March 12, 2005


Leslie Nielsen
Listen as comedian Leslie Nielsen shares his warm fuzzy animal side. Leslie starred as Frank Drebin in Police Squad, as well as in The Naked Gun and its sequels, Airplane and Scary Movie 3. He was awarded the UCLA's Jack Benny Award for his comedic talents. Nielsen's impressive career includes more than 200 films and television programs. See what he is up to now.

Dr. Ernie Ward, Editorial Advisory Board Member for Veterinary Economics -
Adverse Drug Experience (ADE) in Our Pets.
Pets, like people, respond to medications in many good waysbut sometimes there are bad reactions! The main difference is that our pets can't tell us if they're suffering from an uncomfortable or even painful side effect!!! Dr. Ward tells us what signs to look for in our pets to tell if they are having an adverse drug experience (ADE). FDA

Kyeann Sayer - "For the love of Bunny"
Just because it's soon Easter, don't run out and get your kids rabbits! Many grown-ups are slow to learn that baby rabbits aren't for kids, and that a better alternative is to adopt an adult rabbit, when your child is ready. To promote "Rabbit Awareness" Good Girl Goods is offering bunny organic cotton tees, with 20% of the revenue supporting rabbit organizations across the country.
House Rabbit Society

Dr. Steven Zicker, Hill's Pet Nutrition ­ Beagle study Shows Changes to diet and Environment Can Slow Mental Decline
Did you know that you can control how your dog ages by his diet? Recent studies show that a diet rich in antioxidants combined with a stimulating environment can slow their aging process. Just like people, dogs are living longer and are more prone to health problems. Listen as Dr. Zicker explains how you can help your dog stay younger longer.

Holly Counter Beaver - Canine Rehabilitation & Conditioning Group
Acupuncture, endless pools, underwater treadmills, sounds like your typical rehabilitation center. But, guess again, this one has gone to the dogs. The Canine Rehabilitation & Conditioning Group just opened a new facility in Englewood, Colorado where your dog can recondition its muscles, exercise, or simply have fun in the recreational pool.

Mark Kern ­ "Lost Dog"
Help Mark search for his lost Beagle in Los Angeles, as well as listen to some tips if you ever lose your animal.


Voice of the Animal
Rae Ann Kumelos - The Raven Knows