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Animal Radio Audio Newsletter August 2018

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Animal Radio® Show #974

Kelly Lund and Loki are on Animal RadioTurning Your Pet Into A Viral Sensation
Kelly Lund and Loki, his Husky - Wolf mix, didn't intentionally become a viral Internet sensation. Kelly casually posted a picture on Instagram that was picked up by Reddit, Bored Panda and Buzzfeed. Now Loki has a half-million followers and a new book. Kelly will give us tips on making your pet a star.
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Pit Bulls Aren't Getting A Fair Shake
Fiona Gilbert has Multiple Sclerosis. a degenerative neurological condition that affected her ability to walk. Without her service dog, she cannot function or work. The only problem is that Koda, her service animal is a pit-bull mix. As a frequent flyer on Delta Airlines, she is no longer welcome because her service dog is banned on the carrier.
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Social Media's Top 10 Pet Influencers
Forbes came out with multiple lists on social media influencers. On the list of Pet Influencers, probably the best-known Internet pet that still commands the most eyeballs and makes money to match her fame, is Grumpy Cat. Why are these animals so engaging and why are they so valuable to advertisers? Collectively, the top 10 Pet Influencers have 50 million followers.
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Parrots change traffic patternParrots Change Traffic Pattern
Kea parrots are big and about 18 inches long. They're native to New Zealand where they can be a pest, but they do attract the tourists. These big parrots have been caught on camera shifting traffic cones into active traffic lanes. Why? The New Zealand Transportation Agency thinks they know why.
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Pentobarbital Horse Meat Used In Evanger's Pet Food
Through the freedom of information act, some new information has come to light in last year's case of Evanger's pet food company having pentobarbital tainted horse meat in some of its canned food. Evanger's was in compliance and had a license to use horse-meat at that time. However, it turns out they had been processing horse-meat as early as 2015 without a license. Records show an inspector found it on the premises of the Evanger's processing plant during an inspection that was made as a result of complaints over health concerns and unsanitary conditions at the facility.
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Animal Radio® Show #973

Dogipot Dog Parking ExplainedHigh Tech Dog Kennel
If Rebecca Eyre gets her way, you'll never again see a dog tied up outside a retail or food establishment. She says "Dogspot," a climate controlled parking spot for your dog, is being rolled-out across the country. Using the smartphone app, you'll gain access to a safe and secure dog locker fitted with UV lamps and cameras. So many questions, so little time.
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Ikea Recalls Pet Water Dispenser After Dog Deaths
Ikea's new Lurvig water dispenser seemed like a great idea until two dogs died after getting their heads stuck in the device. Ikea has issued a global recall and is warning that it can become a deadly trap if your small pet inserts its head up the dome-shaped water container. The water dispenser is made up of two components. Its bottom serves as a water bowl and the base for a transparent container that holds water and ends in a dome sitting on the base. The $7.99 water dispenser was one of the 75 pet products introduced by Ikea last October. It's one of several recent strategic steps Ikea has made towards transforming itself from a furniture company to a lifestyle brand.
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What's So Important About Blood Tests
Has your veterinarian ever recommended an expensive battery of blood tests for your pet? Dr. Fred Metzler explains why these blood tests are needed to really understand your pets health, even when they're healthy. Since our pets cannot speak English, veterinarians rely upon blood to tell the story. Dr. Metzger is our next speaker in the Fear Free Pets Expert Series.
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Laura Vorreyer is on Animal RadioPetsitter To The Stars Speaks
Laura Vorreyer has become a petsitter for celebrity pet owners and their furry companions. She says that some of her clients have large requests when it comes to pet are. Laura will tell us about a popular singer who tests her songs on her dogs to see if they'll be a hit.
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Potatoes and Lentils in Dog Food Linked To Heart Disease
There's some new information from the Food and Drug Administration's that says
potatoes, legumes, peas and lentils used as protein sources in many dog foods may be linked to canine heart disease. The agency is researching dogs that developed dilated cardiomyopathy, or DCM, which is a disease of a dog's heart muscle and often results in congestive heart failure.
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Animal Radio® Show #972

Does your pet have a pet trust?Planning A Pet Trust
What happens to your pet if something happens to you? Did you know your pet is considered "property" in the eyes of the law? Estate Attorney A.J. Fudge has prepared a simple plan for your pets should you punch the clock before they do. It's important to have a pet-trust legally documented so that your furry-family member doesn't end up in the shelter and possibly euthanized.
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What's Trending In The Pet Sector?
On the heels of the industry's largest pet product show, Robert Semrow reports on the latest and greatest stuff for your pets. This year has seen an explosion of CBD type supplements, a bi-product of marijuana, for moderating your pet's pain. Also, a large number of major companies are launching their products on Kickstarter. If the product doesn't gain traction through crowd-funding, then it's shelved. This new technique saves thousands in market research.
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Another Major Pet Food Buyout
The Wall Street Journal tells us Nestlé, the huge food and beverage conglomerate, is in talks to buy a majority stake in Canada's Champion Petfoods for $2 billion. Champion makes super premium, high quality, Orijen and Acana dog and cat foods... for now.
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Quick thinking flight attendantFlight Attendant Saves Dog
In a news cycle that seems to portray a lot of airline vs. animal issues, it's a breath of fresh air to hear about a quick thinking flight attendant that saved the life of a French Bulldog on a JetBlue flight. The 3-year-old French Bulldog, named Darcy, was on a flight from Florida to Massachusetts with her human parents when her tongue began to turn blue and she started having difficulty breathing.
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Major Stock Photo Suppliers Remove Unnatural Primate Pictures
Recently, PETA made a major push in its efforts to stop what it calls harmful portrayals of primates and has successfully lobbied a number of stock photo organizations to remove images that depict primates in an "unnatural" way. They have also asked that they restrict their photos to those taken in zoos or other natural environments. Stock photos are used in everything from advertisements to greeting cards, to websites and newspapers. While this may be a move that seems favorable for animals, isn't it tantamount to censorship?
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Animal Radio® Show #971

Model Summer Rayne and Kippy are on Animal RadioSupermodel Chicken
Model Summer Rayne Oakes dispels common stereotypes. A Cornell graduate in Etymology, she has no problems feeding her best friend live meal-worms, something that would make most models squirm. Of course, her best friend is a chicken named Kippy. The two are inseparable. You might see them together on a N.Y. Subway. Kippy has even appeared in several photo shoots.
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Does Your Pet Dream?
Have you seen you pet twitch, move or mumble while they sleep. Could they be dreaming? Harvard Professor and Dream Researcher Dr. Deirdre Barrett shares what she knows about pet dreams.
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Dealing With Noise Phobias
Some pets can be alarmed or startled by noises like thunder, cars and fireworks. It's not uncommon. Board Certified Veterinary Behaviorist Dr. E'Lise Christensen tells us about ways we can desensitize our furry friends. Our pets deserve to be Fear Free Pets.
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What Would You Give Up To Take Your Dog To Work?
As part of last month's Take Your Dog to Work Day, Ollie, a human-grade dog food company, polled animal lovers who currently cannot take their dog to the office to see what they would be willing to do to gain that privilege. One in four said they would give up three vacations days if it meant their dog would be allowed in the office. Additionally, 70% of pet parents said they would show up to work earlier if it meant they could bring their dog and 68% said they would stay later. Two-thirds of those polled said they would be willing to switch to another company if it meant getting pet-friendly perks.
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President Bush gets a service dogFormer President Gets Service Dog
George H.W. Bush is welcoming a new member of the family, a yellow Labrador retriever named Sully who will be his first service dog. The 94-year-old has been hospitalized several times in the last few years and Sully can open doors, pick up items and summon help. The nation's 41st president currently uses a wheelchair and an electric scooter to get around since developing a form of Parkinson's disease. You can follow Sully on his own Instagram account.
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Airlines Want To Ban Support Animals
Two major air carriers, American and Southwest Airlines, are urging the Federal Government to no longer require them to allow Emotional Support Animals on board. The Transportation Department is reconsidering its rules for traditional service animals and comfort pets. The flight industry group, Airlines for America, which represents American and Southwest, has told the Transportation Department that it should narrow the broad definition of "service animals" to only quote, "trained dogs that perform a task or work for an individual with a disability."
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Animal Radio® Show #970

Julie Baker explains how she earns 50k a year making chicken clothesMaking Chicken Clothes Earns $50,000 Yearly
Julie Baker accidentally started a chicken clothing company by making fashionable-looking diapers for pet chickens - but now her company, Pampered Poultry, has gone on to add tutus, sweaters and dresses. She earns about $50,000 yearly.
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Research Shows Your Dog May Share Your Personality Traits
Your dog's behavior has more to do with yours than you might think. Dogs can develop all kinds of personality issues, and new research shows that their humans might have something to do with it. Dr. Nicholas Dodman says your craziness can rub off on your dog.
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Finding Pet Friendly Vacation Spots
Television host Ashley Mengwasser is traveling the country looking for the best places to take your pets. She'll show you, not the spots that just tolerate pets, but the locations that roll out the red carpet for Fido. Check out her program called Pets Welcome Here TV.
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Pit bull service dogs being banned on DeltaDelta Bans "Pit-Bull Style" Dogs
Delta has added its name to the growing list of airlines that have unveiled new, stricter policies about animals on airplanes. Delta says its new rules are driven by safety considerations and intended to ensure that service or emotional support animals are traveling only with passengers who truly have disabilities. The airline also announced it would prohibit all €śpit bull-type dogs€ť as service or support animals due to safety concerns following recent incidents in which several employees were bitten.
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Mars Petcare Food Linked To Incurable Disease
The Australian division of the global pet food company Mars Petcare has been dealing with a sad and difficult to understand mess involving one of its foods, Advance DermoCare, which has been implicated in more than 100 Australian dogs being diagnosed with megaesophagus. As a result of all the negative attention, Mars is now the first major pet food company to support Australian pet food regulation after years of the industry down under insisting there was no need for formal oversight. Owners of dogs with megaesophagus have criticized Mars for recalling the product three months after it first learned of a potential problem.
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