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Every weekend, Animal Radio® celebrates the connection with our pets. The airwaves fill with top industry experts and celebrities. About a half-million animal lovers count on Animal Radio® to answer their questions and help them help their pets live long, happy and healthy lives. Animal Radio's fast paced magazine-style presentation is extremely listener interactive. There's nothing like it on-the-air.

Since 2001, Animal Radio® has been the most-listened-to animal talk show in the U.S. according to Arbitron. 98,000 Average-Quarter-Hour listeners on 100+ AM, FM stations and XM Satellite Radio.

Animal Radio® has the most concentrated radio audience of animal lovers anywhere!

Animal Radio® offers high-visibility opportunities with multiple platforms.

Other radio campaigns can't compare to the resources available with Animal Radio Network™

We combine traditional radio with some not-so traditional radio, print, Internet, mobile (iPhone and Android) - and even our 36' broadcast vehicle, to bring you omnipresent branding.

Who Listens to Animal Radio®?

Our demographic makeup is diverse.

Animal Radio® attracts a well educated audience and quite often they’re seeking information on animal care. They likely already own at least two pets or maybe considering getting a “furry companion.” These are the conspicuous consumers of the 55 billion dollar pet world.

Our audience spends almost twice the national average for pet related items.

Average Age: 39.9 Median Income $63,000

Animal Radio® - Everywhwere Pet Lovers Are!

Animal Radio® crosses radio formats and is featured on Adult Contemporary stations (KOST 103.5 FM Los Angeles), Country stations (WHCO 1230 St. Louis) News/Talk stations (KFWB 980 Los Angeles - WEEU 830 Reading), and of course XM Satellite Radio's America's Talk 166.  For a complete list of affiliates, go to AnimalRadio.com

78% are Homeowners

90% are Pet Owners

72% have cats – 38% have two cats

53% have dogs – 25% have two dogs

17% have birds, fish or reptiles

60% regularly buy treats, toys, accessories, vitamins or supplements

67% have computers in their home and regularly use the Internet

52% have purchased a pet-related product online in the last 12 months


Animal Radio®Regular Airstaff

Let us introduce the Zoo Crew that engages 350,000 listeners weekly.

We're proud to have the best and most experienced talent. Animal Radio's Dream Team includes morning radio vet Hal Abrams, Judy Francis, Dog-trainer Alan Kabel, Veterinarian Dr. Debbie White , Musician Britt Savage, News Director Stacey Cohen, Groomer Joey Villani, Animal Communicator Joy Turner and Publisher Susan Sims.

Learn more about the Animal Radio® Zoo Crew

Animal Radio® Celebrity Guest Hosts

It wouldn't be a celebration without the celebs and experts!

You may not associate Ed Asner with animal causes, but indeed he lends his voice as an advocate for responsible pet ownership, and has strong views on the importance of spaying and neutering and shelter adoptions, with a lifelong commitment to the companion animals with whom we share our lives.

Ed Asner was Animal Radio's very first guest in 2001. Since then, our regular guest hosts include the likes of Glenn Close, Jenna Fischer, Gary Burghoff, Betty White, Bob Barker and Cesar Millan...just to mention a few. We can't list all 1000+ guest hosts here, but you can view the most current list.

Animal Radio® Media Resources

More than a radio show. A phenomenon!

Animal Radio® utilizes this monster-mobile-studio to cover breaking news, pet related events, and to further underwriter visibility. Signage on the side of the “Alpha-Dog” broadcast vehicle is displayed everywhere it goes. Safe-Guard continues to show-off it’s over-sized logo and association with the greatest animal programming on earth. You can see fantastic pictures of this unique public relations tool, featuring signage from Clorox, Farnam and Bissell at AnimalRadio.com. It's just one of the resources we use to keep on the cutting edge.

We also share partnerships with print and online media resources, allowing us to combine your campaign with other platforms and non-traditional radio.  Ask your Animal Radio® rep to explain how we can reach the largest audience possible with out-of-the-box media plans.

Let us assemble a proposal to increase your product or brand awareness. Call on one of our experienced Media Planners or Account Executives at 805.772.1314.

What they’re saying about Animal Radio’s Branding and Lead Generator Campaigns:

Animal Radio has allowed us to reach our target customers like no other advertising campaign has.  They have truly supported our products to the point that we feel they care almost as much about our business as we do.   With a listening audience that trusts and relies on their opinions, their personal endorsement of our product has given us the opportunity to reach customers like never before.   The ultimate in “word of mouth”, as if neighbors were meeting at the fence, only their fence reaches across the country  - Jim Douglas, Steps for Pets


SamsungWe’re really happy with the campaign Animal Radio created to promote the new Samsung sports camcorder. We we’re very pleased with the spot they put together – the individual attention to detail is probably why they’re top of their game.” - Aaron Novak, Samsung Marketing


I'm just writing to say I'M IMPRESSED!  I've worked with a lot of radio personalities in various industries --and I've never received anything like this. This is a marketing person's dream.  You guys are just top flight! –Dee Merica  Shop by Breed


Thank you for all you did to make Beverly Hills Chihuahua an audience hit two times over! - Erin B. Weissman, Walt Disney Studios


We have been tuning in to Animal Radio and enjoy your style. Thank you for a job well done on the radio ad, it turned out great! We appreciate the added effort and enthusiasm! - Cynthia DeVille, XPower

Affordable opportunities created for your budget and price point.

We offer short-term lead generators and one-year aggressive branding campaigns.

Entry-level media flights start at $1.30CPM. Positive ROI!


See Animal Radio® Media Plans and Rates

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