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Animal Radio® Show #482 February 28, 2009


Vivien Cardone – All Roads Lead Home

You may remember Vivien Cardone from the movie “A Beautiful Mind” starring Russell Crowe.  When Vivien auditioned for that role, she was too young to know neither who Russell Crowe was nor the director, Ron Howard.  As a result, she was very relaxed and had a lot of fun with them, which is why she probably got the role!

Her current role is in All Roads Leads Home, which is a movie about a 12-year-old girl named Belle (Cardone) who loses her mother in a car accident; she rebels against her father (Coyote) and is sent to her maternal grandfather’s working farm.  With Belle’s father struggling with grief and guilt and her grandfather (Boyle) detached and directionless, Belle devotes herself to saving the animals that are destined to be destroyed because they cannot produce for the farm.  Can Belle’s work bring her family back together and help them rediscover their love for each other?

Vivien states that the biggest challenge she faced in the movie was working with all of the puppies.   There is a scene in the movie where she is sitting in the grass and reading to the puppies who were running around and not cooperating, and constantly had to be rounded up (what a tough job!).

Vivien currently lives in Utah with her menagerie of pets.  She has 3 dogs, 2 cats, 3 sugar gliders, 2 chinchillas, 4 horses, 3 geckos and many fish.


Wendy Diamond – The Ultimate Pet Owners Manual and Adoption Guide

The question on the top of everyone’s mind as of late has been “What type of dog will the Obama family bring into the White House?” There are many polls on the subject and everyone from the Dog Whisperer to Middle America has been weighing in.  While the next First Family is searching for a hypoallergenic dog, their main hope is to find and adopt a shelter animal.  The latest word is that they are putting their search off until March, and that they are interested in either a Portuguese Waterdog or a Labradoodle, as Obama has said that he doesn’t want a little dog. 

Wendy believes that whatever dog is adopted, it will have it’s own personal dog trainer, it’s own personal dog walker and it’s own personal groomer.  But since Mrs. Obama is a very grounded person, she will teach her daughters the responsibilities of owning a dog and perhaps even have them cleaning up the poop!
Between six to eight million dogs and cats end up in shelters every year and about half of them have to be euthanized, according to the Humane Society of the United States.  All the pets in these shelters are looking for loving homes. Future pet owners will find it more sensible and affordable, given the current economic climate, to adopt a pet through their local shelter or through an online adoption drive.
But what type of pet is best for you?  Don’t get a dog because someone else has one, even if it is the President.  You’ll benefit most from having a pet whose needs are compatible with your lifestyle and physical capabilities.

Listen in as she also gives some tips on ways to save money without cutting corners on pet care.


Vladae, The "World Famous" Russian Dog Wizard

How to Have Happier Dogs

There are two simple things that will make your dog the happiest dog in the world.

  1. You need to be the leader of the pack.  Dogs are pack oriented and love it when someone else takes charge and lets them know what they are supposed to do.

  2. Meet the dog’s major needs.  Most people think that dogs only have two needs, peeing and pooping, but dogs actually have 3 needs:  I. Physical - get your dog outdoors and make him run back and forth without stopping.  Do this at least two times a day at about 10 minutes each time.  Taking your dog for a walk is not going to meet his physical needs.    II. Social – If you train your dog properly and if your dog is physically tired, you can take your dog with you wherever you go instead of him being a prisoner in your house or in the backyard under arrest.  III. Mental – do something with the dog’s mind such as obedience training.  One minute of having your dog sit/stay takes as much energy as running one mile.  This will tire him out, and a tired dog is a good, problem-free dog.

Male Dog Humps Other Male Dogs

This is a male dog that has been neutered, but he still has those “desires” with other male dogs.  Vladae explains that this has nothing to do with sexuality but with dominance.   He states that you first need to address the cause before addressing the symptoms.   The first thing that needs to be done is to have this dog enrolled in group class training, and not private lessons.   This will establish control over your dog while exposing him to a lot of other dogs.


Vinnie Penn, Animal Radio's Resident Party Animal

Changing of the Guard – Dog Selection

I’m very enthusiastic about the changing of the guard, the whole inauguration thing and watching it.  It was an incredible day and an historical day.  But what I’m really waiting on is the dog selection, and I know that all of you are too, because you’re pet lovers. 

We’ve heard a lot about it and it has gotten a lot of media coverage, “What’s their dog going to be,” “ The two little girls get to bring a pet into the White House,” and you know it’s going to be a Beagle.  And I’m against that too.  I was thinking about it, and I would love for it to be kind of a hybrid dog we’ve never heard of before, like a Chiwauzer, half Chihuahua and half Schnauzer; or a Schnoodle, half Schnauzer and half Poodle.  I would like it to be kind of kooky like that. 

At first I thought that all of this talk about, hey, the Obamas are going to get a dog, they’ve got to have a pet, it’s not the White House without a pet.  Every pet has to stain the carpet in Lincoln’s bedroom.  And I just thought, is this what we should really be hearing a lot about?  And then I got caught up into it, and I want to see if, I want to know what they are going to get!  And one last thing, I’ve got a name.  They should name it Palin, Palin the Pup.  I think that’s awesome – you tell me!

Dog Is Left Out In The Cold

I don’t want to get anyone in trouble here, so I’m not going to mention any names, but the other day I was over at a friend’s of mine who has this great dog.  

I was there for a while before I noticed that his house was very quiet.   I noticed something was off, let me just put it that way.  It was about 3 degrees out, so finally after being there about 20 minutes, it dawned on me.  I said, “Hey, the dog, where’s your dog?”  And he said, “Oh, he’s outside, he was driving me crazy.” 

He just put the dog outside!  And I couldn’t believe it!  I said, “Dude, it’s like 3 degrees out.  I mean we’re breaking records here.  You’re looking at a map on Good Morning America and the whole country, the whole right side of the map is a shade of blue I’ve never seen before, and you’re putting your dog outside?”  And, he points to the doghouse, and I know that dogs stayed out back in the old days like Little House on the Prairie and whatnot, but this doghouse was like a HUD doghouse.  I mean, it was condemned, seriously!  There was like police tape around it! 

Thanks to me, I got the dog back in the house, and then he went off on some tangent where he was complaining about his marriage and this and that, saying they haven’t been getting along, haven’t been intimate in months and the dog is always running in the room, and that he couldn’t take it anymore.  And I thought, well good, a part of you is blue too!


Dr. Jim Humphries - Veterinary Minute

Better Behaved Pets?

People with anxious pets eagerly seek out anything that might reduce the barking, howling, chewing and house soiling.  Many have tried the recently introduced products containing pheromones.  These are sprays and plug-ins aimed at calming anxious pets. 

Separation anxiety affects 15% of the nation’s 74 million dogs.  Separation anxiety also affects cats, although it’s not as noticeable, as cats tend to be less noisy and destructive when they express anxiety.  Veterinarians see a lot of dogs with separation anxiety, and firework and thunderstorm phobias.  Anxiety is an underlying issue in a significant portion of aggression also.  

So just how much do these pheromone based products help?  It’s debatable.   Used in combination with behavior modification and on selected cases, they may have some usefulness.  Could pheromone therapy help your pet?


Animal Minute With Britt Savage

Goats Help Boy Cope With ADHD

Behind a two-story house on a quiet cul-de-sac here in Clermont County, a boy jumps on a trampoline with his goats. They're David Valentine's 4-H projects, his pets. He lets D.J. and Blessing in the house to watch television, feeds them Tums and shares his sunflower seeds.  The 2-year-old caramel pygmy and the 18-month-old American Alpine are also the only things that help the 12-year-old manage his attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, David's mother, Patty, insists.

But township-zoning law says goats and a subdivision don't mix. That led the family this week to federal court, where an advocacy group for people with disabilities filed a federal lawsuit against the Miami Township trustees.

The suit alleges that the township's refusal to allow the goats is a violation of fair housing laws. Patty Valentine says the family would have to move, which they can't afford to do, if David can't continue living here with D.J. and Blessing.  David, a seventh-grader in Milford schools, keeps his grades up because he knows he doesn't get to play with or take care of the goats unless he does well in school, his mother says. Both goats have won ribbons at the Clermont County Fair. David and his dad, Dale, both showed them this summer and won.

D.J. and Blessing aren't walking to the bus stop in the mornings with David anymore - the family is trying to keep them low profile while the suits are pending.  David thinks the goats motivate him more than the other pets because they're like a kid with ADHD.  "They don't really listen very well,'' he said. "That's kind of like me.''


Animal Radio® News with Bobbie Hill
Pets Improve Senior Citizen’s Health

One of the country’s biggest pet food manufacturers is putting it’s money where its mouth is - Nestle Purina wants senior citizens to improve their overall health by adopting a pet and the company’s donating up to 50-dollars towards the process.  Purina quotes studies showing seniors lower their blood pressure and stress by owning a pet.  Purina will give 50-dollars to adoptees 60 and older at participating animal shelters.

Secondhand Smoke Dangerous to Pets

A recent online survey showed smokers were more likely to quit once they found out secondhand smoke was dangerous to their pets. The research by the Henry Ford Health System in Detroit showed almost 30% of smokers surveyed were motivated to quit after learning of the health danger to pets.  Previously published evidence has shown a convincing link between secondhand smoke and certain cancers in cats and dogs, allergies in dogs and skin and eye diseases in birds.

Firefighters Provided With Pet Oxygen Masks

There’ve been several stories about specially designed masks used for resuscitation of animals being given to fire departments across the country.  Firefighters in San Clemente California put one of those specially designed masks to work recently when a fire broke out in a mobile home.  The residents were able to escape the blaze, which fire crews put out in less than 10 minutes. Once on the scene firefighters had to rescue a dog and two cats but one of the cats wasn’t breathing.  The crew used special tools to successfully resuscitate the cat according to the Orange County Register.   The other animals were not injured and the residents were being assisted by the Red Cross.

Pets Are The Fountain of Youth

The fountain of youth may be in your furry four-legged friend!  Studies continually show pet owners have lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, lower blood pressure, reduced stress, fewer minor ailments and better psychological well being. Director of the Center for Human-Animal Interaction at Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Medicine Sandra Barker said many studies how a link between the positive impact of pets and cardiovascular health, adding, “We’re just at the tip of the iceberg in looking at the health benefits of pets.”

Lookout for Spring Sprouts

April showers bring May flowers and foxtails!  Veterinarians are once again warning pet owners to be on the lookout for the spring sprouts of foxtails and other burrs that will attach themselves to pets or people or anything that gets close enough.  Foxtails get into dogs eyes, ears and noses and any part of a dog or cat’s skin.  In some cases vets have to perform surgery to remove the dried seed pods deeply embedded in ears of dogs and cats.  Owners can use an herbicide to reduce the number of weeds but vets recommend not allowing pets into treated areas until the product has dried.

Otter Breaks Into Zoo

When keepers at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens recently locked up the otter enclosure for the night there was only one otter there.  The next morning there were two... no the other otter did not give birth - turns out a wild North American river otter broke INTO the zoo and decided to move into the otter enclosure.  The zoo’s mammal’s curator Craig Miller said, “We get birds or squirrels coming in, of course.... but never this.”  State regulations in Florida prohibit zoos from keeping wild animals so the “imposter” was released in a nearby river.

NEWS UPDATE Brought To You By Simple Solution Natural Line Of Products


Your Vet Questions Answered with Dr. Debbie

Cat Has Skin Allergies

This truck-riding cat has skin allergies and visits the vet about every two months for a cortisone shot.  However, this last time the shot didn’t help.   She will also not eat any wet food, preferring dry food only.  Another condition she has is  “Rodent Ulcer” which is actually not descriptive or relevant.  At one time it was thought these ulcers were infections contracted from rodents. Although their real cause is still unknown, some veterinarians believe they result from constant irritation from the cat's rough tongue.  Dr. Debbie suggests trying a different category of cortisone. 

Cat Groans When Sleeping

This is a 7-year-old cat diagnosed with FIV that groans when he sleeps.  His guardian wonders if he is in any pain and doesn’t know how to tell.   FIV is the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus.  This is not a death sentence.  With the proper diet, a cat can have a reasonably normal life span.  A cat can actually test positive for FIV and not actually have the disease.   Dr. Debbie feels that the groaning is not related to the FIV and that if the only time the cat groans is when he sleeps, it is probably a sleep disorder.   The best way to tell is to wake the cat up when this is happening.

Cats Have Mites

These mites originally started out as ear mites but they are now mange mites, which has resulted in scabbing and hair loss on the bodies of these cats.   Mites are microscopic critters that live in or on the skin.  The guardian has tried bathing them in a flea/mite shampoo and has even tried powders for mites, with no luck.  These cats have not been to the vets, so there is no specific diagnosis as to exactly what type of mite she is dealing with.   Dr. Debbie suggests doing this right away so you can decide which products are going to be the most effective.

A Case of the Spinning Dog

This Border Collie mix is a spinner.  His guardian doesn’t know if it is just because he is bored and looking for something to do, or if it is something neurological.   This dog will also spin on command or when he hears things like the lawn mower or a hair dryer.  Even the sound of a laptop closing will put him in a spinning mode.  Dr. Debbie states it is not uncommon to see these obsessive spinning behaviors in collie type dogs.    However, there can also be some medical conditions that can cause this.    But, she feels if it is a situational trigger that makes him react, perhaps they need to address his behavior and find him a job to do.

This Guy’s Dog doesn’t like his wife

This 3-year-old un-neutered Cocker Spaniel travels with his guardian in a truck, but when he gets home, the dog will find every opportunity he can to lift his leg on his wife’s things.  He is not aggressive and doesn’t act like he is going to bite or growl at her, but if she gets near him; the dog will get in between the two of them.  Dr. Debbie suggests that the husband needs to recognize his role when the three of them are together, and because the dog is not neutered, he is pushing his boundaries and trying to establish his own rules.  She says to get the dog neutered right away and have his wife feed him and become his major caretaker when he is home. 

Dog Is A Compulsive Licker

This 12-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a compulsive licker and will lick clothes, shoes, and hair and will even lick the air.  Dr. Debbie says this is not uncommon for this breed.   In some dogs, this can be a source of attention seeking behavior, or anxiety driven, or even just a pleasure sensation.   When the dog starts licking, do not allow him to get your attention. In other words, don’t tell him to stop.  If you have to, get up and leave the room, which ceases your contact with him when he does this.  Since the breed needs to lick, provide him with different items to lick such as Kong toys or doggy ice cream.

Dog Eats Everything

This husky mix will eat everything and has even devoured half of a rug.  Unfortunately, she doesn’t just chew it up and spit it out but will actually swallow it.   Also, she will eat and swallow any hard rubber toy.   Dr. Debbie suggests giving the dog a lot of strenuous physical activity, as a tired dog is less apt to have behavior issues as they are not as bored. 


Kim Saunders, – The Adopted Dog Bible

The old rules don't always apply to adopted dogs, whose training, past behaviors and health histories may be a mystery.  The adopted Dog Bible is kind of a “One Stop Shopping” guide for everything you need to know from the first time you even start to think about adopting, all the way through the process, and then continuing on with your life with your dog.

In chapters reviewed by experts in veterinary medicine, nutrition, and training, you'll learn:

    * Where to find your perfect canine companion

    * All about breeds and mixed breeds and how you can adopt any type of dog

    * Smart guidelines for adoption success

    * Realistic expenses of dog care

    * What to expect when you bring your new pup home (and long after)

    * Clicker, target stick, and other re-training methods

    * How to introduce new diets and take the guesswork out of feeding

    * Holistic and conventional medical treatments

    * The impact of travel and changes at home

    * What to do when it's time to say good-bye

Plus recipes, doggy workouts, heartwarming true stories of adopted dogs and their happy parents, information on saving dogs on a larger scale and more!



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