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Animal Radio® Show #513 October 3, 2009


Your Pet’s Got You Covered!

Zak George, SuperFetch

Are you too lazy to take out the trash? Need help meeting new people? With the help of pet trainer and host of Animal Planet's new series SuperFetch, Zak George, your pet's got you covered!

Zak explains that as long as you know what makes your dog tick and you have a good time doing it, you can teach your dog just about anything. 

There are dogs that are more trainable than others, but you need to cater to your dog’s strength. Hyper dogs are probably the most trainable for advanced tricks.  Look at what your dog can do well and you teach him how to do that better.  Sort of like with children.  If you have a child that likes playing baseball, you encourage him to practice to get better at it. 

In SuperFetch, Zak George shows pet parents how to teach their animal new and unbelievable dog tricks!  Some of the tricks you will see are a dog riding a bike and bowling!  Check out his videos both on amazing dog tricks and on how you can train your dog.

SuperFetch premiers October3rd on Animal Planet.  Check your local listings.



It's Back To School Time

John Grogan, Marley Goes To School

In his debut bestseller, Marley & Me, John Grogan showed how a dog can become an extraordinary presence in the life of one family.  

The book was then made in a movie with Owen Wilson playing John and Jennifer Aniston playing his wife, Jenny.   While John didn’t have a say in who would play himself and his wife in the movie, he was thinking of Jennifer Aniston for his wife but never would have picked Owen Wilson for himself.  However, when John was on the movie set and saw Owen play him for about 3-4 minutes, he was sold.  John felt that Owen captured him to a tee!

John has now begun writing children’s books about Marley and has been going around to the schools and talking to the children.  He’s brave – he is sometimes in the room with 200 first graders!  The kids really enjoy being read to about Marley, and can actually relate to him.   Marley himself was like a little kid who couldn’t control himself and had too much energy.   While the movie was sort of a “date” movie, most of the kids have seen the movie and know who Marley is.

Marley Goes to School:

It's the first day of school, and Cassie is all set to go. So is her dog, Marley! Although he's told to stay, Marley digs a tunnel out of the backyard and sniffs his way to school. As he roams the halls looking for Cassie, he finds trouble instead. From wolfing down hot dogs in the cafeteria to setting free a bunch of mice in science class, Marley won't stop until he locates his best friend. This lovable and rowdy dog may not be much of an academic, but he's certainly full of school spirit.  Packed with action and hilarious Marley bad-boy antics, this follow-up to the bestselling Bad Dog, Marley!

John currently has two new labs, Woodson and Gracie.  While Gracie is a very well behaved dog, Woodson is sort of “Marley-esque!”



Dr. James Capers – Blessing of the Animals

Dr. James Capers “Blesses” the animals.  Traditionally a Catholic holiday, the Blessing of the Animals is held every year on or around October 4 to commemorate Saint Francis of Assisi (1181-1226).  It has become a worldwide festival, celebrated by a variety of religions in recognition of our animal friends.  St. Francis of Assisi was a Roman Catholic friar and is the patron of animals and the environment. He believed that humans had the ability and moral responsibility to protect animals, a simple and compassionate edict that we should all do our best to live by.

Dr. James Capers has been a pet clairvoyant for close to 20 years, first learning how to communicate with animals with his cat, “Felicia,” who lived to be 21 years and 6 months old.   He has done pet counseling and has helped a dog who refused to eat dog food after being fed only table scraps; he helped a cat who refused to get off the bed (it turns out she was afraid of mice!); and an elderly Schnauzer who was afraid his guardian was going to “put him to sleep.”

‘Do-it-yourself’ Franciscan Animal Blessing

For all animals:

Blessed are you, Lord God,

maker of all living creatures.

On the fifth and sixth days of creation,

you called forth fish in the sea,

birds in the air and animals on the land.

You inspired St. Francis to call all animals

his brothers and sisters.

We ask you to bless this animal.

By the power of your love,

enable it to live according to your plan.

May we always praise you

for all your beauty in creation.

Blessed are you, Lord our God, in all your creatures! Amen.

For a sick animal:

Heavenly Father,

you created all things for your glory

and made us stewards of this creature.

If it is your will, restore it to health and strength.

Blessed are you, Lord God,

and holy is your name forever and ever. Amen.

Dr. Capers currently has a Shih Tsu, named Hope Angel, whom he feels blesses him everyday!



Vladae, The "World Famous" Russian Dog Wizard

Dachshund Has A Licking Problem

Vladae explains that the Dachshund bites more people than any other breed of dog.  Fortunately this Dachshund isn’t aggressive, but he a problem with excessive licking!  Vladae feels that the dog is trying to get attention by licking.  It’s okay for a subordinate to look for attention, but it is not okay for leaders to give it!  When the dog wants to lick, get a four-foot light clothesline and attach it to his collar.   Make sure the leash is slack and hold onto it.  When the dog tries to lick, you snap him with the leash, freeze and make a loud sound to startle him. 



Vinnie Penn, Animal Radio's Resident Party Animal

The “Clockwork” Squirrel

There’s something I’ve been noticing at my house.  For the last two years, the last two summers in a row, I’ve found this bizarre.  I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to out it here on the Animal Radio® airwaves. 

When I sit out by my pool on the weekends or even during the day, and I’m not exaggerating in the slightest when I say this, but there is a squirrel that I like to call clockwork squirrel.  Not like the Clockwork Orange in that he is murdering anybody, but at the same time everyday, you can set your clock by this squirrel, at 1:05 everyday, he comes from one side of the yard on the fence, all the way down the fence, jumps from once fence to the other fence, and comes all the way around.  Same time everyday - two summers in a row.

My sister was just over when this happened.  I heard her saying to someone on her cell phone out in my backyard, “Just a couple of minutes to 1:00 right now, and I’m going to lay out in the sun for a couple of minutes more and then I’ll be by.”

I then said to her, “Laura, watch this.  In about 5 minutes, about 1:05, this squirrel is going to come by.”  She thought I had trained him.  She kept wondering how I could know that the squirrel was going to come around!

The same time everyday, 1:05, two summers in a row, this squirrel comes down one side of the fence, hops to the other fence and then comes around. 

I say he’s visiting a lady friend.  I say he’s got his nuts in mind and he’s visiting a lady friend.  No one else has a reason for this.  Are they that patterned of a creature?  Is he working?  Does Disney have it right – are these animals doing a little bit of work, punching a clock, whistling while they work?

I don’t know what it is, but I can set my clock by the Clockwork Squirrel.  I should actually tail him one time and take a look and see.  As a matter of fact, I did look one time to see, and he just disappeared off into another yard.  There’s got to be an opossum he’s got something going on with.  I think he’s got a little something happening with an opossum, and if I look around, I bet there’s a “squiresum” somewhere – half squirrel/half opossum.

It’s Easier To Get Girls With a Dog

I actually have a question for you!  On one of the last days at the beach, before New England kisses the beautiful weather goodbye and braces itself for winter, I noticed something very interesting.  There was one guy on the beach who had a newborn with him, well maybe about a year old, taking his first little lumbering steps on the sand.  The guy was there without the baby’s mother.  To my left, a bit of a ways down, was a gentleman who was frolicking with a dog in somewhat of the same capacity.  I swear, if I’m not mistaken, the guy with the dog was getting more girls staring at him than the guy with the baby.

Well, I guess as I’m saying it out loud, women see the guy with the baby and they probably assume that there is a mother not far off.  Perhaps one that takes tai kon do, and they are living in fear of her, maybe that’s why the guy with the dog gets their attention. 

The dog is the ultimate chick magnet, particularly on the beach - you throw that Frisbee and that dog comes running out soaking wet and does that shake!  This dog was a chick magnet and it wasn’t even like it was the best looking dog like a Chocolate Lab, it was just a mutt.  Not that I am anti-mutt by any stretch of the imagination. But the girls were running over and the dog was shaking salt water all over them and they were laughing!

I just remember all of the times I took a girl to the beach and if I splashed water on their shorts, they would stomp off to the concession stand only to come back with French fries that they didn’t share.

The dog is a chick magnet – more than a kid!  But as I said, I think I’m realizing on the air that it’s probably because girls presume he’s got a mother!  They guy’s probably taken.

So, I guess this really wasn’t a question – or maybe just that I answered my own question!


Dr. Jim Humphries - Veterinary Minute

Senior Pets

For years, many pet owners just accepted the fact that their four-legged friends were just going to live a relatively short life, get old, and pass on. But modern veterinary medicine can help pets live longer with less painful or debilitating problems. Watch for changes in thirst, appetite, bad breath, lumps and changes in behavior. See your veterinarian more often and work out a senior wellness plan to help your pet live happy senior years.


Animal Radio® News with Bobbie Hill

Good News for Cats and Dogs

Good news for cats and dogs living in the Golden State.  Last month as California’s legislative session closed, two animal rights bills passed and are on their way to the Governor’s desk.  First is the Responsible Breeder Act of 2009, which limits the number of animals a breeder can use.  The second bill passed substantially increased the punishment for watching dogfighting in California.  According to the L.A. Times the new law makes the penalty for spectators caught attending fights one year in jail and a $5,000 fine.  That’s five times harsher than current law.       

Pilots Donate Time and Planes to Transport Animals

Local animal shelters are overcrowded throughout the country and the economic downturn is affecting the number of adoptable animals that end up euthanized. A group of private volunteer pilots are trying to give animals a better chance at adoption by airlifting them to other shelters.  Pilots N Paws was started in February 2008 in Knoxville Tennessee by a pilot named Jon Wehrenberg.  The volunteer pilots who donate their planes, fuel and time, have transported snakes, lizards, a chicken and at least one potbellied pig.  They often take the adoptable critters to higher median income communities to increase their chances of getting new homes.  Find out more about the group at

New Record for Land Speed by Animal

Sarah the cheetah has broken a land speed record for mammals last month. The 8-year-old big cat from the Cincinnati Zoo sprinted 100 meters (that’s 300 feet U.S.) in 6.13 seconds on a course certified by the Road Running Technical Council of the USA Track & Field.  The Cincinnati Enquirer said Sarah broke the previous record of 6.19 seconds held by a male cheetah in South Africa.

Prince of Darkness Aids Police

The Prince of Darkness has come to the aid of the Muncie Police Department.  Ozzy Osbourne donated $10,000 to the MPD for a new canine officer.  Their 13-year-old German Shepard Rover is retiring and the department was trying everything to raise funds for a replacement without taking community funds.  That’s when Jack Osbourne mentioned the need to dad-Ozzy who forked over the bucks.  Jack Osbourne was a reserve officer for Muncie in the short-lived “Armed & Famous.”  Muncie Police Sgt. Jay Turner has stayed in touch with Jack and when the need for a new K9 officer was mentioned it took Jack just ten minutes to talk Ozzy into it!

Social Network Site Aids in Capturing Animal Abuse Suspect

Social network cites can be used for good according to the ASPCA.  Special Agent Paul Lai used Facebook to track down a man suspected of animal abuse.  In late July, Donnell Walters of New York allegedly beat his boyfriend’s Yorkshire Terrier named Lucy after an argument.  ASPCA’s agent Lai used Facebook to locate 22-year-old Walter who was arrested last month at his Manhattan workplace.  Walter has been charged with one count of aggravated animal cruelty and faces up to two years in jail if convicted. Lucy is recovering well according to her owner.

Juvenile Faces Grand Theft Charges For Stealing Animals

If you want a pet, adopt one don’t steal!   A West Palm Beach Florida teenager found that out the hard way two weeks ago when he was arrested.  The police acting on a tip found three squirrel monkeys, a Goeldi’s monkey and a Green-cheeked Amazon parrot taken from the Palm Beach Zoo in an abandoned home.  The juvenile suspect faces grand theft charges as well as burglary.  Charges of animal cruelty are pending and cops are looking for two other suspects in connection with the crime.


Your Vet Questions Answered with Dr. Debbie

Rescued Dog Had Worms And Now Is Incontinent

This dog is part Schnauzer/Fox Terrier and is 7 months old and about 11 pounds.  When she was adopted, she had terrible tape and hookworms and it took over 2 months to get rid of them.  In the last couple of months she has had episodes of incontinence, both when she is awake and when she is sleeping.  Dr. Debbie doesn’t see a connection, but in such a young pup, she suggests having a vet take a urine sample to check for infections and to make sure there is not anything serious going on.

Chihuahua Has Recurrent Ear Infections And Chews On Feet

A four-year-old Chihuahua has been having problems for the last 3 years with her ears getting inflamed and irritated.  Her guardian has tried drops, which made it better, but it still comes back and she wants to know about supplements.   Dr. Debbie says before you go to supplements, you need to find out what is going on, which might even be a food allergy or seasonal allergies.  Have your vet start with a skin sample.  In the meantime, also have your vet recommend a new food to test for food allergies.

Puppy Has Umbilical Hernia

A Weimaraner who is about 2 and 1/2 months old pees all over himself as soon as he wakes up.  He will then just lay in it.  He has an umbilical hernia, which can’t be operated on until he is 4 months old, could this be the cause?  Dr. Debbie doesn’t feel that there is any connection between the hernia and the urine leakage.  However, puppies at this age usually have a hard time holding their urine for long periods of time and need to go outdoors about every hour.  If the puppy is going out to urinate and is still leaking all over himself, he should be thoroughly checked by a vet to see if there are any urinary infections going on.  There are also congenital problems where the urine flow isn’t directed in the right way, leaving the dog to continually leak urine.

Is There A Way To Keep My Dog’s Teeth Clean Between Annual Cleanings?

The guardian of an 8 and 1/2 year old female Doberman who goes in for dental cleanings on a yearly basis, wants to know if there is any way to clean the plaque buildup between the dental cleaning?  She wants to know if it is okay to use a dental scaler to scrape her dog’s teeth between cleanings?  Dr. Debbie states NO!  What people don’t understand is that it is not good to pick at the teeth with a scaler and then not be able to polish them afterwards.  This is because scraping the teeth can create defects in the enamel, which will make the plaque build up even more.   However, home brushing is the number one thing you can do.  If you can brush your pet’s teeth everyday, that would be ideal.  But, even two to three times a week is beneficial.  You can also provide your pet with Greenies in between cleanings, which can help with the tarter buildup.   There are also prescriptions foods and things that you can add to their water, which can also help a little.  In her office, Dr. Debbie uses an oral sealant, called OraVet, which is something you can do at home.  She finds that OraVet works well because you don’t have to be precise when applying it.  You just put it on the teeth near the gum line and it spreads over the teeth on its own.  This is applied weekly.

Cat Tears Up Chair

Cat has a problem with tearing up a computer chair.  The cat tore it up and his guardian went out and purchased a new chair.  The guardian then gave the cat the old chair, but he is still tearing up the new chair.  Dr. Debbie says he is thanking you for the new chair!  In reality, the chair is still in the same place and the cat has the same behavior because nothing in his world has changed.  You need to train the cat not to use the chair.  Don’t punish the cat by yelling at him or squirting him with water when he does this, as he will associate that with you and not with his bad behavior.  Try getting a scratching post and also feed him in that area.  You can place it near the chair and also place treats around it. You want to make it a positive experience.  As for the chair, you might try placing “sticky tape” where he scratches or cover the part of the chair he can access with foil or a plastic wrap, which will make it feel different to him.

Dog Originally Tested False/Positive For Heartworm And Now Has It

A year ago, this Basset Hound was tested for heartworm and showed a false/positive for and was put on Heartguard.  The following year, a new vet said that the dog had full-blown heartworms and he is now on heartworm treatment.   His guardian wants to know if he could possibly have had heartworms a year ago?  Dogs contract heartworms from mosquito bites, which then go through a development stage inside the pet.   Dr. Debbie says it is possible that a pet can be tested for heartworms, be negative, but yet within a month or two, actually develop heartworms, even though you are doing everything right.  It is not common, but it is possible.   This happens because there are different ways that heartworms are tested.  There is a blood test and then there is a test where a vet looks for microscopic worms under a microscope.  There is also concern that heartworms are becoming resistant to normal preventatives.   If heartworms are caught early before there are a lot of problems with the heart and liver, there is no reason that a pet can’t live a long, healthy life.

Indoor/Outdoor Cat Has Now Lost Three Collars

A cat, who is indoor/outdoor, was adopted 4 years ago.  He has always worn a collar, but within the last 6-8 months, he has been coming in without his collar.  His guardian has even replaced it with a break-a-way collar, but that too was no longer there.  His guardian would like him to wear the collar so she knows when he comes in and out of the house.  Plus, it also alerts birds that he might try to stalk.   The guardian feels that a neighbor might be taking it off.  A recommendation is to place a note on the collar asking that it not be removed and to contact the guardian.  It was also suggested to place a bell on the cat door to alert when he goes in and out. The cat should also be microchipped.   And if all else fails, keep him indoors!


Fido Friendly Travel Talk With Susan Sims

Jose Angulo – Amalfi Hotel Chicago

If you are heading anywhere near Illinois, there is a fabulous Fido friendly hotel in Chicago, the Amalfi, which is a great destination for those traveling with their pets. 

The Amalfi is a luxury boutique hotel located in the River North District in Chicago.  It’s in a great location close to the Magnificent Mile, the Millennium Park, great restaurants and nightlife.  

At the Amalfi Hotel in Chicago, you will also find a Pamper your Pooch package, which includes a plush toy, treat, luxurious doggy bowl and bed, along with a Pet Lover’s Guide to the City.  And if you want to do things in the city without your pet, the Amalfi also has dog walkers. 

The package ranges from $159 to about $309, and until the end of the year, visit and type Fido into the promo field for a 10% discount.

Fido Friendly Magazine:

The Travel Magazine For You & Your Dog, a complete guide to Fido-friendly accommodations across the United States and Canada. "Fido Friendly is the only magazine dedicated to the travel lifestyle of man's best friend, and the one magazine your dog will thank you for." And don't forget to join the Fido Friendly Travel Club.


Animal Minute With Britt Savage

Cat Stuck In Wall

A cat stuck in a wall at a house under construction initiated his rescue when he caught the attention of a prospective buyer by meowing and waving his paw out a small hole.

The cat had gotten stuck behind the wall but found a gap between a gas pipe and the wallboard where he could stick out his paw. Someone touring the house spotted him.

Collierville Animal Services supervisor Nina Wingfield said she heard a "hoarse meow" after she arrived at the house.  "When he knew we were there, it was a very hoarse, frantic meow," she said.

Wingfield freed the feline by cutting away the wallboard with a knife.  "He had his paw out touching not clawing the whole time, like he was saying 'Come on! Come on,'" Wingfield said.

She thinks the cat, which had been stuck without food long enough for his ribs to be showing, is a lost pet.   No owners have come forward to claim him. In the meantime, the animal shelter is calling him by a new name: Wally.



Someone Took Cat Out Of Truck

A cat was taken from a vehicle while parked at the Hobby Lobby in Casper, WY.  Beowulf is a 16-month-old Registered Norwegian Forest Cat.  He is about 12 lbs; tan/orange with stripes; white face, chest, belly, four white feet and white tail tip.  

He has traditional Forest Cat almond shaped green eyes.  Beowulf is in-your-face affectionate.  Both Beowulf and his brother, Buliwyf (Bull Vie) travel well.   Only one cat was taken. 
Reports have been made to the Casper Humane Society as well as the Casper Metro Animal Control & Welfare agencies.  A police report was also made with the Casper Police Department.   Poster/flyers have been put and the information is listed on several of the Amber type lost/found websites.  
If you have any information, please contact:  

Karen Turner

P.O. Box 627

Big Piney, Wyoming 83113.   

1-888-669-8944 is a toll free voice mail...callers must leave a message

307-260-7724 cell

307-276-4363 home in Big Piney

307-257-7599 home in Gillette.  


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