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Glenn Close

Glenn Close in the TV Show Damages.654Glenn Close has had a lengthy career as a versatile actress and performer. She is remembered for her chilling roles as the scheming aristocrat Madame de Merteuil in Dangerous Liaisons; terrorizing puppies as Cruella di Vil in 101 Dalmatians; and as the psychotic book editor Alex Forrest in Fatal Attraction. In her new series, Damages, Glenn brings force and power as Patty Hewes, a fierce litigator who has a dog killed. But, Glenn is nothing like the characters she plays, and in fact is a big animal lover! Glenn doesn’t believe there was a time in her life growing up when she didn’t have animals

Glenn currently has two dogs, Bill and Jake, whom she takes to work with her everyday. They have even become the mascots of the Steiner Studios. She has a nice room for them to stay in while she is working, and she sometimes even brings them down to the set. If she does bring them to the set, she has to remember to “tape” their jingly collars so the sound won’t be picked up on the show.

Glenn has been surrounded by animals her entire life, and doesn’t know what life without an animal is like. As a child, Glenn lived in rural Connecticut and had many Collies. She remembers her first Collie, who unfortunately met his fate on the rural roads where people travelled very fast. She was so small when it happened; she actually wore his collar as a belt.

Glenn Close with her dogs, Bill & Jake.654Glenn’s father was in medical school and would rescue dogs from the lab. So they not only had Collies, but a great assortment of dogs. While Glenn considers herself very much a dog person, she does have two cats.

Look for Glenn’s “Lively Licks” blog, which is a profile of dogs and their people, on the website, where she will ask questions such as: When did you become a dog lover? Why Dogs? And, if your dog were a famous person, who would they be? Some of the first subjects are Ted Danson, his wife Mary Steenburg. Glenn states that if her dogs were famous people, Jake would be the Dalai Lama and Bill would be Barney Fife! website offers you the best-handpicked products for your dog, from healthy food and comfortable beds to unique toys and fashionable collars.


How Your Litter Choice Impacts Your Cat’s Health
Dr. Melissa, World’s Best Cat Litter

World's Best Cat Litter 3 different formulas.654When most pet owners think about what they can do to support their cat’s health, the first things that come to mind is nutrition (i.e. what they are feeding their cat) and routine veterinary check-ups. However, many people don’t think about the important role cat litter plays in guaranteeing a happy and healthy feline. Picking the right litter is key in maintaining the health of a cat.

A clean litter box is important to the health of a cat and can help avoid the dangers of urinary tract infections. In most case, urinary tract infections are caused by stress. The bladder gets inflamed because the cat is stressed. If the cat doesn’t like the litter box, they are going to avoid it and won’t go as often as they should. They will actually hold their urine for much longer, until it becomes concentrated and irritating to the bladder. Selecting a clumping litter allows waste to be removed from the litter box, can help keep it clean. However, not all litters clump equally. World’s Best Cat Litter forms tight, strong clumps that are easy to scoop. This helps cat owners make sure the box is clean and the cat is happy.

You should avoid litters that contain potentially harmful silica dust, such as clay-based clumping litters, which may be inhaled by people and pets. Cat owners and their felines can breath easy knowing World’s Best Cat Litter contains absolutely no silica dust because it’s made of all natural whole-kernel corn.

Cats have a natural propensity to groom themselves (i.e. lick their paws), so it’s important to select a litter that is made of 100 percent natural ingredients. World’s Best Cat Litter is made of whole-kernel corn and contains no added chemicals or synthetic perfumes. It’s OK if your cat licks its paws after using the World’s Best Cat Litter.

World's Best Cat Litter made from corn.654Because cat’s paws are loaded with hypersensitive touch receptors they can be extremely picky about the texture of the litter they use. Some litters are made of pellet-like materials that can be too abrasive to a cat, while others are so light they can track and become embedded in a cat’s fur (particularly long-haired varieties). World’s Best Cat Litter is formulated with a balanced consistency that is soft on cat’s paws, and large enough to minimize tracking outside the box.

There are also a lot of litters that claim to control odor (through the use of heavy perfumes), but World's Best Cat Litter's natural corn eliminates odor without perfumes. With other litters you start to smell the ammonia build-up, but with World's Best Cat Litter, even after scooping out the waste after is has sit in the box for sometime, there is no smell.

The length of time you can go before dumping the litter and replacing it entirely varies. Ideally, it should be dumped weekly, which can be a little extreme. But, you should dump it at least every two weeks. If there is only one cat in the household, you might be able to stretch it out for a month, if you are scooping it daily and refreshing the litter.

We have been using World's Best Cat Litter in the Animal Radio studios for years, and would like you to try it – for free! All you have to do is go to There, you will find a tab you can click that will let you print out a free bag rebate!



The Dogfather's Grooming Tip with Joey Villani

Joey Villani

Tips To Building Your Dog’s Coat
Joey recently received an email, which wasn’t easy to answer, because it has so many variables.

The person was having a hard time building their dog’s coat properly. What this means, is that the coat was not growing right. If it doesn’t look right, there is something wrong. There are five variables that you need to address when building a proper coat.

The first one, which is not fixable, is genetics. If the dog’s family history is full of bad genes and poor coats, then there might not be a way to improve it.

The next is the environment, which is fixable. This refers to the environment in your home. Do you have a lot of things in your home that the coat can get caught up on, like carpet and furniture? These items can break the coat off, which will leave it looking less than desirable. Of course you don’t want to have to re-furnish your whole home, but if you do get new items, make sure they are not something that your dog’s coat can get caught on.

Next are chemicals. These are the chemicals that you use around your home, especially things you clean your floors with. If you use ammonia and bleach, these items are not real healthy for your dog. They are walking and laying on your floors, and can pick up these chemicals in their coat. This can happen even when the floor has dried. If you use chemicals in your lawn, this can happen as well.

Dog with a healthy coat.654The fourth item is disease. If your dog is sick and unhealthy, it will reflect in their coat.

The fifth thing, and probably the most important of all because this can fix almost every other problem, is nutrition. If your dog eats poorly, if you’re feeding cheap food that doesn’t have the right nutrition, remember what goes in your dog is what is going to reflect outside. Poor diet will not build good coat.

People will tell Joey that their dog is looking great on the cheap food that they buy at the grocery store. But Joey’s response is that if they were on proper food, they would thrive even more! It’s just like with people. You eat junk food all of the time, you get sick, you get disease, you don’t look healthy.

What you need to remember is that dogs are not carnivores; they are omnivores. This means that they need vegetation as well. So if you are making your own dog food at home, you want to break down the right vegetables for your dog. The most common vegetables people feed their dogs are sweet potatoes and broccoli. However, make sure you are feeding the right vegetable for your dog. Not all dogs can digest all vegetables. Do not feed these vegetables to them whole, as they have a short digestive tract and are not able to break down the food. Therefore, you need to break it down before feeding it to them.

When selecting the right dog food, look at the labels. You don’t want food that has a lot of corn meal or fillers. You want healthy ingredients, and organic always works best.

If you are thinking about feeding a raw diet, please talk to your veterinarian before doing so.

These five variables are going to affect your dog’s coat, and if you adjust them, especially the nutrition, Joey can almost guarantee that you are going to see a difference in a very short time. Not only with their coat, but all around with the dog!



Animal Radio® News with Stacey Cohen 

Cows drinking beer at party.654Bovines Crash Party And Drink All Of The Beer   
Police in Boxford, Massachusetts are saying a half-dozen cows helped themselves to a few beers at a backyard party. The bovine carousers reportedly crashed a gathering in the town, then knocked over some beer-filled cups and licked up the entire spilled brew. A local officer said the cows were also picking through the empties in the recycling bin, hoping for a few extra drops. The owner of the bovines finally arrived and herded the animals back to their field.

Gord Shuvell's back with scratches from bear.654Man Attacked By Bear While On “Throne”  
A Canadian man who survived a recent bear attack says he definitely plans to close the outhouse door next time. Gord Shurvell tells CBC News he was camping and fishing with a friend in rural Manitoba when the attack happened. He says he was "sitting on the throne" with the door wide open so he could enjoy the "morning view." But things soon turned ugly when the bear grabbed him and dragged him out with nothing but a piece of toilet paper for defense. His friend was able to shoot and kill the bear before he caused too much damage and Shurvell is currently recovering from wounds on his head, back and shoulders. He says he's also learned that dealing with the stench of an outhouse behind a closed door is much better than risking another bear encounter.

10 Best Cities To Be A Pet
Headline News and World Report announced the 10 Best Cities to be a Pet. Arizona took the cake with a 40% showing. Four out of 10 cities were in Arizona. The poll was based on a spending analysis that was conducted. The study encompassed a recent analysis of transactions by Bundle, a spending analysis firm. The study proved that the city with the highest average dollars spent on pets was Scottsdale, Arizona. People there spend approximately $47.88 each month. Durham, North Carolina was next. Third was Tucson, Arizona at $36.50 per month. Fourth is Chandler, Arizona at $35.88 per month. Bundle concluded these findings after determining the 100 most populous cities in the United States. The study looked at how the money was actually spent, with food and medical considerations amounting to about $695 each year on a medium-sized dog per the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) statistics. Considering that more money is spent on such other items as collars, crates, spaying and neutering, grooming and toys, the number could even be higher. Cats are slightly less expensive, but can still cost about $670 annually, but still that is for basics, not nonessentials. Fish will only cost about $34 per year, by far the least expensive. No matter what is spent, it seems that each year the spending increases across our great nation.

Christopher Toole with his indoor fish farm.654Indoor Fish Farm Opposed By Landlord  
A New York man is being sued over his indoor fish farm. The New York Post reports Christopher Toole's landlord is accusing the tenant of violating his lease by running the Society of Aquaponic Values and Education from inside his apartment. The non-profit operation encourages people to breed tilapia and other fish in their homes to sell them online and Toole likes to lead by example. But neighbors say the fish farm has caused water leaks, as well as never ending smells and noises. Toole says he can't comment on the lawsuit, but did point out "any publicity is good publicity."

Zhang Heng with Xiaosa.654Stray Dog Follows Cyclist 1100 Miles  
A stray dog in China recently earned a new home after proving her devotion to a long-distance cyclist. According to CBS News, Zhang Heng told Chinese state television the dog followed him for 20 days and more than 1,139 miles after a member of his group gave her food. Heng says he's named the dog Xiaosa, or Little Sa, and plans to adopt his new friend so he can continue to take care of her.

Velvet Spider.654Lou Reed Is A Velvet Spider   
A velvet spider is walking on the wild side after joining a new genus named after legendary Velvet Underground Rocker Lou Reed. According to, biologists were attempting to increase basic knowledge of velvet spiders, when they discovered the new genus. The "Loureedia" is found in sand dunes in Israel's southern Negev desert. Dark and shiny in appearance, velvet spiders keep well hidden or live and burrow deep underground.


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