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Loretta Swit Guests on Animal Radio®
M*A*S*H Star Speaks Out Against "Crush Videos"

Loretta Swit and Dog on Animal Radio®(Animal Radio Newsroom - Apr. 27, 2010) In light of the recent Supreme Court decision against outlawing videos depicting animal cruelty, Loretta Swit (M*A*S*H – "Hotlips Houlihan") shares her strong feelings about "Crush Videos." Swit guests on the AM/FM/XM Satellite Radio broadcast of Animal Radio®, May 8th.

A fervent vegetarian, Loretta Swit explains "Crush Videos" as movies of a woman's foot in a high-spiked heel crushing a small live animal. "These videos are usually sexual in nature and some pervert will buy them to get his gillie out of," says Swit, "It's horrendous the imagination that would conjure up such an evil thing."

Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a law that would have made it a federal crime to market these types of videos saying it infringes on first amendment rights.

Loretta Swit also shares stories of all the rescued animals that live with her. "My animals live a loooong time," says Swit, "they get doddering. They're on their little wheelchairs…because love is the greatest healer."

Swit is very active in the animal welfare movement. She says "It's all about education. If someone comes up to me for an autograph and they're wearing a fur-coat, before I sign, I will educate. Because sometimes, they simply don't know 80 animals died for that coat."

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