 pounds and couldn't sleep. Smith said I know how much he loves his dog, and I love that man, so each night when she got off work in Indiana, she would jump on the Internet, searching every shelter in Orange County, with no luck. She even tried Craig's list. After hours of looking she followed a link to an animal shelter in Downey, California.  She saw a picture and said that has to be Kiwi.  It was 3:00am in Indiana and midnight in California. The Pecks went to the shelter the next day, a Monday, and they were closed, but they showed an article to the person there and were let in. A Los Angeles County Animal Control Officer had found Kiwi miles from the store where the truck was stolen and she was up for adoption. Once Kiwi saw Mr. Peck, she began wagging and wouldn't stop licking him. They got her home, and she ran right up the stairs to her water bowl, which he had been keeping fresh every day for those 12 days in anticipation of her return.  And now Mr. Peck is getting Kiwi a microchip, just in case. 

If You Lose Your Job – Don't Do This!
Losing your job can make you do crazy things - but streaking thru a zoo? Jake Loftis, 22 and Samuel Adams, 26, both of Kingston Tennessee, said they got to drinking after they lost their jobs and decided that running naked through a tiger sanctuary that houses 250 lions, tigers and other big cats was one mighty fine dandy idea.  Now as they ponder that next career move, they can count on one thing, that court date where they face charges of vandalism and indecent exposure.

Steven Tyler new Americna Idol JudgeSteven Tyler Is One Busy Guy
The man does stay busy! In addition to being a new judge on American Idol, Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler will also be playing a part on nickelodeon's wonder pets show. Tyler will be voicing the character of the mad hatter. Type casting? Perhaps, but I don't remember the mad hatter having tons of groupies...



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