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Pet Tattoos

Denise Freund, Pet-Ink  

Budda the Boxer with his Pet-ToosDenise Freund has three rescue dogs.  One of her dogs is a Boxer, named Budda, who is extremely patient and will let you do anything you want to him.   

One day the co-founder of Pet-Ink, Jeffrey, was playing with some hair dye and Budda just happened to be there.   Jeffrey started apply the hair dye to Budda and making designs on his fur, while Budda just lied there, enjoying the attention. Well, one thing lead to another and before you knew it, they were making stencils and putting different "Pet-Toos" on Booda. 

They now offer over 500 temporary tattoo designs in 5 colors, such as: A+ Fun and Favorites; Animals; Autos; Birds; Country and Western; Custom Tattoos; Dog and Puppy Products; Flames and Skulls; Gift Baskets; Holidays more; Insects; Keepsake Memorial; Marine and Fish; Multi-Packs of Tattoos; Paws and Prints; People; Plants; Religious; Reptiles; Symbols; Tinkle Bells; Tools; Zero to Z; and even Zodiac.

If there is something specific that you want that you can't find on their website, email them and they will do everything they can to make that tattoo for you.

Ladybug with her Heart Pet-TooThey are real simple to do.  You just apply the sticker stencil; put the ink on with a little applicator; blot off the excess ink; remove the stencil sticker and let it dry.  They will last a few weeks, depending upon how often you bathe your pet, as they will fade a little with each washing.

Their ink is made from vegetable oil and a dry mineral pigment dye, which is very safe on humans and pets.   Their dyes will only work on light colored dogs, because they won't use anything that will bleach the fur.

We tried the heart tattoo on the Animal Radio Stuntdog Ladybug.  Doesn't she look great!

Pet-Ink is also donating a part of every tattoo purchased to help the shelter animals.  So what are you waiting for, wouldn't you like a little Christmas Pet-Too on your pet!!!!



Your Dog Can Carry His Own Leash!

Fido Friendly Travel Talk With Susan Sims

Freedom LeashAnyone with a two-dog household will appreciate this item to make walking your two dogs easier!

Susan speaks with Amber McCrocklin who created the Freedom Leash.  The Freedom Leash was born out of a need that Amber had.  She has two dogs that she walks and she was tired of doing the "leash dance."   As you know, anyone who walks two dogs does the leash dance, where the dogs switch and you have to switch hands or jump over their leashes. 

Amber felt that there had to be a better way to walk her dogs.  Plus, she wanted to be able to drink a cup of coffee or talk on the cell phone, while out for a walk.  You can't do that when you are holding two leashes.  Amber then created the design for the Freedom Leash.

Most dual leashes are called couplers where you have a swivel off the end of one leash and the dogs are pretty much tethered to each other.   However, the Freedom Leash is made up of two retractable leashes that are independent of each other, inside of one housing.  What makes it unique is that the housing spins, like a washing machine drum.  So the dogs have the independence to go where they want to go.  When they switch places, their lines cross and don't tangle.

This makes it so easier, plus you only use one hand so you have the other hand free if you need to deal with the dogs or make that call!

Fido Friendly Magazine Cover 

Fido Friendly Magazine:

The Travel Magazine For You & Your Dog, a complete guide to Fido-friendly accommodations across the United States and Canada. "Fido Friendly is the only magazine dedicated to the travel lifestyle of man's best friend, and the one magazine your dog will thank you for." And don't forget to join the Fido Friendly Travel Club.



The Dogfather's Grooming Tip with Joey Villani

Joey VillaniCleaning Your Sticky Dog After Halloween

This is an epidemic that happens every Halloween, or if you just have a lot of children in the house, it happens all year round.  What is it?  It is something sticky, like gum, which ends up on your pet!

In order to remove it, some people will actually cut it away or make a mess trying to remove it.   Or worse, people get bit as they are trying to pull the sticky residue off of their dog. 

Dog with lollipop stuck to his headThere is a nice and easy way to remove this.   Any type of miner oil, such as baby oil, works well.  You need to saturate the area where the candy or gum is.  Don't saturate your whole dog, because you will have a big mess!  Let the oil sit on your pet for at least 5–10 minutes.  The oil will actually break the candy or gum down, making it easy to slide it right off their hair.  If there is anything remaining, use a comb.  When it has all been removed, use a degreaser (like Dawn Dish Detergent) and put it on the area where the oil is.  Rub it in and rinse the area with a wet cloth.

Don't use Vaseline!   It is too thick.  You need something with an oil consistency, which can get down into the hair.

If you follow this tip, it will be like it never happened!

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Animal Radio® News with Stacey Cohen 

New Laws On Exotic Pets
Terry Thompson holding baby tigerLiz Dumler, a concerned Ohio citizen, launched a petition and a campaign on after as many as 56 exotic animals, including tigers, lions, bears, wolves, and leopards, escaped a zoo through gates left open by owner Terry Thompson, who was found dead in his house.  "As an Ohio native, I was shocked and outraged when I learned of the deaths of the exotic animals that were kept as pets in Zanesville, Ohio," said petition creator Liz Dumler. " Sadly, the lack of laws and regulations in the state of Ohio concerning the sale and ownership of exotics has allowed this situation to happen.  The deaths of these innocent animals shouldn't be in vain, let's change the laws in Ohio concerning exotic pets in their memory."  News of the success of Dumler’s campaign is likely to put pressure on Governor Kasich and other Ohio officials to prohibit the sale or ownership of exotic animals.  Hundreds of exotic animals are currently kept as pets in Ohio, which is one of fewer than 10 states that do not regulate exotic animal ownership.

RoadkillRoad Kill Cleaner Enough To Eat  

A British taxidermist is trying to convince people that the dead animal you find on the side of the road is actually much cleaner than packaged meat you find in the grocery store.  Jonathan McGowan tells the U.K. Daily Mail he's lived on a diet of road kill and other self-caught meat for the past 30 years.  He explains that his unique eating habits began when he cooked a dead adder at the age of 14.  He says the snake tasted pretty bad, but it piqued his curiosity.  After college, Jonathan says he turned to road kill to save money but soon learned the organic meat was much better than anything he'd seen in his local store.  Now, he visits schools and colleges to talk about how "dirty" farm animals can be and to share some of the "grotesque behavior" he's seen from farmers.  McGowan also offers some of his favorite road kill recipes, including badger stew, rat stir-fry and owl curry.

Pets Get Breast Cancer Too

October was National Breast Cancer Awareness month.  During the month of October, many people participated in activities, events and fundraisers to help combat the deadly disease.  Moreover, many pet owners do not realize that dogs are susceptible to breast cancer too.  A recent conversation with veterinary oncologist, Ann Holenhaus, DVM, DACVIM of New York City’s Animal Medical Center revealed that 50% of mammary tumors found in dogs are benign, and the other 50% are malignant. "Un-spayed female dogs are more susceptible to mammary tumors than females spayed before their first heat," says Holenhaus.  Additionally, she noted that spaying females before the age of 2 and 1⁄2 decreases the risk of both benign and malignant tumors, but spaying after this age reduces the risk of benign tumors but not necessarily malignant tumors.  According to Holenhaus, although the best course of action is early spray, it is still necessary to conduct regular breast examinations, too.  She says check around the nipple area and feel for a solid mass. "If you do detect a bump, call your vet immediately. Do not take a wait and seek action," she cautions.  Breast cancer can affect anyone including dogs.  To prevent the disease, take precautionary measure of spaying your dog at an early age and conducting regular examinations of both female and male dogs.  Like with your own health, if you detect a problem, visit your pet’s doctor immediately.

Cats Are Cheaper Than Dogs
The truth about cats and dogs:  They can cost an arm and a leg in the long run.  Dogs can cost between $310 and $7,100 to maintain every year and between $4,070 and $101,070 to maintain over a lifetime, says Kiplinger’s Personal Finance. That’s more than kibbles and bits.  Cats are cheaper on average: between $490 and $940 per year and between $7,760 and $15,260 per lifetime.  The annual costs take into account many factors, including food, toys, monthly veterinarian visits and other essential supplies.  However, fish remain a cost-effective alternative to the more high-maintenance pets.  Fish cost an average of just $230 in their first year, $20 annually and $270-$910 for a lifetime.  If you plan on owning a cat or dog, be sure that you have the money to pay for the expenses. Love for a pet is essential, but ultimately it’s money that pays the bills.  If the cost for a dog or cat is too high, there are always other fish in the sea.

Dog walker with multiple dogsNew Laws For Dog Walkers  
At a meeting of the Board of Supervisors, Supervisor Scott Weiner introduced a resolution to regulating San Francisco's army of commercial dog walkers who regularly bring their customers' four-legged friends to the city's dozens of parks.  Weiner's bill mandates all commercial dog walkers pay to obtain a permit, receive proper animal control training, ensure their vehicle is safe for the transportation of animals, and ensure the dogs they walk are licensed.  The law will also limit the number of dogs controlled by a single dog walker to seven at any given time.  The legislation was created with the input of the local Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and San Francisco-area dog walkers.

Parvo Is Making The Rounds 
A deadly dog virus may be making its rounds in Colorado Springs - parvo. Warnings of the virus are also popping up at local dog parks.  Dr. Gwen Hall of Banfield Pet Hospital said Parvovirus attacks the lining of a dog’s digestive system.  Puppies under 6 months old are most susceptible to the virus.  "The most common symptoms that people will first notice is pets not feeling well, more lethargic, not wanting to eat," said Hall.  In bad cases, dogs will vomit and have diarrhea, and become very dehydrated.  "Without treatment, unfortunately it results in the death of a pet."  Hall recommends puppies start receiving the distemper vaccination for the virus at 6 weeks of age, and then a vaccination every three to four weeks until the puppy is 18 weeks old.

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