Animal Radio® Show #518 November 7, 2009

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Get The Scoop on Celebrities and Their Pets and Vote For Governor at the Same Time!

Kinky Friedman, Kinky’s Celebrity Pet Files

Animal Radio® once again welcomes Kinky Friedman - not only a man of the people, he's also a man of the animal kingdom!  Kinky is also running once again for the Governor of Texas.  However, this time he is running as a democrat as he can’t afford to run as a republican!

Kinky is a man who wears many hats -- not just a Stetson. Aside from being a politico, folksinger, and mystery author, he's also a longtime animal advocate and feels as passionately about his pets as he does about legislative reform.

Kinky has written a new book, “Kinky’s Celebrity Pet Files.” In his new book, the Kinkster writes about his famous friends and their pets you've never met, each with a story as offbeat as Kinky himself.  Kinky believes that the only types of books people are buying are pet books and celebrity books.  So how can he miss with a pet celebrity book! 

Kinky received a great response from celebrities he approached to be in his book, but was surprised when Dillon and Don Imus turned him down.  However, that is why there are Volume II’s of books!   Part of Kinky’s platform is when he becomes governor is that this book is going to be mandatory reading in the public schools and that all teachers receive a $3,000 salary raise across the board.  Kinky also stated he would offer Vladae the spot of Lieutenant Governor – you heard it here first!

Kinky states that the two things that came out of the book are just how high of a place that these great and famous people put their animals; and his real desire for him to make Texas a no-kill state.   This means no killing cats, dogs, horses and even people!

Kinky runs the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch, which is currently home to many dogs, pigs, donkeys, horses and cats, which are available for adoption.  He also still has his pet armadillo named Dilly.  Please check out the Utopia Ranch for more information.


Vladae, The "World Famous" Russian Dog Wizard

When Two Dogs Try To Work It Out, A Third Joins In

There are a pack of 6 dogs in this home and recently another one was introduced.  The new one is a German Shepherd puppy, and one of the older Pomeranians is trying to keep him in line by growling when he plays rough.  However, when he does this, an Australian Shepherd joins in and attacks the Pomeranian.   Vladae says this is a breed trait of the Australian Shepherd, which is a natural herder, and anything that moves needs to be caught.   Vladae states that this woman needs to be the pack leader, not a pack member.  She should correct both the puppy and the Australian Shepherd.  She should first stop the Australian Shepherd by using the Pet Convincer, which is a safe blast of air, which will startle the dog.  When the dog stops, give him plenty of praise.  Then let the puppy and the Pomeranian work it out between themselves.   You need to correct the behavior with the Australian Shepherd just before it starts.  For example, you don’t correct a dog who chases cats after he is chasing them.  You can see by their body movements and should be able to tell when they are ready to attack and catch them as they are thinking about doing it. 

How Do I Stop My Dogs From Fighting?

A young girl is a serious dog lover and has two dogs.  She recently acquired the second one, a 3-year-old American Eskimo.  But, the American Eskimo fights with the other dog.   Vladae states that any dog that shows aggression is a very serious situation.   He says that when two dogs don’t get along, it is very similar with raising kids who don’t get along with each other.  If both kids are in trouble, they will become friends and create an alliance against their superior.  Vladae says to give both of them the cold-shoulder and ignore them, but don’t ignore their bad behavior.   He suggests training one dog at a time in obedience training, at a time when they would rather not work with their guardian.  Also stop them from barking and pulling on the leash. If you can stop these two behaviors, fighting is usually stopped in 80% of the cases.   Don’t let them sleep in the bed with you and don’t let them have “free” feeding with food left down all of the time.   If the dogs think they are the bosses, they will continue to behave like this.  You have to show them that you are the alpha.  In this case, he suggests having the parents find a dog trainer in the area to work with this young girl.   A great place to start is with



Vinnie Penn, Animal Radio's Resident Party Animal


I know all of you out there – I’m going to sweep – I’m going to say all of you out there.  Okay, maybe the fact is really 85% of you are on Facebook.  You’re doing the “FB” thing.  You’re on there; you’re updating your status.  Especially if you’re obsessed with your pooch, you’re on there saying, “Lizzie just got home and is scratching Roggo’s belly.” (I don’t know where I came up with the name Roggo).  But we’re all doing the Facebook thing. 

One question I have for you is that I’m being inundated, not with friends’ ads (I don’t know why – but not a lot of people asking me to be their friend) but I am being inundated with all of these various causes, from the silly – so and so wants to know if you want to join the Brady Bunch Trivia Group – IGNORE!  - to the race to end cancer group, and you can check on more information to see if you want to be a part of it. 

I see a lot on there for animals and I wanted to put it out there.   Are we diluting the waters here on Facebook by fashioning these kinds of grassroots groups?   Are they taking away from the bigger more well know groups that are actually generating capital and doing some good as far as spaying and neutering and saving strays and savings shelters in general?  Are these little groups that our bored friends are putting together on Facebook, are they chipping away at a larger stone and taking away from something that’s been around for 20 years and works?

I’m going to go and see if I can add Bob Barker as a friend.  Do you think he would accept my ad?  I think he would.   I think he might.  I’m going to see if he is even on Facebook.  (Geez all that tanning – he doesn’t even have much of a face left!)

But you tell me, is Facebook chipping away at the large stone of animal causes, or should we join all of these groups?  Hit me up at Animal Radio –



Talk With Your Animals with Joy Turner

Where Did My Dog Come From?

A guardian wants to speak with her 9-year-old Lab named Ellie to find out her past, as she can’t imagine anyone would ever give up such a great dog.   Ellie explains that she doesn’t know why she wasn’t loved any more at her previous home.  She thought she was a good dog then too.  Joy tells her new guardian to make her feel safe and let her know that she will always have a home there.

Why Does My Dog Bark At Me Constantly?

This guardian wants to speak with her dog, Sasha, to find out why she barks at her constantly.   Sasha tells Joy that her guardian talks to her all of the time, so she is just trying to talk back to her in the same way.  Joy says that is common, in that humans are very vocal so it is not surprisingly that our animals vocalize back to us. 

I Had To Put My Dog To Sleep 

A guardian wants to speak with her 11-year-old Chow mix, Roxie, that she recently put to sleep.  It turns out the dog had bloat, which means she had a twisted stomach.  This usually requires immediate surgery, but in this case, the vet didn’t think she would survive.  Her guardian feels very bad and wants to know if Roxie understood why she was put down.  Roxie says she totally understands what happened and is okay with her guardian putting her down, and wants to thank her guardian for providing for her over her lifetime.

My Dog Died Of Old Age 

This guardian states that about 2 years ago his Cocker Spaniel named Brandy, passed away from old age.   When Joy speaks with Brandy, she says that she was never old!  She says she is still having lots of fun and is as bright as ever.  Her guardian wants to know what she is doing now, and if there is anyone with her.  Brandy says she is just having fun and hanging out and that there are plenty of “people” there.  Also, Brandy mentions two cats that passed away before her.  One was waiting for her when she crossed and they hang out together and the other cat just sort of comes and goes.


Animal Radio® News with Bobbie Hill

How Prepared Are Pet Parents For An Emergency?

A poll conducted last month by the Associated Press and a public relations firm showed just how prepared most pet owners are in an emergency.  The telephone survey showed 58% said they would be able to perform CPR on a pet if necessary. The Red Cross of Santa Monica’s Mark Solnick said, “If people value their pets like a family member, they should know how to do CPR.”  Most local Red Cross chapters offer pet first aid classes, check with them for a schedule.

Good News For Pet Owners Making Holiday Travel Plans

Pet Airways - the first animals only airline - is expanding service for cats and dogs.  The flights have been added between Ft. Lauderdale and New York on the airline’s customized Beech 1900's outfitted to accommodate animal carriers.  The owners, who spent four years getting Pet Airways off the ground, have been getting positive feedback from pet owners who don’t want their furry friends traveling in the dark baggage compartment of a plane.

What Country Has The Best Behaved Pooches?

The French have given us great art, great food and now it appears they lead the way in well behaved pooches.  Animal Behaviorist Patricia B. McConnell says it’s not our imagination - “we have noticed that the dogs we see in Paris are well-behaved.”  Over half a million dogs live in the City of Lights and are permitted to go anywhere humans go - restaurants, subways, stores, the French love their dogs and take them everywhere.  Which, according to Dr. McConnell, is part of the reason they are so well behaved...”they are allowed to interact in public situations and their owners are more conditioned to train them to behave.”

Ex-Con Michael Vick Gets Booed And Barked At

Ex-con Michael Vick got booed and barked at in his first road game for the Philadelphia Eagles a few weeks ago.  When the team arrived in Oakland for a game at the Coliseum, protestors greeted the admitted dog killer.  Vick said afterward, “I’m just trying to do the best I can...I want to help more animals than I hurt.  I understand there are people who want to do that. I’m still trying to do whatever I can to be the best ambassador I can be. I’m trying to move on with my life.”  By the way the Eagles lost to the Raiders 13 to 9.

Here’s Another Entry For The Title Of World’s Tallest Dog

George - he’s a Great Dane from Tucson Arizona.  The 4-year-old dog is 42 inches tall and tips the scale at 245 pounds.  That’s bigger than Boomer the Landseer Newfoundland we told you about last week.  George’s owner told the A.P. that despite his hefty size he “really thinks he’s a tiny dog and wants to sit on your lap all the time.”  George eats over 100 pounds of food each month and sleeps in his own twin-sized bed.

Margo’s Bark Root Beer

Oscar Youd’s science class project led him to come up with root beer.  Oscar and his dad, Tim, got rave reviews from the science fair crowd. Tim did some root beer rooting around and decided to start a business selling the suds - which they named Margo’s Bark. Margo is their family black Labrador they rescued from a Long Beach parking lot.  The proceeds from Margo’s Bark Soda Company go to help needy, abandoned and homeless animals according to the L.A. Times story.... by the way the motto of Margo’s Bark root beer...Drink a Bite!

NEWS UPDATE Brought To You By World's Best Cat Litter™


Your Vet Questions Answered with Dr. Debbie

Dog Has Started Peeing In House

A 3-year-old male, neutered, house-trained dog has been lifting his leg in the house on such items as the refrigerator and any grocery bags that come into the house.  The first thing Dr. Debbie would do is to take a urine sample to see if there is a medical cause, such as stones.  But, this behavior sounds like marking, which is not uncommon in dogs when they reach maturity are around age three. Some dogs mark high traffic areas where people enter the home, as the dog may feel he is marking that area as his.  In this case, the dog should always be kept in site so you can correct it if it happens.  Keep him in a crate if you can’t watch him.  When he is out of the crate, keep him with you by using a short leash.   You might also use an anti-anxiety medication if he is healthy.   Hopefully with time, he will stop this behavior. 

Dog Eats His Poop

A 2-year-old Yellow Lab eats his poop every morning.   Dr. Debbie says that this is a nasty habit and the dog can actually pass parasites to humans if they lick them after doing this.   There is usually a motivation for dogs to do this.  They can pick this habit up from their mom when they are little.  So if you catch them in the act, don’t make a big deal out of it, as this gives him negative attention.  Dogs don’t care if they get negative attention, they like any attention!   Keep him on a leash when he does his business and pick it up immediately.   Dr. Debbie suggests some products such as Forbid or Deter, which are put into the pet’s food to make it taste bad when he poops it out.  Also make sure that any dogs that eat poop are on a good de-wormer, such as Safe-Guard Dog Dewormer.

Jack Russell Gets Carsick

On its latest road trip, this 9-year-old Jack Russell threw up on the way there and then slept the whole way back.  The guardian is going away for 4 days and wants to be able to take her dog with her, but because of his car sickness, she is worried.   Dr. Debbie states that there are two kinds of carsickness in pets. One is truly a motion sickness problem but for others it is more of an anxiety driven problem.   Motion sickness can be treated with medications, but a fear or anxiety for travel is treated different.  You first need to figure out which one your pet has.  If the site of your car, or if just sitting in the car gets your dog salivating, this might be an anxiety problem.  But if they are happy go lucky in the car for a while and then they get sick, this is probably motion sickness. Start out with just placing the dog in the car, strapping her in, but not moving, give them treats and then remove them.  Next time place them in the car and turn it on and off and then remove them.  Then place them in the car and just backup out of the driveway.  Eventually you can make short trips around the block, and build up the length of time they are in the car.  For motion sickness you can try Dramamine and ginger.   For anxiety you can try pheromones.  If you can place your dog so he faces forward that is better.   And  for dogs who are in carriers or in seatbelts, their world is controlled and they are not seeing as much going on, which should alleviate the motion sickness.  And never feed your dog before getting in the car!

Bloody Nasal Discharge

A bloody nasal discharge has been going on for about 6 weeks in a 12-year-old terrier mix.  Antibiotics and Benadryl are not working.  Two of her teeth have also been removed because of an abscess.   They also tested cells in her nose which came back clear with no cancer.   Dr. Debbie states that in older dogs with a bloody nose, and after everything has been tied to correct it, cancer is still a high possibility.  The only way to tell is to go up the nose with a scope and do a biopsy.  Surprisingly, dental infections can also cause bloody noses, as some teeth have really deep roots.  It could even be a foxtail or a piece of grass that has worked its way up in the nasal cavity.   Dr. Debbie also finds out where the guardian lives, as it could also be a fungal infection from soil.   This can be tested by a blood test.

How Much Exercise Should A Dog With A Torn ACL Get?

This dog has been diagnosed with a torn ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) in her knee.   After exercising, she is very sore.  Her guardian wants to know just how much exercise she should get?  If it is a complete tear as opposed to a partial tear, Dr. Debbie recommends surgery.  In the meantime, pull back her activity and do not let her do anything for a few weeks to a month.  You can also give her glucosamine.  Ask your vet for a higher grade of glucosamine than you can buy on your own.  The guardian might also consider a brace.

Dog Diagnosed With Lymphoma

A Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix is about 5 years old and has never had any health problems.  He weighs about 12 pounds.   He recently seemed to be in pain, and upon an examination it was determined that he had several enlarged lymph nodes, some as large as walnuts.  It was diagnosed as lymphoma and the vet says there is nothing they can do and chemotherapy won’t work.    Dr. Debbie states that lymphoma is a cancer of the lymph nodes and it pretty common in both cats and dogs.  Dr. Debbie says you need to know how bad the cancer is.  This is called staging and is done by blood work, biopsies or x-rays.   Whether or not your can treat this cancer is by what stage they are in.   Seventy-five percent of cases of Lymphoma will show some remission with chemotherapy.  There are many different combinations of pills and injections, which you may be able to do also.    However, in this case, it seems to be pretty much all over his body, and the vet has given the dog about a month to live.   Dr. Debbie says that during this time you might want to do palliative care and make the pet as comfortable as possible and maybe slow down this disease.  She would prescribe prednisone in this case.    Signs of progression of the disease might be fatigue and problems breathing.  This is when you need to start talking about the quality of life for the pet.   Also, if you would like a second opinion, check for a veterinary oncologist, a cancer doctor for pets, in your area. 



Animal Minute With Britt Savage

To Catch a Thief (err, Mouse)

We have all misplaced things, but when Bill Exner couldn’t find his dentures, he knew someone else was involved.  That someone else turned out to be a mouse.

A mouse that they have managed to capture three times, only to have him escape three times, has plagued Bill and his family for quite some time.

Bill eventually found a hole in the wall of his closet and believed that this where the mouse fled with his dentures.  He called upon his daughter’s fiancé, Eric Holt, to help.  After tearing apart a section of the wall, they found the dentures lying there.

Since then, Bill claims that mouse comes out occasionally and taunts him.  When Bill does catch the little guy, he will take him for a ride in the country.



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