**LIVE FROM DENVER - April 2nd 2005**

Pet Friendly America Tour Starts off
Denver at the Canine Rehabilitation & Conditioning Group

Acupuncture, endless pools, underwater treadmills, sounds like your typical rehabilitation center. But, guess again, this one has gone to the dogs. The Canine Rehabilitation & Conditioning Group just opened a new facility in Englewood, Colorado where your dog can recondition its muscles, exercise, or simply have fun in the recreational pool.

Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald
"Emergency Vets"
Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald, star of "Emergency Vets", discusses summertime and your pets. Learn how to treat bee stings and snake bites. Also, learn how to prepare your obese couch potato dog for the upcoming demands of summertime excursions.

Jack Hanna
World's Most Famous Wildlife Conservationist, Announces New Top Ten Endangered Animals List
You know Jack Hanna from his hundreds of appearances on programs like David Letterman, Good Morning America, Larry King, Johnny Carson and his hugely popular Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures. Now, Jack is joining forces with the American Zoo & Aquarium Association to unveil the first ever "AZA Animal Wild Card," a top-10 list which highlights species at risk. Find out what you and your local zoo can do to save them.

Pet Driver's License with Joy
WARNING: Some pets should not drive.
Chloe is a golden retriever and a good driver, but she was having trouble with the written test. She was encouraged by the DMV to forget her crazy idea of ever getting a driver's license. Not to be detoured, Chloe enrolled in night school and eventually passed the written test. Only to hit the next road block- No license classification for canines or any other animals for that matter! So, Chloe founded the PMV (Pet Motor Vehicles) and began issuing the Pet Drivers License® to all pets- At the PMV requirements are lenient...no written test required! (Not all pets can afford night school). Listen to find out how you can get your pet a driver's license.

Doug & Elizabeth Simpson
Tenderfoot Training
, known as the Colorado Dog whisperers, has just released an amazing two video/DVD set on their natural dog training methods. No gimmicks here- just effective communication dogs understand immediately. Tenderfoot Training encourages responsible animal parenting, healthy socialization, humane use of training tools, natural nutrition, and sensitivity to the animal heart, mind, and body.

Annie Bruce
(pictured with Dr. Kevin Fitgerald)
Good Cats Wear Black
Annie Bruce, author of Good Cats Wear Black, discusses fostering cats. If you are considering adopting a litter of kittens, listen in for some great tips. Also, if you can't foster, donate your time to your local shelter to help socialize cats and kittens.


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