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Animal Radio® Show #508 August 29, 2009


World’s Best Cat Litter

Paul Zobel, GPC Pet Products

Most cat litters can’t even come close to claiming that they are the world’s best, but World’s Best Cat Litter can! 

What makes this litter so different from all of the others?  We speak with Paul Zobel of GPC Pet Products to ask him why World’s Best Cat Litter, made from corn, stands alone. 

Paul explains that while there might be other cat litters made from corn, Word’s Best Cat Litter is made from the whole kernel and not just the cob.  This makes this scoopable litter act like a sponge, which soaks up the urine and smell.   This also eliminates the need for the perfumes and other chemical additives.

World’s Best Cat Litter also lasts two or three times longer than other litters.  It clumps faster and is easier to clean up, thereby reducing the amount of time between replacing the litter, which can save you in the long run.  It is also 100% natural, safe and an eco-friendly choice for your cat.  And for those with allergies or sensitivities, the whole-kernel corn and plant ingredients have no synthetic chemicals, clays or silica dust.  It also comes in a regular and multi-cat formula.

World’s Best Cat Litter is the official litter for the Animal Radio studio and we have been using it for years!


Vladae, The "World Famous" Russian Dog Wizard

Husky Is Afraid Of Obstacles When In Vehicle

This 2-year-old female Husky mix loves riding in a car but when a semi-truck comes at them in the opposite direction or they drive under a pass, she will hit the floor and cringe while riding in the backseat.   Vladae believes the dog actually feels the vehicle before actually seeing it.   He also believes that there are no words for correction or for encouragement.  

He recommends three things to change this behavior:

  1. Give a calming supplement before any trip such ProQuiet by Animal Options
  2. Use music therapy in the vehicle such as Classic Cuts by Music My Pet
  3. Distract the dog with a treat that she loves.  But, don’t give it to her when she is fearful; wait until she is looking at you and not at the passing vehicles.

Dog Chases Everything

This dog will chase everything from birds to squirrels and deer.  His guardian wants to know if exercise will control this urge.    Vladae recommends a secret to fix this problem, which will fill his life with joy so he doesn’t need to chase any real animals to get exercise.  The secret is a toy called Chase It Pet Toy, which is a stick with a stuffed animal attached to the end.  You can stand in your backyard and not break a sweat while making your dog run back and forth - he will be so happy!

The Recipe For The Perfect Pet

Most dogs do not decide for themselves how to behave.  There are nasty Pit Bulls and sweet Pitt Bull, just as there are nice and nasty Labradors.

The recipe for the perfect pet is based on the following:

Just remember, a dog’s behavior is based on both genetics and environment.


Vinnie Penn, Animal Radio's Resident Party Animal


The word of the day is taxidermy – does this even go on any more?  Is it a lost art?  It’s certainly one I never understood!  Is there someone out there right now whose name is probably Elliot, and he’s like, “I’m a taxidermist!” 

I visited some family friends in Rhode Island and got spooked, because when we were growing up we loved their dog Sport.  Sport lived to be almost 20 years old, and as kids, we loved Sport. 

When I went into the house, there was something very spooky on the couch, because it looked like Sport, stuffed!  It took some whispering amongst my siblings before we realized – no, it was a stuffed animal that was purchased because it looked so much like Sport.

But it got me wondering, are people still doing that with their pets?  I really never got that.  I get the love and the loss and I can even get a picture framed with flashing Christmas tree lights around it, or Michelob lights flashing around it, maybe it even barks with a recording of the actually dog – but stuffing the thing and putting it up on a mantle! 

To me that’s just weird.   People who do that, do they sleep with it and pretend it’s alive and take it for walks where they’re just like dragging it down the street and all of the neighbors saying, “Yeah, that’s just Joey and his dog Benji.  Benji died a few years ago, but we all act like he’s alive ‘ hey Joey!  Hey Benji!  How ya doing?  Good Boy!  We just ignore the fact that he’s dragging this dog.”

Somebody please explain taxidermy to me!

Dog Visitation – What’s Next?

I wanted to read this email to you.  It’s actually just from a girlfriend that I haven’t talked to in a long time.  I actually worked with her many years back, and she’s telling me how she recently broke up with a boyfriend of hers, and that they had been together for a long time.

At one point, this most ridiculous word pops up, and for all of you dog owners who got a dog together as a sign of commitment in a dating relationship, this word comes up and it is the stupidest word known to dog owners – visitation.  Yes, they’ve broken up and now they’re trying to determine what the visitation rights will be so they can both spend time with their dog Sarah. 

Sarah is short for “Serendipity” because that is the first movie they went to see together, a John Cusack movie with Kate Beckinsale.  That’s trouble right there, when you’re naming animals after this one wonderful romantic night that they have together.  So now they’re discussing visitation rights.  He’s keeping the dog, since he had just gotten it when they first started dating.  But I imagine there was an adoption process, a little ceremony, perhaps even a doggie treat with a little ribbon around it – whatever!

At this point, though, she wants to know when she can see the dog?  Can the dog stay with her every other weekend? And, there’s a lot of crying.

If you ask me, this is just another way to stay in relationship.  You don’t need visitation rights for the dog, as much as the dog may love the two of you.   There’s really no debating this as far as I’m concerned.  She got the CD’s he got the dog – end of story!  To come to this, especially for her, who was a kind of “cut the chord woman,” stating that he needed to “cut the chord with his mother.”  Well, she then needs to “cut the chord with Sarah” and move on. 

Visitation rights for a dog?  What if you bought an appliance together?  “I need to see the refrigerator, it’s stainless steel, I remember the day we moved it in, it was a wonderful day, we ate Chinese food on the floor, it’s the first thing we bought.  I’m coming over next Thursday – don’t be there, leave the key under the mat – I want to spend time with stainless steel.  I want to spend time with ‘Dipity,’ the refrigerator!”


Animal Radio® News with Bobbie Hill

Vick’s Return Generates Heated Discussions

The return of convicted dog killer Michael Vick to the NFL continues to generate heated discussions and the fact that he signed with Philadelphia is significant.  The city of Brotherly Love has a major dogfighting problem according to Humane Society chief executive Wayne Pacelle. In a recent phone interview, Pacelle said, “Vick’s landing there has the potential to turn around the issue. This gives us a big boost.”  Vick has already made two appearances on behalf of the U.S. H.S. and Fox Sports reported the backup quarterback for the Eagles signed a 1.6 million dollar deal.  No word yet on if the controversial player will donate any of his earnings to animal welfare organizations.

It’s Not A Good Idea to Hit a Police Horse!

Last week we told you it’s not a good idea to annoy a police dog, this week, we’ll add, “Not hitting a police horse” to the list.  21-year-old Pablo Fernandez found out the hard way, never punch a police horse during the Lollapalooza Festival in Chicago.  The alleged assault took place at night as the 3-day music festival was winding down in Grant Park.  Fernandez wanted to pet the horse but was told not to touch the working animal. At that point he became angry, punching the horse causing it to rear back into the crowd.  Fernandez was immediately arrested and charged with misdemeanor reckless conduct.

Stray Dog Alerts to Seizure

A woman in Florida recently found a stray dog and set about locating its owner.  The little terrier mix stayed with neighbor Yolanda and her two sons, Azaiah and Christian, who has Down syndrome.  One day the dog ran up to Yolanda on her porch and wouldn’t stop barking.  She followed the dog inside to find her son Christian having a severe seizure. Yolanda’s son recovered and the next day the dog’s owner contacted them for “Odie’s” return.  But on seeing the bond between the boys and the dog they’d renamed RaeLee, the man told Fox News he’d changed his mind and let the boys keep him.

New Panda At The San Diego Zoo

The world famous San Diego Zoo has added another giant panda to it’s family.  Bai Yun, the panda momma who has given birth to four other cubs, has another little black and white baby, which is number five for her.  The zoo’s Panda Cam was so overwhelmed with the announcement of the birth - it crashed due to an increase in web traffic.  It’s now back up and running and panda fans can watch the live feed which is black and white...cause the panda’s are black and white so it’s not like yer missin’ anything!

Translator Collar for Dogs

Remember the dog in Pixar’s “Up”... that collar that translated thoughts to speech?  According to the Daily Mail - a Japanese toy company claims to have invented a “translator collar for dogs.”  Takara Tomy said its “Bowlingual Voice” translator can distinguish six different emotions - joy, sadness, happiness, frustration, neediness and danger alert.  The product is scheduled to hit Japanese consumers this month but no word yet on when the $200 device will hit U.S. store shelves.

10 Ways To Help Animals In Your Neighborhood

Here’s the ASPCA’s list of ten ways you can help animals in your neighborhood:

  1. Learn how and where to report Animal Cruelty

  2. Start a neighborhood watch

  3. Become a volunteer at your local shelter or animal rescue organization. 

  4. Become an animal activist

  5. Help your neighbors with their animals

  6. You can start a pet Food Bank. 

  7. Start a shelter (you can find out how at

  8. Be like Bob Barker - promote spaying and neutering

  9. Clean up for Wildlife  

  10. Become an APSCA Ambassador and fundraise for animals.   More info is online at

NEWS UPDATE Brought To You By Simple Solution Natural Line Of Products



Animal Minute With Britt Savage

Daddy the Dognapper

A Deer Park man has been charged with stealing a Chihuahua from a West Islip pet store, according to Suffolk police.

Police say 27-year-old Nicholas Savoia is the man who robbed BTJ’s Jungle of a diminutive puppy named Georgie. Savoia was caught on tape as he took the timid Chihuahua out of her cage and used his young daughter to keep the puppy from being seen as he walked out of the store, according to BTJ’s co-owner, Bill Niehoff.

Georgie, who weighed just over a pound, was found on a little league field in Deer Park after cops received two anonymous calls, one believed to be from a guilt-stricken Savoia.


Your Vet Questions Answered with Dr. Debbie

Aggressive Chihuahua

This Chihuahua mix is a “truck” dog and is protective.  When this mans grandkids visit and are greeting everyone, the dog gets very jealous and becomes aggressive and possessive.  Dr. Debbie says you need to redirect his behavior without rewarding his bad behavior.  The best way to do this is to put him on a leash just before people visit and keep him from the door.  When the visitors come in, try to keep your voice calm and everyone else calm with you, When the dog settles down, this is the time to reward him with a treat for “good behavior.”  If he should show some aggressive behaviors, such as growling, etc., have the visitors go back outside and try again.  This may take many tries.  You might also consider pheromone sprays and diffusers.   Just be very careful with an aggressive dog around children.

Black Lab Mix Rubs Her Head In Other Dog Poop

This rescue dog is about 3 years and sailed through obedience training.  However, she has one quirky behavior.  When she comes across feces from other dogs, she will rub her head in it and come back and show how proud she is.  She doesn’t eat it and she doesn’t do this with her own poop.   Dr. Debbie tells him that this is not uncommon.  While most dogs like to eat fecal matter, there are some dogs who just like to roll in it.  It has never been understood why dogs do this, they just seem to enjoy it.   The easiest way to stop this is to prevent it from happening in the first place, because once it occurs, you have already lost the ability to train them out of it.  She suggests keeping her away from these areas or try using a head collar such as a Gentle Leader to direct her away.   Dogs, just like kids, like any kind of attention whether it is positive or negative, so don’t yell and scream at her when she does this.  Just ignore it and try to motivate her with something else such as toys or treats. 

Dog Undergoes Surgery After Eating Bone

This guy’s dog had to undergo immediate surgery after eating a t-bone, which became lodged in his intestines and he wants to know if this is common.   Dr. Debbie explains that this happens frequently, even though people say they have been feeding their dogs bones forever, but she always says “no bones” under any circumstances!  After spending $1,100 this guy now agrees!

How Do You Switch A Dog from Canned Food to Dry?

This dog has been eating canned food and now his guardian wants to switch him to dry food.  Dr. Debbie recommends a “diminishing return” which is using a little bit of the canned and a little bit of the dry and then slowly lean the proportions more towards the dry so the dog doesn’t go cold turkey.  You can also try a low salt chicken broth and soak the dry food to make it a little soft and then slowly remove the broth. 

Miniature Schnauzer Has Diabetes And Is Now Blind

This 10-year-old Miniature Schnauzer was recently diagnosed with diabetes and within 3 weeks he developed cataracts and is now blind.   The guardian wants to know if there is something he can do.  Dr. Debbie states this diabetes is a common problem with Schnauzers.  She says you can be aggressive and try to remove them or try to make them as little of a problem as you can.   Left alone, cataracts can cause problems with an inflation of the eye, which can sometime be controlled with topical medications, but don’t be misguided by drops that claim they can cure cataracts.   In the meantime, make sure you don’t make any changes around the house by moving furniture, etc., and they will get around just fine. 

Dog Has Some Kind of Discomfort

This guardian believes that his dog might have been stung by a yrellow jacket about a month ago and she is still shaking her head.  He didn’t see it happen, but she was in an area with the bees and yelped with no one else around.   She hasn’t been to the vet, but her guardian says he doesn’t see anything and believes she might have been stung under the ear.  Dr. Debbie says it is rare that any side effects from a sting would last this long.  She says that while the guardian looked into the ear, he can actually only see about 1/4 of the way down.  She recommends that the dog be seen by a vet who can look at the ear canal and see what is going on.


Animal Radio's Summer Giveaway

It’s back!  Animal Radio’s Summer Giveaway for 2009 and you can enter as many times as you would like before September 30th.

This year’s Grand Package includes items from Celestron, the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of high quality optical products, with the Regal 65F-ED Spotting Scope; Bissell, with the Lift-Off Revolution Pet Vac; Automated Pet Care Products, with the Litter-Robot; Disney, with the Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park passes; and recently added from SCS from the Disney G-Force movie which opened on July 25th, plush characters, t-shirts and trading cards.

The five runner-ups can win packages, which include the Outland Waterproof Binoculars from Celestron; the Pet Hair Eraser Corded Handheld Vacuum Cleaner from Bissell; and the  "UP" DVD, Leapfrog Reading System and "UP" Leapfrog Storybook from Disney-Pixar.  We have also recently added World's Best Cat Litter as well as Häagen-Dazs ice cream!

You may enter as many times as you want, but no more than 5 times a day prior to September 30, 2009. This contest is open to US residents 18 and over. Winner is responsible for all taxes on prize packages. Winners will be announced on Animal Radio® and notified by email or telephone. You may also enter by sending us a postcard with the requested information to Animal Radio -Summer-end Giveaway, P.O. Box 197, Shandon, CA. 93461. A complete list of rules is available at the Animal Radio Network™ Studios.

What are you waiting for?  Get entered now!



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