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Judge David - Thank Dog It's Friday
Judge David Young has always had a love for the animals and even serves on the Board of the Miami-Dade County Humane Society. So, he thought it would be a good idea to use his TV show and partner with the Humane Society of the United States to do some work together. As a result, Thank Dog It's Friday was born. Thank Dog It's Friday is a series of pet-friendly episodes, encouraging viewers to educate themselves on pet owners' rights and responsibilities.

Some of the cases are:

· A pit bull's owner is sued for not fencing in his animal, which then attacks a goat
· A dog owner sues a neighbor for letting the pet out without permission and the dog is hit by a car
· A dog groomer is sued by a client claiming that negligence caused her animal to suffer
· A woman sues for pain and suffering after a neighbor's animal causes the death of her pet

Unfortunately in the courtroom pets are considered property. If you sue someone over the loss of your dog, you will only be awarded any costs associated with the death. Judge David tell us a story of his sister who had a beautiful Akita. When the dog was about 2-3 years old, the dog went in for a teeth cleaning, but never came home. And, because it is an animal, you can't sue for malpractice as you could if it were a human. He thinks this needs to be changed!

Judge David has a dog named Maggie, whom he rescued. He says she looks like Toto from the Wizard of Oz, and is a mutt, but don't tell her that! He also mentions that she is hypoallergenic - so Obama listen up! You don't need to go to a breeder; you can find a hypoallergenic dog at the shelters!

"Judge David Young" is cleared in more than 92 percent of the U.S., including 49 of the top 50 markets for the 2008-2009 season. The show is produced in New York City. For local airtimes or to find out how to have a case considered for "Judge David Young", visit For audience tickets call 866-AUDIENCE (866-283-4362).

Dr. Jim Humphries, Veterinary News Network
Keeping Your Pet Safe During the Winter Holidays
Keeping your pets safe during the winter holidays may take a little planning and preparation.

During this time of the year, many people will gather for holiday parties with all of the delicious smells and exciting new people. Our pets may take advantage of dropped goodies or even an unattended latte.

It's natural to want to share our food with our pets, but some things should be avoided.
Excessively salty or fatty foods; foods with onions or onion powder in them; grapes and raisins; poultry bones ­ all should be avoided. Chocolate and sweets deserve special mention, due to their abundance during this time of the year. Some candies and foods that contain the artificial sweetener Xylitol can actually cause a rapid decrease in blood sugar in dogs and has even been implicated in cases of liver failure. Chocolate is a well known toxin for dogs, but the baking chocolate and semi-sweet varieties are much more dangerous, causing heart problems, vomiting and even sometimes they can be fatal. And it should go without saying that your pet should never be given alcoholic beverages.

Holiday plants are another source of potential problems. Almost any member of the lily family can be deadly to cats. And other holiday foliage, such as mistletoe and holly can also cause severe stomach upset. Most of the time poinsettias, however, only cause mild digestive irritation.

Artificial decorations aren't safe either. To a cat, ribbons or strands of tinsel are a big temptation, and if swallowed, actually cause major problems once they are in the intestines. Electrical chords cause burns or even electrocutions. And glass ornaments can be broken and cut your pet's mouth, and if swallowed, can cause very severe problems.

The outdoor world may be just as bad. A common poison for pets during the winter months is anti-freeze. Its pleasant, sweet taste makes it a deadly poison. Even if you suspect that your pet has consumed some anti-freeze, please do not hesitate to call your veterinarian immediately. Ice melting products and rodent poisons are also very dangerous.

Pets suffer the effects of frostbite and hypothermia when it gets cold, just as easily as we do. If your pet must stay outdoors, please be sure to provide them shelter from wind and moisture, those are the two big things. Get them out of the wind and keep them dry. In this case, bigger is not better. If you can get a smaller pet house, it will actually trap their body heat and it becomes more efficient. Using heated waters bowl and replenishing the water every day is also a good idea.

Know your pet's limitations during this season. Older dogs may not be as sure-footed on ice, and young puppies may not have enough body fat to keep them warm in the snow. If an older dog slips on the ice, he can actually tear ligaments between its legs and cause very severe problems. Those young puppies, maybe even a coat would be a good idea, especially for shorthaired dogs.

Wintertime can be a glorious time and full of family fun. It does not have to involve a visit to the emergency room. So take these few precautions.

High Blood Pressure In Pets
Blood pressure measurements have been a standard in human medicine for many years. Due to recent advancements in blood pressure measurements for our pets, high blood pressure is being diagnosed with more frequency during their yearly exams. Initial readings may be high due to the pet's stress and anxiety, and sometimes we call this "white coat hypertension," because they're in an unfamiliar surrounding.

But this may be reduced by letting the pet calm down in the veterinarian clinic for a few hours. Hypertension in pets is usually an indication of underlying kidney or heart disease, diabetes, or in cats, hyperthyroidism. Over time, hypertension damages vital organs including the eyes, brain, heart and kidneys. Pets with hypertension may experience a sudden loss of vision or deafness. Neurological signs may include circling and a head tilt, or seizures. But, there are a growing number of cases, particularly in cats where no underlying cause is found for hypertension.

Vladae, The "World Famous" Russian Dog Wizard

Dog Is Obsessed With Chasing Squirrels
This dog will run after squirrels every chance she gets, and has actually halfway climbed a tree to get at a squirrel. Vladae states that this dog needs to be redirected from the squirrels and directed back to what her guardian wants. But how do you do this? Vladae suggests setting up the situation. First, go to the hardware store and get a thin 30-foot clothesline. Attach one end to the dog and the other end to the doorknob. Open the door and let your dog run out. As soon as the dog runs out, tell them to "come," which of course they won't do. They will then hit the end of the rope and be corrected automatically. When this happens, say, "come on baby" in a happy, high-pitched voice, and greet them and give them a treat. Do this several times.

Can A Shikoku Be Trained For Search & Rescue?
A Shikoku is an unusual breed of dog, which looks like a cross between a wolf and husky mix. This dog is an island dog from Japan, and in fact, all of its papers are in Japanese. This particular dog is very attentive but also has a chicken fetish, and his guardian wants to know if he can be trained for search and rescue. He is very smart and very attentive, but in previous search and rescue training sessions, he tended to wander off. Vladae states that in just looking at the breed of dog that he feels it should be a good candidate and a great dog for search and rescue. He also states that it reminds him of the Russian dog, Laika.

Vinnie Penn, Animal Radio's Resident Party Animal

Cat Merchandise
One of the things that I love and admire the most about animal lovers is that they rally around the issues and they're not afraid to sign petitions, to draw up petitions and to do things of that nature. I really respect that, I really admire that, and that is why I would like to bring one to the table, to get a petition made up for, to circulate it and put a stop to something.

The people we would be targeting are those who come up with merchandising for cat owners. It's bad enough the things that cat owners will buy and wear, but even worse is the stuff that these people come up with.

I was at the mall last night and saw a woman walking my way. She must have been in her late 40's or so, and she had on this glittery big-baggy sweatshirt and it had a picture of a cat on it wearing a cowboy hat, and it had a lasso, and it said "Cat-A-Girl" on it. I just looked at this and thought it's not this woman's fault, it was probably the worst stocking stuffer known to man that she got stuck with, this probably glow-in-the-dark cowboy cat sweatshirt. It's not her fault. It's not even her fault if she bought it for whatever reason. It's the merchandiser's fault!

And why is it always cats? Another one I saw once, on an actual good-looking girl, was a shirt that said "Sex and the Kitty," and there was a cat where Sarah Jessica Parker's Carrie Bradshaw was supposed to be. I don't even know what to make of this! Caterotica? She's like twirling and in high-heeled shoes, and it's a cat. I know the merchandisers are out there thinking, hey Vinnie Penn Party Animal, say whatever you want; we make a bundle of money on that stuff. But, they are causing corneal abrasions because there is such disbelief when people see other people wearing this stuff, that we rub our eyes so violently, you're causing corneal abrasions!

And like I say, it's always the cats. You don't see somebody who has a huge aquarium at home wearing a shirt that says, "I've got fish-ues." With a big picture of a goldfish on his shirt making funny faces. You don't see that cool Harley dude that has a snake, wearing a shirt that says, "Snake It or Leave it." (Which is actually a great tag line for a plumber!)

So, let's get the petition made and out to the cat merchandising folks!

No More Baby Talk to Dogs
Right now I want to get right to it, something I want to stop ­ no matter how hot the girl ­ no matter how enticing the scenario, the outfit she's wearing ­ no more baby talk to the dogs! Real turn-off!

I was over at my buddy's house. His sister is smoking hot, but when she came down the stairs in her tight little sweat pants with the word "Angel" across the back, which is not necessarily true if the words on the streets are accurate, and went up and started kissing the dog. I loved seeing the dog love her, but when she started to say, "Who's my little doggy, tell me you love me, tell me you love me too." Well, he's not going to, and when he barks, that doesn't mean he comprehends what you're doing. The baby talk to the dogs has to stop!

Whatever Happened To The Doghouse?
Whatever happened to the doghouse? I don't mean the sofa after you have had it out during dinner over what you were going to watch on television that night, Survivor vs. One Tree Hill. Not that doghouse, we all know that doghouse is alive and well.

A buddy of mine just bought a new place and I was visiting him this past weekend. He takes me out and shows me where Thor's room is. And Thor's room, to be honest with you, is what I would call the back patio. Huge awning, big sofa bed and the whole area very plush and comfortable to meander about.

It got me to thinking about when I was kid where almost every backyard had that really cool doghouse way in the corner, and it was exactly that. It may have been a little small for some of the dogs, and sometimes pretty big for some of the other dogs. It would even have their name on it over the roof. Back then we thought when it rains they must run to it, and we never stopped to think how much the dog might love it in there. They don't need to be upgraded to the bridal suite.

I think the animal communicators out there, as much as I think that's farcical, they might tell you, "You know, I'm looking at Spot here, and I think he needs some space. I think he wants some distance from you guys and on the back patio he can hear you squabbling over the O'Reilly Factor and it's not really working for him."

The back patio? Please don't let the doghouse go the way of the birdhouse or the tree house. Some other guys I know pointed to the fort they had in the backyard for the kids and it was completely pre-fab. It was not just those planks wedged into the tree that were not really that safe, with the ladder just being planks of wood nailed into the tree kind of haphazardly and the fire department needing to be called just to get the kids out.

This is what youth was in the 70's. No, you weren't safe in that tree house in the backyard, and you didn't want to be. And yeah, the doghouse was a little bit small for the dog, and maybe he did get a little bit scared during thunderstorms, but it was better than him hearing the two of you make love!

Animal Radio® News with Bobbie Hill

Rabies Cases On The Rise
The state of Arizona is getting ready to set a record and it's not a good one - they're on track to break that state's annual record for number of rabies cases. The Arizona Department of Health Services issued a rabies warning this month after three wild animals tested positive for the disease in the past two weeks. The state Lab confirmed 162 cases of rabid animals - 38 people and 119 pets were exposed to those animals. In one case a rabid fox attacked a hiker near Granite Mountain, northwest of Prescott. Just north of there, two animals from the Flagstaff area tested positive. Veterinarians say dogs and cats should be vaccinated against rabies and people shouldn't touch an animal that looks sick. Animals displaying symptoms should be reported to local animal control.

Elephants and Farmers Protected
National Geographic reports technology is coming to the rescue of endangered elephants as well as farmers in Kenya. For years the pachyderms have wandered into farmlands to graze virtually wiping out months of income for farm families. Now a high tech collar attached to the elephants send text messages via cell phones to rangers whenever they wander into the farmland. Kenya is the first country to adopt this program to safeguard both the elephants and crops. Kenya Wildlife Service says the experiment is a huge relief for farmers who rely on their crops for cash. {National Geographic}

Pet Food Gift Cards
A pet rescue organization in California's gold country is suggesting a pet friendly holiday gift that could make a big difference in this tough economy. Susan Wallace, founder of Scooter's Pals says giving pet food gift cards to your animal loving friends this holiday could make a bigger difference than you think. Other gift ideas to help out pet lovers include grooming services, toys or even a promise to pet sit for a week. Giving a friend a month's worth of dog walks is another idea from the Grass Valley California group.

Voluntary Recall of Dry Pet Food
Mars Petcare issued a voluntary recall of 23, thousand tons of dry dog and cat food in September because of possible salmonella contamination. Now the CDC announced the October 1st closure of the company's Everson Pennsylvania plant where the specific strain of salmonella was traced. But eight more cases of people becoming sick have been traced to dry dog food this month. A CDC epidemiologist suggested people check their dry pet foot, which has a one year shelf life, to see if it was part of the recall by going to Mars Petcare's website:

Matches for Four-Legged Seniors
A Maryland group is making matches for seniors - four legged matches that is. The organization known as Wagging Pals works to match seniors with pets from local shelters in need of homes. The project provides homes for the animals and companionship for the seniors. Shawn Shyder with Frederick County Animal Control said, "Our animals here will benefit greatly...annually we take in about 6-thousand animals." The program isn't up to full speed yet but hopes to raise money for the seniors to cover the costs of having a pet. You can find out more by checking out

Jail & Fines If Healthy Guidelines Not Followed for Dogs
Dog owners in the U.K. no longer have a choice when it comes to trimming the fat off their beloved canine companions. The country's Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has issued strict guidelines that include dietary needs, exercise and food cautions. The code says not to walk dogs in the hot part of the day and to avoid chocolate, which is poisonous. If owners don't adhere to the healthier guidelines for dogs they could face six months in jail or a 40-thousand dollar fine. {Telegraph U.K.}

NEWS UPDATE Brought To You By Simple Solution Natural Line Of Products

Talk With Your Animals with Joy Turner
Linda wants to speak with her dog, Chester, to see if he is okay being a truck-driving dog. Chester comes back and asks what else would be? Linda also wants to know why he will sometimes go for two days not eating? Chester states that since he is in the truck most of the time, his body doesn't require a lot of nutrition.

No More Arthritis or Joint Pain!
Tamer Elsafy, Flexpet
As the winter sets in, we are not the only ones who are a little stiff in the mornings. The weather can also affect our older pets, making it a little difficult for them to get going.

One out of every five dogs will suffer from the symptoms of arthritis by the time they reach middle age, and for most dogs that's about five years of age. That means over 16 million dogs in the U.S. are in misery right now! And the number of cats is estimated to be significantly larger! Arthritis can affect a pet's knees, ankles, and hips. Joint pain and aches reduce your dog or cat's enjoyment of life, and therefore erode our enjoyment of their company. Running, walking, getting into the car or just rising to greet you can become painful ordeals for your pet.

Flexpet will stop joint pain and help your dog or cat become the same carefree and playful member of the family he or she used to be, and wants to be again. Dogs & cats with arthritis and joint pain suffer in silence far too often since they can't verbally tell us that they're hurting.

We've all heard of the usual chondroitin and glucosamine, but Flexpet also contains an ingredient called CM8, a patented compound in this breakthrough all-natural formulation that is clinically proven to promote optimal joint health in your dog, cat or any other pet.

Flexpet was made because the original product, Flexcin, which was for humans, was being given to animals.

Follow along with both Hal and the studio cat, Boog, as they test Flexpet over the next couple of weeks. Also, check out this video on their website of a dog after taking Flexpet for only two weeks.

Flexpet comes with an unlimited guarantee ­ what have you got to lose!

Animal Minute With Britt Savage

Super-Sized Pigeons in Britain
British junk food lovers are having an unhealthy effect on the country's pigeons, which are becoming obese by feasting on litter leftovers. The charity Keep Britain Tidy says people who do not throw their uneaten junk food away are causing the problem. Chief executive Alan Woods said the birds were now "super sized" and dependent on people rather than nature for their food. The abundance of food on offer was also causing a population explosion of pigeons in Britain, which are considered a health hazard and a nuisance, he said.

"Seven out of the 10 bits of litter we find on our pavements and roads are food related. And with all this trash to choose from, the pigeon, rat, fox and gull population has spiraled," Woods said.
The litter problem was worse during summer because the warm weather meant more people ate outdoors. Summer also coincides with the peak-breeding season for pigeons in June and July. Woods said if the problem continued, local councils would be forced to cull thousands of pigeons to keep numbers under control.

Your Vet Questions Answered with Dr. Debbie
Puppy Has Pink Itchy Skin
A vet had previously recommended trying Benadryl, which is not working. While this dog is pink all over, he seems to be really itchy on his lower back and chews on it constantly. He is an inside dog and there is no evidence of fleas. Also, he doesn't spend a lot of time outdoors, so it doesn't seem like sunburn. Dr. Debbie suggests testing him for skin mites. She also suggests testing for food allergies.

Cat Has Redirected Aggression Towards Littermate
This happens all of the time. An indoor cat sees a cat outside and lashes out at the other cats in the house. This can last a few minutes, or as in this case, several weeks. These cats have now been separated and are being kept in different rooms. They are slowly being re-introduced to each other. Dr. Debbie states that this is the right track, but they can also try using anti-anxiety behavior medication such as Prozac or try some kitty pheromones.

Dog Piddles In The House
Even though this dog is taken outside to do her business, she will come back in the house and piddle. Dr. Debbie states that it doesn't matter that this dog is 3 years old. You have to go back to the beginning and treat her like a puppy and start potty training all over again. She tells the guardian that she has to watch this dog all of the time, and when she can't, the dog needs to be put in a crate and taken out to do her potty business.

Cats Won't Eat New Formula Of Cat Food
This cat was eating her regular dry food when the manufacturers decided to switch the formula. Now, the cat won' eat anything at all. A vet check-up revealed nothing out of the ordinary, and her weight went from around 7 pounds to less then 4 pounds. Dr. Debbie doesn't believe that it is a dietary or food preference and suggests some basic tests.

What Type Of Dog Should Be The New Presidential Dog?
Everyone knows that Obama is going to get a dog for the White House and he wants one that is hypoallergenic. But, there is truly no dog that is hypoallergenic. Dr. Debbie feels he should be looking more at what type of dog will fit his family's lifestyle. Vladae thinks they should get a Maltese or Malti-poo or Havanese. Vladae wants to know if anyone has a dog like this and stated that he will personally train the dog!

Spayed Airedale Is Overweight
This spayed female Airedale's weight was up to 130 pounds. Her guardian has put her on a diet and she is now down to around 117 pounds, but the vet wants her weight to be less than 100 pounds. Her guardian has been trying, but can't get the extra weight off. He has even put her on a weight control food. Dr. Debbie suggests checking her for a hormone problem, because if a dog can't drop the weight, the first thing you should look for is a thyroid problem.

Who's Your Daddy?
Robin Ray, Canine Heritage Breed Test
If you are a regular listener to Animal Radio®, then you know about our studio Chihuahua, Ladybug. But as Ladybug gets bigger, we are not sure she is a full-blooded Chihuahua. She has some physical traits that are not Chihuahua-like, but what is she?

We decided to get in touch with Robin Ray at Canine Heritage Breed Test. Robin mentions that there are over 1,100 breeds of dogs, and they test the most popular 112 breeds of the United States, and are adding more breeds all of the time.

She said a lot of the times what we think our mixed breed dogs are (usually from their physical appearance) isn't necessarily what they are.

While we personally want to know what mixed breeds are involved with Ladybug, there are actual benefits to the test as well:


· Helps You Understand Behavior and Personality
· Provides a Pathway to Infer Potential Health Risks
· Helps You and Your Vet customize Medical, Diet and Exercise Programs
· Can Help You Improve the Health and Wellness Management of Your Pet
Product Details

The Canine Heritage™ testing kit comes with everything you need, including the following:

· One K9CheekSwab DNA Collection Brush
· Sample Submission Form
· Customer Reference Sheet
· Easy-to-Follow DNA Sample Collection Instructions
· Pre-Paid Return Mailer

We have a poll going on in the studio with everyone guessing what Ladybug's genetic makeup is. While everyone agrees there is Chihuahua in the mix, other guesses have been everything from Miniature Pinscher to Rat Terrier.

We have submitted a cheek swab from Ladybug; so stay tuned over the next several weeks to see what Ladybug truly is, and if you have any doubts about what the make-up of your dog is, give this a try! And, with every test result, you get a framable DNA analysis, which can include a picture of your pet. To find out more, contact 1-800 DNA Dog or visit

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