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Barney and LuLu

Judy and Michael














We are a pet friendly inn and welcome the pets our human guests bring. One of our policies is that pets may never stay unattended in a room, even in a crate. Judy Abrams offers reliable pet-sitting and our guests, 2-legged and 4 legged, are super satisfied.

Staff at the Shoreline Inn



Judy walks my two dogs, Barney & LuLu, seven days week and has done so for over 3 years.  My dogs are my family and Judy has been a totally dependable godsend for us.  She is completely trustworthy, honest and a dedicated animal lover. She is always upbeat and positive.  She puts on a big smile on our three faces as she arrives each day and is greeted with great anticipation and enthusiasm.  She also goes above and beyond her dog walking duties and faithfully administers eye drops to LuLu every day and feeds them when I can't make it home in time.  She is definitely part of the family now!

Robin C. - Morro Bay, CA


Michael and I are so lucky to have Judy living down the street from us!  She is always available on short notice and Michael loves her soo much!  She sure knows how to handle him, and he isn't always so easy to handle as he weighs 55 pounds, but she doesn't seem challenged at all.  Equally important is how very trust worthy and reliable she is.  I can give her a key to my home and feel totally secure and relaxed knowing that she has everything under control.  She is fabulous!

Joanie P.  - Morro Bay


I couldn't find anyone and almost had to join care.com and get some random person to watch my cats.  You are awesome and I'm glad I called the vet (Coast Veterinary Clinic) to find you!

Kelly I. - Cayucos