On Monday morning August 1st, WUMX (Mix 107.5) morning personalities, Hal Abrams and Naomi Spimoni, were set free from the Doghouse they had been living in since July 27th. Abrams had vowed not to move out of the 10 x 12 Doghouse until he and his partner had raised $5000 for the Charlottesville/Albemarle County SPCA & Caring for Creatures. Surpassing their goal more than three times, the morning duo went home after raising $15,690 for the animals.

The Doghouse was located at the intersection of Hydraulic Road and Route 29 in Charlottesville, Virginia. "We had no idea how busy this intersection is at all hours" Spimoni said. "sleeping was nearly impossible."

Now that their week-long stint is over, a warm, long shower tops the DJ's "to-do" list. Abrams, on the verge of tears, said he had a hard time keeping a dry eye. "I spent the entire week crying. I felt sad for the abused and rejected animals, yet elated to see this kind of generous outpouring from Charlottesville. It was very bittersweet."

Caring for Creatures is a non-profit animal rescue organization. Funds raised will benefit spay & neutering programs in the Charlottesville area.


Naomi & Hal broadcast their morning show high atop their doghouse.

Hal holding up the front page of the Daily Progress.
"What a great feeling to wake up and see your mug on the front of the paper."
Notice the thermometer in the back. Hal & Naomi had already surpassed their goal by Saturday.
They had to draw a new goal using a marker pen."


Naomi, Cody (Naomi's part-dingo dog), and Hal

After reaching their goal, Naomi and Hal decide to keep going.

After escaping the dog-run, Hal is trapped by an animal control officer.

Actual picture from the "DogCam" broadcasting on the World Wide Web.

Hal & Naomi atop their doghouse with Josie (one of the events adopted animals).




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