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Humane vs. Canine Training – You Decide

Alana Stevenson, Training Your Dog The Humane Way

Vladae Roytapel, Training Your Dog The Canine Way

Animal Radio® doesn't believe there is a "one-size-fits-all" approach to dog training.  Just like humans, dogs are individuals and will react differently to different types of training methods.

We speak with Alan Stevenson, author of Training Your Dog The Humane Way, as well as Vladae Roytapel, The Russian Dog Wizard, who believes in training your dog the Canine Way, to get their different views and opinions on dog training.

Alana's way of training humanely is based on science and animal learning theory.  Her training revolves around psychology and on how animals actually learn.

Vladae's way of training is based on the canine approach, or the doggy momma approach.  A doggy momma has teeth to bite (this is her way of saying no) and her tongue to lick (which says yes).

We give Alana and Vladae each the same scenarios and see how they would approach the problem:

"We have been pet-sitting a large black lab that loves to jump on people and put his paws on their shoulders.  How do you stop this?"

Training Your Dog The Humane Way by Alana Stevenson book coverAlana Stevenson

First she would get an understanding of what has been done to the dog, what signals people have been giving the dog in prior training and what the dog actually knows and doesn’t know.  With this understanding, she would then start giving suggestions based on these specifics to the person and to the dog.  Alana says keep in mind that jumping is not a dominant, aggressive behavior.  It is a submissive behavior stemming from when the puppy jumps up at its mother's face when she is chewing up the food.  It is a very differential, friendly and juvenile behavior.  If you watch dogs at dog playing together, it is never the dominant, confident, older dogs that are jumping up at the other dogs' faces. 

Alana would not knee the dog in the chest nor push it back down and would not yell at them and saying the word "no."  Dogs also have an oppositional reflex.  Any push or pull on the dog in an opposite direction will make the dog instinctively do the opposite.  All puppies, all ages, all breeds have this reflex.  So if you push a dog down when he is jumping, you are actually encouraging the dog to jump back up.  If you grab the dog's collar and pull them away from the door when a guest enters so they can't jump on them, you are actually encouraging the dog to keep approaching the door.

You need to stop pushing and pulling the dog and giving him attention.   Also, think about what you want them to do instead of jumping.  A dog doesn't know what it means when you just say the word no.  Decide if you want the dog to stay back from the doorway or even retreat to their bed.  You need to teach your dog etiquette, which means conditioning your dog to look and to pay attention to the person/guardian/homeowner whenever the doorbell rings and then to either stay back or go to its bed.   When the dog completes this behavior, be sure to give him a treat.  This will teach the dog to ignore the guest and be more interested in paying attention to you. 

Vladae Roytapel traing several dogsVladae Roytapel

Vladae believes in correction from the dog's point of view as he doesn't believe in any correction from the human point of view such as yanking, choking or hitting.  This would create a negative effect. 

Vladae believes that jumping is a simple problem to correct.  When a dog jumps on a person, they are trying to get their attention.  He doesn't believe it is a submissive behavior.  People usually react to this by pushing the dog down, screaming and yelling.  But what this does is encourage the dog to do it again. 

Vladae would handle the situation by being prepared with toys or treats, as a positive reinforcement like a mother's tongue.  But, he would "bite" the dog that jumps on him, and he would do it remotely.  He would use the device Pet Convincer, which is compressed air.  When the button is pushed, the sound of the air would momentarily startle the dog and make him pay attention.  Vladae would then redirect the dog to his "place," which is either a certain location in the house or to his doggy bed, which has been established previously. 

Like Alana, Vladae believes that you need to address the cause.  Cause for any behavior problem in dogs is lack of structure and discipline in the dog's life.  It is also not meeting the dog's major needs which are physical, mental and social.

Bottom line is that Alana doesn't believe you need to be alpha (which she describes as being a bully) and that you can be "friends" with a dog during training and claims that she has pretty much 100% success in working with aggressive dogs this way.  On the other hand, Vladae believes that dogs naturally like to follow the leader because they need constant direction and approval or disapproval for their actions, which they learned from the mothers. 

While these two trainers don't agree on training methods, in the end, as a pet parent, it is important for you to be aware of all the different types of methods available to you to train you dog and for you to decide which is the best for the both of you.




The Dogfather's Grooming Tip with Joey Villani

Joey Villani

Truth About Hypo-Allergenic Dogs

With the new age of designer dogs, also comes the new age of qualities that breeders claim they possess.   One of the new traits that designer dog breeders are claiming that their dogs have is that they are hypo-allergenic.  These are the breeders of Goldendoodles, the Portuguese Water Dogs, the Labradoodles, the Bichon Frises, etc., mainly dogs that have thick, dense coats.  They say these dogs don't shed and that is what makes them hypo-allergenic. 

But the problem is that – none of this is true!  Anything that sheds skin cells, which is anything on this planet that has skin, can cause an allergic reaction.  This is what dander is.  It is not the actual hair of the animal, which can cause an allergic reaction, but the actual skin cells, or dander, that is shed that causes a reaction.  All dogs (every breed) shed and release dander, it's just that some shed to a much lesser degree than others. 

Mexican Hairless dogDon't be fooled by the Mexican Hairless dogs either.  They have skin and will also shed their dander.

But there are things you can do to minimize the dander.  Bathe your dog (or even your cat) with a mild shampoo that won't dry out their skin.  You can also make your own concoction by mixing one part Downey Fabric Softener to four parts water in a spray bottle and spray it on your pet.  This will keep the dander down on the skin.  It's non-toxic and it won't harm your pet.  It evens smells nice!  You can spray this on your pet every couple of days and work it through with your fingers.  Don't brush it in, as you don't want to scrape the skin and release any dander.  Then, you just let it dry.

You just need to keep your pet clean and by using products that are made for allergies, you will be fine.  Don't get suckered in and spend money on a pet they say won't trigger your allergies!

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