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Animal Radio® Show #475 January 10, 2009

Most Dangerous Gadgets Likely To Injure Pets
Electronics are always a concern for pet owners because of the chords. But now, the new concerns are iPods and the Wii game. How can they be a danger to your pet? Well, for example, if you are playing with your Wii there is a chance you can trip over your animal.

A survey done by Petplan, shows that according to 3,000 pet owners, the Top 10 List of the gadgets most likely to injure pets:

1) iPod (15 per cent)
2) Laptop (10.8 per cent)
3) Remote Control (10.8 per cent)
4) Plasma TV (10.8 per cent)
5) Wii (10 per cent)
6) DVD Player (10 per cent)
7) Playstation (8.3 per cent)
8) Nintendo DS (5.8 per cent)
9) Mobile Phone (5.8 per cent)
10) Karaoke Machine (5.8 per cent)

Vladae, The "World Famous" Russian Dog Wizard
Dogs Goes Crazy And Attacks
This Jack Russell Terrier goes crazy and attacks when his humans are around his food and also when he senses that they are leaving. This doesn't happen when the male is in the house, only the women and children. Vladae says that woman in the household needs to become the alpha female!

Dog Barks and Lunges After Other Dogs
A human psychiatrist once told Vladae to ask the guardian of dogs if they have some type of a problem with other humans getting them to respect their authority. In other words, the human needs to learn how to be alpha in their world. Listen in as Vladae explains how to do this.

Puppy Bites And Growls At Wife And Daughter
This dog listens and obeys the man of the house. However, he seems to think it is dominate over the child and wife. The wife needs take control and spend some time with the puppy working on obedience training, such as sit, stay, down. This will establish the woman as an authority figure and also provide the language to communicate with the puppy. In other words, she needs to be the boss over her dog or things will never change.

Vinnie Penn, Animal Radio's Resident Party Animal
On a recent installment, I told you about the beloved family dog, Cruiser. While we had several pets in my house growing up, Cruiser was probably the one on the biggest pedestal. He was a mini-Schnauzer and was very cool, even though what I am about to tell you might make you question that.

Nonetheless, I told you about Cruiser recently and ironically right after that installment, I was moving a few boxes around in the house that I grew up in that my sister bought from my parents, and she kept Cruiser's chew toys, which I think is a bit over the top to keep those nasty, dust bunny riddled chew toys. Maybe some dog lovers out there who have lost their dogs keep such things. I believe there are certain things worth keeping like their collars, but their chew toys are a little over the top. But then again, my sister puts the "rat" in "rat pack."

Nonetheless, what we also found in another box was what I used to call Cruiser's Liberace sweater. Now bad enough, I'm not a big believer of sweaters on dogs in the first place, although I have seen some cool things. I recently saw a dog with CBGB t-shirt and I thought that was pretty cool and certainly a way to strike up a conversation with the ladies. But, one holiday season my mom bought Cruiser a sweater that could only be described as a "Liberace" sweater.

Liberace, for those of you who don't know, was rather a flamboyant, outrageously dressed pianist. His sweater just screamed! I think my mother thought that Cruiser was gay. It's the only thing I can come up with. My mother has since past away, so I can't ask her. But when I found Cruiser's Liberace sweater, I thought why did she buy this for him? It's not remotely masculine and did my mother think Cruiser was a gay dog? Does that exist? Is there such a thing as gay dogs and gay cats? I have to say no!

I watched Cruiser frolic with other dogs and he really didn't treat boys well, there was that one friend that had a dog named Thor that Cruiser would mount, but don't they just mount both boy and girls?

It's not going to change my feelings about Cruiser if I were to now discover, hey, I had a gay mini-Schnauzer. I'm not going to go home and tear up that picture of the two of us on the beach that I hold so dear, but has there ever been any scientific studies? Have we determined if animals are capable of this?

All I know is that at the end of the day, gay or straight, Cruiser ­ I love you, I miss you! But I have to say I wish mom had just bought you a "My owner went to Florida and all I got was this stupid doggy t-shirt!"

Part II - SPAZ
I left a lot of you hanging in the balance the last time around - returning for the first ever Two-Part Party Animal!

Reflecting a bit on a few weeks back, the holidays, got into a bit of bickering match with someone. A buddy of mine has the greatest dog in the world. His name is Spaz and it fits! But as much as Spaz is a spaz, he's just a great dog. After you are there about five minutes, and he's had his three seizures and done his four back flips, jumps into your groin area so repeatedly that you're convinced you will never be able to have another child, he totally chills out and hangs in your lap. He's absolutely a member of this family, my buddy Steve's family.

And yet, lo and behold, I'm over there for the holidays and I see the stockings hung with care, because soon St. Nick would be there, and there was no stocking for Spaz! How could you not have a stocking for Spaz? He's a member of the family! Now make no mistake, fans of the Party Animal segment know we have a little fish, Betty, and maybe I'm drawing a thin line here, but we don't have a stocking for Betty. You don't get a stocking for a goldfish.

I don't know, I guess there are pets you get stockings for, and there are pets you don't get stockings for. A dog ­ you get a stocking for! A cat ­ you get a stocking for! And from here it gets a little bit blurry. I can see getting one for the bird in the house, and maybe the hamster, but I don't see getting one for the fish. We even have a turtle, but I didn't get a stocking for the turtle.

(I don't know ­ how about some emails on the subject?

It got ugly over there. I mean of course, "Jack Daniels" didn't help! But my buddy Steve got a little belligerent when I questioned where Spaz's stocking was. The night did not end well, especially because it got his wife in on it, and it was one of those awkward holiday moments when she had a little too much spiked eggnog, and she was like, "I've been saying the same thing! He never listens to me! See, you friend agrees with me! " And all of a sudden you're standing there awkwardly and saying uh alright then Merry Christmas!

Animal Radio® News with Bobbie Hill
Chicken Jerky Causes Illness
The Food and Drug Administration is cautioning pet owners after receiving complaints about chicken jerky products imported from China. The FDA said consumers need to be aware of a potential risk associated with consuming chicken jerky products and illness in dogs. The FDA first issued a cautionary warning to consumers in September of 2007 but the agency continues to receive complaints of illness in dogs who've eaten the product. Down Under, Aussie news organizations, report the University of Sydney is looking into a connection between illness and consumption of chicken jerky. At least one Australian firm issued a recall for their chicken jerky product manufactured in China. So far scientists have been unable to find a definitive cause of the illnesses reported.

Dog Found 1400 Miles From Home with Microchip
A family in Bellflower California has a microchip company to thank for getting their dog back home safely. Kobe the terrier was found in Denton Texas, about 1400 miles from his home. How Kobe got there is a mystery. A stranger found him wandering around and picked him up. Turns out when Kobe was adopted from the Southeast Area Animal Control Authority in Downey the microchip was implanted. AVID, the company who manufactured the chip, flew Kobe home last week to be reunited with his owners.

Video Of Thief Reveals It Was A Dog!
Police in a Salt Lake City Utah suburb are on the lookout for a thief who struck on Christmas Eve. Surveillance video at Smith's Food & Drug in Murray Utah caught the suspect in the act - stealing a bone from the pet food aisle. The stores' manager described the thief as four legged, furry with a tail. The dog, seen on the video, walked in the front door of the store and headed straight to aisle 16 where it grabbed the $2.79 treat then headed out the door. Anyone with information is asked to call Smith's Food and Drug in Murray Utah.

New Year - New Laws for Pets
The New Year means new laws go into effect to protect consumers and animals sold in pet stores in the state of California. The Pet Store Animal Care Act requires stores to document veterinary treatments, and covers how live animals must be housed. The new law also requires pet stores to inform customers of all return policies especially if the store has a "No return" policy. The bill's author says most pet stores in the Golden State already adhere to proper guidelines when it comes to caring for live animals but this new law will clarify and enforce those standards.

Slash Money Spent on Pets
Pet owners are trying to save a buck just like the rest of the world and there are ways to slash the money spent on your pets without short-changing their health. Keep pets fit and trim: Most dogs and cats in America today are overweight, and those extra pounds increase the likelihood of serious health problems such as arthritis, diabetes, and cancer. To help your pet maintain a normal weight (you should be able to feel ribs), carefully measure its food, keep treats to a minimum, and be sure to work in a daily exercise session. If your pet is overweight, try to shed those excess pounds slowly, to avoid the health risk that can result from sudden weight loss-especially in cats.

Pets Improve Quality of Life for People
A new study suggests that college students may handle stressful situations better if they have a pet. Research has already shown that pets can improve the quality of life for people who are aging or those who are chronically ill. But researchers have recently found that many college students may also benefit from owning a cat or a dog. The Science Daily reports nearly a quarter of college students surveyed believed their pets helped them get through difficult times in life. Students who chose to live with at least one dog, one cat, or a combination of the two were less likely to report feeling lonely and depressed {in between frat parties....}

NEWS UPDATE Brought To You By Simple Solution Natural Line Of Products

NAPPS Annual Conference
NAPPS has been around for a dozen years and is the largest non-profit pet sitting organization in the United States. NAPPS offers certification, educational programs and business advice to pet sitters. They provide all the tools necessary to start up a business, including everything from contracts to marketing and advertising.

For someone considering pet sitting as a career, NAPPS has an annual conference both in the business field as well as people in the pet care and behavior industries. This year's 2009 Annual Conference is scheduled for January 16-18, 2009 at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California. From pet sitting business basics for the novice pet sitter to programs for the more seasoned pet sitter, you won't want to miss this conference!

Animal Radio will be broadcasting live at this conference ­ come out and say Hi!

Animal Minute With Britt Savage
University Oklahoma Vet Uses Maggot Therapy on Horse
Veterinarians at Oklahoma State University had a tough case - a horse who had been bitten on the head by a rattlesnake. After treating the 16-month old filly, the swelling went down, but an area of flesh, the size of a dinner plate, began sloughing off, deepening the wound nearly to the bone. The horse's owner suggested something she heard of used only on humans ­ maggot therapy! The open-minded vets knew that they needed to try something quick, although this was a first for them. They ordered 4,500 maggots from a California company who shipped them overnight. The maggots ate the rotting horseflesh and the filly went home in just a few days, without the maggots!

Cat Walks from Phoenix to Iowa
An adventurous little cat took a little walk and apparently made his way from Phoenix to Iowa. After 5 months, Megan Rowley was sure she would never see her beloved cat Austin again. Imagine her surprise when she got a call from 1,500 hundred miles away, saying they found her traveling tabby. And how they found him was even stranger! In Iowa, Nancy Crook was making a deposit at a bank drive-thru when a cat jumped into her car, right through the open window. Austin landed in her lap, and as luck would have it, Nancy worked as an animal tech at the Avendale Cat Hospital, where Austin's owner was located by his microchip. That's amazing!

Your Vet Questions Answered with Dr. Debbie
Lab Bites And Chews Spot Around Tail
The area right around the rump and at the base of the tail is a prime area for flea and flea dermatitis. Dr. Debbie suggests vigilant flea control, because even one little bite from those critters can send a dog with flea allergies into an itching frenzy for weeks. Lift up the hair in the area and look for "flea dirt" or something that looks like black pepper. You can use flea shampoos and topical medications to stay on top of the problem. You can also talk to your vet about "doggy Benadryl" for your dog to stop the itching. If it turns out your dog doesn't have fleas, they may have a food allergy, which can also cause your dog's skin to itch.

Stray Cat Fights With Household Cat
This guy had two household cats when someone dropped of a stray female cat who had been declawed. He took it into his home about a year ago, and he is still having problems with everyone getting along. Unfortunately, not every cat is going to get along. If the cats are growling and hissing at each other, don't worry; this is just their way of communicating with each other. And if you don't have any injuries and no blood is being drawn, you will have to learn to accept this behavior from them and know that they will never be friends.

Maine Coon Chews On Everything From Furniture To Clothing
This woman adopted this male Maine Coon cat after the previous guardian had a baby and the cat was trying to assert his dominance and attack the baby. He is a very healthy happy cat, but he chews on everything like a puppy. He has destroyed hundreds of dollars worth of stuff, from furniture, clothing, tables, plastic, metal and wooden hangers. She has used bitter spray, tin foil and pepper paste, but nothing deters his chewing. Unfortunately, some cats have an oral need to chew, even thought it is rare. Just like in dogs, it gives them a sense of calm to chew on things, especially when they are bored. Dr. Debbie suggests setting up established activities and play sessions for this cat. Set up 3 to 4 play sessions a day where you and your cat are doing something active. You can use the "Cat Dancer" toys, but any toy that will make them run around the house and chase a toy, that will get their activity up can be used. A tired pet (even a cat) is one less likely to have behavior problems. Also, when you are not home, instead of leaving food out for your cat, you can put it in containers (like a Kong toy) and hide them around the house. This will make them hunt and work for their food, which is their natural instinct.

Dog Pees On Everything
This is an 8-year-old neutered dog that lifts his leg and pees on everything in sight. For example, UPS left a package at the door and before anyone got to it, the dog peed all over it. But, this is dog is just doing his job. He is an outside dog that guards alpacas and keeps the coyotes away. It turns out he marks the surroundings of the property to keep other animals out, and he thinks that anything in his area (even a UPS box) is something that he needs to keep away. He is doing everything his guardian wants him to do, and it would be just too hard for him to understand what is good and what is bad. This is something his guardian is just going to have to ignore as long as he wants the dog to do his job.

Is It Okay To Use Heated Bed In Garage For Cat?
This stray cat showed up one day and since it is so cold outside, he has been brought into the garage with access to the outside. His new guardian has bought a heated bed at a pet store to keep him warm. Unfortunately, this guy is a truck driver and is gone for long periods of time. Dr. Debbie doesn't feel that this is a good idea to keep this on when no one is around. As long as the cat is inside the garage with ample bedding, it is not necessary to provide heat. He should be warm enough.

The "Who's Your Daddy?" Saga Continues
If you are a regular listener to Animal Radio®, then you know about our studio "Chihuahua" Ladybug. We weren't sure she was a full-blooded Chihuahua, as she has some physical traits that are not Chihuahua-like, but what is she? Well, she apparently has no "Chihuahua" in her at all!

We got in touch with Robin Ray at Canine Heritage Breed Test back in November. and sent in a cheek swab from Ladybug and waited for the results.

When the results came back, we were shocked to learn that not only is Ladybug not a Chihuahua, but that she has no Chihuahua in her at all.

It turns out that the Fox Terrier and Rat Terrier are not tests currently available through the Canine Heritage Breed Test, which after seeing pictures and reading about their disposition, is pointing more and more to what Ladybug actually is. They will be adding those tests in the near future and we will have Ladybug retested.

While we personally wanted to know what mixed breeds are involved with Ladybug, there are actual benefits to the test as well:


· Helps You Understand Behavior and Personality
· Provides a Pathway to Infer Potential Health Risks
· Helps You and Your Vet customize Medical, Diet and Exercise Programs
· Can Help You Improve the Health and Wellness Management of Your Pet

So stay tuned over the next several months to see what Ladybug truly is, and if you have any doubts about what the make-up of your dog is, give this a try! With every test result, you get a framable DNA analysis, which can include a picture of your pet.
1-800 DNA DOGG

Puppy Mills
We get a lot of calls from truckers who drive with pets. Unfortunately, some rescue groups do not like to adopt their animals out to truckers, as they feel that this is not the best situation for a pet. They want someone who has a fenced-in yard. But, these people are usually gone for 8+ hours a day working and don't spend the time with their animals as a trucker would. Could these agencies actually be driving people to puppy mills to get their animals?

And if you think by going to a pet store you are not going to get a puppy mill animal, think again! Where do you think they get their animals? Some stores allow pet adoption agencies into their stores on weekends to set up adoption events. However, if an animal is at the store 24/7, chances are it is from a puppy mill. If you are looking for a specific breed of animal, go to your local shelter or go online and find a breed rescue group.

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