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Animal Radio® Show #490 April 25, 2009


Iron Chef Cat Cora - Help Stop the Canadian Seal Hunt!

Cat Cora is an Iron Chef (in fact, she is the only female Iron Chef) and is also the executive chef for Bon Appétit Magazine.  Food that feeds the body and soul is her number one passion, but showing humanity to all creatures is something that she holds just as dear.

That is why Cat has teamed up with the HSUS (Humane Society of the United States) to help end the cruel Canadian commercial seal hunt.  In the last four years, more than one million seal pups have been killed - clubbed, shot and even skinned alive on Canada's ice floes - in the largest marine mammal slaughter on Earth.  And it's all in the name of fur fashion.   

She is committed to ending this senseless slaughter by sending a message to the fisherman who kill the seals for a little extra cash and the seafood industry that supports the hunt.  She has pledged to stop cooking with Canadian seafood until the hunt is ended.   The Canadian seafood industry and the Canadian sealing industry are inseparable.  As long as consumers support one, they can't help supporting the other.  By refusing to purchase seafood from Canadian companies, consumers are telling Canada's seafood industry that it must use its influence with fisherman and the government to end the commercial seal hunt.

It is hard to believe that baby seals are still being clubbed to death these days off the east coast of Canada.  To stop this hunt, go to to join the boycott.  Keep the pressure on Canada’s fishing industry!

Iron Chef Cat Cora currently lives with her rescued dog, a Chihuahua named Harlow, a lap dog that thinks she’s a fierce guard dog, in Santa Barbara, California!


Leigh Rubin " RUBES" - Those Wacky Animals

Leigh Rubin doesn’t mind being called one sick, twisted guy!  Leigh is the creator of “Rubes” the one-panel comic that runs in 400 papers.  He is known for his oddball characters and is particularly popular among farmers – largely because he draws a lot of farm animals.   

He admits to using a lot of animals in his cartoons, because he says you can get away with a lot more with animals in daily newspapers than you can with people.   While he has used many cows in the past, he is currently on a “dog” kick, and he goes through cycles where he will use different animals.   The weirdest animals he has ever used are “people!”

Leigh shares his office with an Akita mix named Willie, who is always riveted to every word he says (funny, Willie was sleeping at the time of our interview!).

In order to remain funny, Leigh avoids the financial sections of the newspapers and goes right to the comics.  He admits to reading other comics and says that “Zits” is one of his favorites. 

He has been writing Rubes for 25 years, and said his third grade teacher was the inspiration for his art.  Leigh encourages people to email him and back this up by actually puts his email address on every cartoon he writes.


Eight Doggies Duke It Out

Steven Lee, HGTV – Leader Of The Pack

The “Leader of the Pack” is a seven episode series which premiers on Sunday, April 26 at 8pm ET on HGTV.   Steven Lee, the Host, says the show is like “Doggy Bachelor.” 

For the Leader of the Pack series, HGTV found a family in New Jersey consisting of a mom and dad and three kids who wanted a family pet. The Reckseit family believes that their home isn't complete without a dog, but they can't agree on what kind to adopt.

So instead of just searching dogs one by one, they decided that the family should live with eight dogs at the same time!  Along the way, there are training exercises and fashion shows.  In every episode, a dog will get “Voted Off” the property.  However, the dogs that get booted off go to an adoptive home. 

You can imagine that everyone in the family has some strong attachments to all of the dogs.   In fact, the kids would be willing to move into the garage if they could keep all of the dogs!   And unlike most kids who would sabotage each other and would be willing to do everything to make sure that their dog stays on, these kids really love each other and want to make sure that everyone is happy.

You will also find some tidbits on how to doggy proof your house.  Hmmm... What is this, “American Fido” meets “Canine Design”???

Who will the winner be -- Buster the energetic Beagle, Louie the lackadaisical Bichon mix, or Ginger the overbearing Hound mix?  Tune in to find out!


Animal Minute With Britt Savage

The $2,000 Hamster

We all know at times that pets can be expensive, but a $2,000 hamster?   A family was on a road trip with their hamster when they noticed he was missing.    After a thorough search, the saddened family thought that the hamster had simply escaped from the car.

Miles later, when the car was taken to a mechanic to find out why the car wouldn’t start, the mechanic found that the hamster had not only chewed it’s way through the seats, but had also done a great damage to the wiring.

Even though the repairs were about $2,000, the family was relieved to have their hamster back.


Vladae, The "World Famous" Russian Dog Wizard

Boston Terrier Has Started Urinating In House

This 11-year-old Boston Terrier has just started urinating on everything in the house.  The dog was put on incontinence medication, but that doesn’t seem to be the problem, as she doesn’t do it all of the time.  She had surgery last October for removal of an item she swallowed, and that is when the problem started.  Vladae first suggests eliminating all of the stains and orders from places where she has eliminated with Simple Solution.  Then feed her next to those areas where she has eliminated, as dogs don’t like to eat where they pee.   Then, do obedience training in those areas with a leash, which will mark the areas as the human’s territory.  When the dog can’t be supervised, put the dog in a crate. 

Vladae Teaches Judy How To Train Ladybug To Come

Judy is currently training Ladybug for agility.  But the problem is that while Ladybug can “sit” she doesn’t do too well with the command “come.,” both critical for agility training.    Vladae tells Judy that the “low ranking” comes to the “high ranking” not the other way around.   Judy treats Ladybug as an equal, and equals don’t take authority from another equal.   You can still be nice, but combine love with a gentle firmness.   He suggests getting an 8-foot string and attach it to ladybug’s collar.  When Ladybug doesn’t come when called, pull her towards her and give her a treat.  Repeat this about 3 or 4 times and Ladybug should get it. 

Blue Heeler Is Hyper-Aggressive

This rescued Blue Heeler is hyper-aggressive after being cooped up most of her previous life, for up to 20 hours a day.  She gets very aggressive at anything outside of the house and has even broken through windows trying to get to the mailman.   However, when no one else is around, she is very calm and docile with her guardians.   Vladae unveils his big secret that they way you relate to your dog will have a direct affect on how that dog is going to behave with other people.  In this case, the dog is organizing an alliance with her guardian against the mailman or any other human to use as a support line.  He advises the guardian to enhance her social position and diminish the dog’s.   Also, recondition the stress that a stranger brings.   His advice on how to do this is not to let the dog sleep in the bed with her, do not let the dog on the furniture, do not let the dog approach the dinner table.  The guardian says she doesn’t do any of those things, except for getting on the furniture.  Vladae suggests getting a 6-foot-rope (such as a clothesline).  When the dog gets on the furniture, tell the dog no, and if the dog doesn’t get down, grab the rope and snap it.   And then do obedience training.  Vladae suggests using a Herm Sprenger collar, which doesn’t look nice, but is very gentle and creates the pressure around the dog’s neck as a mother dog would do when disciplining her pups.


Vinnie Penn, Animal Radio's Resident Party Animal


I know all of you out there – I’m going to sweep – I’m going to say all of you out there.  Okay, maybe the fact is really 85% of you are on Facebook.  You’re doing the “FB” thing.  You’re on there; you’re updating your status.  Especially if you’re obsessed with your pooch, you’re on there saying, “Lizzie just got home and is scratching Roggo’s belly.” (I don’t know where I came up with the name Roggo).  But we’re all doing the Facebook thing. 

One question I have for you is that I’m being inundated, not with friends ads (I don’t know why – but not a lot of people asking me to be their friend) but I am being inundated with all of these various causes, from the silly – so and so wants to know if you want to join the Brady Bunch Trivia Group – IGNORE!  - to the race to end cancer group, and you can check on more information to see if you want to be a part of it. 

I see a lot on there for animals and I wanted to put it out there.   Are we diluting the waters here on Facebook by fashioning these kinds of grassroots groups?   Are they taking away from the bigger more well know groups that are actually generating capital and doing some good as far as spaying and neutering and saving strays and savings shelters in general, are these little groups that our bored friends are putting together on Facebook, are they chipping away at a larger stone and taking away from something that’s been around for 20 years and works?

I’m going to go and see if I can add Bob Barker as a friend.  Do you think he would accept my ad?  I think he would.   I think he might.  I’m going to see if he is even on Facebook.  (Geez all that tanning – he doesn’t even have much of a face left!)

But you tell me, is Facebook chipping away at the large stone of animal causes, or should we join all of these groups?  Hit me up at Animal Radio –

Leaving Everything to Your Pets

I know I’m way late in this one, but I still can’t get over it.   Seeing in the news, a ways back, I think it was in March, a big story was going on about people leaving everything to their pets, the “New Movement.” 

In their wills, they were leaving everything to their pets, and is that allowable?  Should you be able to do it?  Or maybe it was a local story in my neck of the woods, Connecticut, but I don’t think so.  But, if it is new to you, or if you do know, what are your thoughts on this, leaving everything to your pets? 

On the one hand, the miserable, bitter, 41-year-old me loves it, because it’s like you’re sticking it to someone, you’re sticking it to your brother, you’re sticking it to your sister, you’re sticking it to your spouse, “I hereby leave everything to Rover, so take that!”  “My 22-year-old Beagle gets everything, you get nothing!” 

But then there’s another part of me that’s keenly aware of the fact that the people who are leaving everything to their pets are like in love with the dog and just want the world to know how much they love them, and can the dog comprehend the real estate market, how much he can get for the house?  Is a dog going to put the house for sale and stand out in front?  Would he be able to throw an open house?  I don’t know.  Where does it go from there? 

Then again, what other pets are you leaving everything to?  Are you leaving it to the cat?  Cats are territorial as it is.   I’ve got a gut feeling, cats, they’re sharp creatures, they’ll know like this is mine.  So when that pissed off sibling comes in and decides to ignore the wishes of the deceased (everybody has a sibling that ignores the wishes of the deceased), and they come in and say, “Screw that, this was mommy’s and I’m taking it, even though she left it to you.!  That cat is going to drop on her back from the ceiling like a Ninja and never let her out of the house with Grandma’s necklace. 

Leaving everything to your pet? Leave your brain with your pet!  Donate your organs.  But then again, anyone who is going to do that, what good is your brain!


Animal Radio® News with Bobbie Hill

PETA Euthanizes Animals

A new report released by the nonprofit Center for Consumer Freedom claims PETA euthanized most of their adoptable pets last year.  According to public records from the Virginia Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals put down an average of 5.8 pets each day at their Norfolk Virginia headquarters.  PETA spokesperson Ashley Byrne said the organization only puts pets to sleep in cases of illness or severe behavioral issues like aggressiveness or old age. Byrne also pointed a finger at CCF, the group who released the report, claiming they are funded by meat, alcohol, pharmaceutical and tobacco industries.

Reward Offered In Shooting of California Condors

A reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for shooting California condors.  Last month, an adult male condor who appeared sick was captured by the Ventana Wildlife Society.  X-rays showed the condor had been shot and was suffering from lead poisoning.  A second Condor, a young female was found in Big Sur and she too had been shot.  Both birds are being treated at the L.A. Zoo, according to the L.A. Times, who reported the groups Defenders of Wildlife and The Center for Biological Diversity are offering a combined reward of $31,000  for information.

Man Faces Animal Cruelty Charges For Stuffing Cat in a Bong

Updating the story of the 20-year-old Nebraska man who stuffed a cat into a bong.....Acea Schomaker and his 22-year-old girlfriend Marissa Vieux both entered pleas of not guilty to charges of animal cruelty.  Schomaker who faces additional drug charges stemming from the incident was quoted as saying , “I know for sure this isn’t the first time someone has done this...I’m just the first one to get caught.”  Schomaker will be back in court this week and his girlfriend goes back May 4th.  The best news is Shadow the cat is in good condition after being taken out of the home by the Capitol Humane Society in Lincoln Nebraska.

Michael Vick’s New Career

Making his second appearance in bankruptcy court, disgraced former NFL quarterback Michael Vick told the judge he had a job lined up after his release from prison.  Vick, who confessed to abusing and killing dogs in the dog fighting ring he admitted to bankrolling, is serving a 23-month jail sentence.  Vick’s sentence ends in July, but according to the Associated Press, the out of work football player may serve the last few months at home due to prison overcrowding.  Vick’s longtime friend John Robert Lawson will be his employer at Jordan construction, which will pay the ex-con ten dollars an hour.

Top Ten Pets Poisonings

Each year family pets are accidentally poisoned and end up in the vet emergency room for treatment.  Veterinary Pet Insurance Company processed over 400 claims last year for toxic ingestion and here’s their top ten culprits: 10-Hydrangea 9. Azalea 8. Macadamia Nuts 7. The Sago Palm 6. Onion   5. Walnuts 4. the Lily 3. Cannabis sativa, the Devils Weed, Ganja - Marijuana.....2. Mushrooms  and the top 1 spot is grapes/raisins.  Even in small doses grapes can cause acute renal failure - the suspected ingredient  may be a toxic component in the grape’s skin.

Courtroom Witness Bypasses X-Ray Machine

A Palm Beach County courtroom had to make a special exception for a witness who was allowed into the building without going through the court’s metal detector or x-ray machine.  The witness was an African gray parrot named Tequila who was the subject of one of the strangest custody battles on record.  Seems Tequila’s original owner Angel Colicheski of Boca Raton had lost her parrot three years ago. Fast-forward to January at a local donut shop where Colicheski met Sarita Lytell who it turns out found Tequila - or Lucky as she was calling him.  Colicheski asked Lytell to return her parrot, Lytell refused so Colicheski sued her and won.  Tequila has been reunited with his original owner Angela Colicheski.

NEWS UPDATE Brought To You By Simple Solution Natural Line Of Products


Talk With Your Animals with Joy Turner

Hissing and Biting Cockatiels

These two Cockatiels, Maxie & Ruby, will bite their guardian when she sticks her hand in the cage to either feed them or pick them up.   The birds tell Joy they do this because they feel they are a mated pair and she is intruding.  They also fear they will be taken away from each other.    Joy tells them that their guardian will not take them away, but that if they want food, the guardian should remind them every time before she sticks her hand in the cage, that if they want food, they have to allow her to put her hand in there.  Joy also tells the guardian that they don’t want to be picked up yet, because they don’t feel they know her very well.



Your Vet Questions Answered with Dr. Debbie

Shih Tzu Has Started Lifting Leg In House

This three-year-old male shih Tzu was potty trained and neutered as a puppy.  But recently, he has started lifting his leg on items in the house, including the refrigerator. A physical exam by the vet shows no sign of injury or illness.   He gets along with everyone and doesn’t have any other behavioral problems.   Dr. Debbie recommends taking a urine sample to make sure nothing is wrong, but this sounds like marking his territory.  If it comes back negative, you could have a dog who is his reaching his maturity (usually around 3 years of age) and is just starting to mark.   She recommends never letting the dog out of your sight and keep him supervised when he is in the house.  When you can’t supervise him put him in a crate.  You might also want to try anti-anxiety drugs after a complete physical checkup.

Shepherd/Husky Stands Still And Pants

This 14-year-old Shepherd Husky has a little stiffness in his hind legs, is on glucosamine and is also getting aspirin once a day.   He will stand still and pant like he is out of breath.  If he lies down, he quits panting.    He doesn’t do any house soiling and doesn’t seem to be confused.   Unfortunately, a sign of panting can mean of a variety of things.  Dr. Debbie feels that while aspirin is great for humans, it is not a great thing for dogs for pain control.   She does recommend the glucosamine but switching the aspirin for a non-steriodal medication. 

Jack Russell Has Reverse Sneezing

This dog seems to be having what is called reverse sneezing, which happens sometime while she is sleeping at night or during the day.  It also seems like she is hyperventilating.   Dr. Debbie states that reverse sneezing is very common and while it sounds horrible and looks like the dog is going through an asthmatic response, there is usually not an apparent cause.  However, sometimes it can be the result of allergies, a nasal infection, and mites in the nasal passage or just a bad tooth.   Even cold weather can even bring it on.   Since there is usually no apparent cause, Dr. Debbie doesn’t suggest medication unless it is a huge problem and affecting the quality of the pet’s life.   When the dog does have one of these episodes, calmly talk to them and stroke their throat and reassure them that everything is going to be okay. Don’t get excited, as you don’t want the dog to get excited as well. 


Prozac-Popping Puppies

Michael Schaffer, One Nation Under Dog

Nowadays we are way over the edge with our dogs compared to our parents and grandparents.   But, it’s not a bad thing!  Changes in the way we are currently treating our pets sort of mirrors the way we are thinking about family, health and nutrition.  For the most part, these are good changes.

When was the last time you saw a doghouse?  Currently, 50% of people let pets sleep in their own bed with them.   This is great for groomers, as most people care more about the pet that is sleeping next to them in bed as opposed to a dog that is sleeping in the backyard. 

Michael Schaffer, author of One Nation Under Dog, recently got his first pet, a mistreated St. Bernard puppy named Murphy, and didn’t know what to do.  So, he just did what people around him were doing.  And then his family started looking at him like he was crazy.  At one point, he put his dog on anti-depressants because he came from a shelter and had separation anxiety, and he was fed good food.  These are all things Michael thought were normal, but his family thought it was bizarre. 

Michael never wanted to become “One of those people” referring to dog owners that go over the top.  But, that didn’t last long!

His book, One Nation Under Dog, introduces us to people who will spend their life savings on medical treatments for their pets; to the darker side of the pet industry; going undercover at a puppy mill;  talking to victims of the tainted-pet-food scandal and looking at current legal battles over what can constitute on paper, the pain and suffering brought from a pet’s mistreatment or untimely death.

You will also find some amazing facts that Schaffer uncovers, such as:

*Nine-three percent of pet owners would risk their lives to save their animal

*Two million pets are covered by veterinary health insurance

*Pet  spending spiked after 911 and Hurricane Katrina

Michael Schaffer currently lives in Philadelphia with his wife, daughter, his dog Murphy and a black cat named Amelia.


Beginner’s Agility

Pamela Spock – Affordable Agility

Agility training is a great way to exercise and bond with your dog.  So, it was only natural that we thought about training Ladybug, the Animal Radio® Stunt Chihuahua, who desperately needed a job and needed to get off “doggy welfare.” 

We contacted Pamela Spock, the President of Affordable Agility and a 10-year-veteran in agility training and research, to get started.   We selected their Agility-In-A-Bag, which consists of 6 of the most popular agility obstacles, including:

Weave pole set

Adjustable jump

Adjustable tire jump

Pause box

Tunnel & Chute

Carrying bag

Colored vinyl tape

Instruction manual

We were worried about whether or not Ladybug would be able to do this, but Pamela states that 99% of agility training is in the handler, not in the dog.   She gave us some great advice such as starting Ladybug out on a leash and walking her through the course.   Also, we should have her favorite treats on hand.  The first obstacle she recommend us to work on was the adjustable jump.

It looks like we have our work cut out for us.  Check back every week to see how Ladybug’s Agility training is progressing and what great tips Pamela helps us out with.


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