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Animal Radio® is seeking motivated self-starters to join our underwriting-gurus. Work from your home or wherever is convenient. Animal Radio is America's fastest growing pet programming with over 90 AM-FM radio affiliates from KOST 103.5 Los Angeles to WXBA Long Island.

If you can engage conversation and you sweat confidence, you'll fit in at Animal Radio®. We are working for the animals - reducing euthanasia - saving lives.

This is one of those gigs that you need previous media sales experience. If you're intrigued by the possibilities, email your resume and cover letter to Animal Radio® HR:




You'll join our happy, animal loving staff, and call on program directors across the US. You'll be pitching Animal Radio®. You're a self-starter that "gets it." Your pay will be on a commission basis and will include lots of perks based on your performance. These perks will include cash bonuses and sponsor gifts. We will supply all the demos you need, you will compose cover letters and design your own presentation. You will also be amazed at how easy this gig is because everyone loves animals - and Animal Radio®. You can do this from your home and your phone. We will pay you the following healthy commissions:

$1500 per station in top 10
$1250 per station in top 11-50
$750 per station in top 51-75
$500 per station in top 76-100

Our candidate should be well-networked and well-connected, and can engage conversation easily. Again, this is one of those gigs that you need previous experience. email your resume and cover letter to Animal Radio® HR:

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