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Animal Radio® Show #494 May 23, 2009


Baking For Your Best Friend

Klecko, K-9 Nation Biscuit Book 

For nearly 30 years Master Baker Klecko has been feeding the people of the Twin Cities.  During his career, he has baked for numerous presidents, rock stars, professional athletes and even a munchkin from Oz. 

Klecko once cooked for Aerosmith where he sent blueberry pies out to the group.   He states that Steven Tyler is a former baker himself, and was very specific on how exactly that blueberry pie had to be made!   Huey Lewis and the News preferred onion Kaiser buns.   When President Reagan and Gorbachev were at the summit in the twin cities, Klecko made “bread of peace.”  He likes to say that he ended the cold war with a sourdough loaf!  He has also cooked for Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer. 

The Master Baker wasn’t always interested in food.  It started when he was in junior high and he was in an experimental class where he was in the first set of boys who were forced to take home-economics.  This was at a time when the boys were trying to be “guys.”   But after cooking apple crisps with the girls, he started to enjoy it and never turned back. 

Klecko admits that he is lazy by nature, so he was waiting for someone else to write this book.   But every time he looked around, it was like Liberace or Florence Henderson, people who seemed more concerned about fire hydrant cookie cutters or the appearance of cookies that appeal to the humans.  Klecko’s biscuits aren’t designed for vanity but are observations of extensive testing of what dogs like best.

The Master Baker Klecko states that he has always been about the dogs, but that the Historical Society of Minnesota just realized that, so they published his book, K-9 Nation Biscuit Book!  

K-Nation Biscuit Book


Get Your Licks on Route 66 - The Cross-Country Adoption Tour

Susan Sims, Fido Friendly Magazine

Fido Friendly Magazine and North Shore Animal League America bring you “Get Your Licks on Route 66.”   The cross-country adoption tour kicks off June 6th in Santa Monica, California and travels to raise awareness of shelter adoptions with its mission to save lives. 

Find the 44-foot mobile adoption unit on the length of nostalgic Route 66 in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri, with the culmination in Chicago, Illinois in early July.

The mobile adoption unit will be stopping in 12 cities along the way and will visit with local shelters along the way who will bring out their available dogs and cats for adoption.

The entire tour is broadcast live every weekend on Animal Radio®.  Animal Radio® is a supporting sponsor of this event.  Their goal is to raise awareness for the plight of homeless pets and get people out to find their furry companion!

Animal Minute With Britt Savage

Finding Someone Who Loves You and Your Pets

It’s hard enough to find love, but finding someone who loves you and all your pets can be even trickier.  A new Dutch website, loosely translated to mean animal-human, says it’s a meeting place for all animal lovers, whether you’re looking for that special someone, someone who likes snakes and spiders, or someone to take care of your chickens when you’re on vacation.

Safest Place For Your Pet When Flying

Think of flying to Florida with Fido?  Lisa Weisberg from the ASPCA says the safest place for your pet is under your seat in the main cabin.  Be sure your pet is properly identified with your contact information and a checkup with the vet is always a good idea. 

Some short-nosed breeds like pugs and bulldogs have trouble getting enough air in flight. Contact your travel agent to find out what animal health documents might be required where you are going.  You’re also going to want to get your pet familiar with the carrying case by letting them spend some relaxing non-flying time in there.  For more information, you and Fido can log onto


Vladae, The "World Famous" Russian Dog Wizard
Dogs Won’t Walk Together On The Leash

When these two male dogs walk separately on the leash, they do just fine.  But you get them together and forget it!  They are taken to dog training classes and walked every day.  Vladae suggests using a prong collar with a quick release made by Herm Sprenger.  Then, teach the dogs how to walk on a loose leash.  This means keep the leash slack and whenever the dog goes ahead of you, even one inch, sharply turn around and snap him in the opposite direction.   Turn around first then snap him and don’t say anything.  When he turns around and follows you, tell him “good boy!”    If you pull him, you will never change his behavior.   But snapping the Herm Sprenger collar is like a mother dog snapping a corrective behavior to her pup.  And when the dog stops to sniff something, snap him sideways and say “No Sniff!”  Every time the dog looks at you and walks parallel with you, praise him.  You can also set up situations and have someone walk ahead of you and call your dog.  And when the dog goes to them, turn around and repeat the snapping of the collar.  Do this about 10 times before you actually confront a real situation with your dog on leash, so you will have control.

Dog Is Aggressive And Bites

This woman has a lot of dogs in her home, and everyone gets along.  However, the new addition, which is a West Highland Terrier, has aggression issues.  He has bitten people and other dogs.  Vladae states that this dog needs to have an attitude adjustment.   He suggests going to the hardware store and get a thin rope (like a clothesline) about the same thickness of a shoelace.  It should be 8 feet in length.  You then want to “chew proof” the rope so put something on the rope like bitter apple, Tabasco sauce, etc.   But don’t wait until the dog chews on the rope.  After putting something on the rope, touch it to his lips quickly so he will experience that bad taste and know it is not good and he will not attempt to chew on the rope.  This rope should be attached to the dog’s collar and he should be supervised at all times, unless he is in a crate.  But, you don’t have to hold on to the rope, but it is there if you need to grab it at the right time.  He also suggests getting an air device like Pet Convincer. When the dog is bad, you push the button and it will spray harmless air, startling him and will make him stop what he is doing.   You can then grab the rope and redirect him.  The idea is to correct, redirect and then praise. 

Next, his social position needs to be diminished.  You can do this with obedience training two times per day. Your dog must have leash time. Vladae suggests using a prong collar with a quick release made by Herm Sprenger.  Once the dog is wearing this collar, you need to walk him around the house, especially around the other dogs.   Also, don’t allow him to jump on the furniture, don’t allow him to sleep in the bed with his guardian and don’t allow him to approach his guardian while he is eating. 

If you follow these guidelines and do obedience training two times per day, you will address the cause of his behavior problems and reduce him as the leader of the pack.   This dog may never be at the bottom on the pack, but you need to make sure he is not at the top!

Chihuahua Attacks Boyfriend

Vladae once had a client who gave him $100 for confidentiality.  The woman told him that whenever her husband is out of town and her boyfriend visits, her Chihuahua attacks him.  She also said that a psychic told her that her husband’s soul is in the Chihuahua.  The psychic cost her $400 and she said it would take another 3-4 more visits, but that she would eventually “exorcise” the dog to get rid of the soul from the Chihuahua.


Vinnie Penn, Animal Radio's Resident Party Animal

Drunken Fight over Benji & Lassie  

I’m back with another Party Segment.  Despite all of your email, I have not been cancelled.

That’s a joke!  Nobody’s been emailing about getting me cancelled or kicked off the air!

I had an interesting drunken fight the other night, believe it or not.  A girl I went to grammar school with and have known since the sixth grade (now our kids are in the same class together) and we were talking about what fans we were of Benji when we were young back in the 70’s.  The Benji movies – you all must remember them?

And her husband, who up until this point seemed like a pretty good guy, all of a sudden turned it into a Rolling Stones vs. the Beatles thing.  It was like, “Lassie this,” and “Lassie that.”  And I was like,  “Bro, whoa, whoa, we’re talking about Benji here.  No need to bring up that corny collie.”

Next thing you know, it was Benji vs. Lassie.  How Lassie always knew how to communicate and get Timmy.  Why was Timmy always in trouble?  Why was Timmy always falling down a well and letting tree branches fall on him Timmy was just a little too needy!

Now Benji, he stopped bank robberies.  Benji kind of ran on his own.  He was a lone dog.

Yes, it was pathetic.  It really was kind of pathetic that we could get into a Benji vs. Lassie argument! 

Maybe you’d like to chime in.  Drop me a line at  I say I won that argument.  I’m going to check with Maria to see if her husband is still pissed!  He looked like he was going to punch me at one point!

People Who Look Like Their Pets

I know that a lot of you out there listening are pet lovers to like the 10th degree, and I’ve heard this story like a million times before, where some people wind up having the same hairdo as their pets. 

I have seen photos on Jay Leno, not that I watch that show regularly, but I have never seen it live and in person, until the other day when I was picking my son up at daycare in a neighborhood I usually don’t go to.  I’ve heard the legend of this woman, and she was out walking her dog.  Now listen, her hairdo was so identical to her dog, it has to have been done on purpose.  She has to be taking a picture of her dog.  They even had the same ribbon in her hair.  She has to be going to her salon and saying, “Can you may me look like this?”  To which the stylist must say, “Well, God already took care of the face!”

Are you out there doing this?  Doing your hair like your dogs?   Or doing your dog’s hair like yours?  This is terrifying!  This is a movement that needs to be stopped!  As a matter of fact, why don’t you inundate the Animal Radio email, with photos?  Maybe we can start posting the photos and have a contest.  The prize could be therapy!


Animal Radio® News with Bobbie Hill

Obama Administration Rules Against Protection of Polar Bears

Environmentalists were shocked when the Obama administration refused to rescind a Bush administration rule against expanding protection of polar bears.  Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said the actions that currently threaten the polar bear’s survival take place outside their arctic home.  The Bush era policy was geared at blocking opponents of power plants from using the bear’s survival as a reason to stop the carbon dioxide producing plants. Environmentalists claim it is carbon dioxide that is the chief pollutant responsible for global warming and melting the Arctic environment of the polar bear.

Don’t Leave Your Pet In the Car This Summer!

The summer heat is approaching and it’s time to remind pet owners not to leave their animals in the car.  Here’s why - if you want to run into the store for a quick 15 minutes to shop and leave your dog in a 78 degree car - in a matter of minutes it becomes an oven.  Veterinarian Gregg Takashima of the American Animal Hospital Association says “your car transforms into an oven, reaching 160 degrees when parked in the sun.” And too much physical activity in the heat can be harmful too. What happens if your dog gets overheated?  Watch for signs of excessive panting or vomiting.  Get the dog out of the sun and immediately begin to cool the pads of the paws with water and head to the nearest vet!

Star Trek Widow Leaves 4 Million Dollars To Her Pets

The widow of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry has left close to 4 million dollars to her pets.  Majel Barrett Roddenberry who died last December didn’t specify which or how many pets in her will but she did leave close to a million to her housekeeper to stay in the family mansion and take care of the animals.

Be Careful When Using “Spot On Pesticides” On Your Pet

Just in time for summer there are plans to intensify the scrutiny applied to over the counter flea and tick products in an effort to protect pets.  The Environmental Protection Agency will more closely evaluate whether further restrictions on the use of “spot on pesticides” need to be implemented.  The move is in response to an increase recently in reports of adverse effects on pets after using the products.  The new evaluation methods will cover both over the counter as well as veterinary prescribed flea and tick products.

Men Smuggle Birds Through Airport In Their Pants

Is that a red whiskered bulbul in your pants or are you just happy to be in L.A.?  Two Orange County men were detained at LAX last month after arriving on a flight from Hanoi.  Customs agents found dozens of exotic songbirds in the men’s pants.  46-year-old Sony Dong had 14 birds fastened with cloth to his socks and a subsequent search revealed dozens more contraband birds according to the L.A. Times.  An eight-count indictment charging conspiracy to smuggle birds into the U.S. was filed against Dong and cohort Duc Le.  The birds, valued on the black market at 400 dollars each went to quarantine. {Asian songbirds; magpie robins, shama thrushes, red whiskered bulbul}

Google Goes Green With Goats

In a green move, mega search engine Google has hired a bunch of goats to cut the grass at their northern California headquarters.  California Grazing provided 200 weed-eating goats to the company’s Mountain View H.Q.  The cost of renting the herd is relatively the same as mowing plus the goats fertilize too.  Not the first time the critters have been used for “brush mitigation” - goats have been used in L.A., Laguna Beach and by The Getty Museum for the past four years.

NEWS UPDATE Brought To You By Simple Solution Natural Line Of Products


Your Vet Questions Answered with Dr. Debbie

Parakeets Won’t Hatch Eggs

This is the 3rd clutch of eggs for this parakeet but she won’t sit on them or take them to term.   Dr. Debbie tells her to “candle them” to make sure that there is an active embryo, which means to hold a bright light against the eggs to see the embryo as well as the blood vessels inside.   Dr. Debbie also warns that while the eggs can originally be fertile, they can stop developing and turn into “duds.”   She also states that diet plays a big role in egg development.  She warns against seed diets, which are high in fat and low in nutrition.  It is better to have them on fresh foods or on a pallet diet when dealing with reproduction.  Also, remove all distractions such as noises and activity that keep her off her nest.

What Is The Best Small Dog For Family With Kids?

Dr. Debbie states that there is no perfect breed.  However, with purebreds you are more likely to have health problems.  She suggests a mutt as the way to go, because they have more genes so there is less likelihood of bad traits.   When choosing a dog, a lot depends on the household.  What activity level do you want?  Do you want a dog to go camping with you or a couch potato? 

New Kitten Won’t Stop Biting

Whenever this 6-week-old kitten is picked up, he bites.  His guardian is trying to teach him to be held, but the kitten will have nothing to do with her.  Her also attacks her when she is sleeping.  Dr. Debbie states that kittens have two speeds:  Fast & Off.  The best time to try and cuddle a kitten like this is to wait until they are in a quiet mood or just after they have eaten. To get them in a tired mood, you can play with them with cat toys.  But NEVER use your hands when playing and NEVER roughhouse with a kitten.  Find a toy that puts your hands out of the way, such as a stick with a feather on it.   When they are tired, pick them up and keep the handling time short in the beginning, maybe a minute or two, and before they start squirming or biting, put them down and tell them “Good Kitty.”   You can also reward them with a favorite toy or something edible when you are holding them.  When they start to get accustomed to being handled, you can increase the length of time you hold them.

Dog Is Drinking Large Amounts Of Water

This 14-year-old Aussie mix is in good health but he has started drinking an excessive amount of water in the last two weeks. Dr. Debbie states that in his age group, when a dog starts drinking large amounts of water, there is the possibility of diabetes or kidney problems. She mentions that even though the dog gets stressed out going to the vets, she recommends an immediate trip for blood tests and a urine sample. 


Beginner’s Agility

Pamela Spock – Affordable Agility

We are almost done with Ladybug's agility training and we once again check in with Pamela Spock, the President of Affordable Agility and a 10-year-veteran in agility training and research, to see how Ladybug is doing on her fifth week of training.

Pamela gives advice on how to test your dog to see if they are pre-disposed to agility.  Ladybug was a natural candidate as she was running under and jumping over the cat. 

To test your dog, you can put together some obstacles from items around the house.  For example, you can cut the ends of cardboard boxes and tape them together with duct tape for a makeshift tunnel.   You can also use broomsticks on buckets for a hurdle.  The primary concern, however, should be safety when making agility equipment from around the house.  Make sure that your jump bar is able to fall off if your dog hits it, so that if they knock it with their feet, they are not going to hurt themselves. 

However, if you are serious about competition, you should invest in something that more resembles what your dog will encounter in a competition.  And if your equipment is too makeshift, not steady nor sturdy and have some safety issues, your dog could hurt themselves and then develop a fear. 

Remember, you want to make agility fun and you want to build their confidence.

Ladybug is doing well on the hurdle and tire jump.  Check out the video of Judy’s training with Ladybug.


The Best Stain And Odor Remover

An email from a listener recommends the perfect stain and odor remover!

Hi Hal

I listen to Animal Radio on Saturday mornings - WEEU in Reading PA

The best thing I have found to eliminate animal odors is cheap Vodka.  Mix it with water in a spray bottle.  It evaporates quickly and is inexpensive.  I work wardrobe for the IATSE (stage hands) - we use vodka to spray on costumes, anywhere that odors are a problem - shoes, armpits, inside the heads of the Disney characters... so I tried it at home.

One of my cats, Puff, had a bladder infection and peed on the new leather couch.  I poured straight vodka on the foam cushion, soaked it, and the odor disappeared.  Doesn't smell like odor eliminator - that works, but I don't like the "clean" smell.

Give it a try, I'm sure top shelf vodka would work just as well, but that would be alcohol abuse.

Keep up the good work - I love to listen.

Thanks, Cindy


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