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KATRINA's ANIMALS Live News Coverage 24/7 on Animal Radio's Full-time Channel
      The Lesson and Legacy,
Congressman Tom Lantos (CA-D) Pledges Pet Evacuation Reform on Animal Radio

Animal Radio Weekly Show Animal Radio's Full-Time Channel - 24/7

Animal Radio's Katrina Covertage is brought to you by Bissell, a proud sponsor of Go to to get the latest information on how you can help the animals affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Animals left behind.
Pets being shot by police.
Rescue attempts and successes.
Where to donate.

Katrina Animals being Airlifted Out
Dr. Eve Ognibene, North Shore Animal League reporting for Animal Radio® from Ground Zero
reporting that the animals victims of Hurricane Katrina are getting worse. The temperature has been in the upper 90's and over 100 degrees. They are making every effort possible to remove all animals as soon as possible to safer ground. In the meantime, they are trying to reunite pets with their guardians. One animal in their custody is lucky enough to have a tag, so they are currently looking for the guardian of Beagle,"Sam Pollock". NSAL, along with Dad's Pet Care, has arranged an airlift of 200+ animals.

Vet Takes Horse Trailer to Mississippi to Rescue Katrina Animal Victims
Dr. Kim Danoff desperately wanted to help the animals left behind after Hurricane Katrina. When she heard that rescue efforts were not taking place in much needed Mississippi, she knew just what she had to do. She gathered up donations and volunteers and took a horse trailer to Mississippi and rescued approximately 70 animals.

A New Deadly, Contagious Dog Flu Virus is Detected in 7 States
Dr. Michael Hutchinson
A new, highly contagious and sometimes deadly canine flu is spreading in kennels and at dog tracks around the country, veterinarians said. The virus, which scientists say mutated from an influenza strain that affects horses, has killed racing greyhounds in seven states and has been found in shelters and pet shops in many places, including the New York suburbs, though the extent of its spread is unknown. The virus spreads most easily where dogs were housed together but that it could also be passed on the street, in dog runs or even by a human transferring it from one dog to another.

Bureaucratic Interference Is Causing Problems with Katrina Animal Victims
Dr. Adriana Sagrera
Animals are, fortunately, getting rescued and being dropped off at the triage stations, but they are overwhelming the triage stations. These triage stations are not properly organized and not prepared to handle the amount of animals they are seeing.

Animal Emergency Response Network
National Database for Hurricane Katrina Victims with Pets
Stacey Candella, PETS 911
With Hurricane Katrina, all the national animal welfare groups (HSUS, AHA, PETS 911, Petfinder, ASPCA, BEST FRIENDS ....) have collaborated on a NATIONAL database for victims with pets ... listing everything from "my pet was left behind and needs help" to where can I get someone to foster my pet, while I'm in a temporary shelter. You can VIEW the national database from any one of their websites. But also of importance is the 1-888-PETS-911 lost/found hotline. This is extremely important for those who do not have access in that region to computers. And the 1-888-PETS-911 database will also feed the national database.

CD Helps Animals in the Gulf Coast
Skip Haynes, The Laurel Canyon Animal Company
Bring An Animal Home For The Holidays is the perfect holiday CD for you and your animal loving friends. In response to the tragedy of Katrina -especially the plight of the animals and their caretakers- the Laurel Canyon Animal Company is donating $9.00 from every order during September and October. The donations will equally distributed to ASPCA, the Humane Society and Best Friends Animal Sanctuary to help in their relief work.

"Cattitude" with Kim Levin
It's Sex & the City meets All I Need to Know I Learned from My Cat. This compendium of sassy advice from felines to females might make you think your cat has gotten hold of Carrie Bradshaw's computer.

2005 Night of Comedy
Sherry Hackett, Singita Animal Sanctuary
On Wednesday, October 26, 2005, the Singita Animal Sanctuary promises you another jam-packed, fun-filled night of superb entertainment and another chance to make a difference in the lives of a lot of desperately needy animals. If you were there last year, you'll remember the 6th Annual Night of Comedy was truly spectacular. Guests enjoyed wonderful hors d'oerves and networking before the show. If Buddy was watching the stage that night, he was surely delighted by the many hilarious jokes and stories told by his long-time pals, protégés and a raft of other comedic talents. Want to get involved? Find out how you can help.

Rabies - A Threat To Pets and People
Dr. Jim Humphries, Veterinary News Network
Rabies is a disease we usually think of as having well under control with vaccinations. But the deadly disease seems to emerge each spring and summer as a problem.

Renegade Sea Lions
Gerry Dunlap spent more than a year fixing up his 1910 dream sailboat, but it sank right to the bottom of the Newport Harbor when 15 gigantic sea lions tried to take it out for a spin. Besides barking all night long, these sea lions have also tipped over a mother and her child in a kayak.

Darlene Arden on Animal Radio®

When Your Pet Outlives You with Darlene Arden with David Congalton - If you were to die tomorrow, what would happen to your beloved animal companions? Would they be cared for and loved, even after your death? A new resource ­ the first comprehensive book ever published at length on the subject ­ combines compelling personal stories with practical advice on how to protect your pets even after you're gone.

Summer Giveaway Drawing - Congratulations LeAnn Skrzynski

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Next Week:
We're delivering the Animal Radio Summer Giveaway package and speaking with Congressman Tom Lantos (R-CA) about legislation for evacuating animals too!

Animal Radio with Hal Abrams & Judy Francis

DULUTH, Minn. (AP) - Rescued, stolen or rejected?
They are among the questions being raised by the charges against a Minnesota couple who say they rescued 12 dogs and a cat from the hurricane-ravaged Gulf region. Walter and Fay Peters are accused of stealing the pets because they brought them back to Minnesota. Police in Duluth say as far as they know, the animals were supposed to stay in Louisiana.

Dolphins Rescued
GULFPORT, Miss. - In an "unheard of" rescue operation, eight dolphins that were swept out of their oceanarium by Hurricane Katrina have been rediscovered hundreds of yards out at sea where trainers are tracking, feeding and caring for them. "To find all eight of them on your doorstep is just unheard of," said Moby Solangi, president of the Marine Life Oceanarium in Gulfport. "When we first saw them, they were really starving. When they saw their trainers, they were absolutely flipping."

Would You Risk Your Life For Your Pet?
Dr. Diane Pomerance
In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, it is feared that thousands of people lost their lives. Hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions, find themselves deeply affected in the wake of this tragedy. The human toll was horrific, but what of the animals? America's heart was collectively broken when the young boy on the bus cried uncontrollably because "Snowball" had to be left behind. People of all ages develop strong emotional attachments to their pets.

Katrina's Animals with Hal & Judy (every 2 hours)

Reuniting Hurricane Survivor Family with Beloved Dog
James Bias, President of the SPCA of Texas
The SPCA of Texas reunited hurricane survivor and New Orleans evacuees Demyra Franklin and her mother Karen Franklin with their beloved dog, a red male American pit bull terrier, who they were forced to leave behind when they fled the city. The Franklins have two dogs, the adult male who is coming back to North Texas today and also a three-month-old puppy. SPCA officials are still searching for the puppy in New Orleans.

The Bear Search and Rescue Foundation Deploys Team to Louisiana by Request of the Governor with Captain Scott Shields
"I've been to hell before, but this was the worst," says Scott Shields, reflecting on his two long weeks of search and rescue work in the flood-ravaged streets of New Orleans. And this from a man who scoured the rubble of the World Trade Center on Sept. 11 with his now-deceased rescue dog Bear and made history finding victims amid debris 30 feet high.

Hurricane Relief Efforts
Doll Stanley, IDA's Project Hope
For days, Project Hope Director Doll Stanley helped with relief efforts in Jackson while waiting to get her animal rescue team into the areas of Mississippi hit hardest by Hurricane Katrina. While her efforts were helpful in Jackson, Doll knew the situation was far worse further South, but was held back by authorities. After the National Guard gave them permission to pass on the highway, they set out in a small convoy of three vehicles to deliver food, water, medical supplies and assistance to the people and animals who need it most.

Katrina Animal Reunions
Dr. Eve Ognibene, North Shore Animal League
After the North Shore Animal League America, along with Dad's Pet Care, arranged an airlift of 100 animals, they are just now beginning to arrange reunions with their guardians as well. Dr. Ognibene, who is now back home, is working with the rescued animals and making flight arrangements for guardians to reunite with their pets.

Voice of the Animal with Rae Ann Kumelos

And the Award Goes To. Bears, Lynx and a Unicorn :
Rae Ann Kumelos, Voice of the Animal
If we wonder what occupied the minds of our ancestors, we need only look to the heavens, for it is the canvas on which their thoughts and dreams were projected, and one reason they populated the unfamiliar with the familiar ­ animals. Visit some of the galactic animals that star in our own celestial theater ­ the night sky.

St. Francis Means Katrina
Rae Ann Kumelos, Voice of the Animal
This gentle, compassionate twelfth-century saint referred to all creatures as his brothers and sisters, and spent his life not only in service to his human flock, but to birds and animals as well. At this time of crisis in New Orleans, St. Francis inspires us to support our brothers and sisters of the Gulf Coast ­ four-legged, two-legged, winged and finned.

Animal Minute with Britt Savage

Hairballs - Watch Where You Step!
Britt Savage
Hairballs are just that, balls of hair that a cat can't digest. There are two kinds of hairballs, those that start in the throat and those that begin in the stomach. But no matter which, it is not a pleasant thing to step on in the middle of the night! There are things you can do to help eliminate hairballs, such as buying food to reduce hairballs, and also brushing your cat frequently. Don't be alarmed, hairballs are normal for a cat, but if they seem excessive, you might want to have your cat checked by your vet.

Veterinary Minute with Dr. Jim Humphries

Physical Therapy
Dr. Jim Humphries, Veterinary News Network
Physical therapy has gone to the dogs. It used to be that physical therapy was only for humans, but it has been discovered to help many animals. As our animals age, they can get some of the same diseases that we do, such as arthritis, osteoporosis, etc. And, if your veterinarian prescribes the therapy, it may even be covered by your pet insurance.

Coming Soon to Animal Radio's Full-time Channel
Joy Turner and Arden Moore
and more great programming every day!

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The Lessons and Legacy of Hurricane Katrina by Dr. Diane Pomerance

Would You Risk Your Life for Your Pet?

Would you risk your life for your pet? Hurricane Katrina taught those who love animals as well as the general public that yes, indeed, people have loved and will continue to love their pets enough to sacrifice their own lives for them. For many, this fact is surprising, even shocking. After all we're socialized to regard animal life as less important than our own. Many people still view animals (even beloved pets) as chattel, our property, as frivolous or unnecessary additions to our families and certainly unworthy of serious consideration as a being for whom we would readily sacrifice our lives. For the most part, we have been taught that we have "dominion" over the animals and creatures of the world, and we have interpreted the word "dominion" as superiority rather than its true meaning which is "guardianship" or "stewardship" ­ the responsibility to respect and care for our animal brethren.

There are many others, however, who understand that in today's chaotic, tumultuous, unpredictable and violent world ­ a world in which we are often physically as well as psychologically detached and disconnected from our fellow human beings, that our animal companions are more important to us than ever before! No matter how difficult, complex, frustrating or challenging our lives may be, our animal companions offer unconditional love, support, healing, acceptance and affection. They are our best friends and confidants as well as family members. They seem to understand our feelings and our needs and are able to accommodate them. We can sigh with relief, let down our guard and be truly ourselves. No façade, no pretense, no agenda is required at home base ­ where we find a place of relative peace, sanity, comfort and safety. Physiologically, emotionally and spiritually we receive upliftment, comfort and healing from our pets.

Clearly the public and those who were recruited as well as those who volunteered to rescue the victims of Katrina underestimated or simply did not understand the extraordinary bond and powerful attachment many humans have with their animal companions We were moved to tears at the predicament of so many of our fellow citizens who lost virtually all of their material possessions along with the lives they had known prior to Katrina. We were devastated to see families torn asunder. Yet one of the saddest stories we followed was the little 7-year old boy who vomited and sobbed uncontrollably when separated from his beloved dog, "Snowball" who was not allowed on the bus with him as he evacuated the city.

People are becoming increasingly aware of the significant roles animal companions play in our hearts and our lives ­ how deep a bond is forged between so many humans and their pets. Of course, we must have respect and compassion for one another, but also, as Mohandas Ghandi so poignantly observed: "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way it treats its animals." If we are to survive as a culture and a society, we must practice the teachings of all the world's great religions: to live with love and respect for all living beings.

(Hear Dr. Pomerance this week on Animal Radio. Check the schedule for airtime in your area.)

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Congressman Tom Lantos (CA-D) Pledges Pet Evacuation Reform on Animal Radio

The following is an interview that will air this week on Animal Radio.

Hal: One of the most disappointing things about Hurricane Katrina was when authorities asked many people to evacuate their homes without their animals.

Judy: How could they do that!

Hal: Well, it just wasn't right. There would have been a lot more lives saved if people could have, not only human lives but animal lives too, had they been able to evacuate together. We have on the phone with us Congressman Tom Lantos, Democrat from California, who's a big pet friend and he's pushing through legislation to make that different in future evacuations. Congressman, how are you doing?

Tom Lantos: I am doing fine.

Hal: Can you tell us a little bit about your legislation?

Tom: Yes, I'll be delighted. The recent hurricanes have really taught us all a lesson, As you know under the existing law, you know to qualify for FEMA funding, a city or a state is required to submit a plan detailing their disaster preparedness, but there is not a word about pets. My legislation, which we call the Pet Act, would require that cities or states must prepare plans and submit them to FEMA to take care of their pets and service animals at the time of a natural disaster. This is a totally bipartisan piece of legislation, and of course it's very necessary, because the recent hurricanes have shown us that when given a choice between abandoning their pets or their own personal safety, a lot of folks choose not to abandon their pets, as I wouldn't either.

Judy: I would stay behind with my pets.

Tom: You would stay behind? I am delighted to hear that. It is now clear that we must require cities and states to have a plan to deal with their pet owning population as a matter of public safety. As a matter of fact, it's not only a question of protecting the animals, but it's quite clear that when pets are abandoned this creates many serious health problems. So, my legislation, which I hope will be passed by the congress, if not unanimously, close to it

Hal: Well, I don't know who wouldn't?

Tom: Well, there are always some people, you know with their own reservations, but we have some 360 million pets in the United States, two thirds of American households have pets, and the legislation is supported by all the animal rights organizations, the Humane Society, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Best Friends, Doris Day Animal League, and I fully expect that we will be celebrating in a few weeks when the legislation is signed.

Hal: I hope so. You are the co-founder of the Friends for Animal Caucus, big animal lover, a lot of animal legislation in your past.

Tom: Well, my wife is my inspiration for all of that. She is the patron saint of animals.

Hal: St. Francis?

Tom: Yes!

Hal: You have other legislation that you've already pushed through for seniors in allowing them to have animals?

Tom: That's right. In subsidized housing, I felt very strongly that to deprive seniors who have really nothing else but their pet to force them to give up their pet, was an outrage, so we succeeded in getting that legislation passed. I hope we will succeed again.

Judy: Any pets at home?

Tom: Oh yes we sure do. A little adorable dog.

Hal: Congressman Tom Lantos we appreciate everything you do for animals and spending some time with us on Animal Radio.

Tom: Thank you for what guys are doing, you're doing a great public service.

Hal & Judy: Thank you.

Tom: Bye Bye.

(Hear this interview this week on Animal Radio. Check the schedule for airtime in your area.)

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(rated 4 paws)

Halloween Party Invitation from The Pet Set
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It's that fun time of year when the goblins and ghosts come knocking on your door. However, as fun as it might be for you, for your pets it could be a different story.

Most dogs have a tendency to react by a doorbell ringing by getting exited and running around. So you can image what will happen when the doorbell continuously rings. And when the door is opened, a normally friendly dog may become frightened or aggressive when they encounter someone dressed in a costume, and they may even escape. The best thing to do is keep your pet in a quiet room away from all of the activity. However, make sure that your pet is wearing identification at all times in case he does get away.

Be especially careful if you have a black cat, which are frequent targets of cruel activities on Halloween. Keep your black cat inside for the entire week of Halloween. Most animal shelters won't even adopt black cats out during the week before Halloween because of black cat abuse.

Candy is also a problem with dogs. Cats don't have a sweet tooth, but many dogs will not only eat the candy, but the wrappers as well. While candy can give a dog intestinal upset, chocolate can be deadly. While a 50 pound dog would have to eat about 50 ounces of milk chocolate (but only 5 ounces of baking chocolate) for a toxic dose, much smaller amounts can cause vomiting and diarrhea. If you believe your pet has ingested chocolate, look for symptoms such as tremors, nervousness, vomiting, diarrhea and an increased heart rate. If any of these symptoms appear, consult your veterinarian. Remind your children not to share their "loot" with their pets.

Keep your pet away from pumpkins. Many people put candles in pumpkins to light them up, and a pet can knock over the candle, which can then become a fire hazard.

A lot of people like to dress their pets up for Halloween as well. If you do, use common sense. Don't put anything on your pet which could be hazardous such as dye or paint. Make sure the costume is not restrictive and is comfortable for the animal. And never leave our pet unattended while he is wearing a costume.

By following a few safety tips and using precautions, both you and your pet can have a fun and safe Halloween.

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Email from Karen DeForest:


Sit - Stay

When the levee broke, the water came,
And flooded the entire town,
To save the folks, men came in boats,
So not a soul would drown.

"Not any room," the rescuer said,
"For dogs, or cats, or pets,
Men, women, and children only,
Sorry," he expressed regrets.

"You can't go, girl," her master said,
As, with tears, he turned away,
"I promise I'll come back for you,
But for now, girl ... SIT and STAY!"

So Princess sat on the front porch steps,
While the dark waters swirled below
Her doggy heart nearly broke apart,
When she saw her master go,

She could have jumped into the water,
And dog-paddled after him,
But SIT and STAY were the words she heard,
So she made no effort to leap in.

Always an obedient dog,
She listened to her master's voice,
And his command still fresh at hand,
Gave her no other choice.

She had water; she had food,
Enough to last for several days,
But her doggy appetite left, too,
When her master's boat got under way.

The first night on that dampened porch
Princess felt fearful and alone,
She whimpered nearly all night through,
She missed her master and her home.

The next day came, and then the next,
With no boats approaching her,
She saw a few rush by her porch,
But most of them were just a blur.

One night the house began to shudder,
The porch shook and broke away,
Then, like a raft, it floated off,
While on it, Princess SAT and STAYED.

In the morning, far from home,
The raft was caught in tangled weeds,
Back and forth poor Princess paced,
A pathetic sight, indeed.

She stared up at a cloudless sky,
Her eyes too tired to really see,
But she thought she saw a rainbow,
Up above the flooded trees.

It started near the porch's edge,
It seemed like a bridge high in the sky,
Perhaps if she could reach it,
It would lead to some place dry.

She stretched to reach the rainbow,
She stood tall on her hind legs,
She lost her balance several times,
And almost fell into the dregs.

If it truly were the Rainbow Bridge,
She knew it would lead to Heaven's Gate.
But ... what about her master,
Who had commanded her to wait?

She could not forget his orders,
And always she obeyed his words,
So she'd SIT and STAY and wait for him,
No matter how absurd.

Limp, exhausted and resigned,
She fell asleep on the old porch floor,
Then she awoke, surprised to find
The rainbow closer than before.

Easier now for her to reach,
She wouldn't have to stretch at all,
But then across the murky waters,
She heard a sweet, familiar call,

"Princess!  Princess"  Where are you, girl?
Her master's voice rang loud and clear,
She stood and weakly wagged her tail,
While whining softly she was here.

A reunion to end reunions!
Wet kisses, wags, and hugs!
Tears of joy and happy howls!
Heart strings pulled and tugged!

The Rainbow bridge no longer seen,
By the loyal dog that had obeyed
Nor would it reappear for years,
For the dog that chose to SIT and STAY.

(editors note: While this story has a great ending, many haven't ended so pleasantly. There are still a great number of animals "Sitting and Staying." Find out how you can help by tuning into Katrina's Animals everyday on Animal Radio's Full-time animal channel)

We also got some mail from from Barbara Pepper, a CT. shelter volunteer that just came back from New Orleans. She chronicled her experience. It's too long to publish in this newsletter. You can view her email by clicking here. View

Someone sent us a Window Media movie of a dog saying "I love you" - Check it out HERE.

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* UNDERWRITING OPPORTUNITIES for 2005-06 ANIMAL RADIO PROGRAMMING are available. Call 435.644.5992. Animal Radio Network, according to Arbitron radio ratings, is the most-listened-to animal programming in the United States. We have 250,000 Average-Quarter-Hour listeners - which translates to an audience of two-million weekly in eighty-plus cities. Our affiliate stations are top performers including KOST 103.5 and KBIG 104.3 in Los Angeles. Animal Radio is the most concentrated radio audience of targeted animal lovers anywhere! Advertising opportunities in this newsletter are also available. 36,000 subscribers are reading this message right now!

* COPYRIGHTS: Animal Radio® and Animal Radio Network® are Registered Trademarks of Animal Radio Network LLC, and may not be used in affiliation without express written consent of Animal Radio Network. Material in this newsletter may not be published or broadcast without permission. All rights reserved - Fair Use Notice: The not-for-profit educational reproduction of some articles contained within this newsletter constitutes fair use of the copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law.}

* ANIMAL RADIO has two-million weekly listeners and is growing. Animal Radio is the "most-listened to" animal programming in the U.S. We're on stations from KOST 103.5 and KBIG 104.3 in Los Angeles to WXBA 88.1 in Long Island, and everywhere in-between. You can view a current list of affiliates at ANIMAL RADIO not in your area? Call your local station and ask why. Meanwhile, LISTEN ONLINE ANYTIME using the free Real Audio Player, or MP3 player. Go to: PURCHASE A CD of any show for $12.95, or SUBSCRIBE for $24 a month and receive 2 weekly Compact Discs of Animal Radio. Go to:, scroll to the bottom and select "Subscribe/Order CD"

* If you're a RADIO PROGRAMMER and would like to air ANIMAL RADIO - call 435-644-5992 to get all the information you need to begin broadcasting America's number one animal talk show geared to listeners that like to have FUN! Animal Radio programming is FREE for your station - and delivered via Satellite (Jones and ABC/NY Starguide) or Compact Disc or MP3 every week.

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