Animal Radio® Show #467 November 15, 2008

Ben Vereen ­ Accidental Friendship
Ben Vereen has joined the cast of Hallmark feature "An Accidental Friendship," which is the true-story of a woman (played by Chandra Wilson, "Grey's Anatomy") living on the streets of Los Angeles after losing her home and job, but whose life was given some meaning thanks to the dogs she cared for and protected at all costs, even if it meant forgoing necessities for herself.

While hard economic times are forcing some people to give up their pets, others will not. Ben states that he did research in a homeless camp for his role, and he saw that some homeless people will forego food themselves so that they can feed their animals. Their animal is the last thing that they have that can't be taken away from them, and that animal is their family. Most of the homeless he found with animals were living on the streets. The ones who were staying in shelters were without animals, because most shelters won't allow pets.

Ben has a Miniature Pinscher named Satchmo. He named him Satchmo, because he was born on the same day as Louis Armstrong. Ben finds himself actually cooking gourmet food for his dog, whom he refers to as his child. Right now he only has time for Satchmo, but states that if he had more time, he would have many more animals. Satchmo always goes with Ben to the set, hotels and everywhere else he goes. He even said he puts Satchmo in his pocket when he goes through security. In fact, Ben states that even today there are some hotels he won't stay at, just because they won't allow pets.

Ben was diagnosed with diabetes last Christmas and is currently working on a campaign called "Take the Stage for Diabetes."

Look for Accidental Friendship on Saturday, November 15 (9/8c), on the Hallmark Channel. It is a stark reminder that, even in times of hardship, pets bring us joy, companionship and often a sense of purpose. They can be a beacon of hope and should not be discarded lightly, even ­ and perhaps especially ­ during the difficult times many of our friends and neighbors find themselves in.

VPI ­ Top 10 Pet Wounds
Lacerations and bite wounds topped Veterinary Pet Insurance's list of most common pet wounds in 2007. The 11,000 insurance claims were the result of dogs or cats fighting with other dogs or cats, or clashes with wild animals.

The Top 10 is as follows:

1. Laceration and bite wound
2. Torn nail
3. Insect bite and sting
4. Abrasion
5. Eye trauma
6. Puncture
7. Foreign object in skin
8. Foreign object in ear
9. Foreign object in foot
10. Snakebite

Vladae, The "World Famous" Russian Dog Wizard

Chihuahua Runs In Circles
This Chihuahua runs in circles all of the time, both when you call her to you and even when going from room to room. This dog appears to be bored and is looking for something to do. She does not have a job, so she found a job to do by herself. The cause of this problem needs to be addressed and the symptoms need to be attacked at the same time. Listen in as Vladae explains how to do this.

New Puppy Joins 4 Dogs In The Household And Pees In House
When you can't supervise the new puppy, keep him in a crate. Make sure you clean the spots he has peed on with an enzyme-based product. Then, put his food where he has gone to the bathroom, as a dog won't pee in an area where he eats. Take him outside frequently and tell him to "go potty." You should be able to correct this problem in about a week.

Dog Chews On Everything
This dog will chew on everything he is not supposed to and won't chew on toys. He also steals household items and chews them up. This dog is manipulative, smart and unexercised physically and mentally. He has no leadership, so he does as he pleases. The first thing Vladae suggests is to cover the items you don't want him to chew on with an unpleasant taste, such as Chew Guard or bitter apple. Don't wait until your animal chews on an inappropriate item, spray it with an unpleasant taste and then touch it to his lips. This way, he will sense it is not a good thing and won't even approach the item. At the same time, get appropriate items and put a pleasant taste on them, such as peanut butter.

Dog Steals Food
Do you have one of those dogs that you can't turn your back on when food is around? There are two things going on here. The dog steals in your presence and the dog steals in your absence. When a dog steals your presence, it means he has no respect for you whatsoever. When a dog steals in your absence, it has nothing to do with respect, but the food is a temptation. Learn how to set up a food situation to teach your dog to stop this unwanted behavior.

Vinnie Penn, Animal Radio's Resident Party Animal

Video Kennels
I'm sure you animals lovers are very aware of this, but those of you who aren't, I'm very excited to bring this to your attention.

My sister and her children were visiting for the past two weeks, at the end of the summer. They put their dog, Ringo, in a video kennel, and they were able to log on everyday and check on Ringo. The camera was aimed right at him. I heard my nephews Ricky and Jay saying, "Ringo's sleeping, mom, look at Ringo sleeping!"

This is great for all of those people out there who still have a little bit of paranoia when it comes to leaving their pet behind. All you really have is the kennel owner's words. The fact of the matter is that kennels are fantastic and there is more than enough loving kennels out there. But, every once in a while you hear horror stories. There wouldn't be 20/20 or Prime Time Live without those kinds of stories. What would Barbara Walters do outside of the View?

But it was great now; there was so much piece of mind. The boys were worried about Ringo and to be able to tune in in the morning and watch him in action, watch him chasing a ball, was great. Every day they started off in a great mood, except for the day I had to explain to them what dry humping was and why Ringo was behaving in that manner, but my sister Julie says they are going to resolve that issue as soon as they get home. But nonetheless, what a beautiful thing to be able to tune in and see him playing and being able to log in.

(They all live in Las Vegas, so you would think that the boys would know about dry humping already. Especially Ricky, he's 12, and living in Las Vegas!)

But video kennels have to be all over, and if they aren't, they are definitely something that is going to be happening. Video kennels, it's piece of mind for a couple of dollars, and even if it isn't a couple of dollars, it is piece of mind for your pet!

Play Date With the Dogs?
I just hung up the phone with my sister who lives out in Las Vegas. She had to go because she was having what she called a "play date" with her dog. She has a girlfriend who got the same type of dog at the same time she did. Technically the dogs are brothers, or brother and sister, or sisters. I don't know. I never inquire about the sex of the animal when a dog is introduced a family. But she said she was having a play date with the dogs. I said that this was a brilliant idea.

Her friend comes over once a week and they let the dogs play in the yard and then they get to catch up. She also mentioned a yappy hour ­ where they have drinks and crack open a couple bottles of wine. And I thought to myself, this is not a play date for the dogs! No matter what clever name you come up with, whatever guise, this is an excuse for you to get drunk with your girlfriend under the ruse that you care about your animals, and then drive the little guy home drunk! And I have met her friend Annemarie before. I can see her propping her dog up in her lap and having that dog steer the car! Yappy Hour!

Dr. Jim Humphries, Veterinary News Network
Canine Heartworm Found Across Country
Due to a migrating population of people and pets, canine heartworm disease has found it's way across the map of the United States. Rapid development has given new homes to the mosquito and this has lead to an increase in heart disease in areas of the country where heartworms were unknown even 20 years ago.

This new prevalence has caught some pet owners and some veterinarians unaware. Old recommendations for giving heartworm preventatives often focused solely on the mosquito season, roughly March through November. But now, due to increased numbers of cases, veterinarians are recommending the medication be used year round. The medication available through veterinarians is a simple monthly chew treat that prevents infections. It's very important to test your pet annually. This regular testing enables the veterinarian to find the disease before it can cause major damage to the heart, lungs and liver.

Chiropractic Care in Veterinary Medicine
Mention chiropractors, and you will get a variety of opinions and experiences. Well, now that includes experiences with our animal friends. People who have had positive chiropractic experiences now want their pets and their horses to experience it too.

More than 500 veterinarians and chiropractors across the United States have formed the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association, a group dedicated to performing chiropractic for pets. Founded in 1989, the AVCA helps certify doctors who have undergone animal chiropractic training and ensure they meet adequate standards. Pet owners should be extremely wary of anyone who calls themselves an animal chiropractor, because they may lack a veterinary degree or a degree in chiropractic medicine. Many pets have been harmed by well meaning people with "experience."

In spite of some problems, many animal guardians are excited about the drug-free hands-on approach to their pet's health. Horse guardians, especially, seek the assistance of an experienced veterinary chiropractor to improve the athletic performance of their animals without the use of drugs, which are many times prohibited in competitions.

Chiropractic medicine offers important therapeutic approached for common problems not currently available in veterinary medicine, and some of the results can be significant. So if your veterinarian recommends some chiropractic treatment for your animals, you may want to give it a try. Just be sure to work with a doctor of veterinary medicine or a doctor of chiropractic medicine who has been specially trained with animals.

Animal Radio® News with Bobbie Hill

Hart Launches Recall
The Hartz Mountain Corporation, makers of chicken based rawhide chips for dogs, is launching a voluntary recall of that product. The company said earlier this week that there are concerns some of the bags may have become contaminated with salmonella. The recall affects only the two-pound plastic bags of rawhide chips with the lot code J-C 23282. So far, there haven't been any reports of dogs becoming sick, but in this case, it is the humans who are being exposed to the risk.

Soup Kitchen for Dogs
In Berlin an animal organization has opened a soup kitchen exclusively for dogs. Animal Board, which gets funding from animal food companies, opened its doors to provide meals to the pets of the homeless and unemployed. But this good deed has been met with criticism during the looming financial crisis.... director Claudia Hollm has been criticized by some who say it would make more sense to collect money for humans rather than dogs. Hollm said, "Making sure dogs don't go hungry is just as important as making sure that people don't starve."

Dog Risks Life in Fire to Save Kittens
Leo the terrier refused to leave his post guarding newborn kittens at his home in Melbourne Australia. That's where firefighters found him; unconscious in thick smoke after fire broke out in the home last weekend. Leo was revived with heart massage and oxygen by firefighters who also reported the four kittens are doing fine. One fire commander said, "Leo wouldn't leave the kittens and it nearly cost him his life". Leo is recovering nicely and is back at the house with his kitties.

Baggage Handler Gets Surprise
Halloween got just a little too scary for a Delta Airlines baggage handler in Atlanta. When the worker opened the hatch she was greeted by a large cheetah that was running loose in the cargo hold of the plane. The big cat, one of two being transported from Portland to Atlanta somehow got out of its cage during the flight. Zoo Atlanta quickly sent help. Their staff tranquilized the kitty and let him sleep it off at their facility. A Delta spokeswoman declined to identify the owner of the cheetahs citing privacy rules but said the airline was working to return the cats to them. The good news is no luggage was damaged during the incident.

Missing Dog Appears 1,000 Miles Away
What a long strange trip it's been for Max the Maltese who disappeared from a Florida back yard several months ago. The pooch turned up one thousand miles north in Chicago. Max's owner, Richard Gonzalez reported his pet stolen after he went missing from his daughter's Brandon Florida yard. Last week Gonzalez got a call from Chicago where Max's implanted microchip identified him. The North Central Maltese Rescue of Racine Wisconsin arranged to fly Max home to Florida to be reunited with Gonzalez but as for just how he got to Chi-town, Max isn't talking...

NEWS UPDATE Brought To You By Simple Solution Natural Line Of Products

Talk With Your Animals with Joy Turner
Steve wants to speak with his Boston Terrier, "Ya Ya Butterbean," who wants all of the attention. The problem is that Steve has 2 other dogs and he tries to spread the attention evenly, but Ya Ya Butterbean doesn't feel that they need the attention that she does.

Animal Minute With Britt Savage

South Korean Scientists Have Cloned The First
South Korean scientists have cloned the first dog, named Snuppy, which stands for Soul National University Puppy. Their creation, now fourteen weeks old, is described as frisky, healthy, normal and rambunctious. Snuppy is an Afghan Hound whose surrogate mom is a yellow lab. The Afghan Hound was chosen because it's genetic profile is relatively pure and is easy to distinguish. Stanley Coren, author of the best-selling manual, "The Intelligence of Dogs," wasn't happy with their choice for the first cloned dog. He ranked the Afghan Hound last among 119 breeds in temperament and trainability. But, Snuppy doesn't have to do any special tricks; he's just the World's First Cloned Dog.

In Germany- Birds Imitating Rings On Cell Phones
Hello, can you hear me now? In Germany, birds have been found to be imitating ring tone on cell phones. Ornithologists believe it has something to do with the new green areas becoming popular in urban settings. The birds move in and are introduced to the sounds of the city. Many of the more common ring tones are actually imitations of birdcalls. So the birds, in some instances, are mimicking other types of birds. Birds use their call to find a mate, mark their territory or scare off danger. They may add these ring tones to their vocabulary, but they never lose their ability to call in their native tongue.

Your Vet Questions Answered with Dr. Debbie
8-Week-Old Kitten Has URI
This cat has been on antibiotics for an Upper Respiratory Illness (URI) but is getting worse. Dr. Debbie states that a good thing to do is to put the kitten into a bathroom with the shower on so that the cat can get the moisture and humidity which will help to loosen up the discharge in the sinuses. You can also warm up their food in the microwave just a little to get them to eat, as a congested cat can't easily smell their food and won't always eat. With cats, antibiotics won't always work, as sometimes they have a virus

French Bulldog Has Diarrhea
French Bulldogs are predisposed to Irritable Bowel Syndrome, just like humans sometimes get. A chicken & rice diet, along with pumpkin, is not working. The first thing Dr. Debbie suggests is having the dog screened for parasites several times even if nothing shows up. She also thinks that this little guy might have a food allergy. She suggests using a probiotic supplement, which is a healthy bacteria supplement, which helps to restore the normal flora.

Cat Has Dandruff
This cat is brushed weekly, but he still is very flaky on top of his back. He doesn't seem to be bothered by this and is not scratching excessively, nor does he have any hair loss in the area. Cats with this problem can either have dandruff, which is associated with a medical problem, or they might just have the typical kitty dandruff. Some medical problems could be mites or possibly ringworm. If the veterinarian doesn't see any medical reason for this, you can try more grooming or possibly adding a fatty acid to their diet.

Dog Was Lost, Now Afraid Of Son
At 10 weeks old, this little Italian Greyhound was lost in a corn and soybean field in Minnesota. Four days later he was seen running in a drainage ditch. Luckily he was chipped and also had a tag with his guardian's cell phone number on it, and they were reunited. Sounds like the perfect ending, but now the dog is afraid of the guardian's son. Dr. Debbie suggests making the son the best person in the house. Let him take over feeding and rewarding the dog with treats.


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