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Animal Radio® Show #497 June 13, 2009


Calm Your Pet With The Proper Music

Tom Nazziola, Music My Pet

Tom Nazziola is one of the principal performers for Disney’s award-winning Baby Einstein.  Over the years, he thought it would be great to create his own product for another family member, which is loved just as much as a child, the household pet!  As a result, he created his new CD, "Classic Cuts" from Music My Pet.

It has been proven that music reduces stress in both humans and animals.  But not just any music.  It is important to use music that maintains a soothing dynamic from start to finish which is not the case for most “off-the-shelf” classical music.

At Music My Pet, Tom has researched animal behavior and re-orchestrated popular classical music using the sounds, chords and harmonies that soothe common household pets – and their owners.  No loud sounds just when they are starting to relax!  As a result, the CD entitled “Classic Cuts,” has a calming effect on animals (and people!).

Play “Classic Cuts” whenever a situation arises that may cause your pet to be nervous or anxious. For best results, listen at a relatively low volume and select the “continuous play ” or “random play” button on your CD player - this will effectively repeat the program until you wish to manually stop the music. Enjoy! It’s safe, natural and effective. It’s the perfect gift for your favorite pet – or pet owner!


First Dog

Patrick Lewis and Beth Zappitello

Patrick Lewis and Beth Zappitello are a father/daughter team who put this children’s book together about “Bo” the First Dog. 

The story was already in preparation prior to Bo actually moving into the White House.  Ironically, they already had a story in the works about a dog traveling the world trying to find the perfect place to live.  It came across the publisher’s desk right as the President made an announcement that the girls were going to get a puppy.  After the announcement, Patrick and Beth knew where the puppy in their book was going to find a home!

The first drawing for the dog was a Labradoodle, because that was what the speculation was.  But as it got down to the final minute, they stopped the presses because of rumors that Michelle Obama was leaning towards a Portuguese Water Dog.  The drawing was immediately changed and it was sent to press. 

The book has been dedicated to the rescue community in order to raise awareness about the plight of lost and abandoned dogs.


Vladae, The "World Famous" Russian Dog Wizard
Do Electric Fences Work?

This man wants to get a Labrador puppy and fence him in on one acre and wants to know how well the underground fences work.  Vladae states that they work very well and they were used frequently in the Midwest, but not so much in California because people here don’t usually have large yards.  He also warns that in the very beginning it is not fair to use this on a puppy.  If you can train this puppy properly on boundaries from the very start, you might not even need an electric fence.  To do this, go to a hardware store and purchase marking flags.  Place them all over your backyard, wherever you don’t want your dog to go past.  Then put a light rope on your dog.  Take the puppy by the rope to the areas and show him the flags.  Make a loud startling noise and pull him back a little bit.  Go around the perimeter and do this about every 5 feet.   Gradually, you can decrease the flags and drop the rope and once again approach the flags with the dog and make a noise and step back.  Do this many times and eventually the dog should stay in the perimeter you have outlined. 

Why Doesn’t Your Dog Listen?

Vladae states that most people speak English to their dogs when they should be speaking “Doglish.”  The most common mistakes are:

He emphasizes that you should do what a mother dog does to teach her young which is:


Vinnie Penn, Animal Radio's Resident Party Animal

Leaving Everything to Your Pets

I know I’m way late in this one, but I still can’t get over it.   Seeing in the news, a ways back, I think it was in March; a big story was going on about people leaving everything to their pets, the “New Movement.” 

In their wills, they were leaving everything to their pets, and is that allowable?  Should you be able to do it?  Or maybe it was a local story in my neck of the woods, Connecticut, but I don’t think so.  But, if it is new to you, or if you do know, what are your thoughts on this, leaving everything to your pets? 

On the one hand, the miserable, bitter, 41-year-old me loves it, because it’s like you’re sticking it to someone, you’re sticking it to your brother, you’re sticking it to your sister, you’re sticking it to your spouse, “I hereby leave everything to Rover, so take that!”  “My 22-year-old Beagle gets everything, you get nothing!” 

But then there’s another part of me that’s keenly aware of the fact that the people who are leaving everything to their pets are like in love with the dog and just want the world to know how much they love them.  And can the dog comprehend the real estate market, how much he can get for the house?  Is a dog going to put the house for sale and stand out in front?  Would he be able to throw an open house?  I don’t know.  Where does it go from there? 

Then again, what other pets are you leaving everything to?  Are you leaving it to the cat?  Cats are territorial as it is.   I’ve got a gut feeling, cats, they’re sharp creatures, they’ll know like this is “mine.”  So when that pissed off sibling comes in and decides to ignore the wishes of the deceased (everybody has a sibling that ignores the wishes of the deceased), and they come in and say, “Screw that, this was mommy’s and I’m taking it, even though she left it to you!”  That cat is going to drop on her back from the ceiling like a Ninja and never let her out of the house with Grandma’s necklace. 

Leaving everything to your pet? Leave your brain with your pet!  Donate your organs.  But then again, anyone who is going to do that, what good is your brain!

Rooster the Dog

I hope you’re enjoying your day!  I want to talk to you about a dog that lives in the house behind mine and then one over.  He’s a dog I’d like to name Rooster. 

I’d like to go over there and meet this family.  They have only lived there for two years now, and I’d like to find out the name of the dog and say, “Might I suggest you change his name from King or Rover, or whatever it is, to Rooster? Because he just loves to wake up the neighborhood!”

He loves to do it, like we’re all living in the country.   Rooster just wants to be out there barking as soon as the sun comes up.  When the sun comes up, does it make Rooster have to move his bowels?  Is the sun an instigator for a bowel movement?  Cause it’s the same time every morning.  

The owners don’t seem to mind.  They let Rooster go and go and go.  I think if he stopped, they would actually come out and hit his Rooster’s snooze button to get him to go all over again!  Same time every morning and for a long time.   I’ve never even heard someone yell to him to come back into the house or to quiet him down, or even throw him some sort of a bone.

I’ve got to go over there and find out his name and change it to Rooster.  Maybe I’ll leave in their mailbox the old Alice & Chain song, “They come to see the Rooster…”

You know, sometimes when I do these segments I get ideas.  Maybe you do too!  But maybe that’s not such a good thing!


Animal Radio® News with Bobbie Hill

Rescued Dog Saves Another

Remember when Lassie would come running home barking every time little Timmy fell down a well...well, Blewett the lab was barking up a storm two weeks ago at his home in Wenatchee Washington.  When his owner followed Blewett down the trail near the river they found an old dog that was barely alive.  The tags said he was 11-year-old Pepper, who had apparently fallen in the river while getting a drink and was missing two days before Blewett found him. Pepper’s recovering and Blewett, it turns out was himself abandoned and rescued by his current owners last March.

Abandoned Snakes Take Over Everglades

There’s something very slithery about the Everglades lately.  It’s the ever-growing population of non-native Burmese pythons.  The estimated 150-thousand snakes are making themselves at home and flourishing in the sensitive wetlands.  Wildlife biologists suspect the snakes were dumped in the Everglades by pet owners who abandoned them. They now pose a significant threat to the Key Largo woodrat and the wood stork, both listed as endangered species.

Parrot Steals Passport

A tourist visiting New Zealand’s South Island lost his passport to a brazen parrot. The Kea variety parrot snatched the Scottish man’s passport out of his bag in a tour bus luggage compartment and flew off into the dense brush. The British High Commission in Wellington says it could take a couple of months and 250 dollars to replace the purloined passport. Police said the passport hasn’t been recovered although they continue to look for the suspect in the Fiordland rain forest.

Most Aggressive Dog – English Cocker Spaniel

Data collected over an eight-year period shows the English Cocker Spaniel ranked highest on the list of most aggressive dogs.  Spain’s School of Veterinary Medicine at the Autonomous University of Barcelona looked at over a thousand cases of dog aggression and found the male, golden variety Cockers were the worst offenders.  Followed closely by Rottweilers, Boxers, Yorkshire Terriers and German Shepherds.  Discovery News reported coat color may be to blame - there’s a biochemical pathway shared by the coat pigment melanin, dopamine and other brain chemicals associated with aggressive behavior.  The study found English Cockers with different coat colors and females had a lower incidence of hostile behavior.

Denver Tickets Guardians Who Leave Pets in Parked Cars

The mile high city is taking action against owners who leave pets in hot cars. Denver Animal Control’s officers will be checking parked cars for dogs. As summer approaches temperatures soar and the interior temperature of a car on a sunny day can reach 130 degrees in a very short period of time.  Denver’s issuing tickets to offenders that carries a charge of animal cruelty along with a fine.  Denver’s animal control says they’ll be on the lookout all summer - they find most dogs in places like the parking lots during Rockies games and the Denver Zoo.

Southwest Airlines Accepts Pets

Some good news for summer travelers who don’t like to leave their furry friends behind - Southwest Airlines has rescinded their previous No Pets policy.  Beginning with travelers on June 17th - fifi or fido can board for a $75 fee - each way. The airline has strict guidelines since it won’t allow animals in the cargo hold of the plane - therefore your pet must be compact. Unlike Jet Blue that gives two frequent flier points per pet per flight - Southwest isn’t going that far.

NEWS UPDATE Brought To You By Simple Solution Natural Line Of Products


Animal Minute With Britt Savage

Hermosa Beach Police Accused of Harassing Paraplegic

An angry dog owner has filed a claim against the Hermosa Beach Police in the Los Angeles Superior Court.  It all started when David Nichols, a quadriplegic, was walking his service dog on the beach.  A hotel worker started yelling at him about not cleaning up after his dog.  Nichols claimed that the job belonged to the hotel worker and then the hotel worker flagged down police who ordered Nichols to stop his wheelchair.  What happened next is in dispute.   Nichols is saying he was forced to the ground by the policeman and the police report says that he fell out of the chair during a struggle.  Nichols is seeking compensation for what he says is a violation of his civil rights.

Dog Saves Woman After Crash

Things looked bad for Sharon Laurio.  She had lost control of her car on a hill; rolled down the hill; and was thrown from her car in a heavily wooded area in Georgia.  Then things looked even worse when out of nowhere came a large furry animal.  Sharon was bruised and covered in blood and was now afraid that she was going to be eaten by some wild animal, when a dog came over to her and licked her face.  The 70-pound dog then pulled her by her shirt collar, dragged her for about 50 yards through briars to the highway and let her lean on him so she could flag down a passing motorist.  They wayward dog, now named hero, was then taken to an animal shelter where his owners declined to take him back because he always wandering off.  Sharon wanted to adopt him, but she already had 6 dogs.  But don’t worry; so far 50 people have expressed interest in adopting hero.  But he’s meeting with a trainer for the chance to work as a rescue dog. Something he loves doing naturally.



Your Vet Questions Answered with Dr. Debbie

Dog Gets Carsick

It only takes a few minutes before this 7-month old puppy vomits in the car.  His vet recommended to stop all dog food a few hours prior to any car rides and try some medication for the dog.  But before the guardian goes that route, he wants to know if there is anything holistic he can try.  He also mentions that the dog is normally anxious.  Dr. Debbie isn’t sure that the vomiting is truly motion sickness or the dog is just freaked out and anxious, which ends in vomiting.   If she is anxious, condition her to short bouts in the car.  Start out with just placing the dog in the car, strapping her in, but not moving, and then remove her.  Next time place her in the car and turn it on and off and then remove her.  Then place her in the car and just backup out of the driveway.  Eventually you can make short trips around the block, and build up the length of time she is in the car.

What About DINOVITE for Shedding?

Dr. Debbie personally doesn’t use this type of supplement on her dogs, and she doesn’t think there is a cure-all for pets with skin problems.  She does, however, suggest using a supplement with fatty acids instead.   You can get these fatty acids, like an Omega 3, from any pet store.  This will help with the luster of their coat and help with the dryness factor, which should mean less shedding.  But, it’s impossible to stop the shedding entirely!

Dog Diagnosed With Lymphoma

This 13-yearold dog was diagnosed with Lymphoma in November.  She went through chemo and now six months later, she is in total remission.  Her guardian wants to know if there are any nutritional supplements or any food or therapy, which can help her dog thrive.  Dr. Debbie explains that Lymphoma is common in both people and animals.  It is a cancer involving the lymph system.  On some dogs, you can actually see the enlarged lymph glands.  This can also affect other organs as well.  Now that the dog is in remissions, Dr. Debbie recommends a prescribed diet for dogs fighting cancer.  She also suggests using fish oils and antioxidants. 

Is There An Easy Way To Trim Bird’s Claws?

This guardian is having trouble with his male, African Grey, who is about 3 years old.  He will sit in your finger, but his claws are so long, they just dig into your flesh.  The guardian is gone most of the time during the week and is not around the bird very often.  He is therefore very uncomfortable trying to trim his claws, as the bird is not cooperative.  Dr. Debbie knows this is a hard thing for people to do at home, so she suggests taking the bird to the vet’s office for the trim.  This will also help the bird, as he won’t feel it is his guardian doing this to him and the bond between them should stay strong.   If you do attempt this at home, be sure to always be safe with your hands.  Use a large towel over the bird and hold on to their head firmly through the towel and make sure you have the proper cutting tool. 

What Is The Best Dog Food?

This guardian has switched dog foods many times over the years in search of the best dog food.   This is not a black and white question, as there are many types of dog food and one doesn't fit all.   According to Dr. Debbie, it doesn’t necessarily matter how good the food is, if your pet won’t eat it, then it is a waste of money and effort, and every pet is different.    There are many good, high quality foods on the market.  You just need to find what works for your pet.

4-Year-Old Dog Has Bad Teeth

This 4-year-old Bichon has periodontal disease and has had 12 of his teeth pulled.   He has been on antibiotics for many weeks.  His guardian is trying to keep his teeth brushed and is using a calming medication on his gums.    Dr. Debbie states that brushing the teeth is very important but the guardian should also try some antiseptic rinses. 

Should I Be Worried About The New Flea Product Warnings?

This guardian has just starting finding fleas in his home and on his pet.   He normally uses Frontline, which is applied to the dog's shoulders.  But he is worried about the new reports about these products.  The original caution was about spot-on- products for fleas and ticks, and there are a wide variety of brands involved.   Dr. Debbie advises everyone not to panic, as some of the reports have been as minimal as skin irritation, with most of the reports being about improper usage on the wrong animal and even on the wrong species.  The products may also have been used on unhealthy animals.  Dr. Debbie states that she is very comfortable with Frontline and she still uses it on her own dogs.  She also recommends using flea shampoo, but keep in mind that all of these products have a toxicity point, so if you are using collars, medicated shampoos and spot-ons, it isn’t hard to create a toxic event for our pets.  Just be cautious.  And as far as the house is concerned, you might want to consider a good pest control company.

Dog Might Have Been Bitten by Snake

This 3-year-old Boston Terrier was out in the yard a few days ago and when she came back in, she was limping.  By the morning, her whole leg was swollen.    Her guardian suspected a snake bite and contacted his vet, who told him to use Benadryl for the swelling.    His vet said that because the suspected bite was not around the head or face area, this is the way to treat it.   The swelling has gone done but now the guardian is worried about infections.  Dr. Debbie feels that if it was a true snakebite, the dog was very lucky, as a lot of dogs don’t survive snakebites.   She also says that any snakebite can result in swelling pain and infection.  So if you even suspect that a snake has bitten your pet, get them to the vet’s immediately! 


Disney Pixar “Up" The Must-See Comedy for Everyone this Summer!

Animal Radio® has teamed up with Disney/Pixar to celebrate the kick-off of “Up.”

Up is a comedy adventure about 78-year-old balloon salesman, Carl Fredricksen, who finally fulfills his lifelong dream of a great adventure when he ties thousands of balloons to his house and flies away to the wilds of South America.  But he discovers all too late that his biggest nightmare has stowed away on the trip: an overly optimistic 8-year-old Wilderness Explorer named Russell.  Up will be presented in Disney Digital 3’D in select theaters.

Cast and characters:

* Edward Asner as Carl Fredricksen.
* Jordan Nagai as Russell, Wilderness Explorer stowaway on Carl's flying house

* Bob Peterson as Dug, a dog with a collar that translates his thoughts into comical-sounding English
* Kevin, a large tropical bird. Russell gives the bird a male name although Kevin is actually a girl
* Christopher Plummer as Charles F. Muntz, the villain
* Delroy Lindo as Beta, Muntz's talking Rottweiler
* Jerome Ranft as Gamma, Muntz's talking Bulldog
* John Ratzenberger as Tom, a construction worker
* Elizabeth "Ellie" Docter as Young Ellie, Carl's late wife (as a child)

Tune in to win a great prize pack from Disney/Pixar's first film in Disney Digital  3-D™, UP!  UP opened nationwide on May 29th - and you can take home the adventure now. Select Animal Radio® callers will receive the Tag™ Reading System and Up storybook plus a movie hat, t-shirt and mini poster. Give reading skills a lift with this LeapFrog® Tag™ storybook featuring Carl, Russell and friends from Up! Kids can use the Tag Reading System to bring words and pictures in the book to life, then play learning activities that help build vocabulary and reading comprehension skills! Learn more about the movie at



Get Your Licks on Route 66 - The Cross-Country Adoption Tour

Susan Sims, Fido Friendly Magazine

Check in with Animal Radio® weekly as Fido Friendly Magazine and North Shore Animal League America bring you “Get Your Licks on Route 66.”  The cross-country adoption tour that kicked off on June 6th in Pico Rivera, California and travels to raise awareness of shelter adoptions with its mission to save lives. 

Find the 36-foot mobile adoption unit on the length of nostalgic Route 66 in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri, and Illinois with an adoption wrap party in Grand Rapids, Michigan in early July.

The mobile adoption unit will be stopping in 12 cities along the way and will visit with local shelters along the way who will bring out their available dogs and cats for adoption.  Fido Friendly Magazine will be taking pictures of everyone who adopts a dog and one lucky person will be selected to have their picture on the cover of Fido Friendly Magazine.   Their goal is to raise awareness for the plight of homeless pets and get people out to find their furry companion!

The entire tour is broadcast live every weekend on Animal Radio®.  Animal Radio® is a supporting sponsor of this event. 



Talk With Your Animals with Joy Turner

Is My Dog’s Foot Okay?

Sasha, the dog, jumped off the chair and hurt her foot.  Her guardian wants to know if there is anything he can do for her?  Sasha tells Joy that she feels that one of her little bones in her foot is broken.  Joy isn’t sure the vet can do anything for such a small bone break, but she advises the guardian to take her to a doggy chiropractor to see if the bone just might be displaced.


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