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Animal Radio Episode 859

Where to pet a catYou Can Stroke Me Here, But Not There
Cat Behaviorist Sarah Ellis has a pretty cool job. She does research on how and where cats like to be touched. Sarah found that there are certain parts of the cat's body that are better than others when it comes to petting and stroking. She'll reveal her results and explain why she thinks strangers have better luck petting cats than the cat's owner.

Tick Talk
Only second to fleas, ticks are a fairly common pest. Some of the diseases that ticks carry can kill both human and pet. Doc Halligan will tell you the proper way to remove them. She says you need to avoid some of the 'old wives-tales' for removing ticks because they may actually do more harm.

Cloning petsCloning Pets
The first pet to be cloned on American soil was a success. Many people are rushing to genetically preserve their pets DNA. We'll be talking to the company that clones dogs and cats and find out how it's done and why people want to clone their furry-companions.

Jon Stewart & Steven Colbert Together for the Animals
Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert joined forces again this month at the Montclair Film Festival where Stewart introduced the film "Unlocking the Cage." The HBO documentary movie follows the story of lawyer Steven Wise, who aims to "break down the legal wall that separates animals from humans."

Arson DogLike A Good Neighbor
State Farm insurance has been sponsoring The Arson Dog Program since 1993! An accelerant detection canine, or arson dog, is a dog that has been trained to sniff out tiny traces of accelerants that may have been used to start a fire. The insurance giant has had a hand in placing over 350 arson dog teams in 44 states and three Canadian Provinces.

Next Week: Dr. Katy - Janine Robertson - Heather Eisenstadt

Animal Radio Episode 858

Daniel Williams starts pet limo serviceDoggy Limousine Service
Daniel Williams quit his regular job to open a pet transport business, like Zoo-ber. He says it's going well although he has one customer than demands he talks to their dog only in "baby-talk."

Fighting Fleas
We're on the heels of another big flea season. Chances are good your pets will get fleas, unless you live in Las Vegas or Phoenix. Is there a safer solution than the traditional topicals? Doc Halligan says there are lots of safe remedies for the 'battle of the fleas.'

Fat Pets and Disease
Diabetes is fairly prevalent with the trend towards obese pets. It can be managed with daily insulin injections. Pancreatitis also plagues dogs especially when they've been fed fatty treats from the table. Dr. Debbie has the information you need if your pet suffers from an obesity related disease.

5 Most Uncommon Legal Pets
5 uncommon but legal petsAnimal Radio's Pet World Insider Robert Semrow has a knack for lists. This week he has the top 5 strange, unique and elusive pets that are actually legal to own in the U.S. - Sorry, ferrets are still against the law in California and New York.

8-Legged Pets
You may not think of big hairy spiders as pets, but some people do, and Petco wants their business. The company has announced it is expanding their "tarantula offerings" to give pet parents the chance to further explore the amazing world of arachnids. Interestingly, not only do tarantulas have eight legs, they also have a large round eye surrounded by three smaller ones on each side for a total of eight eyes as well.

From the "Too Stupid to Own a Pet Department"
Lazy owner walking - driving dogA California woman captured video of another woman driving her car and walking her dog by holding its leash out of the car window while she was driving. The director of the local animal services department in Stockton said he found the video distressing and recommended the woman be charged with animal cruelty, but police reviewed the video and did not believe there was evidence of cruelty, but said the woman in the car would have been charged with "distracted driving" IF she had been seen by an officer.


Animal Radio Episode 857

Amish Dog AuctionThe Dog Merchants
Driven by her incredible curiosity, Kim Kavin uncovered the world of dog auctions. 11 BILLION dollars exchanges hands during the buying and selling of companion animals. Even the so-called 'rescues' are partaking in the auction process, using donated dollars to buy, rehabilitate and adopt these dogs at considerably high prices. While not necessarily humane, nor ethical, it's all legal simply because pets are viewed as property in the eyes of the law.

Battling Pet Allergies
It's that time of the year when allergies present a problem for both human and our furry-companions. Animal Radio Veterinary Correspondent Dr. Marty Becker has the 'top 3 things you can do to calm your pet's allergies.'

Litter Box issues solvedLitter Box Etiquette
Yes, there indeed is etiquette for your kitty's litter. Doc Halligan (Lucy Pet Foundation) will help any cat owner solve their litter-box issues. Cat no going inside the box? Maybe you're not following the etiquette.

Does Your Dog Have GPS?
You know that you can track your pet dog or cat with your smart-phone, all you need is a GPS locator on their collar. But, there are quite a few pet trackers out there, so we break it down for you.

Worlds Oldest DogWorld's Oldest Dog?!
Last month, "Maggie the Kelpie," an Australian dog that was possibly the oldest dog in the world, died. Maggie was 30 years old according to her owner. That's over 200 in human years, and a contender for the oldest dog in the world, except for one thing....


Animal Radio Episode 856

Dog Lawyer Jeremy CohenDog Lawyer
Attorney Jeremy Cohen gave up his insurance fraud law practice to focus only on dogs. He is one of the few "dog only" lawyers in the U.S. Jeremy represents dangerous dogs that usually have a death sentence. He tells us that lots of people have threatened him and harass him, but it's worth it if he can save the life of a dog.

Maybe We're Not Smart Enough To Know
Dr. Frans de Waal asks the poignant question, "Are we smart enough to know how smart animals are?" Many of us suspect that our cats and dogs have a sixth sense. They seem to know things are going to happen before humans do. Is this smarts, or is it hyper-observation of your every move? Maybe a little of both.

Case dropped against Cesar MillanAnimal Cruelty Charges Dropped Against Cesar Millan
The investigation of dog trainer Cesar Millan (Dog Whisperer on TV), is over and there will be no charges filed. It all began in February when an episode of Millan's show featured him using a scared potbellied pig to teach a French bulldog to get along with pigs. The Los Angeles County Sheriff's office says they were unable to find anything to charge Mr. Millan with.

Supreme Court Puts a Value on Pets
The Georgia Supreme Court will soon decide the value of a pet. Currently, the law sees pets as property, like a car or a toaster. The Georgia Supreme Court is set to rule on the value of the dog whose death was allegedly caused by a fancy, high dollar kennel that allegedly gave the dog the wrong medicine that ultimately killed her. The kennel says that Lola the dog was property, and the family should get her "market value" - which, because she was a free rescue dog, is nothing.

Cat CafesChicago Gets First Cat Caf├ę
Tree House Humane Society has been given approval to launch a coffee shop, which will double as a cat adoption center. It will feature a full coffee bar and a cat lounge where a dozen or more cats will be free to roam about, sleep and play. The $6 million Chicago facility set to open in early fall. Cat caf├ęs are very popular in other countries. Cat Town in Oakland, saw its adoption rate more than double after opening the first stateside cat caf├ę not even two years ago.


Animal Radio Episode 855

Sebastian Langton and catAlways Know Where Your Dog or Cat Is
Sebastian Langton created the world's smallest GPS pet tracker. A small pod the size of a wine cork is all that's needed to find your pet most anywhere in the world. The Podtracker is also capable of setting boundaries and monitoring activity. You could win one in our giveaway.

Doggy DNA Nabs Poop Offenders
A luxury apartment community near Grand Rapids, Michigan says it will use DNA technology as a way to sniff out dog owners who fail to pick up their pets' poop. The Ridges of Cascade complex is asking dog owners to swab their pet's mouth so it can build a DNA database that will allow it to identify residents who ignore its strict cleanup policy. The management company as already contracted with the Tennessee-based company PooPrints to collect DNA samples of each dog in the development. Violators will face a $350 fine.

Sloth Love
Sam Trull and slothMost every social media butterfly has seen at least one cute video of a sloth (if not, check out our Facebook page). These litter critters are so cute, that many people want one as a pet. Photographer Sam Trull says she "went to Costa Rica for the primates but stayed for the sloths." She has the lowdown on sloths, and she says people think they're slow. She says "they can be fast when they want to, and their nails are pretty scary too."

Pet Cemeteries In China
Pet cemeteries are becoming increasingly popular in China with owners paying between $50 and $1,800 to buy their pets a plot. Rows of tombstones at one cemetery bear the names of pets along with flowers, toys, food and even calcium pills and chew bones were seen placed beside them.

Cat that steals underwearThe Cat's Got More Than Your Tongue
A pet feline in New Zealand has been stealing men's underwear and socks from other people's homes! In just 2 months, the 6 year old cat named Brigit, acquired 11 pairs of underwear and more than 50 pairs of socks. BrigitÔÇÖs owner says she has put notes in every mailbox on her street to warn her neighbors.


Animal Radio Episode 854

Dr Stephan KatzPot for Pets?
Dr. Stephan Katz explains how he is using parts of the marijuana plant to create a therapeutic treat for pets. Do animals respond the same as humans to medical marijuana? What is the legality of pot for pets? These burning questions and more are finally answered.

To Flush or Not To Flush
It may be hard to believe, but people still flush kitty litter down the toilet. Not only is it bad for the pipes, Doc Halligan says it's bad for marine life. Apparently there is a parasite that is transmitted through cat feces and has been documented as a significant killer of otters and other sea life. Who knew?

Lessons from ShirelleLessons from a Knucklehead
Doug Green learned a lot of life's lessons from his dog, Shirelle. He even says that the dog was responsible for his career path as a psychotherapist. He also finds that dogs are great intermediaries in his practice. He'll share some of the important epiphanies inspired by Shirelle.

When is it Time to Let Go?
When is it time to say goodbyeIt can be incredibly difficult to know when it's time to euthanize your furry-friend. Balancing your own selfishness with your pet's health and happiness is no easy task. Dr. Debbie has answers that will help you make the decision when that time comes.


Animal Radio Episode 853

Memorialize Pets With GardenUnique Ways To Memorialize Your Pet
The one downfall of cats and dogs is their short life span. This leaves us looking for unique ways to pay tribute to their life. We've found companies that will turn your pet into a diamond gem stone or shoot your pets remains into space. Now comes Pet Perennials, a wild-flower garden composed from your pet's ashes. The startups founder Remy Bibaud explains.

Cat Lovers Take More Pictures
The research is in from one "cloud" company that says we upload more pictures of our cats than dogs. What does this actually say about cat guardians? Do we take more cat pictures because we're "cat crazy?" Jackie Stone from MiMedia has her reasons for the trend.

Cat owners vs dog ownersThe Difference Between Dog and Cat Owners
Dog owners are happier, more sociable, earn bigger salaries and have a bigger sexual appetite than cat owners, according to a new study. Animal Radio News Director Lori Brooks says data also suggests that dog owners are more likely to have paid off their mortgage and they will be inclined to describe their job as "stressful." By contrast, cat owners are happier living alone and admit they relish a simpler pace of life. The study also found the average cat owner takes home $34,000 a year, while the typical dog lover can expect to earn $38,000.

Cat Survives 8-Days Being Shipped in Box By Owner
Lucky survives 8 days in mailCupcake is an incredibly lucky cat. The Siamese survived being stuck inside a small cardboard box for eight days and 260 miles after her owner accidentally mailed her. The owner didn't see Cupcake snoozing inside the package as she packed it with DVDs. Then she dropped the box in the mail. The package's recipients were stunned to open the box and find the cute cat curled up alongside the movies they'd bought. Cupcake was reunited with her tearful owner (who felt horrible) over the weekend. She says, "I knew Cupcake was missing, but not for one second did I think she was in that box."


Animal Radio Episode 852

Dog Chastity Belt InventorA Chastity Belt For Dogs?!
Dexter Blanch considers himself quite the inventor. And he should. He's created a chastity contraption for dogs to wear. He's also thinking about designing a special dog-bra, but is too busy selling the belts to work on anything else. In fact, he was just commissioned to invent a chastity belt for camels in Dubai.

Dog-Friendly Boating
Summer means lots of outdoor fun with your dogs. Many pet-lovers will take their furry-companion on boats. This is where Jen Seitz comes in the picture. She's from the website and she has tip for making your journey safer for everyone including the pets.

What's Hot? What's Not?
Animal Radio's Pet World Insider Robert Semrow reports from Global Pet Expo, one of the two major pet product trade shows in America. Robert's Listomania includes the new trends and gadgets being introduced this year.
Most stolen dogs
Most Stolen Dogs
Pet theft is on the rise. Here are the stats for the most stolen dogs in America; In no particular order, these ten breeds are stolen far more than others: Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier, French Bulldog (some of which are then resold for as much as $4,000) and Pomeranian (resale is said to be around $3,000). Maltese dogs are also on the most often stolen pet list, as are Boston Terriers, Labradoodles, Pit Bulls, German Shepherds and the Labrador Retriever. Animal Radio News Director Lori Brooks reports the reasons for the increase in pet thefts.

Cutting Nails
Cutting dogs nailsCutting your pet's nails can be a pleasant or really unpleasant task depending on your approach. It's very likely that you'll need to trim your furry-friend's nails sooner or later. Animal Radio's Dogfather, Joey Villani has tips on cutting those tips the right length without drawing blood.


Animal Radio Episode 851

Why cats are better than dogsWhy Dogs Are Better Than Cats!?!
New research from Manhattanville College confirms what you may suspect... cat owners are more neurotic and less happy than dog owners. Assistant Professor Katherine Bao explains the results of this study and talks about ongoing research.

Liam Berkeley came up with an App that matches dogs with those that want "dog-time" but don't have enough time for a full-time pet. The spirit in the service lies in how it enables "borrowers," people who aren't fortunate to have their own dog, but would love to spend time with one whenever they have a chance. Would you trust your dog with someone suggested by a phone app?

Zack Snyder and his bat houseBatman Set Made Into Birdhouses
The very "Batty" Rob Mies joins us to explain why they've cut up the Batman vs. Superman movie set and made bat-houses, signed by the actors (even Ben Affleck & Zack Snyder), to be auctioned on eBay this week.

Boston Latest to Ban Puppy Mill Sales
More than 90 cities across the country have now banned the sale of commercially-bred dogs in pet stores, while Illinois and Maine have proposed bills to ban the sale of puppies in pet stores statewide! In the latest big win for animal advocates and animals, Boston has become the latest major city to sign legislation banning the sale of commercially bred animals.

Giant Rabbit Finds HomeGiant Rabbit Finds Home
Atlas, a giant rabbit about the size of a terrier, has found a new home after being taken in by the SPCA last month. The rabbit's previous owner decided they could no longer care for him and the shelter spent a month searching for a proper home for the abnormally large rabbit. The new pet parent to Atlas says she feels like she won the lottery because there were hundreds of calls and emails from people all over the world who wanted to adopt Atlas. By the way, Atlas' new name is almost as long as he is. The new owner named him Axilla the Bun Binky Master Jazz Paws, but calls him Atty for short!


Animal Radio Episode 850

Lorrie Morgan Guests On Animal RadioLorrie Morgan Guests
Outspoken Country Artist Lorrie Morgan is our guest. She walks the walk when it comes to the animals. From putting on fundraising concerts to helping in the shelter, she's involved with supporting her local animal welfare organization, New Leash on Life. Lorrie has pit-bulls at home and thinks they're so misunderstood.

Animal Storm Squad
Karissa Hadden chases natural disasters rescuing thousands of animals that have been injured, trapped or displaced as a result of tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, wildfires, earthquakes and other catastrophes. Her life is documented in the new NatGeo Wild television show, Animal Storm Squad.

Gwen Cooper is on Animal RadioLessons From A Blind Kitty
Homer was a blind, black cat that never knew sight. His owner, Gwen Cooper realized this precious ball of fur was filled with lots of life-lessons. Gwen's second book about Homer will leave you delighted to have shared in his journey through words. She'll talk about the impact of handicapped pets in her life.

Rescue Dogs Become "Ball Boys" at Tennis Tournament
Four shelter rescue dogs were employed as "ball boys" at the Brazil Open Tennis Tournament. It was a brilliant move on the part of Brazilian dog lovers who trained them to feel at home on the tennis court by getting them used to the noise of the crowds and the high speed of the balls.

Doggy Dentist Fits Dogs with Braces
Doggy BracesA Michigan veterinarian has earned the title of "doggy dentist" for his practice of fitting dogs with braces and performing root canals. Dr. Jim Moore says while it may be unusual to see a dog wearing braces, he stresses the importance of animals' dental health and says, "Orthodontia in pets is normally not for aesthetic purposes, but because of health concerns."


Animal Radio Episode 849

Debra Jo Chiapuzio is on Animal RadioPigs As Pets
The very charismatic Debra Jo Chiapuzio is back to tell us about life with a pet pig. She says her dog thinks the swine is a yummy-treat. If you've ever considered a pig for a pet, you must hear this interview. Debra, who is responsible for creating the Emma Zen Organization, raised funds to supply local fire departments with pet-oxygen masks. Now she's behind the "Food Train" to help rescued pigs.

Blue Buffalo May Owe You Money
If you've ever bought Blue Buffalo 'so-called' line of natural pet food, a $32 million lawsuit settlement means the pet food maker may owe you money! Blue Buffalo reached the huge settlement over claims that its products were free of by-products and didn't contain corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Laboratory testing showed otherwise, which lead to charges of mislabeling and false advertising and a class action suit. Blue Buffalo digressed by denying wrongdoing and blames a former supplier for the issue. If you happen to still have a receipt, you can get up to a 10% refund. But even if you don't have a receipt you can still get $10.

Living In A Bathtub for 30 Daze
Danielle Daals is on Animal RadioDanielle Daals left her family in New Zealand to sit in a bathtub for 30 days in front of the Miami Seaquarium. Of course she has a good reason. She wants people to know that Lolita the Killer Whale lives in the smallest tank in the United States. We talk to her about halfway through her publicity stunt.

Protective Order Protects Pets of Domestic Abuse
A new federal bill in search of Congressional support could be passed to protect both animals and people. The Pets and Women's Safety (PAWS) Act will make it a crime to cross state lines to commit an act of domestic violence on a pet. The program would also provide support for animal shelters that offer space for the pets of people fleeing domestic violence.

Cat Trapped In Woman's Body
Lady thinks she is a catNano, as she likes to be called, claims she was born in the wrong species and that she's actually a cat trapped in a human body! She says her personality and psychological features prove that she is more feline that human because she prefers walking around on her hands and knees to standing on two legs, and likes to sleep in sinks and wind mills, despite her adult size. She also claims she possesses a slew of catty characteristics like ultra-sharp hearing, laser night vision and fierce aversions to both dogs and water. The clincher that Nano is really a cat is seen in her You Tube video in which she says, "It's also obvious that I'm a cat when I start purring and meowing . . . Sometimes I hiss when meeting dogs in the street."


Animal Radio Episode 848

Canned vs Dry pet foodCanned vs. Kibble - Moist vs. Dry
Doc Halligan is here to settle the age-old question, should we be feeding our pets dry food or from a can? The answer may depend on many factors. Is dry kibble responsible for one of the most common problems in older male cats?

He's still around and touring for the animals. From the band Exile (Kiss You All Over), Marlon Hargis is our guest; and saying he loves our furry friends is an understatement. He even does a benefit concert for a homeless pets and people organization.

Real Estate for Pet BusinessesReal Estate for Animal Businesses
You may already know how hard it is to find somewhere to live with your pets. That is especially true if you live in Los Angeles. LA is where Lynsey Polacheck runs her real estate business for animal related businesses like groomers, pet hotels and even a doggy-shrink.

Canine Flu Now in 28 States
The new strain of canine flu (H3N8) was just confirmed in Missouri and Montana. There is a preventative vaccine for about $50, which is a lot cheaper than treating a dog with this strain of flu. And what about the cats? Can they get it?

What you NEED to know about MICROCHIPSWhat You Need To Know About Microchips
The biggest misconception about microchips is that they contain the owner's information. Dr. Debbie sets a listener straight (or perhaps the listener sets Dr. Debbie straight) when they ask why veterinarians don't scan for stolen pets. Make sure these microchip pitfalls don't make them useless when your pet goes missing.


Animal Radio Episode 847

Emotional Support AnimalEmotional Support Animals
Often confused, there is a major difference between Emotional Support Animals and Service Animals. Lori Brooks has the lowdown on what this means for you and your Emotional Support Tarantula. Yes, he'll be able to get on a plane, but he may be legally turned away from your favorite restaurant.

Stolen pets are on the rise. It doesn't matter what breed you have. An estimated two million pets were stolen last year in the United States. That's up 32% according to the American Kennel Club. And the number of actual dogs stolen could be potentially much greater. You need to be extra careful with your furry-family or they might end up in the ugly under-belly of human nature.

Welcome the Pets in Bed
Pets in bed okayMany experts say "keep the pets out of the bed." But a recent study from the Center for Sleep Medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona could change some minds. Researchers surveyed 150 sleep center patients and found that more than half of pet owners allowed their pets to sleep in the bedroom. One out of five described their pets as disruptive, but 41% said their pets were quiet and even beneficial to their nightly sleep.

Dogs in Flint, MI Test Positive for Lead Poisoning
The Flint Water Crisis has canine victims. Two dogs have tested positive for lead toxicity and more are suspected. The state is offering free test for dogs and cats that show the symptoms of lead poisoning. Unfortunately, the signs of toxicity are similar to many other diseases.

Zika Virus and Animals
Zika Virus and PetsThe big question this week on our toll-free phone lines is about the rapidly spreading Zika Virus - and if our pets can be affected. While there is no evidence yet that they can carry it or transmit it, the relevant question is if they can be sickened by it.


Animal Radio Episode 846

Make a million pet sittingQuit Your Stupid Job
Beth Stultz of wants you to quit your dumb job and become a pet-sitter! She says you can make anywhere between 50,000 to a MILLION a year doing what you love. Beth will tell you how to get started.

Pet Dental Health Month
Sure, everyone is telling you to brush your pet's teeth daily. But are you? Of course not. Not because you don't care, but because it can be a tremendously complex undertaking. Doc Halligan and Joey Villani have the lowdown on brushing compliance and why it's so important for your pet's health.

Pet owners are happierPets and YOUR Happiness
A new survey from Manhattan College confirms that people that own pets are generally happier than those that don't. The research also goes on to back up an earlier theory that cat owners tend to be neurotic.

Goats Celebrates Broncos Super Bowl Victory
A Colorado farmer is celebrating the Denver Bronco's Superbowl victory by knitting Broncos sweaters for the 150 baby goats expected to be born on her family's 400-acre goat farm this spring.

Pet Photo ContestPicking a Winner
This weekend we are picking a winner for Kimpton's 5th Annual Pet Photo Contest. Some lucky pet guardian will travel on Jet Blue (with their pet) and stay at ANY Kimpton pet-friendliest property in America.


Animal Radio Episode 845

Kim Sill is on Animal RadioGenius Idea For Shelter Pets
Actress Kim Sill is back to tell us about her latest project. She's putting adoption stores inside malls. Kim is saving hundreds of death row cats, dogs and bunnies by changing their adoption venue to the more appealing atmosphere.

Valentine Dangers
While you may not associate Valentine's Day with pet dangers, Doc Halligan from the Lucy Pet Foundation thinks you should be extra cautious. She see more animals the day after Valentines (only third after Christmas and Halloween), usually because pets swallow something they shouldn't have.

Using dogs to cure cancerUsing Dogs To Treat Cancer
Author Arlene Weintraub explains how vital the roles of dogs are in the search for a cure for cancer. Veterinarians and Oncologists are working together to discover new treatments for Cancer.

Few Pet Friendly Rentals in Los Angeles
Have you ever searched for a home or apartment to rent that allowed you to have pets? Yes, it's nearly impossible to find in Los Angeles where 62% of the rental units do not accept pets. Now, the LA City Council has voted to make some changes in hopes of making landlords more open to accepting pets at their properties.

15 year old 3 legged dog save family twice15-Year-Old, 3-Legged Dog Saves Family - Twice
A small, 15-year-old, three-legged dog might not seem like much of a threat, but this dog took a bullet for his family in Wisconsin and saved them from a man who had broken into their home and attempted to rob them. A bullet grazed the top of the dog's head and became lodged in his neck.


Animal Radio Episode 844

Cat Head PerfumeGet the Smell of Fresh Cat Head in a Bottle
Do you think the back of your cat's heads smells wonderful? A Japanese company has researched that scent, recreated it, and is now bottling it. The head of Yamamoto Perfumery spent four months doing research, sniffing many cat's heads to replicate the smell. The result? Fluffy Brow Scented Fabric Water. It can be sprayed on fabrics or anything to give them a lovely cat-head smell. A bottle sells for 1,200 yen or about $10 each.

Can Pets Commit Suicide?
Dr. Nicholas Dodman (Program Director for the Animal Behavior Department at Tufts) researched several alleged cases of pet suicide to see if it's possible. He's here to report on his findings and to answer the provocative question.

Dogs left out in the coldLaws to Protect Pets Left Out in the Cold
While many states mandate that pets are not allowed to be kept outdoors in extreme weather for extended periods of time without insulated housing, others barely consider hypothermia deaths to be animal cruelty. Fortunately, some states and local governments are now enforcing harsher punishments for people who allow their pets to perish in weather extremes like the recent blizzard on the east coast.

Cold Weather Tips
Doc Halligan and Dogfather Joey Villani have incredible tips for helping your furry-friends through the winter. Everything from their coat to their diet change when the weather gets frigid.

Cat House on the KingsWoman Has 1000 Cats
A woman in California has 1,000 cats. But she's no hoarder. Lattanzi runs Cat House on the Kings, the largest cat sanctuary in the country. It all started when she volunteered to bottle feed kittens for a rescue back 25 years ago. Today Cat House on the Kings has 45 paid personnel who help to care for the cats and maintain the property including a veterinarian and seven vet techs are also part of the team.


Animal Radio Episode 843

Prince Lorenzo Borghese is on Animal RadioThe Prince is Back!
Prince Lorenzo Borghese has returned for his second time on Animal Radio. While he never found love on ABC's The Bachelor, he did find a special love for the animals. He helps relocate homeless animals on death row in Georgia to new forever homes in Jersey.

FBI Tracks Animal Abuse
This year, for the first time, the FBI has begun tracking animal abuse the same way it tracks other major crimes such as murder, arson, and assault, so animal cruelty is now a Class A felony with its own category. Previously, animal cruelty crimes were reported to the FBI as "other." The deputy executive director of the National Sheriffs' Association backed the change when he learned that many serial killers are animal abusers first.

How Do Dogs Wear PantsHow Do Dogs Wear Pants?
Julie Korth has been making pants for dogs long before it was cool! As CEO of Mozziepants, she's following her dreams. So many questions. So little time.

Dog Flu Spreading
There is a dangerous strain of dog flu spreading through the western U.S. Health officials in the Seattle area have confirmed tests showing the virus was found in dogs who stayed at a local doggie daycare facility where at least 80 dogs developed respiratory illness since December. The virus began spreading last spring in the Chicago area and sickened more than 1,000 dogs in the Midwest. Although most dogs recover, a handful of deaths were reported. It has since spread to about 25 states.

Emotional Support Turkey Flies DeltaEmotional Support Turkey Flies Delta
Did you see the photo of a turkey that took the Internet by storm after boarding a Delta Airlines passenger flight? It shows the bird sitting opened beaked while being hugged by its owner. Another photo was also shared online of the turkey being transported in a wheelchair. It is believed the turkey was given a seat on the plane as an "emotional support animal."


Animal Radio Episode 842

Dog SpaDoggie Detox
The Morris Animal Inn in Morristown, New Jersey caters ONLY to our four-legged friends. They just finished a week-long Spa Treatment and Canine Cleanse program. Pups from all over the country enjoyed smoothies, treadmill trots, meditation, nature trail hikes and massages as part of the $260 package. Debora Montgomery reports on how the program went and what you can do at home to pamper your pup.

What Your Vet Isn't Telling You
Animal Radio Veterinary Correspondent Dr. Marty Becker will tell you what information your veterinarian may be withholding; and conversely, what he/she shouldn't be telling you. We hope you have an honest and transparent vet for your pets.

Dog for researchSelling Pets for Research
Buried in a massive government-spending bill is a provision that will shut down shady animal dealers who buy and sell pets for research, all paid for by your tax dollars. But, that could change if Congress does the right thing and cuts off funding to pay for licensing of so-called Class B animal dealers by the USDA. Every year, these licensed dealers work with illegal "bunchers" to round up thousands of dogs and cats that will end up in laboratories.

My Dog Has Bad Breath
If your dog's breath could melt steel; you need to hear what Dr. Debbie has to say about it. She might even have a simple solution so that those puppy kisses won't be so traumatizing.


Animal Radio Episode 841

Shawn enlists celeb helpCharm School for Wayward Cats
Shawn Simons said she accidentally started herding and domesticating feral kittens for adoption. What began as a hobby has turned into one of the best rescue stories of the decade. Simons is making a difference for feral and homeless feline across Los Angeles county. She even enlists high-profile celebs to help with her cause.

5th Annual Kimpton Pet Photo Contest
Start looking for that perfect picture of your pet because the Kimpton Pet Photo Contest is about to kick off. Some lucky couple and their pet will win airfare for two adults and a pet on Jet Blue and three nights at any Kimpton property. Kimpton's Top Dog Steve Pinetti is back to explain the new ways to enter your photos.

Pets Save on Your Medical Bills
Two researchers from George Mason University in Virginia have calculated a savings of more than $11 billion in health care costs in the United States as a result of pet ownership. On average, the 132.8 million pet owners in the country visit a doctor 0.6 times less than the average non-pet owners. With the average cost of a visit to the doctor's office at $139, that calculates to more than $11 billion pet owners did not spend. Not only that, but the dog owners who walked their pet five or more times a week had a lower incidence of obesity and were responsible for saving $419 million in related health care costs, according to the study.
Do not smoke around your pets
Secondhand Smoke Bad for Pets
A recent study says that dogs and cats whose humans smoke are at greater risk of cell damage, weight gain and some animal cancers. Researchers in Scotland discovered that, "An examination of the testicles removed from castrated dogs found that a gene, which acts as a marker of cell damage, was higher in dogs living in smoking homes." But if you have cats, the risk is greater because cats groom themselves, which increases the amount of smoke chemicals that enter the body.

Cat Uses Litter-box as Flotation Device
Cat floats in cat litter rescuedA very smart cat used its litter box to stay afloat during a devastating flood that had water almost up to the ceiling of his house trailer in Missouri. Two members of the Disaster Response Team from the Humane Society of Missouri pulled up to the trailer in a boat and were able to gently extract the wet cat from the litter box as it floated by a window inside.


Animal Radio Episode 840

Dog Food Dude Rick Woodford is on Animal RadioShare Your Food With Your Dog
The "Dog Food Dude," Rick Woodford is back. He says you should share your food with your dog. But doesn't that go against everything we've been taught about proper nutrition? No, not if you're doing it right.

New York May Be First State to Ban De-clawing
If Linda Rosenthal has her way; New York will be the first state to make it illegal to declaw a cat. The Manhattan assemblywoman has introduced a bill to ban the controversial procedure sometimes called de-knuckling because it's actually the entire knuckle, which is the last bone in the cat's toe that is removed. Declawing of cats is already banned in many countries, including Australia, India, Spain and the United Kingdom, as well as seven cities in California, including Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Bow Wow DoghousesThe Comeback of the Doghouse
Ask most pet owners and they'll tell you their dog sleeps in bed with them. The days of the doghouse seem to have all but disappeared. But Larry Hobbs has a booming business making high-end Eco-friendly doghouses. He'll explain why.

UK's Dogs Must Be Microchipped
Beginning in April, all dogs in England, Scotland & Wales will have to be microchipped with their owners' details registered and kept up to date in huge database to encourage "responsible pet ownership." To help people get it done, Dogs Trust, the UK's largest dog welfare charity, is offering free microchipping. It's hoped that "Compulsory microchipping will help reduce the number of lost and abandoned dogs and it will allow authorities to directly identify dog owners and hold them accountable for their dogs' behavior and welfare.

Dog Loses 100-pounds
Dog loses 100 poundsAt the beginning of a new year, everyone makes a resolution to lose weight. Well, Buddy the dog has a jump on all of us after losing more than 100 pounds. Buddy the 180-pound, 6-year-old, morbidly obese Australian Shepherd spent the last 9 months dieting and now weighs 71 lbs. He lost so much weight that he underwent skin removal surgery.


Animal Radio Episode 839

Where does pet blood come fromPet Blood Banks
Nicole Humphries runs a blood bank for companion animals. She'll answer the itching question, is dog's blood different than cat's, or is a German Shepard's blood different than a Pug's? And where does all this blood come from? You never see a pet blood-mobile in the neighborhood.

Cat Escapes Carrier on Delta Flight
A mischievous cat escaped its carrier on board a Delta flight last week and to the horror of a cat fearing flight attendant, the cat roamed free in the cabin. Of course, someone caught the incident on video and it had some comical moments. The poor cat's owner fell asleep with headphones on and somehow it managed to get out of the carrier.

The high cost of cancer treatmentThe Rising Cost of Cancer Treatment
For owners of dogs and cats stricken with cancer, expensive treatments only adds to the emotional difficulties. Just the initial cancer diagnosis can cost $2,000. A standard course of chemotherapy costs between $3,000 and $5,000. A bone marrow transplant costs between $16,000 and $25,000 and the cure rate is only about 33%. These aren't just wealthy people. Some used their life savings, and even refinanced their houses to pay for the treatments.

It's a Crime To Insult The King's Dog
A King and his dogSome really strict new laws there now make it a crime to insult the Thailand monarchy and now a factory worker could go to jail for 37 years for making disparaging posts on Facebook about the king's dog. Turns out that the man was charged after making a "sarcastic" Facebook post about the dog. The 88-year-old ailing King rescued Copper from an alley and in 2002 he wrote a best selling book about her. She is so revered there that the media must address the dog as ma'am.


Animal Radio Episode 838

Pets in the hospitalBringing Pets Into Hospitals
Donna Jenkins is pioneering a movement to allow visitation of patient's personal pets during long-term treatment. She formed Zachary's Paw For Healing after her son passed from a terminal disease. During his final hours he requested a visit from the family pet but didn't want to sneak the dog into the cancer treatment facility.

Becker is Back
Did you get a pet for the holiday? Dr. Marty Becker is back with tips that every new puppy or kitten owner should know. These tips could save you a lot of grief.

Michael Vick changes tuneMichael Vick Lobbies for Bill to Protect Pets
Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Michael Vick got the celebrity treatment as he visited the Pennsylvania state Capitol last week to lobby for a bill to help protect cats and dogs from being left in unattended vehicles. Vick was a star quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons when he plead guilty to federal conspiracy charges in 2007 for his role in a dog fighting ring and served nearly two years in prison. He claims to have been reformed and spoke on behalf of animals saying, "The bottom line is that all animals thrive (on) kindness and respect. They depend on us like our children depend on us."

Tests Show No Safe Travel Seats
No safe pet seatTwo years ago, in a first of its kind crash test, the leading pet harnesses, which were trusted by owners, failed again and again. Now, the Center for Pet Safety is testing pet travel seats. So are there any safe pet seats? Really, the answer is No. The Director at the Center for Pet Safety says they "do not recommend pet seats at this time for pet owners" to use for their pets in cars.


Animal Radio Episode 837

Jon and Tracey StewartThe Daily Squeal's Tracey Stewart Guests
Wife of Jon Stewart (former Daily Show host), Tracey Stewart is our guest. She reveals that Jon was behind her decision to leave the corporate world for animal welfare. She even says Jon has a special bond with their pigs. She's just released a brand new book exploring compassion towards all animals.

Wildlife Docs
Rachel Reenstra is on Animal RadioHost of ABC's Wildlife Docs, Rachel Reenstra guests. She'll tell us about her unscripted TV show following the antics and rescues at Busch Gardens. Maybe we'll even find out what she's getting her pets for the holiday.

Darwin's Dogs
Dogs were the first animals people domesticated. Sadly, they also suffer from many of the same difficult-to-treat psychiatric and neurological diseases we do. Researchers from the Darwin's Dog Project put together a series of short surveys about everything from diet to behavior to personality. Any dog can participate and it's free. Once an owner has filled out the survey, they send you a kit to collect a small saliva sample from your dog for DNA analysis and they share any information they find!

Dog found after 7 yearsDog Returned After SEVEN Years
Once again you can thank a microchip for reuniting a lost pet with its owner, only in this case the dog had been missing for 7 years. Little mixed breed Mishka was only 3 when she got out of her yard. She was found late last month and turned in to a shelter in Ohio where the owner used to live. She now lives in Tennessee. The shelter says it was difficult to find the dog's microchip because it is normally located between the shoulder blades, but over the years Mishka's chip had migrated to her side.


Animal Radio Episode 836

Employers and pet lossA Loss That's Hard to Explain to the Boss
Losing a furry-companion can be as upsetting (if not more) than losing a human friend. But try explaining that to most bosses and they'll laugh in your face. However, more employers are beginning to include pet bereavement leave in their employment policies. Dr. Sandra Grossman has researched this movement and will explain.

New Legislation for Retired Military Dogs
New legislation for Military DogsIt's a great day for military heroes on both ends of the leash. A gigantic defense spending bill was recently signed including a provision that will allow U.S. military dogs to be returned to the United States upon their retirement and gives their military handlers first chance to adopt them!

World's Largest Cloning Factory
The world's largest animal cloning factory is under construction in China, with plans to churn out pets, police dogs, racehorses and beef cattle, to be sold on the open market on an industrial scale.

Children with Pets Have Less Anxiety
CHildren with pets are better adjustedA new study validates that finding that having a dog to cuddle up to and play with is good for children and are less likely to suffer from anxiety because of it.

Traveling with Your Pet
Animal Radio Veterinary Correspondent Dr. Marty Becker has three things you should bring when you travel with your pet. He'll help you curb the anxiety and motion sickness associated with pet travel.

Dog Shoots Wedding Video
Dog films wedding videoOn their one-year anniversary, this couple released the most beautiful wedding video to ever be filmed - by a dog. Josh and Addie Burnette strapped a GoPro camera to the collar of their dog Ryder on their wedding day. The result? A two-minute video capturing the most important moments of the day from a "dogs eye view." See The Video


Animal Radio Episode 835

Bill Berloni is on Animal RadioFrom Wags To Riches
You've most likely seen his work on film even if you don't recognize him. Bill Berloni is an animal trainer for stage and screen. His reality series on the Discovery Channel follows him around as he trains animals from the shelter for TV and movies.

Deadly Old Wives Tales
Dr. Debbie says using Chewing Tobacco to worm your pet could kill them. Still, that's one of the more popular Internet home remedies for pets. Please don't rely on Dr. Google to treat your pets for any sickness or disease. It could easily lead you down the wrong treatment path.

ASPCA changes stance on pets as giftsASPCA Changes Stance On Pet As Gifts
A few years ago, pictures of all kinds of pets in overcrowded animal shelters filled social media as a warning against giving pets as Christmas presents. The ASPCA was just one of several organizations against the idea. However, they've changed their tone. Recently, the ASPCA conducted a survey to learn more about people who acquire pets as gifts. The vast majority of these pets are still in the home.

Canine Motion Sickness
Just like humans, dogs can also get sick in the car. But the reasons may be different. Dr. Debbie will help you determine the best way to approach this common problem. There are even medicines that are indicated for canine motion sickness.

Using pets as date baitUsing Pets As "Date Bait"
A new survey reveals that owning a dog boosts a man's sex appeal and 1 in 5 people admit to using their pets as 'date bait.' The survey conducted by also found 1/3 of women and 1/4 of men have been attracted to someone because of their pet. Nearly 50% of the women said they judged potential partners on how they responded to their pet. 54% of men said they wouldn't date someone who didn't like pets.


Animal Radio Episode 834

Charlie Daniels is on Animal RadioCharlie Daniels Guests
Probably one of the best Country music performers of our time, Charlie Daniels is our special guest. He raises Quarter Horses and pines for a dog after his tour is over. He's 79 years old and sharp as a fiddle. In fact, he's a self-taught fiddler.

Women Who Still Love Cats Too Much
Allia Zobel Nolan is a self-proclaimed "crazy cat lady." She ought to know, she wrote a book on the subject. You'll be shocked when you hear the bizarre things she's done in the name of cat-dom.

Microchip Saves The Day, Again.
Disco the dog has been returned to her owner and home in Australia because she was chipped. Disco had been missing for 5 long years! The dog was initially found by an "elderly couple," and given to a younger family. During her time with the family, Disco was attacked by another dog and was surrendered to an animal hospital because they couldn't afford the vet bills. Luckily the hospital checked for a microchip. Dog and owner were reunited.
Poisonous Laundry Pod
Laundry "Pods" Problematic
The Animal Poison Control Center has put out the alert. Those little laundry detergent jelly-like things called pods can pose a serious danger to pets if they're swallowed. Because they're small, soft, and usually come in bright colors they may be tempting to pets. They contain detergents that can cause major stomach upset and irritation to an animal's upper airway if ingested.


Animal Radio Episode 833

John O'Hurley is on Animal RadioJohn O'Hurley is Back
Co-host of NBC's Thanksgiving Day National Dog Show; actor John O'Hurley (J. Peterman on Seinfeld) is back for the 14th year to share fun stories about the dogs in his life. He'll also take a stab at pronouncing the new breed names in this year's Thanksgiving Day show.

Country Star Tanya Tucker Guests
Tanya Tucker is on Animal RadioMusician Tanya Tucker joins the Thanksgiving celebration live from Nashville. She has a menagerie of animals and plenty of anecdotes to go around. This is the first time for her on Animal RadioÔÇŽwe'll be gentle. But this ain't her first rodeo.

Banning Shock Collars
The Scottish government is asking residents there for their opinions on electric shock collars, used to train cats and dogs, and if they believe the collars should be banned. Wales, Sweden, Denmark and Germany have already banned shock collars, but supporters of them say they can be used successfully as a last resort - and have compared the pain inflicted to a static shock. Meanwhile, shock-collars are still legal in the United States; the usefulness is still in question. Sometimes a dog will "take the hit" if his/her drive is high.

My Cat from Hell
Jackson Galaxy is on Animal RadioAnimal Planet host, Jackson Galaxy is back to yap about his awesome new book. Jackson and Kate (his partner in crime) will show you how to make your house cat-friendly without forsaking aesthetics.


Animal Radio Episode 832

David Frei is on Animal RadioNBC's David Frei is Back
Co-host of NBC's Thanksgiving Day National Dog Show; David Frei is back for the 14th year in a row to celebrate all the new breeds you'll be seeing on the worldwide TV special.

America's Got Talent Loser Wins
Comedian Doogie Horner was almost booed off the stage on America's Got Talent. He was able to turn the boos into cheers. He's riding high with a brand new book featuring fictional feline stories.

Should you vaccinate your dogTo Vaccinate or Not To Vaccinate
People who embrace the anti-vaccination movement and forego immunization for themselves or their children against certain human diseases are in some cases extending their attitude to pets. So you can be a pet or a people anti-vaxer these days. A number of veterinary clinics now say they have clients who refuse vaccinations for their dogs or cats. In some cases people don't want to vaccinate their dogs because they're scared that the vaccine will harm the animal.

Halloween Stats Are In
Pet CostumesAmericans spent $350,000,000 on pet costumes this last year. The top 10 states where people live that are most likely to dress up their dog in a costume is Virginia, where 64% of residents dress dogs in costumes, followed by New Jersey, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Missouri, Ohio, New York, Wisconsin, Michigan and Oklahoma.


Animal Radio Episode 831

Kip Addotta guests on Animal RadioComedian Kip Addotta is Back
Legendary Comedian Kip Addotta knows a lot about animals. Especially cats. The love of his life was "Harley," a kitty that lived 23 years. Kip will tell us the secrets to feline longevity as well as some of his secret flea remedies. He says "I loved my cat, Harley! People ask me if I had Harley declawed. Well, I would never have a cat declawed, because claws are a cat's only line of defense, and I can get pretty drunk!"

Find Your Lost Dog Using A Facial Recognition App
There are many apps for finding lost pets, but a new one has gone a step further by using facial recognition software. It's called and it matches eight distinctive facial markers on dogs with images uploaded by people searching for lost pets. Eyes and noses are important areas to help tell dogs apart; especially the eye size and how the eyes are positioned near the snout.

Dogs helping kids to readDo Animal's Improve Student's Reading Skills
Human Animal Bond Research Initiative is giving $13,000 to answer the question: Does reading aloud to a classroom pet such as a rabbit help to improve students' reading skills?  Experts say the human-animal bond can lessen the stress young children sometimes feel in the classroom, and believe it will show classroom interactions with rabbits and guinea pigs will improve students' oral fluency and reading comprehension.

Therapy Dog Loses Certification Over Costumes
Chopper the Therapy DogA Pet Partners certified therapy dog has lost that certification because the organization the organization says it found the Boston Terrier's biker costume to be a "safety concern."  5-year-old Chopper has put in several years volunteering in San Diego-area hospitals and senior centers on his mini-motorcycle. Chopper's owner says Pet Partners told him it was concerned about "the perception Chopper may be creating in the community with regard to therapy animals."


Animal Radio Episode 830

Download this free Chihuahua Pumpkin StencilHaving A Safe Halloween
Halloween can be a fun time for your pets. But some animals just aren't cut out for the holiday and would be safer cuddled inside on the night of trickery.

Rodent Traps a Pet Hazard
There's a warning for pet owners after a cat was found with its head stuck in a rodent trap. The cat, which was seriously injured, was caught in a Fenn Trap, meant for squirrels and rats. Luckily the cat was found and rescued by a Good Samaritan. Since the incident last month, the SPCA is now calling on people to be aware that setting these traps could be breaking the law.

Pets in the ClassroomPets In The Classroom Have A Profound Impact
A new study reveals having a pet in the classroom may provide real educational value through leadership skills and character building. Despite some of the challenges to having classroom pet, such as coping with loss and teachers spending their own money to care for the pet, the study found six objectives proving the benefit of caring for a classroom pet, like teaching children responsibility compassion, empathy, respect and leadership through animal care and providing relaxation when children are stressed.

Cats with JobsCats With Jobs
Author Lisa Rogek has found 50 cats that have jobs. This isn't easy. Cats are notoriously not workers, unlike dogs. From Grumpy Cat to Kitty Models, Lisa will share the stories behind these frolicking felines.

FREE Happy Healthy Dog Summit
The Healthy Happy Dog Summit will train YOU to provide the happiest, healthiest life possible for your pup! You'll see 30 world experts including Sonya Fitzpatrick (Animal Communication), Victoria Stillwell (Puppies 101) and Dr. Nicholas Dodman (How Dogs and People Communicate). The Happy Healthy Dog Summit is ONLINE and FREE. Learn more at:


Animal Radio Episode 829

Cat Thwarts SuicideCat Thwarts Suicide Attempt
San Francisco Police spent hours trying to convince a jumper not to jump. It wasn't until the officers brought in the jumper's tabby cat that the standoff ended. Never underestimate the bond between people and their pets.

Pet Obesity Continues To GROW
Being overweight can seriously impact our health and that of our pets. The Association for Pet Obesity estimates that nearly 54% of cats and dogs in the US are overweight or obese. Lori Brooks has tips to tell if your pet is a healthy weight. We'll also discuss the safest methods for lowering your pets caloric intake and increasing exercise.

Anonymous Hero Saves Dog
An anonymous real life hero saved the life of a dog that was trapped inside a burning home this week in Tennessee.  As someone who witnessed it describes it said, "This guy in a gray mustang pulls up says, 'I do this for a living,' and he runs in and he comes out about two minutes later with this beautiful dog in his arms." Less than a minute later the roof of the home caved in.

Pets and HalloweenHalloween Pet Hazards
Pets often find it truly scary during this time of year. The things that make Halloween a treat for people can overwhelm many pets. Some parts of Halloween can even be dangerous. On the other hand, some pets absolutely love the holiday. There's no shortage of dogs and cats that love the attention and adulation they receive in their costume. We'll help you determine which side of the scale your pets find most comfortable. Dr. Debbie sees more patients the day after Halloween. She'll explain why and what you can do to avoid the vet.

FREE Happy Healthy Dog Summit
FREE Healthy Happy Dog SummitThe Healthy Happy Dog Summit will train YOU to provide the happiest, healthiest life possible for your pup! You'll see 30 world experts including Sonya Fitzpatrick (Animal Communication), Victoria Stillwell (Puppies 101) and Dr. Nicholas Dodman (How Dogs and People Communicate). The Happy Healthy Dog Summit is ONLINE and FREE. Learn more at

Download this free Chihuahua Pumpkin Stencil

Download the Chihuahua Pumpkin Stencil


Animal Radio Episode 828

Bats are misunderstoodSecret Lives Of Bats
When you mention bats, most people shutter. Dr. Merlin Tuttle believes bats are misunderstood and that in many countries, they're a welcome friend. Oh, he also says without bats there would be no tequila. Just sayin'

Trendy Pet Costumes
Some pets really like to be dressed up for Halloween, or so we think. Wonder Costumes' Chris Yandek has a list of the most popular pet costumes and you can rest-assured the worthy "Minion" is on it.

Just say no to dog bunsJust Say No To Dog Buns
Odd animal trends like the "dog bun" could actually harm your pet. If you haven't seen photos of this yet, it's where a dog's hair is gathered into a bun on top of its head. Veterinary experts say pulling a dog's ears up like that can damage the ear, causing wounds, cuts, which then risk the chance of being infected.

Stealing Cat Owned By Cop
How funny is it that a police Sergeant in Oregon owns a cat that loves to steal? After sharing the antics of his thieving cat with his fellow police officers, the sergeant has created a Facebook page for his cat Tigger whom he affectionately calls "Kleptokitty." Tigger has been stealing for many years. He brings home everything from socks to old fast food boxes and even a small bag of marijuana.

Micro PigsMicro Pigs
Tiny pigs, which were created by scientists in China using new genetic editing techniques, are to be sold as pets in the near future and the prospect has triggered a furious debate between animal rights groups and scientists.


Animal Radio Episode 827

Dr. Debbie and Joey Villani answer your questions toll-free at 1-866-405-8405Non-Chemical Flea Remedies
Dogfather Joey Villani and Dr. Debbie address concerns over chemical spot-on flea treatments. They have great alternatives that can safely remove those pesky parasites. They'll also bust some myths.

Blessing Your Pets
Grab your pets and bring'em around the radio for our annual "Blessing of the Animals" performed by the extra charismatic Dr. James Capers. Our virtual ceremony celebrates the pets in our lives.

Most Unusual Pet Insurance Claims
The "most unusual" pet insurance claim is sought each year with the announcement of the nominees for the Hambone Award by Nationwide Insurance. One of the favorites to win this year is Jackie, a terrier mix in Indiana that needed X-rays and laxatives after she figured out how to open the family's junk drawer and ate all of its contents, including a medicine bottle, a bottle of perfume and a pair of sunglasses.
Laura Coffey is on Animal Radio
My Old Dog
Laura Coffey created a coffee-table book that features senior dogs with "second-acts." These senior dogs could've wasted away at the shelter waiting for adoption, but instead they are going on to live resourceful and happy lives with a second or third guardian. Senior pets make great friends!

Dolphin-Assisted Human Births
Dolphin Assisted Birth is a thingDolphin-assisted birth, is a new trend growing in popularity. One woman in Hawaii plans to deliver their baby in the Pacific Ocean off the Hawaiian coast. They plan on having a flippered midwife showing up to help. There is a You Tube video about this fad and believe it or not, the mother to be thought her baby would be able to "speak dolphin" as a result of immediate exposure to the animals.


Animal Radio Episode 826

Pet Friendly Real EstateTips for Selling Your Pet-Friendly Home
Chicago Realtor Jason Feldman specializes in selling homes to and for pet-owners. If you're trying to sell your home after many years of "pet-life," he'll have tips for making it more appealing to the buyer. He says sometimes pet-owners become immune to the smell, so it's advisable to bring in a third party to assess the situation.

Accessorizing Your Pet
Joey Villani (The Dogfather) reviews the last grooming trade show and the strange accessories including fake eyelashes for your dog, fingernail polish and wigs. Some might think this is for the hardened pet lover who may be just a little nutty for their pet. And they're probably right.

Guy Makes Bed Big Enough For Pets TooCouple Makes Extra Large Bed for Themselves AND Their Pets
Have you ever known an animal that didn't want to sleep in the bed with you? Neither do we. So how lucky are this couple's five cats and two dogs? They made a gigantic 11-foot wide bed that takes up most of their bedroom, but is big enough to share with all of their pets!

Another County Bans Puppy Mill Sales at Pet Stores
Camden County, New Jersey has voted unanimously to prohibit pet stores from selling animals from puppy mills. The representatives say they are standing up for animals of their county and want to ensure no one is profiting off the inhumane treatment of puppy mills. Several other counties and towns have inquired about the legislation and enacting it in their areas.

Infants and DogsInfant Exposed To Pets Have Less Allergies
A new study has found that, infants who share a home with furry pets were found to share some of the animals' gut bacteria - which might possibly explain why exposing children to animals early in life may protect kids against some allergies.


Animal Radio Episode 825

Dog finds Subway's Jared Fogle's Porn StashThe Dog That Put Subway's Jared Behind Bars
Dennis Clark tells us how he trained the dog that sniffed out the thumb-drive with Jared Fogle's child pornography on it. Training a dog to smell electronics can't be easy. Dennis will explain what type of dog it takes to smell pirated DVDs in import containers.

You Need More Sleep
Francesco Marciuliano is back for more abuse. The writer for the "Sally Forth" syndicated comic strip moonlights as a writer of satirical cat and dog books. His latest, "You Need More Sleep" has advice from cats for humans. We'll have giveaways of his new book.

China Bad - Mexico Good
China bludgeoning dogs to death in citywide cullFrom the Good News/Bad News Department: Chinese officials in Jinan have ordered all dogs to be outlawed. They've asked owners to dispose of their dogs or they city will come and bludgeon the dog's to death. In Mexico, the once iconic bullfighting is becoming extinct. Coahuila becomes the third state in Mexico to ban the sport.

My Dog's Cell Phone
Imagine receiving a bill from Verizon for calls you didn't make. Then upon closer examination, the bill is actually addressed to your dog. That's exactly what happened and don't you know it'll be a mess to clean up when the phone company finally admits their error. Britt Savage reports.

Seniors and petsHow Do Companion Animals Effect Seniors?
The Human Animal Bond Research Initiative has awarded a $43,000 grant for a new study to explore how companion animals effect social engagement and psychological well-being in adults ages 55+. With 75 million baby boomers entering mid and later adulthood it is vital to understand how everything, including pets, can improve their lives.


Animal Radio Episode 824

Dr. Marty Becker is on Animal Radio5 Signs You Need To Get To The Vet ASAP!
Animal Radio Veterinary Correspondent Dr. Marty Becker counts down the top 5 things to look out for that indicate a health emergency for your pet.

Patient Compliance
More than half of pet owners disregard instruction for medicating their pets as prescribed by their vet. This can have horrific results, especially where antibiotics are concerned. Doc Halligan has tips on easily pilling your pet.

Your Cat Probably Doesn't Miss You When You're Away
According to a new study that observed the relationships between a number of cats and their owners, domestic cats do not generally see their owners as a focus of safety and security in the same way that dogs do.
Tips for finding lost pets
Lost Pet Recovery
Donna Lewis is a Lost Pet Recovery Expert for & This nationwide service will automatically dial all the phones within the radius of the lost pet alerting neighbors. Does this work? The service claims an 85% success rate. If you've lost your pet and have the cash, then this might be a good solution.

Guy Adds Two-Headed Snake to His Two-Headed Collection
50,000 dollar snakeA west coast freak show owner who paid $50,000 for "Medusa", a three-foot-long, 4-year-old two-headed Honduran Milk snake born in Florida, recently purchased a rare two-headed albino snake. The proud new owner says he's wanted the snake since the day it was born four years ago, but price just kept getting higher." By the way, this guy currently holds a Guinness World Record for having the biggest collection of two-headed animals.


Animal Radio Episode 823

Allison Basing is on Animal RadioUsing Pets To Teach Anti-Bullying
Allison Basinger from the Kansas City based "Wayside Waifs" animal welfare organization is on the cutting edge of the anti-bullying education movement. She's using her dogs, Justice and Paxton to help 3 through 5 graders learn a more compassionate lifestyle.

Get Your Licks
The host of CBS's Lucky Dog, Brandon McMillan, the cast of The Young and The Restless and Susan Sims are in Los Angeles to kick-off the 7th Annual "Get Your Licks On Route 66" Adoption Tour. There's no better time than now to find your forever friend.

Black Dog SyndromeBlack Dog Syndrome
While there is no hard evidence to back Black Dog Syndrome, it is largely felt that black animals take a back seat when it comes to adoption. Pet Photographer Fred Levy believes it's because they are hard to photograph and don't look desirable online photos. He'll have tips for photographing your black dog or cat.

Selecting A New Car With Your Pet In Mind
So who influences you when you need to buy a car? According to Auto-trader, more than half of America's 54 million dog owners consider buying a vehicle based on its ability to accommodate their best friend, which is their dog. The list includes cars with features pet owners need, like fold-flat rear seats, rear lift gate, under-floor storage and rear climate control. There are 9 cars on the list and we'll tell you what they are.

Pamela Anderson loves herself some animalsPamela Anderson Says Company is Not Cruelty-Free
Actress and animal-rights actress Pamela Anderson has written a letter to MAC Cosmetics owner and friend John Demsey expressing disappointment in the brand for testing on animals. Anderson used to be a spokesperson for the brand, but recently learned that the supposedly cruelty-free brand admittedly tests on animals where it is "required by law," like in China.


Animal Radio Episode 822

Jesse Tyler Ferguson is on Animal RadioModern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson Guests
He may play an uptight lawyer on the hit ABC sitcom, but in real life he's an avid pet lover and parent of two dogs, "Leaf" and "Fennel." Jesse will share personal stories of how he and his partner spoil their pups.

New Pet-Safe Anti-Freeze
Every year, some 90,000 pets and wild animals along with 5,000 humans are poisoned by antifreeze because Ethylene glycol, the main ingredient in antifreeze and deicers. But there's been a discovery of a new antifreeze ingredient that works better than the old stuff, and it's non toxic! The new ingredient is Propylene glycol, a food additive, which is "generally recognized as safe" by the USDA, and it cools car engines 60-percent better than the old stuff!

Do Animals Improve Student's Reading Skills?
Experts say the human-animal bond can lessen the stress young children sometimes feel in the classroom, and believe classroom interactions with rabbits and guinea pigs will improve students' oral fluency and reading comprehension.

Brandon McMillan is on Animal RadioLucky Dog
The host of CBS's Lucky Dog, Brandon McMillan is back and he's getting ready to kick off the 7th Annual "Get Your Licks on Route 66" Adoption Tour. Along with Fido Friendly, Animal Radio is proud to be a part of this life-saving tour across America. We'll be stopping at shelters all along the infamous highway and spreading the joy with all kinds of goodies for you and your pets. We'll also be introducing you to dogs and cats available in your city. Learn more at: Come join us and find your new forever friend.

Jobs For Dogs
Bed Bug Sniffer DogWe'll take a look at all the different service-dogs and what they've been trained to do. Some can smell when a person is about to have a seizure, others can retrieve a phone in an emergency. There's even dogs that have been trained to sniff out bedbugs.


Animal Radio Episode 821

The Chicken Chick is on Animal RadioThe Chicken Chick
Chickens are more popular than ever in urban settings and as pets. By popular demand, we're having the Chicken Chick on the show to share her vast chicken knowledge. Even if you aren't considering a fowl friend, Kathy Mormino will amuse and educate.

Photographing Your Pet
Amanda Jones is one of the top best pet photographers in the nation. Her last collaboration is a coffee-table book with 30 dogs photographed during their youth and again in their senior years. It's a compelling contrast between puppy-hood and a dog's golden years. Amanda will have tips for photographing your pet.

Oldest Living Cat
Oldest Living CatA 26-year-old cat named Corduroy has been named the oldest living cat by Guinness. His owner has had him since he was a kitten and she was only 7. Though Corduroy is now the oldest living cat on record, he is not the oldest domestic cat to have ever lived, that designation belongs to Creme Puff, who lived to the awe-inspiring age of 38 years and 3 days.

All Pet Store Dogs Must Come From Shelters
Earlier this month a federal judge in Phoenix, Arizona upheld a city law requiring that all dogs sold in pet stores must come from shelters, which will also help to relieve shelter overcrowding. Phoenix is one of about 60 cities in the U.S. that have similar laws designed to put an end to puppy mills by driving potential pet buyers toward homeless animals.

Custody Battle over PetCustody Battle Over Pets
Dr. Debbie has the top things you need to know when battling for custody over a pet. It's best to consider how it will affect your furry friend. The law doesn't always favor the pet in such battles. Some couples even stay together, just for the pet.


Animal Radio Episode 820

Picking the right pet foodHow To Pick A Pet Food
Lucy Pet Foundation's Doc Halligan has what you need to know in order to pick the best food for your pet and your budget. Just because it's expensive doesn't mean it's good. You'll learn how to read the label.

Things Your Vet Wished You Worried About More
Animal Radio Veterinary Correspondent Dr. Marty Becker has a list of things he wishes his clients would pay more attention to than they do. He'll also tell you what you unnecessarily worry too much about.

Pets destroy electronic devicesPets Destroy Eight Million Electronic Devices
A new study says American pets have bitten, chewed or damaged at least 8-million electronic devices! All that damage caused an estimated $3 billion in repair and replacement costs! Researchers found 1/3rd of the damaged devices were smart-phones; 2/3rds of the incidents happened when the pet was not being supervised. And interestingly, male pets are 50% more likely than female pets to damage electronic devices.

Pets May Be Breeding Ground For MRSA
A new study suggests family pets might actually be reservoirs for Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA. Researchers believe pets might be an important factor behind the increase of MRSA outbreaks.

Healthiest breed dogsHealthiest Breeds
Pet Breeds compiled a list of 33 dog breeds that either have a clean health record, or are associated with only one, two or three health problems at most. And, the top seven have NO major or minor health concerns at all. They are...

Next Week: Amanda Jones - Kathy Mormino (AKA: The Chicken Chick) - Kat Smith

Animal Radio Episode 819

Actress Elaine Hendrix is on Animal RadioElaine Hendrix Guests
From the hit FX television show, Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll, Elaine Hendrix is Animal Radio's special guest this week. During the day she's an actress, during the evenings she's an animal advocate.

Learning CPR for Your Pet
Melanie Monteiro just released an incredible 3-hour online course to educate pet-guardians about CPR and other emergency care. Covering everything from bloat to car accidents, she'll teach you what you need to know to save your pet's life!

Vetting Your Groomer
Joey Villani is on Animal RadioAnimal Radio's "Dogfather" Joey Villani is on the cutting edge of legislation to regulate the pet-grooming industry. Until laws are in effect, he wants you to know how to tell a good groomer from bad. He'll tell you what red flags to look out for.

Scammer Offers to Find Lost Pets for a Fee
Pets FBI Ohio and its 50 volunteers, which reunite lost pets with their owners, are having trouble solving a case where a scammer is taking advantage of worried pet parents. Be warned that his individual calls people who have lost a pet and says he will help find the pet and claims he's with Pet FBI Ohio.

Canine Carry Outs HoaxCanine Carry-Outs Falls Prey To Hoax
Viral Internet stories claiming that the pet food treat "Canine Carry-Outs" has the same ingredients as anti-freeze are simply erroneous. Dr. Debbie explains the hoax to curious listeners.


Animal Radio Episode 818

Dr. Pol is on Animal RadioThe Incredible Dr. Pol
Nat Geo Wild's Dr. Pol returns to Animal Radio® airwaves with stories from his intriguing life. He'll talk about how surreal it is to see his face on comic books and a gaming app.

Saved In America
Actress Kim Sill took a camera and went undercover to show America the two biggest and nastiest lies about the pet welfare industry. She'll explain where pet stores get their animals and what the big welfare agencies, like the ASPCA, HSUS, AHA and Best Friends, do with your donations.

New Animal Terminal at JFKJFK Building Animal Terminal
JFK Airport broke ground on a new 48 million dollar terminal specifically for animals. It'll boast a canine hotel where you can board your dog for $100 a night. It includes a flat screen TV and a bone shaped swimming pool. Doc Halligan has the latest on the 178,000 square foot facility.

Crash Test Dogs Test Crates & Carriers
The latest crash test research on pet carriers and crates has been released. The Center for Pet Safety and Subaru worked together with a NASA engineer to create specially designed crash test dog dummies for the study. Fourteen products in all were tested and Lori Brooks reports on the three that performed the best.

New Regulations for Pet Store DisclosureNew Regulations for Pet Store Puppies
Illinois is the first to enact laws where pet store-owners must disclose to prospective customers actual pictures of the mother of the pet for sale as well as the facility where the animal was born and raised AND the number of animals kept by that kennel. Penalties for violations of the ordinance can be up to $1,000 for the first offense.


Animal Radio Episode 817

The truth about Anesthesia Free Dental CleaningThe Truth About Anesthesia Free Dental
Your local pet store may offer an Anesthesia Free Dental Cleaning. This is NOT an alternative to teeth cleaning. Doc Halligan says a real cleaning will help your pet avoid serious trouble down the line with infection of vital organs.

Movies Impacting Breed Popularity
After analyzing a number of movies released between 1927 and 2004 featuring dogs and evaluating AKC registration trends, researchers confirmed that movies definitely have an impact on breed popularity. "Lassie Come Home" was associated with a 40% increase in Collie registrations. After the remake of "101 Dalmatians," in 1996 animal shelters reported a 35% increase in the number of Dalmatians surrendered. What does this mean with the new hit movie "Max?"

Tyrann Mathieu in hot carNFL Player Locks Himself In Hot Car
Arizona Cardinal's Tyrann Mathieu's video for PETA is still heavily circulating online. If you haven't seen it, Mathieu is the NFL player who locked himself in a car to demonstrate the danger that dogs endure when they're locked inside a car on a hot summer day. After just a few minutes in the Arizona heat, Mathieu starts to breathe and sweat heavily.

Can Dogs Be Autistic?
Bull terriers who compulsively chase their tails may be autistic, at least that's what Dr. Nicholas Dodman, Director of the Behavior Clinic at Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, believes. He studied the subject for years and now says that like autistic people, such tail-chasing Bull terriers may be socially maladapted, unpredictably aggressive toward others and/or may stare into space for no apparent reason. Dodman's study is the first to propose that autism may occur in dogs.

Trump Your CatTrump Your Cat
Throughout the course of his time in public life, everyone has been wondering about Donald Trump's hair - or lack of it. ┬áIs it a comb-over? Is it a toupee? And with his announcement that he's running for President there's a new social media trend called┬á#trumpyourcatÔÇŽ. Here's how it works: ┬áFirst, you gather up all of the lint and loose pet hair in your house then you put it on your cat's head ÔÇŽ then take a picture of your cat and post.


Animal Radio Episode 816

Joey Villani legislates for Groomer RegulationGroomer Certification
Several high profile recent pet deaths are highlighting the possible need for government regulation of the over $6 billion pet grooming industry. Our very own "Dogfather," Joey Villani is spearheading the move towards regulation for the pet grooming industry.

The Cost of Pet Ownership
The first year of being a pet parent to a cat will cost about $1,035 and for a dog that number is $1,843 as estimated by the ASPCA. The estimates seem somewhat conservative by Animal Radio's standards.

What Vaccines Does My Pet Really Need?
Doc Halligan has the 411 on pet vaccines. Can they cause cancer? Are they really necessary? Is there a way to tell if your pet needs them or can skip them? Why are the pharmaceuticals only testing for one-year?

The Wealthiest Pets In The World
One hundred million dollar cat and ownerJust like people, there are some really wealthy pets in the world! The richest of them is probably not a shock to you ÔÇô it's "Grumpy Cat!" Grumpy's owner has made more than 100 million dollars for appearances, modeling, book deals and ads. That's a larger net-worth than Cameron Diaz or Jamie Foxx. Also on the list is "Moose" the Jack Russell who starred as "Eddie" on Frasier, "Keiko" the killer whale, "Rin Tin Tin," the dogs who starred as "Lassie" and Virgin America spokes-dog "Boo."

Smart Pigs
Pigs are smarter thn dogs and some chimpsAccording to Dr. Lori Marino, new research shows that pigs are smart as, if not smarter than, chimpanzees and dogs. The often lowly regarded swine may even have self-awareness, something our companion animals don't understand.


Animal Radio Episode 815

Dog WeddingsDog Weddings
As silly as it might sound; it's the next big thing. Look for the fall release of The Dog Wedding in theaters. There is already a rush on dog wedding gowns, and with good reason. Executive Producer Jason Hurwitz will tell you why.

Should You Have Pet Insurance?
If you don't have it, you've probably asked yourself whether you should have pet insurance for when the unexpected happens. Since pets are living longer and our veterinary medicine has advanced, options for emergency treatment can be costly unless you have insurance. But that doesn't necessarily mean, "go out and get it." Doc Halligan has important tips for deciding if you should get it and choosing the right policy.

Lake Algae Harmful for DogsLake Algae Can Be Harmful For Your Dog
If your dog likes to swim, it's probably best to make sure he only swims in the pool this summer. Pollution Control Agency is asking swimmers and pet owners to be aware of algae-ridden lakes and foul-smelling water this weekend after toxins from the blue-green blooms killed some dogs last month.

Finding Jobs for the Un-adoptable
Pete Coppolillo is scouring shelter for dogs that display traits undesirable for adoption. He's especially looking at prey drive, as these dogs make excellent "working conservation dogs." And Pete is happy to give these dogs a job and a home.

Take your snake to work dayTake-Your-Dog-To-Work-Day Now Includes Snakes and Pigs
As take-your-dog-to-work-day becomes the everyday norm in many offices; owners of less common pets have begun to demand equality. If dogs are welcome at work, then others feathered, furry, winged and scaly companions should be allowed at the office too although some co-workers don't agree. Snakes are allowed at the Seattle headquarters of About 8% of U.S. companies allow pets at work, and the practice seems to be especially prevalent among tech firms.


Animal Radio Episode 814

James Guiliani is on Animal RadioMobster Turned Animal Advocate
Special guest James Guiliani was a bad dude. He hung with Gotti and spent time behind bars. He was a drug-addicted ex-con on the verge of suicide when a dog and a dame changed his life for the better. James says "If you think the mafia is bad, try animal rescue."

Barriers Prohibit Seniors From Pet Ownership
Research published in Activities, Adaption & Aging calls for increased understanding about older adults and the current barriers, which limit older adults' chances to own a pet. Medical, physical and financial barriers keep seniors from enjoying the therapeutic benefits of animal guardianship.
Employers offer Pet Insurance Perks
Employers Offer Pet Health Insurance
Pet health insurance is revealed to be one of fastest growing employee perks in a benefit package. While not all companies allow our four-legged friends in the workplace, one in three Fortune 500 companies now offer pet insurance as a voluntary benefit. As the popularity of pet health insurance expands, some companies are subsidizing a percentage of their employee's cost, with several companies now paying as much as 100% of their employees' pet insurance premiums.

The Drought and Your Pet
Is Fake Grass Okay for your PetWater shortages across the west have house owners re-thinking their backyard. Many have opted to replace their high-maintenance grass for faux grass without thinking about their pet. Fake grass can be hot and smelly and full of bacterium that's no good for pets or humans.


Animal Radio Episode 813

Susan Thixton is on Animal RadioCrimes and Lies Against You
Every time you enter the pet food aisle, manufacturers are vying for your patronage and their share of the 21 BILLION dollar pet-food sector. They will do just about anything to get your business, except make a truly human edible food. No wonder, only four companies account for 67% of the marketplace. Susan Thixton will tell you the lies the pet-food companies want you to believe.

Harnessing the power of the Internet for good, Maresa Fanelli pioneered the pet lost and found database for Columbus, Ohio in 1998. Today she's the driving force behind Pets Found By Internet, reuniting lost animals all across America. She explains how it works and families she's reunited.

Making Of A Superbowl Pet Welfare Commercial
Jack making Superbowl CommercialIt was voted one of the best Superbowl Sunday commercials. It featured a stadium full of cats and dogs playing football to bring attention to the homeless pet problem. Joey Herrick (Lucy Pet Foundation) explains how they filmed the commercial and where they found its stars.

Pets Make Us Happier, Richer & Healthier
Blue Cross pet charity conducted a survey of pet owners and found that they tend to earn nearly $5,000 a year more than those without an animal and are more likely to work full time. They are also happier in general, spend more time with their families and have jobs they enjoy. Lori Brooks reports on this new research and has some illuminating results.

Cat Survives Two Months in MattressCat Survives 2-Month Move In Mattress
Moosie a 2-year-old gray tabby cat has been reunited with his family after he miraculously survived a two-month journey trapped inside a mattress when his owners moved from Texas to Alaska. A moving company left with the military families belongings while the family stayed behind and spent three more days in Texas searching for Moosie. Turns out, Moosie was already en route to AlaskaÔÇö inside a futon mattress.


Animal Radio Episode 812

Steve Garvey and Dodger Dog on Animal RadioSteve Garvey Guests
Legendary first baseman Steve Garvey is back for his third time to explain his relationship with his 140 pound Rottweiler, among other things. Steve is now working closely to help the Lucy Pet Foundation score a home run.

Using Cats to Fight Cancer
Everybody loves cat videos. Rachel Gitlin figures that her creation, Cats vs. Cancer, will use the power of cat videos to raise money, through advertising, to help assist in the fight against human cancer. She'll explain the model and tell you how you can help too.

Pet Law
Attorney Debra Hamilton gave up practicing litigation law to focus on the animals. As a mediator, she negotiates peaceful resolutions to pet-related discourse. Besides the obvious, divorce and pet-custody issues, she also deals with bad breeders and pet trusts.

Can cats cause schizophreniaLinks Between Cats and Human Schizophrenia
Looking for a link to help explain mental illness, new research shows that growing up with a family cat is a commonality among people who develop schizophrenia.

Dogs Help Mourners At Funeral Homes
Dogs are used in all kinds of ways to help humans feel better, emotionally. Funeral directors say dogs, especially trained therapy animals, can lighten the often awkward, tense atmosphere at a wake or funeral service and sometimes seem to know exactly who needs their help.

Adjoining PlotsGermans Allows Adjoining Cemetery Plots and Urns
The German Cemetery Association is offering pets and people adjoining urn spaces. The cost is between $1,100-1,600. Although the ashes of pet owners and their animals will now have the chance to sit side by side, cremations are still legally required to be carried out separately.

Next Week: Susan Thixton - Maresa Fanelli

Animal Radio Episode 811

Big Bang Theory's Mayim Bialik is on Animal RadioMayim Bialik Guests
After starring as "Blossom" in the hit TV series, Mayim Bialik went on to get a PhD in Neuroscience. But the stage called her back. Now she's on The Big Bang Theory and working overtime for the animals. She'll tell us about CatCon, like ComicCon, but for Cats.

When To Change Your Vet
Just like any business, there are always people that give it a bad name. Same with Veterinarians. Animal Radio Veterinary Correspondent Dr. Marty Becker has a list of red flags you should look out for. If you see one, you need to re-think your vet?
Dog Treats As Healthy As Donuts
Dog Treats As Healthy As Donuts
Some of the most popular treats given to cats and dogs contain more calories than human junk food! New research shows that a few pet treats have as many as 415 calories, more than a glazed donut.

Holy Cow
Boze Hadleigh put together the ultimate book describing the origins of animal phrases. Did you ever wonder where the saying "there's more than one way to skin a cat" comes from? Boze will enlighten and make you laugh at our language.

New Law Allows You To Break Into Cars
Providing greater protection for animals is the premise behind a new legislation introduced in New York that would allow a person to take necessary steps to remove an animal from a hot vehicle if a police officer cannot be located.

Therapy Dog Loses Certification After Wearing Costume
Chopper loses therapy dog certificationA Pet Partners certified therapy dog has lost that certification because the organization says it found the Boston Terrier's biker costume to be a "safety concern." 5-year-old Chopper has put in several years volunteering in San Diego-area hospitals and senior centers on his mini motorcycle.


Animal Radio Episode 810

Cat Abandoned on FreewayFreeway Kitten
Our Hero Person segment wraps up after 26 weeks with the heartwarming story about a kitten that was abandoned on a highway and rescued by Keri Lamar. She was driving when all of a sudden a kitten flew by hear windshield. Keri tells the rest of the story.

Basic Training Tools
Every dog owner should have several basic training tools. Founder of the Animal Behavior Centre and inventor of the Halti, Dr. Roger Mugford will be explaining what you need to train your dog to sit, stay and come.

Aussie Family Travels Across America Washing DogsBathe To Save
Australian Anthony Amos has loaded his large family in an RV. He's towing a giant fiberglass blue dog. Inside the eye-catching vehicle is a shampoo and grooming facility. He's setting course to cross the U.S. washing 25,000 dogs with 100% of the proceeds going to local shelters.

How to Choose A Couch with Your Pet In Mind
As an animal lover you've probably spent hours contemplating the fabric of your next sofa. Consider how their hair shows up on the upholstery as well as whether it will embed itself in the weave and be difficult to clean. Consider how the fabric will react to their nails, and, you'll want to make sure you choose a fabric that is fairly easy to clean off the drool marks and paw prints.
Lady Gaga Pet Line
Lady Gaga Working on Line Of Pet Products
Lady Gaga showed us her talents clearly go beyond music and outlandish outfits. Animal Radio hears she is working on a line of pet products inspired by her dog Asia. Gaga will be the artistic director for the canine collection, which will feature pet clothing and accessories, toys and food bowls. Perhaps she'll create an outfit of meat that will double as a treat? Probably not.


Animal Radio Episode 809

Michael Wombacher is on Animal RadioGood Dog, Happy Baby
Dog Trainer Michael Wombacher has developed a twelve-step program to introduce your dogs to a new baby or family member. There is no need to get rid of the dog just because you're expecting. If done properly, your dog and child can live harmoniously and thrive together.

OMG - One More Generation
When Olivia Ries was 7-years-old, she started a non-profit organization to save endangered animals. That was five years ago. Since then, she has spoken to dignitaries and lobbied for the voiceless. You'll melt when you hear our young Hero Person.

What you need to know about microchipsWhat You Need To Know About Microchips
A microchip is still the best way to identify a lost pet. However, they're not 100% reliable. Dr. Debbie will tell you what you may not know about the little rice-sized technology. She'll also dispel any myths about the microchip being dangerous or causing cancer.

Dog Walking Pays Well in the UK
Dog walkers in the UK earn a fifth more than the average salary by working just two weeks out of every month. Dog walkers charge an average of almost $18 per hour per dog in the UK and walk 192 dogs per month, which adds up to annual earnings of $41,000, 20% higher than the British national average salary! Does this make you want to re-think your job?

Human Dog BondHuman and Dog Bond Dates Back Years
The bond between humans and dogs may be much older than we once thought. A group of researchers discovered an ancient wolf bone and say its DNA suggests dogs diverged from wolves as far back as 40,000 years ago and point to the ancient wolf as possibly the most recent common relative of modern wolves and dogs.


Animal Radio Episode 808

Adam Warwick Saves Drowning BearOur Hero Saved 400 lb. Drowning Bear
What would drive Adam Warwick to jump in alligator filled waters to save a bear that was drowning? Adam is our special guest this week and he tells an adrenaline filled rescue story. When he's done telling you what he did for this bear, you'll ask yourself if you would've done the same thing.

What to Do With The Poo
Rose Seemann is the author of "The Pet Poo Pocket Guide" and our guest. She has some shocking realities about our pet's waste. There's more poo than we think accumulating in landfills and polluting our environment. She'll be using the gold standard of monumental measurement, the football field. And you'll need a lot of them to house all our pet's poo.

Bri Bradley has a pet treat businessBuilding A Dog Treat Business
Bri Bradley is co-owner of a brand new dog treat business. What makes her business so different than the hundreds of other dog treats? She customizes the treats for your dog. You tell her what flavors, carbs, proteins and vegetables to put in and she'll bake them and deliver them right to your door.

No Jerky Is Safe
It was thought that China was the source of the jerky that's making dogs sick across America. But new research shows that even US sourced jerky is a problem. The FDA is scratching their head. Nobody seems to exactly understand what part of the jerky is making animals sick. At this time, the best advice is to stay away from all jerky treats.

Cat allergiesAllergies for You and Your Pet
Did you know your pet can have a host of allergies this time of year? That might explain the itching, hair loss, and eye issues. Dr. Debbie will try to help you determine the source of your pet's allergies and how to resolve them.

More this week

Animal Radio Episode 807

Laser Therapy on DogLaser Therapy on Pets
Animal Radio Veterinary Correspondent Dr. Marty Becker is excited about his new gadget. It's only the size of an iPhone Plus but it has multiple applications in the veterinarian's office. Could Laser Therapy be used on your pets?

Canine Flu Update
This year's strain of Canine Flu is different than past epidemics. There is a vaccine for the previous strain H3N8 but not for this new one called H3N2. Veterinarians are looking for new ways to fight the new virus that seems to be affecting felines too.

Dispatcher Lynn Willett adopts dog911 Dispatcher Hero
When Police Dispatcher Lynn Willett received an emergency call to check on the welfare of an elderly man, she had no idea she would end up adopting his dog. Lynn tells us her heartwarming story about a German Shepard named Sgt. Roscoe.

Xylitol Toxicity on the Rise
Anyone who has a dog knows they will pretty much chew on anything they can get their paws on, but this story underscored how careful we need to be around them. Luna, a 2-year-old Golden Retriever in Glenwood City, Wisconsin, found the pack of "Ice Breaker" Lemon-flavor gum containing Xylitol. She suffered severe liver damage and had to be euthanized. Xylitol is found in all sorts of things, including sugar-free gum, vitamins, toothpaste, dental floss, nasal sprays and baked goods. Even a couple of pieces of gum can result in life-threatening blood sugar and liver failure.

Warning About Dynamic Pet Products' Real Ham Bone
Real Ham Bone is dangerous for petsRodney Canutt, says the product killed his dog Teddy. Veterinarians found three big clumps of sharp shards of the bone in his intestinal tract. Dynamic Pet Products offered to pay for Teddy's cremation and vet bills, but Canutt is still considering legal action. The Better Business Bureau says Dynamic Pet Products' Real Ham Bone for Dogs is suspected of killing or hurting nine dogs nationwide, but it's still available at Wal-Mart.

More this week

Animal Radio Episode 806

Zingys Tobi SkovronUber for Dog-Walkers
Tobi Skovron has created an App that will summon a vetted dog-walker. He touts his high-end service as the next step in the evolution of pet-based technology.

Protecting Your Pet From The Sun
Our pets are at a higher risk than we are for sun-related Melanomas. You need to protect them from the sun, even if they're indoor animals. Dogfather Joey Villani and Dr. Debbie share what you need to know for your pet's safety and well being.

Hero Samantha Frenck10-Year-Old Hero
This week's Hero Person will charm you! She's just a little girl. But she has a huge heart for the animals. Samantha Frenck created a 501c3 non-profit that brings toys and blankets, among other things, to shelter animals.

Pet Friendly Cities
Forbes went in search of America's most pet-friendly places to live. The criteria included having the best landlords, lowest pet fees and most pet specialty stores and services. You might be surprised which city topped the list.

Pet Store Switch
Pet store switches pets for sale with shelter petsWhat happens when you switch the pets in a pet store for animals from a shelter? Would the customers notice? A pet store in Brazil partnered with local pet shelters to secretly switch those pricey purebreds for rescues. Then the store went a step further and simply gave the shelter pets away to worthy families.

ÔÇŽand of course, the Dream Team is answering your pet-related questions toll-free at 1-866-405-8405.

More this week

Animal Radio Episode 805

Dr. Brian Hare is on Animal RadioIs Your Dog A Genius?
Nat Geo's Dr. Brian Hare is hosting a three-part series devoted to finding the genius in your dog with interactive games you can play. Tapping into your dog's 'smarts' is easy as knowing the activities in which they exceed.

Smart Inventions For Pets
Scott Harris co-invented a cat feather-toy that can be remotely controlled from a smart-phone. They've installed 21 of these toys at shelters nationwide. With a click of a button, you too can play with the animals up for adoption - from the comfort of your own armchair.

School Allows Service Pit-Bull
Pit Bull Service DogA federal judge in Florida has ruled that a sweet pit bull name Stevie will be allowed to go to school with 7-year-old Anthony Alboniga, who has cerebral palsy. For the past two years though, officials at Anthony's school in Broward County refused to let Stevie come to school with Anthony, unless the company paid for a so-called handler to go with them, which the family could not afford.

Chimps Get Their Day In Court
Two chimpanzees will have their day in court under a law that up till now has only applied to people. New York Supreme Court Justice Barbara Jaffee has granted Hercules and Leo a writ of habeas corpus. They live in a lab at Stony Brook University of Long Island and have been part of research into how humans evolved to walk on two legs.

Instagram for CatsCats Get To Post Pics To Instagram
Many pets have their own Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. Of course, there's a person behind them doing the work. Not for long. Whiskas Australia have created a wearable camera that goes on your kitty's collar, and it automatically takes pictures while and posts them to Instagram for you and your cat.

More this week

Animal Radio Episode 804

Dr. Douglas Aspros on Canine FluHow Serious is the Canine Flu?
It appears this year will be one of the biggest for canine flu. Many Chicago pet events, including the 20th Annual Bark in the Park, have been cancelled because this is ground zero. Some dog parks have posted signs warning dog guardians that they are entering at their own risk if their dogs have not been vaccinated. According to reports, more than 1,300 dogs have been affected by the disease in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio. At least six of the dogs have died. AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) spokesperson Dr. Douglas Aspros has the information you need to keep your pet safe and healthy.

Bikers Against Animal Cruelty
Bikers Angainst Animal CrueltyThis week's Hero Person is a whole bunch of people. We applaud the motorcycle riders that came together, after hearing about Michael Vick, to fight animal abuse wherever it rears its ugly head. Greg Belcher tells us the story behind the biker club.

New Pet Product Special Week 5
Animal Radio's New Pet Product Special concludes this week. Our #5 pick was Kitty Kush Catnip. #4 the Green Interactive Feeder. #3 pick, the VOYCE Activity Monitor. #2 the iFetch Ball Launcher. This week we're giving away our #1 pick, an Arlo Wireless Pet Monitor Camera to help you keep an eye on your critter from your phone or any computer. Phil Pyo shows off this amazing new technology.

Guinnevere Shuster PicsFun Pictures Find Pets Homes
The Humane Society of Utah has teamed up with photographer Guinnevere Shuster to come up with a better way and it worked. She put dogs in a photo-booth and let the shutter fly. The pictures turned out to be amazing and really showed off the individual dog's personalities. In fact, all the dogs in the shoot were almost immediately adopted

....and of course Dr. Debbie and Joey Villani are answering your pet-related questions, toll-free at 1-866-405-8405.

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Animal Radio Episode 803

Pot for PetsPot For Pets
Medical Marijuana for pets is a trending topic among pet-guardians and politicians. On this week's show, we'll be examining the pros and cons of medicinal Marijuana for pets suffering from cancer and even anxiety. Dem. Senator Tick Segerblom is sponsoring SB372 to make it legal to prescribe pot. Julianna Carella is already selling treats with hemp.

Must Love Cats
Would you believe that there is a company that says the most important quality it looks for in new hires is a "love of felines." And it's not a pet store or cat rescue or anything really associated with cats. It's an Internet solutions business in Tokyo called Ferray Corporation and it's actually taken in nine rescue cats to help employees unwind and increase productivity. If a worker doesn't have a pet, the Ferray Corp pays out a monthly "cat bonus" of about $42 to anyone who adopts a cat that needs a home.

Pets for the Elderly - Hero PeoplePets for the Elderly
This weeks Hero Person matches seniors with adoptable companion animals. Susan Kurowski knows both the elderly and the adoptable dogs are winners in this scenario. She's saved thousands of animals running out of time at the shelters.

First State to Ban De-clawing
New York to ban de-clawingNew York is on target to become the first state to make de-clawing cats illegal statewide. Manhattan Assemblywoman, Linda Rosenthal, is championing the law that would make it illegal to de-claw domestic, exotic and wild cats, unless where absolutely, medically necessary. De-clawing involves actually amputating the first digit of each toe and can cause emotional and health issues for cats.

More this week

Animal Radio Episode 802

Dr. Marty Becker Debunks Rumors on Animal RadioInternet Rumors Quashed
Animal Radio Veterinary Correspondent Dr. Marty Becker examines the prolific rumors about Beneful pet food and topical Flea and Tick medications. The social media's desperate hyperbole can force a food company to sell for ten cents on the dollar.

New Pet Product Special Week Three
Animal Radio's New Pet Product Special is rounding its third week. Our #5 pick was Kitty Kush Catnip. #4 the Green Interactive Feeder. This week, Dr. Amanda Landis-Hanna introduces our #3 pick, the VOYCE band. This gadget monitors your pet's activity level. And yes, we have giveaways!

Thayne Hamilton is on Animal RadioPosthumous Hero
This weeks Hero Person sacrificed her life, quite literally, to fund the rescue she started with her husband. There is no better hero than one that exchanges their life for the lives of creatures great and small. Christina Hamilton's husband Thayne will accept the honor.

Dog-napper Gets Caught and Sued
A woman's dog in Seattle went missing while she was at a pub. After finding out who took her pup, the whole matter ended up in court. The judge found that a woman, Chris Riley, who had also been at the pub that night, had stolen the dog. Riley was not only found guilty of theft, but also ordered to pay $27,000 in damages.

New Cancer Treatment for Dogs
Cancer treatment for dogsThis may be the year of a new cancer treatment for dogs. TVAX Animal Health of Kansas has received $2-million more in financing to begin clinical testing in dogs this year. The company already has approval from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to sell its products to veterinarians for treating cancer in dogs, cats and horses. Over $1-billion is spent in the U.S. each year on treating cancer in pets.

More this week

Animal Radio Episode 801

Bob Vetere is on Animal RadioPet Sector Nears 60 Billion
Top Dog at the American Pet Products Association, Bob Vetere is back to explain why the pet industry is exploding and how we spent $58 Billion. It should come as no surprise that pet-food comprises one-third.

New Pet Product Special Week 2
Animal Radio's New Pet Product Special is underway. We're featuring the latest in cutting-edge technology for your pets. We have giveaways for you! Dr. Roger Mugford is back to claim our number-two pick for 2015, the Green Interactive Feeder. This gadget will slow your dog down when it's dinnertime, preventing upset and bloat.

Teresa Ann Miller is on Animal RadioGone Hollywood
Second-generation Hollywood dog trainer Teresa Ann Miller has trained the dogs and other animals you see in movies and TV. She was brought up on-the-set while her dad worked on such notables as The Beverly Hillbillies and Petticoat Junction.

Teaching Police How To Deal With Dogs
Utah's police department is the latest to add a program to its police academy to teach cadets how to deal with pet dogs. The program was championed by Sean Kendall, whose Weimaraner Geist was shot and killed by a police officer last year after coming into the dog's backyard looking for a lost child.

Special Menus For PetsSecret Menus For Pooches
It turns out that many well-known restaurants have secret menus that cater to your pooch. You do need to make sure that your pet can handle some human-ish food before you order. For example, Starbucks will serve up a Puppuccinno. It's a small cup filled with whipped cream. Dairy Queen's Pup Cup is a little bit of vanilla soft serve, topped with a dog treat. If you're on the West Coast, there's In-N-Out where you can order a Pup Patty.

More this week

Animal Radio Episode 800

Christina Lindquist Pet CSIPet CSI
Christina Lindquist is a forensic investigator. She uses evidence from animals, usually dogs and cats, to nab the bad guy. You'll hear about a murderer that was busted when he stepped in dog-poop and a rapist that was tied to the crime when a dog urinated on his car tires.

Kissing Your Dog Could Be Healthy For You.
After several studies saying that kissing your dog could expose you to some unhealthy things comes a study that says "Go ahead and kiss that dog!"  Researchers think that the microbes contained in a dog's gut could have a probiotic effect on the human body, encouraging the growth of positive microorganisms.

Chris Morgan is on Animal RadioAnimal Homes
Imagine if you cross HGTV with Animal Planet. You'll get the new PBS special Animal Homes. Host Chris Morgan joins us and explains how some animals build their homes bigger and better and shinier to attract the opposite sex.

Would You Adopt Justin Bieber or Kim Kardashian?
Dallas Pets Alive has started naming their animals with popular online search terms, things like Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un, Miley Cyrus Twerking, Obamacare, Left Shark, or even Photoshopped Bieber. The idea is to increase the animal's exposure by having them pop up more often in trending news feeds.

Is Dog Renting A Good Idea?
Japan Pet RentalIn Tokyo, they've come up with a pretty cool idea. It's called Dog Heart and you can actually rent a dog for a few hours. You can just hang out at their facility or take the dog out for a walk around the neighborhood or maybe to the park. A half-hour of playtime costs about $8 US and taking the dog for a walk for an hour runs about $30. It's becoming very popular. But the Japanese Coalition for Animal Welfare has some valid worries.

More this week

Animal Radio Episode 799

Bob Barker is back on Animal RadioBob Barker Returns
Legendary TV Host Bob Barker is back for his 14th time on Animal Radio. He called us up and said, "it's time to rant." This time it's all about Barnum & Bailey Circus Elephants.

Finding Lost Cats
Jack Tyler, a lost cat investigator and self-proclaimed naturalist, has an almost perfect record finding felines. He's sharing his tips for finding your lost cat. He'll teach you to think like a cat.

Pet Terminal at JFKFirst Airport Terminal For Pets
JFK Airport in New York City is going to be the first airport with a terminal devoted solely to animal passengers. The 48-million dollar terminal, named "The Ark," will serve as a cargo holding area and will have the amenities including overnight accommodations, vets, an aviary and climate-controlled stalls.

Pets and Domestic Violence Victims
According to the ASPCA, approximately 71% of pet-owning women entering domestic violence shelters report that their abuser threatened, harmed or killed a family pet. As many as 50% of domestic violence victims remain in abusive situations for fear of what would happen if they left their pets behind. If the PAWS bill passes, it would create federal grants to provide accommodations for pets belonging to domestic violence victims.

Stowaway ChihuahuaStowaway Chihuahua
One little Chihuahua not only managed to pack himself in a suitcase but also made it all the way to the airport. TSA agents at New York's LaGuardia Airport found the little tan Chi when the hard-sided suitcase triggered an alarm. The dog's owner says the dog must have immediately gotten under some of the clothes she had already packed so she didn't see him when she closed the suitcase.

More this week
Next Week: Christina Lindquist - PBS's Chris Morgan - Kristina Rinaldi - Glen Jessup

Animal Radio Episode 798

Animal Radio Veterinary Correspondent Dr. Marty BeckerFlea Facts and Tick Talk
Animal Radio Veterinary Correspondent Dr. Marty Becker is back to help you keep your pets flea-less and tick-less. The good doctor has the ugly truth about how ticks infect you and your pet with a multitude of nasty viruses. And are fleas becoming resistant to spot-on preventatives?

APPA Releases Pet Spending Figures
The American Pet Products Association (APPA) released the yearly numbers of dollars spent within the pet industry. APPA says we spent 58 BILLION in last year on 397 million pets, including everything from freshwater fish and reptiles to cats and dogs. We spend over 20 billion on pet-food alone. No wonder the business is so cutthroat as many compete for our dollars.

Alyssa Carter is our Hero8 1/2 Year Old Hero
Our Hero Person this week lives in Johannesburg, South Africa and she's 8-and-a-half years old. Alyssa Carter parlayed her love for Rhinos into fundraising to keep them from being poached. So far, she has been able to raise $23,000 by selling candy and trinkets to schoolmates and family.

Dr. Debbie is on Animal RadioTo Vaccinate Or Not To Vaccinate
Dr. Debbie teaches us all about the Titer test. The test determines the amount of antibodies in your pet, and ultimately if it is really necessary to vaccinate. She'll tell you why you should vaccinate and what types of animals should avoid vaccination altogether.

Amtrak On Track To Become Pet Friendly
Amtrak is one step closer to becoming pet friendly. The House of Representatives has approved 8 billion in funding for a pilot program for people traveling with pets. At least one car per train would allow pets in kennels as long as they meet size requirements. The bill now goes to the Senate and then to the White House, where it reportedly is being supported.

More this week

Animal Radio Episode 797

Jane Migdal is on Animal RadioQuit Your Crappy Job
If you've ever thought of quitting your job to work in the pet industry, you'll should hear this week's guest. Jamie Migdal created a website to match you with the perfect pet-related job. From Dog-walking to Marketing, the jobs pay quite well.

Purina Responds To Beneful Accusations
After a long silence, the makers of Beneful pet food, Purina is finally responding to accusations that the food has caused more than a thousand sicknesses and fatalities. The suit alleges Beneful dry dog foods contain an ingredient toxic to animals, propylene glycol, a chemical used in automobile antifreeze. On Purina's website, the company notes that propylene glycol is an FDA-approved food.
Dusty Showers is on Animal Radio
Sewer Trolling Hero
This week's Hero Person definitely goes above and beyond for animals. His latest rescue was a small Chihuahua dumped into a sewer. Dusty Showers probably needed a few showers after crawling through raw sewage to find this pup that everyone else had given up on. This isn't his first heroic stunt. Besides the long list of animals he has rescued, Dusty also rode his bike across the country to raise funds for Cancer research.

Owner and Dog Receive Similar Pacemakers
Dog and Owner share pacemakerCatherine Pipon was diagnosed with a condition known as heart block. Doctors inserted a pacemaker. Recently, her five-year-old Cairn Terrier Molly was diagnosed with the same condition. Catherine spent over $5,000 to get a pacemaker for the dog. The pacemakers are nearly identical and their conditions are so similar that Catherine and Molly share the same doctor Jersey General Hospital. Molly goes in after hours, so other patients don't get upset that a dog is being seen at a people hospital.

Plus Dr. Debbie and Dogfather Joey Villani are answering your questions toll-free at 1-866-405-8405.

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Animal Radio Episode 796

Michael Ritland is on Animal RadioDogs With PTSD
Former Navy Seal Michael Ritland created a non-profit to help military dogs transition to civilian life. Just like our human soldiers, dogs need help acclimating back into a normal environment. Small noises can cause extreme emotional distress in our enlisted canines.

Is Beneful Making Dogs Sick?
A class action lawsuit has been filed against Purina charging that the company's Beneful dog food is making dogs sick and even killing some. The lawsuit alleges that Beneful contains toxic substances. It was brought by Frank Lucido who says he started his three dogs, a German Shepherd, a Lab and an English Bulldog on Beneful, ate the first of the year. By the middle of the month, the German Shepherd started losing hair and became violently ill.

Aloft Hotel Adoption IdeaUnique Adoption Ideas
The Aloft Hotel is Asheville, North Carolina is helping the local shelter find homes for adoptable dogs with their unique program. So far they've found homes for almost two-dozen dog. Wait until you hear how they're doing it.

Jerky Treats Update
Most stores are no longer selling jerky pet treats made in China. The treats were connected to thousands of dogs getting sick and at more than one thousand deaths. But the FDA could never determine WHAT it was in the treats that were causing the issues. With the treats off the shelves, for the most part, the number of complaints to the FDA has gone down dramatically, but the agency says it still plans to continue it's investigation.

Renzo off forcePolice Dog Removed From Force
A Florida Police Dog is being kicked off the for for biting a Dunkin' Donuts worker in the calf. "Renzo" had been a police dog for about a year. This is his second bite incident.

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Animal Radio Episode 795

Madeline Bernstein is on Animal RadioNon-Surgical Neutering
A new cutting-edge technology, originally invented for humans, may change the way we sterilize our pets. Without the risks of anesthesia or changing the way your pet appears, Zeuterin, a promising replacement for the costly neuter surgery, is being used at the SPCALA. President Madeline Bernstein is our guest and she explains this technology.

What Animals Say About Fidelity
The website specializes in matching married people for affairs. They did a survey on pet ownership and found that those who have a pet in their life are less likely to cheat on their spouse.

Mouse makes off with DenturesMouse Makes Off With Dentures
When a pair of dentures goes missing, 68-year-old Bill Exner is convinced a mouse took them into the wall. He even says the mouse taunted him - until he convinced his son-in-law to put an axe to the wall.... where they found his dentures and the little mouse.

Dangerous Supplements
Colloidal Silver is bad for your pet.Dr. Debbie explores the risks associated with pet supplements. She's especially concerned about Colloidal Silver and its affects on companion animals. Dinovite also tops her list of questionable supplements. She'll explain why.

Is Beneful Making Dogs Sick?
Beneful killing dogs?A class action lawsuit has been filed against Purina charging that the company's Beneful dog food is making dogs sick and even killing some. The lawsuit alleges that Beneful contains toxic substances. It was brought by Frank Lucido who says he started his three dogs, a German Shepherd, a Lab and an English Bulldog on Beneful, ate the first of the year. By the middle of the month, the German Shepherd started losing hair and became violently ill.

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Animal Radio Episode 794

Animal Radio Veterinary Correspondent Dr. Marty BeckerBetter Living Through Pheromones
Animal Radio® Veterinary Correspondent Dr. Marty Becker is back with the scoop on pheromones. Can the synthetically produced smell be helpful in calming cats and dogs, or is it a waste of money?

Pedigree vs. Mutt
It's long been thought that mutts are much healthier, both mentally and physically, than those pure bred for pedigree. While there may be some truth to this, it is not always the case. Author Michael Brandow describes how the quest for status has harmed man's best friend.

Another Pet Food MergerAnother Pet Food Merger
JM Smucker, the company behind Smucker's Jam, has purchased Big Hearts Pet Brands, which includes Meow-Mix, Milk-Bone, Pup-Peroni, Kibbles 'n Bits and Natural Balance. Recent consolidations mean that only a handful of companies make your pet's food. Perhaps the food will also be sourced and made in the same factories. This may not bode well for the consumer or your pets.

Therapy DucksTherapy Ducks?
Former Ohio National Guardsman Darin Welker uses ducks to treat his PTSD. The town council says he hasn't presented enough evidence that the ducks serve a medical need and that he would face imminent harm without them.

Man Finds Dog 18 Months Later
Richard Brower's German Shepherd, Dozer, was stolen 18 months ago. He looked everywhere. After a year-a-half, Richard decided to share his home with a new dog. He did an online search for 'German Shepherds for sale,' which led him to the local animal rescue and right there was Dozer on the front page.

Bart the Zombie CatZombie Cat in Custody Battle
Last week, we had the story of Bart the cat that was hit by a car and buried but was actually still alive. Bart dug his way out and made it to his neighbors yard. Bart is now officially, and fondly known, as the Zombie Cat. If you think his story couldn't get stranger, think again.

More this week

Animal Radio Episode 793

Mike the Intern and GuinnessWhat Happens When You Leave?
Most of us wonder what our dog does when we leave the house. Most imagine that they'll curl up and sleep until we return. Mike the Intern put a GoPro Video Camera on his dog, "Guinness." What he saw when he reviewed the video went viral on YouTube. He's our guest and he'll explain the inspiration behind his experiment.

Gentle Giants
This week's Zeuterin Hero Person rescues large breed dogs. These are often the last at the shelter and have nowhere to go. Candace Bright devotes a lot of time and her paycheck from waitressing to make sure these big dogs are taken care of.

Practical Uses For Muzzles
Dr. Roger Mugsford on Animal RadioCompany of Animals' Dr. Roger Mugford joins us from "across the pond" to explain why Europeans embrace the muzzle more than U.S. pet owners. Perhaps it's time to change the way we think about these tools.

Bad Breath
Did you know your dog's stinky breath could be because of dental disease? And did you know dental disease could affect your pet's organs and be fatal? Find out why your friend's breath makes you tear.

Canine Motion Sickness
Canine Motion SicknessIt's a more common question than you might think. Can our pets get car-sickness? Just like us, our dogs can get dizzy and throw-up. But determining whether it's a genuine sickness or just a phobia of traveling can be difficult. Dr. Debbie has answers.

More this week

Animal Radio Episode 792

Animal Radio sending acts to AGT auditionsAmerica's Got Animal Talent
This week we're sending 5 animal acts to the front of the line at NBC's America's Got Talent auditions. AGT Casting Producer Erin Tomasello is our guest and she wants you and your pets to win a million dollars.

Gimme Some Skin
Dr. Debbie and Joey Villani cover many of the different skin related problems your pets can have. From mange to cancer to dry itchy skin, they'll tell you whether or not you need to see your vet or if the answer is in your pantry.

Cheryl Bradys Animal AmbulanceAnimal Ambulance Service
Our Hero Person, Cheryl Brady started an ambulance specifically for animals in the Sarasota area. She's transported over 4000 animals and has as many stories to share.

Preventing Bloat
Some dogs are simply predisposed to bloat, a fatal stomach issue that needs immediate attention. Some guardians are electing for a preventative surgical procedure called Gastropexy.

A great Ex Valentines Day Gift from SF ZooGet Your Ex A Hissing Cockroach For Valentine's Day
If you are looking for a less than romantic gift for an 'ex' on Valentine's Day, the San Francisco Zoo might have just the thing. You can adopt a hissing cockroach or giant scorpion in the name of your 'ex'. The zoo says the gift could protect your karma and help it continue its mission of connecting people with wildlife.

In Dog We Trust
In Dog We TrustThe rug in the entranceway to the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office is forest green with the sheriff's gold badge on it. Where it's supposed to say "In God We Trust" it says "In Dog We Trust." Hundreds of people have walked on the rug without noticing. A deputy finally spotted it the other day. The Sheriff's Department now plans to auction off the rug with the proceeds going to a local animal rescue group.

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Animal Radio Episode 791

Eric Calley and SunUS Airways Apologizes to PTSD Sufferer
Former U.S. Marine Eric Calley suffers from (PTSD) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He is quite thankful for his service dog, "Sun." Calley had a run-in with U.S. Airways when they denied proper seating for his service dog and berated him with insults.

A Flight Attendants View of Service Animals
Heather PooleSince there is no real certification for service or emotional support animals, anything goes. Flight attendant Heather Poole is fed up with trying to make everybody happy. She questions the credibility of "emotional support" pigs, horses and monkeys. Yes, these are animals she's had the pleasure of accommodating on her LA-NY route.

Homeopathic Drugs Need Regulation
No matter how hyper your dog is, you would never give it an alcoholic drink to help it relax? You might have been doing just that if you used the product Good Dog made by Pet Organics. It turns out that among those 'natural ingredients' is 13% alcohol, about the same amount that is wine.

Service Dog EvictedDisabled Vet Evicted Over Unpaid Pet Fee
We've been seeing more and more stories about the fees landlords charge people who move in with pets. Now, an unpaid pet fee has resulted in a disabled Army Veteran and his service dog being evicted from a mobile home in Bandera, Texas. David Palasek refused to pay the pet fee, citing Section 504 of the Fair Housing Act that states service animals are not pets, so are not subject to a pet fee.

....and of course our Dream Team will be answering your pet-related questions toll-free at 1-866-405-8405.

More this week

Animal Radio Episode 790

Orly Sedransk is our Zeuterin Hero PersonYoung Heroes
This week's Hero Person is 9-year-old Orly Sedransk. After a visit to her local shelter, she was moved to do something to make a difference. Through a 50/50 raffle, she was able to raise enough money to help the municipal shelter purchase cages to hold cats.

Top Dog Names
Next time you go to the Dog Park, you're likely going to hear someone calling for Max or Bella. Those are the top two names bestowed on puppies in 2014. says other popular names for boy dogs after Max were Charlie, Rocky, Buddy and Cooper. says there was a 37% increase in food-themed names like Coconut, Ginger, Kale, Peanut, Guinness, Vino, Mochi and Whiskey.

Road-kill Clothing
Pamela Paquin makes clothing out of RoadkillPamela Paquin is an "ethical designer." She collects road-kill to turn into "Petite Mort," or stoles, collars and coats. The average price is $1000 for one of her creations. Many of her clients are upscale and affluent. Pamela says this is a tribute to the animals.

Pet Food Stamps Program Shuts Down
When Pet Food Stamps, Inc. was formed in 2013; it got attention from all over, including being featured on CNN, CBS, ABC and Animal Radio. In 2013, founder Marc Okon raised $65,000, enough to handle the nearly 200,000 people who'd asked for help. He resigned last April, saying he was overwhelmed with applications and closed the program.

PETCO finally stops selling tainted dog treatsPetco Stops Selling Treats From China
Petco has kept it promise and removed all dog and cat threats made in China from the shelves of it stores nationwide. Last May, the chain became the first national pet retailer to say it would stop selling the treats after reports began showing up Chinese-made treats were making animals sick, and worse. The move includes pet treats made for the Petco Brand 'unleashed' and those sold online.

More this week

Animal Radio Episode 789

Palins kid stands on dogPalin vs. PETA
Sarah Palin is catching heat from PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) for posting a Facebook picture of her son standing on the family dog to reach the kitchen sink. While the dog doesn't seem the slight bit annoyed, PETA believes this is the wrong message to be sending. The post has over 70k likes. Palin says, "At least we didn't eat the dog."

Autistic Children Respond to All Types of Animals
We've heard about research that pet dogs can help autistic children improve their social skills. Now, a first-of-it's kind study says that any kind of pet can help. The study suggested that when pets are present, the children tend to interact and talk to others more.

United Airlines Leaves Dog on Cold Tarmac
United Airlines Leaves Dog Out In ColdUnited Airlines is taking heat for a picture that was shared on Twitter of a dog in a kennel out in the cold rain on the tarmac in Houston. The photo was put up by a woman on a plane nearby who says that airline employees were just ignoring the dog and after 30-minutes, she decided to let the company know using social media. United acknowledged the situation, blaming the pet carrier service.

Do Passengers Mind Animals On A Plane?
A study done by the airport shuttle service Go Airport Express found that 52% of people say they're ok with pets traveling in airplane cabins instead of being stowed like cargo, but 6 out of 10 thought it would be a good idea to keep them in a special area because of possible allergies.

Are Animals Property in Custody Battle?
Pet PrenupAnimals are still considered property when it comes to the law. 27% of the respondents in a recent survey had noticed an increase in the number of couples who fought over custody of a pet during the past 5 years. Most lawyers say anything that you care about, and that includes pets, should be in the pre-nup.

More this week

Animal Radio Episode 788

Dr. Laura wants all pit bulls deadDr. Laura Delivers Reckless Message
Thousands of people seek the advice of radio shrink Dr. Laura Schlessinger. Yet she continues to prove that she's not so healthy upstairs. Using her radio show as a platform, she said, "All Pit-bulls are bad and should be put-down." This is complete ignorance at its ugliest.

Actress Jessica Cameron Guests
Jessica Cameron GuestsThe extremely charismatic and talented Jessica Cameron shares her life with 5 hep black cats. In fact, she just finished directing (and acting in) Truth or Dare and she reveals how 'Grumpy Cat' turned down a part in this feature flick.

Take Your Dogs To Dinner
It's now legal in California to take your dog to many restaurants, as long as they have an outdoor space. Dogs have to be on leashes or in carriers, well-behaved and they can't be where food is being prepared. It's still up to the restaurant to decide if dogs are welcome and local laws trump the new state law, but the idea is to keep people from leaving dogs in hot cars during the summer or tied up alone outside of restaurants.

Llama RescuerWhere Llamas Go To Retire
This week's Zeuterin Hero Person saves homeless and sometime ill Llamas and Alpacas at his self-funded sanctuary in British Columbia. David Chapman explains how Alpacas were valued around $20,000 before the turn of the millennium. "Now they're worth less than a stray dog." Many are left homeless and unable to care for themselves.

Small Children And Reptiles Don't Mix
Reptiles can give children salmonellaA study is out with a warning for people who have small children and also have exotic reptiles, like snakes, chameleons, iguanas or geckos. The study found that 27% of the kids that came down with salmonella lived in homes with a reptile as a pet.

More this week

Animal Radio Episode 787

Melanie Griffith with Lion NeilJust Say No To Big Cats
Actress Tippi Hedren (The Birds) is back to talk about the big cats at her sanctuary and legislation to stop the breeding of lions and tigers. She comes clean about her daughter's (actress Melanie Griffith) relationship with "Neil" the lion.

Pets Can Give You A Tax Break
If you foster an animal, you can deduct some of the associated costs. Things like vet bills, food, grooming; they qualify as charitable donations, which are deductible up to 50% of your adjusted gross income. But once, you officially adopt the animal, that animal is no longer considered a foster, so you will lose the deductions.

Scott Blais on Animal RadioSaving Elephants
This week's Zeuterin Hero Person is rescuing elephants from circuses and zoos. Often mistreated, the gentle giants are exploited for our entertainment. Scott Blais, co-founder of an elephant sanctuary in Tennessee, Skypes with us from Brazil, where he is currently rescuing 50 elephants.

Body Art Is Not For Animals
No more pierced catsIt will soon be a crime throughout New York State to pierce or tattoo a companion animal. There is an exception for markings one under a veterinarian's supervision. The laws were prompted by people showing off what they did to their animals on the Internet, including a woman who was piercing kittens and selling them as 'gothic.'

Pet Owners Get Emotional Distress Award in Death of Pet
The Maryland Court of Appeals has ruled that a jury can award damages to pet owners for the emotional distress they suffer following the injury or death of a beloved animal due to gross negligence. The Court let stand a $200,000 award to Roger and Sandra Jenkins. Their Labrador retriever was shot and killed by a Frederick County sheriff's deputy.

More this week

Animal Radio Episode 786

Pope Franics consoling kidPope Francis - Not To Be Confused With St. Francis
The Catholic Church is stressing that Pope Francis was not saying 'pets have souls' when he was consoling a youngster about the child's deceased pet. Academics think the pontiff acknowledged animals have souls by telling the child he would see the pet again in paradise. Of course, the church adamantly says that animals are soulless and therefore don't go to heaven.

GOD Spelled Backwards
Actress Sylva Kelegian not only guests this week, but she is also our Zeuterin Hero Person. Changing focus from acting to animals, she's on a mission to reduce the homeless population in LA. She wrote a book about her journey.

College kids de-stressing with dogCollege Pet Therapy
There is not much out there to make taking college finals fun, but Iowa State University found a way to make them a bit less stressful. Pet therapy. ISU set up a room at the library where stressed out students could come in and spend some time playing and petting a group of dogs.

Movers Packed The Cat
Mee MoweThe Barths, were moving from Virginia to Hawaii. Just before they were ready to go their cat "Mee Mowe" disappeared. They postponed their move for three days hoping that she would show up. They finally had to go. They got to Hawaii and 36 days later their belongings arrived. They heard a very faint meow coming from one of the boxes. Yup, there was Mee Mowe.

English to Doglish
Britt Savage has tips on naming and teaching your dog their name. Many dogs think their name is "Max get out of the trash" because we don't use it properly.

Fat CatFat Pets - Fat Pet Parents
Chances are your New Years resolution has something to do with weight-loss. We should also be thinking about our pets too. They become very sedentary during the winter and putting on the pounds is not uncommon. Animal Radio Veterinary Correspondent Dr. Marty Becker has a plan for you and your poochy-pet.

More this week

Animal Radio Episode 785

Joey Villani wants to license groomersLicensing Groomers
Animal Radio's very own Joey "Dogfather" Villani is behind legislation to protect your pet while they're at the groomer. Currently, anyone with a scissors can groom your pet. This bill would mandate certification and a license, just like your barber.

Holiday Pet Tips
Dr. Kathy Hillestad from Drs. Foster & Smith is here to help make your holiday safe and fun for your pets. She has the details about good and bad foods and plants. This year, as Lithium batteries become more prevalent in devices, more animals are swallowing them.

High-Speed Rescue
Dog thrown from car on highwayMario Chiozza is this week's Zeuterin Hero Person. He couldn't believe his eyes when he saw a dog tossed out of the car in front of him on Interstate 40. Despite the 55 mph. rush-hour traffic, he managed to capture the dog and save her. "Savior" is the catalyst for Mario's mission.

Santa Sent Packing after Pit Bull Incident
An autistic 7-year-old girl and her service dog waited in line to see Santa at a SoCal Mall. Santa's elf told them they would not be allowed near Santa because the jolly man was afraid of Pit Bulls. The family complained and Santa was sent packing.

Do You Sleep With Your Pets?
Do your pets sleep with you?Research presented at the Sleep 2014 conference showed that 54% of pet guardians sleep with their pets and that 30% of those said they wake up at least once a night because of them. 63% said they have poor sleep quality. Some people though say they sleep better WITH their pets.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 784

Side Car DogsSidecar Dogs
Movie Producer Eric Ristau just released his latest masterpiece about the many dogs that travel alongside their owner in a motorcycle sidecar. Sit Stay Ride: The Story of America's Sidecar Dogs is the full-length movie that launched with a Kickstarter campaign, and now proceeds benefit animal welfare.

Dolly Jefferson is our heroMust-Hear Hero
You'll love this week's Zeuterin Hero Person. She's 84-year-old Dolly Jefferson. And she had no qualms about intercepting angry coyotes to save a neighbor's dog. Now she's making news nationwide.

Pet Nanny Spills All
After selling her successful Pet-sitting business, Lindsey Grant wrote a book about the strange and curious relationships we have with our pets. Some of her client's requests make for a noteworthy book. She'll also be talking about how Switzerland, her new home, treats animals.
1st place winner in Kimpton Pet Photo Contest
Kimpton Pet Photo Contest Ends
It's never easy to select a winner, but the Animal Radio® Dream Team selected "Potato McTater" for a 3-night stay and JetBlue airfare. Kimpton's Top Dog, Steve Pinetti tells the winner the good news.

Banned Pit-Bull Service Dog Can Stay
Authorities in Louisiana have backed off on its demand that Zeus be gotten rid of or be destroyed. In October, Moreauville passed a law banning Pit Bulls or Rottweilers. When they targeted Zeus, the whole thing blew up on national television and on the Internet. Zeus helps the Owen's daughter O'Hara who uses a wheelchair and has spasms, which Zeus monitors and gets her help when she needs it.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 783

Animal Radio® Chief Veterinary Correspondent Dr. Marty BeckerTop Pet Products for 2014
Whether you're looking for good gift ideas or you just want to know the latest cutting-edge pet product, you'll want to catch this week's show. Animal Radio® Chief Veterinary Correspondent Dr. Marty Becker is back with his picks. In fact, our entire team will share their top picks for 2014. Grab a pen.

Alzheimer's and Our Pets
Does your cat or dog seem confused? If your animal is older, it may have a condition called cognitive dysfunction syndrome. It's a disease similar to Alzheimer's. Recent studies estimate that 50% of dogs over 10 years and 53% of cats over 11 years show symptoms of CDS. Animals may get lost in their own yard, stuck in corners or under furniture, or stop recognizing people or responding to its name.
Jennifer Holland is on Animal Radio®
Unlikely Heroes
Fresh off the success of her best-seller, Unlikely Friendships, Jennifer Holland released Unlikely Heroes, a celebration of those animals that have done something noble for humans or other animals. You will be surprised and amazed at these valiant acts of heroism.

Pets At Work Reduce Stress
Central Michigan University researchers found that the benefits of allowing animals in the workplace far outweighed the cons. Pets decrease stress. Having one dog around the office has been shown to increase collaboration. Businesses are now offering this as a recruiting perk. Of course there is a downside too.

Point, Shoot, Adopt
Shannon Johnstone is on Animal Radio®This week's Zeuterin Hero Person is photographer Shannon Johnstone. She saves the lives of unwanted dogs with her camera. Shannon turns the sad photos of dogs waiting to be adopted into happy photos with families. She specifically photographs dogs that have been waiting in the shelter the longest.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 782

Carolyn Gracie is on Animal RadioQVC Host Loves Animals
QVC's Carolyn Gracie loves her animals. Besides a house full of rescues, she also is quick to bring a pet into the QVC fold. "If you want to sell-out a product, bring a pet on TV with you," Carolyn advises. She regularly pitches products from small up-and-coming pet product entrepreneurs.

The Pet Chef
Lisa Hennessy decided she was done with commercial dog food for her Collie. She started creating healthy, fresh dishes that her dog could share with her. Lisa tested dozens of recipes and compiled them into several cookbooks. She's here to share some of her recipes with you.

Sneezy Squirrel Goes Viral
Sneezy Squirrel is on Animal RadioWhen Mary Krupa befriended a wild squirrel, she learned that she could easily dress "Sneezy" up and take photos of the rodent in hats and clothing. Now, she regularly meets up with the squirrel for photo sessions.

Could Testing Cosmetics on Animals Be Banned In US?
Testing cosmetics on animals has recently been banned in Europe and India and a similar ban here in the United States will be on the front burner when the new Congress convenes in January. Virginia Democrat Don Beyer is expected to take the lead on the issue. Their state, Virginia, is home to several big cosmetic companies.

Looking for HavocWoman Spends $35,000 For Lost Dog
How much would you spend to try and find your dog if he got lost? The sky is the limit it seems for Janet Mihalyfi of Georgetown. Her 5-year-old, Rottweiler mix, Havoc, has been missing for a year this month. So far she's spent $35,000 dollars trying to find him.

Guardian Sues Over Dog Killed Because of Ebola Exposure
RIP ExcaliburThe nurse in Spain who recovered from Ebola, but whose dog Excalibur was killed by Spanish Health authorities, is suing. Teresa Romero's lawsuit seeks the equivalent of $186,000 for the loss of her dog and another $186,000 for damage done to her name.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 781

John OHurley back for 9th time on Animal RadioJ. Peterman Returns
You might remember him from Seinfeld. He was the first winner on Dancing With The Stars and People's Sexiest Man of the Year. John O'Hurley, host of the National Dog Show on NBC, is back for his ninth year to spread Thanksgiving cheer and Holiday warm-fuzzies all over Animal Radio® airwaves.

Discovery Channel Host to be eaten by snakeWhat Some Will Do For Ratings
Probably the most bizarre news this week comes from The Discovery Channel. They plan to feed a television host to an Anaconda snake. Of course the host will be armed with a camera so that you too can see what it's like to be eaten. Even more miraculous, they say the snake won't be harmed.

Pet Ownership On The Rise
More than half of the people in the nation have at least one pet according to a new Rasmussen survey. 49% have a dog and 23% have a cat. 24% have more than one kind of pet. Only 3% have a fish, bird or some other sort of animal. An overwhelming majority of pet guardians, 92% say they talk to their pet.

Microchipped Dog Returned After Eight Years
Dog found after 8 yearsA couple in Atlanta has their Shih Tzu, Jordan, back after eight years. The last time Mike Nuanes saw Jordan he was just a puppy. He's sure someone snatched Jordan out of their backyard. They did everything to find him, but no luck until a few weeks ago, when the Fulton County Animal Services called to say Jordan had been turned in as a stray. Luckily, Jordan was microchipped, the key to his finally getting home.

Zeuterin ProcedureNon-Surgical Sterilization
Dr. Amber Valinski has performed over 1000 Zeuters. No spelling error. It's a non-surgical injection that safely, effectively and permanently sterilizes your dog. And there seems to be some significant advantages to this procedure.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 780

David Frei is on Animal Radio®Best In Show
Its time again for our yearly rendezvous with the co-hosts of the National Dog Show on NBC. Thanksgiving tradition for 20 million pet-lovers now includes this celebration of man's best friend. David Frei joins us live from the streets of Manhattan.

More Thanksgiving Pets
Michael Levitt is on Animal Radio®There's no question that all the TV networks are vying for the pet-owners attention on Thanksgiving. NBC has the dog show. Animal Planet has the Puppy Bowl. The Hallmark Channel shows hours of kitties playing. And now FOX enters the fray with the Paws for Cause Spectacular. Executive Producer Michael Levitt breaks exclusive news about the star-studded special featuring Jane Lynch, Hilary Swank and Betty White.

Misleading Pet Food Labels
Tests done at Chapman University show that you should not trust the label on your pet's food. Researchers found about 40% of them had meat that was not listed on the label. The ingredient that was most often present, but not listed, was pork, which is a common allergen for pets and could cause a problem.

Mary Fayet is Animal Radios Zeuterin Hero PersonHero for the Handicapped
This week's Zeuterin Hero Person is Mary Fayet. She's admits to being a "foster failure" and has a home filled with infirmed and elderly animals. Her dog, Lexi, has no use of her front legs and gets around with a wheel attachment.

Ducks Can't Be Service Animals
Service Ducks?An Army veteran in Ohio who says his pet ducks help him cope with PTSD has been fined for keeping them. Dan Welker has given away eight of them, but still has six and is arguing for a change in the law. He keeps them in a fenced yard, but they also come in his house. He says they really like a recliner.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 779

Charlotte Ross is on Animal Radio®Char Char
Actress Charlotte Ross guests this weekend. This charismatic fireball loves the animals. You've seen her on Glee, NYPD Blue, Nashville and Arrow. But her biggest role is being a voice for the voiceless.

Myths About Fleas Treatment
There are lots of home-remedies for fleas that simply don't work or can be dangerous for your pet. No, Motor Oil doesn't work, and is obviously very dangerous. Lemon juice doesn't kill fleas either. Nor does Dawn dish detergent. Dr. Debbie & Dogfather Joey Villani have what you need-to-know to effectively and safly rid your pet and house of fleas.

Jackson Galaxy is on Animal Radio®Catification
Cat expert Jackson Galaxy is back. This time he has great ideas for turning your house into a cat-friendly playground without losing its aesthetic appeal. It's not enough to just have a feeding bowl and litter anymore. Cats need stimulation. Jackson has a plan, even if you're a renter. Oh, did we mention we have giveaways of Jackson's new book?

Human Separation Anxiety
Forget about canine separation anxiety. Let's talk about how much we miss our pets when we go out of town. 10% of us call our pets to say hi. 4% of us send postcards to our pets. And a whopping 23% of us buy souvenirs for our critters. Tammy Trujillo has all the details about our obsession with our pets.

Joe Dwyer is on Animal Radio®Let's Pass On Gas
Our Hero Person this week is trying to put an end to an archaic method of euthanization. 22 states still use the gas chamber to get rid of unwanted animals. Joe Dwyer adopted a dog that survived a gassing. Now the lucky dog, "Daniel," is the poster-dog for anti-gas chamber legislation.

More this week
Next Week: David Frei - Mary Fayet - Michael Levitt

Animal Radio® Episode 778

Dean Koontz and Anna are back on Animal RadioDean Koontz is Back
Award-winning, best-selling author Dean Koontz returns to Animal Radio® airwaves to tell us the story about his dog, Anna. According to Dean, Anna purchased a computer and started answering advice emails. Tune in to hear the rest of the story.

Dog Food Advisor
Dr. Mike Sagman was a dentist, until he gave that up to create an unbiased website that reviews every pet-food on the market. Nobody is in his pockets...although they try. He's here to tell us how pet-food manufacturers deceptively use loopholes to make their label read better. Find out how your food stacks up.
John Bradshaw is back on Animal Radio
Cat Sense
John Bradshaw is arguably the top expert on cats. He's back to dispel myths and tell us what goes on inside the head of our kitties. For instance, did you know cats can hear very-low and very-high frequencies? While cats can't see in the dark, they can see only a few colors well in dimly lit areas.

Dr. Doug Aspros is back on Animal RadioAVMA-CDC on Ebola and Our Pets
Dr. Doug Aspros from the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) have teamed up to bring you the latest information on the Ebola virus and your pet. Is your pet vulnerable? Probably not. There are real risks you should worry about. Many thousands of people died last year from Rabies alone.

Pet Crowd-funding
Sarah TImms is on Animal RadioThis week's Zeuterin Hero Person created a crowd-funding website similar to Kickstarter to help pay for much-needed pet projects. Whether it's funding surgery or feeding homeless animals, Sarah Timms wants to use modern fundraising techniques help pets live happy and healthy lives.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 777

Excalibur was euthanized because of EbolaEbola and Your Pet
Dr. Debbie answers the hard questions you have about Ebola. Can your pets get it? Can your pet transmit it? It turns out that Ebola might be the least of your worries for your pet's health.

Deaf Dogs Rock
This week's Zeuterin Hero Person cares for dogs without hearing. Christina Lee and her hubby started a non-profit to help find homes for deaf dogs. Typically these dogs won't get adopted and will be put-down. Things are changing thanks to this couple.

Pet CostumesTop Halloween Pet Costumes
Research shows more and more of us are dressing up our pets for Halloween. It's big business at They're into creating matching costumes for human and critter. Top Dog Holly Botsford is going to give away $50 in costumes to a lucky listener.

Bats In The Belfry
Batworld Bat RescueAmanda Lollar rescues the very misunderstood and maligned bat. She's out to prove Hollywood got it wrong and that these mammals are actually pretty useful and cute. And if you like Tequila, you'll want to support her efforts, because without bats, there would be no tequila. Not to mention a lot of bugs.

Reality Shock
Edward Meyer from Ripley's Believe It Or Not is back for his annual segment on animal oddities. You'll hear about cats with strange markings and dogs that can fly. Edward will have plenty of giveaways of this year's coffee-table book, Reality Shock.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 776

Joyce DeWitt is on Animal Radio®Joyce DeWitt Guests
She played Janet, the brunette on Three's Company. Joyce DeWitt is our special guest this week and she's "talking dogs." She'll be starring in a Hallmark made-for-TV movie about dogs.

GPS Microchip Fraud?
Karen Hanover was a recent guest on Animal Radio® and discussed a new device she and her mother created called Escape Alert, a GPS microchip that could track your dog if he/she ever got lost. Hanover signed a plea deal in federal court stating that she bilked 48 people out of nearly a million-and-a-half dollars.

E Cigarettes Bad for PetsE-Cigarettes Causes Trouble for Pets
With the advent of electronic cigarettes, veterinarians are seeing more and more nicotine poisoning events. The pen-like smoke vaporizer usually is flavored, which makes it even harder to keep away from dogs. Dr. Ahna Brutlag from the Pet Poison Helpline is here to explain.

Pet Insurance Reform
California has become the first state in the nation to enact a set of protections for people who buy pet insurance. Assembly bill 2056 requires insurers to explain their policies more clearly and give people a 30-day trial period, during which a person can get a full refund. The pet insurance industry is expected to grow to at least $750 million by next year, while Americans spend more than $15 billion annually on veterinary care.

Win a PetSafe Pagoda FountainWacky Wednesday
Our weekly wacky pet photo contest is getting more popular. Send us your wacky pet pix to This week you can win PetSafe's Pagoda Drinking Fountain. If you don't have any crazy pictures of your animals, then drop by our Facebook page to vote on other wacky pictures.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 775

Pet PrenuptualsPet-Prenup
When a marriage breaks up, it's the children who often get caught in the middle, but pets can end up becoming the subjects of custody battles too. Now the British animal charity Blue Cross has come up with what it calls a 'Pet-Nup' that spells out who will get the family pet if a couple splits up.

Goldfish Undergoes Life Threatening Surgery
Goldfish surgeryYou don't hear very often, maybe never, about a goldfish having an operation. But you don't often hear about a goldfish having a life-threatening tumor growing from its head. Little George of Melbourne, Australia had both.

Our Hero Needs a Hero!
This week's Hero Person has her hands full with paraplegic and quadriplegic dogs. Elizabeth Forsberg has adopted animals that normally would be put-down because of their handicap.

KLM BeagleBeagle Returns Lost Airport Items
If you leave something behind when you get off a plane, getting it back can be a real pain. Not so anymore if that plane lands at Amsterdam Airport Schipole. Sherlock will get it back to you, no problem. Sherlock is a beagle specifically trained to return lost items to passengers.

Gotz MakeoverMakeovers For Dogs & Cats
One pet groomer in Yekaterinburg, Russia is doing more than just baths and hair cuts, she's giving dogs and cats makeovers into creatures like mythical green dragons or yellow and black striped bumblebees. Daria Gotz says she only uses dyes made from botanical extracts that wear off once the animal's coat grows out. See the Video

Dr. Debbie with FerretÔÇŽ.and, of course, Dr. Debbie and Dogfather Joey Villani are answering your pet questions about jumping dogs, TPLO surgery, doggy A.D.D., teaching your bird to talk, fleas, eating poop, ear-mites, hairballs, motion sickness, allergies and aggressive behavior. Call toll-free with your questions: 1-866-405-8405.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 774

Is your dog a pessimist or optimistIs Your Pup An Optimist Or A Pessimist?
Researchers say that dogs, just like people, can be optimistic or pessimistic. This information could dictate whether certain dogs are cut out for certain jobs. A pessimistic dog that avoids risks would be better as a guide dog while an optimistic, persistent dog would be more suited to detecting drugs or explosives.

Pet Food Victory Goes Overboard
Hill's Pet Nutrition recently won on it's challenge in how Blue Buffalo markets its products and puts down it's competitors, but it looks like Hill's got a bit carried away with the victory. The National Advertising Division says Hill's went too far when it started promoting the win. It seems that Hill's PR Department sent out so-called 'article starter kits' to certain bloggers about Hill's products and included links to a press-releases and articles written about the Hill's/Blue Buffalo dispute.

Free animal with pizzaFree Animal With Purchase of Pizza
A Pizza Hut in Australia has apologized for offering a 'free small animal' with the purchase of 10 large pizzas. The deal was offered connection with a local pet store. The corporate office at Pizza Hut says it had not approved the promotion and no animals were given away.

Mike Arms is our Hero PersonRemember Me Thursday
Our Hero Person this week has been serving animals for decades since a close-to-death experience changed the way he viewed our furry-friends. Mike Arms is the Top Dog at the Helen Woodward Center in San Diego and he's no stranger to Animal Radio® airwaves. He explains his latest viral campaign for animal awareness.

GPS Microchip
Karen Zaxton's mom has no technical skills, but she came up with a great idea to combine the microchip with a GPS locator. Not until now has the battery technology been available for powering a rice-sized chip.

Fixing Litter Box IssuesBuilding The Perfect Litter Box
Dr. Debbie tackles litter-box problems everyday. She has a winning record! She'll tell you why cats don't use them and how to solve inappropriate elimination issues.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 773

Alison Eastwood is back on Animal Radio®Eastwood Is Back
The daughter of Clint Eastwood, Alison Eastwood is back for more fun! She's crowd-funding to raise money for Chimp Haven, the new home for 110 research chimps purposely infected with HIV and Hep C.

Financial Help For Procedures
Our Hero Person this week created the Brown Dog Foundation to help pet owners afford life-saving surgeries and procedures for their pets.

Get Your Licks On Route 66 on Animal Radio®Getting Licked On Route 66
We're almost halfway across the country and coming to you from Oklahoma City this weekend. It's all part of the "Get Your Licks On Route 66" adoption tour. Fido Friendly's Susan Sims checks in from the adoption site.

Bringing Pets Into The Classroom
The 501c3 APPA (American Pet Products Association) is riding-high on their viral Pets Add Life campaign. APPA President Bob Vetere says teaching compassion for animals in the classroom creates adults that respect and love pets and people.

Hawaii Pet Quarantine Under InvestigationHawaiian Quarantine
If you're planning on taking your pet to Hawaii, you might want to re-think your strategy. A dog that was put in the mandatory 120-day quarantine suffered heat-stroke. Now, the owner is demanding an investigation of the quarantine center.

Would You Use A Shock Collar On Your Dog?
That question is getting lots of interest lately. Researchers say the collars can be not only physically damaging to a dog, but also emotionally damaging.

Joan Rivers Leaves Money To DogsJoan Rivers Leaves Money To Her Pooches
The value of Joan Rivers estate is roughly 150-million dollars. She left most of it in her will to her daughter Melissa, but she also made sure that her dogs are provided for.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 772

Dr Sarah Boston on Animal Radio®Being A Vet Saved Her Life
When Veterinarian Dr. Sarah Boston noticed a lump on her, she insisted that it was cancerous, even though other doctors said no. She did an ultrasound at her office and in validated her worst fear. The lump was removed and she is now cancer-free.

What Would You Do For Your Dog?
When this week's Zeuterin Hero Person found out his pup had Ventricular Tachycardia, a rare condition where a dog has a rapidly fast and sometimes-irregular heartbeat, Scott Clare drove almost 5000 miles and spent over $10,000 to treat Buck-O.

Grumpy Cat not so grumpy on Animal Radio®Grumpy Cat Not So Grumpy at 100 Million Dollars
Cat Videos has to be the biggest "time-suck" on the Internet. Now, the popularity of these videos has spawned several video festivals. The next one in Los Angeles is expected to bring at least 10,000 cat lovers to Exposition Park. What's the deal behind this cat craze? Erik Deleo explains.

Removing Sap
Animal Radio® Dogfather Joey Villani has several foolproof ways to get tree sap out of your dog's hair and that hard-to-get-to spot between their pads. No need to cut out the hair if you use the right stuff.

Brian Barczyk is back on Animal Radio®Bit 100,000 Times
This week is the triumphant return of Brian Barczyk to Animal Radio® airwaves. Yes, he has 30,000 snakes at home. Yes, he's been bit 100,000 times. And yes, the chicks dig it!

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 771

Tear Stain Remover Under Fire from FDATrouble For Tear Stain Removers
The top makers of tear-stain removers are being called to the carpet by the FDA. The administration says that these products are not FDA approved and actually may have harmful side effects on your pets. Animal Radio® News Director Tammy Trujillo reports on the investigation.

Small Town Hero
This week's Hero Person is making a big difference in a small town. Businessman Barry Kives is paying the adoption fees on 60 pets in his local shelter. Thinking Globally. Acting Locally. Do you know someone that should be nominated for our Hero Person of the Week? Send us an email to:

Panda Faking PregnancyPanda Faking It?
A Panda in China was about to give birth on live TV, until handlers found out she wasn't pregnant. Researchers suspect the Panda may have faked her pregnancy to get some of the lush accommodations and plentiful food offered to the expecting Pandas.

Skunk Explosion
Skunk Talk on Animal Radio®Skunk researcher Christopher Kemp joins us. He's from England, and they don't have skunks in Europe. Ironically, Pepe' le pew is from the Americas. But the most important thing you'll learn, Tomato Juice doesn't remove the smell. Christopher will unlock the true secret to remove the stink, as well as some other interesting facts about the mostly misunderstood critter.

Pet Event Roundup
Pet Events on Animal Radio®Janice Brown-Gork compiles all the great pet-related events across the country for This week she debuts a new monthly segment spotlighting the places you and your furry-companion can go together.

Also this week, Tail Docking - Nail Trimming - Dressing Up Your Dog

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 770

Danica McKellar is on Animal Radio®Get Your Licks On Route 66
Do you remember "Winnie" from The Wonder Years? Danica McKellar is our special guest this week. She's the spokesperson for this year's Route 66 Adoption Tour. Together with Fido Friendly Magazine, we're going to find more forever homes for pets from LA to the Windy City.

Pets & Escalators Don't Mix
This might seem like a total no-brainer, but the San Francisco SPCA is urging dog guardians to keep their pets off escalators. The warning is prompted by an increase in the number of escalator-related injuries a month. The group says sometimes the injuries are minor, but in more than half the cases, surgery is required and comes with a bill of, on average, 4,000.

Donna Koch is on Animal Radio®Inventor Hero
This week's Hero Person invented a chair for dogs that suffer from Megaesophagus, a disease that keeps dogs, cats and ferrets from digesting their food properly. Donna Koch created a seat that kept her dog, Bailey, in an upright position to allow for digestion. The dog's short-life prognosis lasted 13 years when Bailey died of an unrelated cancer. The dog's legacy lives on in the "Bailey Chair."

They Still Make That Stuff?
Flea Powder is still one of the methods available to rid your pet from the critters. But it can be horribly toxic. Joey Villani explains the different methods to lose fleas without harming your furry-friend. He also says the popular de-shedding tool, Furminator, can do more harm than you might think.

Francesco Marciuliano is on Animal Radio┬«Great Work ÔÇŽ If You Can Get It
Funny-man Francesco Marciuliano is back. The creator of the Sally Forth comic strip has his latest follow-up to "I Could Pee On This," another kitty book called "I Knead My Mommy." The one sure thing is he is always a "laugh-riot" and a fun guest.

Bring Your Pooch to Dinner
Your best friend can now go with you to certain bars and restaurants, if you live in California. Governor Brown has signed Assembly Bill 1965 into law. It allows dogs to join their guardians at outdoor sections of food establishments, as long as the dogs are under control and not barred by a city ordinance or the restaurant owner.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 769

Pet Friendly Housing on Animal Radio®Pet-Friendly Housing
Standard Pacific Homes knows the 60-Billion-dollar pet industry has a place for homebuilding. 27 of their developments now include pet accouterments including a pet-spa and TV exclusively for Fido. Standard Pacific's Danielle Tocco explains what they're doing to cater to pet owners.

Heartworm Medication Causes Deaths
There are more worries about the dog heartworm medication Trifexis. So far, 965 complaints about dogs dying after taking Trifexis have been filed with the FSA over the last three and a half years. The drug's maker, Elanco, says it's sold 70-million doses and has found no link between the pill and any dog deaths.

Pet Oxygen Masks on Animal Radio®Pet Oxygen Masks
Does one size fit all? The Animal Radio® Hero Person, Debra Jo Chiapuzio helps supply fire departments with life-saving oxygen masks for dogs and cats. She loves her job and has a great passion to teach others pet-first-aid.

No More Pet Piercing
Pet Piercing Ban on Animal Radio®Assemblyman Carmela Garcia (Dem. N.J.) has written legislation that would outlaw piercings and tattoos on cats and dogs. Inspired by a lady that pierced her "gothic kittens," Garcia feels this ban would stop a burgeoning fad.

Moving With Pets Can Be Pricey! did the math in its 2014 Pet-Friendly Renting Trends Survey. It found that close to 80-percent of renters had to pay a deposit to have a pet and it was more than $200 per year in more than half the cases. About 64-percent of the people asked said they had a hard time finding an apartment that allowed pets even with a deposit.

Koko and Robin Williams on Animal Radio®Gorilla Depressed After Robin Williams' Death
I think we were all shocked by the death of Robin Williams a few weeks ago. So apparently was Koko, the amazing Gorilla that uses American Sign Language to communicate. She met Robin back in 2001. Koko heard her mentor, Dr. Penny Paterson, talking on the phone about Williams' death and she says Koko has been depressed and sad since that call.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 768

Pet remains sent to the moonPets In Space
Celestis Pet will shoot your pet's cremains into deep space, or to the moon, or even into orbit around the earth. The rocket and space technology company has been launching satellites and human remains for over a decade. Now, they want a piece of the 58-BILLION-dollar pet industry. Top Dog Stephen Eisele explains what you get for your $1,000. It's pretty impressive!

Justin Silver and Dave Donnenfeld on Animal Radio®The Language of Dogs
TV Dog Trainer Justin Silver is back with his really funny friend, Dave Donnenfeld. Together they're 'righting' canine 'wrongs' wherever bad dogs and bad guardians need them. "Their new book is the Rosetta Stone of Doglish," says Animal Radio® host Hal Abrams.

Woman Does CPR on Bearded Dragon
Lady gives bearded-dragon CPRWhen you love your pet, you love your pet, no matter what breed or species he or she is. That explains the actions of a woman in Oregon. Sherrie Dolezal runs a bearded dragon rescue and came home the other day to see one of lizards named Del Sol floating unconscious in the pool. She got him out, started pounding on her back and doing chest compressions. She finally started CPR and he started breathing again. Del Sol and Sherrie are now doing just fine.

Big Choices For This Week's Hero
Leo Grillo is on Animal Radio®When his agent asked, "do you want to act or do you want to save animals," after he kept missing auditions, he chose to dedicate his life to the creatures. That makes Leo Grillo, the founder of DELTA rescue, our 'Hero Person.' He has over 1500 animals on 115 acres. He doesn't adopt-out any of these animals because his statistics say owners keep their animals only 2.5 year on average.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 767

Boston Globe TV Critic Matthew Gilbert is on Animal Radio®The Dog Park Phenomenon
Boston Globe TV Critic (a great gig if you can get it) Matthew Gilbert investigates the dynamics of dog parks. He didn't like dogs. In fact, he was afraid of them until his spouse introduced him to a dog that would forever change his view. Matt shares stories about the nutty fellow canine-lovers at his dog park.

Flea Wars
Animal Radio® Vets Dr. Marty Becker and Dr. Debbie are armed with flea-ridding tactics. Did you know that there are over a dozen different kind of fleas? There's a difference between "cat" fleas and "dog" fleas. Most importantly, how do we get rid of them for good? We've got answers.

Sylvie Bordeaux is the Animal Radio® Hero PersonMuffin's Halo
Our Hero Person this week invented a bumper, or better described as a 'halo,' that protects blind dogs from bumping into furniture and other obstacles. Sylvie Bordeaux was tired of seeing her blind dog bash into stuff. With needle and thread in hand, she created a genius product that is helping vision-impaired pups from being discarded to shelters.

New Uses For Unwanted Fur
Now a national organization called Born Free USA has come up with a fantastic idea. It collected unwanted furs and sent them to wildlife rehab centers in Texas. California and Missouri where they were cut into small pieces and used for orphaned babies and injured animals to snuggle in.

Declawing sucksDeclawing Is Major Surgery
The American Veterinary Medical Association has amended it's policy to clarify that declawing is a major surgery that should only be performed as a last resort to prevent destructive clawing, but it stopped short of suggesting a ban on it. The new policy stresses the importance of educating cat guardians about normal feline scratching behavior, alternatives to declawing and that declawing is actually the amputation of the first digit of the cat's toes.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 766

Bob Barker is on Animal Radio®Bob Barker Back For Lucky 13
America's most recognized Animal Advocate, TV Host Bob Barker is back on Animal Radio® for his thirteenth time. This time he's Animal Radio's Hero of The Week. Spoiler Alert: He'll be talking about his upcoming TV appearance, revisiting his "Happy Gilmore" walk-on.

Day 30 Eating Dog-food
Dorothy Hunter is on Animal Radio®Dorothy Hunter made it to day 30 of eating dog food. It was all to prove a point about human-grade pet-foods. Animal Radio® checked in on her throughout her stunt. Now we find out what she ate on day 30. While Dorothy first human-meal was a big-fat-cheeseburger, she admits to a shinier and healthier coat.

Do Pets Feel Jealousy?
From the "Duh" Department, a new study reveals that dogs are indeed capable of feeling jealousy. Who paid for the study? You did. What's next? A study to determine if dogs dream? Anyone who lives with animals knows that they are capable of many of the same feelings humans encounter.

Fix Tear Stains with Animal Radio®Getting Rid of Tear Stains
Joey Villani brings his years of expertise to help you get rid of your pet's tear-stains with stuff from your pantry. The Dogfather unselfishly shares the groomer's tips you can do inexpensively at home - much to the disappointment of your other groomer.

Divorce in a New Age
Divorce these days not only means splitting belongings and custody of the kids, it may also include visitation for the pet. In fact, that is now often the case when pet families are split-up. Vinnie Penn can't keep his mouth shut about this topic...or any other topic for that matter.

Introducing Dog to Baby on Animal Radio®Dog and Baby
Bringing a human baby into your home requires lots of prep if you have pets. Dr. Debbie has what you need to know about introducing dog to baby so that your furry-friend will think of the screaming blob as a good friend. After all, you don't want your dog getting jealous?

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 765

Pet Owners Online Dating on Animal Radio®Dating for Pet Owners
Kris Rotonda created an online dating website specifically for dog owners. He says if he's going to date anyone, they've got to love his dog. And let's face it, single dog guardians have a rougher time of it because of their furry-children.

Saving Pit-Bulls One at a Time
Cornelius Austin The Dog Man on Animal Radio®The Animal Radio® Hero Person this week spends his mornings outside the Los Angeles Coliseum giving out free training to dog owners...and especially pit-bull parents. At times Cornelius Austin "The Dog Man" will have up to 50 people at his free clinic. Cornelius wants you to know that pit-bulls are getting a bad rap! His goal is to train the owners because he believes they can make a difference with their dog's temperament.

Safety Guidelines For Pet Harnesses
Crash Test Dogs on Animal Radio®The Center for Pet Safety is behind this first scientific approach to pet product safety in the U.S., providing guidelines for vehicular pet-restraint systems. The Center has even created a series of Crash Test Dogs, just like the Crash Test Dummies that are used by auto makers to check out the effectiveness of safety features in cars.

Pet- Friendly Homes
Pet Friendly Houses on Animal Radio®Standard Pacific Homes is building and selling homes with amenities that not only cater to people, but to dogs in 27 of its 190 developments from Florida to California. The most lavish features a 170-sq. ft. pet paradise with a step-in wash station, handheld sprayer and leash lead, tile walls and floors, a drying area with a commercial-sized pet dryer, a water station, automated feeders, bunk-style bed, cabinets for toys and treats, an attached puppy run and, of course, a flat screen TV.

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Animal Radio® Episode 764

Heroes Behind Bars on Animal Radio®Hero Behind Bars
This week's Hero People are in prison. Female inmates are teamed up with a dog 24/7. Their mission is to train these shelter dogs to help autistic children. It's a second chance for the inmates, the dog and the child. Program Director Janette Thomas explains how the Pups in Prison initiative is a win, win, win!

Banning Hybrids
Banning Hybrid Cats on Animal Radio®Animal Defense League's Daniel Lutz is petitioning the courts to outlaw exotic hybrids of wild-cats. He says cats have been responsible for 14% of all the world's extinctions since 1600. Will legislation make a difference in our ecosystem?

Evaluating Pet Insurance
Can pet insurance save you in a pinch? You don't have to go very far to find differing opinions on pet insurance. We'll give you two real life cases involving pet insurance. You decide. California will be the first state to regulate pet insurance.

Dog Blood Mobile on Animal Radio®Animal Bloodmobile
Oh sure, you've seen the mobile blood banks that routinely troll for human blood. But you've probably never seen a mobile blood bank for dogs. Kim Marryott saw the need and now she manages a program in Pennsylvania that collects the twelve different canine blood types for transfusions and other life-threatening procedures.

Who's Your Daddy?
DOG DNA TEST on Animal Radio®If you have a mixed breed dog, you might consider getting him or her a DNA test. Not only will you find out just what combination of breeds went into your best friend, but Dr. David Linzey of the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association says you might find out some valuable health information. But are these tests accurate. Animal Radio® tested them - with different results.

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Animal Radio® Episode 763

Dorothy Hunter eats Pet Food on Animal Radio®Eating Pet Food
Dorothy Hunter is so confident the food she sells in her story in healthy that she's eating nothing but pet-food for 30 days. We'll find out the inspiration for this stunt and exactly how she is faring 13 days in. So far, the only issue seems to be a mild case of flatulence.

Woman Finds Wedding Ring After 6 Years - Thanks To Her Dog!
A woman in Wisconsin is happily wearing her wedding ring again, 6 years after it disappeared.  Lois Matykowski was devastated when her ring first disappeared and even checked her dog's poop for a couple of weeks with no luck. The mystery was solved after Tucker ate a popsicle stick. You'll have to listen to find out how this ends.

Dr. Lauire Hess is on Animal Radio®Top 10 Bird Dangers
Who would've thought it could be so easy to accidentally kill your bird. If you own a bird, or maybe planning to get one, you'll need to hear the Top 10 Bird Dangers from Dr. Laurie Hess. You might be surprised at the hazards lurking within your household.

14 Year-Old Hero
This week's Hero Person is 14 year-old Nicholas Nash. He helps find homes for adoptable animals and is building a shelter on his family land. A young person so passionate about the health and happiness of our four-legged friends - serves as a great model for future generations.

CBSs Brandon McMillan is on Animal Radio®CBS's Lucky Dog
Brandon McMillan comes from a family of circus performers and is the host of CBS's new Saturday morning show, "Lucky Dog." Each week Brandon takes a shelter dog and trains them for a prospective new home. The program follows the entire process until the dog gets into his/her new forever home.

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Animal Radio® Episode 762

Pets for Vets is on Animal Radio®Pets for Vets
Clarissa Black is this week's Hero Person. She created a service that matches returning soldiers with adoptable dogs. Some of our servicemen suffering from PTSD find the dogs to be extremely comforting and an important part of their recovery and rehabilitation.

Haatchi and Little B is on Animal Radio®Haatchi & Little B
Owen and his dog Haatchi have gone viral on YouTube. It's the story of a little boy that overcomes his disease with the help of a dog. Owen's father, Will Howkins tells the intriguing story behind the boy and his dog.

Does Phone Warranty Cover Pet Damage?
Recently, there was a study done to see how many pet owners have had their dog or cat damage or destroy one of their electronic gadgets. The study found that male dogs are 86 times more likely than a female dog to wreck a gadget. So, the question, does an extended warranty cover pet damage? Turns out in many cases, they do.

Ace Collins is on Animal Radio®Man's Best Hero
Prolific author Ace Collins entertains with warm and fuzzy conversation about his latest book that celebrates exceptional dogs. And as Lassie's biographer, he has stories. Not only is Lassie alive, but SHE is now ten generations old.

Lady Gaga Under Fire From PETA
Do you dress up your dog? What about accessorizing your dog with a little jewelry? Pop star Lady Gaga has come under fire from PETA for putting some bling on her dog.

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Animal Radio® Episode 761

Stanley Coren is on Animal Radio®Blacklisted Breeds By Insurance Companies
Dr. Stanley Coren is back! This time he's toting his research about the breeds of dogs that are being blacklisted by homeowners and liability insurance. Allstate claims one third of their claims last year included a dog.

Thriller Author Hero of the Week
Stan Yocum is on Animal Radio®Author Stan Yocum is the Hero Person this week because he spends countless hours training & fostering service dogs for Canine Companions for Independence. After bonding with these awesome animals for 18-months, Stan must say "goodbye" when they go to their forever home.

More Companies Offer Pet Insurance
Health insurance is an important benefit at work, now one in every three Fortune 500 companies is offering Pet insurance. Those companies include Chipotle Mexican Grill, Delta Airlines, Microsoft, T-Mobile and UPS. Some of the companies even pay 100-percent of their employee's pet insurance premiums.

Laser pointers not so good?Laser Pointers Can Cause Psychological Problems
Most dogs and cats love to chase laser pointers, but they could have some unintended consequences on your pet's psyche. Dr. Nicholas Dodman says that if you use a laser pointer too often, your dog can get so obsessed with chasing the light that they develop behavior problems. Never getting to the point of actually catching the 'prey' can drive a dog slightly nuts.

Pet and People MixersNew Pet Mixers To Meet Your Mate
If you're single and ready to mingle, you can attend one of the pet-friendly mixers being hosted by Petsmart Charities and Match-dot-com. They're being held all over the country this summer.

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Next Week: Clarissa Black - Ace Collins - Will Howkins

Animal Radio® Episode 760

Animal MadnessAnimal Madness
Can our pets suffer from the same psychological illnesses as humans? How did Prozac find its way into veterinarian's offices? What good is anthropomorphizing? Laurel Braitman has answers to these burning questions.

Pet Food Myths
With our pet-store shelves stocked to the ceiling with a confusing array of pet-foods, does it really make a difference if you feed your dog something cheap off the shelves of Wal-Mart? You might be surprised at the answer. Animal Radio® Veterinary Correspondent Dr. Marty Becker reveals the truth behind pet-foods.

Guardian Angels for Soldiers PetsHero People
Our new segment celebrating those that do good for the animals is getting high-acclaims. This week we're spotlighting Linda Spurlin-Dominik. She helps care for pets of deployed military personnel.

DNA Tests
DingoTrying to figure out what kind of dog you have? There are several DNA tests available to the consumer. However, some are more accurate than others. And you probably won't be able to confirm that you own a Dingo.

Fish Oil and Coat
Joey Villani wants to dispel the rumor that Fish Oil will make your dog's coat shiny. In fact, it could have damaging affects because it clogs pores. The Dogfather will help you determine what supplement, if any, you really need.

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Animal Radio® Episode 759

Facial RecognitionUsing High-Tech To Find Homes
Adi Pinhas is using facial recognition technology in his new iPhone app. You'll upload a picture of the pet you want and it'll tell you all the adoptable animals that look like the original picture. The Verge Magazine uploaded a picture of Lady Gaga and got back an adoptable hamster.

Purina Compensates Victims Of Recalled Treats
Just a few weeks ago, both Petco and Petsmart said they would stop selling pet treats made in China. For the past 7 years, dogs and cats have been getting sick and many have died after eating imported chicken and jerky treats. Now, Purina Petcare and Waggin' Train have set up at $6.5-million-dollar fund to compensate pet guardians whose animals suffered.

Pets in the classroomPets In The Classroom
New research says kids learn better when their classroom has a pet. Even truancy is down. We all remember the class pet. And if you were lucky, the teacher let you take the guinea pigs home for the summer. Brent Weinmann of the Pet Care Trust is making sure all kids get an opportunity to have pets in their classroom.

Cure For Parvo?
Researchers may have literally stumbled on a way to treat the usually fatal Parvo virus. It happened when a pharmaceutical was looking for a way to save flocks of geese that were mysteriously dying. They discovered an antibody that's harvested from the yokes of geese eggs that can stop the Parvo virus in as little as two days.

Prosthetic legs on cowCalf Gets Prosthetic Back Legs
Kitty Martin love's her calf so much that she's put more than $40,000 into rescuing the steer after it's back legs were amputated because of frostbite. She's the Hero Person this week with a great story to tell about the human-bovine connection.

Sharing Your Bed With Your Pet Leads to Bad Sleep Quality
Sharing the bedIf you have a cat or dog, chances are he or she sleeps with you in bed. But new research says that sharing your bed with your pet can lead to bad sleep quality. Recently at the 28th annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies data was presented that showed at least 30-percent of pet owners say their pets wake them up at least once per night.

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Animal Radio® Episode 758

Alison Eastwood is on Animal Radio®Eastwood Leaves No Pet Behind
Daughter of actor Clint Eastwood, Alison Eastwood makes her second guest appearance on Animal Radio®. Last year she went into a Southern California animal shelter and pardoned 200 animals from Death Row.

Allergy Season
This is the time of the year when vet offices across America fill with allergic reactions to environment, food and even medicines. Dr. Patricia White is an animal dermatologist and she'll tell you how to determine the allergy and what to do to comfort your pet.

Goat and Burro Go Viral
Mr. G and Jellybean are on Animal Radio®When "Mr. G" (a goat) got transferred to a foster facility, he went into a severe depression. He wouldn't eat. The facility then learned that he had been separated from "Jellybean," a burro at Mr. G's last home. After trying many solutions to bring Mr. G out of his funk, they reunited the two. Kim Sturla from the foster facility tells the story and she's our Hero Person this week.

Burial at seaMore Pets Buried In Backyards
More pets are buried in U.S Backyards than anywhere else, but that is quickly becoming illegal in more and more places. That is causing some companies to emerge with some creative options. There's a company that turns hair or the remains of a pet into a synthetic diamond. Then there a company that sends your pet's remains into the heavens inside a 5-foot round helium balloon and another that can scatter the ashes at sea.

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Animal Radio® Episode 757

Dr Annie Forslund is on Animal Radio®What Your Dog Isn't Telling You
Dogs and cats generally don't exhibit pain. This is a trait designed mostly to protect themselves in the wild. However, research now shows that when they are alone in a room they do show signs of pain, until someone enters the room. Dr. Annie Forslund tells us how to recognize pain in our pets.

Stores Stop selling Chinese Made Treats
You've probably heard about the toxic treats from China that have been recalled. The FDA says the treats have been linked to reports of over 5,000 cats and dogs getting sick and over 1,000 dogs dying. Now, both Petco and Petsmart say they're going to stop selling Chinese-made treats.

Pilots n Paws Kathleen Quinn Charleston is on Animal Radio®Pilots n' Paws
Over 3000 volunteer pilots fly 250 mile jaunts to bring adoptive animals to new homes or hospitals. This non-profit agency regularly moves animals from dogs and cats to donkeys. Kathleen Quinn Charleston explains the Pilots n' Paws mission.

Spike Bite Johnny Dumas is on Animal Radio®Spike Bite
Great invention or insane idea? You decide if Johnny Dumas has a sensible solution to prevent dogs from attacking your dog. He's designed a spike-filled coat of armor that protects the vital organs against bites.

Find The Right Pet Match With Your Smart Phone
Pet Match is on Animal Radio®Superfish, a Palo Alto-based startup, created an app called PetMatch that lets you look for adoptable pets in your area based on photo technology. You upload a picture of the pet you wish you could find (it might be a dog you see at the park or maybe a cat just like one you used to have). PetMatch then does an image recognition search of similar, adoptable pets in your area.

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Animal Radio® Episode 756

Francesco Marciuliano is on Animal Radio®I Could Pee On This
Our special guest is Francesco Marciuliano. He's the author of the Sally Forth comic strip that runs in over 700 newspapers, and most recently a series of pet poetry that he says he transcribed from his cat. Not bad for a kid that had a "Bucket List" at 10 years old. You'll laugh until you hurt!

$1-Million Dollar Lawsuit Over Dog That Was Supposed to Euthanized
The story of the vet in Fort Worth, Texas who is charged with keeping several dogs alive who were supposed to be euthanized so they could be used as blood donors just keeps getting more unbelievable. The latest is that the Camp Bowie Animal Clinic has been shut down while Dr. Lou Tierce is being investigated for animal cruelty and faces a $1-million dollar lawsuit.

Cuddle Clones on Animal Radio®Stuffed Pet Look-a-likes
Jennifer Graham has a pretty cool business. She makes customized stuffed animals that look just like your pet. You'll submit front and side view pictures of your furry-companion. Eight weeks later the UPS man will deliver a stuffed version of the family pet.

Non-Surgical Sterilization
Animal Radio® Veterinary Correspondent Dr. Marty Becker is back. This time he's reporting on a "game-changing" injection that could ultimately reduce the amount of animals euthanized simply because they have no home.

Panda Dogs on Animal Radio®There's Panda-Monium in China
There is panda-monium going on in pet shops all over China. Dogs that look like the country's prized pandas are all the rage. It takes about two hours to turn a dog into a panda do and the look will last for about six weeks before it is time for a touch up.

IKEA Helps Homeless Animals In Showrooms
The showrooms of two IKEA stores currently feature life-sized cardboard cutouts of shelter dogs available for adoption. Shoppers interested in the dogs can scan their unique QR codes to learn more about them.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 755

Bad Vet Dude TWOFt. Worth Veterinarian Story Gets Weirder
Animal Radio® New Director Tammy Trujillo is digging deeper on this developing story out of the Texas. A veterinarian is being sued because instead of euthanizing allegedly terminal animals - he kept them alive in poor conditions and used them for blood transfusions. Now, it appears that the doctor was even using his own dog.

Tortoise and ChihuahuaTortoise Talk
More and more pet lovers are choosing turtles and tortoises over the traditional dog or cat. Lisa Winn owns 8 African Spurred Tortoises and she is the VP of a tortoise organization. She also dresses up her shelled-friends.

Blue Buffalo Under Fire
Blue Buffalo Pet Food has come under fire the last few months for deceptive advertising practices. Purina announced it is suing the pet food company for revenues lost in a negative advertising campaign. The competition is fierce in the 37 BILLION dollar pet food industry....with only 4 major players.

ACRO CATSAmazing Acro-cats
Samantha Martin is the circus ringleader for a bunch of really talented cats. She and her 15+ cats travel the country entertaining crowds with her circus cats. She'll tell us what it takes to put a musical band together consisting of only cats....oh, and one chicken.

Pet BoxIt's Like Christmas
Sean Conlon started a pet-box of the month subscription service. Imagine being able to customize a monthly delivery of toys and treats to your dog. Sean's business is doing great. He's shipped over 66,000 boxes this last year.

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Animal Radio® Episode 754

Traveling with your dogTraveling With Your Dog
Kelly Carter has traveled the world with her Chihuahua, Lucy. Now she's telling us the best places to take your pet. She even has tips for making the journey more pet friendly and comfortable.

Bad Vet
Bad Vet DudeImagine taking your dog to the vet and he falsely tells you that your furry-companion needs to be euthanized. Then imagine the vet didn't euthanize the dog, but used it for transfusions, without your knowledge. This allegedly happened in Fort Worth Texas. Listen to this horrendous case as the details are developing.

Cancer Awareness Month
Cancer is no longer a death sentence for dogs or cats. Amazing breakthroughs in technology allow vets to treat cancer fairly effectively. Dr. Gerald Post from The Veterinary Cancer Center is back to answer questions.

Create a masterpieceCreating Memories and Keepsakes
Amy Cecil is bringing back the fun of paint-by-numbers to the pet world. You can easily create a masterpiece painting of your pet with Amy's "Easy 1-2-3 Art" system. You'll start by uploading a picture to her website.

Million Pebble MarchFirst Ever One Million Pibble March
There's been a Million Man March and Million Mom March, and a few weeks ago, there was the first ever One Million Pibble March on Washington. What's a Pibble?  It's one name for Pit Bulls. Thousands of pit bull advocates convened on the West Lawn of the U-S Capitol. The message was to create stronger laws against dogfights and stop legislation that restricts ownership of certain breeds of dogs.

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Animal Radio® Episode 753

Fish Tank Kings on Animal Radio®Fish Tank Kings Are Back
The star of the highly-popular Nat Geo WILD series, Fish Tank Kings, is returning to Animal Radio® airwaves to yap about his latest project; a Coy Pond for dog trainer Cesar Millan.

Deer TickSummer Pests
The seasons are-a-changing. With the warmer temps comes a proliferation of fleas and ticks. Now, more than ever, there is an enormous choice for over-the counter prevention and treatment. How do we choose what's best for our pets? Gordon McGee of Drs. Foster & Smith has the lowdown.

Snip Snip Hero
Joey Herrick and Joan Rivers in front of spay mobileFormer band leader for The John Davidson Show and top dog at Natural Balance, Joey Herrick is our "Hero Person" this week. Using his own money and time, he sends veterinarians out in a $300,000 mobile surgical vehicle to spay, neuter and vaccinate animals of poverty-level guardians.

Worldwide Accreditation Program For Pet Crematory Facilities
Recently Animal Radio® reported problems with pet crematoriums and keeping the remains of animals separate from each other so people get their own pet's ashes back. Now the International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories has announced a worldwide Accreditation Program for Pet Crematory facilities.

cop shoots himself instead of dogBreed Prejudice?
A Riverside County, California Sheriff's Deputy had gone onto a property to serve an eviction notice. A pitbull, was in the yard and started barking. The deputy drew his gun, presumably to shoot the dog and shot himself in the leg instead. The deputy said that the dog had come at him aggressively and that he felt that his life was in danger.

The Latest Survey On Pet Health Is OutÔÇŽAnd It Is Not Good
The Pet Health Report is compiled by Banfield Pet Hospital from its records of animals seen. The report found that one in every 300 cats is infected with Feline Immunodeficiency Virus or FIV - with the majority being male cats. Infections of Lyme Disease is also up by 21-percent.

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Next Week: Dr. Gerald Post - Kelly Carter - Aimee Cecil

Animal Radio® Episode 752

Riina and RomeoPet Bucket List
Our Hero Person this week is Riina Cooke. When she discovered her dog had a terminal illness and only months to live, she created a bucket list of stuff to do with "Romeo" before he passed. She shares how the idea originated and some of the fun things she did with her dog in his last moments.

Where Animals Go To Retire
Ellie Laks spends her days caring for a menagerie of animals that were abandoned or neglected. From cows to kitties, her property is home to over a hundred animals that will live their life out at the Gentle Barn.

Loss Prevention
While microchips are a great form of identification, Ulvid Osis created a pet registration system that works in tandem with microchips to help owners find missing animals using a Google search. He'll explain how Fetch ID is peace of mind.

Pets on the TitanicTitanic Pets
While many a documentary and film has been made about the Titanic, none really focused on the many animals aboard the doomed crossing. Tammy Trujillo suggests you have tissue handy when you hear about one owner that wouldn't leave her dog's side.

Mexico Is Going To The Dogs
Over the past decade, Mexico's middle class has been growing and that has created a new market for all things dog. This includes everything from clothing and accessory boutiques, spas and restaurants that feature doggie snacks. Since 2008, sales of pet-related products in Mexico have grown an average of 13 percent a year, to $2.2 billion last year.

Greyhound racing bannedColorado Is The 39th State To Ban Greyhound Racing
The governor of that state has signed it into law. Yes on marijuana, no on pit-bulls and now then end of Greyhound racing with a new ban. At least seven states still allow greyhound racing.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 751

Mike Bruner Saves DogI Just Want To Celebrate
Rare Earth Keyboardist Mike Bruner is our "Hero Person of the Week." He fell into a frozen lake while rescuing a dog that had also fallen in. Mike tells the whole story and even yaps about his menagerie at home.

There's An App for That
Lauren Drabble is pitching her new smartphone app. The software allows you to easily find rescue and resources for injured wildlife. The next time you run into a wild animal that's hurt, you'll know exactly who to contact to help.

Video Documentary of you and your dogMaking Video Memories
Imagine a short film that highlights your relationship between you and your pet. Franck Tabouring comes to your house and creates a documentary video featuring your pet as the star. A great keepsake!

Mars Buys P&G Pet Food Brands
Candy-maker Mars is growing their pet food business. The company is spending 2.9 billion for three upscale pet food brands from Procter and Gamble. Iams, Eukanuba and Natura. So is it a deal? Pet food sales are projected to hit 24.7 billion by 2017 and sales of premium pet food. Does this mean all our pet foods are will have the same source?

Cat CafeCat Caf├ę
You never have to have your tea alone again. The first feline caf├ę is now open. Lady Dinah 's Cat Emporium, it's named after Alice's cat in the fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland," has 11 resident kitties. It costs $8.29 cents for two hours of kitty company.

Performance Standards for Pet Travel Safety Products
Nearly all of us drive with our dogs in the car. And now there are car seats to make sure they're safe in case of a sudden stop or an accident. The Center for Pet Studies has teamed up with Subaru of America in testing car harnesses. They took a look at seven harnesses using a specially designed crash test dog.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 750

Diana Reiss is on Animal Radio®Who's the Smartest
While Dr. Diana Reiss doesn't like to compare animal smarts, she is fast to explain just how smart dolphins and elephants are, and their ability to recognize themselves in the mirror. It's all part of PBS's NOVA - "Inside Animal Minds."

Carrot Dating
Another genius idea or just a dud? The jury is still out on Carrot Dating. The premise is meeting singles online while bribing them with a cute little puppy. What if your date showed up holding a cuddly puppy instead of flowers?

Greg Mahle is on Animal Radio®Hero People
We kick off our Hero People series showcasing humans that are going above and beyond the call of duty to make our animal's lives better. Greg Mahle spends much of his time on the road delivering death row animals to adoptable homes.

Separation Anxiety
Alan Kabel has proven ways to treat and cure separation anxiety. It all starts with desensitizing your dog to the subtle cues you give him/her when you're about to leave the house.

Pit Bulls are nice dogsThey Get A Bad Rap
Pit-bulls get a bad rap. They're not necessarily a vicious dog, unless they are trained to be or simply un-trained. Every decade has their poster dog. It used to be the German Shepard and the Rottweiler. Let's break the myth today and save these dogs from their owners and bad press.

Performance Standards for Pet Travel Safety Products
Nearly all of us drive with our dogs in the car. And now there are car seats to make sure they're safe in case of a sudden stop or an accident. The Center for Pet Studies has teamed up with Subaru of America in testing car harnesses. They took a look at seven harnesses using a specially designed crash test dog.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 749

Dan Riskin is on Animal Radio®Mother Nature Is Trying To Kill You
Animal Planet's "Monsters Inside Me" host Dr. Dan Riskin is stirring up the airwaves with the truths about nature's ugly side. No wonder he so entertaining. Maggot eggs got into his brain and he lives to tell you why parasites really rule the world.

Animals In Vineyards
Sara Bennett's family business, Navarro Vineyards is using little tiny sheep to keep the weeds under control. But that's not the only thing they do. Hal asks the hard-hitting questions, like - "what sound does a sheep make ÔÇŽ and isn't that the same sound as a goat?"

Pet Food Company Bashes Competitors
The makers of BLUE Brand Pet Food Products is being asked to change it's advertising to stop making negative comments about other pet food makers. The company says it will appeal the recommendation by the National Advertising Division. The claim was made by Hill's Pet Nutrition, the maker of Science Diet foods, over ads that were shown on TV, the Internet, in print and on mobile advertising.

No more allergiesNo More Sniffles
The second phase of clinical trials for a new vaccine is done and the results are very promising. If it's successful, you'll take just four doses over a 12-week period to keep your cat allergies at bay for as long as 2-years.

Dogs Detect Cancer Before Medical Testing
The Nose Knows CancerA dog's sense of smell is said to be 200,000 times better than humans. That's why dogs work detecting bombs, drugs and now they're being trained to use those fantastic noses to detect certain health issues, like the moment a person with diabetes starts to have a hyperglycemic incident. Now, researchers at a UK charity, Medical Detection Dogs, are working on training dogs to detect the odor of cancer.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 748

14 yr old inventor14 Year-Old Pet Product Inventor
Brooke Martin is only 14, but she sounds more intelligent than many adults. She also is the inventor of "IC Pooch," a device that allows you to have visual contact between you and your dog using a tablet or mobile phone. It also dispenses treats. Brooke believe this is an answer to separation anxiety.

New Worm Threat
Imagine a 6 inch worm coming out of your pets skin. Sounds like something out of the latest horror movie. Unfortunately, it's a real new worm that poses a threat to your pets. Parasitologist Araceli Lucio-Forster explains this new discovery.

Buzzfeeds Jack ShepardBuzzfeed Beastmaster
What the heck is a Beastmaster? Jack Shepard is a self-proclaimed Beastmaster at the Buzzfeed website. He gets paid to surf "animal related" fodder and make it go viral on the incredibly popular website.

My Bionic Pet
Amputee Jennifer Robinson worked at a prosthetic manufacturer. Now she's showing off how artificial limbs are being used on dogs, cats, birds and even sea-life. She's a part of a new PBS show called My Bionic Pet.

2 million dollar dogDog Sells for $2,000,000
Only in China would a dog be sold to a 56 year-old property developer for a cool 2 mil. This isn't even the first time. The 200 lb. Tibetan Mastiff is treasured like the Panda in China. Some say it was all hype and that cash never actually changed hands.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 747

Spending more on petsPet Spending At All Time High
The American Pet Products Association reports we're shelling out nearly 60-Billion bucks a year on our animals. Research shows empty-nesters are now spending more on their four-legged children.

Setting A Fine Example
What happens when a father/daughter trip to Chuck E. Cheese turns into a high-speed chase after dad steals a puppy. Britt Savage reports.

Whose Poop?
Picking the poop upAdvances in forensic science has created a worldwide effort to catch up with people who don't clean up after their dogs. Many apartment owners are now requiring in their leases that dogs of tenants submit to DNA testing. There's actually a company to do the dirty work.  PooPrints offers special leak-proof containers ad spatulas to make the job easier. A thumbnail sized sample of the suspect poop is sent to the lab ... and that leads back to the dog and owner.

That Chicken Bit Back
Farmers in Georgia have found a chicken with teeth. Researchers say a recessed gene may be responsible. It is possible that this isn't the only one case of toothed fowl.

Chicken with teeth and dog with tapewormsTapeworm Talk
It's not a pretty topic, but it's a conversation we need to have. Tapeworms. Not Dr. Debbie's favorite parasite (listen to find out what is her favorite), but a nuisance none-the-less. Dr. Joel Ehrenzweig tells you how to identify and treat tapeworms. Did you know you can get'em?

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 746

Service Dog FraudFaking It!
A new trend is the unfortunate and fraudulent use of "Service Dog" credentials for owners wanting to bring their dogs into restaurants, airlines and hotels. Pawtopia's Colleen Demling explains the problem and why the disabled suffers.

Aspirin and Pets
Did you know that Aspirin can be toxic to your pet? Dr. Debbie dispels the myths about pain relief for your pet. She'll also be answering your questions toll-free at 1-866-405-8405.

Josh Duhamel is on Animal Radio®Josh Duhamel Guests
Besides a flourishing acting career, Josh Duhamel spends a lot of time speaking for the animals. He has a brand new web series and he's back to talk about it...and to flirt with the ladies.

A Shot To The Tail
Don't be surprised if the next time your cat gets an injection, it's in the tail. Recent concerns have come up over treating rare, but potentially deadly injection site sarcomas. Some vets then shifted the site to the hind legs, since an amputation, if necessary, would be easier and more successful.

Pets ONLY ApartmentsPet ONLY Apartments
Octogenarian and Landlord Judy Guth only allows tenants with pets in her apartment complex. Is this discrimination? Judy doesn't care. And if one of her tenants loses their pet, she'll even take them out to dinner and then the shelter to find another roommate.

Pet Spending At All Time High
The American Pet Products Association reports we're shelling out nearly 60-Billion bucks a year on our animals. Research shows empty-nesters are now spending more on their four-legged children.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 745

A NEW pet tax deductionAre Your Pets A Tax Deduction?
This year, for the first time ever, you may be able to deduct your furry friends on your taxes! After a landmark case, the IRS is now making allowances for certain conditions. Our brand new News Director, Tammy Trujillo will have all the details for you.

Special People Help Special Needs Pets
It takes someone with a lot of heart to adopt an animal with Spina-Bifida. That's exactly what Selina Kenitzer has done. She brought home four English Bulldogs with the spinal deformity. They are affectionately known "The Padded Bum Gang."

MuttbombingMuch more humane than it sounds, mutt-bombing is akin to the new online photo-bombing craze. Adoptable animals appear in the backgrounds of celebrity pictures in an attempt to find homes. This genius idea comes out of Dallas and Leslie Sans explains how we can get involved.

Alligator vs. Dog
What length would you go to when it comes to saving your pet? Britt Savage reports on one gentleman that took on an alligator to save his dog.

Petco Sued Over Diseased RatPetco Being Sued Over Rat
A San Diego couple is suing Petco after they sold a diseased rat, causing the fatality of their 10 year old child. This may be the beginning of the end for rat sales at the big box store.

Craigslist Ads For Pets = FAIL
Dog Trainer Alan Kabel ran across a Craigslist ad for a dog that needed a new home. He'll point out the "red flags" and show you why the online website is probably one of the worst places to find a life-long pet.

....and of course, the Animal Radio® Dream Team, Dr. Debbie, trainer Alan Kabel and groomer Joey Villani are answering your pet questions toll-free at 1-866-405-8405.

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Animal Radio® Episode 744

Pet OctopusStrange Pets
Occasionally we run into listeners with bizarre pets. This week, Nancy King tells us about her life with an Octopus. That's right. Not as cuddly as a dog, but perhaps as smart. Why would anyone want an Octopus for a pet? You'll find out this week on Animal Radio®.

Dogs Good For Our Hearts
The American Heart Association (AHA) has declared that pets, especially dogs, are good for a person's heart. Dr. Glenn N. Levine, director of Baylor University's cardiac care unit, said "pet ownership, particularly dog ownership, is probably associated with a decreased risk of heart disease." The AHA writes that owning a dog "may help reduce cardiovascular risk," perhaps due to regular walks and activity.

Animal DentistOpen Wide
Dr. Peter Emily is a human dentist AND a wild animal dentist. One day you'll find him putting a crown in a person's mouth, and the next he might be doing a root canal on a polar bear. What happens when the anesthesia wore off one of his four-legged patients? You'll have to tune in to find out.

Going Postal
Going PostalDogs go postal in Los Angeles more than any other U.S. city. The U.S. Postal Service released its rankings of the best and worst cities for dog attacks on mail carriers. Los Angeles recorded 69 incidents last year. San Antonio and Seattle round out the top three worst cities. Wichita, Kansas is the safety city with just 20 attacks. Almost 6000 postal workers were attacked by dogs last year.

....and of course, the Animal Radio® Dream Team, Dr. Debbie, trainer Alan Kabel and groomer Joey Villani are answering your pet questions toll-free at 1-866-405-8405.

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Animal Radio® Episode 743

Paying for SurgeriesFund A Pet Miracle
Stacey Nutini has taken crowd-funding to a new high! Her one person organization directs funds to those who need urgent veterinary care. She describes the kind of people that give dollars to help other pet owners and the vetting process.

Cleaning up after WestminsterCleaning Up After Westminster
Jerry Grymeck has the unfortunate duty of cleaning up after a bunch of dogs. Where do the dogs in Westminster stay? Hotel Penn of course. And Jerry is the certified Doggy Concierge. He spills the beans and behind the show gossip.

Stolen Cat Food Results In Grand Theft
James Lawlor of Clearwater, Florida was charged with Grand Theft after attempting to steal over $300 worth of cat food from a local Wal-mart. Loss prevention staff had detained James Lawlor for loading up a shopping cart full of cat food and then walking to his car without paying. Lawlor explained to officers that he had done this in the past and that he steals the cat food to sell in what he calls "hustling."

Vaccinating on the cheapLess Vet Visits = More Sick Pets
New studies show that pet guardians are visiting the vet less and usually with sicker pets. Why this down-turn? The costs associated with vet visits, vaccines and medications. Dr. Joel Ehrenzweig explains how you can keep your pet protected on the cheap.

Deer Droppings Send Message
An angry artist in Canada is expressing his or her displeasure with the city's deer population with a deer statue covered in deer droppings. The Penticton, British Columbia mayor called it a "very effective way" of letting them know that there was a problem that needed to be resolved.

....and of course, the Animal Radio® Dream Team is answering your pet questions toll-free at 1-866-405-8405.

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Animal Radio® Episode 742

Kim Freeman is on Animal Radio®Lost Cat Pet Detective
How does someone become a certified cat detective? Kim Freeman became certified and now she helps cat owners find their lost furr-balls. She's even authored "How to Find Your Lost Cat." Kim will share her story and even give us tips on finding the lost kitty.

What Are The Odds?
Amram Shapiro spent the better half of a decade compiling "odds" for his book. He has a fascinating peek at the probabilities that govern every aspect of human and animal life. Odds are 5 to 1 you'll be hit by lightning before you're ever stung by a bee, wasp or hornet.

Pets Create Stronger Relationships and Bonds to Communities
Kids, Youth and PetsA new study from a developmental psychologist at Tufts University has found that young people who take care of a pet tend to have stronger social relationships and bonds to their communities.

Taliban Adds Dognapping To Misdeeds
A military dog, that carries the rank of Colonel, has been taken from the United Coalition in Afghanistan. The Afghans don't keep dogs as pets. Their religion calls them impure. The Belgian Malinois is being fed chicken and kebobs by its captors, and is reportedly in okay condition.

Many Ways To De-Stress Your Pets
Destressing pets and peoplePets get stressed out just like humans do. Whether your dog or cat suffers from separation anxiety, from fear of going to the vet, or from general stress as a result of a hectic home environment, calming your companion is an important part of maintaining her health. And, thankfully, there are many natural ways that you can help your pet unwind before the stress takes its toll.

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Animal Radio® Episode 741

Dogs get dementiaOur Pets Can Get Dementia
Dr. Jennifer Bolser confirms that our dogs and cats do indeed suffer from the same mental disabilities that humans do. From depression to OCD, some of the same medicines we use are also valid for our companion animals.

Connecting With Your Pet
connect with your pet electronicallyTechnology changes the way we live, usually for the better. Dave Clark created a device that allows you to connect with your pet while you're away, using a smartphone. This new gadget has raised near $80,000 on IndieGoGo, partly because of it's ability to dispense treats to your dog with a press of a button on your phone.

Didn't See That Bite Coming
A new dangerous Internet video fad is becoming more popular. The scenario is often a baby or child playing with a dangerous or aggressive dog. Dogtime's Nina Stively explains how the urge to create a viral video can put our children in harms way.

Recalled Treats Back On Shelves
Dog treats linked to hundreds of animal deaths and thousands of illnesses are returning to store shelves soon. Despite having no firm evidence of what caused the deaths and sicknesses, Waggin Train and Milo's Kitchen brand treats will be sold again.
Nancy Glassman Steals Cat
Possible Jail time For Stealing A Cat
A New York woman is potentially facing jail time after refusing a plea deal for stealing a cat. Nancy Glassman admits to taking a cat named Cosmo from a bagel shop and driving it to a local animal shelter. She believed the resident cat was being abused because of sores on its ears and its scruffy looking fur. She was later arrested and charged with burglary.

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Animal Radio® Episode 740

James Guiliani is on Animal Radio®Former Mob Head Turns Into Pussycat
James Guiliani was the head mob enforcer in Brooklyn for over 20 years. He said his used to get a high inflicting violence on behalf of John Gotti. Now he gets high saving animals after a dog changed his evil ways. James is our guest and he explains how he got out of the mafia and into pet rescue. Oh, he also has a brand new show on the Oprah Network.

Cat Video Film Festival - William Braden is on Animal Radio®Cat Videos Made The Internet
The Internet Cat Video Festival is selling out and attracting huge audiences nationwide. It's not a bunch of single cat-women that are attending these feline festivities. William Braden, winner of the Golden Kitty Award for his viral videos, is hosting the event. He joins us and explains this strange phenomenon and our unquenchable desire for cat videos.

Dope Of The Month
What happens when you get pulled over after ingesting your dog's tranquilizers? The defendant said he mistook them for his own vitamins. Likely story? Nope, just another moron skimming his dog's medicine. Britt Savage reports.

Bears in the hoodForget The Raccoons - We Got Bears
We get a lot of calls about all kinds of animals. This week Dr. Debbie helps with a small bear problem that seems to be threatening local dogs. First tip, stop putting food out for the deer.

Sicker Pets, But Less Vet Visits
Pets are getting sicker, and many owners don't have a clue. One reason: They're not going to the vet. Dog vet visits have slipped 21 percent since 2001 and cat visits have dropped 30 percent, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Cold dogsLeave Your Pet Out In The Cold - Be Charged With A Felony
Anyone who leaves a dog outside in the cold should be charged with a felony, says State Senator Greg Ball. Ball is calling on tougher new legislation to protect dogs and cats from being left outside in the cold all day.

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Animal Radio® Episode 739

David Frei is on Animal Radio®Westminster Opens Door To Mixed Breeds
No longer is a dog required to be a purebred to compete in some of the Westminster events. David Frei explains, mixed breed dogs still won't be eligible to compete for "Best In Show."

Spring Brings Nasty Parasites
Did you know fleas can transmit tapeworm to your pet, robbing your furry friend of 25% of it's daily nutrition. Dr. Joel Ehrenzweig has the low-down on tapeworm and how to avoid being a statistic.

Smoky and Bill Wynne on Animal Radio®War Yorkie
Smoky was a 4 lb. Yorkie, found in New Guinea during Bill Wynne's WWII tour of duty. The little dog flew 150 reconnaissance missions and holds the title of the First Therapy Dog. Bill is now 92 and he recounts his stories about Smoky quite lucidly as if they were yesterday.

Puppy Bites Deodorant Can, Causes Huge Explosion
An explosion that caused thousands of dollars in damage to a house is being blamed on a puppy and a can of deodorant. It turns out Zeus bit a hole in a can of spray deodorant and then rolled it near the gas fireplace. The can blew up a when the boiler came on and caused more than $3,000 in damage.
Manx kitties on Animal Radio®
Tailless and Troubled
The Manx is a special breed of feline that has no tail. You may have known that...but did you know the Manx comes with its own set of medical problems and predispositions. Dr. Debbie helps a listener treat a Manx with incontinence issues.

Dependence on Technology Goes To New Heights
Pet vs SmartphoneA new survey has found that about a fifth of the country may be taking their dependence on technology to new heights. The poll asked a group of pet-owners to imagine a scenario in which they would have to either give up their pet for a month, or their smartphone for a month. 20% of the respondents admitted they would rather hold on to their gadget and go without seeing their animal.

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Animal Radio® Episode 738

Seth Herzog is on Animal Radio®Comedian Seth Herzog Guests
NatGeo's new science/comedy "Duck Quacks Don't Echo" will put to the test everyday common misconceptions. Host Seth Herzog joins us and shares some of the experiments he's doing with animals.

Pet Food Recalls On The Rise
Nothing is certain in life except death and taxes and, increasingly, pet food and treat recalls. There were 33 in 2013. On average, that's one every 11 days. Between 2008 and 2012, the Food and Drug Administration received more than 2,500 complaints from consumers regarding pet food and livestock feed.
Therapy AnimalsTraining Therapy Animals

Paula Scott trains and certifies therapy dogs, cats, miniature horses and plenty of animals you wouldn't necessarily think as therapy pets. Science is proving that even purring a cat can make you feel better and promote healing.

Grave Contains Remains of Animals Who Were To Be Cremated
The lead lawyer in Morgan County, Tennessee, says he is looking to press charges against the owner of a pet crematory after investigators found a mass grave with dozens of dead cats and dogs. But he's still waiting on investigation results.

Two Heads Are Better Than One - Ask This Cow!
Two Headed Cow BornSana Saida, whose name translates into "Happy New Year" in Arabic, was born in Morocco. The bovine has a condition called Polycephaly, which means having two heads and is more common among turtles and snakes, but Sana Saida is said to be healthy.

NY Mayor Wants to Replace Horse Carriages With Electric Cars
No more Central Park Horse CarraigesNew York City has a new mayor, which means it's time for some changes. Specifically, Bill de Blasio wants to change how tourists get around Central Park. At a news conference shortly before his inauguration, de Blasio said he wanted to replace Central Park's iconic horse-drawn carriages with electric cars.

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Animal Radio® Episode 737

Dog to Human TranslatorDog To English Translator
Leave it to the Swedes and Tomas Mazzetti, Project Manager of "No More Woof," a device that straps onto your dogs head and translates their thoughts into one of eight different voices. While Tomas admits the technology is far from perfect, he has been able to raise over $10,000 on a crowd-funding website.

Choosing Pets Over Kids
Young couples choosing pets over kidsIt may come to you as a surprise, but young couples opting to have furry-kids instead of human children. While the causes are still unknown, Ron Reich's research suggests income and social media may play a role.

A Vet's Home
Life with a vet is never dull according to Scott Reeder. His wife is like most veterinarians. She ends up bringing homes animals that otherwise couldn't be adopted. If you walk into a veterinarian's house, you're likely to see animals that may be missing limbs, can't see or can't walk.

Hydrant Club Las VegasPampered Pets Get Private Club in Las Vegas
VIP lounges and entrance fees are commonplace in Las Vegas, but now there is a social club downtown just for pampered pets and their owners. The view from the outside is what most of us are likely to see. You need a special key card to get inside the Hydrant Club private park.

My Dog Can't Sleep
Canine REM Sleep DisorderYes, just like humans, dogs can also suffer from REM sleep disorders. Since they can't tell you, this disorder can go unnoticed, taking years off your pup's life. Dr. Debbie tackles one such case this week. And of course, the entire Dream Team is here to answer your pet questions. (toll-free 1-866-405-8405)

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Animal Radio® Episode 736

Dr. Julie Levy is on Animal Radio®No-Snip Sterilization
The latest weapon for the fight against companion animal overpopulation is a testicular injection that could be more cost effective and easier to administer. Dr. Julie Levy shares her experience and explains the pros and cons to this new tool.

Puppy Lemon Law
Did you know there was a puppy Lemon law, like for your car? Amy Feldman, an attorney with the Judge Group, says knowledge of the puppy lemon law may come in handy. The lawyer says in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, once you take puppy home, if you find it has a health issue, you can only take advantage of the puppy lemon laws if you have brought the dog to the vet.

Medical Marijuana For Pets
Medical Marijuana for petsMiles, a 12-year-old Labrador retriever mix, was slowly dying of cancer. His owner, after seeing the effect that narcotic painkillers were having on Miles, decided to try something else: medical marijuana. Within hours of taking a tincture of marijuana from a medical pot dispensary in Los Angeles, Miles' appetite returned, he stopped vomiting and began walking and running around.

Nicole Nicassion-Hiskey is on Animal Radio®Enriching Animals Environments
Nicole Nicasso-Hiskey's job is to enrich the lives of zoo animals. It's her responsibility to keep the Orangutans occupado and out of trouble. She explains that our four-legged friends also could benefit from an enriched environment, especially for that problem dog that always seems to get into trouble.

Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback Funds Police Dog
Ben Roethlisberger is on Animal Radio®The funding for a new police dog in a city where most residents are Green Bay Packers fans is coming from an unlikely source. Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is giving Wausau a $13,000 grant to buy and train the police dog.

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Animal Radio® Episode 735

K9s in schoolSecurity K9's For Schools
Following the Sandy Hook tragedy, Mark Gomer got the idea to put Canine Protection Dogs into schools to sniff-out firearms and diffuse violent situations. At $50,000 per dog, Mark is trying to convince schools to purchase one of these full-time K9's to protect their students.

Snake-Whisperer Gets The Girls
Brian Barczyk on Animal Radio®Brian Barczyk loves reptiles. He has 30,000 snakes. Brian breeds them and sends them all over the globe to his snake-lovin' brethren. He's been bit 100,000 times he estimates and his colorful life is ripe for a TV reality series. Are you listening NatGeo? Oh, and no, he's not single. In fact, the chicks dig it.

There's An App For That
Ever wonder where you can take your dog if you are out and about? The Fido Factor app lets people know which places allow dogs, whether it's a department store, restaurant, bar or just about any place else. In addition, the app gives you specific rules for each place, so you'll know things like the leash rules or the fees you'll have to pay.

Cat HoardingWhen To Say No
Hoarding is a very real problem. Often times, those who collect suffer mental disabilities for which only professional help is the answer. We'll speak to a cat lover that has more cats than she can count, and a dog lover with 16 un-altered pups. Ultimately, the pets suffers from this unrecognized neglect.

Buddha Dies From Heart Failure
Buddha passesBuddha the obese gray and white cat whose diet and exercise plan made him a viral sensation, has died of congestive heart failure. He was 6 years old. The cat inspired people around the world with his jaunts on an underwater treadmill, which along with a diet-plan, helped him whittle down his 31.4 pound weight.

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Animal Radio® Episode 734

Paul Reiser Guests on Animal Radio®Paul Reiser And Pets
Comedian Paul Reiser guests this week. He's witty, multi-talented and guaranteed to make you laugh so hard you'll blow egg-nog out of your nose. And he speaks up for the first time publicly about his dog "Bosco." There's no better way to top off your year.

Cindy Brady Spills It
Susan Olsen Guests on Animal Radio®Susan Olsen (Cindy Brady on The Brady Bunch) is one of the few child actors that DIDN'T cross to the dark side. And in fact, she's a model citizen, animal advocate and foster parent. She's seems like a normal gal until she tells you about her hobby making candy-poop with her hands. She'll also divulge behind-the-scenes stories about The Brady Bunch.

Most Popular Dog Names
Move over Rover, Max and Bella are now the most popular dog names. compiled its first-ever list of top dog names by gender from hundreds of thousands. After Max, Charlie was Buddy, Jack and Cooper. As for the ladies, Lucy was runner-up to Bella, followed by Daisy, Lily and Molly. None of the top ten baby names for humans made the list of top ten male and female dog names.

Vicious Dog RegistryVicious Dog Registry
Orange County California is voting to establish a Vicious Dog Registry. Residents will be able to log online and find out if there is a dog in the neighborhood that has maimed or killed anybody. Ryan Drabek from OC Animal Control explains why this program is a good idea.

The Doctor Is In
Dr, Debbie White is on Animal Radio®Our Dream Team is here to answer your pet related questions. Whether you want to talk to Veterinarian Dr. Debbie, Dog Trainer Alan Kabel or Groomer Joey Villani, they're all at one toll-free number 1-866-405-8405.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 733

"Boomer The Dog" Guests
Boomer - Human or Dog?Delivered from obscurity by NatGeo's Taboo, Boomer is a dog in a man's body. Some have issues with a grown man dressing up as a dog, eating dog food, and barking out commands. Boomer was inspired by Disney's Shaggy DA movie and hasn't been the same since. Boomer explains his world in this special Animal Radio® interview.

Pet Friendly House
Pet Friendly HouseDavid Beart is building his house especially for his dog. He's teamed up with many manufacturers to stock his pet-friendly dwelling. While this may not seem like a big deal, David may be onto something. The pet industry is the second-fastest growing sector at 58 BILLION dollars this year. It only makes sense that our homes will become more-homier for our furry-friends.

Online Pet Scams
Online Pet ScamsScambook's Miranda Perry lists off the top scams directed at the very-delicate and vulnerable pet-lover. These include Craigslist scams for pure-breed puppies to Western Union fraud. She even tells us about a guy who impersonated an animal control officer to bilk money out of noisy neighbors. Be listening so you won't be a victim.

More Vets Offering At-Home Euthanasia
Christi Winter always tried to give her dog Josie the very best in life, so when it was time to say goodbye, Winter didn't want to do anything less. Winter opted to have Josie euthanized at her home, a practice that isn't new, but is becoming a specialized area of veterinary medicine. At least two companies have cropped up in recent years that recruit veterinarians who deal solely with end-of-life care for pets.

Elwood - Worlds Ugliest Dogs PassesUgliest Dog Passes Away
A New Jersey canine that was crowned the World's Ugliest Dog in 2007 and later became the topic of a children's book preaching acceptance has died. Elwood was 8. His owner, Karen Quigley, says the Chinese crested and Chihuahua mix died unexpectedly. The Sewell resident said Elwood had been dealing with some heath issues in recent months but appeared to be doing well.

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Next Week: Comedian Paul Reiser - Actress Susan Olsen (The Brady Bunch) - Ryan Drabek

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Animal Radio® Episode 732

Dr. Judith Samson-French on Animal Radio®39 Ways NOT To Kill Your Best Friend
Seasoned Veterinary Surgeon Dr. Judith Samson-French researched case files to determine how we can avoid accidentally killing our pets. Even with our best intentions, we may be putting our furry-friends in harms way. She'll reveal some of the stranger ways good owners unexpectedly killed their pet.

Dog Gets Obamacare
While millions are having difficulty signing up for Obamacare, a dog was able get processed under Colorado's healthcare exchange. It was a mistake of course. The insurance account was supposed to be opened for Shane Smith, not his 14-year-old Yorkie "Baxter."

Trains, Planes and Chihuahuas
Congessman Jeff Denham on Animal Radio®Our guest, Congressman Jeff Denham (R-California) has introduced the Pets on Trains act to allow crated pets on Amtrak trips of less than 750 miles. The lawmakers say they envision a car designated for pet travel. Convincing the government subsidized Amtrak to be competitive with the already accepting airlines may not be that easy. Amtrak banned pets in the 70's.

ABC 20/20 Report On Rip-off Vets Draws Ire
ABC 20/20 Rip-off Vets Gone AwryWhen Animal Radio® Veterinary Correspondent Dr. Marty Becker was featured in the prime-time show on dishonest veterinarians, he had no idea they would translate meaning in the editing room. After many vets spoke angrily about the 20/20 report, Dr. Becker resigned from ABC, ending 17 years of dedicated service on Good Morning America. Hear what happened and what was supposed to happen in this exclusive conversation.

Airline Almost Kills Dog -Wants Owner To Keep Silent
United Airline pays passenger to keep quiet about dog.A pet-owner is claiming that United Airlines nearly killed her dog - then tried to bully her into staying silent. Janet Sinclair signed up for United Airlines' "PetSafe" program, which promises that pets will never "be exposed to temperatures greater than 85 degrees for more than 45 minutes." But when Sinclair arrived, her greyhound Sedona was near death. The vet bills came to $2,700. United Airlines agreed to pay for medical expenses - but only if Sinclair signed a non-disclosure agreement. Sinclair has decided to make her plea public with a Facebook campaign. United Airlines said they didn't pay up because Sinclair unfortunately "declined to accept the terms of the agreement."

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 731

Babette Haggerty is on Animal Radio®Best Dog Tricks On The Planet
Babette Haggerty has trained Jack Nicklaus' Golden Retriever to bark the number of his major tournament wins on command, Curt Gowdy's Rottweiler to say, "Go Reds," and Jimmy Buffett's Maltese to dance on cue to "Margaritaville." Now she's sharing her best on Animal Radio®

There's An App For That
Steve Pelletier is a techie, a dog lover, and a fitness fanatic. Once an Economist at the Reagan White House, he's now focusing his attention on the pet obesity problem in the U.S. He's invented a smartphone app that can help your dog stay in shape.

Cava-Poo-ChonDesigner Breeds
Darlene Arden busts the myths surround the new Cava-Poo-Chon breed. This toy dog is supposed to look forever young and live to 20. These designer breeds actually are a waste of your hard earned money and can be racked with health issues. Listen to what Darlene has to say before you run out and get the latest fad-dog.

Does My Dog Understand Time?
Can my dog tell time?How much does our dog know? Can they tell time? Alan Kabel schools us on separation anxiety and what is believed to be canine perception of time. When you leave the pack, your dog may think you're never coming back.

Trained Dogs Prevent School Violence
K9 Cops in schoolsWhile some say school safety hinges on guns, cameras or alarms in classrooms, Mark Gomer and Kristi Schiller think specially trained dogs should take point in preventing violence in schools.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 730

Jeremy Brandt is on Animal Radio®Jobs That Bite
Jeremy Brandt has a strange and scary job. One minute he's be doing dental work on a lion, next he'll be tattooing a bear. It's all part of a days work as a Nat Geo WILD television host.

Does Your Cat Have A Smart Phone?
Human to Catlish TranslatorYes, there's an "app" for that.  Just released, the Human-to-Cat Translator. This intriguing app says it can translate human words into cat language. Speak a word or phrase into your phone, and the app plays back a collection of meows, supposedly translated your English into, well, Catlish. When we tried a translation for "come here," our cat tester showed a little curiosity but not enough to actually get off the couch. Of course, even if the app accurately does work, there's a good chance your cat will ignore you, anyway.

Georgina and Mayor BloombergSt. Francis of Bloomberg
Ex-Mayor Bloomberg's daughter makes a pretty decent living riding horses. Georgina Bloomberg continually wins big stakes in riding competitions. But now she's taking time off to have a baby with her boyfriend. She has more info on the big Tinsel & Tails event this December.

Medicines Safe For Humans May Not Be Safe For Pets
When people feel pain, they often reach for common medicines such as aspirin or Motrin. But NSAID use in pets carries risks as well as benefits. Pet owners  need to be informed about possible side effects, including those that could signal danger.

Hang a sock for your dogAhhh, The Holidaze Are Here.
Time for endure another year with drunk old Uncle Ned. This year Vinnie Penn defends the right of the family dog to have a sock hanging from the fireplace mantle. This doesn't end well.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 729

Abe Geary on Shark TankStraight from the Shark Tank
Abe Geary pitched his pet-related idea to the sharks on ABC's Shark Tank. He ended up turning down an offer that required too much equity. Now he's on Animal Radio® to share his Pet Paint with listeners. Abe tells us what it was like for him on the prime-time blockbuster show. His mere appearance on the TV show has driven sales.

Prince Lorenzo Borghese on Animal Radio®The Prince Returns
Prince Lorenzo Borghese is back. This time we clear up any confusion about being related to Napoleon. Since being on the TV reality show The Bachelor, almost a decade ago, he's been actively involved with his high-end boutique pet line, and he's been advocating for our furry-friends.

Dangerous Dog Registry
Orange County California officials are proposing a website, similar to the Sexual Offender Registry for humans, except for "Dangerous Dogs." Proponents say there are approximately 150 dogs in the city that have either maimed or killed people. A Database would let neighbors know if there is a dangerous dog living in their area.

Baxter Black on Animal Radio®Cowboy Poet Veterinarian
Perhaps you've already had a chance to hear Baxter Black on NPR or The Tonight Show. A former veterinarian turned poet, entertainer and philosopher - you will be thoroughly entertained by this odd character and his Thanksgiving Turkey tribute.

Mints for Fido?
Mints for DogsVinnie Penn has already started his Christmas shopping. While in line at Petco, he saw "Doggie Mints" as an impulse purchase item. Which led him to thinking, why? Who is the person that is feeding their dog mints for their breath? Aren't they supposed to have bad breath?

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 728

Jon Katz is on Animal Radio®Every Dog Deserves A Second Chance
Bestselling author Jon Katz is back on Animal Radio®. A few years ago he was on top of the world. Then came the end of his 35-year marriage and he went broke. He needed a second chance. Along came Frieda, a Rottweiler-shepherd mix that also needed a second chance.

Suffering in Silence
Often when an animal is sick it goes un-noticed. Some believe that's because they can't show weakness in the wild. Animal Radio® Veterinary Correspondent Dr. Marty Becker will tell you what signs to look for that indicate your furr-kid is sick.

Pot Pesticide Killing DogsPot Plant Pesticides Killing Animals
Half-a-million marijuana plants have been recovered on US Forest Service land so far this year. However, it's not what they're growing but how they're growing it, that's killing wildlife, tainting water supplies and endangering hikers. NBC affiliate Elyce Kirchner reports.

Celebrity Photographer Mike Ruiz on Animal RadioTinsel and Tails
Celebrity Photographer Mike Ruiz is here to talk about the Celebrity Catwalk event and what some well-known "A-list" celebs are doing to help companion animals nationwide.

FDA To Regulate Pet Food
The Food and Drug Administration proposed rules that would govern the production of pet food and farm animal feed for the first time. The proposal comes six years after the biggest pet food recall in history.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 727

John Pilley and ChaserThis Dog Knows A Thousand Words
You may have heard about Chaser, the Border Collie that not only knows 1000 words but can understand sentences. John Pilley got Chaser when he was 72, and has chronicled this amazing story. Your dog may be just as brilliant!

Jerky Treats Death Toll Nears 600
Meat or plant-based "jerky" pet treats have been tied to mysterious illnesses in thousands of dogs, according to the FDA. Bernadette Dunham, director of the FDA's Center for Veterinary Medicine, said "This is one of the most elusive and mysterious outbreaks we've encountered."

Unlikely LovesUnlikely Loves
Jennifer Holland has release another book highlighting strange and unusual animal relationships. You'll hear about the unique pairing of an Elephant and a Sea Lion. But that's not the weirdest. You'll have to listen to believe it.

Jet Set Vets
Jet Set VetsDr. Cindy Bressler has a unique job. She's a vet for the other side of the tracks. This entrepreneur started the country's only private-jet, ride-along-vet, concierge pet service. For a small fortune, between $1,200 and $15,000 an hour, she and her team wild administer IVs and drips and handle any other medical issues.

...and the Animal Radio® Dream Team will be answering listeners questions about their pets.

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Animal Radio® Episode 726

One Fat CatDoes This Collar Make My Butt Look Big?
The very amusing Dena Harris joins us as she parodies all the self-help diet books with tips to reduce the fat in your cat. You'll hear purr-actical tips like, eat whatever you want, just throw it up at 3am right in the middle of the bedroom floor.

What The Dog Knows
Cadaver DogCat Warren trains cadaver dogs to look for dead bodies. How does she do it? And just how good is your dog's nose? So good they can sniff a corpse at the bottom of a lake for 100 years. Would "Ladybug" the Animal Radio® Stunt Dog be good as a cadaver dog? She likes rolling in dead stuff.

Anal Glands
It's all fun and games until someone gets squirted in the eye. Dogfather Joey Villani suggests you go to your veterinarian if your dog's glands need to be expressed. But just in case you want to do it on your own, he'll tell you what you need to know first.

Smelly Cat its not your faultSmelly Cat, It's Not Your Fault
It's not just a Friends song, it's a real problem that can be solved using stuff you probably already have in your pantry. We'll have the reasons and the cures for your smelly cat.

Pet Insurance Now Offers Hereditary and Congenital Coverage
Cats and dogs in nearly 30 states are now eligible for full hereditary and congenital coverage from several insurance carriers. Hereditary and congenital coverage is a relative newcomer to the insurance field.

Wine for catsWine For Cats
Wine drinkers in Japan can now share a glass with their feline friends. B&H Lifes is releasing a wine for cats. While the wine doesn't actually contain any alcohol, it is made from Cabernet grapes. It is also blended with vitamin C and catnip for a mixture that supposedly tastes similar to red wine.

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Animal Radio® Episode 725

Air Hollywood StudioAir Hollywood
Actress and animal advocate Megan Blake is teaching dogs to fly on airplanes using a Hollywood studio set and aircraft simulator. For $300 you can desensitize your pup from all the noise and vibrations that happen on a real plane.

One Cool Black Cat
One cool black catAs Halloween approaches, we're examining all the strange superstitions from Black Cats to Fat Rats. Self-proclaimed expert Kim Campbell Thornton shares the stories behind the myths and legends.

Condoms For Cats & Dogs
Cat and Dog CondomsA new website is supposedly offering an unusual way to control the pet population - condoms for cats and dogs. claims to offer a special brand of protection dubbed Animal Instincts. But anyone trying to purchase a pack of the condoms will quickly realize they're out of luck. As soon as they click on one of the links, a message pops up telling potential customers: "C'mon, there's only one real fix, spay or neuter your pet."

Skunk Haven
Skunk RescueAn Ohio woman is trying to prove that skunks aren't the "smelly little creatures" people may think they are. Deborah Cipriani has converted her home into the country's only rescue center for domestic skunks. She has 50 skunks that have free reign of her five-bedroom house - dubbed Skunk Haven - and some of them even sleep in her bed. She also hosts an annual animal lovers event known as Skunk Fest.

Cat Competes For National Pet Insurance Award
Squishy KittyA Northern California family cat is in the running for a national pet insurance award. After racking up a $1,200 vet bill being squashed in a garage door incident, Ariel, the Carter family cat, is now in the running for the "Most Unusual Claim of the Year."

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Animal Radio® Episode 724

Comedians Leigh Anne Jasheway and Joey Camen guestDate Me, Date My Dog
70% of female respondents would marry their dog according to comedian Leigh Anne Jasheway. Leigh Anne barks up all the major problem issues single women with dogs face when trying to mate and relate with a human male - and how to successfully have sex in front of the dog without causing dogus-interruptus.

More Ha Ha
What's better than one animal loving comedian? Two of course. Joey Camen and his multiple personalities visit with Animal Radio®. He shares an exciting, tail wagging story about the relationship he had with Snoopy, his shelter dog.

Mice Sing To Protect Themselves
Mice can singWe all know that birds sing, but did you know mice do as well? And the songs vary, so mice that live in the jungle of the Amazon may sound one way. Mice in Detroit have also been studied and they sound another way. I'm not sure how mice in LA might sound.

Where Is Your Hard Earned Money Going?
Vinnie Penn takes a look at the Watchdog Report. It details exactly how much money animal related non-profits make and how they spend it. Once you hear the truth, you may think twice before making a donation to your favorite charity.

Cats in the bathroomCat Uses The Toilet
A cat-lover has amazed animal experts by teaching his furr-ball "Salem" to use a human toilet. 29-year-old Luke Evans became fed-up with the puss using a smelly litter tray in his second floor flat. So he trained nine-month-old cat to go to the toilet in his bathroom by offering cheese-flavored treats as a reward.

Cheap Guy Finishes First
Joey Villani has been grooming dogs since he was a toddler (FDR was presidentÔÇŽwe think). He's sharing more secrets to grooming your pet with stuff you have around your Downy fabric softener, Gold Bond medicated powder, Vinegar, Bounce dryer sheets and corn starch.

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Animal Radio® Episode 723

Blonde BitchesBarking Blondes
Anna Webb and Jo Good are perhaps the two funniest ladies you've ever heard. They have an affinity for our "fur-kids" - and they'll tell you how two bitches taught two bitches to survive without men.

Flea Fodder
Once again we are having a record year for fleas. And this has, quite by accident, become the thrust of today's show. Dr. Cristiano Von Simpson and "Dogfather" Joey Villani offer up great advice for ridding your pet of fleas once and for all. Can you use Listerine or Vinegar as effective protection? Dr. Debbie busts the myths.

Rent the
Phil Thompkins and his wife Jenn are quite the entrepreneurs. They've successfully launched a chicken rental business just in time for a renewed interest in the feathered fowl. "Chickens are the new dogs" and many simply like having the egg supply.

Zero-Tolerance For People Wearing Animal Prints
Zero toleranceA wildlife park in the U.K. has started banning animal print clothing after zookeepers noticed the fashion choice was confusing the animals. The Chessington World of Adventures has even brought in "Animal Print Bouncers" to make sure visitors don't get in wearing anything patterned after zebras, giraffes, leopards, tigers, or other wild animals.

What's "Stud Tail?"
Did you know it's fairly common for unaltered male dogs (and cats) to be missing hair on the base of their tail? It's just another one of the problems when you fail to neuter your dog. You can even avoid some cancers by snip-snip-snipping.

Purr therapyPurr Therapy
A new cafe in Paris is offering patrons a dose of stress relief with their coffee. The Cat Cafe has a dozen resident cats to provide "purr therapy." The manager there says a cat's purring has been shown to help relieve arthritis or rheumatism and to lower blood pressure and heart rate. It seems the whole concept is a hit. So many people showed up for the cafe's recent opening that about 300 had to be turned away.

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Animal Radio® Episode 722

Bret Michaels and his dog10 Pets That Inspired Great Songs
From the Rolling Stones to Queen to Norah Jones, they all wrote or sang songs about the important animals in their lives.'s Laura Moss has the stories behind the music.

Fatal Canine Disease Spreads from Ohio
Veterinarians across the country are stumped about a new disease, similar to Parvo, that seems to have originated from a service dog in Ohio. So far 10 cases of Circovirus have been reported. Animal Radio® Veterinary Correspondent Dr. Marty Becker reports on the latest findings and how to prevent exposure.

Monkeys smarter than Duke University studentsAre Monkeys Smarter Than College Students?
Britt Savage reports about a study that shows our primate friends may be sharper than college student. Researchers tested Duke University students and monkeys. Guess who scored higher on the exams? Let's just say the results didn't boost morale at Duke.

Spend Eternity With Your Pet
New regulations will allow New York animal lovers to spend eternity with their pets. Officials have finalized rules allowing pet cemeteries to accept the cremated remains of humans. The cemeteries can bury pet owners' ashes as long as they don't charge a fee for it and don't advertise human burial services.

Blind Man Washed Into Culvert, Dog Jumps In After Him
A blind man was walking his dog along a Denver street, when epic flood-waters surged and knocked him over. Ronnie Webb was washed into a deep culvert, as his guide dog frantically paced the edge. As Webb called for help, his dog jumped in after him.

Dogs shoots ownerDogs Shoots Owner
Dogs are supposed to be man's best friend, but one pooch in Fort Worth, Texas is being blamed for shooting its owner. The accident occurred when a 78-year old woman was watching television. Apparently, her dog walked by a shotgun that was at her side, knocking it over. When it hit the floor, the gun discharged and struck the woman in her left foot.

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Animal Radio® Episode 721

Ashley Bell is on Animal Radio®Get Your Licks on Route 66
We're checking in with Susan Sims and actress Ashely Bell as they trek across America on the annual adoption tour. Ashley shares the stories behind her pets at home.

My Dog Eats Drywall
We hear it all at Animal Radio®. This week we'll be helping a listener's dog to stop eating the sheet rock walls. And we'll uncover the reasons our dogs have chewing fetishes and give you solutions to stop this kind of bizarre behavior.

Skateboarding CatDare to Look
Ripley's Believe It Or Not is back and Edward Meyer shares the most unusual and unique animal oddities. From the skateboarding cats to the man who married a donkey, you'll hear the strange but true stories.

Mikkel Becker is on Animal Radio®Can You Train a Cat?
Mikkel Becker may be the daughter of Dr. Marty Becker but she stands on her own. Especially when it comes to Positive Reinforcement. Mikkel utilizes this technique to train dogs AND cats. She'll share ways we can use Positive Reinforcement with our pets and husbands.

For $349 Your Dog Can Learn To Fly
Security checks and bumpy air are all in a day's training at a Hollywood film studio to prepare your dog for a safe and calm flight. The Air Hollywood class is billed as the first in a real fuselage on a sound stage with a simulator that mimics takeoff, turbulence and landing.
Bone Stuck - Click to enlarge
Bone Trick
How did this dog get one of those bones stuck on it's lower jaw? Animal Radio's Dr. Debbie had the pleasure of removing it. She'll explain what happened. Let this serve as a lesson about the safety of bones.

Bogus Service Certificates & Vests
A service dog is highly trained to perform a specific task for its disabled owner. For people wanting to take their pets wherever they go, a brisk business has developed in the sale of bogus service animal certificates and vests.

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Animal Radio® Episode 720

Yawning is contagiousIs Yawning Contagious
Richard Christian reports on a study that says you can get your dog to yawn by yawning yourself. But Fido knows when you're faking it. He won't fall for the faux yawn. What does it all mean? What is our dog thinking when they yawn? Don't get paranoid. He's not necessarily bored.

Man Tries To Smuggle Fish In Pants
An embarrassing leak foiled one man's recent smuggling attempt in New Zealand. The Vietnamese national tried to go from Australia to Auckland with live tropical fish hidden in plastic bags and stuffed in his pockets. But airport officials grew suspicious when they noticed there was water seeping from his pants.
Cat Friendly Practices
Cat Friendly Practices
Animal Radio® Veterinary Correspondent Dr. Marty Becker reports on veterinary practices that go out of their way to be extra cat-friendly. He'll also have tips for taking your cat to the vet without all the stress and strain.

Rent a ChickenA couple in Freeport, Pennsylvania is giving aspiring chicken farmers a chance to take a test run with the animals. Phil Thompkins and his wife Jenn have recently started a business called "Rent The Chicken," which allows people to care for chickens. For $350, a renter gets two hens, a wheeled coop, feed and a water dish.

Missing Diamonds Found But Can't Be Retrieved For 8 Years
Pricey chicken that won't be pooping anytime soonClaire Lennon says her pet chicken Sarah snatched the $450 piece of jewelry while she was perched on her shoulder. Veterinarians determined the earring was trapped in the chicken's stomach. And while they said they could remove it with a risky surgery, Lennon quickly ruled that out and intend to wait until Sarah grows old and passes away from natural causes.

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Animal Radio® Episode 719

Sonya Fitzpatrick is on Animal Radio®No Sad Dogs in Heaven
World renown communicator Sonya Fitzpatrick is our guest. She'll be answering the questions pet owners have after their pets have passed on. Alan is skeptical, but that may change before the end of the show.

Teach your dog to use the iPad"Where's the iPad Honey?"
Anna Jane Grossman, who runs School for the Dogs with dog training partner Kate Senisi, trained her own dog, Amos, on her iPad, and has since segued into teaching budding canine techies how to use the popular Apple device.

Smelly Dog Ears
Dog EarsOne of the first signs of ear problems is that disgusting yeasty smell. Dogfather Joey Villani knows this is common among certain breeds and he has the solution using products you probably have in the kitchen.

Heartworm Medication Recall
There have been plenty of recalls related to pets in recent months, and as always, we keep you informed about each one. There is one new recall to report; however, this one is not related to pet food or treats. Virbac Animal Health has expanded a voluntary recall on one of their products, a Heartworm preventative, and it might affect your dog.
Get Your Licks on Route 66
Get Your Licks on Route 66
The annual adoption tour is underway in Los Angeles. Susan Sims will check in from the first stop in Los Angeles. Be sure to join us and find your forever friend along America's favorite highway.

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Next Week: Dr. Marty Becker - Richard Christian - Dr. Joel Ehrenzweig

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Animal Radio® Episode 718

Mark Coonrippy Brown Showering with RaccoonDancing with Raccoons
Mark "Coonrippy" Brown's YouTube videos have gone viral. He got famous for a video that showed him and his pet raccoon Gunshow dancing to Aretha Franklin. But the increased scrutiny on his lifestyle caused the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency to step in and confiscate his newest pet 'coon, Rebekah.

David Rosenfelt on Animal Radio®Dogtripping
Tune in for mystery author David Rosenfelt's hilarious account of a cross-country move from California to Maine with twenty-five dogs. It turned out to be a bigger ordeal than he anticipated, despite the 3 RVs, the extra kibble, volunteers (including a few readers), and camping equipment.

First Family Has New Pet
Obama's New DogPresident Obama and the First Family have a new pet. They recently welcomed "Sunny," another Portuguese Water Dog. The Obamas picked that name because they say it fits her cheerful personality. Sunny grabbed the attention of all the "newshounds" on duty at the White House.

Cat Burglar Is A Cat
Cat BurglarThe owners of an actual cat burglar are trying to bring an end to their feline companion's "life of petty crime." Richard Windsor and his wife Sophie say their two-year-old tabby Norris has been building quite the collection of stolen goods from their neighbors' homes. Norris supposedly started small by nabbing the occasional dishcloth, but now he's begun swiping bras.

Kangaroo Censorship
Big BazA recent act of Kangaroo censorship has left some people hopping mad. The Mirror says Tourism Australia posted a photo of a Kangaroo named Big Baz on their Facebook page. But since Big Baz was sprawled out on his back in the pic, they chose to keep it PG by pixelating the animal's private parts. The folks at Tourism Australia explained that they were only having a bit of fun, but not everyone thought it was very funny.

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Animal Radio® Episode 717

Anti bullying therapy dogAnti-bullying Dog Therapy
Fido is now being used to stop bullying. Rachel McPherson is introducing canines to both the bully victim as well as the bully-er. The transformation is astonishing. Find out what the Good Dog Foundation has planned.

Allergy Season
Animal Radio® is getting more and more calls from pet-guardians whose furry-friends are suffering from Summer allergies. It's important determine the type of allergy, whether it's food, environmental or some kind of pest. For some pets, it may be a Miliary Flea Dermatitis - an acute reaction to fleas, pollens in the air, or simply a food allergy. Your vet has the tools to decipher and treat.

Courthouse DogsCourthouse Dogs
Former Prosecutor Ellen O'Neill-Stephens thinks dogs can be extremely helpful to those testifying in a courtroom. And, in fact she may be right. Over 30 dogs are currently tucked away next to the defendant as they deliver their sworn statement. It's all part of a program of the Courthouse Dogs Foundation. And while most people think this is a fine idea, it does have its detractors.

Seeing-Eye Dogs Bring Blind Couple Together
A pair of seeing-eye dogs are getting credit for leading their owners to love.  Claire Johnson and Mark Gaffey first met at a course for their guide dogs, Rodd and Venice, last year in Shrewsbury, England. Apparently, the guide dogs were inseparable and seemed to be falling in love. Their visually impaired owners soon followed suit.

ChinchillaIt's A Zoo!
Dr. Debbie is prepared to answer all of your questions about almost every kind of animal. That's why she's at the top of her game. Today it's all about Chinchillas. And that's because more and more pet-guardians are choosing this furry critter over a cat or dog.

Cow Spa Produces More Milk
Cows Watching TVWe found a dairy farmer that's pampering his cows in order to produce more milk. Farmer Smith is using waterbeds for his cow to lounge in while they watch a giant flat-screen TV. And believe it or not, the cows seem to be reacting by making more milk than those moo-cows without TV privileges.

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Animal Radio® Episode 716

Dr. Marty Becker is on Animal Radio®Saving $$ Without Short-Changing Your Pet
Animal Radio® Veterinary Correspondent Dr. Marty Becker has solutions to beat the high-costs associated with being a pet-parent. New veterinary procedures can cost a lot! But the simplest way to avoid costs is to keep your pet its ideal weight.

Is Pet Insurance Worth It?
While the Animal Radio® Dream Team have conflicting opinions on pet insurance, the facts stand strong. Yes, you could have to come up with 30 grand for some of today's procedures. But if you're covered, you won't be up the creek without the proverbial paddle.

Kimpton - Animal Radio® Photo Contest WinnerAnimal Radio® - Kimpton Crown Winner
It's time to find a winner for the Third Annual Pet Photo Contest. Today we're sending a lucky winner on a 3-night trip to any Kimpton they choose. Airfare on Jet Blue and a whole-lotta-pampering!

If You Want To Be Trampled By A Bull - Go To Virginia!
If you've ever wanted to run the risk of being trampled by a bull but can't afford the trip to Spain, you could always go to Virginia. More than 5000 people have already signed up for the Great Bull Run, a Pamplona-inspired event to be held at a Richmond drag strip.

Airport PottiesLindbergh Field Installs Country's First "Pooch Potties"
Lindbergh Field in San Diego has installed what could be called the country's first airport "pooch potties." Officials included four fancy "Pet Relief" stations as part of their billion-dollar expansion. The 75-foot square spaces have fake grass and a fire hydrant, along with deodorizers, a hand-washing station and complimentary baggies for clean up.

Man saves dog instead of wifeEver Suspected Your Husband Secretly Loves The DOG More Than You?
Graham Anley and his wife Cheryl were on a sailing trip. It was just the two of them and their nine-year-old Jack Russell terrier Rosie for three months. But they hit rough water and their yacht capsized. And as Graham swam to shore, he decided to rescue the dog before his wife.

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Animal Radio® Episode 715

Lost & Found StoriesThe Secret Of Lost Cats
You've seen them. Hanging on telephone poles and posted on supermarket bulletin boards. It says "Lost Cat" with a picture of someone's furry friend. Dr. Nancy Davidson interviewed the people behind the signs and tells their stories.

Another Great Invention
Finding Rover RVJohn Polimeno gave up his job as a construction worker to engineer a face-recognition, or should we say "muzzle" recognition App to help find lost animals across the country. So far his company and App has reunited 7 pets with their owners. John explains the technology and how we can add it to the arsenal of tools.

"Meatball" Will Ride On Rose Parade Float
Bear gets floatA mechanical likeness of the bear best known for roaming through several Glendale neighborhoods will be prominently featured on the city's official Rose Parade float. The display is projected to cost around $155,000. The 400-pound animal was dubbed "Meatball" after he was caught eating frozen Costco meatballs in a garage freezer last year. Meatball became a quasi-celebrity after his roaming was captured by several L.A. TV station helicopters.

Pillow of Your Pet
Broderpress Pet PillowsShannon Broder had an idea you wish you thought of. She takes pictures of your pet and makes a pillow. She's even had a few strange requests. Find out how this "happy-hour" idea became big business. A we'll have giveaways.

Diet Tricks
Fat CatA listener needs to know about FurFast, a diet aid for your pet. Is it healthy? Does it work? Dr. Debbie has the low-down on tackling pet-obesity...and sometimes it calls for supplements.

...and of course, the Animal Radio® Dream Team is answering your pet questions.

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Animal Radio® Episode 714

Live from SuperZooLive From SuperZoo
It's time again for our New Pet Product Special from the pet industry's largest trade show in Las Vegas. We'll be giving you great gifts for your pet before they're on the shelves in your pet store.

Flea Facts
There is no doubt that this flea season has been one of the worst in recorded history. Now it takes a multi-modal approach to get rid of these little suckers for good. Dr. Debbie steps up to the plate with several great ideas.

Pet Insurance?Pet Insurance
When is the best time to get pet insurance so you won't be caught with the ever-increasing cost of veterinary care? Is it better to just start an interest-bearing savings account for your pet? Is it possible that your insurance claim will be rejected? Animal Radio® uncovers the truths and fallacies behind the booming insurance trade for pets.

Energy Bar Contains Crickets
A Salt Lake City-based energy bar maker is turning to crickets as a source of nutrients. The makers of Chapul Bars use cricket flour to give their bars a boost of protein. Chapul's founder Patrick Crowley says the six-legged critters are a "rich source of edible protein" that is more environmentally friendly than protein from livestock.

Horse inside McDonaldsHorse Rider Turned Away At Drive-Thru - So She Brings Horse Into Restaurant Instead
A woman has been saddled with a fine after bringing her horse into a McDonald's restaurant. Police say the woman initially tried to ride the animal through the drive-thru on Saturday, but was turned away. She then brought the horse inside the fast food joint, where it promptly did its "business" on the floor.

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Animal Radio® Episode 713

Beth Stern is on Animal Radio®Beth Stern Guests
Yes, she is the wife of Howard Stern. But more importantly, Beth Ostrosky - Stern is an avid animal advocate. She's fostering a bunch of animals at home. She says Howard is really into her pets and sometimes he'll get very emotional when the animals find homes.

Cats Actually Have A Language
Con Slobodchikoff is studying animal linguistics. He's noticing patterns that indicate language among cats and even prairie dogs. He even says that someday we may have an App that will translate our conversations with animals.
Pet Restraint Failures
Pet Restraints FAIL
New research from the Center for Pet Safety reveals that the pet restraints tested have a 100% failure rate. Does this mean you shouldn't use them when traveling with your pet? Absolutely not. However, Lindsey Wolko has the lowdown on what works and what doesn't when it comes to keeping your pets safe in the car.

Don't Worry About Bugs In Your Food - They Were Intentionally Added
Acclaimed European chef David Faure isn't worried about his diners finding a bug in their meals. In fact, he's started intentionally adding a variety of creepy crawlies to the dishes he serves at his restaurant. He says the biggest obstacle in his quest is finding a reliable local supplier of edible insects.

Dogs eat poopEating Poop - Don't Knock It
Not a week goes by without a listener calling to ask why their dog is eating other dog's feces. While there are many theories as to why this happens, Dr. Debbie gets to the bottom of it and sheds light on the very common problem.

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Animal Radio® Episode 712

Flight Attendant Accused of Smuggling Animals
Stewardess Smuggles RatsAn American Airlines flight attendant is taking legal action to clear her name after being accused of hiding rats in her underwear and sneaking them onto a plane. Louann Giambattista has filed a lawsuit seeking unspecified damages, claiming the accusations have left her with "debilitating anxiety." Giambattista's problems began last year when one of her American Airlines co-workers allegedly noticed an unusual bulge in the admitted animal lover's pocket.

Don't Kiss the LionDon't Kiss The Lions!
That's the lesson for a Canadian teenager who was mauled by a lion in South Africa. Lauren Fagen was attempting to kiss the fur of a caged male lion at a wildlife rehabilitation center. Fagen says she's lucky to be alive.  She'll be out of the hospital next week.

Dog Owners Are In The Majority In The U.S.
According to the latest American Pets Poll, 52-percent prefer pups as pets, while just 21-percent would rather have a cat. But few people believe in the stereotypical "crazy cat" lady or man. Just 23-percent think "cat owners are weirder than dog owners."

Dog HoardersWhen Is "Too Many" A Problem?
Dr. Debbie becomes concerned when a listener calls in with 11 dogs. By all outward appearances, this pet lover is out-of-control and unable to care for so many animals. For some, this crosses the line from animal care to animal abuse and into the world of mental and psychiatric problems.

Taming Aggressiveness
After many dog maulings and attacks, the owner always says they never expected their dog to be so aggressive. "He's the nicest, friendliest dog I've ever known - I don't understand what happened." Alan Kabel understands a dog's mind and he'll tell you why Fido gets mad.

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Animal Radio® Episode 711

Vet Locks Himself in Hot CarVet Locks Himself In Hot Car
Dr. Ernie Ward wanted to bring attention to how hot a car gets and how dangerous it can be for your dog. So he "shvitzed it out" inside his Coupe, all the while video taping it for posterity. He shares his experience with us.

Dr. Marty Becker Joins Animal Radio®
Dr. Marty Becker joins Animal Radio®America's Favorite Veterinarian is such a frequent guest that we decided to make him part of the Animal Radio® family. Dr. Becker joins us as a Veterinary Correspondent, reporting on important stories from the world of all things furry. This week he'll take the fear of vet visits out of our pets.

Plastic Surgery For Pets
Pets and their owners do tend to look alike after a while but are some pet owners going to extremes to prove the point? Animal expert Kim Baker says we're seeing more and more pet owners taking their pets in for cosmetic surgery.

Pets Earn Frequent Flyer Miles
Frequent Flyer Miles for FidoPets are being rewarded for loyalty not just by their owners, but by airlines, as part of a growing number of pet frequent flier programs. Dogs and cats that travel on a Virgin Australia domestic flight can now collect points for their owners that can then be used to obtain discounts on future flights.

Do dogs have the same blood type as humansOvertime for the Dream Team
Can you give your pet Aspirin? Do our pets have the same blood as humans? How does Clicker Training work? Should there be a Cat Leash Law? Dr. Debbie, dog trainer Alan Kabel and Britt Savage tackle these curiosities. Where else will you learn this stuff?

Going the Distance
What are you willing to do or pay to keep your pet healthy? More and more of us are pawning our wedding rings just to afford the more expensive surgeries to heal our pets. Is $3000 too much to pay to fix Fido's torn ACL?

Del Monte Accused of Knowingly Selling Bad Treats
Del Monte Foods is facing a class action lawsuit over its Milo's Kitchen jerky treats for dogs. The treats contained Chinese chicken that poisoned many dogs, killing at least 360. The lawsuit charges the company knew the snacks were dangerous but sold them anyway.
Sushi for your cat?
World's Most Luxurious Cat Food At $40 A Can
British celebrity chef Simon Rimmer believes he's come up with the world's most luxurious cat food. He worked closely with animal experts to create a "once-in-nine-lifetimes" food experience featuring roasted duck, lobster sushi rolls and Beluga caviar.

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Animal Radio® Episode 710

Dog eating cellPets Cause 3-Billion Dollars Damage
A new study shows that American pets have bitten, chewed, licked, drooled upon, and otherwise damaged more than eight million devices, which adds up to more than $3 BILLION in repair and replacement costs. The most commonly damaged device is the smartphone. Sandy Robbins shares the studies amazing results.

Cat Watching SexCat Ruins Intimate Moment
What happens when an Animal Radio® listener's boyfriend is bothered by a cat when he's in the mood for love? Bottom line, your pet should not be in the same room when you're making love. Not only is it a "mood-spoiler," but according to Dr. Debbie, somebody could get hurt.

Dog and Poison IvyPoison Ivy
Leaves of three, let it be. A good tip to avoid Poison Ivy, unless your dog got it and gives it to you when you pet him. It's more common than you think. Joey Villani the Dogfather has Poison Ivy this week. He got it while grooming a dog. He has tips and cures for the itches.

Pampered Pet Resort Costs $72,000 For Two Weeks
Pet ResortMan's best friend now has a place to go if they need a couple days away from their two-legged companions. The new Paw Seasons canine holiday resort in Long Ashton, England offers dogs a luxurious vacation that comes complete with spa and grooming sessions. The actual owners, however, are not allowed to stay at the resort. The two-week package costs more than $72,000.

Del Monte Accused of Knowingly Selling Bad Treats
Del Monte Foods is facing a class action lawsuit over its Milo's Kitchen jerky treats for dogs. The treats contained Chinese chicken that poisoned many dogs, killing at least 360. The lawsuit charges the company knew the snacks were dangerous but sold them anyway.

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Animal Radio® Episode 709

Kenny Lee Lewis is on Animal Radio®Kenny Lee Lewis Guests
Guitarist for the Steve Miller Band, Kenny Lee Lewis kicks off their Summer tour with a stop at Animal Radio®. Kenny shares his Central California home with Sophie, a dog he fell in love with after he promised his daughter a pup if she got good grades. We'll also have tickets to check out the Steve Miller Band for select cities.

Preventing Cancer
Dr. Gerald Post is back with basic things you can do to reduce the odds against your pet. If Cancer is detected and treated early, many of our pets have a great chance at a healthy outcome. Dr. Post has the low-down on pesticides and your pet.

Chris P. Bacon is on Animal Radio®Handicapped Pig Gets Wheelchair
When a patient brought a deformed pig in to Dr. Len Lucero to be euthanized, the doctor couldn't do it. He ended up adopting Chris P. Bacon and creating a wheelchair out of a child's erector toys. Now the pig is styling with his new wheels and inspiring Facebook and Twitter followers worldwide.

Get rid of ticks!Tick Seasons Explodes
There is no doubt that this tick season is more populated than ever. With typical spot-on chemical treatments losing their efficacy, we're turning to alternatives for fighting those little buggers. WAHL's Pat Kopischkie has great ideas when it comes to tick control.

Leash Aggression
Get rid of Leash AggressionWithout even knowing it, we can be training our dog to be aggressive. The tool that we rely on to restrain our dog may actually be at the root of problems. Dr. Debbie has a cure for pulling and growling issues. "It's all about thinking like a dog."

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Animal Radio® Episode 708

Don't go cargo!Be Fearful if Fido is Flying in Cargo
Bay Area NBC Investigative Journalist Elyce Kirchner reports on why the airlines are getting away with murder, literally. There is an incredibly high number of pets that don't come out alive after flying in the cargo compartment. We'll have the list of the top airlines and the worst.

Ugly DogWorld's Ugliest Dog Contest Chronicled
They're sooo ugly they're cute. Vicki DeArmon has been the brainchild behind the wildly-popular Ugliest Dog Contest at the Sonoma-Marin Fair. Now she's taken the photos from these contests and printed them into a coffee-table book perfect for ooogling.

"Pet" Dreams
Puppy lovers have 'fessed up, they have "pet dreams" when they leave their four-legged friends behind on holidays. A new survey shows that eighty per cent of pet owners would cancel or change their travel plans if they could not trust someone to mind their pet. One in six pet owners would chat to their pet on Skype while away on holidays. And one in seven confessed to having "pet dreams'' about their animal companions.

No to Puppy MillsDatabase Links Puppy Mills To Pet Stores
The ASPCA announced the launch of a new Internet tool that allows consumers to link pet stores that sell puppies with USDA licensed commercial dog breeders. Consumers are able to search the database by pet store name, USDA license number, name of the breeding facility, or by zip code and specific breeds. They are hoping that this new tool will allow consumers to make informed decisions and refrain from buying puppies at pet stores.

Doc Halligan is on Animal Radio®Doc Halligan Fills-In
TV Vet Dr. Karen Halligan fills in for the vacationing Dr. Debbie. She'll be answering your questions alongside Groomer Joey "Dogfather" Villani, Trainer Alan Kabel and Communicator Joy Turner.

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Animal Radio® Episode 707

Jo Anne Worley is on Animal Radio®Jo Anne Worley Guests
Not only is she an outstanding comedian, Jo Anne Worley (Laugh-In) spends much of her time caring for the animals. She's the sitting President of Actors and Others for Animals. This is her seconds time visiting the Animal Radio® Dream Team.

Lee Day is on Animal Radio®A Real Life Pet Entertainer
Lee Day's business card says "Pet Entertainer." We had no idea what this really meant. So we decided to get her on the show to entertain your pets. Grab Fluffy and Fido and bring them around the radio for today's show. They may be quite entertained.

The Truth About Vaccinations
Dr. Debbie finally puts an end to the vaccination confusion. How often do your pets really need Distemper, FLV and Rabies shots and boosters. Diseases like Parvo can be fatal and avoided with a simple shot.

Left Pawed DogIs Your Dog Left or Right Pawed?
If your otherwise well-behaved dog barks at the postman, the reason could well be in its feet. Scientists have found that 'left-pawed' canines are more aggressive towards strangers than their 'right-pawed' counterparts. They tested dozens of pets with a special toy to find out which side they favored and then analyzed their behavior.

Karl Lagerfeld and CatChanel Designer Wants To Marry His Cat
Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld says he'd marry his cat if it was legal. Lagerfeld recently announced he's "fallen in love" with his pampered feline named Choupette. In the past, he's been known to buy her an iPad and a silken pillow to sleep on. In an interview on CNN, he said he never thought he'd fall in love like this with a cat.

...and our Dream Team is answering your pet-related questions.

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Animal Radio® Episode 706

Cory Joyce is on Animal Radio®NASCAR's Cory Joyce Returns
He may be only 20, but he's using his star power to create a better life for animals. Cory Joyce is working closely with the Humane Society of The United States as well as a local shelter in his North Carolina hometown.

Naming Your Pet
Vinnie Penn believes that naming your pet is the single most important thing you will do. He has tips for avoiding embarrassing naming mistakes. And please, don't name your Chihuahua "Thor."

77 pound Dachshund77lb Dachshund Sheds 40+ Pounds
Obie, a Dachshund, has lost so much weight that he had to have skin removed so it wouldn't drag on the ground. His guardian, Nora Vanatta tells us the entire story, including the bitter custody battles with Obie's former owners.

Police Dog Wears Camera
Police Dog CameraA technology used by the military is now available to civilian police departments. The Massachusetts Plymouth County Sheriff is using a camera mounted on a dog wearing a bullet-proof vest. While the camera may be helpful - who is going to go through hours of video featuring butt-smelling?

Salmon & Beef Flavored Yogurt For Dogs!
Frozen yogurt makers in Germany are hoping their salmon and beef-flavored concoctions will be a hit. Twin brothers Roman and Raoul Krohn say they first got the idea when they were kids. Their grandma told them that feeding dogs regular ice cream could be deadly, so they eventually came up with a lactose-free formula that is perfect for pooches.

Tiger HairballBasketball-Sized Hairball
Veterinarians are optimistic that a 17-year-old tiger will fully recover after having surgery to remove a gigantic hairball. The tiger named Ty hadn't eaten for two weeks and that's when owner Vernon Yates got concerned. Vets examined the 400-pound feline and realized it had a hairball the size of a basketball in its body. The hairball weighed four pounds.

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Animal Radio® Episode 705

77 pound DachshundAnimal Radio® Gets Phat on Fat
Obesity is troubling about 3 out of every 5 pets. This weeks we're conquering this problem with stories, tips and tricks to make sure your pet is healthy and happy. You'll hear about the kitty that ate McDonald's every day, an inventor that created a cat-treadmill, and a 77 lb. Dachshund.

Separation AnxietyTop Behavioral Problem
Separation Anxiety not only tops the least of dog behavior problems, it's most often brought on by the dog's owner or guardian without knowing it. Alan Kabel has sure-fire ways to teach an old dog new tricks.

Dogs Going Postal
Sucks to be a mailman in LADogs go postal in Los Angeles more than any other U.S. city. The U.S. Postal Service released its rankings of the best and worst cities for dog attacks on mail carriers. Los Angeles recorded 69 incidents last year. San Antonio and Seattle round out the top three worst cities. Wichita, Kansas is the safety city with just 20 attacks. Almost six thousand postal workers were attacked by dogs in 2012.

Worm Season
With Mosquito season comes an increase in parasitic worms that could ultimately be fatal. Joey Villani tells you how to keep the skeeters away and Dr. Joel Ehrenzweig tell listeners about over-the-counter products that are safe for your pets, but put a damper in any worm's day.

Pets make healthy peopleDogs Good For Our Hearts
The American Heart Association (AHA) has declared that pets, especially dogs, are good for a person's heart. Further proof that dogs are among the best friends a person could have. Dr. Glenn N. Levine, director of Baylor University's cardiac care unit, says "Pet ownership, particularly dog ownership, is probably associated with a decreased risk of heart disease."

Plus the Animal Radio® Dream Team answers questions about your pet.

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Animal Radio® Episode 704

Elaine Hendrix is on Animal Radio®Actress Elaine Hendrix Guests
When she's not acting in NCIS or CSI, Elaine Hendrix is working to reduce the amount of homeless animals that are euthanized everyday. She's even started her own adoption website called The Pet MatchmakerÔäó.

Pet Pawparazzi Photo Contest
For the third year, we've teamed up with the very pet-friendly Kimpton Hotels for our traditional pet photo competition. Up for grabs, a 3-night stay at Kimpton, Jet Blue Airfare and lots of goodies to spoil you and your pet. Enter Now!!

Medical Marijuana for our PetsMedical Marijuana for Pets
Veterinarians report a high increase in numbers of pets ingesting marijuana. There is a dispute about this being an effective and helpful 'medication' for pets. Some Veterinarians are against it, others have already prescribed it to terminally ill pet as a painkiller. Holistic Caretaker Kim Baker explains how pot is being used in palliative medicine for animals.

Gov. Hickenlooper Loves PetsShelter Pets Named Official State Pet
Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper is signing two pet-friendly bills into law. Senate Bill 201 names shelter pets as the official state pet. The second measure, Senate Bill 226, the "Dog Protection Act," will require local cops and sheriff's departments to provide canine behavioral training for officers so they can better determine when a dog presents a threat.

Lab-Grown Beef Anyone?
Lab-grown beef may be getting its first taste test in the coming weeks. Dutch Scientist Dr. Mark Post has managed to engineer a hamburger from cattle stem cells. Post grew more than 20,000 thin strips of tissue from cells taken from the neck muscles of cattle and assembled them into a patty.

Make your pets cremains into a diamond.Cremated Diamond
There's no more of a unique way to memorialize your late pet than having their cremains made into a diamond that you can wear in a ring or other jewelry. Britt Savage explains how you can turn your deceased pet into a diamond.

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Animal Radio® Episode 703

Building Noahs ArkBuilding Noah's Ark
Reniel Aguila, a Florida resident, has embarked on an estimated two-year journey to build a replica of Noah's Ark using precise biblical specifications. Rodolfo Almira said he thought of the idea after watching animals in Hurricane Katrina struggle to find food and survive. Almira has received about $300,000 in donations but needs much more.

Chimps as PetsChimps As Pets
As much as you would like to share your home with a primate, and some of you who think you already do, it's no fun after the third or fourth dung toss. Plus their sheer strength can have you ready to reconsider. Debbie Rosenman chronicles the stories of primate love.

There's An App For That
The Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) unveiled a new app designed to make it easier than ever to report the neglect, abuse, and cruelty to animals. With just a few clicks, a picture or video with GPS location alerts authorities to any wrongdoing. Megan Backus explains.

Mosquitos and PetsSkeeter Season
Mosquitos are everywhere this year. The late moisture in the east hasn't helped. This little buggers can transmit Lyme disease to you and your pets. Fear not, Dr. Debbie has the solution without using harsh chemicals.

Pet Lemon Law
Dog Lemon LawIllinois State Senator Dan Kotowski's (DÔÇôPark Ridge) legislation that promotes a healthier pet population passed the Senate. What happens if the dog or cat is ill or has a disease? Kotowski's proposal allows a pet owner to return their new pet to the store and receive a refund if a veterinarian confirms that the pet was purchased with an illness not disclosed by the seller.

Single People Own More Pets
Singles own more petsPet ownership among single people has increased by nearly 17 percent, from 46.9 percent in 2006 to 54.7 percent in 2011, according to a recent survey by the American Veterinary Medical Association. The study also indicates that singles are more likely to think of pets as family members, rather than companions or property.

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Animal Radio® Episode 702

Charlie Batch cuddles a dogThe Animals' Favorite Quarterback
Pittsburgh Steelers QB Charlie Batch visits Animal Radio® to talk about his new job promoting the Riedel & Cody Fund, an organization that helps those battling Canine Cancer.

Mike Tyson's Ex Eats His Pet
Tyson loves PigeonsWho would have the guts to eat the former World Heavyweight Champion's pet pigeon? Mike Tyson's ex-girlfriend roasted the fowl in front of him. Tyson says "I was living in her home on her dime, so I let her do it." He also said this led to the break-up."

Getting Rid of Tear-stainsStop the Tear-stains
Groomer Joey Villani knows that your pet's tear-stains can be caused by a yeast infection. He'll tell you how the professionals get rid of, and prevent further tear-stains. You probably have all the ingredients in your cabinets.

Rolling in Poop
Dog Rolling In PoopWhile there are many theories why dogs like to roll in poop and other obnoxiously smelling things, Dr. Debbie and Alan Kabel examine the behavior and tell you how to prevent it. Ladybug the Animal Radio® Studio Stunt Dog says "don't knock it until you try it."

McDonald's Super Sizes Cat
Cat can't live on McDonaldsA stray cat named Frankie took up residence in the parking lot of a McDonald's in Frankton, New Zealand, begging for handouts from customers. He survived on fast food for a year, and just like in "Super Size Me," it took its toll. Jessica Watson, the SPCA field officer who rescued Frank, said she became worried after noticing the cat's face was swollen, his eyelids weren't closing properly and his coat was matted. "He wasn't overweight, but McDonald's wouldn't meet the nutritional requirements for a cat."

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Animal Radio® Episode 701

Ken Howard is on Animal Radio®Ken Howard Guests
Actor and SAG/AFTRA President Ken Howard (The White Shadow) shares stories of the pets in his life. He explains how his rescue dog feels about the controversial union merger. He also does a fine job filling in for the conspicuously absent Emmylou Harris.

Dog Cleared of All Charges
Dog clearedA New York woman's dog has been cleared of all charges in a Central Park bicycle accident. An appeals court in the Big Apple ruled that Julie Smith's canine pal Lena was not at fault for colliding with biker Wolfgang Doerr back in 2009. Doerr originally sued Smith in 2010 after suffering a fractured jaw and five broken molars in the run-in with Lena.

Tiger in the bathroomWoman Encounters Tiger In Bathroom
A Kansas woman is crediting her training as a social worker with helping her survive a ladies room encounter with a 250-pound tiger. Jenna Krehbiel took a trip to the bathroom during a break in the action at the Isis Shrine Circus in Salina. Unbeknownst to her, one of the tigers managed to get loose and also decided to hit the restroom.

Praying Mantis Sex SucksÔÇŽ.for the guy.New Award Winning Segment
Alan Kabel's new segment, "Will This Excite Dr. Debbie" is a hit. This week you'll learn more crazy facts about our animals. For instance, did you know a female Praying Mantis tears the male's head off during copulation? Great conversation around the water-cooler...or a first date.

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Animal Radio® Episode 700

Brian Donnelly is on Animal Radio®A Dog and a Comic Walk Into A Bar
Comedian Brian Donnelly has taken on a new job-that of dog owner. And his MSPCA rescue pet named BT will soon be showing off his acting chops on the comedian's new web series called "StepFriendz."

Pups at LAX
Airport DogsLos Angeles International Airport launched the PUP program (Pets Un-stressing Passengers) a new customer service initiative designed to un-stress passengers. Spokesperson Heidi Huebner says the program revolves around passenger encounters with one of several dogs throughout LAX boarding gates, baggage claim and ticketing lobbies.

Current Day Noah's Ark
Rodolfo Almira and three friends have begun to build a replica of Noah's Ark. Apparently, Almira was inspired by the images of animals in need following Hurricane Katrina. Following measurements laid out in the Bible, Almira and his three buddies set out to make the ark a reality. But the project hasn't been without its setbacks. Almira has been slapped with building code violations.

Dog in your stashLegal Marijuana A Problem For Dogs In Colorado
Veterinarians are warning Colorado dog owners about the possibility of their animals overdosing on marijuana edibles. Health officials say they've seen a steady rise in marijuana toxicity cases as the drug becomes more readily available.

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Animal Radio® Episode 699

Victoria Stilwell is on Animal Radio®It's Me Or The Dog
Animal Planet's Victoria Stilwell is back and debating the two schools of dog training. Do you really have to be mean to your pup to get him to do what you want. There's a change in the way we're getting our dogs to behave.

Ferrets Passed Off As Toy Poodles
Ferret PoodleShoppers may not be getting what they bargained for. Vendors at a market are trying to pass off bulked up ferrets as toy poodles. The move has reportedly tricked several people into shelling out $150 for the rodents.

Fearful Fido
Fearful DogWhat do you do with a dog that's afraid of everything from lawn sprinklers to rain showers? Alan Kabel explains the process of de-sensitizing your dog and re-training him to be a more confident animal.

Internet Vet Shut Down
Dr. Ron Hines used to answer medical questions at his website. That is until the state of Texas shut him down. Now he's part of a lawsuit to restore his first amendment rights. This litigation will set the tone for those that give advice, from Dr. Oz to Dr. Debbie.

Joey Villani is on Animal Radio®Groomers Aren't Just for the Rich
Dogfather Joey Villani has five great reasons why you should bring your dog to the groomer regularly....even if your dog doesn't need a haircut.

...and our Dream Team is answering your questions.

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Animal Radio® Episode 698

Pet ChickensOnce Upon A Flock
Do Chickens make good pets. Lauren Scheuer thinks so. She got several chickens with plans on eventually eating them....until she named them. Now they're here pets and she shares her house with them and a dog.

Man Retrieves Sons Finger From Dog's Stomach
A Florida man gets criticized for his quick thinking after a caged dog bit his eleven-year-old's finger off. According to a police, the boy stuck his left hand through slots in the cage trying to pet the dog. The animal bit him, completely severing his pinky finger. The boy's father immediately pulled the dog from the cage and shot it then cut into the dog's stomach, retrieving the finger.

Stupid Pet TricksStupid Pet Tricks
We welcome David Letterman's Talent Producer Ryan Williams to the airwaves. He's looking for a few good pets that do amazing....or just plain silly tricks. He's casting for another episode of Late Night Stupid Pet Tricks on NBC. If you think your pet has what it takes, he'll tell you how to get them on TV.

Dog Hits Pedestrian With Car
Police in Pennsylvania say a dog that was left in an unattended vehicle knocked it into gear and the car struck a pedestrian. The pedestrian was found lying in the street. Police say the car had been left running when the dog inside pushed it into drive, causing it to slowly start moving.

Pet Speed DatingPet Speed Dating
Dating these days has gone to the dogs, at least it did one night at the Cumberland County SPCA's first-ever Pet Speed Dating event. The shelter designed the event to give the pet-loving public a simple way to get up close and personal with many of the dogs and cats available for adoption.

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Animal Radio® Episode 697

Punxsutawney Phil in legal troublePunxsutawney Phil in Legal Trouble
Prosecutor Mike Gmoser is indicting the famed groundhog for misrepresentation of spring, a felony against the peace and dignity of the state of Ohio. So what's the penalty? "Death" said Gmoser tongue firmly in cheek.

Cat Video Festival
Cat Film FestivalCat video got a major boost with the first-ever Internet Cat Video Festival. Over 10,000 people attended and its success is leading to a number of copycat events. Curator Scott Stulen explains our curiosity with cats and You Tube.

Marking Territory
Cats and Dogs mark for different reasons. Once these behaviors start, it can be near impossible to stop unless you act fast to correct the behavior and clean up past markings. In cats, inappropriately urinating can mean something is medically wrong.

Pet ArthritisAnimal Arthritis
Just like us, aging can mean Arthritis in our pets. Can it be prevented? What can we do to treat it? Is palliative medicine our only choice? The Animal Radio® Dream Team and Dr. Joel Ehrenzweig explain what is known about Arthritis and what can be done to make our older furry-friends more comfortable.

Missing DogsMissing Dogs
Dogs are vanishing in one part of Idaho and police don't have a clue where they're going. About 40 dogs have gone missing over the past few months near Twin Falls in southern Idaho. Lisa Kauffman, the state's director of the Humane Society of the United States says "Someone is coming around and plucking animals out of people's yards."

What's For Dinner - Road Kill
In the future, Montana road kill might end up on dinner tables rather than going to waste. The state's Senate has given thumbs up to a bill allowing residents to harvest deer, elk and moose killed by vehicles. The so-called Road Kill Salvage Bill has already been approved by the House and only needs Governor Steve Bullock's signature to become law.

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Animal Radio® Episode 696

Cat WhispererCat Whisperer
Self-proclaimed Cat Whisperer Mieshelle Nagelschneider shares her secrets to training cats. Yes, training cats! Believe it or not, Mieshelle truly believes you can get a cat to do what you want it to do.

Cancer Odds
Believe it or not, some breeds of dogs are pre-disposed to getting cancer. Dr. Gerald Post, founder of the Veterinary Cancer Center, is back on the air with a list of breeds that have a better chance of getting certain cancers.

Animal Control TVAnimal Control TV
In the spirit of Reno 911, producer Joyce Fitzpatrick is developing a TV sitcom about the daily lives of Animal Control agents. Joyce has a Kickstarter campaign and has raised $30,000 to foot the bill.

Dog Makes Unplanned Trip To Ireland
Dog Goes To Ireland by accidentA New York woman says she was beyond upset after she found out that her dog made an unplanned trip to Ireland. It happened as Edith Lombardo-Albach was moving to Phoenix. She put "Hendrix" the six-year-old English Springer Spaniel on a United Airlines. But just seven minutes before Hendrix's flight was scheduled to land, Lombardo-Albach got a call saying the dog had accidentally been sent to Ireland instead.

Obese CatAmerican Pets Are Obese
Obesity isn't a just a problem for Americans, it's a problem for American pets. According to the latest National Pet Obesity Awareness Day Survey conducted by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, over half of both dogs and cats in the U.S. are overweight.

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Animal Radio® Episode 695

Freeze Dried DogFreeze Dried Pets
Don't want to honor your dearly departed pet by burying him in the backyard or putting her into an urn? How about Freeze-drying your furry-friend in their favorite position. That's the job of Anthony Eddy. He'll tell us how he got into the business of preserving pets.

Training iPad App
Yes, there's an App for that! Train your dog to stop barking using Phillip Angert's new iPad application. When your dog barks, the iPad reacts with your pre-recorded video scolding him. If Fido is being good, the App will reward with a treat.

Submissive Happy PeeHappy Pee
Animal Radio® Dog Trainer Alan Kabel shares the truth behind submissive urination. How can a listener stop their dog from rolling over and peeing whenever he comes home from work. Re-training your dog can be a long process, especially if you're not training them correctly.

Small Dog Spinal Issues
Some smaller dogs are predisposed to spinal nerve problems that could cause your dog to limp or lift his leg. In this case, a listener's Dachshund is hopping around for no apparent reason. Dr. Debbie explains how a small injury could have big results.

Shedding CatIt That Time Again for Shedding
As Spring is Springing, we may notice our cats and dogs are starting to shed more. This is a natural process. However, Joey Villani has details on how you can make this years shedding not so hairy.

What's The Safest Car For You And Your Dog?
Cars for PetsThe Dodge Journey is at the top of a list of the best pet-safe vehicles for under $35,000. Car-shopping website says the Journey features an in-dash cooler to store Fido's food and water. The Jeep Liberty is in the top five due to specialized pet travel gear such as crates and carriers.

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Animal Radio® Episode 694

Tick RemovalThe Very Entertaining Subject of Tick Removal
It may not be the topic around the water-cooler, but tick removal can be a very important subject when your own pet gets one. Simply yanking them out could leave saliva with Lyme disease in your furry friend. Dogfather Joey Villani says put that cigarette down and listen to his tip.

More Wag, Less Bark
Barking DogIf your pup barks at everything from the mailman to a butterfly, then listen up. Dog Trainer Alan Kabel has quick and successful techniques for curbing the woof. Forget the bark collars. Alan helps you think like your dog.

Dog Shoots Man
A Florida man is recovering after his dog shot him in the leg. Greg Lanier was in his truck with his dog when his four-legged friend kicked a loaded gun to the floor. The 380-pistol went off, shooting the 35-year-old in the leg.
Lady Stabs Husband Over Cat
Don't Mess With Her Cat!
A woman has been accused of murdering her husband over a pet cat. The 56-year-old woman was allegedly protecting her cat when she stabbed her husband to death. This is not the first time that a woman has been accused of attacking her husband over a pet cat. In September, Texas resident Audrey Deen Miller was arrested after she allegedly shot her husband in the stomach when he threatened to shoot her cat with a pellet gun.

No Standards For Pet Travel Products
Safety RestraintNew Jersey is the first state to consider a requirement that pets be restrained in vehicles. The Center for Pet Safety conducted a pilot study that showed that "the majority of pet safety restraints currently on the market do not provide acceptable protection in a crash situation," said Michael McHale, Subaru's director of corporate communications.

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Animal Radio® Episode 693

Poisoned DogFoul Play At Westminster
There are allegations that a dog was poisoned at the world's most famous dog show. PETA is even being questioned, as they have pronounced their hatred for breed shows like Westminster. We'll find out what's going on behind the scene.

Problem ChewingProblem Chewing
What can you do for the dog that chews on everything? This is one of the most common calls we get. It's actually a pretty simple problem to solve. Alan Kabel helps uncover the reasons dogs chew and hot to re-direct their attention to more positive behaviors.

Charlie Sheen Good Guy?!Charlie Sheen Buys Therapy Dog
There's a 15-year-old Florida girl who didn't really know much about Charlie Sheen before this, but does now. The actor wired $10,000 to Teagan Marti and her family for a therapy dog to help in her rehabilitation from injuries sustained when she plummeted 100 feet from a Wisconsin amusement park ride in 2010. "I think they should name the dog Charlie," Sheen joked.

Rats are ticklishAnimalwise
Just how smart is your dog or cat. I turns out that scientific research says we've been underestimating the intelligence of a lot of animals. Take the earthworm for instance. Not only considered an animal, but able to make decisions. Virginia Morell explains why rat owners should tickle their rats.

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Animal Radio® Episode 692

Bullet-Proof Vests For Dogs
Dog VestsAs our canine friends have become integral members of many police forces, it is becoming more apparent for the need to suit them properly for the dangerous job. That's where Sandy Marcal comes in. She's raising funds to help afford the $1000 a piece vests that protect our working dogs.

Pet Food Stamps
Food Stamps for PetsIn these rough economic times, many pet owners are forced to abandon their beloved pets due to the inability to pay for their basic food supply and care. That's why Marc Okon formed a program to ship pet food to those that cannot afford it. He has all the details and how to apply for help.

"Bad Dog" Statute Leaves Yellow Stain on Building
Dog Pees On MuseumA giant statue known as "Bad Dog" is turning out to be good publicity for the Orange County Museum of Art. The 28-foot-tall piece of art from Richard Jackson depicts a dog lifting one leg and leaving a yellow paint stain on the side of the building. Museum spokeswoman Kirsten Schmidt tells the Orange County Register almost all of the reaction to the dog has been positive, although some people do wish the pooch wasn't quite so anatomically correct.

The Cat's Peeing In The Dog Bed
Cat Pees In Dog BedWhat happens when your pet relieves themselves in the wrong place. This is the most common behavioral problem we hear about. There is not always one standard solution. Dr. Debbie examines the different reasons cats and dogs do this. She'll help with a tough case of kitty revenge on the dog.

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Animal Radio® Episode 691

Dog FoodCooking For Your Dog
Why not cook something that both you and your dog can eat together? Nutritionist Gayle Pruitt joins us to talk about her new book "The Dog Gone Good Cookbook" and share some of her favorite recipes.

Guppy Wingman
Did you know guppies try to hang around uglier fish in order to improve their odds of mating? And would you believe that someone actually got grant dollars to research and prove that, just like humans, fish have a "wingmen" - or should we say "wing-fish?"

Right, tell me you don't want to talk baby-talk to this dog.Talking Baby Talk
Why is it that so many people are inclined to talk "baby-talk" to their pets. Certainly our pets must think we're crazy? Admit it, you may have, at one time, maybe a long time ago, talked to your pet in this silly tone.

Luck Of The Dog
Lucky DogA Utah man has his dog to thank for leading him to a winning lottery ticket. Steve Hughes stopped at a gas station in Boise, Idaho to fill up, but his dog Stella locked him out of his truck. During his 45-minute wait to get back in his vehicle, Hughes decided to buy winning lotto tickets.

Dog Ownership Up - Vet Visits Down
Dog and VetMore Americans think of their pets as members of the family. But that doesn't mean the animals are getting better care. Two thirds of the dog owners surveyed for the latest "U.S. Pet Ownership & Demographics Sourcebook" say they haven't taken their pup to the vet even once.

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Animal Radio® Episode 690

Sleeping with catSleeping With Your Cat
While we all love to sleep with our animals - few of us actually get a restful night. Mikkel Becker (Dr. Marty Becker's daughter) has some tips on getting a good-night sleep again.

Pet Career Boom
Many of those who lost their jobs during the recession are re-inventing themselves in the pet industry. After all, it is the second fastest growing sector. Mary Collister and her daughter started a business that sends pet-goodies to your doorstep every month.

Smart DogFind Out How Smart Or Dumb Your Dog Is
There's a new online test that uses the latest scientific research to tell you EXACTLY how smart or dumb your dog is. It costs $60. The test uses games to test your dog, then gives you a full breakdown on their intelligence and personality.

Public Restrooms For Pets
Public restrooms in China will no longer be limited to just pedestrians. As part of new civility laws to keep city streets clean, China plans to build bathrooms just for pets, according to Chinese-language news site Shenzhen Special Zone Daily. Launched as a trial in the Luohu District of the city of Shenzhen, the open-air pet restrooms are filled with sand and measure about 10 square feet in size.

Python Is Their Choice Babysitter
python babysitterA family in China is turning heads with their choice of babysitter. 13-year-old Azhe Liu is often watched after by the family's pet python, who measures 15-feet long and weighs 220-pounds. Dad Chan Liu explains that they've had the snake ever since Azhe was born, and the two have become inseparable over the years.

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Animal Radio® Episode 689

Get Rid of CatsA Plan To Get Rid Of All The Cats
Dr. Gareth Morgan wants to rid New Zealand of all the cats. He says they're damaging the bird population. Is he crazy or does he have a point? We'll speak with him and find out what he's thinking and the adversity he's facing with his plan.

PoisonPoison In Your House
Dr. Justine Lee works at the Pet Poison Helpline. She says the top 5 pet toxins are probably in your house and accessible to your furry-friend. Dr. Lee will tell you what to watch out for and how to treat a pet that has eaten something poisonous.

Hard to train dogsThe Hard To Train Dog
Peggy Swager has dedicated her life to the "hard to train" dog. She will tell us about her toughest cases and how to manage a dog that just won't behave properly. We'll have tips for overcoming problem behaviors and giveaways of her book.

Bully Sticks Condemned
Bully Sticks are no goodTurns out there's a lot more inside a popular dog treat than most pet owners probably imagine. They're called "pizzle" sticks or "bully" sticks and a new study out of Canada says they're loaded with calories and bacteria. The treat is made from uncooked, dried bull penis and researchers say they can contain things like E. coli and MRSA.

Iran Launches Monkey Into Space
Space MonkeyIran said they launched a live monkey into space, seeking to show off its missile systems. "This shipment returned safely to Earth with the anticipated speed along with the live organism," Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi told the semi-official Fars news agency. However, comparative pictures of the monkey don't match.

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Animal Radio® Episode 688

Westminster Dog ShowBehind The Scenes At Westminster
Quite possibly the largest dog show in the world, Westminster takes place Monday and Tuesday. Connie Newcomb takes us backstage and tells us what the public doesn't see. What are some people willing to do to win?

Westminster Hospitality
Hotel PennThe yearly tradition continues as Jerry Grymeck, the concierge at Hotel Penn in New York, tells us what strange requests he's getting from the Westminster show dogs and their owners. The Hotel Penn is where many of the primped pooches stay for world famous dog show.

Cancer, Not A Death Sentence
As many as 70% of our pets will get cancer. But with advances in medical technology, now we can treat our pets like we treat humans. And dogs are able to withstand chemotherapy better than humans. The founder of the Animal Cancer Foundation, Dr. Gerald Post, reminds us that information is the best weapon against this ugly disease.

iPads for ApesApps for Apes
Workers in the Great Ape House at the Smithsonian's National Zoo have found a new, socially-engaging outlet for their six orangutans, an iPad. Animal Keeper Becky Malinsky says the idea comes from a non-profit called Apps for Apes, which uses the program in 13 other zoos worldwide. Malinsky says the National Zoo started last year with a donated iPad and their orangutans' repertoire has now grown to more than ten apps, including musical instruments and cognitive games.

Your Pet's Poop Is Guide To Health
Pick up the poopYour dog or cats poop is a kind of Google on your pet's health. Picking it up isn't only is the neighborly thing to do; it's for the best interest of all pets in the community. It's true there are some potential health issues to people, according to Veterinary Parisitologist Dr. Dwight Bowman, including roundworm, salmonella and whipworm which can be spread to other dogs, even the parvovirus to those not vaccinated.

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Animal Radio® Episode 687

Viveca Stone-BerryFoster Failure
Even with best intentions, sometimes we open our homes to a foster pet only to realize the cat or dog has found its way into our heart and homes forever. Viveca Stone Berry is the "Foster Queen" and her mission is to promote fostering. Are you ready to help reduce the amount of animals that are euthanized simply because they're homeless?

Can A Pet Have Sentimental Value?
Sentimental ValueA case that may reflect a pet owner's worst nightmare has made its way to the Texas Supreme Court, which must decide if a family can place sentimental value on a pet that was accidentally euthanized. In 1963, Texas adopted a "sentimental value rule," which provided that if property is wrongfully destroyed and that property had no market value, then the parties involved could sue.

HeartwormThe Truth About Heartworm
You don't have to go far to find different theories on Heartworm and preventative medicine. While some people think it is a waste of money, most professionals will agree that it just makes good sense. Animal Radio's Dr. Debbie tackles the myths and lays down the cold hard truth.

Are Your Pets Making You Tired?
Pets In BedMany people can't seem to get a good night's sleep, and they already have stress, caffeine or snoring spouses to blame. But researchers at Mayo Clinic's Center for Sleep Medicine are finding another surprising reason behind those tired eyes: dogs and cats. There's a solution to the problem without kicking your furry-friend out of the bed.

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Animal Radio® Episode 686

Stephanie St. Martin on Animal Radio®Are Your Pets Making You Single
Boston Globe reporter Stephanie St. Martin may has identified a correlation between animal ownership and being single. She says it's time to stop freaking out your dates by showing them all the pictures of your "children" on the first date.

Is Beneful Making Dogs Sick?
The latest pet food crisis involves Beneful dry dog food. Reports from around the country tell of dogs getting sick and, in many cases, dying. Although the cause isn't proven, many pet owners say the illness went away when they stopped feeding their dogs Beneful.

Allen Anderson on Animal Radio®A Dog Saved My Life
What makes a cop quit his job to become a writer about animals. Seems like quite a transition. Author and Animal Radio® friend Allen Anderson is back to share his story and tell us what he's been up to since a brain aneurism changed his journey.

Valentine's Day Card for DogsThere's A Card For That
Hallmark created a Valentine's Day card for your dog. Vinnie Penn Doesn't get it. Why would you send a card to your dog? Do you also open it and read it to them? Wouldn't that Valentine themed dog treat be a better choice?

PetsittersFinding The Right Pet Sitter
With so many pet businesses and service dotting the landscape these days, it's hard to know which one is the right one for you and your pet. Stacey Cohen has tips to help you decide about pet sitters.

Cat Carries Contraband Into Prison
Cat ContrabandA cat in Brazil was locked up after it was found carrying contraband into a prison (See Video). Attached to it were drills, a mobile phone, an earphone, a memory card, batteries and a phone charger. A spokesperson for the prison says they are investigating the matter. However, they say that "It's tough to find out who's responsible," since the cat obviously cannot speak. The cat was taken to a local animal shelter where it received medical care.

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Animal Radio® Episode 685

Custody BattleStaying Together For The Pets
Many pet owners treat their pets as if they are their own children, whether it be a dog, cat, turtle or gerbil. For these owners, the pet is an integral part of the family. But owner beware, the pet that you love and cherish on can easily be taken away from you in an instant if you are involved in a nasty divorce. Divorce Attorney Silvana Roso has the information you should know.

Lots of CatsHow Many Cats Do You Own?
Residents in Wellington, Kansas now have a limit on the number of their feline friends. As of January 1st, households in Wellington can only have a total of four cats. In order to cut down on the number of homeless cats the town has also required that newly adopted cats be spayed or neutered.

Justin Bieber's HamsterHamster Association Eats Words
The folks at the California Hamster Association are taking back their comments about Justin Bieber. Last month the organization accused the star of animal cruelty after he handed off his pet hamster, named PAC, to a screaming fan while leaving a concert.

Robert SemrowTaking Great Pictures of Your Pet
The Pawtographer Robert Semrow has a thing for taking cool pics with pets. In fact, he makes a living dressing up dogs (and cats) for photo shoots. He has tips to make it easier to photograph your furry-friend.

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Animal Radio® Episode 684

Dog Learning To Drive Mini CooperTrainer Teaches Dogs To Drive
You may have seen the viral video of the rescue dogs that were taught to drive a retrofitted Mini-Cooper. Their trainer, Mike Vette of New Zealand is our special guest with tips how you can train your dog to do cool tricks.

Dog Tarot Cards
Dog Tarot CardsWhether you take it seriously, or as a novelty, there is no denying the best-selling success of the Dog Tarot Cards. Creator Heidi Schulman shares her inspiration and helps you understand why Fido insists on rolling in dead stuff.

Low-Income Pet Food
Low Income Pet FoodElizabeth DeMasellis' family is like many living paycheck to paycheck. Sometimes, when money gets tight, food for the family's furry friend is stretched a little, or she gets a hot dog. That is, until three months ago, when the 30-year-old Milford mother of three learned she could get dog food at Community Sharing Outreach Center. "I wouldn't get rid of her just because we couldn't afford to feed her. It's like getting rid of one of your kids," says DeMasellis

Kathryn HeiglKatherine Heigl Tucks Her Pets In At Night
Bedtime at Katherine Heigl's house can take a while. As a mom of two daughters and seven other kids of the four-legged variety, she likes to give each one special attention. The Emmy Award winner says first she tucks in her girls, 4-year-old Naleigh and baby Adalaide, who turns 1 in April. Then she takes her seven dogs through their own nighttime ritual.

Parrot likes UB40Parrots Have Personal Taste In Music
It turns out that parrots are choosy about their music. Scientists have discovered that parrots have personal tastes in music. Dr. Franck Peron of the University of Lincoln, who headed the study, says that both birds enjoyed rock and folk music from such artists as U2, UB40 and Joan Baez. They even got into the music, bobbing their heads and squawking as if they were singing along.

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Animal Radio® Episode 683

Alpha RoosterAn Emasculating Rooster
When Brian McGrory moved in with his girlfriend, he also moved in with a Rooster that did not like him. If Brian was to "make-it-work," he would have to learn a lot about how to befriend a foul with ruffled feathers. He joins us and we have copies of his best-selling book, "Buddy, How A Rooster Made Me A Family Man."

Depressed DogDoes Your Dog Know You? I mean Really Know You?
A certain bark, a certain posture, a certain look. Your dog can tell a lot about you. They know when you're being unfair-to some extent. Researchers found that when dogs saw other dogs getting treats for a trick they'd been performing unrewarded, the uncompensated dogs became visibly distressed. It can even lead to depression.

More GiftsNew Years, Schmoo Ears, Who Cares?
With all of our New Years resolutions already stuffed. Is your pet bitter they didn't get what they wanted from Santa Paws? Fret not, your friends at Animal Radio® still have gifts for you and your furry-child. How would you like a TAGG Pet Tracker or a Frolicat Bundle?

Cat Brushing TeethI Don't Brush, Why Should Fluffy?
Home dental care is one of the best ways to help keep your pet's teeth and gums healthy. And unlike us, not brushing could be fatal for your pet. Start as early as possible in your furry friend's life so he or she will become accustomed to having the mouth handled. Use a moistened, soft, pet or child's toothbrush, finger toothbrush, gauze around a finger, or even a cotton swab. Stay away from human toothpaste....unless your pet has learned to spit afterwards.

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Animal Radio® Episode 682

Bringing In The New Year
Betty White is on Animal Radio®What better way to bring in 2013 than to look back at what made 2012 so special at Animal Radio®. With over 8 months of great celebrities animal lovers, we're re-broadcasting some of the best interviews that aired this year. Joining us is comedian Paula Poundstone, television host Bob Barker, actress Kristen Chenoweth, the voice of Bart Simpson Nancy Cartwright, actress Glenn Close, actress Betty White, the late musician in his last interview Davy Jones, rocker Bret Michaels, and actress Jenna Fischer. Make it a resolution to join us for this history-making program.

Empathetic DogsDo Dogs Feel Sorry For Us?
Dogs originated from wolves, which are highly social animals that engage in cooperative activities and are believed to have some ability to empathize with their fellow wolves. Biological changes produced during the domestication of dogs may have allowed them to synchronize their wolf-inherited empathic capacities with those of humans.

Pet Medication Errors
Pet Med MistakesWe've all heard stories of someone being prescribed the wrong medicine, or the wrong dose, with devastating consequences. Now, a warning has been issued for pet owners. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said these deadly mistakes are also being made with pet prescriptions. Investigators discovered errors stemming from simple issues, including unclear medical abbreviations on vet prescriptions, drugs with similar names and packaging, and simple penmanship errors, all leading to mistakes where the pet paid.

Pet AppsApps Aren't Just For People Anymore
Here is a roundup of popular pet apps for mobile devices. For the iPhone, iPod or iPad: Dog Park Finder Plus, a list of more than 6,000 dog parks and beaches in North America. Fido Factor is a mobile guide to dog-friendly locations. The Pet Poison Help app lists poisons, what to do and how to get help.

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Animal Radio® Episode 681

Poop PatrolPicking Up After Your Dog Becomes Law
A company called Poo Prints claims Dallas and other cities can cash in on dog waste through DNA tracking. Dallas City Council members chuckled Wednesday when they heard about the plan, but the company is dead serious about the opportunity to find irresponsible dog owners by lab testing turds. Eric Mayer describes to listeners how his plan works to clean up your city.

Underwater DogsUnderwater Dogs
Award-winning photographer Seth Casteel, also known as "The Underwater Dog Guy", has been featured in National Geographic, The New York Times, Time Magazine, Good Morning America, The Today Show and now he's giving listeners his best-selling book on Animal Radio®.

Dogs Shot By Police on The Rise
In response to an alleged increase of dog shootings by police officers, several people, including owners of murdered pets, are using Facebook as a tool to increase awareness of the problem and seek change to police policies toward dogs. Videos of dog shootings are all over the Internet and it seems like there's a new one every week.

Millionaire DogsMillionaires Have Gone To The Dogs
Dogs and Millionaires have a lot in common. They are relentless opportunists (especially when it comes to rewards). They come in all shapes, sizes and colors. They defend their turf. And in general, they don't like cats. Perhaps that explains a new survey that shows that millionaires are far more dog-friendly than the rest of Americans. According to a study by Spectrem Group, 58% of millionaire pet owners have a dog.

Rent A PuppyBusiness is booming for a Brigham Young University student who recently started a puppy rental service. Jenna Miller says she's had more than 100 rentals since August. The business has stirred some controversy, with the Utah Humane Society concerned about the health of the dogs.

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Animal Radio® Episode 680

Sleeping with your dogDon't Let Your Pets Sleep In Bed With You?!
Probably one of the most contested topic ever on Animal Radio®; should your pets be allowed in bed. Dr. Russell Rosenberg from the National Sleep Foundation says it's a bad idea. From sleep deprivation, transmission of diseases to behavior issues, we'll give you the information - you decide.

Dr. Marty Becker is on Animal Radio®Choosing The Perfect Gifts
America's favorite Television Veterinarian, Dr. Marty Becker is back and he has some good ideas when it comes to picking out a holiday gift for your pet. In fact, if you're reading this, you probably already have your furry-companion on your shopping list.

Film Attacked For Cruelty To Animals
Just a few days before the film premiere of The Hobbit in New Zealand's capital, Wellington, the long-awaited Peter Jackson adaptation of JRR Tolkien's first foray into Middle-earth is under attack from several quarters. Its Hollywood producers stand variously accused of cruelty to animals, suppression of the press and exploitative merchandising. Jackson has been forced to defend against claims that 27 animals died due to mistreatment during production.

Paralyzed Dog Walks AgainParalyzed Dog Walks
A pioneering treatment for spinal injuries has helped a paralyzed dog walk again. Jasper injured his spine in 2008. He couldn't move his hind legs. Scientists at the University of Cambridge took cells from Jasper's nose and injected them into his damaged spinal cord. He started walking again with a harness, and was eventually able to walk on his own.

The Ethics of De-Barking
De BarkingDog debarking surgery is being performed at animal hospitals across the country, including Colorado, but at least one veterinarian says it is a touchy issue. Castle Rock resident Dawn Hern said she had no choice to do the surgery because her dog simply would not stop barking. Most cities have a noise ordinance, and Hern had already received complaints, fines and even a court summons. She doesn't care who thinks she's cruel; she simply didn't want her dog taken away from her.

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Animal Radio® Episode 679

Pets Start FiresDon't Let Your Dog Play With Matches
According to John R. Hall Jr., division director for fire analysis and research for the National Fire Protection Association, pets and other animals inadvertently set about 510 house fires every year in this country. Hall said from 2006 to 2010, such fires caused an average of $8.7 million in property damage and injured eight humans a year.

Birds Fly South First Class
A pair of wayward brown pelicans got a first class plane ride back to Florida. The two birds were found in Rhode Island after being rerouted by the winds of Hurricane Sandy. Because the birds typically migrate to Florida during the winter, they were flown to the Sunshine state in private plane on Saturday. The two-thousand-dollar flight was paid for by public donations.

Humans Aren't Only Ones Who Suffer Mid-Life Crisis
Midlife CrisisResearchers say humans are not the only ones to have midlife crisis, such conditions are also experienced by chimpanzees and orangutans. The finding raises the possibility that if great apes share sadness and frustration at midlife, perhaps the midlife crisis is driven by biological factors and not the responsibility of jobs and family and the dawning recognition of mortality.

Dangerous Root CanalA Very Dangerous Root Canal
A group of 12 dentists, vets and dental nurses recently teamed up to perform a very dangerous root canal. Employees at the Highland Wildlife Park in Scotland discovered that Arktos, a four-year-old polar bear, was suffering from a toothache.

Gifts for your petHoliday Gift Ideas For Your Pet
The 53 billion dollar pet industry offers up a lot of different and fantastic gifts and gadgets for you and your furry friend. From interactive cell-phones to the latest in couture, your friends at Animal Radio® not only report on these new items, we'll also be giving them away.

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Animal Radio® Episode 678

Santa ClawsIt's Beginning To Feel A Bit Like Christmas
The Dream Team is in a holiday mood and we have gifts for you and your pets. After all, 80% of us will be getting something to put under the Christmas Tree or Hanukkah Bush for our furry companions. Just 20 years ago, our dogs were in the doghouse outside. Now, we're spoiling them rotten!

Safeguard Your Four-Legged Friend With Emergency & Estate Plans
Superstorm Sandy packed a strong punch along the East Coast, and many people had to scramble to find shelter and make tough decisions about whether they could take their cat or dog along with them. Once again, the importance of having an emergency plan for a pet became a stark reality

Lynn RodinPooches for Parkinson
Roy Rodin just had brain surgery to relieve symptoms of Parkinson's Disease. Now, he and his wife are biking from Washington to Florida with their two dogs, Oliver and Samantha. It's all to bring awareness to this horrid disease.

Leave No Four-Legged Family Member Behind
According to the U.S. Travel Association, 18% of U.S. adult leisure travelers usually take their pets with them when they travel. As hotels and airlines hone in on this special relationship, they're inventing so many lavish pet-friendly deals and amenities that you may even want to rent a pet to take advantage of them.

Love Motel For DogsLove Motel For Dogs
Heart-shaped ceiling mirror: check. Curtains drawn against the bright day: check. Red mattress: check. Sounds like a hot night in Vegas. But it's a DOG motel in Brazil featuring items like beef-flavored Dog Beer and a dog spa with a Japanese Ofuro soaking tub. Some dog owners simply like the concept of a love motel for their amorous pets.

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Animal Radio® Episode 677

Patrick McDonnell is on Animal Radio®"Mutts" Creator Returns
Patrick McDonnell is our special guest. His animal-friendly comic-strip is seen by 50 million readers every day. He uses his art to rally support for companion animal causes. He even is working with Fox on a new movie....details in this weeks program.

Dogs Take 4,000 Mile Bike Ride
Lynn Rodin is taking a long bike trip across America with her husband and two dogs. She hopes to raise awareness and funds for Parkinson's Disease. Her hubby just had brain surgery to relieve symptoms related to the disease.

Rudolphs SecretThe Truth About Rudolph
The news broke here first on Animal Radio®. Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer may be keeping a secret about his true sexual identity. We'll divulge the facts as the saga continues.

Drunk Birds Crash In Mid-Air
Drunk BirdsBritish researchers are blaming the deaths of more than a dozen blackbirds on alcohol. 14 birds were found dead last summer at a school in England and at first authorities thought foul play was involved. Scientists concluded that the birds were intoxicated after eating fermented berries.

Elephant Speaks
Talking ElephantAn Asian elephant named Koshik can imitate human speech, saying words in Korean. Researchers from the University of Vienna say it is unclear why Koshik started mimicking human speech, but cognitive biologists Angela Stoeger and Tecumseh Fitch suggest it might be related to his experiences as a juvenile.

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Animal Radio® Episode 676

John O'Hurley is on Animal Radio®John O'Hurley is Back
For our 11th year, John O'Hurley (J. Peterman on Seinfeld - Dancing With The Stars) is back to celebrate Thanksgiving with us again. He brings his silly sense of humor and great dog stories.

Zoonotic Threats
The emergence of strange new diseases is a frightening problem that seems to be getting worse. In this age of speedy travel, it threatens a worldwide pandemic. We hear news reports of Ebola, SARS, AIDS, and something called Hendra killing horses and people in AustraliaÔÇöbut those reports miss the big truth that such phenomena are part of a single pattern. They all come from animals. Author of Spillover, David Quammen explains.

Seabass MemorialPETA Wants Highway Sign to Memorialize Dead Fish After Crash
The lives of 1,600 sea bass killed last year in a Southern California car crash should be remembered with a sign at the crash site. That's the view of PETA. A city spokesman tells the Los Angeles Times they have no plans to do so. 

Pet Industry Rakes In A Whopping $53 Billion
Spending on our petsThe U.S. pet industry is set to rake in a record $53 billion this year, despite sluggish overall consumer demand. According to the report, the total lifetime cost of owning a small to medium-sized dog ranges from $7,240 to $12,700, and the lifetime cost of a cat ranges from $8,620 to $11,275. The prices of vet and other pet services, and pet food, are all rising at a pace greater than the rate of inflation.

Animal Radio's Dr. DebbieMythbusters
Dr. Debbie debunks wives-tales about common remedies. No, chewing tobacco does not cure worms in dogs. And in fact, not only will it be useless, it could actually have adverse affects on your furry-friend.

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Animal Radio® Episode 675

David Frei and N.Y. MayorThanksgiving Tradition
Some like a good football game after their turkey dinner. But for 20-million TV viewers, The National Dog Show on NBC is the usual fare. Host David Frei is back again with dirt about this year's program.

De-barking Dogs
De barking DogsWho would of thought that removing the vocal chords of a noisy dog was still practiced here in the U.S.? Can you believe that the American Veterinary Medical Association (A.V.M.A.) still condones this archaic procedure? Sue Perry has the details of a petition against "de-vocalization."

Do You Know Your Dog's Mood?
Most dog lovers are convinced they know their pets' moods and that they can tell what their pooches are thinking. Now there is hard evidence to support or refute their assumptions. Researchers at Emory University in Atlanta have performed the first brain scans of dogs. What does a dog really think?

Dogs and SoldiersLeave No "Dog" Behind
Former Marine Shaun Duling, 27, is taking the Corps' creed, "Leave No Man Behind," to a whole new level. When Duling completed a year-long contract in Afghanistan earlier this month, he was heartbroken that he had to leave behind one of his closest companions, a dog named "Bolt."

Woman Breastfeeds DogWoman Breastfeeds Dog
A 44 year-old California woman recently revealed that she breastfeeds her pug dog. If this wasn't enough of a bizarre reveal, she also shared in the same interview that she's been doing this for the last two years. The dog was the runt of the litter and she got the idea when Spider would lick the nipple of her son's bottle.

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Animal Radio® Episode 674

Doggie ShrinkDoggie Shrink
Who would have thought there would ever be a need for a doggy psychiatrist? It is now a booming business. Behaviorist Dr. Rachel Malamed says our pets can suffer from the same mental diseases that humans have. Does this mean your dog could be bi-polar?

Number One Killer
There are more cancer related deaths with dogs than humans. What is causing all these fatalities? Are some breeds more susceptible to cancer than other. Dr. Gerald Post from The Veterinary Cancer Center has some answers and says your groomer may be the first line of defense against cancer.

Anti-freeze killsSeasonal Hazards for Your Furry Companion
Dr. Debbie always sees an increase of patients in her office around this time of the year. She says it's because the season offers up so many hazardous materials, from anti-freeze to mushrooms. The good doctor has tips on what you should be looking out for.

More Pet Food & Treat Recalls
What seems like a never-ending barrage of recalls now includes Nature's Recipe® Oven Baked Biscuits with Real Chicken. This is being done as a precautionary measure, as the product has the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella.

padProtecting Paws
Unless your dog or cat wears shoes, their paw pads are the only protection between your furry-friend and the ground. Dogfather Joey Villani has some great ideas for keeping their pads in top condition while protecting them against the elements.

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Animal Radio® Episode 673

2 faced catRipley's Strangest Animals
Ripley's Believe It Or Not is back for their parade down Animal Radio® avenue with the most-bizarre and exceptional dogs, cats, fish, birds and insects. We are proud to have more giveaways of the new coffee-table book.

Smartphones for Cows
The age-old task of determining when your milk-cow is in heat is over. A French company has designed a cell-gadget that attaches to the cows genitalia and automatically texts you when it detects an increase in temperature and movement; both signs of being in heat.

Michael Vick and New Dog PuppyMichael Vick Dog Owner
When Michael tweeted a picture of him with a box of Milk-Bones, it was suspected that Michael Vick acquired a dog before his probation allowed. Many are divided on this. Has he served his time? Is there really a microscope on him now? Or once a cold-hearted animal killer, always a killer?

Pet Pix Boost Productivity
Sarah Kliff reports on a study that proves putting pictures of baby animals on your desk can actually increase the amount of work that you achieve. Find out what makes this so. Then start digging out those photos of kittens and puppies.

Taco CatHalloween at the Vet Clinic
Dr. Debbie is already seeing her usual increase in business this time of year. From candy poisoning to consumed costumes, Halloween always means trouble for thousands of pets across the country. Debbie will tell you what you need to know to stay out of the hospital.

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Animal Radio® Episode 672

Gay Dogs?Can Dogs Be Gay?
Dogs may exhibit behavior that we, as humans, construe as sexual behavior. The truth of the matter is that it has more to do with dominance and not sexual preference. Alan Kabel unravels the mystery that has many of us scratching our head in confusion.

Dogs getting high?Dogs Get High On Pot
Pooches getting high on pot is an increasing problem in states where medical marijuana is legal. Veterinarians say what used to be a rare problem is becoming alarmingly more common, and the results can be deadly. Dr. Stacy Meola says "Dogs most commonly get stoned by eating their owner's pot-enhanced foods." Our own Dr. Debbie White is upset when owners won't come clean in order to save their pet.

Flight of the ButterfliesFlight of The Butterflies
Dr. Chip Taylor was the advisor of the new 3-D hit IMAX movie "Flight of the Butterflies." He explains the intriguing migration of the Monarch from Mexico to Canada. You might be surprised about the life of this casual insect.

Armed & Dangerous Turtles
Dangerous TurtlesIf a pet turtle shows up at your home, do not take him in. He is considered armed and dangerous. No joke. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the number of Salmonella cases linked to tiny breeds of the reptile is on the rise.

Who Better To Find A Lost Dog Than Another Dog?
Anne Wills is the founder and executive director of Dogs Finding Dogs, a Baltimore-area nonprofit that uses trained tracking teams to search for lost pets.

Dog Hitchhikes Under The Hood
A dog survived a 110-mile trip beneath the hood of a Chevy Silverado with the blazing Southern California sun above. Jaime Magana of Chino says he had no idea there was a dog hitching a ride in the engine compartment until he stopped in San Clemente for lunch.

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Animal Radio® Episode 671

Debra Wilson on Animal Radio®Actress/Comedian Debra Wilson Guests
Mad TV's Debra Wilson has a thing for long, slimy, slithering reptiles. In fact, he shares her life with one. Get all the gooey details and find out why she's Nuts for Mutts.

Dancing Dogs
Author Jon Katz is back and this time he's sharing short stories about our strange and unique connection to our animals. You're not alone when you spoil your furry family.

Bully Sticks Recalled
Kasel Associated Industries is recalling its Boots & Barkley 6-Count 5-Inch American Beef Bully Sticks dog treats because of a possible salmonella contamination.

Nakio and Christine Pace on Animal Radio®Special Dog Gets Second Leash on Life
Nakio was a prime candidate to be euthanized when rescuers found all four of his paws frozen and useless. That until Christine Pace came into his life and arranged for prosthetics for all four of his feet.

Jerseyans Are Split on Dog Seatbelts
A new poll says New Jerseyans are split on car seatbelts for dogs. 45% of residents favor the idea, but a solid 40% oppose it. Violators would be subject to a $20 ticket.

Kids and AlligatorsHow About A Kid's Party Where You Swim With The Alligators!
A Florida company has decided to offer children unique pool parties the kids will likely never forget. The folks who run Alligator Attractions in Madeira Beach are offering live alligators that swim with the children at area pool parties.

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Animal Radio® Episode 670

Clint Eastwoods Daughter Alison Eastwood is on Animal Radio®Clint Eastwood's Daughter To Do TV Show
Alison Eastwood is about to kick off her new Reality TV show on Nat Geo. "Animal Invaders" focuses on exotic animals that are living in inadequate conditions. The first episode features monkeys living in an RV and tigers in a magic show act. She talks about life with dad and says Clint is allergic to horses, making much of his early days of film a tough act.

Dog Eats MoneyLiving Piggy Bank
A Florida couple doesn't seem to have any need for a piggy bank, since their ten-year-old beagle Arnie appears to be more than willing to fill the role of money-holder. Corey and Hope O'Kelley say their canine companion has twice swallowed hundreds of dollars in cash. The O'Kelleys were able to recover $100 after it passed through the dog's system, but they weren't as lucky when Arnie came back for a second expensive meal last month.

Dogs Banned From Downtown
A western Pennsylvania city working hard to revitalize a key 10-block stretch of its downtown business district is considering banning dogs from the area as part of the plan. Officials in Beaver Falls, population 10,000, believe part of the problem is that larger dogs, including Pit Bulls and Rottweilers, are sometimes left tied to parking meters by their owners.

Dog Holds VigilDog Holds Vigil At Grave For Six Years
A faithful dog is refusing to leave his master, even though he's been at his side for six years in a graveyard. An Argentinean newspaper reports the dog ran away from home after his owner died in 2006. One week later, the man's family found the German Shepherd wailing by his owner's grave.

360 Dogs Died From Jerky Treats Made In China
In the past year and a half, at least 360 dogs and one cat have died in the U.S. after eating chicken jerky pet treats made in China, according to a new online summary posted by the FDA. Meanwhile, more than 2,200 reports have come in to the agency from pet owners claiming their animals were sickened or died after eating these products.

Sugar Gliders as PetsSugar Gliders as a Pet
Dr. Laurie Hess is a small exotic pet veterinarian. She says we are woefully uneducated about the husbandry of birds and other small pets. The good doctor tells us about some great alternatives to dogs and cats, like the marsupial Sugar Glider.

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Animal Radio® Episode 669

Nat Geo's Incredible Dr. Pol is on Animal Radio®Nat Geo's Incredible Dr. Pol
Not only is he Incredible, but he has quite the sense of humor also. Dr. Pol describes what it's like to have a camera watching your every move, including when his arm is two feet up a cow's ... well ... you know.

Puppy IN Pants Results In Animal Cruelty
Puppy Shoved Down PantsA Colorado woman has been arrested on suspicion of animal cruelty after allegedly shoving her Chihuahua puppy down her pants. The incident occurred during a domestic dispute in which policed found Johna Turner arguing with a man. When police arrived, eyewitnesses told them to search Turner's pants and when they did a Chihuahua fell out.

DNA Poop Patrol
A homeowners association in Texas is trying to collect samples of dog poop for DNA testing. The HOA says too many dogs are doing their business in common areas, and they want a database of DNA profiles. That way, future messes will be matched to the correct owners in the small condominium complex, who will then be fined.

Couples fight over dogCouple's Fight Over Dog
Pet insurance company Esure say dogs cause 156 fights per year per family. The most contentious canine disputes center around who will take the little guy for a walk, whether he's allowed in bed, and where he goes when family vacations. 17% of doggie disputes leave owners sleeping on the couch.

Foul Mouthed BirdFoul Mouthed Cockatoo Offends Neighbors
A Rhode Island woman's allegedly foul-mouthed cockatoo is being accused of ruining her neighbors' quality of life. According to the "Boston Herald," Lynne Taylor is scheduled to return to court next week to fight allegations that she violated a city animal noise ordinance. Taylor's neighbors, her ex-husband Craig Fontaine and his girlfriend Kathleen Melker, say Taylor trained her pet bird Willy to yell curse words at them.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 668

Live from SuperZooAnimal Radio® is LIVE from SuperZoo Las Vegas
Our New Pet Product Special is from the floor of the Mandalay Bay Convention Center and the world's largest trade show for the pet industry. Not only are we featuring the best new stuff for you and your pet, we are also giving you every new product we're talking be ready to call us toll-free at 1-866-405-8405 to pick up on goodies from Tagg/Qualcomm, KURGO, Gumbone, Natural Balance, Petmate, Pet Hub and many more.

This years new products include a lot of gadgets, from GPS collars that tell how much activity, if any, your dog has had, to safety items that will keep you and your dog safe when you drive. We'll have them for your before you can buy them.

Jose Canseco Live from SuperZooDouble Header Jose Canseco and Steve Garvey Guest
Don't miss this opportunity to hear Jose Canseco go gaga over Dr. Debbie. And what in the world is Steve Garvey doing? And most importantly, where do their dogs sleep? Here's a hint....not in their dog-bed.

Rihanna Is The Latest Celeb Attacked By PETA
Get a life PETA and do something for the animalsÔÇŽRihanna is the latest pop star to spark the ire of PETA for her wardrobe. The animal rights organization is calling the singer out for the thigh-high snakeskin boots she was seen wearing in London last week. PETA reps recall Rihanna's tearful discussion about her relationship with Chris Brown in saying that the snakes are brutally killed for fashion but they "can't go on Oprah to cry about it."

Throwing Cow-piesDrought Causes Shortage of "Cow Pies"
Add one more problem caused by drought this summer, a shortage of cow pies. To the east of Minnesota, organizers have changed their line-up for the annual Wisconsin Cow-Chip Throwing Contest in Prairie du Sac. The quality of this year's crop, as it were, is questionable. So about 200 cow pies that were being held in reserve are being used to supplement the few that are okay to throw.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 667

Dr. Capers is on Animal Radio®Blessing of the Animals
He's back to bless your dogs, cats, fish, birds, snakes, and even your iguanas! Dr. James Capers claims to be fluent in "parrot" among other languages. His charismatic personality will put a smile on your face and his blessing will bring your pet years of happiness.

Rock Eating Kitty
Dr. Debbie takes on some of America's biggest challenges every week. This week it's all about a cat that eats rocks. What would make a kitty do such a thing. How do you stop this behavior before it becomes trouble?

Dr. Paris Revoir is on Animal Radio┬«The Truth About Cats and DogsÔÇŽand Fleas
Dr. Paris Revoir know things about ticks and fleas that will make you squirm. Fleas on your pet make up only 5% of the problem. The good doctor has solutions to rid your pet from these pests and keep them tapeworm-free.

Craigslist Scam On Lost Pets
Craiglist ScamLosing a pet is an emotional time for any pet owner and the best possible scenario is for your pet to come home on its own, the next is to receive a call from someone who found your pet, safe and uninjured. The Connecticut Humane Society has issued a warning about a scam, preying on vulnerable pet owners.

Candy Eating Cows
Cows that eat candyYou know what they say: "If life gives you bulk quantities of defective candy unfit for human consumption, make chocolate-laced cattle feed." Or that's what they say in Kentucky apparently, where an industrious cattleman has responded to skyrocketing corn prices by swapping out the corn in his 1,400 cows' diets for low-grade candy.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 666

Animal Movers Reality TVReality TV
If your last airplane flight had you sitting next to a baboon, it could've been for a client of Pacific Pet Transport, the latest company to get a Reality TV show. They move animals for the rich and famous. From rhinos to snakes, James Nelligan shares their travels and spills the beans on Alanis Morissette and several other big names.

Banned Pit BullBanned Pit Bulls
Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) has many up in arms over these ridiculous laws. What's the real story behind Lennox, the dog put to sleep simply because he was a Pit Bull in a county that outlaws them. Even big cities like Denver are saying "no" to Pit Bulls. Good laws or just plain arrogance? Tammy Crew tells you about an organization that has formed to fight BSL.

Rogue TurtleRogue Turtle
Searching for an escaped turtle requires more thinking than walking. Zeke couldn't have gone far. Driving that shell around town can't be easy, and top-speed is about 300 yards per hour. Still, after much searching, and a blast of publicity that has made him a North Shore celebrity.

Baby Boomers and PetsBaby Boomers Giving Up On Pets
While we have heard about people abandoning animals because they couldn't afford them any longer, it's more likely the decline in ownership is due to people choosing not to bring new pets into their households after their old pets have passed away, Stephen Zawistowski, science advisor to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), says that the aging baby boomer population may be part of the reason why fewer pets are in homes.

No More Fried Green Tomatoes
While you shouldn't be feeding your dog table scraps anyway, now there is a warning to avoid green tomatoes altogether. The chemicals in un-ripe tomatoes and even raw potatoes can easily cause your dog to go into seizures. Dr. Debbie has what you need to know to protect your pup.

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Animal Radio® Episode 665

DEVO's Gerald Casale on Animal Radio®DEVO Guests on Animal Radio®
The group responsible for introducing new-wave to Generation X is our special guest. Founder Gerald Casale has a brand new song that was written about Seamus, the infamous dog haunting Mitt Romney's campaign.

Do Dogs Dream?
Stanley Coren on Animal Radio®World renown scientist Stanley Coren is answering all the questions we pondered about our dog. Do they dream? If so, what about? Do they know who is in the mirror? Can they see TV? Can dogs hear better than humans? Is it true that a dogs vision is horrible. What colors can our dogs see? So many questions, plenty of time for answers.

Rabies is one of the only unconquered fatal diseases both humans and animals have to deal with. While it's mostly in third-world countries, we still have lots to fear in the U.S.! Wired Magazine's Senior Editor Bill Wasik and Veterinarian Monica Murphy fill us in on the world's most diabolical virus.

On the Lighter Side
Michael Jackson Bird PoopOne man's hopes of selling bird droppings he says bore a resemblance to the late King of Pop have been washed away. Brandon Tudor of Oswego, Illinois says he immediately noticed the likeness to Michael Jackson when the droppings hit the windshield of his 1996 Cadillac Seville. The 29-year-old father of three put the windshield up for sale on eBay with a starting bid of $500,000, but his hopes of turning a profit disappeared when rains washed away the windshield art.

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Animal Radio® Episode 664

Bob Barker on Animal Radio®Bob Barker Makes 10th Guest Shot
The legendary TV host and Animal Advocate Bob Barker is proud that he's the most frequent guest on Animal Radio® and vows to protect that record. He's visiting this time to debunk the myth that the end of movie credit "No Animals Were Harmed" is true. He says Hollywood is in the American Humane Association's pocket, and that money is to blame for most animal cruelty.

Victoria Stilwell on Animal Radio®Get Your Licks on Route 66
Victoria Stilwell is the spokesperson for this year's cross-country adoption tour, sponsored by Fido Friendly and Animal Radio®. She shares her plans for this tour and what TV show she's working on now.

Over The Top Pet Owners
Beth Stern gets TV job on her own merit.There should be no shortage of potential profile subjects for this show: Nat Geo has just ordered a new series called Spoiled Rotten Pets, hosted by Howard Stern's wife, Beth Stern. As the nicely self-explanatory title suggests, the series is about pet owners who go over the top when taking care of their animals.

Cheetah Cubs Named After American Sprinters
Jeter CheetahTwo of the planet's fastest land mammals now have names fitting their status. Washington, DC's National Zoo has teamed up with USA Track & Field to name two new cheetah cubs after Justin Gatlin and Carmelita Jeter, who were the fastest American sprinters in the 100-meter dash in the London Olympics.

Golden YearsYour Dog's Golden Years
Jennifer Kachnic has compiled the works of 20 veterinarian's and experts to help prepare you for dealing with an older dog. Everything from supplements to anticipatory grieving, she shares all.

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Animal Radio® Episode 663

Jo Anne Worley is on Animal Radio®Funny Lady Jo Anne Worley Guests
Known for her antics on Laugh-in, Jo Anne Worley is an unforgettable voice speaking out for the animals as part of the celebrity group Actors and Others for Animals. She shares the details of her life with a small breed dog and how she sneaks him everywhere.

Bark Mitzvah (AP)A Real Life Pet Entertainer
Can you imagine someone devoting their life to entertaining pets, chaperoning them on dates, and performing marriages and Bark-Mitzvahs for the four-legged. Bring your pets around the radioÔÇŽ.Lee Day is gonna sing to them.

Mouse Steals DenturesMouse Retribution
When a senior complained that a mouse was out to get him, everybody laughed. But when his dentures went missing, who could explain why they were found inside a wall. Did a vengeful mouse really steal this man's teeth?

Michael Vick Wants A Puppy
Michael Vicks Pleas for PuppyIt seems like it was only a few years ago that football player Michael Vick was convicted of animal cruelty in his involvement with dogfighting. Now he wants to get a puppy for his kid. This evokes emotions on both sides of the fence. Hear what everybody is saying about this.

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Animal Radio® Episode 662

Jamie Farr on Animal Radio®M*A*S*H's "Klinger", Jamie Farr Guests
Known for his outlandish role on the long-running series M*A*S*H, Jamie Farr started his career cleaning the cages of chinchillas. Animals have always been a part of his life and he's proud to share his story.

What Are The Chances Your Pet Will Be Lost?
Lost Pet?The ASPCA did a survey of pet owners to find out if they ever lost their pets. A Whopping 15% misplaced their furry companion in the last 5 years. What is the best technique for keeping track of your dog or cat, or even iguana? ASPCA's Dr. Emily Weiss explains.

Man Breaks No Laws Dressing As A Goat
The Utah photographer who spotted a person dressed like a mountain goat on an Ogden hillside is describing his encounter. Coty Creighton says the photos showing a costumed human mingling with real wild goats on Ben Lomond Peak. State officials say mountain goats can become aggressive and inflict serious harm. They also worry the individual dressed as a goat could be mistaken for wild game by hunters.

Pet PlaytimeIf You Want To Put More Playtime Into Your Life, Get A Dog!
A recent poll shows that adults who have a dog are 30% more likely to carve out opportunities several times a week to play. And for 61%, the play companion they enjoy the most is their dog. By comparison 48% would rather play with their spouse or significant other.

Laundry CatDon't Toss The Cat In With The Laundry
A Scottish woman will most likely sort her laundry a little more carefully after she accidentally tossed her cat in the washing machine. Emma Lothian says her family's ten-week-old tortoiseshell, was apparently sleeping in the laundry basket with a pile of dirty clothes, and wound up going through the hot-water wash cycle before she was discovered.

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Animal Radio® Episode 661

Paula Poundstone on Animal Radio®Comedian Paula Poundstone Guests
There's no question that Paula Poundstone loves animals. She has a bearded dragon, 16 cats and 1 ant in her ant farm. When people ask how she got 16 cats, she says she had 15 and then she added one. She not only will make you laugh, but we also have tickets for her U.S. Perpetual Tour.

Wendy Diamond on Animal Radio®The World's Most Expensive Pet Wedding
Wendy Diamond was proud to host the most expensive pet wedding according to Guinness. All in all, over $178,000 so two dogs could live in wedded bliss. She shares all the juicy details including what happened on the honeymoon. Wendy will be also breaking common myths about cats and how to effectively get rid of fleas.

Hypo Allergenic?Hypo-Allergenic Dog Is All "Hype"
Sorry, allergic dog lovers. A new study published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology claims that "hypoallergenic" canines had more allergy-causing protein in their fur than did dogs without the label.

Infants Raised With Cats And Dogs Are Healthier
Healthy BabyA recent study found that babies who lived with a dog were less likely to develop breathing problems and infections. The study found infants that were raised in a dog-friendly home were subjected to fewer weeks spent with a cough, ear infection and runny nose. In addition, they required fewer antibiotics compared to infants raised in a dog-free home.

Not a Pit BullPublic Outcry Over Dog's Euthanasia
Despite a global outcry from animal rights activists, a dog was put to sleep in Belfast, Ireland, because city officials said it looked like a pit bull. The 7-year-old pug-nosed dog, Lennox, was at the center of two-year legal battle. Pit bulls are illegal in the United Kingdom. Lennox's owners argued he was not only 'not dangerous'--he was not even a pit bull.

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Animal Radio® Episode 660

Doris Day on Animal Radio®Doris Day Hangs With Animal Radio®
The legendary actress and singer, Doris Day spends a great deal of time tending to her two animal organizations. She tells us how she's using monies to save creatures all around the world and in our own backyard.

Ever Been Called A "Bird-Brain?"
What was once considered an insult now is actually a compliment! Birds are much smarter than you might think. They have learned a lot from humans too. Crows will use a piece of bark to wind-surf. And that's just the beginning of what we are starting to understand about our feathered friends. Dr. John Marzluff shares his research with you.

When Pigs Fly ÔÇô The Time Is Now!
When Pigs FlyTo those terrified travelers who say, "I'll get on a plane when pigs fly," maybe you can start packing now. The Department of Transportation has drafted new guidelines that would allow animals, including exotic pets such as miniature horses, monkeys, and yes, pot-bellied pigs on commercial flights - if they're used for "emotional support" by their owners.

Pets Grieve For Humans and Other Animals
Pets EmotionsJon Tumilson's dog, Hawkeye, was an important part of his life. And, as it turns out, Tumilson was an important part of Hawkeye's life. After the Navy SEAL was killed in Afghanistan, Hawkeye's reaction to his owner's death generated a lot of buzz. Grief is one of the basic emotions dogs experience. Dogs also feel fear, happiness, sadness and anger, as well as possessiveness.

Bring Your Pup To Dog Friendly Vacation Spots
Need a vacation but can't bear to part with your precious pup? Kelly Carter has tail-wagging destinations in Aspen, Colorado, Boston, Massachusetts, Del Mar & Los Angeles County, California. There's just no reason to leave your furry-companion at home anymore.

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Animal Radio® Episode 659

Joy Behar on Animal Radio®Joy Behar Guests
She has strong opinions, especially when it comes to letting her pets in bed with her. The View's Joy Behar is our special guest and she tells all about her furry family. She's a talented comedian and writer, and she couldn't care less what trainers say about sleeping with your dog. She loves it!

Recalled Food Contains Plastic
Mars Petcare has announced a recall of some varieties of Pedigree canned dog food because of a potential choking risk. The recall affects only weight management varieties, was issued after the discovery of small pieces of blue plastic that entered the food during the production process.

Feeling like suicide?Kitty Litter Suicides
A parasite commonly found in kitty litter boxes could increase a person's risk for suicide. A new study shows the Toxoplasma Gondii parasite causes changes in the brain of an infected person that make them more likely to attempt or commit suicide.

Blankets of LoveBlankets of Love
Eileen Smulson is the Top Dog and "Blankets of Love," a non-profit that collects items needed to make homeless animals more comfortable and ultimately more adoptable.

Losing Weight While Walking Your Dog
Janine Lechuga was overweight until she invented a multi-tasking leash that counts your calories burned when you walk. She's lost 50 pounds and has created a great new pet product too.

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Animal Radio® Episode 658

Bret Michaels on Animal Radio®Bret Michaels Guests
What does a big rock star do after his reality television series? Well, he designs a line of pet toys and clothing, of course. That's exactly what pet-loving rocker Bret Michaels has done. He share with us what led up to this moment and how dogs helped him recover from a brain hemorrhage.

Tori Spelling Has A Passion For Fashion -- And So Does Her Pet Chicken!
Tori Spelling and PigExpecting her fourth child with husband Dean McDermott, the actress and reality star, 39, is no stranger to donning chic vintage looks, and Spelling says she's dressing one of her family members the same way. No, not 4-year-old daughter, Stella -- her pet chicken, Coco! "I call her a pocket chicken because she loves to be held and go places with me." A silkie bantam chicken, Coco has quite the wardrobe thanks to Spelling and her crafting skills. "I make her outfits to mimic my vintage dresses." The family also has a pet pig named Hank, who Spelling says sleeps in bed with her and McDermott.

MUGLYMugly The Ugly!
An eight-year-old Chinese crested named Mugly is receiving the dubious honor of being the world's ugliest dog. Mugly took first place in the 24th World's Ugliest Dog Contest. The competition is held annually at the Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma, California. Mugly beat out 29 other competitors. The first-place winner receives a trophy and a thousand dollar prize.  

The Dangers of Flea Treatments
When an Animal Radio® listener called in after two of his cats died after using a spot-on flea treatment, Dr. Debbie investigates and has the lowdown on just how dangerous these drugs can be if not used properly.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 657

Nancy Cartwright on Animal Radio®Nancy Cartwright Guests
Probably the most recognized voice in the world, the extremely talented Nancy Cartwright aka Bart Simpson (The Simpsons) shares stories about her dogs, cats, sea-horses, and even her prized fiberglass cow named "Milkdud."

Bowser Beer
A Seattle-based company has come up with a new way for man's best friend to kick back and stay cool during the dog days of summer. Founder Jenny Brown says she's created a non-alcoholic drink for dogs she's dubbed Bowser Beer. Brown says she spent more than a year developing the flat broth mixture with barley, vitamins and glucosamine for healthy joints.

Pen Farthing on Animal Radio®One Dog At A Time
Pen Farthing and his troop of young Royal Marines survived frequent engagements with the Taliban. Appalled by the horrors of local dog fighting in Afghanistan, Pen had no choice but to intervene. Now he devotes his life to rescuing dogs from the war-torn region.

Willie NelsonWillie Nelson Supports Ban On Slaughtering Horses
Willie Nelson continues to support the ban on the slaughtering of wild horses. The country legend states that there's no reason for the slaughter. He adds that protecting the animals could actually provide jobs.

Recall: Plastic Parts Found In Food
Mars Petcare US announced a voluntary recall of a limited range of three varieties of PEDIGREE® weight management canned dog food products due to a potential choking risk. Affected product may contain small pieces of blue plastic, which entered the food during the production process.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 656

Emmylou Harris on Animal Radio®Emmylou Harris Guests
The very multi-talented musician and animal advocate Emmylou Harris is our special guest for this week's Season of the Stars. Emmylou runs an animal rescue on her property in Nashville.

Do You Use Your Dog As Date Bait?
Would you use your Dalmatian to get a date with a like-minded person? Do people use their dogs as date bait? A recent survey about what breeds are attractive to the opposite sex revealed that if attracting a date is your goal, you can't go wrong with retrievers, popular breeds for both sexes. According to the survey, the top dog breed to attract men is Golden Retrievers, followed by Labrador Retrievers, Chihuahuas, Poodles and Beagles.

PETA's Unorthodox Strategy
Ron Jeremy for PETAPETA is known for using controversial methods to bring attention to animal issues. With the launch of, a sexy website featuring Ron Jeremy, Jenna Jameson, Rose McGowan and the controversial Sasha Grey, the animal rights organization is attempting to raise awareness for animals.

Puppies Instead of Panhandling
Homeless Plan for SFOSan Francisco's plans on using dogs to reduce its panhandling problem. The city will initiate a new program, believed to be the first of its kind in the country, encouraging homeless individuals to give up panhandling. In exchange, they'll receive a small stipend to foster problematic puppies until they're ready for adoption. Participants must promise to stop panhandling, and if they are caught begging with the puppy, the animal will be taken back to the shelter. In exchange, the approved applicant will receive $50-$75 a week, as well as several training sessions, regular check-ins, and all the dog food, toys, leashes and veterinary care they need. Participants will ideally be trained in grooming, dog walking or other animal-related skills so that they can join the regular workforce.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 655

Josh Duhamel on Animal Radio®Heart-throb Josh Duhamel Guests
Actor and hubby of Fergie (Black Eyed Peas), Josh Duhamel has a thing for dogs! He's teamed up with PetSmart Charities to promote their 5 millionth adoption. He changed his way of thinking when he met "Meatloaf," a dog that was named that because it resembled one.

Half Cat ÔÇô Half Machine!
CaticopterA Dutch artist is honoring his departed feline friend by creating a "half cat, half machine." Bart Jansen turned the taxidermied remains of his pet Orville into a working radio-controlled helicopter. Jansen explains that Orville was named after iconic aviator Orville Wright, so taking him airborne seemed like a fitting tribute. Jansen says Orville will be "flying with the birds" once he gets larger propellers and more powerful engines on his birthday.

First Recalls, Then Lawsuits
Recall LawsuitFollowing an ever-increasing list of Salmonella-related recalls, Diamond Pet Foods faces what may be the first lawsuit filed in connection with the illness. Pritzker Olsen, a national law firm specializing in food safety, filed the suit last week against Diamond Pet Food Processors and Costco Wholesale Corp. in U.S. District Court in New Jersey. According to the firm's website, the suit was filed on behalf of the father of an infant who was sickened by a rare strain of salmonella infants and hospitalized for three days.

"Click It Or Ticket" Applies To Pets Too
Click it or TicketNew Jersey is cracking down on pets in transit - and says "click it or ticket" now applies to cats and dogs, too. The SPCA and Motor Vehicle Commision teamed up at a public education event in the Garden State to talk about the dangers of transporting animals without proper restraint. New Jersey is the only state where driving with pets loose in the car is a violation of animal cruelty law. Drivers cited for failing to properly secure their pet, can face a ticket of between $250 and $1,000 and as much as six months in jail.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 654

Glenn Close on Animal Radio®Damages' Glenn Close Guests
Despite her anti-animal roles she plays, Glenn Close is very much an animal lover. In fact, she even blogs about dogs and the relationships with their people. The Oscar winning actress spills all as she joins the Animal Radio® gang for the Season of Stars.

Nearly Half Of All Pet Owners Will Travel This Summer, an international pet travel and pet transportation service provider, has announced the results of its third annual Summer Pet Travel Survey. For 2012, travel trends have fluctuated, but overall the popularity of pet travel is holding steady and consumer demands are more specific than ever. Nearly half of pet owners will travel this summer. 47% of respondents said they planned to travel with their pets within the next three months, and another 40% plan to travel within the next year.

Now's The Time To Start Worrying About Ticks
Tick SeasonWashington's Health Department says it's time to worry about ticks now that summer is here. Veterinarian Dr. Ruth McPete says few people realize that modern rural housing developments are often making America's tick problem worse. She says those fragments are fertile breeding grounds for ticks. Ticks can carry health problems such as Lyme disease.

Cat Scratch Fever
Cat Scratch FeverWe'll share practical way to avoid inappropriate scratching and how to deal with cat bites, which can turn serious and ugly very fast. Why do local authorities need to quarantine domestic cats that bite? Dr. Debbie has answers.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 653

Jenna Fischer on Animal Radio®The Office's Jenna Fischer Visits
Don't miss this "must hear" interview with Jenna Fischer (Pam from NBC's The Office)! She shares her most intimate secrets about her cat and how she spoils the furball. She says "I'm guilty of allowing my cat on the dinner table. When guests are over and he hops on the table, I pretend like that's the first time it's ever happened."

Dogs in the City Justin Silver on Animal Radio®Dogs In The City
Justin Silver from the new hit TV reality series "Dogs in the City" (CBS) says that most dog behavior problems actually stem from the owner. His new show is all about developing the relationship between dog and human.

Lucky and Wendy DiamondLucky's In A Rush To Get Married
If you missed Lucky the dog's posh wedding shower, you can still make it to her July 12 wedding at New York's exclusive Essex House Hotel. Lucky, who holds the world record as the animal most photographed with celebrities, has a new mission: searching for a husband. The marital-minded Maltese is taking applications for the right "Guy," which owner and animal advocate Wendy Diamond says need not necessarily be a canine.

Would You Take Your Dog To Church With You?
Dogs in ChurchA Florida pastor says he decided not to turn away any four-legged parishioners who wanted to join their two-legged companions at church this past weekend. Pastor David Hughes says almost 500 dogs filled the pews for the first of two Dog Day Weekend services at the Church of the Glades in Coral Springs.

10 Best Cities To Be A Pet
Headline News and World Report announced the 10 Best Cities to be a Pet. Arizona took the cake with a 40% showing. Four out of 10 cities were in Arizona. The poll was based on a spending analysis that was conducted. The study encompassed a recent analysis of transactions by Bundle, a spending analysis firm. The study proved that the city with the highest average dollars spent on pets was Scottsdale, Arizona.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 652

Sheena Easton on Animal Radio®Pop Diva Sheena Easton Guests
There is nobody more "into" her cats than singer Sheena Easton. She tells us all about her "gangstas" of fur! Even her kids thinks she'll be the proverbial "old cat lady."

Get Paid To Watch Videos
Members of the nonprofit Farm Animal Rights Movement are offering people $1 to watch a short video that shows gruesome scenes of slaughter and abuse of chickens, pigs and cows at unidentified farming operations. The images they will watch on video are graphic enough, organizers hope, that people will turn away and stop eating meat.

What your dog doesn't want you to knowThings Your Dog Doesn't Want You To Know
Why is it dogs turn in circles before they lay down? Why must they roll in the smelliest thing around? How come they hog the bed? These questions and more answered by 11 canines via Hy Conrad and Jeff Johnson.

KNUXMan Spends $60,000 In Custody Battle For Dog
Craig Dershowitz tells NBC's "Today" show he's already racked up $60,000 in legal bills trying to win custody of Knuckles after his ex kidnapped the dog and took him across the country. Dershowitz has started a website to raise funds for his legal efforts. He's offering a "Free Knux" t-shirt for $25 and a $250 game of fetch with Knuckles when the dog "hopefully" returns.

It's The Food Recall That Just Wont End ÔÇô Now It's The Cat Food
From the recall of a single batch of its "Diamond Naturals" dry dog food on April 6 for possible salmonella contamination, Diamond Pet Foods has expanded the recall on eight separate occasions, endured a week-long inspection of one of its plants by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which criticized its practices, and most recently acknowledged that cats are also at risk.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 651

Ed Asner on Animal Radio®Ed Asner Makes Us Laugh
Animal Radio's Season of Stars continues the very dry-witted actor Ed Asner. His love for animals is paramount in his story-telling. He says, "If I get to the pearly gates and they won't allow my pets, then I'm going somewhere else."

Feed Your Dog RightFish Tank Kings
Mat Roy and Jose Blanco are the Fish Tank Kings and they just built a tank that serves as the back-stop of the new Marlins Stadium. It cost a mere $390,000! Their new show debuts on Nat Geo Wild.

Lost Bird Blurts Out Address
Lost birdA parakeet was able to make it home safe and sound thanks to his expanded vocabulary. After the bird escaped his house, eventually stopped at a hotel, where he was apprehended and handed over to police. Authorities say the bird didn't give any indication he could talk until he suddenly blurted out his home address.

Diamond Pet Food Recall Expands Yet Again
The FDA has expanded the national recall of food manufactured at a Diamond Plant in South Carolina after 14 humans became infected with the Salmonella virus after touching pet-food. Many high-level brands are produced there and have been recalled. An inspection of the plant has shown four violations.

Man Spends $60,000 In Custody Battle For Dog
KNUXA New York man is looking for a little financial assistance after spending thousands of dollars trying to get his dog back from his ex-girlfriend. Craig Dershowitz tells NBC's "Today" show he's already racked up $60,000 in legal bills trying to win custody of Knuckles after his ex kidnapped the dog and took him across the country. His ex calls it revenge, but he disagrees. With the court battle still raging, Dershowitz has started a website to raise funds for his legal efforts. He's offering a variety of gifts for people to buy, including a "Free Knux" t-shirt for $25 and a $250 game of fetch with Knuckles when the dog "hopefully" returns to New York.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 650

Gary Burghoff on Animal Radio®Gary Burghoff Joins Us
Animal Radio's Season of Stars continues with actor Gary Burghoff (M*A*S*H). His character on the long-running series was developed after the writer saw his love for animals.

Diamond Expands Recall
Diamond Pet Foods has expanded a Salmonella related dog food recall begun in early April to include its Diamond Puppy Formula, Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul Adult Light Formula dry dog food. Many companies with food made in the same plant are following suit. No illnesses have been reported in dogs, but so far 14 cases of salmonella in humans have been found in nine states, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Affected humans may have caught salmonella from handling the dry dog food and then handling their own food, or from cross contamination with utensils. The CDC is still investigating the outbreak. More detailed recall information for the specific affected brands can be found at You may also view the latest inspection report of the food plant, which still has four violations. Purina has also recalled its Overweight Cat Food for ingredient issues.
Feed Your Dog Right
Feed Your Best Friend Better
"Dog Food Dude" Rick Woodford explains how easy it is to make healthy food for your pet. Quit dodging bullets and avoid all the recalls with fresh food for your furry-companion.

Dog Receives Life In Prison
Dog gets life in prisonThe bad dog of the neighborhood has received a life prison sentence. The wolf dog hybrid named Chief, once ordered destroyed for aggressive behavior, will become a guard dog at Louisiana's maximum security prison.

Bad Economy Doesn't Mean Cutting Back On Pet Expenses
Most pets aren't feeling the pinch of higher gas and grocery prices. Three-quarters of the respondents in a new poll say the economy hasn't caused them to cut back on pet expenses. In addition, 21% report spending between $51 and $100 on their pets each month, while 12% shell out more than $100 on Fluffy and Fido every 30 days. Just over a third admit they spend more money on their pets than they do on their friends, and 32% put more money toward their pets than their family.

Animal Radio® Episode 649

Victoria Jackson on Animal Radio®Victoria Jackson Guests
Animal Radio's Season of Stars continues with comedian Victoria Jackson (Saturday Night Live). There's no stopping her when it comes to yapping about her pets. She talks about how her dog got her kicked off a TV sitcom.

Lush Lawn Can Cause Cancer In Dogs
A lush lawn creates a sense of pride for many American homeowners, but a new study finds that utilizing a chemical lawn service to achieve those results is likely causing malignant cancer in many pet dogs.

Couples and Their Pets
World renown Psychiatrist Dr. Joyce Brothers discusses the relationship between humans and pets, especially when they come between partners.

Canine Food TrucksDoggie Ice Cream Trucks and Vending Machines For Fido!
A handful of new businesses are going after the pampered pet set with gourmet snacks, frozen desserts and even vending machines for dogs. A number of areas have also seen canine food trucks hit the streets.

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Animal Radio® Episode 648

Eddie Money is on Animal Radio®Eddie Money Guests
Animal Radio's Season of Stars continues with rocker Eddie Money. He loves his dogs except when they do their business on his living room carpet.

The Cat Owners Manual
ABC's Good Morning America Veterinarian Dr. Marty Becker is back and showing off his 20th, and probably his best, book about cat ownership. He also talks candidly about being a Veterinarian.

New LA LawsLA Pet Stores Forced To Sell Rescues Only
The cute puppy and kitten faces peering out from Los Angeles malls and storefronts could soon all be rescues. The LA City Council voted 11-1 in favor of banning stores from selling dogs, cats and rabbits that are not rescues.

Butterfly SmugglingThe $46,000 Butterfly
Jessica Speart chronicled the 200 million dollar a year butterfly smuggling business. She followed one of the notorious smugglers and shares her story about Winged Obsession.

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Animal Radio® Episode 647

David Bellamy's ZedonkThe Bellamy Brothers' Zoo
Animal Radio's Season of Stars continues with The Bellamy Brothers' David Bellamy. He practically has a zoo at his house which includes dogs, cats, a parrot and even a Zedonk!

Treating Your Pet With OTC Drugs
Dr. Robert Ridgeway wrote a book on how to treat your pets with over-the-counter medicines from your local store. He says this book is for those that would never go to the vet. Our Dream Team is somewhat skeptical.

Steven Weber and DukeWings' Steven Weber Guests
In a Season of Stars Double Header, actor Steven Weber explains what it's like to work with a dog in his made-for-TV Hallmark movie. He plays a war veteran suffering from PTSD and finds solace in his dog Duke.

Gov. Jerry Brown wants this dog deadCalifornia Governor Making Enemies
Governor Jerry Brown is trying to pass an initiative that would further limit an animal's time at a shelter from 6 days to 72 hours. In addition, there would be no required holding period for pets like turtles or guinea pigs; they could be killed immediately, simply to save the state some money.

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Animal Radio® Episode 646

Ed Begley Jr. on Animal Radio®Your Pet's Carbon Paw-print
Animal Radio® celebrates Earth Day with actor Ed Begley Jr. Well-known for being green before green was cool, he'll share ideas for reducing your pet's carbon paw-print and saving money at the same time.

Canine Fender Bender
A woman recently returned from her shopping trip at the mall to discover her car had been hit by a vehicle driven by three dogs. She later learned the owner had left it running with the animals inside and they somehow managed to put it into gear.

Accident Prone PetsTop Pet Accident-Prone States
Petplan Pet Insurance compiled a list of states that are more likely to have accident prone pets. California tops the list followed by Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

What's wrong with a little rawhide treat now and then? A lot! Besides the lacks of nutritional value, it is commonly a choking hazard. Dr. Debbie sees choking cases in her office several times a year caused by splintered rawhide treats. Some are fatal!

Benefits of Pets at Work
Pets at WorkA new study supports the stress reducing benefits of bringing your pooch to work. The study also reveals that workers have an increased level of job satisfaction and work productivity as well as higher staff morale.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 645

Doug Gray on Animal Radio®Doug Gray Guests
Animal Radio's Season of Stars continues with the lead singer for The Marshall Tucker Band, Doug Gray. He shares his life with animals, including anecdotes about his Persian kitties, "Cheech & Chong."

Overprotective Owners
Are you fearful that your dog will catch a disease if you let him out of the yard. You're not alone. Numbers of "backyard prisoners" are growing and causing more behavioral problems in the long run. Both Vladae and Dr. Debbie have answers to battle this epidemic.

Basset dials for helpDog Dials for Help
Emergency responders in the U.K. say a 2 year-old Basset Hound dialed 9-9-9, the British version of 9-1-1, while he was choking on the phone's cord. The dog reportedly knocked over the phone and became tangled in the cord, and somehow managed to dial for help.

Luggage-Inspecting Beagles
Izzy is among a small number of Beagles employed by TSA that lives and works at an airport. His job is to smell luggage for fruit, meat, plants, seeds and vegetables. Federal officials won't disclose how many canines are employed as "passive response dogs."

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Animal Radio® Episode 644

Kristin Chenoweth on Animal Radio®Kristin Chenoweth Guests
She's a rising star on ABC's new hit series GCB. Kristin Chenoweth loves her animals, especially her dog Maddie. She even formed a non-profit organization named after Maddie to help animals all over the world. This little "hot tamale" continues the Season of Stars on Animal Radio®

Prince Lorenzo Borghese on Animal Radio®Don't Call Him Prince
Prince Lorenzo Borghese doesn't want to be known for his title. He doesn't want to be remembered for his roll on ABC's The Bachelor. He wants people to know him for his line of Royal Pet Products. He's joins us to explain his roll in ending the needless euthanasia of pets simply because they're homeless.

What's Up With Dog TV?
Would you pay $4.99 a month for a cable TV channel just for your dog? Chief Content Creator of DogTV Ron Levi hopes so. He believes that his new channel is the answer for separation anxiety and noise related stress issues. Now you have to fight your dog for the remote.

Panda Poo TeaWhat To Do With Panda Poo
It seems like there's been a lot of new uses for Panda Poo ever since the rising popularity during the Beijing Olympics. Now a Chinese business man is trying to strike it rich by selling an organic tea he grew in Panda Poo. Each cup of his tea costs about $200.

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Animal Radio® Episode 643

Iron Chef Cat Cora on Animal Radio®Iron Chef Cat Cora Guests
No stranger to the Food NetworkÔäó - Iron Chef Cat Cora is not only a pro in the kitchen, she's an outspoken animal advocate. She wants you to know that baby seals are still being clubbed over the head in Canada - and she wants to put a stop to it.

Saying Goodbye
Deciding when a close family pet should be euthanized isn't an easy task. Dealing with the death of your furry companion is inevitable and can be the hardest thing you've ever had to deal with. Gary Kowalski imparts great wisdom on the subject.

Dustin Hoffman Series CancelledHBO Cancels Dustin Hoffman Series
HBO cancelled production of its series "Luck" after an injured horse had to be euthanized. This is the third horse death during the filming that has garnered controversial publicity because of the American Humane Association's "No Animals Were Harmed" accreditation.

No State Dog for KansasThere's No Place Like Home
Toto, the Cairn Terrier won't become the Kansas State Dog after all. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has recommended the state house not hear legislation fearing that it would spurn puppy mill production of the breed.

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Animal Radio® Episode 642

Carrie Ann Inaba on Animal Radio®Dancing With Nascar
Animal Radio's Season of the Stars continues with Dancing With The Stars Judge Carrie Ann Inaba and NASCAR's Cory Joyce. Both have a special relationship with their pets and spend a lot of time helping animal organizations.

Plastic Surgery For Your Pet
What lengths will pet owners go to help their pets? How about plastic surgery. Our own Dr. Debbie just finished performing a vaginal tuck on a dog. As strange as this may sound, it has provided the pup with a disease-free life. Another couple in England paid $16,000 for a tummy-tuck and face-lift.

50 Billion Spent on Pets50.96 Billion Spent on Pets in 2011
For the first time in history, more than $50 Billion has gone to the dogs, cats, canaries, guppies and the like according to the American Pet Products Association. The pet industry is a major attraction for entrepreneurs and investors looking for creative and innovative products.

Freeze Dried PetsFreeze Dry Your Pet
When our pets die, it is often a painful loss. Now, that emotional connection between owner and pet has many animal lovers turning to a growing trend, but not without controversy, of freeze drying them.

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Animal Radio® Episode 641

Davy Jones
Davy Jones and IndianatownMonkees' Davy Jones recorded an interview with Animal Radio® before he died. It was scheduled to be a part of Animal Radio's Season of Stars. We tribute him by airing the interview which will send chills down your spine. He starts out by saying "most people think I'm dead, I'm not, I'm just out there." His love for his animals, horses in particular, is quite evident. He died alongside his horses. Don't miss this amazing interview of an incredible pop icon.

Worst Pet Teeth In America
Worst Teeth In AmericaBanfield Applied Research & Knowledge (BARK), determined a list of states with the "Worst Pet Teeth in America." Using Banfield's patient database of over 800 hospitals, states were ranked by the percent of dogs and cats diagnosed with dental disease. Worst Pet Teeth in America: 1. Minnesota; 2. Utah; 3. South Carolina; 4. South Dakota; and 5. Rhode Island.

Pet Custody Cases On Rise
Pet CustodyCustody cases involving pets are on the rise across the country. In a 2006 survey by the 1,600-member American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, a quarter of respondents said pet custody cases had increased noticeably since 2001. Pets are considered property in every state in the country. For years, they have been divvied up like furniture during divorce proceedings. But times are changing.

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Animal Radio® Episode 640

Cloned PuppiesHe Cloned His Dog!
George Semel cloned his dog after it was mauled by a Rottweiler. Now the Koreans are holding his three cloned puppies for ransom. They want more than the $50,000 he was initially asked to pay. And what proof does he have that these are actually cloned animals? None yet. Join us as TLC's "I Cloned My Pet" films this compelling interview.

Elayne Boosler Guests on Animal Radios Season of StarsElayne Boosler Guests
Yes, she's one of America's most outstanding comics, but she's also an animal advocate with her own 501c3 organization created to help the smaller shelters save animals. Find out why she hates the Humane Society of the United States and the ASPCA.

Cemetery Welcomes Man's Best Friend
Families have been known to skirt cemetery rules in trying to reunite Fido or Patches with their owners, slipping a tiny tub of ashes into a casket or sprinkling their remains at a grave site when no one's looking. But come spring, animal lovers won't have to be so sneaky anymore in one state.

Dogs Superglued EarShould Groomers Be Licensed?
After several news stories about bad groomers giving bad cuts or even cutting off ears and super-gluing them back on, a few legislators want to make licensing groomers mandatory. The crusade continues in California.

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Animal Radio® Episode 639

Billy Dean guests on Animal Radio®Billy Dean Guests
Musician, actor, animal lover Billy Dean joins us for the Season of Stars on Animal Radio®. He's having his 50th Birthday Bash and he's inviting all Animal Radio® listeners to be a part of this celebrity studded extravaganza. Bring your pets!

Dog TV?Will DOGTV Turn Your Pooch Into a Couch Pet-ato?
Television is going to the dogs in San Diego with DOGTV, a new 24-hour channel for pooches that is meant to keep your dog company while you are gone. Gilad Neumann, CEO of DOGTV, says. "We are not intending to create couch potatoes out of our dogs. They're not intended to just sit there for eight hours and watch TV as humans do. But we do create a relaxing and soothing environment for them".

Counter Conditioning Your Dog
What do you do if your dog is scared of noises like trucks or sirens. You can train them to ignore frightening sounds by associating good things with them. Vladae the Russian Dog Wizard and Dr. Debbie have just the cure your panicked puppy.

Cancer Sniffing Cat"Mouser" the Cancer Sniffing Cat
When Charmaine noticed that her cat was paying particular attention to her left breast, she wondered what was up. Then she was diagnosed with mammary cancer in her left breast. The cat went on to diagnose cancer in the family dog. What is it that makes our animals aware of our sickness?

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 638

Kyle Dyer being bittenNews-anchor Bitten on Live TV
It came as quite a surprise when news-anchor Kyle Dyer was bitten in the face while hosting a local adoption feature for KUSA Denver. The incident has caused lots of controversy, even among Animal Radio® air-staff, Dr. Debbie and Vladae Roytapel.

McDonalds Pulls AdMcDonald's Apologizes
McDonald's apologized and pulled an ad that came back to bite them. The radio spot said "eating a Chicken McBite was less risky than petting a pit bull". Enraged pit bull owners petitioned the fast-food chain to stop airing the spot. The company issued an apology by email and social media sites and people who called a toll free number got a recorded apology.

Feed your pet remotelySocial Media For Pets
Social media isn't just for people anymore. Imagine if you could watch, talk to and even feed your pets through a Skype-like videophone. That's what Minneapolis-based start-up Anser Innovation LLC aims to do with its PetChatz technology.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 637

Margaret Cho on the choMargaret Cho on the Cho
Comedian Margaret Cho continues Animal Radio's Season of the Stars lineup with her twisted take on our furry companions. She also explains how she practiced for Dancing with the Stars with her dogs.

Seizure Alert Dogs
Seizure Alert DogA new listener has a special dog that alerts him when his son is about to have a seizure. How does the dog know? And what does the dog do to alert humans? Is the dog ever wrong?

The Lowdown on Microchips
Microchips are a great source of identity for your pet. But what can the information on a chip really do? Can it warn a vet that a dog is stolen? What information is needed to return your pet home safely?

Toto State Dog?Toto the State Dog?
One Kansas lawmaker wants to take a page from "The Wizard of Oz" and make the Cairn terrier the state dog. That's the breed of Dorothy's dog "Toto" in the classic 1939 movie.

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Animal Radio® Episode 636

Crispy BaconPet Insurance Unusual Claims
This month's most unusual pet insurance claim is about a pig named "Crispy Bacon." This critter is treated like a 'rock-star' - so it's no wonder that he overdosed on his human's drugs. This lucky pig happens to be a patient of Animal Radio's own Dr. Debbie.

Westminster Warm UpWestminster Warm Up
The world's most-popular dog show is about to kick-off. This year some of the dogs are getting pampered in ways we only wish we could. Jerry Grymeck reports from the Hotel Penn.

PETA Kills
What's really going on at PETA (People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals) Headquarters? Justin Wilson believes the 'extreme' animal organization is playing hypocrite.
Ernie Rodina is on Animal Radio®
Horses Ass, Head, Feet
We're happy to welcome horse expert Ernie Rodina to the Animal Radio® Dream Team! This country boy will be answering all your questions about equines.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 635

Dog's Mouth Not Cleaner Thank Human'sA Dog's Mouth Is Not Cleaner Than A Human's
A pet's saliva can miraculously cure human cuts and scrapes. These are common beliefs held by pet owners according to a new study. In fact, a dog's mouth often carries a variety of germs and bacteria that can make humans sick through contact with saliva.

What You Should Know About Moving
Planning on moving your furry family. Dr. Greg Neal of Morro Bay Veterinary Clinic is filling-in for Dr. Debbie. He has the information you need to relocate your dog, cat or bird.
Betty White is on Animal Radio®
Betty White Guests on Animal Radio®
She's back and better than ever. At 90 years old, who would of thought this actress spends more time helping the animals than she does acting?!

Wendy Diamond and CatPick Your Date with a Dog
Wendy Diamond says your should pick your partner by the type breed dog or cat they own. She says if you want to start a family, choose a man with a mutt.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 634

Microchip reunites 3 yr old girl with familyMicrochip Reunites Human
Microchips have been used for years to reunite pets with their humans. But in an extraordinary case, the chip was used to find the parents of a missing 3 year old child. Adam Goldfarb has the details of this miraculous recovery.

NeuticlesTesticle Implants for your Dog
There's lots of reasons people are making Neuticles so popular. The pseudo testicular implant is being used to return dogs, cats and horses to their original look after being neutered. Why can't we just perform a vasectomy on our pets just like humans? Dr. Debbie tells all.

Scott Cohen and Carol Doherty have penned the ultimate guide on making your yard and garden pet friendly. They have ideas to curb digging and making a special place for your furry friend outside.

Beer for DogsBar Serves Beer To Dogs
A bar in the United Kingdom is looking out for man's best friend. The Branding Villa has created a dog-friendly beer made of malt, hops, and meat extract. The bar has also created a dog-friendly menu, which includes chicken, eggs, and a Sunday roast that features "Cat" gravy."

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Animal Radio® Episode 633

Frankie Avalon guests on Animal Radio®Frankie Avalon Guests
Iconic singer Frankie Avalon loves his pets so much that at one time he had 20 dogs, cats and a goat. He's going on a cruise/tour and offering Animal Radio® listeners a special deal to personally join him.

Outdoor Cat Enrichment
Cats love the outdoors. But outdoor cats live on average 10 years less than their indoor counterparts. Cats on Deck's Jim Montgomery came up with the ultimate solution.

Employees Offer Pet Insurance
In an effort to keep employees happy, some companies are now offering discounted pet insurance. Firms such as S.C. Johnson, TD Bank and Travelocity provide discounted health coverage for workers' pets.

Kenneth Phillips is on Animal Radio®Do You Have Bite Insurance?
Bite law has become so big that it is the bulk of Kenneth Phillips' law practice. He tells us why you need to have insurance if you have a dog.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 632

Jackson Galaxy is on Animal Radio®My Cat From Hell
Animal Planet's Jackson Galaxy is whispering to cats all across the nation. Can you really train a bad cat to be good? Rumor has it you can't train a cat at all!

Chicken Jerky Alert
Reports of illnesses in dogs given chicken jerky treats have spiked dramatically following a new government warning about pet snacks made in China. The FDA has logged at least 353 reports this year of illnesses tied to imported chicken jerky products, also sold as chicken tenders, chicken strips or chicken treats.

Natural Balance FloatBig Damn Float!
Natural Balance makes another Guinness record with the longest and heaviest float in the Rose Parade. What makes a pet food company spend so much time on this once-a-year event? Joey Herrick is back to explain.

Let your dog sniff your date before you do!Let Your Dog Sniff Out Your Date
If a man owns a Mutt, he is typically happy-go-lucky and will make a good mate, says Wendy Diamond author of How To Understand Men Through Their Dogs. Diamond offers up this advice for single women - "let your dog sniff out your date."

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 631

No Dog Flu!Did You Get Your Flu Shot? How About Your Dog???
There has been an increase of dog flu in the northeast and Texas. The extent of the "outbreaks" and whether widespread public concern is warranted is unclear, because no central agency or institution monitors influenza in dogs. Clinical signs of flu in dogs are similar to those in people: runny nose, cough and fever.

Choosing the Right Pet Food
With many choices, brands and claims, it's never been tougher to find the perfect food for your pets. Dr. Debbie has a few suggestions for making that decision.

Good MedicineNot A Hard Pill to Swallow
How do you get your pets to take prescribed medicines if they taste bad? 75% of treatment failures in veterinary medicine are because of non-compliance. Enter Chris Simmons, top dog at the Professional Compounding Centers of America. He makes those nasty medicines taste like beef, chicken, or even strawberry, as one cat preferred.

Clipping Your Pets NailsClipping Your Pets Nails
It needs to be done, but it's not as easy as you might think. The combined brain-power of the Animal Radio® Dream Team will make it easier for this ritual.

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Animal Radio® Episode 630

Mass Bird CrashStrange and Unusual Mass Bird Crash
Thousands of migratory birds were killed or injured after apparently mistaking a Wal-Mart parking lot, football fields and other snow-covered areas of southern Utah for bodies of water and plummeting to the ground in what one state wildlife expert called the worst mass bird crash she'd ever seen.

Knock Knock...
Who's there? Certainly not an gator. Or is it? A Florida woman answered a knock made by a alligator rubbing his nose against her door. Local animal control officials were called in to trap the 6 foot meat-eater.

World's Richest CatOne Rich Kitty!
Tommaso, a four-year-old former stray, is likely the richest feline in the world after his owner, Maria Assunta, left him an inheritance of more than 13-million dollars. Italian law says the animal can only be named beneficiary once a trustee has been named.

Patrick McDonnell on Animal Radio®Mutt's Creator Explains Muse
Who is the driving force behind Patrick McDonnell's weekly comic strip? Any reader would know it's the animals in his life. Patrick is guesting for his fourth time.

We Don't Make Mistakes?
Everybody does! Our New Year's tradition is playing them back for all to hear. Don't miss the end of year outtakes. The animals are laughing at us.

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Animal Radio® Episode 629

Michael Jackson and BubblesMichael Jackson's Zoo
What ever happened to Michael Jackson's animals? Michael's friend and assistant, Frank Cascio joins us to share intimate stories of the pop star's menagerie.

More Gifts For You and Your Pet
In our final week of the 12 Dog Daze of Christmas Basket Giveaways. You'll win great goodies from: Tagg Pet Tracker, Pet-E-Pure, Bergan Pet Products, Flava Burst, Snaps Pet Collars, Overby Farm Hip Flex and Disney.
Happy Holidays!
Furry Holiday Special
Grab your pets and join us for our special holiday weekend show including stories and music for pet lovers like us. ASPCA President Ed Sayres has the low-down on how dogs and cats came to be.

Aflatoxin Behind Pet Food Recalls
Iams Puppy Food RecalledHigh levels of toxins are being blamed for a huge dog food recall. Procter and Gamble say it's recalling a year's output of several food brands. The food may be contaminated with aflatoxin and can cause liver failure or death. Iams ProActive Health Smart Puppy dry dog food is the most popular brand affected.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 628

David Frei is back on Animal Radio®Best in Show
David Frei guests this week. He's the host of the National Dog Show on NBC's Thanksgiving lineup. Over 18 million viewers watched this year. David has a new book based on his companion animal therapy program called Angel on a Leash.

Arlene is looking for her lost dogA Little Skin For a Missing Dog
A California woman is hoping that showing a little skin will help her find her missing dog. Arlene Moss Corona was wearing a bikini as she stood next to the road holding a poster of her missing Chihuahua. The UCSD student says she's tried everything to find her beloved pet, from calling the pound to contacting a pet psychic. The only other option was to wear her bikini in the cold weather and not eat until she finds the dog.

OCD Feline
OCD SiameseCan a cat have a compulsive disorder, or OCD? Absolutely! We'll talk to the guardian of a psychotic Siamese? And yes, there is such thing as Kitty-Prozac!

Gift Baskets Getting Bigger
This week we're adding the Tagg GPS Pet Tracker to the 12 Dog Daze of Christmas Giveaways. Also goodies from Overby Farm, Planet Dog, Oreck, H204K9 and Warren London. Listen to win!

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 627

Merrill Markoe on Animal Radio®Stupid Human Interviews
The brainchild behind David Letterman's Stupid Pet Tricks and bestselling author Merrill Markoe is back for more insanity with the Animal Radio® crew. This time, she puts Animal Communicator Joy Turner in the hot-seat.

Parvo Outbreak at 'Occupy SF' Movement
Parvo outbreak at Occupy SFOThree pooches at the Justin Herman Plaza space have tested positive for the highly contagious and deadly parvovirus, putting all four-legged friends there at risk. The San Francisco SPCA and Animal Care and Control visited the camp Monday afternoon to offer free veterinary services.

The Top 5 Pet Gadgets of 2011
Top Picks for 2011Gadgeteer Geoff Mott returns for his yearly count-down of the hottest pet gadgets and goodies. You may be surprised by this year's picks. See Geoff's list:

More Gift Baskets Giveaways
Animal Radio's 12 Dog Daze of Christmas continues with two-baskets chock-full of goodies from Clear Conscience Pet, Zodiac Eden, Whiskas, Overby Farm, and Sleepypod. Listen to win.

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Animal Radio® Episode 626

Listen to Win!!The 12 Dog Daze of Christmas
We've put together 12 BIG gift baskets - overflowing with goodies for you and your pets from Barkovations, Eyenimal, the Mountain Top Inn Resort, Naturvet, Planet Dog and more.

Pet Insurance Scam
A new type of fraud is affecting the insurance industry - pet scams. Dishonest claims on animal policies quadrupled and include owners getting rid of the animal - by selling it or killing it.
Bob Barker's 9th time on Animal Radio®
Bob Barker's Wild Side
Animal Radio® friend and former TV host is back to guest for his 9th time. He's 'all-about' putting an end to exotic animal suffering. His 'to-do' list includes saving circus animals from inhumane treatment.

Veterinarians Sounding Alarm About Canine Influenza
There are outbreaks of dog flu right now in the New York metropolitan area and near San Antonio, Texas, and other states have reported epidemics throughout the year.

Awkward Family Pet PhotosAwkward Family Pet Photos
When Mike Bender's book spent 16 weeks on the New York Times best-seller list, he decided to follow it up with another photo book featuring the connection between pets and their people.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 625

Turtle SurgeryWhat Happens in Vegas is on Animal Radio®
Animal Radio® Vet Dr. Debbie sees a lot of strange animals, two and four legged. This weeks it's a chicken that needs to be spayed and a tortoise that needed new legs after being attacked by a dog.

It's Beginning to Feel a Bit Like Christmas...
Dr. Becker is on Animal Radio®Dr. Oz's Go-to-Vet, Dr. Marty Becker has the low-down on your holiday hazards. From tinsel to pot-brownies, keep your stash and your shiny, pretty objects away from your pet!

Flea Bite Dermatitis and Similar Allergies
Remember, just cause you don't see fleas doesn't mean your furr-ball isn't suffering from a skin reaction to the fleas. Dr. Debbie examines traditional cures and Joey Villani has answers in your pantry.
Lap Bed
Unique Gifts for You and Your Pet
All our favorite goodies are in 12 gift-baskets. Starting next week - you can win a basket. This week's pick is a "lap" bed. Your furry friend is in your lap most of the time anyway. Why not get him a bed that IS a lap?!

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 624

Animal rights activists have taken aim at Reese Witherspoon for carrying a bag that appeared to be made of python skin. The "Legally Blonde" star was spotted with a $4,000 python skin purse.

No Barking Zone in LA
The City Council on Tuesday approved an ordinance that fines owners of excessively barking dogs $250 for a first offense, $500 for a second and $1,000 for a third. It would go into effect before New Years.
Dog Ownership Up
Dog Ownership Up
Americans love their dogs. Four out of ten households in the U.S. own at least one dog, a total of 77.5 million dogs. Study after study finds that pets bring many benefits to people.

Part Wild
Wolf DogCeiridwen Terrill wanted a dog that was part-wolf, despite pleas from her mom. She learned her lesson the hard way. You can't tame a wild animal. She joins us to answer questions about her experience and her book Part Wild.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 623

Stephen Colbert vs PETAPETA Sues Sea World
The animal rights group announced that they're suing SeaWorld, asking a federal court to declare that five Orcas are being held as slaves in violation of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution.

John O'Hurley Guests on Animal Radio®John O'Hurley Talks
Animal Radio® friend and host of the National Dog Show, John O'Hurley (J. Peterman on Seinfeld) is back - and he's spilling the beans! This time he tells us about the new induction into the AKC, before it's announced on Thanksgiving.

Flea & Tick Medications Off The Shelves
Your Flea med is locked up. You can blame the high-theft rate! At one PetSmart, warnings are posted on the shelves so customers know cameras are watching. Police say the stolen pet medications usually end up for sale online.
Two-faced Cat
This is no-photoshop! This cat is real and alive. Frank & Louie (are) is 12 years old and in the hands of a very loving guardian. How does this happen? Are food bills double? Animal Communicator Joy Turner talks with them/him.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 622

Cats are CheaperCats Are Cheaper Than Dogs
The truth about cats and dogs: They can cost an arm and a leg in the long run. Dogs can cost between $310 and $7,100 to maintain every year and between $4,070 and $101,070 to maintain over a lifetime, says Kiplinger's Personal Finance. Cats are cheaper on average: between $490 and $940 per year and between $7,760 and $15,260 per lifetime.

Pet Tattoos
TatWhy not tattoo your pet's coat? You're already painting her nails and dressing her in clothes, right? tells us how to put a temporary tat on your cat that matches the one on your bod.

Freedom Leash
When a new pet product comes out, Animal Radio® is first to test it. This week we're showing-off the latest in leash technology that allows you to walk two dogs without the tangle.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 621

Elephant Poo PowerElephant Power
Elephants are actually helping to keep the lights on at the Munich Zoo. The zoo's resident Indian elephants are providing 'Elephant Energy' by creating power generated from their dung. This is then used to warm the gorilla enclosure, but it could be used to heat about 25 homes.

Jerry Brown and his Dog7 Pet-Friendly California Bills
Governor Jerry Brown's enactment of several animal-friendly bills into law is a victory for California's animals. The new laws protect California citizens, pets, and wildlife from irresponsible breeders, pet overpopulation, and animal fighting, among other issues. The passage of these seven bills makes this one of the most successful legislative sessions for any state's animals in 2011.

Finding Peace When Pets Die
Jon Katz and his DogsBest-selling author Jon Katz is back on Animal Radio®. His new book, "Going Home" was inspired by the lack of good books to help grief-stricken owners deal with the ultimate demise of their furry friends.

Halloween Hazards
Dr. Marty Becker has the 4-1-1 on Halloween Hazards that your pet may encounter. Dr. Oz's go-to guy knows what you need to watch out for, besides ghouls and goblins.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 620

Halloween DogDog Trick or Dog Treat
Yet another Halloween is upon us. Why are we compelled to dress up our animals? Oh, right, because we get more candy that way. We have some simple, fun and easy ways to share the holiday with our furry ghouls and goblins.

Ultrasonic TV Spot for your Dog
Nestle-Purina created a 23-second commercial for its Beneful dog food. The ad includes a high-pitched "ping" that humans can't hear, but your dog can.

Halloween DogPets Can Make Your Kids Smarter and Teach Them Empathy
Research suggests that social, emotional and cognitive development is enhanced when a child cares for a pet. Children who own pets feel more empathy for other people from an early age.

How does a pit bull dog swallow a flagpole?
The unlikely event happened when he was chewing on a garden flag and it became lodged in his throat. A veterinarian removed the garden flag using bolt cutters. After a 90-minute surgery, the pole, which was as long as Blue's body, was successfully removed.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 619

Saved DogsDog Eating Banned
For the first time in 600 years, residents of Qianxi Township, China, will be banned from holding an ancient dog-eating festival after the public voiced their discontent. In China, and other parts of Asia, it's still not uncommon for humans to eat dogs.

Bad DogAnimals Behaving Badly
While we can learn a lot of lessons from our animals, they're not all good lessons. Linda Lombardi has chronicled stories of bad, bad animals. Some drink, gamble, cheat and steal. They're just like us!

Separation Anxiety Tops List of Dog Issues
Vladae the World Famous Russian Dog Wizard deals with extreme cases of anxiety. It's amazing to see what kind of havoc and destruction can happen when you're away. We have solid solutions for calming your pet.

Halloween Lion DogDressing Your Pet for Halloween
Groomer Joey Villani has tips to help you get your pet in the holiday mood and ready to Trick or Treat. It doesn't have to be hard to add a little color to your pets coat. Remember, it's all about getting more candy, right?

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 618

Pricey PerfumeWorld's Costliest Dog Perfume
At $750 to $1,000 an ounce - more than twice the price of Chanel No. 5 - Les Poochs V.I.P. Parfum is one of the world's costliest perfumes. The kicker: It's for dogs. The scent carries a citrusy top note and fades to the warm aroma of the rare Osmanthus flower. People will probably like the scent, but dogs won't. A dog's favorite smell, according to researchers, is "dead animal."

6 Packs, 9 Lives6 Packs, Nine Lives
It's another self-depreciating Calendar of naked hunky men, their privates covered with kittens. But it's for a good cause. Proceeds from the 2012 calendar go to The cover model says he escaped with only a few scratches.

Simply upload a picture of your pet and type in what you want it to say. The website animates your pets mouth, uttering your ...I mean their words in a creepy computer voice.

More Reasons to Spay or Neuter
Spay SurgeryIf you think the only reason to spay or neuter your pet is to cut down on population, then you're quite mistaken. While that is only part of the reason, the truth is that your pet will probably live longer and be healthier if you fix them.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 617

Ready to goPet Travel Up Dramatically
Nearly 45-percent of those taking part in a TripAdvisor poll say they've taken a trip with their pets during the past year, and 47-percent indicate that they're including their pets in the vacation plans they're making for the next 12 months.

There's An App For That!
Now there is an App to tell if your dog walker actually walked your dog! Dog walking customers can now find out exactly what time and where their dog was walked. With Pet Check Technology, dog owners can track the walks online using GPS mapping at any time during or after the walk.
More Ticks This Year
Removing ticks from your pet isn't as easy as you may think. It takes a skilled-person to remove the entire parasite from your pet's body. Done wrong, this could cause infection. We have the low-down on preventing and getting rid of ticks.

How to Stop the Dog from Snoring
Snoring DogSome dogs, especially those that look like they've been chasing parked cars, have snoring issues. While it isn't fatal, it can be a real nuisance.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 616

Orel Hershiser, Hal Abrams, Dr. Debbie White at SuperZoo Las Vegas 2011What Happens in Vegas is on Animal Radio®
Live From SuperZoo in Las Vegas, it's Animal Radio's New Pet Product Special from the floor of the largest pet-trade show in America. We're giving listeners the hottest new pet products before they're on the store shelves.

789 Exhibitors vying for your dollars789 exhibitors all vying for the 43-billion dollar sector, untouched by the recession. Many of the pet products will never see the light of day.

Animal Radio's Joey Villani, Dr. Debbie, Vladae Roytapel and Hal Abrams talk to the folks that think they're going to hit it big with their idea.

Paw WasherNew for 2012, the Lucky Dog Lottery board game is designed to help you pick lottery numbers using your dog. Similar to a golf-ball washer, the Paw Wash was the brainchild of 12 year-old Katie Mulich for a science project. Hear Doggy is the first ultra-sonic squeaker toy for dogs - no more annoying squeaks at three in the morning. These are just a few of our favorite things featured this week....

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 615

Dog Theft on the RiseDog Theft is on the Rise
So what is causing the increase in stolen dogs? It's not just purebreds. Even the mutts are missing. AKC's Lisa Peterson explains the rash of 'Rover' robberies.

Perfect Puppy in 7 Days!
It's true according to Dr. Sophia Yin. But you can't miss the window of opportunity. If you don't train your pup starting within three months, it might be too late!
Taking care of Tear-stains
Taking Care of Tear-stains
It's not uncommon for cats and dogs to stain the fur around their eyes with tears. Why does this happen? What is this stuff? Animal Radio's very own Joey Villani and on-call doc, Greg Neal uncovers the reason and how to clean the fur.

Counter Surfing CatsStop Counter-surfing!
Whether it's cats or dogs, they like to try their luck wherever the food is. We're going to help you stop this bad behavior for good.

Animal Radio® Episode 614

Canada's BanCanada's Ban On Pets
"Plane cabins should be as pet-free as they are peanut-free," says The Canadian Medical Association. They have voted in favor of supporting a ban on all pets traveling inside aircraft cabins on all Canadian passenger planes.

9/11 Anniversary
Michael Hingson & RoselleMichael Hingson was in Tower One when it was hit on 9/11. He's blind and his guide dog helped him return to safety. Roselle was just one of many hero-dogs that helped recover bodies from Ground Zero. Michael returns to share his new book, Thunder Dog.

You're Not Delusional
Does your skin crawl with bugs and everybody says "you're crazy?" That happened to a 40 year-old lady who was diagnosed with Morgellon's Disease. This rare sickness can be transmitted by your pet. Dr. Neelam Taneja-Uppal is on the cutting edge of research and she joins us to explain.

No PoopAir Contaminated By Dog Feces
Air samples taken in Chicago, Cleveland and Detroit showed elevated levels of airborne bacteria from dog feces. "We breathe in bacteria every minute we are outside, and some of these bugs may have potential health implications," says Researchers.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 613

Passing the Chips
MicrochipsA California pet microchip law clears the State Senate and is headed for a vote by the Assembly. The law sponsored by Sen. Ted Lieu would require owners of either dogs or cats to have their pets implanted with the tiny chips.

Want $25 Million?
25million prizeCan you solve the problem of pet over population? If so you could win a 25 million dollar prize! Across the world, scientists from more than a dozen institutions are harnessing cutting-edge technology to develop a non-surgical sterilant for dogs and cats.

Yes, There Are More Fleas!
A moist season is partly to blame for the proliferation of fleas this year. Hard data shows more incidences of Lyme disease and other flea and tick borne illnesses. Dr. Mary Bryant explains the factors driving this increase and how to eliminate them from your life.

Stuff pets ruinedWhat Has Your Pet Ruined?
The calls never stop. Dogs and other rambunctious animals are ruining stuff everywhere with inappropriate chewing. Listeners chime in on what stuff their pet ruined.

More this week
Next Week: Canada's Pet Ban - Michael Hingson - Morgellon's Disease

Animal Radio® Episode 612

FAT CATBabies Make Pets Fat
New research reveals that pet obesity grows in households with a new baby. Why do our furry friends pack on more pounds when a newborn arrives? 78% of new parents said their dog was free to gobble up food dropped from the baby's high chair.

Do You Stress Out Easily?
If you get stressed out easily, you may be a cat person. Researchers from the University of Texas at Austin discovered that cat people were, as a group, 12% more neurotic than dog people.

Budget Cuts Put Goats To Work in L.A.
Goats are cheaperA scrubby patch of weeds in Los Angeles have disappeared - thanks to a herd of goats that gobble up to 15 pounds of grass a day. They've become something of a sightseeing attraction. Total cost to the city: $1,250 an acre.

Starting a Lucrative Pet-Sitting Business
Make 6 figuresBonnie Best has NOT returned to her old job. That's because she works less hours and makes MUCH more petsitting. She says quit your crappy job and start your own business with pets.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 611

Needs TrainingHumane vs. Canine Training
It's no secret that many well-known trainers have different philosophies and modalities. Cesar Millan and Victoria Stilwell have opposing methods. So which is right? Animal Radio® goes in-depth with author Alana Stevenson to uncover the myths about techniques used to correct problem behavior.

Flea ResistanceFlea Medication Resistance
Are the spot-on treatments for fleas and ticks becoming less efficacious over time? Some say the fleas are building up a resistance to the common cures.

Obsessive Destructive Behavior in Pets
What happens when a dog chews its own toes off? Is this a psychological problem or could there actually be reason to amputate the entire limb? Hear what happens when an animal has this 'over-the-top' disorder.

No Pet Sales in Streets of LABanning Street Animal Sales in Los Angeles
Shoppers flock to downtown Los Angeles' Fashion District for turtles, bunnies and birds. Officials say the underground economy is out of hand and they've passed a law that makes buying animals on public streets or sidewalks illegal.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 610

My Dog is a GeniusMy Dog is a Genius!
How smart is your dog? Research indicates that dogs have the mental ability of a human that's between the ages of 2 or 3 years old. So love him all you want he will never be a brain surgeon.

My Dog Drinks What Michael Jordan Drinks.
If you want to help your pet beat the heat, stock up on Gatorade. When dogs and cats lose fluids, they also lose electrolytes, essential minerals. Giving your pets an electrolyte solution like Pedialyte or Gatorade will quickly replace these minerals.

Don and Brenda Hoch's SkunksSkunks as Pets
Donald and Brenda Hoch have 15 unusual pet skunks. They say they're like a cross between a dog and cat. Hear the full story how this one couple ended up with so many of these critters.

Your Groomer is Ripping You Off!
Bad GroomerAccording to Animal Radio's own Joey Villani, groomers are adding extras into your visit and doing whatever to up-charge. He'll tell everyone what to look out for and when your groomer is "B-S-ing you."

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 609

Chihuahua Thwarts Robbers
Hero DogHave you seen the Viral Video of a Chihuahua chasing off two robbers in Los Angeles? Our guest is the dog's guardian, Duane Dier. Now, the hero dog, Paco is tweeting. But with fame comes problems, like the threat of pet-napping.

4-Eared Dog
4 eared dogA dog named Shun Shun has grown a second pair of ears. His owner says a friend gave him the dog a year ago. He didn't notice anything until six months later when Shun Shun started growing new ears behind his original ears.

Toilet Using Cats
Cat Using ToiletThe days of stinky litter boxes could soon be over. There's a kit that helps train cats to use the toilet. It may sound silly, but it's a million dollar idea. The company, which has made $700,000 in sales, so far.

Get Rid of Skunk Smell
You've heard all the remedies for getting rid of the skunk smell. But, not until now will you know the truth. Joey Villani has the lowdown on what to use that works!

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 608

No More Fleas!Flea Fodder
Everything you wanted to know about fleas but were afraid to ask. Dr. Debbie explains spot-on treatment. Groomer Joey Villani has a flea deterrent that's safe for your dog, cat and horse. Animal Communicator Joy Turner has a chat with some fleas.

Luxating PatellaMeaty Luxurious Panini
It's a long, hard to say medical condition that mostly affects toy breed dogs. Medial Luxating Patella. For simplicity, it's a "trick knee." Animal Radio's very own "Ladybug the Studio Stunt Dog" is limping and will undergo surgery to repair her left Patella.

Big AssReese Witherspoon has a Big Ass
That's according to her neighbors. They are not happy about the noise level of her pet donkey. Witherspoon also has 3 goats, 20 chickens, 3 dogs and 1 horse.

No More Goldfish?
No More GoldfishSan Francisco Animal Control wants to take away your right to own goldfish, proposing a bill that would also include a ban on puppies, kittens and hamsters. The proposed ban is meant to discourage "impulse buys."

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 607

A Ban on Drinking and Buying Puppies
No Drinking and Puppy BuyingPet stores in the West Village section of Manhattan are cracking down on prospective puppy owners who come to their stores drunk. Stacey Cohen reports that workers at Le Petit Puppy say their shop is surrounded by bars and too often people come in intoxicated, fawn over the puppies and try to buy one. On several occasions, those people wake up the next day sober and with buyer's remorse.

Score another victory for the Pit Bull!
Legalizing Pit BullsJust a day after the "vicious dog" ordinance heated up the Toledo Ohio City Council, Ohio House Assistant Minority Rep. Matthew A. Szollosi and the Ohio House are attempting to alter similar state legislation. If passed, House Bill 14 will remove Pit Bulls from the definition of "vicious dog" from a 1987 law.

Craiglist Tops Worst Place to Get a Dog
Dr. Debbie lays it on the line. She's seeing an increase of sick pets bought from listings on the popular website. So where can you find a good pet these days?

Adopt a PetThe Watchdog
Vinnie Penn is reeling mad at the CEO's of of several big pet welfare organizations. He want's to know why one is living beyond his means and collecting a six-figure salary. Where the hell is my donation going?

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 606

No HarmSome Animals Were Harmed
What's behind protests against American Humane's "No Animals Were Harmed" trademarked slogan? Some believe that the organization is in bed with Hollywood and that horses have been hurt in the making of some movies.

Who's Walking Who?
One of the most frustrating behaviors a dog can have is pulling on the leash. Vladae the World Famous Russian Dog Wizard may not make any friends with his blunt and transparent persona - but he sure can stop that pulling on the leash!
Poop Patrol
Hi-Tech Poop Patrol
A condo complex in Florida is requiring tenants pay $200 to register their dog's DNA. Dog droppings that are found in the future will then be sent to the lab to identify the owner responsible for not cleaning up after their pet.

Turtles Cause Flight Delays
Flight DelaysPort Authority officials say a runway at JFK Airport was shut down as about 100 Diamondback Terrapins crawled across it. The runway becomes a turtle crossing every year as the animals look for sandy spots to lay their eggs.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 605

Anxious PupMany Dogs Are Suffering From Anxiety
More than 40% of those taking part in the "The Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Survey" say they either have, or have had a dog with fear and anxiety issues. Loud noises are the most common anxiety triggers for dogs. Guardians with nervous dogs reportedly spend more than one-billion-dollars each year.

The Top Most Dangerous Days
VPI Pet Insurance's Grant Biniasz explains why June is the busiest month for claims. Surprisingly, few claims in December and the holidays. Be aware of the days to be aware of!

Unlikely FriendshipUnlikely Friendships
Maybe you've seen the picture of the leopard and the cow cuddling, the elephant and the sheep nuzzling, or the housecat curling up with an Iguana. Jennifer Holland chronicles the odd relationships.

How Do You Ship a Bear? UPS!
QANNIKQannik, a 5-month-old polar bear cub found as an orphan on Alaska's North Slope is being shipped via UPS to temporary digs in the Louisville Zoo in Kentucky. The cub's name means "snowflake." Operation Snowflake has been in the works for two months.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 604

Emma TurnerSheep Discovers Cancer
Emma Turner says her pet sheep, Alfie, was the first one to detect that she had breast cancer. Turner says Alfie just started butting her in the chest over and over. A bruise eventually developed, and she subsequently discovered a lump on her breast.

Martin LevinTeaching Old Dogs New Tricks
92 year old Martin Levin says all he knows about management he learned from his Dog! Levin started Law School at 62 and passed the bar at 65! Now he's chronicled his life in his book.

Having a Safe 4th
Our dogs don't enjoy the fireworks like we do. Sometimes it's just better to leave them inside with some music and treats. We even have some tips for calming the savage beast.

The Attack of the Killer Foxtails
Watch out for FoxtailsWTF! Foxtails again? These things are everywhere. And they can cause our pets all kinds of problems including abscesses and infection. Dr. Debbie uncovers the truths about these buggers.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 603

Stolen PetDog Theft to Become Felony?
Stealing a dog in New York could soon mean time in a cage for the thief. Legislation is being debated in Albany that would make it a felony to steal a family dog or cat. That would mean a conviction could send someone behind bars for almost half a decade. This is in response to a recent run of dog-nappings in Long Island.

It's Allergy Time Again
Our pets are itching, scratching and even pulling out their hair. Dr. Debbie and Groomer Joey Villani are tapping into your pet's problems and finding cures for what ills your furry friend.

Cats prefer women
Cats Prefer WomenIn a recent study, researchers videotaped and analyzed interactions between cats and their owners over several sessions. They found that felines have a far easier time making females do what they want. A mere flick of the tail, for example, was all it took to get kisses or kibble. Guys weren't as good at detecting these subtle clues.

Does Your Pet Know What You're Thinking?
Dog TelepathyDogs are so in tune with us that they can read our minds, according to a new learning and behavior study. Canines are probably born with the ability. Practice makes perfect according to the study. The more a dog hangs around humans, the better he or she becomes at "canine telepathy."

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 602

Trouble got rippedWho Will Care When You're Not There?
Estate attorneys Bob Kass and Betty Carrie cover the common mistakes people make in planning for their pets' welfare. Did you know Leona Helmsley left her dog "Trouble" 12 million dollars? Trouble only got 2 million of it after courts found loopholes.

The Top 10 Most Dangerous Days for Pets
Veterinary Pet Insurance culled their database for the most claims filed on a single day. June 7th was the busiest day for vets according to the research. Listen up and you'll know what days you can expect a wait at the doctor's office.

Goats as PetsGet Your Goat!
Goats aren't just for farmers anymore. With minimal space, goats allow even those with small backyards the experiences and pleasures of keeping livestock. Sue Weaver says they're just like having a cat or dog, but better.

Vladae's home is Animal Radio®Why Does My Dog Roll in Cat Poo?
Vladae The Russian Dog Wizard answers the age-old question about rolling in inappropriate stuff. He also explains why he got bit this week by a German Shepard. 25 stitches in his thigh!

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 601

Tasty MailmanDebra Wilson Goes Nuts for Mutts
She's back and she needs to change to decaf! Debra Wilson (MAD TV) is spending an awful lot of time with animals, and we love it!! From Oprah to big lizards to tasty kitties ... you won't want to miss this guest host.

Curious Pet Trends Disturbing
The largest pet health report ever compiled reveals a number of disturbing trends, such as a 46 percent increase in canine diabetes since 2005, and data showing that cat owners do not often seek veterinary care for their felines.

Rolex CollarFido Tells Time
Apparently you don't need to be able to tell time to look good wearing an expensive watch. Karen Denney recently purchased her border terrier a collar with a built-in Rolex watch that costs more than $4,100.

Spider Bite Improves Sex?
Spider ViagraA study has shown that spider venom may be the equivalent to Viagra. Men bitten by the Brazilian wandering spider are claiming that their sex lives were greatly improved. But be careful, the venom of the Brazilian wandering spider can sometimes be deadly and many men experienced priapism - long and painful erections.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 600

Animal Radio's 500th Show!!

Joey Green on Animal Radio®1,138 Simple Pet Remedies
Joey Green has compiled Amazing Pet Cures into a must-have book. He'll be sharing tips like using Downy® to reduce Dander, or eliminating skunk odor with Listerine®.

Taking Bites Seriously
Dr. Debbie sets listeners straight on dog bites and cat bites. Cat bites need special care or they can turn ugly real fast. Unfortunately, the consequences may include quarantine for your health.
Equine Herpes
Utah Horse Show Ground Zero for Herpes
An equine herpes outbreak has widened to include eight Western U.S. states, with 33 horses confirmed to have the highly contagious disease. Most cases involve horses that attended a National Cutting Horse competition in Utah.

China Pet PolicyChina Pet Policy
Officials estimate that 800,000 pet dogs are living in Shanghai. Government officials, in an effort to curb the population, established a new policy of one dog per household.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 599

Dining with FidoDining with Dogs
Liz Laud is compiling a list of all the great restaurants that allow pets. She's put the growing list online and opening the doors for dogs everywhere.

The Truth About Staph Infection and Your Pet
Dr. Marty Becker spends another week live from his tour bus. The same bus that Lady Gaga toured on. America's favorite vet has the low-down on sleeping with your pet and the correlation with MRSA infection.

Cargo or CabinCargo or Cabin
Flying with your pets can be tricky unless you know what hoops to jump through. Going to Hawaii? You need to start the paperwork about 120 days in advance. What are the stats on cargo travel?

Alligator Chick Magnet
An Illinois man who was charged with possession of a dangerous animal claims his four-foot long pet alligator was actually a chick magnet. Dewayne Yarborough, 43, of Ford Heights, says he bought the reptile five years ago in Indiana for only $200. He kept the alligator because it attracted women, he says.

Tasty Mailman
Tasty MailmanSan Diego ranks number two in the nation for the number of dog attacks on mail carriers. The Postal Service says the city tied with Columbus, Ohio, reporting 45 incidents last year. Houston came in number one with 62 attacks. The Postal Service blames warmer weather for more dogs being outside throughout the year.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 598

Navy Dog SEAL
NAVY SEAL DogThere are some heroes that helped with the capture of Bin laden that work for bones. An elite group of U.S. Navy SEAL's used explosives-sniffing dog was part of the covert operation that led to the al-Qaeda leader's death. The highly trained canines equipped with oxygen masks are taught to jump from airplanes strapped to a soldier's body at altitudes of 25-thousand feet. They are also outfitted with ballistic body armor and have cameras placed on their heads to transmit pictures to troops.

Pig Ears Recalled
Recalled Pet TreatKeys Manufacturing Company, Inc. of Paris, IL is recalling Pig Ears for Pet Treats because it has the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella. Salmonella can affect animals and there is risk to humans from handling contaminated pet products. Pets with Salmonella infections may be lethargic and have diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, fever, and vomiting.

How to Kiss Up to Your Vet
Dr. Marty Becker is back, and he says it doesn't hurt to bring your vet freshly baked chocolate cookies. America's favorite vet reports from Lady Gaga's old tour bus. He says ignore what you might hear. You can, and should bath your dog once a week. And do bigger dogs have shorter life spans? This guy is a regular encyclopedia of animal facts.

Baby PorcupinesPlaying with Porcupines
What happens when your dog tangles with a Porcupine. No, you can't simply pull out the quills. And it's an old wives tails that you should break them. Dr. Debbie is on this real-life case.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 597

Marty Becker on Animal Radio®Quick Tips From Dr. Marty Becker
Animal Radio® friend, Dr. Becker (Good Morning America - Dr. Oz) is back and giving great advice from Kid Rock's old tour bus. Did you know that a dryer sheet can calm your dog during a thunderstorm? Botox for Fluffy? Viagra for Fido? Answers here!

3 legged dogThe amputation of your pet's leg isn't a death sentence. Jim Nelson formed after his dog got cancer and they had to amputate a leg. Now, the website is one of the biggest support groups available for the owners (cause the dogs don't much care about their handicap).

Allergy Time Again
What was the "Big Guy" thinking when he invented allergies? They affect us AND our pets. Some cats and dogs will literally chew their own hair out because of allergies.

Piddling PuppyCelebrity Dogs Behaving Badly
We all know there are a few celebrities that seem to have the market wrapped up with their bad behavior. Now it seems as though some celebrity dogs ALSO have a reputation and it's getting out of hand.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 596

Rupert Sheldrake is on Animal Radio®Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home
We all know of cases of dogs (and cats) who know when their owners are coming home, who go wait at the door or window 10 minutes or more before their human arrives. Scientist Rupert Sheldrake is back to explain the strange phenomenon and your pet's sixth sense.

Flea Season Heats Up
Another record flea season is brewing due to all the moisture we've received this winter. Protecting your pets is key. Do you know the difference between flea medications? Did you know with one major over-the-counter treatment the flea actually has to bite your pet to kill it. By then it's too late for the transference of diseases like Lyme disease.

Harmon Tap RoomGold-Fish Races Cancelled
The weekly gold fish races at a Tacoma bar are cancelled after it received complaints from animal rights activists. Bartender Joel Cummings said the fish were cared for when they weren't racing but occasionally they would pass away.

Branson Modern Day Noah?
Richard BransonBillionaire Richard Branson says he wants to use one of his private Caribbean islands to help save an endangered species of African primate. The British entrepreneur plans to introduce lemurs to the undeveloped Moskito Island in the British Virgin Islands.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 595

Wayne PacelleH.S.U.S. President Explains His Stance
Humane Society of the United States "Top Dog" Wayne Pacelle is our special guest. Why does he have gripes with the American Kennel Club (AKC) and the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). And did Pacelle endorse Michael Vick getting a dog after a $50,000 donation, or not? Oh, he also has a best-selling book out now too!

A Purr Too Loud?
LOUD PURRSmokey is up for the Guinness world record for LOUD purring. At 92 decibels, Smokey exceeds OSHA's standards for a diesel truck. Where does the purr come from and what does it really mean?

A Cure For The Squirts
How powerful is pumpkin pie for stopping an occasional bout of diarrhea? You'd think it would have the opposite affect. Dr. Debbie has the scoop on the pie filling and what's safe and what works.
Joey Villani is on Animal Radio®

Hair Extensions for Your Dog?
Yes, our very own Joey Villani reports live from Intergroom, the industry's trade show. This year Pupplocks - hair extensions for dogs are all the rave.

More this week

Animal Radio® Episode 594

Linda Francis LeeHusband Comes Back As Dog
When Linda Francis Lee wrote Emily & Einstein, she adamantly told us it had nothing to do with her real life. It's a story about a philandering husband who is killed and comes back as the wife's dog. Imagine the possibilities. Linda, herself, is happily married with a wild imagination.

Inappropriate Pooping
What does it mean when your cat poops outside the box or your dog insists on doing it inside? Can these behaviors be re-learned? Dr. Debbie has answers! That's why we love her so much!

Randy Jackson Loves Himself Some CatDogs Love Crazy Men!
A pilot study about human-canine interactions has found that dogs owned by men, especially neurotic men, approach their owners more often than dogs of female owners. The findings add to the growing body of evidence that pet owner gender and personality may influence an animal's social attraction to the person. Recently, a study determined that women and cats enjoy particularly strong bonds.

Fraudulent Therapy Dogs
Fake Service DogsOwners and trainers of service dogs are increasingly angry with pet owners who pass their animals off as service dogs by using phony credentials. The imposters go to the Internet to buy vests, ID cards and certificates for their dogs. The deception allows their pets to live in restricted housing, accompany them inside restaurants and hotels or fly for free in airplane cabins rather than in cargo holds. "I don't want to say it's a scam, but it is a scam," said Nick Kutsukos, 72, who runs Elite K9 Academy in Jupiter and has trained service dogs for 40 years.

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Animal Radio® Episode 593

PETA's spay and neuter campaign isn't just for cats and dogs anymore. The animal rights group now wants to sterilize humans. One man will win a free vasectomy as part of a contest held in honor of National Infertility Awareness Week.

PurrballGuinness Purring
A gray-and-white tabby by the name of Smokey has cat-apulted to fame by purring so loud it has been recorded at a potentially record-setting 73 decibels. The British community college that measured the sound said it peaked at 16 times louder than that of the average cat.

Best Pet Smile
Tropiclean is looking for the biggest and brightest pet smiles to celebrate the release of it's periodontal line of products. We have giveaways! Derrik Kessebaum explains the contest and how to enter.

No Betty WhiteSnake wants SNL appearance
Fans of the Egyptian cobra that escaped from the Bronx Zoo are doing all they can to get the snake on TV. A Facebook campaign has been started in an attempt to get the cobra on as the host of NBC's "Saturday Night Live." A similar and successful campaign was started for actress Betty White. Prior to its capture, a fictitious Twitter account was started for the snake, which included updates about its travels around town.

Bath TimeEeny, meeny, miny, moe
Standing in front of the enormous selection of shampoos available for your pet can be overwhelming. So many choices! Joey Villani has what to look for and what NOT to look for in your pet's shampoo.

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Animal Radio® Episode 592

Rats With WingsRethinking Pigeons
Michael Tyson's first fight was over a pigeon. To this day he protects and honors the bird. And with over a million-dollar purse, Pigeon Racing is fast becoming a popular sport. You'd be surprised what Jim Jenner (King of the Pigeons - Lord of the Wings) has to say about the under-bird.

Monkey LoveEeeeew de Toilette
A new study suggests male monkeys washing with their own urine may be putting out an irresistible scent to females. Brain images of female monkeys have revealed that male urine sends sexual signals.

Turtle Starts House Fire
GiovaniA pet tortoise has left one New York family without a place to live. According to the "New York Post," a six-year-old African tortoise named Giovani burned down an apartment in Brooklyn after he crawled out of his tank. Giovani reportedly knocked over a heat lamp, which ignited a pile of art supplies and paint thinner. Nobody was hurt including Giovani.

Potty TrainingPotty-training 101
Vladae the World Famous Russian Dog Wizard has little patience when it comes to inappropriate urination. "You must start with your puppy on day one!" Here's a quick refresher course.

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Animal Radio® Episode 591

Taxidermy CatStill Life: Adventures in Taxidermy
More pet lovers have decided to taxidermy their loved one. Melissa Milgrom journals about the strange art that is becoming less and less creepy the more you know.

Relief to Japanese Animals
Several groups are stepping in to assist the animals impacted by the Japanese disaster. World Vets is an international veterinary aid organization that provides free veterinary aid, resources and support during times of disaster all over the world.

Japan's PetsThe National Disaster Search Dog Foundation has already deployed six Canine Disaster Search Teams to respond to the current crisis.

Japan SPCA is taking in lost animals at their shelter as well as organizing and contributing to relief efforts. They have set up a PayPal fund for donations.

Big Stud!!
Hong DongIf you thought paying a few thousand dollars for your purebred Golden Retriever hurt your wallet, consider what you could have paid for one very special Tibetan Mastiff. Big Splash, or "Hong Dong" in Chinese, is an 11-month-old that recently sold in China for  $1.5 million. The dog, which stands nearly three feet high and weighs more than 180 pounds, was sold in the eastern Chinese city. This dog will probably be used as a stud and Fetch up to 100,000 in stud fees!

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Animal Radio® Episode 590

Dog in EarthquakeJapan Could Happen Here
If you must evacuate your home in a crisis, plan for the worst-case scenario. To minimize evacuation time, store an emergency kit and leashes as close to an exit as possible. Make sure all pets wear collars and tags with up-to-date identification.

Sniffer MouseThis really takes the cheese...
Trained sniffer mice may complement airport security detectors some day, as an Israeli company has created a bomb-detecting unit based on rodents unique sense of smell. The founder of BioExplorers, a start-up company based in an Israeli town, claims that trained mice can be better at revealing drug traffickers or terrorists carrying explosives than full-body scanners and other airport systems. Rodents are simply trained to fear certain scents.

Mirror DogYour Dog Is Your Mirror
According to Kevin Behan, "Dogs feel what we feel and this changes everything we think we know about dogs." He says we can know exactly what's on our dog's mind if we try.

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Animal Radio® Episode 589

Separation AnxietySeparation Anxiety
Bad behavior when you leave your dog is a pretty common problem. Your dog may become a nuisance when you even think about going somewhere without him. Vladae has the right techniques for squelching the noise and calming the puppy.

Kimpton Kicks-Off Photo Contest
We're looking for pictures of your pet for the ultimate Paw-parrazi giveaway. Kimpton Hotels has teamed up with Jet Blue, Pet Airways, Sherpa Pet Group, Republic of Paws, Olive and Polka Dog Bakery. Animal Radio® will judge for a 2 night getaway!

Vacuuming the CatSpring Cleaning
Dogfather Joey Villani has tips on "spring cleaning" your cat or dog so that they're much easier to take care of throughout the year.

How Far is Too Far?
Okay, so we all love our pets. But would you go as far as sending out invitations to your cats birthday party? Vinnie Penn thinks this is the first step on the way to the nut-house.

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Animal Radio® Episode 588

Dog eating PoopPoop Eating Pup
It's not such an uncommon problem. Your dog may like to eat dog pop or even cat poop. It's doesn't mean they're missing any nutrients. There are some simple paths to correcting this problem.

Joey Villani's Crappy Tip
Some smaller dogs are predisposed to smelling like ... well ... poop around the muzzle area. We've got the reasons and the cures.

Anderson Retirement Plans
Pamela AndersonBaywatch star Pamela Anderson has appealed to India's top medical institute to retire old monkeys used in scientific research. The Hollywood actress said she had seen a video allegedly secretly filmed at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) that showed sick monkeys and rabbits which had been kept in cages for up to 20 years. "It broke my heart to see the suffering."

Agility Pigs
Agility PigPigs are now allowed to join dog agility teams. Ten-month old Louie spends his days training to run a canine agility course - and playing fetch. He is now so good at running like a hound, owner Sue Williams hopes to make him part of the Cheshire Dog Display Team. For the last six months, her favorite little pig has spent every day learning how to run the dog agility course.

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Animal Radio® Episode 587

The Amazing Pet Lover
Phil Keoghan on Animal Radio®The Amazing Race (CBS) host Phil Keoghan stops for a quick visit with Animal Radio®. The world traveler encounters many animals on his journeys. He says "kids and animals are always hard to work with while filming on-location."

Labrador Retriever Tops list AGAIN!
Lab tops listThe Labrador Retriever continues to be the most popular dog breed in America. So says the American Kennel Club, which notes that the lab has held the top spot for 20 consecutive years. The German Shepherd was number two on the list, followed by the Yorkshire Terrier, the Beagle and the Golden Retriever.

Pain Management
How do you know if your pet is in pain? Sometimes our sick animals need pain medications. But it's not so easy to tell if the pain-killers are working. Dr. Debbie covers pain management options with the ill-pet.

AntFarmThe Big Picnic in the Sky
The co-creator of the iconic "Uncle Milton's Ant Farm" has died. Milton Levine passed away of natural causes at the age of 97. To date, more than 20-million Uncle Milton Ant Farms have been sold around the world.

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Animal Radio® Episode 586

Alison Sweeney on Animal Radio®Biggest Loser's Pet Project
Alison Sweeney (NBC's Biggest Loser) is working hard to help her dog lose some weight. She's the pitch-gal for a major food company seeking pet weight-loss stories.

Clicker Training Your Cat
Who thought you could even train a cat? Don't they do what they want when they want? Not so, according to Marilyn Kreiger, "The Cat Coach." She trains her cats to do amazing things with a clicker!

Cat HoardingHoarding Goes Mainstream
Does somebody on your block seem like they have to many cats or dogs? Animal hoarders are becoming a big problem. New studies blame attachment disorders and other mental illnesses. Animals collected range from cats and dogs to reptiles, rodents, birds, exotics and even farm animals.

Sleeping with Pet is Risky!
Risky!A report from UC-Davis says pets can carry a variety of illnesses that are potentially lethal to humans. Larry Kornegay, president of the AVMA, says it is an acceptable risk. "The benefits of having a pet, whether or not you sleep with it, far outweigh the negatives, which are quite uncommon."

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Animal Radio® Episode 585

Bad KittyMail Service Halted Because of Cat
Canada's Postal Service has stopped delivering mail to John Sambursky after a carrier was scared away from his door by his 8 year old declawed cat. The carrier described the cat as "very threatening."

Road-kill Patrol
Road KillVinnie Penn is a very talented comedian with a taste for bad. This week he wants to know why it takes so damn long for road-kill to be picked up. He thinks dogs and cats should have priority pickup over the common opossum.

Senior FriendsCaring for Your Senior Pet
Dr. Nicholas Dodman from Tufts is the ultimate "know-it-all" when it comes to senior pets. He joins us with tips for growing old gracefully!

Product Pick of the Week
Neater FeederSusan Sims brings you the best giveaways! She'll be showing-off the award-winning Neater Feeder. Now messy eaters won't foul your house anymore.

Microchip Myths
Dr. Debbie has the truth behind the most important identification your pet can have, the microchip. Despite any controversy, the risk of it saving your pet's life far outweighs any dangers.

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Animal Radio® Episode 584

Who moved my mouse?Who Moved My Mouse?
Dena Harris authored a self-help book for cats. Of course, any self-respecting cat would never admit they need a little help. You'll learn the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Cats. This clever guide answers such questions as "Will leaving small animal offerings on my human's porch earn me bonus points in heaven?"

Pets Predicting Peril
Pets Predict PerilThe Associated Press recently conducted a poll and found that two thirds of Americans say their pets have a sixth sense about bad weather, and 43% say the same about bad news. 72% of dog owners say they have gotten weather warnings, and 66% of cat owners agreed.

Money For Dogs With Cancer
Dr. Debbie is only on Animal Radio®Because half of all American dogs will get cancer, author Laurie Kaplan created the Magic Bullet Fund. She hopes to help guardians afford the costly care of fighting the disease.

Unbiased Pet Food Report
Dr. Debbie explains Ethoxyquin, a preservative used in pet food that may not be so good for your pet. We'll also give you two websites that objectively analyze pet foods.

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Animal Radio® Episode 583

Pet TrustPet Trusts For Everybody
What happens to your furry-friends if you expire before they do? Who will take care of your pet frog after you croak? A Pet Trust isn't just for Leona Helmsley anymore. Chris Jones is on the cutting edge of pet law.

Pet Cloning Exposed
Cloning DogsJohn Woestendiek authored Dog Inc. - a book about those few that have decided to clone their pet. You may be surprised at the results. Some ponied up the large sums to duplicate their cats and dogs only to have "buyer's remorse." We'll follow up on Bernann McKinney. She ended up with 5 pups and a lot more than she bargained for.

Tona LaRussa on Michael Vick
Tona LaRussa on Michael VickSt. Louis Cardinals Manager Tony LaRussa is not a fan of Michael Vick. LaRussa believes that because Vick has come back in such a "big way" athletically with the Philadelphia Eagles, he is getting much less condemnation than he deserves. LaRussa says "a big PR move was behind Vick's contrition. Vick still does not believe that what he did was horrible."

Dramamine for the Dog
Yes, your dog can get car-sick! Some breeds are predisposed. Some handle it better. But, just like humans, a percentage will suffer from motion-sickness. Dr. Debbie has several ways to help avoid this potentially messy affair.

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Animal Radio® Episode 582

Jaime Van Wye on Animal Radio®A Place to Hang Out with the Dogs
How about getting fit while working out with your dog? Jaime Van Wye is the founder of "Zoom Room" - a franchised canine social club.

Living Sober Sucks
Mark Tuschel on Animal Radio®As an alternative to AA, Mark Tuschel recommends a dog as part of every alcoholics recovery. He says, "having to take care of another means taking care of yourself."

Craigslist Pets Killed
A Louisville, Kentucky man is facing charges of torturing and killing cats that he got off Craigslist. Phelps lives with his parents, and was arrested after the police received tips on their anonymous tip line.
Clinton and PETA
"I Did Not Eat a Hamburger"
PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) has named former President Bill Clinton its "Person of 2010." Clinton, who has loved fast food burgers for years made the move to a vegan diet. He says he lost 30 pounds and has never been in better health.

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Animal Radio® Episode 581

Dog Get Cell BillDog Gets Verizon Bill
In what appears to be a mistake, Verizon cell billed a dog for minutes incurred. Trouble is, the dog doesn't have a phone. And besides, if he did, he'd be in the friends and family plan.

Pet-friendly Laws
Where does your state stand on passing legislation benefiting animals? California and New Jersey top the list. States making the bottom of the list are Alabama, Hawaii, Idaho, Mississippi, Ohio and North and South Dakota.

Cat With RingwormAll You Wanted To Know About Ringworm But Were Afraid To Ask
What happens when an Animal Radio® visitor shows up with 6 dogs, 1 with Ringworm? Panic. Dr. Debbie reveals the ugly truth about this skin disease.

Is Your Dog's Name Buddy?
For the fourth year in a row Buddy was the top dog name. And is your kitty a Lucy? That was number one again. Petfinder also reveals the top ten celebrity names include Coco, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Oprah and Elvis.

Vick Ends Dogfighting?Vick Calls Continue
Opinions on Michael Vick's desire to own a dog run ramped. Some of the industry's top experts advocate it while most lay people don't. Stand back as our phones blow-up.

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Animal Radio® Episode 580

Freddie and PaulaFixing Freddie
Paula Munier made a promise to her son she never thought she would have to fulfill. When she had to 'pay-up' by getting a dog for him, she never expected a very, very bad beagle would soon rule her life. If you thought Marley was bad, wait until you meet 'Freddie.'

Internet Veterinary Degree
Can you learn all you need to know about your pet's health off the Internet and skip that next veterinary visit? Hear, first-hand, why this isn't such a good idea. The Internet may not be the best reliable source of information. There is NO gatekeeper of bad info!

Worst Flea Season In A Decade
Bad Flea SeasonScientists are confirming this is the worst flea season in 10 years. There has also been an increase in Lyme disease in both humans and pets. Researchers say the very-wet and rainy pre-season is to blame. Pharmaceuticals that make the flea medicines are also having a record season. By all predictions, there will actually be another increase in flea population before it tapers for the winter.

Anal Glands
Not the most comfortable subject to talk about, but it's important that dog AND cat guardians know about these smelly organs. If your dog is scooting across the carpet, you may need to have a professional clean the anal glands. Hear what happens 'behind-the-scenes' when your doctor or groomer has the job of expressing the glands. Not for the faint of heart.

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Animal Radio® Episode 579

Jennifer Freed on Animal Radio®Lessons From Stanley
Cats sometimes have great wisdom to impart to us two-legged creatures. If only we'd listen. Psychotherapist Dr. Jennifer Freed has cataloged the important lessons you can use to make your life Purr-fect.

When is it Time?
It's hard to watch our furry-friend's body degrade with age. Sometimes it's tough to tell if they're in pain because they disguise it so well. Making the decision for a humane euthanasia is ALWAYS rough. Dr. Debbie shares her thoughts on the subject.

Aflotoxin Spurs Another Recall
Kroger Pet Food RecallKroger has announced a recall covering 19 states. The recalled foods are under the label of Old Yeller, Pet Pride and Kroger Value. They suspect that the foods have been contaminated with aflatoxin, which can cause illness or death. Aflatoxin is a natural toxic that comes from corn and other crops.

Playing in the snowWinter and Your Pet's Coat
Changing weather means changing grooming habits. Dogfather Joey Villani has grooming tips that will keep your pet warmer and happier.

Training the Un-trainable
This week, it's a dog that likes to escape and run freely through the neighborhood. Vladae puts an end to this bad behavior.

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Animal Radio® Episode 578

Happy New YearA Furry New Years
Come celebrate the New Year and 10 years of Animal Radio®. The entire Dream Team is ready to help you and your pets kick-off 2011 with great tips for a healthier and happier companion.

Experimenting With Shelter Animals
Allie Phillips wants us to know what happens to the animals in the shelter if they're not adopted. She says many of them are sold for research. Is this a good practice? Opinions differ among industry experts.

Michael Vick Gets Dog?Michael Vick Dog Owner?
Despite the fact the convicted dog-fighter Michael Vick isn't allowed to have a pet yet, he's raised the ire of many by considering adopting a dog. The Humane Society of the United States President says Vick should be able to get a dog. In fact, so does a significant portion of people surveyed.

Medical Marijuana Not Just For Humans Anymore!
Stoned DuckA Farmer was given a one-month sentence and fined $700 for feeding marijuana to his duck. The farmer said he used the pot to de-worm the duck. The farmer admitted to smoking some of it himself.

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Animal Radio® Episode 577

Ladybug the Animal Radio® Studio Stunt DogAnimal Radio® Howliday Special
Open your presents while listening to a dozen inspirational and emotionally driven tales about the connection with our pets. Celebrated authors and celebrities share their most intimate thoughts on the animals that surround us.

Ed Sayres
The ASPCA President has found an addendum to Genesis explaining the creation of Cats & Dogs. You might be surprised to know that God felt the dog was a reflection of himself and named the creature "DOG" - GOD backwards.

Mike Arms on Animal Radio®Mike Arms
The Director of the nationally recognized Helen Woodward Center in San Diego had a rough start in the animal world. Moving from Kentucky to New York, a search for work landed him at the local shelter. After being beaten by thugs for saving a dog, he dedicated his life to the animals.

Buddy Hackett
Buddy Hackett on Animal Radio®The late comedian loved animals so much he started a foundation and a yearly comedy show to help save abused and homeless dogs and cats.

Also on this special show: Rae Ann Kumelos, Peter Gethers, Britt Savage, Vinnie Penn, Trixie Koontz and Jingle Fish!

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Animal Radio® Episode 576

David Dayan Fisher on Animal Radio®Terrorist by Night - Children's Author by Day
Actor David Dayan Fisher (N.C.I.S.) is usually typecast as the villain. You'd never think he'd author a kid's book about dogs when you watch him on TV. He's a softie at heart and one dog in particular changed... no, saved his life.

Putting a Limit On Dogs in Parks
Foster City, California, Parks & Recreation committee is trying to pass a three-dog limit at the city's dog parks. Could legislation set a precedence nationwide?
Rue McClanahan on Animal Radio®
It's Beginning To Feel A Bit Like Christmas
Animal Radio's entire Dream Team is roasting chestnuts, sharing eggnog and finding solutions to listeners questions about their pets. We're also reflecting on 2010.

Leslie Nielsen on Animal Radio®We've all lost two great talents this year. Both Rue McClanahan and Leslie Nielsen spent time visiting Animal Radio® and we're looking and listening back. Leslie's favorite pet was his 'whoopie-cusion' - he said it was "low-maintenance." Both of these comedians gave to our furry-friends - and while they'll be missed, their humor will live on forever.

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Animal Radio® Episode 575

Merritt Clifton is on Animal Radio®Listen Before You Donate
Animal People Watchdog Merritt Clifton uncovers the financial details of all the non-profit animal welfare organizations. What CEO is making a half-million dollars? What organizations are corrupt and who is really helping the animals?

What Your Pet Says About You
Dog owners are more likely to be in management positions. Cat owners are likely to be physicians. Laurie Roberts dissects a survey. She also shares what your pet's name says about you. Owners that named their dog "Killer" are more likely not to pay their vet bill.
Vladae's Home is Animal Radio®

Pet Friendly Seattle
Susan Sims is sending someone to Seattle's Hotel Vintage Park for a night with your favorite pet. Some lucky dog will get Kimpton's five star service for two and four legged creatures.

Dr. Debbie is Exclusively on Animal Radio®How To Avoid The Vet
Dr. Debbie shares the top cases she sees in her office around the holidays. Needless to say, humans are mostly responsible for the hazards. Hear this list and you'll know what to avoid.

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Animal Radio® Episode 574

David Frei on Animal Radio®David Frei Announces 6 New Breeds
Our friend and host of NBC's National Dog Show, David Frei is on to explain the six new AKC breeds. He tells us what it takes to be registered as an official breed.

Do Our Pets Get PMS?
Not a silly question from an Animal Radio® listener. If women get PMS, wouldn't it be safe to say, so do our dogs and cats? Our pets may show it differently.

Cat Using ToiletToilet Training Your Kitty
Wouldn't it be grand if you didn't have to worry about a cat litter because Fluffy does her business in the toilet? Do you really want to wait in line to use the bathroom while your cat is reading Cat Fancy on the loo?

Dog Yoga - Doga
Imagine relaxing and bonding with your dog during Yoga. Instructor Amy Stevens says you CAN get your pup to sit still for Yoga. She hasn't met my dog. PETCO has a special organic gift basket for our listeners.

Cat Brushing TeethAnesthesia Free Dental Cleaning
Dr. Debbie is steaming mad because two of her patients are sick. She says "beware of any groomers that offer Anesthesia Free Dental Cleaning. It may be an illegal operation."

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Animal Radio® Episode 573

It's Animal Radio's "Black Furday" Special
We're celebrating Thanksgiving weekend and giving you the gifts!!
Eyenimal Pet Video Camera - Were giving one away!The entire dream team voted for their favorite pet products from 2010. We took all the common items and put them in our yearly countdown. We even have giveaways of all these goodies.

These are the items you, your pets, and your pet-lovin' friends want for the holidays:

Poop VacuumEyenimal Pet Video Camera is the first brand of miniature video cameras that allow dog and cat owners to step into the lives of their favorite pet.

The Pooch Power Shovel is a more than a lightweight cordless power tool; it's the next generation in pooper-scooper technology. Whether you have a small Maltese or 2 giant mutts, the Pooch Power Shovel can handle all of your dog's presents.
Scoop Free
The Scoop Free Automatic Litter is the only self-cleaning litter box that uses disposable litter trays to provide hands-off convenience and unbeatable odor control.

WAHLWAHL's Deluxe Series Pet-Pro Kit provides home groomers with a versatile clipper at an affordable price. The kit includes all the tools and step-by-step instructions needed to make the grooming experience great for both the owner and pet.

Top Picks at
More this week
Black Furday Holiday Picks!!

Animal Radio® Episode 572

John O'Hurley is back on Animal Radio®Does Your Dog Look Like John O'Hurley?
Animal Radio® welcomes the return of actor/host John O'Hurley. Best known as 'J. Peterman' on Seinfeld, the first winner of Dancing With The Stars, and host of Thanksgiving favorite, The National Dog Show. O'Hurley is looking for dogs that look like him. He says "it doesn't hurt if they're pompous and arrogant like me."

I've Got Bed Bugs
Dr. Debbie brings in a test tube full of bedbugs. Do bedbugs affect your pet? How can trained dogs help us find bedbugs? You'll learn more today about bedbugs than you ever thought you could possibly know on the subject!

'White Knuckles' Video Explained
OK Go - Tim Nordwind on Animal Radio®Have you seen the latest video to drop from the band OK Go? How did they train 15 dogs to do those tricks? Bassist/Vocalist Tim Nordwind explains the process. After leaving EMI, a major record label, they are finding new ways to penetrate the market with their unique brand of music.

Joey Villani Grooms Your CatGrab the Antiseptic - Time to Clean the Cat
"Dogfather" Joey Villani says you can groom your kitty without the chain-mesh gauntlets and vodka. He'll share his tips for cleaning the furr-ball.

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Animal Radio® Episode 571

Smokey Robinson on Animal Radio®When Smokey Talks
Legendary Motown singer Smokey Robinson is this week's special guest. He promoting his new album, the first Afro-American artist to appear in the Cracker Barrel CD collection since a NAACP lawsuit. He doesn't have an affinity for animals and we're still scratching our heads figuring why he's on Animal Radio®.

Tamar Geller is on Animal Radio®Shattering Training Myths - Sorry Cesar
Oprah's dog trainer, Tamar Geller says you don't have to be dominant, you don't have to teach submissiveness or ingrain fear to get your dog to behave. She is the creator of the wildly successful Gandhi-esque dog philosophy, The Loved DogÔäó. She tells listeners how to empower their dog within 30 days.

Removing Tar and Gum
No, you don't have to cut your pets hair to remove the gum still in Fido's fur since Halloween. "Dogfather" Joey Villani brings his expertise to the Animal Radio® Dream Team every week. With a little Mineral oil and Dawn dish soap, you'll have the gum or tar out of your furry-friends coat before you can say "Thank you Dogfather!"

Stubborn African GrayTaking On a Stubborn African Gray
Parrots can be pretty aggressive. Their attitude can outlive ...well, you. Imagine the mind games this witty bird can play on its human. We've run into a bird that can emulate the phone, door bells, other people. He's determined to drive his owner crazy. "Help Dr. Debbie!"

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Animal Radio® Episode 570

What Dogs See, Smell and Know
Not a Doggie Kiss!Alexandra Horowitz is back to share more interesting truths about how our dogs think. More often than not, we associate human traits on our pets. But, most of the time we're wrong. Take that sloppy kiss for example. We think it means our dog is kissing us - a sign of affection. Not necessarily. Listen to find out what it really means.

Determining The Cause of Sickness
Several concerned listeners noticed problems with their pets after eating recalled pet-food. Is the food to blame, or is it something else? In this case, it has nothing to do with the recall. But others may not be so lucky. Dr. Debbie shares the factors and symptoms of the recalled products.

Post Grooming Furunculosis
PGFThe name may be funky, but the illness is very serious. Your pet may get this infection after a visit to the groomer, especially if the groomer hasn't practiced good hygiene. Dr. Debbie saw two cases in her office this week alone. "Dogfather" Joey Villani has tips to avoid Furunculosis!

Dog Daze To Daylight Savings
Believe it or not, even our pets are affected by Daylight Savings Time. So, when you set the clock back this weekend, be sure to keep Fido and Fluffy in mind.

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Animal Radio® Episode 569

Bart Simpson Has A Cow!
Nancy Cartwright aka Bart Simpson is on Animal Radio®Nancy Cartwright's Fiberglass Cow Milk DudThe voice of Bart Simpson, Nancy Cartwright is our special guest this week. Nancy lives on an acre 'ranch-style' country house with "tons" of animals. Her menagerie includes, 2 dogs, 3 cats, sea-horses and a fiberglass cow named "Milk-Dud." "I don't know if other kids make this mistake, but when I was growing up, I always thought that dogs were the males and cats were the females," Cartwright exclaims, "I don't know how long I went before figuring that one out."

Man Has Dog Euthanized. Dog Wakes Up Next Day
Mia woke up afer being euthanizedMatt Olivarez made the decision to euthanize his 10 yr. old Rottweiler 'Mia' after the vet told him she was in pain. Afterward, he took the dog's remains back home and put them in his garage as he planned to bury Mia on Sunday. But the next morning he discovered Mia wide awake. Olivarez said he was shocked, "It's like a scene from the horror film 'Pet Sematary.'"

What Vaccines Are NecessaryWhat Vaccinations Your New Pup Really Needs
With a lot of concern surrounding over-vaccinating, Dr. Debbie has the low-down on what you must do to keep your new-family member safe from disease. There is a reason Rabies vaccinations are mandatory in most every state.
Make this Ladybug Pumpkin for Halloween
More this week

Have a Safe Halloween!
Directions for carving this pumpkin

Animal Radio® Episode 568

ABC Good Morning America's Dr. Marty Becker on Animal Radio®Myth: A Small Amount of Chocolate is Deadly
ABC Good Morning America's Dr. Marty Becker is back and he's busting-myths. Is Swiffer and Febreze dangerous to your pet? Will Poinsettias kill my puss? What if my dog eats my Halloween candy?

Bats Sing and Mice Giggle
Did you know that chimps have out-scored college students on memory tests? Birds can see the magnetic lines of the earth. Ants 'tag' their enemies so others know they're dangerous. Elephants hear with their toes. All fun facts from Dr. Karen Shanor's best-seller Bats Sing, Mice Giggle.

Blue  Buffalo RecalledPet Food Recall - Too Much Vitamin D
The Blue Buffalo Company has recalled some dog-foods. A report indicates that these recipes may contain high levels of Vitamin D, which can be fatal. Blue Buffalo founder Bill Bishop says an ingredient supplier had made a scheduling error and produced a Vitamin D supplement immediately prior to preparing the ingredients for the BLUE products in question. To date there have been 36 illnesses.

What's Your Pet's DNAFiguring Your Pets DNA
When a listener is convinced that his dog is part Dingo, Dr. Debbie doubts his word and challenges it with a DNA test!

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Animal Radio® Episode 567

Get Your LIcks On Route 66Get Your Licks On Route 66
Animal Radio® ON THE ROADWe're live for the finale of the Fido Friendly / North Shore Animal League's nationwide adoption tour. Over 250 animals found homes along America's favorite highway.

Is The Dog Allowed In Bed?
Vladae, Judy and LadybugMany trainers believe that you should NOT allow your pets in bed. We all love cuddling up with them. So why is it so bad? Vladae explains the dynamics that could lead your dog down the wrong path.

FDA Alert - Online Buyer: Beware
The US Food and Drug Administration has issued an alert about buying discounted pet medications online. This comes on the heels of a 'Frontline' re-labeling scam.

Fighting Rabies From the Air
The state of Tennessee is combating wild animal rabies from the air. In an effort to control the disease in raccoons, cracker encrusted fish bait will be dropped over 3400 square miles - and supposedly cannot hurt pets or people.
Dr. Capers Blesses the animals
Blessing The Animals
St. Francis of Assisi started the tradition and we carry it on with our yearly blessings. Bring your furry-friends to the radio and join us as the very charismatic Reverend Dr. James Capers leads this ceremony.

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Animal Radio® Episode 566

Ants are pretty curious creaturesAdventures Among Ants
Did you know ants colonies are sisterhoods. "The guys don't really do much," says entomologist Mark Moffett, "they have sex and die. And apparently that's satisfactory for them." The "Jane Goodall of Ants" will forever change the way you think about the little critters.

$1000 a night Pet ResortA Rash of Resorts
The last few weeks have been peppered with stories of new, upscale pet resorts opening across America. The Jet Pet Resort offers a $1000 a night package that includes private limo transportation, plasma HDTV (dogs hate fuzzy pictures), picnics and specialized meals.

Bunny gets BunniesBunny Mansion
Paris Hilton (former Playboy bunny) has added 20 rabbits to her menagerie of pets. Paris tweeted that she was in a pet store and saw the bunnies were destined to be snake food, so she bought them all.

Sam and Ella Aren't Invited To Dinner
More recalls because of Salmonella contamination. While no major illnesses have been reported, the FDA continues on a rampage to encourage voluntary recalls of facilities that have tested positive. Hartz is the latest to top the recall list.
Make this Ladybug Pumpkin for Halloween
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Directions for carving this pumpkin

Animal Radio® Episode 565

Animal Radio® Dream Team at SuperZooLive from SuperZoo
Animal Radio® on the Road to SuperZooAnimal Radio® is on the road again. This time we're checking out the newest pet products available for your pets as we broadcast from the floor of the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. SuperZoo is the 'industry only' pet products convention and we have your VIP passes! From automatic litters to Smart ID tags, we're bringing the best to you and your pets for 2011.

Broadcasting from Pet Friendly Loews ResortAnd while we're here in Vegas, we're also checking out the pet-friendliest resort in Nevada! We're broadcasting from the lap of luxury at Loews Lake Las Vegas.

Between You and Your Psychic
Animal Communicator Joy Turner is asked what dogs think when they see humans making love. Thank god this show is live from Las Vegas this week. What happens on this show stays in Vegas...sort of.

Use Kool-Aid to dye dogDressing-up Your Dog
Groomer extraordinaire Joey Villani has cheap and easy ways to safely dye your dog for Halloween. You might even have the ingredients in your cupboard. And what pup wouldn't enjoy being red for a day?
Make this Ladybug Pumpkin for Halloween

Directions for carving this pumpkin

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Animal Radio® Episode 564

Michael Vick's Dog 'Leo' is now a therapy dogMichael Vick's Dogs
Where are the dogs that we're found at Michael Vick's estate? Two-years later we look back at the dog-fighting case of the decade. Is there a silver lining surrounding these brutal abuses? Author Jim Gorant researched each and every dog for a follow-up of The Lost Dogs. One of the dogs is now a therapy dog - imagine that!

Pet Insurance
Get the unbiased truth from a veterinarian about Pet Insurance. Should you put your money into an interest bearing account or pay a premium for the costly procedures that you might encounter in your pet's life?

Travel with your catTraveling Tips
Family Travel Expert Lynn Hayes has tips on making pet-travel smooth and easy. You can even take your cat if you're prepared. Of course, most felines would rather cuddle up on their favorite pillow.

Ending Chewing
Some dogs can't seem to break the bad habit of chewing on things. Vladae The Russian Dog Wizard has fool-proof (emphasis on 'fool') ways to stop bad behavior for good.

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Animal Radio® Episode 563

Freddie and PaulaFixing Freddie
Paula Munier made a promise to her son she never thought she would have to fulfill. When she had to 'pay-up' by getting a dog for him, she never expected a very, very bad beagle would soon rule her life. If you thought Marley was bad, wait until you meet 'Freddie.'

Internet Veterinary Degree
Can you learn all you need to know about your pet's health off the Internet and skip that next veterinary visit? Hear, first-hand, why this isn't such a good idea. The Internet may not be the best reliable source of information. There is NO gatekeeper of bad info!

Worst Flea Season In A Decade
Bad Flea SeasonScientists are confirming this is the worst flea season in 10 years. There has also been an increase in Lyme disease in both humans and pets. Researchers say the very-wet and rainy pre-season is to blame. Pharmaceuticals that make the flea medicines are also having a record season. By all predictions, there will actually be another increase in flea population before it tapers for the winter.

Anal Glands
Not the most comfortable subject to talk about, but it's important that dog AND cat guardians know about these smelly organs. If your dog is scooting across the carpet, you may need to have a professional clean the anal glands. Hear what happens 'behind-the-scenes' when your doctor or groomer has the job of expressing the glands. Not for the faint of heart.

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Animal Radio® Episode 562

Leptospirosis DogLeptospirosis Outbreak
Dr. Debbie has the 411 on the latest Leptospirosis outbreak affecting many cities nationwide. The bacterial disease is most common in moist climates and can be fatal to your dog (and cat). A new vaccine may be the preventative measure in high risk areas.

Iran Bans Pets
In Iran, a powerful cleric has issued an Islamic religious ruling banning the selling or keeping of pets. His reasoning cites that "many people in the west love their dogs more than their wives and children". Pet shop owners in Iran are reporting that more people are buying small dogs which they think are easier to hide.

The Latest in Litter Boxes
Win A Litter Robot on Animal Radio®Have you seen the Litter-Robot automatic cat litter? Sure, it looks a little like Darth Vader, but it does the job. We're even giving one away.

The Giving Spirit Continues
EVERY Animal Radio® listener gets a FREE BAG of By Nature Cat Food or Dog Food and a FREE BAG of World's Best Cat Litter. We love sharing great pet-products with our loyal animal-lovin' audience!

Don't Dog and DriveMan's Best Friend?
A man in Florida was tinkering with his truck. His Bulldog jumped in the vehicle and knocked it into gear. Let's just say his injuries were not life threatening but the bulldog lost his driving privileges.

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Animal Radio® Episode 561

Driving With Pet as Dangerous as Texting
Dogs Shouldn't DriveAbout two-thirds of dog owners said they routinely drive while petting or playing with their dogs, sometimes even giving them food or water while maneuvering through traffic. Dogs inside wrecked vehicles often become territorial and protective of their owners, sometimes leaving authorities no other option than to shoot the animal in order to help the driver and passengers.

We Can Send a Man to the Moon
Yet there is still no definitive answer as to "how cats purr." Many theories exist for the reasons behind the comforting sound. Animal Radio's own Joey Villani has a plan for grooming your cat. You bet she'll be purring the whole time.

Fly the Furry SkiesA Warning to Guardians That Travel By Air
After 7 puppies died of heat exhaustion on an American Airlines flight, it's more important than ever to bring your pets in-cabin for any flights!

Kenny's Closet Dog Consignment Clothing
Why spend so much money on bedazzled clothing for the diva-dog in your life? Now you can get and sell gently used duds online through a community that Garnell Shumate created.

Disney Pet ResortDisney Opens Water Park for Dogs
Disney is proud to open a pet resort catering to man's best friend. 50,000 acres of romping room can accommodate dogs, cats and iguanas. Your furry friend will enjoy top of the line accoutrements and a flat-screen TV. Good luck getting them to go home again!

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Animal Radio® Episode 560

Joy Behar, Gracie and Tallulah on Animal Radio®Joy Behar's Furry View
Comedienne and co-host of The View, Joy Behar is back on Animal Radio®. "My daughter and her husband share custody of two mutts (Gracie & Tallulah) and a cat that weighs as much as the dog," says Behar. Despite what dog trainers say about letting your dog sleep in bed, her dog is always welcome. "You can always find an marriage counselor that says 'don't let your husband in bed.'"

Get Your Cat a Career
With the economic pressure being felt in every strata of society, more members of the household are being asked to step-up and contribute, Dogs have been doing this since the dawn of history. But what about cats? What have they been doing between 9-5 while we've been out working to support them? Ann Dziemianowicz has career ideas and interview tips for your feline (and a really long last name too).

We're Not Immune
Dr. Debbie's own dogs have a nasty skin infection! "Why is it my pets are the last to get vet care? My dad works on cars and our family car was always in primer, had dents, or in need of repair," says Dr. Debbie.

Cat Owner Marinates Cats in Peppers an Oil
Marinated CatIn what has to be the strangest story of the decade, police arrested 51-year old Gary Korkuc after a disturbing discovery during a routine traffic stop. His cat 'Navarro' was inside a boot marinating in oil, salt, and crushed red pepper. Korkuc reportedly told officers he was punishing the cat for being ill-tempered, and he intended to eat it.

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Animal Radio® Episode 559

Pet Friendly Trends
Get 15% rates at KIMPTON - HosPETalityThe days of sneaking your dog up the back stairway at the Motel 6 are over. More and more travel destinations accept pets. Even better, many are rolling out the red carpet explains Kimpton Hotels 'Top Dog' Steve Pinetti.

Dogs Affected by PTSD
PTSD in DogsA military veterinarian has diagnosed a bomb-sniffing dog with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Gina, a 2-year-old German Shepard stationed in Iraq, suffers from the same disorder that afflicts many humans.

Largest Pet Food Recall in Since Menu Foods
Giant pet food company Procter and Gamble has expanded its voluntary recall of selected brands of its dry dog food over fears it may be contaminated with salmonella. The pet food which should be trashed or returned for a refund are Iams Veterinary Dry Formulas, and three Eukanuba lines - Naturally Wild, Pure and Custom Care Sensitive Skin with 'best by' dates between July this year and December 2011.

Service Iguana
Service IguanaThe owner of a four foot long iguana has had the last laugh on a Maryland Council which tried to ban the pair from walking in public. Wayne Short was outraged when Ocean City Council passed a special law banning him from taking Hillary for strolls along the boardwalk on a lead. However, Hillary is not just any old lizard and Short now has the paperwork to prove it. He applied for and was given permission to register his pet as a certified disability service animal.

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Animal Radio® Episode 558

Have We Gone Overboard?
Spoil Your PetIs it possible to become too attached to a pet? Pet owners express love for their pets in different ways and to different degrees. Americans spend well over $47 billion on their pets, showing how important animals are to their homes and lives. Did you know that people spend more on pets than on movies, video games, and recorded music combined? After consumer electronics, the fastest growing retail industry is pet care. Allen Anderson evaluates our love of our furry-friends.

Micro Mini-Pig Craze
Micro PigsChances are your favorite celeb has already adopted a new breed of micro-pigs. Pig expert and rescuer Victoria Bragg explains why these critters make such good pets - and how to pick 'em.

What Would You Do If It Was Your Pet?
Oh, that dreaded question. Pet parents often ask this question to their family veterinarian when struggling with difficult pet care choices. The question is honest and sincere enough when posed by a loving pet family, but on the receiving end ... the question serves as a double edged sword. "The honest answer is that I, as a veterinarian, might opt for care that you never would. For myself, there is no financial decision to consider ... It's like the auto mechanic that has the ability to fix his car without concern for costs," says Dr. Debbie.

Who is Imitating Who?Who is Imitating Who?
Results of a study conducted by Friederike Range at the University of Vienna's Dept. of Cognitive Biology show dogs do indeed copy our body movements and behaviors.

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Animal Radio® Episode 557

Celebrating Our Senior Pets
Senior PetAnimal Radio's annual Senior Pet Special examines the new technologies that keep our pets living longer than ever before. American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) President Dr. Gregg Takashima has the low-down on keeping our pets forever young. His unbiased words on supplements and foods help you decide what's good for your pet and what's snake-oil.

Birdology 101
Author and firecracker Sally Roth has created the 'end-all' bird-lovers book, The Backyard Bird Lover's Ultimate How-to Guide. She shares her tips for attracting and even settling disputes among hummingbirds. 10 listeners pick up a free copy of this best-selling book.

De-barking Banned in "M" State
The great state of Massachusetts has become the first to ban debarking surgery in dogs. The new law punishes anyone who surgically removes the vocal cords of dogs or cats with fines and up to five years in jail.

Most Dogs Are Unemployed
Unemployed DogJobs are hard to find but this recent ad was posted for young adults who are active, alert, outgoing, confident with a good sense of smell and tolerance of people. If you're a dog the Dept. of Homeland Security wants you! They currently employ 2000 animals and need another 3000 over the next five years.

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Animal Radio® Episode 556

Marc Morrone on Animal Radio®Marc Morrone Guests On Animal Radio®
Animal's best friend, television and radio host Marc Morrone shares his life with every creature imaginable. He spends his days at his pet store, or as he refers to it as his 'laboratory.' "I really wanted a zoo but the pet store is more practical," says Marc.

Sponge Bob Is Dead
Who lives in the pineapple under the sea? Who died in the oil spill because of BP? However, not all the gulf residents were harmed. Good news about endangered turtles that were saved from the oil disaster.

Joy Turner is on Animal Radio®Just Doing Our Jobs
Feel free to call on any one of Animal Radio's experts Bob. He wants Animal Communicator Joy Turner to ask his animals if another man visits his wife while he's away. After all, one of the five pets might squeal on the philandering wife.

Dodge Journey Pet Destinations
Planning at trip with your pet but don't know where to go? We have ideas of great pet-friendly places to take you furry-companion where you'll both have fun.

Get a FREE BAG of World's Best Cat LitterFree is Good
We want every cat-guardian to try a bag of World's Best Cat Litter. It's on us. Everyone within the sound of Animal Radio® gets a free bag! We're sharing the products that work well for the Animal Radio® animals.

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Animal Radio® Episode 555

M*A*S*H's Loretta Swit Guests On Animal Radio®
Loretta Swit is on Animal Radio®Best known as "Hotlips Houlihan" on the long-running M*A*S*H sitcom, Loretta Swit has spent much of the last decade helping animals live better lives. Swit has three cats and a Yorkie named Munchkin. "I can't imagine life without little things running around the house. It's amazing how you integrate with their spirits and souls," say Swit.  Loretta Swit is also joined by the President of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), Wayne Pacelle.

Celebrities and Their Pets
Producer of the feature film My Dogs, Daryl Roth explains how she captured the most intimate moments between those in the spotlight and the furry-friends in their lives. Glenn Close, Pierce Brosnan are among those featured.

Picking A Groomer
Pick the RIGHT groomer'Groomer Has It' judge and Animal Radio® Dream Team member Joey Villani has tips on picking a good groomer. In light of all the bad groomer news lately, it's important you listen. Start with the basics. Does your groomer have any burned out light-bulbs?

Britt Savage reports on a mood ring for your pets and a school for training your mule.

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Animal Radio® Episode 554

Ed Asner Makes Another Shocking Announcement on Animal Radio®
Ed Asner on Animal Radio®Ed seems to confide with Animal Radio®, telling listeners the Hollywood news before TMZ gets a hold of it. When asked why he never has dogs as part of the family, Asner replies "In my peripatetic life it's much easier to live with cats. They don't commit Harry Caray in my absence."

Dodge Journey Pet Destination Premieres
Where are your favorite places to take your pet? America shares their favorite destinations. So load up the family and enjoy summer with your furry-friend. This week we start at Avila Beach in California.

Tails From The Doc Side
Ditch Your Cell In The Vets OfficeDr. Debbie will not stand silently when pet-parents answer their cell phone during a visit. "I'm in a consult, talking to a pet parent about their babies ailments when all of a sudden, Jayzee's song alerts of an incoming call ... I get the raised hand indicating 'give me a minute' and the client takes the call leaving me standing there thinking, 'Are you kidding me?'"

Recall of the Week, Brought To You By Ipecac
The FDA announced the recall of Feline's Pride Raw Food. The food for both cats and kittens may be contaminated with Salmonella. The recall affects only orders that were placed and shipped June 10th through June 17, 2010.

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Animal Radio® Episode 553

American Idol's Bo Bice Guests
Bo Bice, Carolyn and GracieSince topping the charts, musician Bo Bice has been keeping active with tour dates and a new album to benefit flood victims. Bo travels with his two dogs wherever he goes. He has an English bulldog named "Sally" and a bagel (Beagle/Basset Hound) named "Gracie." Bo says the best person won Idol, "coming in second to Carrie Underwood isn't bad."

Giving Animals Grades
Jacob Lentz is Jimmy Kimmel's writer. He's a funny guy and he's penned the book The Animal Review. Using a secret proprietary method, he ranks all animals with letter grades between A-F. You'll be surprised to hear who flunked. You'll laugh so hard your drink will come out your nose.

Smell My Paw
Smell? What smell? Photograph: AlamyCan you smell a sick pet? For many in veterinary medicine, the answer is yes. Veterinarians use all their senses when examining an animals. Dr. Debbie loves the odors of her profession. Diabetes has a sweet, fruity odor to breath. Kidney disease has a strong odor of decaying flesh smell to breath. Yeast infections smell like stinky corn chips.

Recalled VitaminMore Recalls
Yet another pet-food recall. This time on vitamins. Salmonella is to blame in the last rash of recalls. And why has this become a weekly occurrence? Why can't we make safe food for pets just like we do for humans?

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Animal Radio® Episode 552

Steve Garvey Celebrates the 4th at Animal Radio®
Steve Garvey is on Animal Radio®Dodger Legend Steve Garvey joins us for the All-American holiday weekend to celebrate pets everywhere. Garvey says he's the opening act for 'Tillman the Skateboarding Dog' at his new job as spokesperson for Natural Balance Pet Food. When Natural Balance asked if Garvey would skateboard alongside the dog, he replied "absolutely not unless you strap me on and put cement around my ankles." The baseball-guru will be hosting "Dog Days" at several baseball games across the country. He said there's nothing more American than pets at a baseball game. And despite 500 or so dogs inside an arena, it all goes smoothly. "Ironically the dogs are very quiet during the game until the fans start cheering."

BP Hires IBRRC For Bird Cleanup
Bird at Gulf SpillJay Holcomb of the International Bird Rescue Research Center (IBRRC) responds to oil spills to cleanup birds. He doesn't have great things to say about the company that hired him to clean the birds in the gulf spill. He predicts a big hurricane force storm will end up making the spill worse. Holcomb says "the oil sitting on the water will be whipped into a frenzy and cover all these little birds, probably by the thousands."

AP Releases First Pet
Socks at PodiumThe Associated Press has compiled photos and stories of all the animals that have lived in the white house. While cats and dogs are common, you probably couldn't imagine all the different species under the Kennedy administration. Editor Chuck Zoeller joins us for some non-partisan conversation about the First Pets.

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Animal Radio® Episode 551

ABC Good Morning America's Dr. Marty Becker is on Animal Radio®Reducing Your Pet's Carbon PAWprint
ABC Good Morning America's Dr. Marty Becker is greening Fido with tips to save money and the environment. He also shares some behind-the-scenes veterinarian gossip.

IAMS Recalls Pet Food
Animal Radio® News Director Bobbie Hill has all the details behind a new pet-food recall. This time it isn't because something is IN the food, but because something is missing.
Cleaning Your Pets Teeth Could Mean Life Or Death
Clean Teeth - For So Many Reasons
You ever wonder why your vet 'flips' your pets lips to see the gums? Dental health tells a big story. Poor dental health can lead to organ failure, infection and death. Start brushing your pets teeth when they're young with Joey Villani's tips.

What Veterinarians Talk About
Dog Tie Spurs Frantic Calls To Dr. DebbieDr. Debbie is talking about a guy that called because his dogs were "stuck" together and he couldn't get them separated. After several frantic attempts to separate the dogs with water, yelling, etc - she explained that they are actually "stuck" in a completely natural breeding tie.

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Animal Radio® Episode 550

Bob Barker is back on Animal Radio®The Price Is Right For Bob Barker
Animal Radio® regular, retired TV host Bob Barker is sharing more fun stories about the animals that he's rescued. Barker asked if we remembered the hostage crisis in the 70's. "This oil spill in the gulf will be Obama's hostage crisis." Putting his money where his mouth is, Barker is still giving millions to help animals in need.

Sugar Substitute Wreaks Havoc in Canines
Dr. Debbie is on the case of a listener's three labrador puppies that ingested Orbit Chewing Gum with the highly toxic Xylitol sweetener. Keeping your dog away from foods that contain Xylitol could mean the difference between life and death.

Coming Up With Great Pet Friendly Ideas
After being handicapped in the Gulf War, Alan Wald has decided to focus his attentions on several inventions including a talking pet id tag, a food bowl that allows room for droopy ears and Doggie-Doo poop-bag dispensers. He's joined by his wife for this fun interview.
Why Cats Get Hairballs.
All You Wanted to Know About Hair-balls But Were Afraid to Ask
Britt Savage reports on the ever-so-popular hair-ball. What is it? Where does it come from? Why am I stepping in them every night when I go to the bathroom?

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Animal Radio® Episode 549

When A Friend's Dog Bites YouWhen Your Dog Bites A Friend
What should you do if your dog bites a friend or if you're bitten by a friend's dog? Simply seeking medical care can open a can of worms with Animal Services. Many states will quarantine the offender even if they're not an aggressive pet. But a small cat bite could rapidly turn into something major without the proper attention.

New solutions for old problems
There is a new class four laser that helps your vet treat hot spots and arthritis. No more steroids. ABC Good Morning America's Dr. Marty Becker is back with details on emerging technologies in pet medicine.

Raisins Can Kill Your DogWrath of Grapes
Dr. Debbie is late to the studios today because of a little Terrier that ate two-and-a-half small snack boxes of raisins. Grapes are toxic to our pets - thus raisins too. Looks like a happy ending for this story.

Playing With The Big Dogs
When Marie Moody saw a whole in the pet food market - she developed Stella & Chewy's food. She left NYC for Wisconsin to start the food that now competes with the big manufacturers. Although she says she can't get a good bagel in the cheese capital, she is able to make something special for our dogs and cats.

Groomer Cut Dogs Ear OffDogs Ear Falls Off After Grooming
How shocked would you be if you picked your dog up from the groomer and his ear fell off? What if the vet told you the groomer tried to super-glue it back on after they accidentally cut it off. You can't make this stuff up!

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Animal Radio® Episode 548

Get Your Dog Off MeExcuse Me, Could You Get Your Dog Off Me?
When your dog humps another, it has nothing to do with sex. He's showing that he's boss with typical alpha-dog behavior. When he poops in the house or the wrong place, it can be easily corrected by changing the place he eats. Vladae The Russian Dog Wizard has answers to common problems.

My Dog Has Maggots
Sure you knew your furry companions could get fleas or ticks, but did you know that it's the beginning of maggot season? Dr. Debbie is dealing with the first batch of dogs infected with fly larvae.

Microchip - The Size Of A Grain Of RiceWhat You Wanted To Know But Were Afraid To Ask About Microchips
1 in 3 pets will get lost. 90% won't be found. A microchip can mean a happy reunion. But, can it cause cancer? Is it a GPS device? Are there different frequencies? Does it hurt? Gary MacPhee answers all about the implanted chip that could be a lifesaver.

Taylor Swift Wants Pet StingrayTaylor Swift Wants Pet Stingray For Indoor Pond
Award winning country singer Taylor Swift is redecorating her apartment which includes a pond in the living room. Swift says she has a birdcage in the room now that is big enough for people but she wants to do more. Like adding stingrays to the pond. Yes stingrays, tropical marine life related to sharks. Swift explained, "I want to get stingrays ...I don't want people to think I'm crazy, but wouldn't that be cool?"

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Animal Radio® Episode 547

Geoduck Causing Big Time CrimeShell Games. Rogues, Smugglers, and the Hunt for Nature's Bounty
Detective Ed Volz spent his life chasing elk-antler thieves, bobcat smugglers, and eagle talon poachers. Now he was determined to find the kingpin of the geoduck underworld. Journalist Craig Welch's covers this beat and shares his encounters with the seedy and shady world of 'fish-criminals.'

Winning The Battle Against Motion Sickness
Even Fido can suffer from motion sickness in the car or truck. Dr. Debbie hears this complaint frequently and has developed a sure-fire cure. For some dogs, it's just a matter of where and how they're restrained. More serious cases may require medicine.

Using Pet Hair To Clean Up The Gulf Oil Spill
Collecting Hair To Clean Up Gulf Oil SpillPet hair is helping sop up the oil spill in the Gulf. Bay area organization Matter of Trust uses the pet hair to make mats and booms that contain the oil spill. Close to 1,000 Petco stores have begun donating fur to the cause rather than discarding it. The company hopes to ship a ton of fur each day to the massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill. A UCLA professor of environmental health science said "it's cost effective and it works well."

Pup With AllergiesSummer Allergies Take Toll On Cats and Dogs
Whether it's inflamed red spots or incessant scratching, allergies can be caused by parasites, food or plants. Your doctor may suggest a steroid to calm the symptoms, but it is important to get to the root cause. A simple change of diet can work wonders for many pets.

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Animal Radio® Episode 546

Beekeeping for DummiesBeekeeping For Dummies
It's more than just a hobby. Beekeeping is rapidly becoming a second income for many part-time enthusiasts. Best-selling author Howland Blackiston shares his affinity for these little 'buzzers.' Over 1/3 of everything we put in our mouth depends on the honey-bee. They're mysteriously disappearing and your help is needed.

Taxidermy Your CatTaxidermy Your Pet
Is it so crazy to preserve your loved one with taxidermy? Sort of a "Weekend at Bernie's" with your cat? According to animal communicator Joy Turner, it's an honor for "Fluffy."

Skunk Solution
Don't resort to tomato juice to get rid of the skunk smell on your over-enthusiastic cat. Groomer Joey Villani has yet another money saving tip for keeping your furr-ball fresh.
Erect A Poop Dispenser In Your Honor
Looking For America's Poopiest Park
Animal Radio® is looking for nominations for the most 'poopy' park, rest area or beach in the U.S.! We're awarding a commercial grade Poop Bag Dispenser with 40,000 bags - to be erected in the winners honor.

'Thong Watch 2010'
The saga continues for a puppy that swallowed his guardians thong. Will Dr. Debbie have to do surgery? Will the undergarment pass? This update has the twists and turns of your favorite reality show. Just make sure your mistress doesn't let Fido near her panties.

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Animal Radio® Episode 545

Pets Listen Better Than HusbandsPets Are Better Listeners Than Husbands 
According to the Associated Press - one third of married women who owned a pet said it was a better listener than their betrothed. Now for the husband's side of the story - that same poll showed 18% of married men said their pets were better listeners than their wives. 

Hi-Fidelity For Your Furry Companion
Janet Marlow tells us about her sound system designed to transform your personal music library into pet-friendly tunes that soothe and relax dogs, cats, horses, and their people. We'll be giving away a Pet Acoustics 'My Pet Speaker' valued at $250.

Slob-proofing Your Domain
Cleaning up after your pets won't be as hard anymore with Debbie Wiener's tips for designing around pets and husbands. She even came up with her own line of upholstery for pet puke.
Oil Spill Cleanup
Clean-up In The Gulf
The Exxon Valdez disaster 21 years ago in Alaska taught wildlife experts a lot about cleaning animals after an oil spill. Before the oil spill in the Gulf made landfall volunteers were organizing efforts to rescue affected wildlife while risking health problems themselves due to contact with the oil.

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Animal Radio® Episode 544

Loretta Swit on Animal Radio®M*A*S*H Star Speaks Out Against "Crush Videos"
In light of the recent Supreme Court decision against outlawing videos depicting animal cruelty, Loretta Swit (M*A*S*H - "Hotlips Houlihan") shares her strong feelings about "Crush Videos." Swit is very active in the animal welfare movement. She says "It's all about education. If someone comes up to me for an autograph and they're wearing a fur-coat, before I sign, I will educate. Because sometimes, they simply don't know 80 animals died for that coat."

Vet Studies Nation's Oldest Living Dogs
Dr. David Waters is back from his "Old Grey Muzzle Tour" where he visited with 15 old-dogs trying to find out what their secret is. It turns out Rottweilers have a tendency to live longer.

Traveling With Your PetsPack Your Bags and Your Pooch
A lucky listeners is off to Susan Sims' Travel Destination of the Week, the very pet-friendly Vintage Plaza in Portland.

There's Something Growing In Fluffy's Ear
Different breeds of animals may be subject to dirtier ears. If your pup smells like yeast, he may be past-due for a good ear-cleaning. TV and Animal Radio's Joey Villani has tips for making this task cheap and easy. Don't miss the discounts and promo codes when shopping for your pet.

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Animal Radio® Episode 543

Gothic Groomer Charged
Pierced CatA jury has convicted Holly Crawford Ross of animal cruelty in charges stemming from selling "Gothic kittens" with piercing. Ross' defense attorneys argued that since children get pierced ears at young ages "it would be wrong to hold cat owners to a higher standard."

Bo-bama Nation
Bo Obama and DadFirst dog "Bo-bama" recently marked his one year anniversary at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. In the last year, the pup has been featured as a Beanie Baby, on his own baseball card and re-created in marzipan. He also made a few faux pas in his first year like barking at Santa.

Creating A Top Pet Franchise - You Can Too!
Pharmaceutical salesperson turned Camp Bow Wow founder has transformed her franchise into a forty-million dollar business. The luxurious doggie day care is the talk of the town. Heidi Ganahl shares her Tales From The Bark Side.

Praying MantisInsectopedia - Getting Buggy
Anthropologist Hugh Raffles is responsible for the best-selling essays on the world of insects. He explores how different cultures and religions interact with what are commonly known as pests in America.

Teaching Blind Dogs
Gillian Young takes her 2 1/2 year old dog on the set to be a part of a new FX television show. The unique thing is that the dog is blind. From her experience, Gillian now teaches blind dogs to cope with a sightless world.

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Animal Radio® Episode 542

Stefanie Powers on Animal Radio®Stefanie Powers Has A Hart 4 Animals
The pretty part of Hart to Hart, Stefanie Powers, is not only is a great actress, she also devotes much of her life to the animals. "Animals, I find, are very easy to love and be friends with," Powers stresses. "I don't need to go onto Facebook and pretend to have friends I've never even met."

A Night At The Spa For You And Your Pet
Travel Expert Susan Sims has her pick for the top place to vacation with your pet. She's giving three lucky listeners a night at the luxurious Alderbrook Resort and Spa in Washington State.

Tips Your Groomer Doesn't Want You To Know
Intergroom's Man of The Year, Joey Villani has tips for cleaning your pet on-the-cheap. Don't spend dollars on the brand names when cornstarch will do.

Dog X-Ray on Animal Radio®Strangest Pet Insurance Claim
The winner for most unique claim for the month goes to Shredder - an aptly named Labrador Retriever. He consumed 100 tealight candles complete with metal wicks. After surgery, Shredder is fine. His owner, on the other hand, is happy she has pet insurance since the bill came to $2,547.

Kirstie Loves Her Lemurs
Are you in actress Kirstie Alley's will? You are if you're one of her beloved lemurs. The star of "Cheers" employs two full time zookeepers to care for her nine primates. Alley says "I've had them for about 30 years. It's a life commitment." She said the annual costs of keeping her lemurs runs close to $40,000.

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Half Of America's Pets OverweightHalf Of America's Pets Tip The Scale
45% of dogs and 58% of cats are overweight. Experts say if you're fat, chances are your pet is too. Obesity leads to arthritis, diabetes, and even a shorter lifespan. Dr. Ernie Ward says pet-food manufacturers are manipulating consumers.

Fire Chief Sentenced For Killing Puppy
The former L.A. County Assistant Fire Chief charged with felony animal cruelty in connection with the beating death of a puppy has been sentenced to 90-days in the beating death of a 6 mo. old puppy.

Living Sober Sucks - Mark TuschelLiving Sober Sucks
According to reformed alcoholic Mark Tuschel, pets can be the best helpers when it comes to recovery. Having to take care of them and the lessons they taught transformed Mark from an over-the-edge drunk to a sober man.

Do Pets Go To Heaven?
Christianity preaches that every living being has a chance to get into heaven, while Judaism texts say the god of Israel bestowed life into animals allowing them to have living souls. Islam has the opposite view and don't believe animals have souls. Buddhists believe animals are sentient beings and any animal may be reborn as human.

Frogs Predict EarthquakesFrogs Predict Earthquake
Scientists observed a mass exodus of toads from a breeding site in central five days prior to a 6.3 magnitude quake. Researcher Rachel Grant suggests toads are able to detect pre-seismic cues.

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Animal Radio® Episode 540

Greyhounds Out of WorkAs Many As 9000 Greyhounds Out of Work
There's a glut of Greyhounds because nine racetracks have closed in the U.S. within the last year. Each track has between 500-1000 dogs, all 'let go' because of the economy. They need homes and the Greyhound Project plans to facilitate more adoptions.

Evangers Accused of Stealing Gas and Electric
A suburban Chicago couple that created Evangers gourmet pet food stand accused of stealing close to 2-million dollars in utilities. Cook County prosecutors claim that Joel and Holly Sher told employees to jackhammer through concrete in order to divert gas and power lines.

Puppy Sale Ban Gets Traction
The city of Hermosa Beach, California is on the verge of banning puppy and kitten sales in pet stores. The measure passed a preliminary vote in March with unanimous support of the beach community's City Council.

Octomom and PETA strike a DealOctomom Should've Been Spayed
The animal rights group PETA has offered Nadya Suleman $5000 to post a sign on her front lawn reading "Don't Let Your Dog or Cat Become an Octomom. Always Spay or Neuter." Suleman accepted the offer which included a month's supply of hot dogs and veggie burgers.

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Animal Radio® Episode 539

Bindi Irwin on Animal Radio®Croc Hunter's Daughter Electrifies Airwaves
Bindi Irwin, the daughter of the late Steve Irwin, makes her debut in a full-length feature film. She co-stars with Beau Bridges in Free Willy - Escape from Pirates Cove. 11 years old going on 33, her energy penatrates Animal Radio® airwaves.

Cat Hair Links DNA in Murder
A Canadian man who stood trial accused of murder was found guilty of the crime after DNA linked cat hair found on his jacket to the victim. Now comes word from Discovery News that an international team of scientists have completed an extensive cat DNA database.

Animal Radio's New Pet Product Special for 2010 - brought to you by KURGO

Animal Radio® Live at Global Pet ExpoLive from Orlando, Florida and the Global Pet Expo, it's Animal Radio's yearly countdown of new pet products for your furry-friend. The best part of this annual special is the listener giveaways of everything in the countdown.Top Pick for 2010

This year, we feature oddities like the 5 foot cardboard tiger furniture that doubles as a scratching post, guaranteed to last two-years!

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Animal Radio® Episode 538