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Animal Radio Audio Newsletter July 2018

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Animal Radio® Show #970

Julie Baker explains how she earns 50k a year making chicken clothesMaking Chicken Clothes Earns $50,000 Yearly
Julie Baker accidentally started a chicken clothing company by making fashionable-looking diapers for pet chickens - but now her company, Pampered Poultry, has gone on to add tutus, sweaters and dresses. She earns about $50,000 yearly.
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Research Shows Your Dog May Share Your Personality Traits
Your dog's behavior has more to do with yours than you might think. Dogs can develop all kinds of personality issues, and new research shows that their humans might have something to do with it. Dr. Nicholas Dodman says your craziness can rub off on your dog.
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Finding Pet Friendly Vacation Spots
Television host Ashley Mengwasser is traveling the country looking for the best places to take your pets. She'll show you, not the spots that just tolerate pets, but the locations that roll out the red carpet for Fido. Check out her program called Pets Welcome Here TV.
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Pit bull service dogs being banned on DeltaDelta Bans "Pit-Bull Style" Dogs
Delta has added its name to the growing list of airlines that have unveiled new, stricter policies about animals on airplanes. Delta says its new rules are driven by safety considerations and intended to ensure that service or emotional support animals are traveling only with passengers who truly have disabilities. The airline also announced it would prohibit all "pit bull-type dogs" as service or support animals due to safety concerns following recent incidents in which several employees were bitten.
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Mars Petcare Food Linked To Incurable Disease
The Australian division of the global pet food company Mars Petcare has been dealing with a sad and difficult to understand mess involving one of its foods, Advance DermoCare, which has been implicated in more than 100 Australian dogs being diagnosed with megaesophagus. As a result of all the negative attention, Mars is now the first major pet food company to support Australian pet food regulation after years of the industry down under insisting there was no need for formal oversight. Owners of dogs with megaesophagus have criticized Mars for recalling the product three months after it first learned of a potential problem.
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Animal Radio® Show #969

Gideon Kidd to pet a million dogsPetting a Million Dogs
Gideon Kidd has a goal to pet a million dogs for his pet project. So far, the 9-year-old boy has pet more than 360 in his Iowa hometown. He's chronicled his journey on Twitter, garnering over 90,000 followers. He'll tell us why he's doing this.
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Please Don't Repo Fido - Lawmakers Ban Pet Leasing
Puppies sold in pet stores, most of which are sourced from puppy mills, are often accompanied by soaring sticker prices. To make the puppies appear more affordable, private lending companies are offering leasing plans. Miss a payment and they can repossess your pup. Bill Ketzer, from ASPCA Government Relations, is asking lawmakers to end this predatory practice.
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Managing Leash Aggression
Board Certified Veterinary Behaviorist Dr. Wailani Sung studies and treats 'leash aggression.' She'll help you control your lunging dog. This feature is part of the Fear Free Pets Expert Series, helping your pet live a happier and healthier life.
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Smart Toilets for Cats
Sharp Cat ToiletSharp, the electronics maker has a hot new pet product set to go on the market next month. It's a smart toilet for cats that can automatically measure urine data and the weight of the cat to keep track of its health. It will also alert its human if any abnormality is detected. What if you have multiple cats? In that case, a sensor for identifying each cat is available and can be used in combination with the smart toilet to keep tabs on the health of up to three cats.
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Pit Bull Puppy Saves Baby
A pit bull puppy in Northern California is being called a hero. Sasha the puppy is only 4 months old. She and her baby human sister were born only a few days apart. Now, that bond is even stronger after Sasha alerted the family to a fire at the neighbor's house that was spreading to their home. The puppy ran to the bedroom and got the baby off a bed by her diaper before the mother had even arrived in the room.
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Animal Radio® Show #968

Dr. Lorin Lindner is on Animal RadioParrots Helping Veterans with P.T.S.D.
Dr. Lorin Lindner founded Serenity Park, a unique sanctuary on the grounds of the Los Angeles Veterans Administration Healthcare Center. She noticed that the veterans she treated as a clinical psychologist and the parrots she had taken in as a rescuer quickly formed bonds. Men and women who had been silent in therapy would share their stories and their feelings more easily with animals.
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Are American's Too Attached To Their Pets?
Psychological Scientist Dr. Clay Routledge believes young adults may be bonding with animals at the expense of vital human relationships. While the Animal Radio team may be divided on the health aspects of loving your pet "too much," there is one empirical fact; some of us have trouble prioritizing humans over animals.
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Filthy Pet Food Facility
Mars markets canned dog and cat foods under the Pedigree, Cesar, Whiskas, Nutro and IAMS brands and problems over the past two years at their pet food production facility in Columbus, OH, are now becoming public. Food Safety News has revealed that the facility was crawling with an infestation of German cockroaches between October 2016 and July of last year. Pet food from the plant also generated consumer complaints about finding hard plastic pieces in the pet food. A recall of the affected foods was issued, but inspections of the facility to check on how they remedied the problem found the company had not completed repairs as promised.
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Oldest Cat Turns 30
30 year old cat celebrates birthday on Animal RadioA British cat has been given the title of oldest in the world after celebrating its 30th birthday. The cat, named 'Rubble,' has been with his mom since she got him as a kitten on her 20th birthday in May of 1988. They have been inseparable ever since and Rubble has now matched the age of the last world record holder. The oldest cat ever according to the record books is Creme Puff who was born on August 3, 1967 and lived until August 6, 2005, an amazing 38 years and 3 days.
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Gone to the Birds
We often celebrate our cats and dogs, but today it'll be about the birds. We'll focus on bad bird behavior and training your parrot of cockatoo. Dr. Debbie breaks the myths about bird food and explains the nutritional value of seeds vs. pellets.
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Animal Radio® Show #967

Our Wild Life
Our Wild Life star Bobbie Jo Abrams is on Animal RadioBobbie Jo Abrams doesn't mind the camels in her kitchen or sloths in her living room. And she rather enjoys the kangaroos hanging onto her. Her new TLC hit series, Our Wild Life, is causing a lot of chatter about the 81 mostly exotic animals she shares her house with. She explains how she pays for her bizarre pet collecting habit.
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Avoiding and Treating Heat Stroke in Dogs
Typically, when you think of a dog getting heat stroke, you might envision a dog in a hot car. But heat stroke can affect your dog simply by being outside in 80-degree temperatures. Fear Free Vet Dr. Stacy Eckman talks about the breed of dogs most at risk and the myths behind improper treatment of heat stroke. Check out the Fear Free Expert Series.
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A Rescue Cat Who Inspired a Community
When life gives you lemons, you know what you're supposed to do! After battling cancer, Best-selling author Helen Brown embraced a "special needs" foster cat named Bono. This little cat was the last thing Helen wanted or needed, or so she thought. Helen tells us how Bono left his mark-on-her-heart.
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Funerals for Robotic Dogs
Robot Aibo FuneralsMost of us know how difficult it is losing a pet, but what happens when the "pet" in question is a robot? It's something that happens frequently in Japan where Aibo the robotic dog is manufactured. The demise of the irreparable Aibo robotic dog is marked in much the same way as that of humans, with a solemn ceremony at a Buddhist temple. At a recent memorial for more than a hundred "deceased" members of Sony's older generation of Aibo robot dogs, incense wafted through the air as priests in robes chanted and prayed for their souls.
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I've Pet That Dog
Gideon Kidd is a 9-year-old from Iowa whose love in life is petting dogs. This has all been documented with photos taken by his mother, which are then posted on his blog named "I've Pet That Dog!" So far, Gideon has documented himself petting over 300 dogs. Gideon's Twitter page has exploded with more than 70,000 followers.
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Animal Radio® Show #966

TrapKing Sterling Davis is on Animal RadioRap King to TrapKing
The TrapKing Sterling Davis spreads the word about Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) and his approach to educating and engaging different demographics while ending the "crazy cat lady" stereotype! "Gotta let the fellas know, you don't lose cool points for compassion."
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Could Your Pet's GPS Leak Sensitive Information?
Smart collars and other devices for animals that track their locations are very popular now. However, the problem, according to Kaspersky Lab, is that these tracking devices can leak sensitive information. The pet-tracker class of connected gadgets adds one more layer of vulnerability, but calling attention to the flaws could be a wake-up call to the manufacturers.
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Don't Lease a Pet!
Buying a pet at a pet store can end up costing twice what it says on the price tag if you are lured into signing a pet-leasing contract. Pet leasing has been drawing scrutiny from lawmakers and animal welfare groups since last year highlighted many consumer complaints against Reno, Nevada-based Wags Lending, which pioneered the practice of loans to lease pets. And if you stop making payments, the company has the right to take your animal back and ding your credit score.
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Musician Terry Woodford is on Animal Radio
Music Calms The Savage Beast
Multi-platinum musician Terry Woodford's Canine Lullabies are being played in over 2500 rescue and shelter facilities. The results are quite remarkable. The music, with a heartbeat in the mix, reduces anxiety and comforts sick animals.
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It's Allergy Season
Did you know your dog could be allergic to cats? Did you know your cat could be allergic to YOU? Many pet owners are dealing with animals that have seasonal or food allergies. Dr. Debbie has some ideas for when you've tried everything else to comfort your pet.
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