March 5th 2005
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David Greer, World Wildlife Fund
Also known as the "Bushmeat" poachers worst enemy, David Greer comes to us from the C.A.R., the Central African Republic, where he oversees the Dzanga-Sangha Project and advises the Central African administration on anti-poaching strategies.

Marie Wheatley, The American Human Association
"No Animals Were Harmed The Secret to Oscar Success"
The American Humane Association is responsible for monitoring on-set safety of animal actors in all domestic Screen Guild productions, giving "two paws up" to Oscar-nominated films that are dedicated to humane filmmaking. Films earn a "No Animals Were Harmed" end credit disclaimer, which appears in the end credits of the film, if all creatures were treated humanely and safely during the filming.

Keith Rhea,
"The Puppy's Guide to Training Humans,
All We Needs is Unconditional Love"
Go to your local bookstore and check out the shelves with all the dog books. Notice anything strange? All the obedience books have it backwards ­ they imply that humans train their dogs. In fact, Cochise and Sequoia, the mixed breed authors will attest, it's actually the other way around. Dogs train people!

Susan Chernok McElroy, "All My Relations, Living With Animals as Teachers and Healers"
In All My Relations, Susan Chernak McElroy offers ten poignant stories examining such concepts as ownership, naming and unnaming things, interpreting signs and language, and animals as mirrors of the soul.

Skip Haynes, CEO of Laurel Canyon Animal Company, "Songs to Make Dogs Happy"
The Laurel Canyon Animal Company creates, produces and sells original music for people who love animals. They also create music for animals themselves.

KathyJo Laurro, Founder and Owner of WithMeForever
Have you ever lost a loved one? If so, you are not alone. KathyJo Laurro has created The WithMeForever™ exclusive scroll pendant, which offers an opportunity to stay together even when you are physically apart.

Rae Ann Kumelos - Refuge - Meet the animals of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge