October 29, 2005

Could the Avian Flu Become the Worst Disaster in U.S. History?
Dr. Gil Smolin, University of California Medical School, San Francisco

Concerns are escalating as new cases are turning up in Asia and Europe. Health officials predict that a full-scale outbreak of the Avian Flu could kill as many as 1.9 million Americans and put another 8.5 million in the hospital. The cost of an outbreak is estimated at more than $450 billion. How likely is the U.S. to be affected by the Avian Flu? What is the likely outcome? "An outbreak of the Avian Flu in the United States could possibly escalate into an unparalleled health and economic disaster," says Dr. Gil Smolin, infectious disease expert. Find out how concerned you should be about this epidemic.

Paws, Prayers & Praise
Marti Jones, Old Donation Episcopal Church
Before church, a dirty blonde with a pink ribbon in her hair shared a few wet kisses with a broad-bodied brute outside the sanctuary. No one paid them any mind. The others were too busy sniffing each others' bottoms and wolfing down snacks just a few seconds before worship.
Visitors behave this way every second Sunday of the month at Old Donation Episcopal Church on North Witchduck Road. They're not sacrilegious. They're dogs. And one cat. Their owners brought them to Paws, Prayers and Praise, a service where pet lovers can express their love for God and their four-legged companions. The services have been fun and comforting to pet owners, said Jones, who started them in May last year. Hear more about this great service, and how you can start one at your church.


Winterize Your Home to Prevent Conflicts with Wildlife
Dr. John Hadidian, Dir. of Urban Wildlife for the HSUS
Temperatures will drop before we know it and according to The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), homeowners can take simple steps to prevent conflicts with wildlife and avoid unwanted visitors like raccoons, skunks, squirrels and other animals who may seek shelter in your chimney, attic or garage. According to Dr. John Hadidian, Director of Urban Wildlife for The HSUS, "People do not usually do a winter inspection of their home. With a few simple steps and just an hour or so of time, homeowners can save themselves a great deal of trouble later, and avoid problems with unwanted wildlife visitors." Dr. Hadidian offers great ways to winterize your home.

David Frei - Westminster Kennel Club
Darlene Arden
Millions of television viewers know David as the longtime color commentator for USA Network's annual live prime-time telecast of the popular Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show from New York's Madison Square Garden. Listen in as David talks not only about the dog show, but also his own special Brittany Spaniels, who are therapy dogs.

Puppy Tips
Do you have a nervous puppy? Tune in for some terrific tips to help your puppy develop confidence.



Cat Beds - Which is the Best?
Annie Bruce, Good Cats Wear Black
What is the right cat bed for your cat? Some cats prefer fleece, some prefer towels, but most prefer your bed! Annie tells a funny story about a cat who rejected all of the above ­ and went on a search of his own!

Brushing Your Dog's Teeth
Britt Savage
Oral disease is the number one health problem diagnosed in dogs. Try brushing your dog's teeth on a regular basis, but be sure to use a special toothbrush just for dogs. Don't human toothpaste, as it foams and dogs can't spit it out. There are specially formulated toothpastes just for dogs, in flavors he will enjoy.

Talk With Your Animals
Joy Turner
Joy advises a listener regarding the treatment of her cat Rover's nose, when Rover advises her that it will be a lifelong ailment. Joy also advises the caller that her other cat is not jealous of the extra attention to Rover.

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