Rae Ann Kumelos

Rae Ann Kumelos, the creator and voice of Voice of the Animal, has spent the last several years in graduate school studying mythology. She is a Ph.D. candidate in Mythological Studies, and holds Masters' degrees in Literature and Mythological Studies. A lifelong champion of animals and animal rights, Rae Ann has spent her years in graduate school studying the role of the animal in myth, literature and popular culture. She found the stories she studied from all over the world so compelling that she wanted others to share in the knowledge of the timeless bond between animal and humankind. From that desire was born Voice of the Animal.

Rae Ann writes for a number of publications, and is co-owner of Star Hill Inn, an astronomy retreat in northern New Mexico, a ranch of 200 acres that is home to many wild animal friends. Rae Ann shares her home with her husband, six cats, one dog, and an occasional bobcat visitor. She may be reached at www.voiceoftheanimal.org.

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