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Your Dog Should Be in the Movies!
Michelle Zahn, Le PAWS
Le PAWS is a professional Pet Talent Agency that offers the public an opportunity to see their dog working in a commercial, working on a Feature Film, doing a T.V. show or in a Print Ad Campaign.

Everyday LePAWS fields hundreds of calls and e-mails from all over the US and the world and all of the calls go like this, "I have the cutest, smartest dog and everyone tells me that he should work on TV." From that call, they have to actually evaluate which dogs can actually work in film. They have 2 full time Union 399 studio trainers on staff and 2 on call Union 399 studio Union trainers.

Up until now, this market was NOT open to the average pet owner. Le PAWS is poineering a path for the average pet lover to work with their pet on set, have fun and of course make some money!

In the last month alone they have booked the following jobs for their clients:

Blackberry Commercial - National Commercial
Desperate Housewives - TV Show
Bones - TV Show
Target - National Commercial
Verizon Wireless - National Print Ad
Ugly Betty - TV Show

They also book dogs on shows like Access Hollywood, Ellen, Jay Leno and those types of shows when they need a dog or dogs or segments.

Sometimes, if they are currently casting for a job and they don't have that breed in their database, they can announce an open call on the air!

If your dog has what it takes, you can make thousands if you get a film contract. But most dogs only earn around $350 - $500 ­ not too bad!

The Ten Commandments of Veterinary Office Visits
Nancy Kay, DVM
How much easier it would be if vets had Dr. Doolittle's ability to talk to the animals. When we took our pups in for a checkup, they could speak for themselves. Since that's not the case, our dogs rely on us to act as their advocate in the exam room. Here are 10 tried-and-true secrets to making every visit to your dog's veterinarian exceptional for you and the entire office staff. They also directly benefit your dog's health ­ and nothing is more important than that!

I. Thou shalt push they veterinarian off her pedestal. I'm referring to what is known as the "white coat intimidation factor" that gives the doctor an air of authority and superiority. When they are on a "pedestal," two-way communication flounders. (I don't think dogs are crazy about white coats either!)

II. Thou shalt be present. Actually being there with your dog allows you to view x-rays and see how to administer medication. Don't send your sister, mother or friend to take your pet to the vets.

III. Thou shalt let the staff know if thy dog is aggressive. Don't wait until your dog bites your vet and then state, "Oh yeah, the same thing happened to his last vet."

IV. Thou shalt provide information. The "history" of your dog's health, past and present, is exceedingly important, more so than many people realize. Your vet will want to know if you've seen any changes in behavior, appetite, thirst or energy.

V. Thou shalt confess everything. If you feed your dog table scraps ­ confess! If your dog fell out of the back of a pickup truck because he was not properly tethered ­ confess! And yes, even if your dog has just eaten a plate of marijuana-laden brownies ­ you must force yourself to rise above any embarrassment or awkwardness and be truthful with your veterinarian.

VI. Thou shalt pause for confusion. If you don't understand what your vet says, stop and get clarification. If you are a "visual learner," ask your vet to draw a picture or show you what they are talking about on your dog's x-rays, lab report or ultrasound images.

VII. Thou shalt share thy concerns. To help you, your vet needs you to tell them your particular worries and concerns. After all, most veterinarians do what they do because they appreciate how much dogs mean to their humans. Who better, then, to empathize with you?

VIII. Thou shalt ask questions. Asking questions is the most resourceful way to be your dog's medical advocate. It's easy to forget the important questions you were meaning to ask your vet, so write them down beforehand.

IX. Thou shalt treat the entire staff well. Don't be sweet as can be with the vet and then be abrupt and condescending with their staff. Everyone deserves to be treated with equal respect, and, without a doubt, the entire staff will know! Likewise, a client who has been respectful and gracious will have the "red carpet" rolled out the next time he visits.

X. Thou shalt always come away with a plan. What do I mean by this? Simple: every time you talk with your veterinarian, be sure you know exactly when and how you will next communicate. For example, if your dog is just getting his shots and everything else is okay, you know you will need to see the vet again in a year. But if your dog has been evaluated for coughing and prescribed an antibiotic and cough suppressant, the "plan" is to call the vet in one week to report whether or not the cough has fully resolved. If not, chest x-rays and a blood test will be scheduled.

Adapted from Speaking for Spot: Be the Advocate Your Dog Needs to Live a Happy, Healthy, Longer Life by Nancy Kay, DVM.

Dr. Jim Humphries, Veterinary News Network
Online Pet Meds
Do your research when it comes to online pet meds. Some experts say some sites are good and others are not.

You may always be looking for a good deal on pet medications, but you may be weary of ordering your pet meds online. Internet pet medication sites are growing and some are perfectly legitimate, but others are not. There are some great consumer buys on line, but you need to be careful where you buy from, because it may not be the right medication for your pet.

Making sure the site is a certified pharmacy is very important. Check what form your medication will come in. For instance, chewable tablets versus pills. In addition, your pet may not be able to wait for the medication to arrive. And remember, no one online knows your pet. One of the disadvantages of an online pharmacy is that you're talking to a computer, there's no personal contact. Another hitch could be that not all vets want to fax in prescriptions for online pharmacies. Those who do, say it works best for routine care.

Dr. Arthur Friedman, of the Hawthorne Animal Hospital, said the small markup he and most other veterinarians charge for filling prescriptions in their office pharmacies help keep the cost of regular appointments lower. Finally, experts said not to forget to add the cost of shipping when you do this comparison-shopping for pet medications online.

Pet Proofing
The most common pet emergencies veterinarians see are fractures, intestinal blockages, ingestion of household chemicals, lacerations and soft tissue trauma, all of which can result from accidents at home. Pet proofing your home is a simple and an inexpensive way to keep your furry family members safe and happy. Listen in as Dr. Humphries explains some of the things you can do to pet proof your home.

Vladae, The "World Famous" Russian Dog Wizard
Two Family Dogs Are Fighting
One is an older, relaxed dog, but the younger dog is still very excitable, and it seems that they are both trying to get their guardian's attention at the same time. But that's not all; they also fight over their toys. This is not about the dogs fighting but about the relationship the guardian has with each of the dogs. In this case, the guardian needs to be the alpha female. Listen in as Vladae explains how to achieve peace in this family.

Chihuahua Whines And Cries At Night
This Chihuahua is about one year old and never sleeps through the night. Vladae suggests putting the crate next to your bed and getting a soda can and put some pennies inside. Also, get a very thin rope about 15 feet long. Attach the rope to the crate through the bars with the soda can at the other end. Pull it tight so the soda can is next to the crate and you are holding the other end of the rope and go to bed. If your dog starts whining and crying, don't say anything, just sharply snap the rope. What is going to happen is that the can is going to hit the crate and the dog is going to be startled and surprised. Even if your dog is quiet after doing this, don't say anything or give him any praise and continue to sleep. If he starts up again, snap the can again. If you do this 3-4 times, you are going to win and the dog will not bother you again. For the first week of doing this, Vladae suggests actually getting up in the middle of the night to take the dog out to go potty, but wait until the dog has been quiet at least 10-15 minutes before you take them out of the crate.

Be Boss of Your Dog
It's very important for us to be the boss of our pets. Most people will never get respect out of their pets and have them obey them, because they don't want to be the boss of their pets. As humans, we hate it when someone tries to boss us. But our dogs, because they are pack animals, want us to take the lead in the relationship and be the boss. They will follow us as they would their own mothers.

To be the right boss, you need to follow these steps:

1. Right boss never says twice
2. Right boss will never coax or negotiate
3. Right boss will never sleep with insubordinate
4. Right boss always goes first through the doors
5. Right boss will never allow insubordinate to take superior position
6. Right boss will never allow insubordinate to get away with disobedience

All you have to do is practice just 50% of these and both you and your dog will be happier. Your dog will also work better if he doesn't have to make the decisions. And if you aren't the leader, your dog will be!

Vinnie Penn, Animal Radio's Resident Party Animal
What Is It With Guys And Neutering?
This subject was sent to me by Hal Abrams from Animal Radio®. He seems to have a problem with guys who go on and on about neutering their dogs. I know what he's talking about!

It's really no different from those guys who have a son and they're talking about circumcision or just anything in general. Men are very territorial when it comes to their offspring's or their pet's privates.

They feel it gives them pause to become stand-up comedians. They say things like "My dog won't be the same anymore," or "His bark's going to go up an octave or two." They think the dog won't be the same ­ yeah, he's not going to be the same for the first couple of days, and yeah, he may have a look in his eyes that says. "Hey dude, thanks a lot!" But basically, everything your vet says about the neutering situation is true.

Number one, we do need a bit of population control when it comes to pets. There is an overabundance of dogs and cats, and the outcome is something that any pet lover doesn't want to see. So yes, it is the wise thing to do. There is nothing worse than that overheated animal who's calling your Barco Lounger his girlfriend.

So, all of the benefits of neutering are in tact, but the guys tell their wives "You've got to bring him," "You must drop him off, I can't do it!" Why, is there a horsehairs that day? Is there a Soprano's marathon? Give the real answer! Don't say it has anything to do with your heart breaking or how can a man do this to his dog!

Another similar routine is when its over. It's like your father coming over to your house after you've had a vasectomy, and he's like "What did you do?" You're just lying there looking at him the same way your dog would be looking at you, and saying "Can't you just get out of here! I'm stitched up, a little bit tender and your little comedy routine here is really kind of annoying me. You're really a pain in the ass right now and that's not an area I need a pain in, because I've got one not far from there."

I had one of my dogs neutered and it was the best thing I did because he was really uncomfortable and he was unsightly, to say the least! And I've got to be honest with you and as candid as I can be when it comes to these party animal segments, I did the little routine when I dropped him off.

He was scheduled for a few hours later, and I said, "Let my man have some fun in the other room with some of the girl dogs before he goes in there!" And of course they're like, "You want him to knock up three or four of our females before he has the incision? That's really not protocol." And, you're just standing there thinking; I'm just doing some stand-up. I don't know why, it was just a gravitational pull of some sort for me to do a bad routine out here in the lobby.

But nevertheless, there is something like that that goes on. Spaying, neutering, we all know how important it is, but even more important, ex nay the stand-up comedy, boys!

Animal Radio® News with Bobbie Hill
Internet Contributes to Black Market Wildlife Trade
The anonymity of the Internet has contributed to the rapid growth of the black market wildlife trade. A report by the International Fund for Animal Welfare tracked over 7-thousand wildlife products listed on 183 web sites in 11 countries offering elephant ivory and exotic animals as pets. This type of trade is having a devastating effect on ecosystems and endangered species. Last month, China's largest Internet auction site joined IFAW to begin a month long awareness campaign to cut down on the activities of illegal wildlife trade on the Internet.

No More Donkey Basketball
Schools around the country are feeling the crunch of the financial crisis and have to come up with creative ways to raise extra money. But they better not count on Donkey Basketball games to do it, not if PETA has their way. The animal rights organization has successfully stopped donkey-sporting events in New Jersey, Illinois and are threatening to do the same to a Tacoma Washington school. Organizers for the Bethel School District's fundraiser say they've been supplying donkeys for basketball games for 28 years without any injury to the animals. However, a spokes-human for PETA said "Donkeys can only carry about 100 pounds...and are forced to perform confusing and painful acts for the amusement of humans" The Humane Society of Tacoma and Pierce County isn't taking a stand saying they haven't researched anything in this area.

Wildlife Care Center Merges With HSUS
Back in 1969 Bea Humphries rescued and cared for animals in her Florida home - she founded the Wildlife Care Center that moved to a 4-acre site in Fort Lauderdale the following year. This January, the Center will merge with the Humane Society of the United States. The center which cares for an estimated 14-thousand injured, abused or abandoned animals annually has 55 employees and 600 volunteers who care for 400 to 900 animals at any one time. Wayne Pacelle, President and CEO of the H.S.U.S., said, "The SPCA Wildlife Care Center has a remarkable team of wildlife experts...the center is the last hope for so many animals in distress and serves a critical function in Southeast Florida."

Newseum "First Dogs"
"If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog" - that's the quote often incorrectly attributed to President Truman, but it's part of the new "First Dogs" exhibit which opened in Washington D.C. The Newseum features a playful but historical look at leaders and their canine companions. Truman, the exhibit points out, was given a cocker spaniel puppy as a Christmas present in 1947 - he gave it to his doctor. But other Presidents were quite fond of their furry companions - FDR's Fala had his own press secretary, the senior President Bush's English Springer Spaniel Millie became a published author. But the top dog may be Warren G. Harding's Laddie Boy who had his own hand-carved wooden chair at Cabinet meetings.... when Harding, a former newspaperman, died in office, newsboys around the country collected pennies to make a copper statue of the Airedale. Visitors to the exhibit can vote for their choice of "First Dog" for the Obama family.

2009 Critters for the Cure Calendar
There's quite a photo spread in the 2009 Critters for the Cure calendar - it stars 13 dogs, two cats, one guinea pig named Lili Pig Lips and a group of breast cancer survivors. The proceeds from the calendar go towards cancer patients to provide everything from wigs to transportation and help with vet bills and dog walking. Clancy Kress, president of Critter for the Cure says its members recognize the therapeutic value of pets. More info's at

Britain's Fittest Pets Contest
In Britain, eight of the U.K.'s fattest pets are competing in a 100 day diet and fitness contest in a bit for the "Fittest Pet." The seven dogs and one cat are all more than 30 percent over their ideal weight, which is why they were picked by the veterinary charity P.D.S.A. to compete in the slimming competition. The dog or cat who shows the largest percentage of weight loss while following their new health program will be crowned champion and score their owner a pet friendly vacation.

NEWS UPDATE Brought To You By Simple Solution Natural Line Of Products

Puppy Playroom & Doggy Den
Greg Moser, Puppy-Penz
With every new puppy comes the dreaded "Potty Training" sessions. But Puppy-Penz has made it a lot easier with the Puppy-Penz Kennel, the perfect living environment for your dog. This is a great item! Not only is it a puppy playpen when you're not home or can't watch your dog, it is also a potty area. And when you're finished potty training your new pup, it also becomes a long-term indoor potty place. Just leave the door open and teach your dog to use it on a regular basis.

One end has been set up for your dog's bed and the other end contains synthetic grass for your puppy to use as a potty area. There are also openings at both ends for your dog. It has a drainage system underneath the grass, and all you have to do is pull out the removable waste container, which can hold up to 3 and 1/2 gallons, and dump it in your toilet. You can also use the Puppy-Penz Deodorizer (which is biodegradable and non-toxic) to keep it odor free. How easy is that!

This is great if you are in a high-rise apartment building or are elderly and have a hard time taking your dog out for potty breaks. It is also great during bad weather ­ no more taking the puppy out in the rain! (Priceless!!!)

It is so easy to put up. You don't need any tools and can set it up in just minutes.

If you're thinking about getting that new puppy, you won't want to be without a Puppy-Penz. Puppy-Penz is recommended for puppies and medium sized dogs. For a limited time, Puppy-Penz is offering All Animal Radio® listeners $100 off and free shipping! Visit or call 913-710-2172.

Animal Minute With Britt Savage
Monkey Waiters
Times are tough for Tokyo's 160,000 restaurants but one tavern owner says business is booming at his place, and he owes it all to his waiters, who are monkeys. He said it all started when he handed a pet monkey a hot towel and the monkey handed it to a customer. Now, his two monkeys are happily working as waiters to enthusiastic customers who tip the monkeys with soybeans and peanuts. The monkeys love their work, but by law, they are only allowed to work two hours a day, and for health reasons they have to wear clothes. The monkeys are attracting customers from all around the globe. One patron was quoted as saying, "They were better than most human waiters," and another patron said, "The monkeys were cute, like his kids, but they were better listeners than his kids."

Is Pet Sitting Right For You? NAPPS Conference Can Help You Decide!
Candance Labane-Godfrey ­ NAPPS
Candance Labane-Godfrey is the President of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS), a national trade association dedicated to promoting in-home pet care and supporting the professionals engaged in at-home pet care. Candance wasn't always a pet sitter, and in fact once worked at a high-pressure job. But one day after an extremely stressful day at work, Candance left her job to become a pet sitter and has never looked back. Now, Candance is actually making more money than she did working in corporate America!

NAPPS has been around for a dozen years and is the largest non-profit pet sitting organization in the United States. NAPPS offers certification, educational programs and business advice to pet sitters. They provide all the tools necessary to start up a business, including everything from contracts to marketing and advertising.

For someone considering pet sitting as a career, NAPPS has an annual conference both in the business field as well as people in the pet care and behavior industries. This year's 2009 Annual Conference is scheduled for January 16-18, 2009 at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California. From pet sitting business basics for the novice pet sitter to programs for the more seasoned pet sitter, you won't want to miss this conference!

Animal Radio will be broadcasting live at this conference ­ come out and say Hi!

Your Vet Questions Answered with Dr. Debbie
Dog Redirects Her Aggression To Other Dog
When these dogs go outside together, if one of them sees anything from a squirrel to a neighbor, she turns around and becomes aggressive to the other dog. She has even drawn blood on several occasions. Other than this, the dogs are great friends. Unfortunately the one dog has a lot of anxiety and it needs to be controlled. This dog should be on a halter lead anytime she is outside, so control can be maintained over her. This way, if something happens, the guardian is right there to redirect her attention to something more positive.

Dog Has Severe Shedding Problem
The shedding problem doesn't seem to bother this dog, but it is driving her guardian crazy! Dr. Debbie mentions that mostly in short haired breeds, there is the cycle of constant loss of hair that is being replaced by new hair. She suggests being wary of products that state they will improve the hair coat, immune system and overall health of a dog. She also suggests using fatty acids as a supplement, which comes in the form of liquid or gel caps, which can be added to their food, which can result in healthy hair and skin from the inside out. And, if your dog will allow it, try vacuuming him!

German Shepherd Has Black Moles On Back
This German Shepherd has small black moles on her back, which come off during brushing, and leave a white area underneath. This is typical of German Shepherds, who have small black lumps, which almost look like blackheads. These lumps can turn into a skin infection and can be managed with shampoos and antibiotics. However, if the lumps are large and have a sort of nodule to them, they can be actual tumors. A veterinarian should look at samples of these moles under a microscope.

Golden Retriever Has Knot On Head
This AKC golden Retriever was born with a knot on the back of his head, which is toward the back center. Dr. Debbie states that there is a natural knob, a protuberance off of the back of dogs' head, which is more prominent in certain breeds, like retrievers. This is normal and nothing to worry about.

Dog Has Lumps Like Marbles
This 10-year-old Blue Heeler has lumps that appeared about a year ago, which is the size of a marble and can be rolled around under the skin. They have not grown and have been the same size for about a year. Dr. Debbie suggests that these can be fatty tumors, which are very common in middle aged to older dogs. These normally occur on the lower part of a dog's body. The best way to find out what these are is to have your veterinarian do a needle biopsy

Dog Has Bad Breath
This guy has two small dogs about the same age and size. They both eat the same thing and have their teeth brushed regularly, but one of the dogs seems to have really bad breath! In small dogs, the first area where dental problems usually begin are in the front teeth. The front teeth of these dogs appear to be white, but as it is hard to see the back teeth of small dogs, there could be some tarter buildup in the back causing the bad breath. The dog undergo a dental exam to get a view of the back teeth. If the teeth all appear to be white, the bad breath could be the result of digestive problems. Foul breath can sometimes result from gastrointestinal problems. If this is the case, perhaps a change in diet and even adding probiotics in the dog with bad breath may clear this up

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