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Who Will Care When You're Not There?

Bob Kass & Elizabeth Carrie   

Elizabeth Carrie & Bob KassYou dote on your dog, care for your cat, pamper your parrot, love your lizard and fret over your fish. But what will happen to these much-loved pets when you die?

Bob Kass and Betty Carrie, estate-planning attorneys, answer that question in their new book, Who Will Care When You're Not There?

Who Will Care When You're Note There book coverCarrie talks about her relationship with her "Free Dog" dog, Lexy, who is a highly allergic, 13-year-old German Shepherd. For a 'free' dog, Lexy has proven to be pretty expensive. Over their 11 years together, Carrie has easily spent over $30,000 on her medical care and she wondered about what would happen to Lexy if something happened to her.

This book educates the pet owner on why it's important to make plans, issues to address, and how to implement the plan--with online document preparation service like LegalZoom or consultation with a lawyer experienced in this area of the law.



Paw-Parrazi Pet Photo Contest

Steve Pinetti, Kimpton

Petey the French Bulldog from SeattleThe Kimpton Paw-Parrazi Contest to find the cutest and most photogenic pet is over.

They had submissions from bunnies, chickens, turtles, a calf, cats, and dogs of every shape and size wearing sweaters, dresses, hats. They had dogs dressed as bunnies, Santa and a prisoner.  They had dogs playing football, driving a car, running on the beach and riding a motorcycle. And apparently there are cats who love to have their photo taken while sitting in the toilet.  They even had entries from many countries around the world.   Who knew?

It wasn't easy, but after much deliberation, the judges from Animal Radio selected Petey from Seattle as the Grand Prize Winner for the "Ultimate hosPETality Getaway" which includes:

  • A two night stay at a Kimpton Hotel of the winner's choice

  • Two round trip tickets on JetBlue for human passengers

  • $500 credit for the photogenic pet on Pet Airways, a pet only airline

  • One $100 Kimpton Restaurant or in-room dining gift certificate

  • One in-room spa treatment for two

  • An Amelia Collection Carrier by Sherpa Pet Carrier

  • Use of pet amenities such as a dog bed, bowl, and treats

Petey is a French Bulldog who loves enjoying the sun at the dog beach.   Petey is quite the traveler and has stayed at many Kimpton Hotels across the country.



Goats Aren't Just For Farmers Anymore!

Sue Weaver, The Backyard Goat  

Goats in backyardWith a very minimal amount of space and housing, goats allow even those with small backyards to experience the pleasures of keeping livestock.  

Sue Weaver explains that while you might have room for a goat, you should get two, or a companion for the goat, as they don't do well by themselves.  If you have a dog that lives outside or any other kind of livestock, they will be fine as the only goat.   Goats are very gregarious creatures and don't like to be alone.  You don't have to worry about the size of two goats, as some are very small like the Nigerian Dwarf and the Pygmy Goat, which don't take up very much space.  They only need a little bit of space and housing, such as a doghouse.  You could get away with an area as little as 15 x 20 feet.

While goats are great animals, Sue warns that you should have a sense of humor, because if there is an animal that can get into trouble, it is a goat!   They also like to wander and can end up in your neighbor's yard tap dancing on their vehicles if your fencing is not secured.  Sue laughs when she states that all of her vehicles show signs of goat dancing!  As a result, she has "corralled" her primary vehicle, as she states it is easier to corral the vehicle than the goats.   Goats are excellent climbers and it is not uncommon to also find them on top of your house. 

The Backyard Goat book coverSue tells us about raising her baby goats.  She keeps them inside her house until they are about 2 or 3 weeks old so she can easily bottle-feed them.  She keeps them in a really large dog crate with a lift up lid.  She thought they were secure, but one day she found one of the babies on top of her refrigerator. 

In the book, The Backyard Goat, you will find information on clicker-training a goat.  They are very good for carrying packs or pulling carts.  They also love people and are good for visiting nursing homes.  Goats are also the perfect resource for anyone looking to raise them for food, fiber and fun. 

Sue currently has 29 goats and tells us that they are really entertaining and fun to be around.  But like a two-year-old, don't turn your back on them!


Tropiclean Best Smile Contest

TropiClean Best Smile Contest LogoSmiling dogYour pet could be a winner! Share a photo of your smiling dog or cat and tell everyone why your pet has "TropiClean's Best Smile." You could win a $1,500 contribution to your favorite animal shelter plus a $500 VISA gift card and more for yourself – and there are new prize drawings every month! All entries must be submitted by June 30, 2011 to be eligible for the Grand Prize!

To submit a photo of your pet, visit and create an account. Once registered, log in to upload your favorite photo of your smiling pet. Don't forget to let us know why your pet has TropiClean's Best Smile too! Got more than one pet to show off its smile? Go ahead and upload their picture too.




Dodge Journey Pet Destinations Logo

Dodge Journey Pet Destinations

What Is Your Favorite Place To Take Your Pet? 

People who have pets love to travel with them.  At Dodge, they have made it easier with their pet friendly vehicle, the Dodge Journey, which contains  concealed storage bins, Chill Zone glove box cooler and second-row dual in-floor storage bins with removable and washable liners (very handy for muddy paws!) Call us with your favorite place to take your furry-friend: 1-866-405-8405.

This week's Dodge Journey Pet Destination: 

Dog in woodsCarol from Pennsylvania loves to take her dog to the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, which is a family and luxury vacation destination on 2,000 wooded acres in the Laurel Highlands of Southwestern Pennsylvania.  You will also find the Nemacolin Wooflands, Pet Resort and Spa.   You will find everything from climate-controlled rooms with elevated beds to a grooming salon, daycare and obedience training classes.  The only problem you will have is that your dog will not want to check out!

To view Past Dodge Journey Pet Destinations, click here.



The Dogfather's Grooming Tip with Joey Villani

Joey Villani

Grooming Your Dog After A Day At The Beach

After your dog has spent the day playing in the sand and water at the beach, you need to get this off their skin, as the sand and the salt water will take a toll on their coat. This will happen whether the dog has long or short hair.

It is not actually the sand that can cause your dog's coat to matt, but the subsequent scratching that your dog will do in reaction to the itchy sand.  Think about when you spend the day at the beach, playing in the water and sitting on the sand.  If you don't shower afterwards, your skin will get irritated as well. 

If you have a longhaired dog, you want to keep your dog from scratching because this will tangle their hair, so you need to brush them out.  However, most people take their dog to either an outside shower at the beach or use the garden hose in their yard to rinse their dog off.  The problem with this is if you don't remove all of the sand, it can get embedded closer to your pet's skin.  This can make the irritation worse and can cause more matting.

Dog digging in sandDon't rinse your dog off, let them dry thoroughly.  When they are dry, use a good brush or comb to brush it out.  This will pull the sand up from the skin and make it easy to brush it away.

If you have a shorthaired dog, you probably won't have any problems.  You can even use your hands and run it over their coat to remove the sand. 

If you have a dog that has folds like Bulldogs or Pugs, you need to get the sand out of those folds.   If left behind the sand can cause irritation as well as infections.  Take some Witch Hazel and put it on a cotton ball.  Go into your dog's folds and swab it out.

Don't think you are safe from the sand if your dog is held by you or is even in a stroller.  The sand can blow onto their skin. 

And don't forget about your pet's eyes when at the beach. You can take some saline solution (contact solution) and clean out their eyes when you get home. 

Senior Pet Products LogoDOGFATHER'S GROOMING TIP Brought To You By SeniorPetProducts.comUse the code "SAVE25" to receive 25% off!



Animal Radio® News with Stacey Cohen 

Mouse Races Canceled
The owners of an Iowa bar are in trouble with a law covering mouse races.  The Bucktail Lodge in Danville was busted recently after officials received a tip that mouse races with betting were taking place there.  The Des Moines County Sheriff's Department raided the bar and citations were issued to Scott and Jan Beach.  The two are accused of allowing criminal activity in the form of gambling a dollar per mouse on the races.  Jan is also accused of conducting charge sales without a credit card.  

Dog with Rolex CollarRolex Is Ultimate Accessory For Dog 
Apparently you don't need to be able to tell time to look good wearing an expensive watch.  The Sun says dog owner Karen Denney recently purchased her border terrier a collar with a built-in Rolex watch that costs more than $4,100.  The U.K. resident purchased the watch as a birthday gift for the dog.  Alison Jones designed the unique collar, and describes it as "the ultimate accessory."  

Avian Flu Outbreak Halts Exports
An avian flu outbreak that has halted ostrich meat exports from South Africa has spread to a total of eight farms despite the preventive slaughter of 10,000 birds, officials said. The outbreak, which was first detected on April 9 in South Africa's Western Cape province, has affected the entire Klein Karoo Valley, home to about 70% of the country's ostrich industry, the agriculture department said in a statement. "The impact in the Klein Karoo Valley is quite serious as this is the hub of ostrich production and the economy of the area is based on this."

Disturbing Trends
The largest pet health report ever compiled reveals a number of disturbing trends, such as a 46% increase in canine diabetes since 2005 and data showing that cat owners do not often seek veterinary care for their felines.  The most common disorder affecting both dogs and cats, however, is dental disease, affecting 78% of dogs and 68% of cats.

Plenty Of Fish In The Sea Who Have The Same Dating Issues As People not working for you?  Date Your Pet not going anywhere?  Tired of courtship rituals that don't work?   You're not alone. There are plenty of fish in the sea and they have the same dating issues...SERIOUS!!  Well, maybe you should read a study published in The American Naturalist that examined how males of hundreds of animal species alter their strategies for finding a mate depending on the competition they face.  "We found there's significant flexibility in mating behavior and customs across many species," says study co-author James W. A. Grant, biology professor at Concordia University. Different species used similar strategies when faced with the same problems in finding a mate. When there are lots of other guys around, males can get aggressive with each other. But for males of many different species of mammal, insect, fish, crustacean, amphibian and reptile it's not a simple game of fighting off your rivals to get the female of your fancy, in other words, if there are a lot of other males around, the males of some species use stealth to outwit their competitors. They prove to be lovers, not fighters. While the brutes are slugging it out, the suaver males whisk away the females. Some of those situations and strategies don't sound too different from what a biologist could observe on the human dating scene.

Snakes on trainSnakes On Trains
Passengers in Vietnam had to deal with snakes on a train when someone discovered bags full of deadly cobras.  Luckily their mouths had been secured shut, but passengers were still very upset. The railroad isn't sure how many snakes were on board, but says the squirming bundles weighed 100 pounds. Investigators also don't know who brought the cobras onto the train, but they suspect someone was trying to sell the protected snakes to a restaurant. Cobra meat is considered a delicacy in Vietnam, but cobras are protected by law.  Railroad officials say the cobras were given to forest rangers who released them into the wild Saturday after no one claimed them.
Catastrophic Outbreak Of Herpes Virus Among Wild Horses
Concerned about the threat of a catastrophic outbreak of a herpes virus among wild horse herds in the West, national animal advocates called on the federal government to keep potentially infected domestic horses away from mustangs and burros on public lands. The Humane Society of the United States urged the Bureau of Land Management to "Discourage and, if possible and appropriate, prohibit" owners of private horses from bringing animals at risk of Equine Herpes Virus-1 onto federal lands where they could have contact with wild horses. The potential for a catastrophic outbreak of EHV-1 among wild horse herds needs to be addressed by the BLM on an emergency basis.

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