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Tropiclean Best Smile Contest

TropiClean Best Smile Contest LogoSmiling dogYour pet could be a winner! Share a photo of your smiling dog or cat and tell everyone why your pet has "TropiClean's Best Smile." You could win a $1,500 contribution to your favorite animal shelter plus a $500 VISA gift card and more for yourself – and there are new prize drawings every month! All entries must be submitted by June 30, 2011 to be eligible for the Grand Prize!

To submit a photo of your pet, visit and create an account. Once registered, log in to upload your favorite photo of your smiling pet. Don't forget to let us know why your pet has TropiClean's Best Smile too! Got more than one pet to show off its smile? Go ahead and upload their picture too.



Dodge Journey Pet Destinations Logo

Dodge Journey Pet Destinations

What Is Your Favorite Place To Take Your Pet? 

People who have pets love to travel with them.  At Dodge, they have made it easier with their pet friendly vehicle, the Dodge Journey, which contains  concealed storage bins, Chill Zone glove box cooler and second-row dual in-floor storage bins with removable and washable liners (very handy for muddy paws!) Call us with your favorite place to take your furry-friend: 1-866-405-8405.

This week's Dodge Journey Pet Destination: 

Dogs at a farmers marketYvonne lives inn Bettendorf, Iowa, and loves to take her Australian Shepherd, Joey, to the Farmers Market in Davenport, Iowa (downtown by the Freight House on river) on Saturday mornings.    There are over 100 vendors there, and Joey likes to visit all of the booths.  His favorite booth is the one where they sell doggy cookies. This Farmers Market is one of those rare markets that actually allow dogs to attend, and you will find dogs of all sizes.  Everyone has a good time!

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The Dogfather's Grooming Tip with Joey Villani

Joey Villani

How Do You Know When To Remove Hair From Dog's Ears?

If your dog has excessive hair in his ear canal (you will know it's excessive if you can't see the ear canal at all), you will want to go in there with ear powder and pluck the hair out. 

Dog ear with excessive hairThis shouldn't cause too much pain to the dog.  It might feel a little bit strange to your dog and maybe they will have the sensation of being pinched.  It is sort of like plucking your own eyebrows.  You want to remove the hair so that the air can get into the ear so it can breathe.  You will also want to do this if you have to apply medication to the ears.

If your dog doesn't have a lot of hair in their ears canal nor is showing any signs of infection, (you will know if there is an infection if their ears have any sort of odor) and looks good and pink, leave it alone – this is a healthy ear. 

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Animal Radio® News with Stacey Cohen 

We Love Our Pets But Taking Care Of Them Can Be Expensive!

Let everyone else tell you how good a product is before you buy it.  Go online and check out that new toy you want to get for your little four-legged BFF. Let others spend their money. Expensive cat condos and cute dog houses that bear designer names. You don't need those. Spend your money on a quality pet food instead. It will keep your pet healthy and thus keeping him out of the vet's office, which can end up costing a fortune. Open a savings account for pet emergencies or think about pet insurance. A pet illness could end up costing you thousands. You can take care of your pet and your wallet at the same time.

Monkey carrying dogStealing Am Animal Could Be A Felony 
Stealing a dog in New York could soon mean time in a cage for the thief.  Legislation is being debated in Albany that would make it a felony to steal a family dog or cat.  That would mean a conviction could send someone behind bars for almost half a decade.  This is in response to a recent run of dognappings in the Long Island district. Legislators feel pets are members of families who should be protected as anyone else would.  

Men And Women Take On Different Responsibilities For Their Pets

Women are in charge when it comes to buying the food, arranging the visits to the vet, and bathing and grooming the pets. Men have the fun chore of walking the dog both morning and evenings.

Lack of Crawfish Creates Shooting Spree 

Charges are being filed against a man in Florida for allegedly going on a shooting spree at a seafood market after the place ran out of crawfish.  Authorities in the Pensacola area say Larry Kelly became enraged when he was told about the crawfish outage and used an AK-47 assault rifle to show his displeasure.  Investigators say Kelly got out of his pickup truck and fired multiple shots at L&T Seafood Market's storefront but nobody was hurt.  Kelly was arrested a short time later.   

Dogs Can Read Our Minds

Dogs are so in tune with us that they can read our minds, according to a new Learning & Behavior study that also determined canines are probably born with the ability. Practice makes perfect, however, so the more a dog hangs around humans, the better he or she becomes at "canine telepathy," which actually relies upon hyperawareness of the senses. Those of us who have owned or been around dogs for any period of time know how well they often "get" us, sensing tiredness, depression and headaches before we consciously exhibit any major outward signs of distress. Dogs can even detect when a person has cancer. They also seem to sense our joy and good health.  According to the researchers, the results suggest that dogs' ability to follow human actions stems from a willingness to accept humans as social companions.
Woman with catCats Prefer Women

In a recent study, researchers videotaped and analyzed interactions between cats and their owners over several sessions. They found that felines have a far easier time making females do what they want – a mere flick of the tail, for example, was all it took to get kisses or kibble. Guys weren’t as good at detecting these subtle clues.

Pooch Pictures

How many pictures of your dog do you show off? On average, dog owners say they have seven photos of their dog displayed at home or at work. 19% say they have ten or more.

Great SnipeRecord For Fastest Long Distance Nonstop Flight 
A plump little shorebird has smashed the record for the fastest long-distance, nonstop flight in the animal kingdom. In a new study, scientists have discovered that great snipes can complete a transcontinental flight across Europe, from Sweden to sub-Saharan Africa, in as little as two days without resting. The birds traveled up to 4,200 miles (6,760 kilometers) at an average speed of 60 miles (97 kilometers) an hour. To track the birds, biologists captured and tagged ten great snipes with geolocators at their breeding grounds in western Sweden. Tracking data for three of the birds was retrieved after their recapture in Sweden a year later. At first glance, great snipes don't look especially speedy or well equipped for such an arduous journey. Their bodies are small and chubby, not aerodynamic, and in the autumn the birds get so rotund that, when shot, "their skin sometimes ruptures when the shot bird hits the ground," according to one 19th-century account. But it's these ample fat reserves that allow the birds to fly such long distances without stopping.

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