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Bart Simpson Has A Cow  - Nancy Cartwright   

Nancy Cartwright.326Voiceover artist Nancy Cartwright is back on Animal Radio®. The charismatic voice of Bart Simpson on The Simpson's is crazy about her family of animals.

Nancy's Cartwright lives on an acre 'ranch-style' country house with "tons" of pets. Her menagerie includes, 2 dogs, 3 cats and sea horses. However, she states that, “My prized pet would probably be my life-sized, fiberglass Holstein cow, named Milk Dud.” She goes on to state that, “She doesn’t actually give milk, unfortunately, but I had to do it because of the ‘Don’t have a cow man,’ because I decided I should have a cow!”

Milk Dud in front of Nancy's house.434The first pets that she had growing up were Bassett Hounds. She remembers one named Lady, when she was about four years old. When Lady had puppies, they named the one they kept, Pearl. She always had dogs growing up, and doesn’t know why they never had cats. However, as soon as she could, she got cats. She mentions that, "I don't know if other kids make this mistake, but when I was growing up, I always thought that dogs were the males and cats were the females," Cartwright exclaims, "I don't know how long I went before figuring that one out!"

Nancy loves having animals around, and having them there to greet you when you get home!

Despite the fact that she is the most recognizable cartoon voice in the world, Nancy says nobody recognizes her voice in the "real world."



War Brings An Act of Kindness In Return
Pen Farthing, One Day At A Time     

Pen Farthing and Nowzad.657Pen Farthing was a British Royal Marine for 20 years and served in Afghanistan. While he was on tour, he noticed that there was a severe stray dog problem there. In fact, there was also a lot of dogfighting that was going on.

Farthing was s Sergeant and was in charge of a 20-man crew of Marines, whose duty it was to make sure that they made it out okay and while they were there that they did their job and provided security to the local people and fight the Taliban. He never knew that he would end up looking after dogs!

Farthing states one of Afghanistan’s national sports is actually dogfighting. Instead of playing sports like football, which we do in the U.S., they actually acquire dogs and fight them. While Farthing was in Afghanistan, the Afghan police started doing it in his compound. The male dogs that they used were feral and not trained, and they used whatever they could to try and control them. Farthing even found one dog with barbed wire around his neck as a collar. Farthing told the Afghan police that they were there to protect them and they needed to play by his rules and that meant no dog fighting while they were there! Farthing was not going to allow them to do this in his compound.

One day Farthing broke up a dogfight, and little did he know that one of the dogs would look upon him as a friend. Farthing soon formed a bond with this dog and he was sort of Farthing’s little bit of escape from Afghanistan for six more months after that. When farthing was sitting with this dog, feeding him and just looking after him, he could pretend that he wasn’t there doing the job he had to do everyday.

One Dog At A Time book cover.657It is frowned upon in the military for the men to form bonds with any dog, as it is a dangerous place with lots of things going on. These dogs are not only be a distraction, putting the men in harm’s way, but there is also disease to worry about. But they were in such a remote location where they didn’t need to worry about the Taliban so much, that the boss was just happy that Farthing was happy, because it was Farthing’s job to keep everyone else happy!

It wasn’t as if all they did all day was to look after the dogs, but they would spend a few minutes with the dogs de-stressing so that they would be motivated to go back out on patrol again.

What Farthing says he shouldn’t have done, was to give that one dog a trust in humans and naming him. His name became Nowzad, after the city they were in. As his tour of duty drew to an end, Farthing couldn’t leave Nowzad now that he trusts humans, and he felt it was his responsibility to get the dog somewhere where he was safe. Eventually he found someone who helped him plan the dog’s escape to the U.K.

As we spoke with Farthing, Nowzad was resting at his feet. He has been with Farthing for five years now. Nowzad has adapted to western life, but he is not a big fan of the British rain and is not a “wet weather” dog!

After 20 odd years as a British Royal Marine, Farthing never thought he would be semi abandoning his passion for climbing and kayaking and heading off in the direction of animal welfare. But Nowzad changed his view on life. He also sparked Farthing’s desire to write.

One Dog At A Time is a true story of one man’s fight to save the stray dogs of Afghanistan. Farthing's remarkable story will inspire, shock, and move readers, introducing them, perhaps for the first time, to war's most voiceless and unintentional victims.

Farthing has also started a charity called Nowzad Dogs charity,, set up to relieve the suffering of animals predominantly stray and abandoned dogs, cats and donkeys in need of care and attention.




Stylish Litter Boxes
Mike Sick, Kitty A GoGo    

Kitty A GoGo LogoWe have quite a few cats here at the Animal Radio studios. And honestly, having a kitty litter box in your business, your living room, wherever people can see it, is not a good thing! When we received a Kitty A GoGo litter box (Polka Dot) we placed it in the studio and no one recognized it as a kitty litter box. It is so stylish; it actually looks like a piece of furniture that adds to you décor.

The average litter box in most homes around the country, and even the world, is basically just a box of cat clumps in the corner. You want to hide these boxes where they can’t be seen. But what if you live in an apartment where you can’t hide it?  Or your bathroom is not large enough to accommodate a litter box?  You just had to learn to co-exist with the box!

Kitty A GoGo Litter Box.657But not anymore! The Kitty A GoGo is a covered litter box, which comes in six designer colors and patterns to match any home décor, style and taste. They are made from plastic, but you would never know it. You can choose from Metallic Silver; Leopard Print; Polka Dot; Flower Print; Burl wood; and Black Lacquer.

But besides looking good, it is so easy to clean! All you do is pull out the litter tray, pull the built-in rake forward and scoop the clumps into a waste receptacle. It is so convenient!

Visit their website so you can see the different designs and how easily it works!




The Dogfather's Grooming Tip with Joey Villani

Joey Villani

Remove Poison Ivy From You & Your Dog   
Last week Joey apparently got poison ivy from one of his dogs. The rash you get from poison ivy is actually from the oil in the plant. Since it is an oil, Joey looked to the Internet and figured that any type of degreaser would work, like Dawn Dish detergent. He did find some remedies, like bleach and water, but these are items that he would never apply to his skin or on his dog.

Dog with poison ivy.657When your dog comes in contact with poison ivy, it can last up to eight hours on their fur, which means that they can contaminate you, your car and even you furniture during that time. Basically, anything they come in contact with for eight hours.

In his search, Joey came across a product called Tecnu. Tecnu was originally invented by a doctor as a waterless cleanser for radioactive dust. It was developed in the 1940’s when they were testing the atomic bomb. Tecnu.657Somehow, this doctor’s wife found out that it removed poison ivy.

You can find Tecnu in most drug stores on the shelves. In fact, you have probably walked by it a million times, but have never used it. Tecnu will remove the oils from you or your pet, and is safe for both of you. It also removes skunk odor and can remove sap from your clothes. It is a cream that you rub on you and your pet. Be careful not to get it into your pet’s eyes. Then rinse with cool water, and repeat the whole process over again. While it can be a little bit of a process, and a little bit messy, it’s definitely a lot better than having the itchy rash all over your body or your dog’s body!




Animal Radio® News with Stacey Cohen 

Bowser Beer.657Bowser Beer         
A Seattle-based company has come up with a new way for man's best friend to kick back and stay cool during the dog days of summer. Founder Jenny Brown explains to the "St. Paul Pioneer Press" that she's created a non-alcoholic drink for dogs she's dubbed Bowser Beer. The beverage comes in either Beefy Brown Ale or chicken-flavored Cock-a-Doodle-Brew, and Brown says it goes great with the doggie pretzels she also sells. Because regular beer can be harmful to dogs, Brown says she spent more than a year developing the flat broth mixture with barley, vitamins and glucosamine for healthy joints. Brown says it was an "instant hit" because "people love to pal around with their pets."

Hate Sleeping Alone?
If you hate sleeping alone, a Missouri hotel may have just the fix. The University Plaza Hotel and Convention Center in Springfield is now offering its guests live goldfish. Chip, Flipper, Sparkle, or Blondie are available for the asking, pending availability, at the hotel's front desk. The quiet, colorful pets reportedly come in their own decorative bowls.

This Is Why You Should Cook Your Food Properly!
Add this to the list of reasons for not eating under-cooked food. A 63-year-old South Korean woman suffered "severe pain" and what's described as a "prickling, foreign body sensation" in her mouth after biting into partially cooked squid. The "New York Daily News" reports the semi-cooked seafood had inseminated her mouth.

Fourteen dogs on one surfboard.657Most Dogs On One Surfboard Breaks World Record       
The seventh-annual surf dog contest at Imperial Beach in California is in the record books after at least 14 canine competitors were able to surf on one board during the event. Over 50 dogs took part in the annual contest, but the folks at the Guinness Book of World Records will only care about the long-board ride that set a new standard for "most dogs surfing at one time on a surfboard.” Thousands of people turned out at Imperial Beach to watch the competition and raise money for the ASPCA.

Bob Barker Donates to Monkeys
Former "Price is Right" host Bob Barker is donating around $200,000 to an Oklahoma sanctuary so five research monkeys can live safely. The L.A. Times says Barker's gift means the simians will be saved from being killed in the name of science. Mindy's Memory Primate Sanctuary President, Bob Ingersoll, says the monkeys' adaptation to normal surroundings will pose a challenge since they've been kept inside small boxes for years. He adds primates usually live up to a dozen years after arriving at the sanctuary.

Willie Nelson with horse.657Willie Nelson Supports Ban On Slaughtering Horses      
Willie Nelson continues to support the ban on the slaughtering of wild horses. The country legend states that there's no reason for the slaughter. He adds that protecting the animals could actually provide jobs. Nelson says horses deserve our help and gratitude. He explains that horses have served humans well for centuries, and played a pivotal role in American history. While the horse slaughter ban has been extended, Willie says he believes the majority of Americans would support making the ban permanent. He's also appealing to the public to urge their legislators to take further steps on behalf of horses. Willie isn't new to the campaign to protect wild horse. His efforts for the cause last year included bringing together four generations of Nelsons to record a version of The Rolling Stones' 1971 single "Wild Horses" to raise money for the Animal Welfare Institute.

Camping with Fido.657Tips For Camping With Fido     
What obvious and not-so-obvious precautions should dog owners take when hiking and/or camping with their pet? Answer: Be aware of the rules involving pets at the campsite or on the trail and follow them.
Here are some tips to follow:
*  Always keep your dog on a leash or a long line. Even the most well-trained and mellow dog can wander off or be unable to resist the urge to chase a small running rodent, and there's nothing more frightening than losing your dog in an unfamiliar environment.
*  Always have multiple forms of identification on your dog, including tags with your address and phone number attached to the dog's collar or harness.
*  Make sure your dog is microchipped.
*  Have a recent photo of you and your dog so you are more easily prove ownership if your dog becomes lost.
*  Carry up-to-date information about your dog's vaccination history should your dog become involved in an altercation with another dog, human or wildlife.
*  Don't leave your dog locked in a closed vehicle during the summer months. The temperature inside a vehicle can be upward of 40% hotter inside than the temperature outside.

Tyson with a pigeon.657Famous People And Their Extravagant Pets   
Famous people are accustomed to having everything they want, so it’s not rare to see them out and about flaunting their extravagant lifestyles with unusual sidekicks. While some famous people go for the cute and cuddly, others go for the scary and exotic.
*  Tori Spelling: Tori Spelling doesn’t have just one weird pet, she has a Noah’s Ark variety of strange pets. She has the normals, i.e. cats, dogs and bunnies but she also has chickens and goats.

*  Kristen Stewart: The famous vampire lover actually owns wolfs! Apparently she owns some kind of wolf/dog hybrid. She once did a photo shoot with her wolf/dog and said, “This is my pet. I know he looks kind of scary, he’s a wolf. He’s really sweet.”
*  George Clooney: Clooney has a special spot in his heart for his potbelly pig. The pig Max was with Clooney from 1987 to 2006, making it the longest relationship of Clooney’s life. When asked if Clooney would get another pig, the actor once said, “No. I think Max covered all my pig needs.”

*  Mike Tyson: Mike Tyson has a thing for pigeons. He told the NY Post, “I feel a great pride acting as an official representative for all the pigeon fanciers out there.”

*  Kourtney Kardashian: The eldest Kardashian was spotted shopping in NYC for a snake last week.

*  Hugh Hefner: Hugh Heffner has a pet bunny (kidding). Hefner actually has a zoo permit and a backyard filled with squirrel monkeys and more than 100 species of birds.



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