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Kelly Lund and Loki are on Animal RadioTurning Your Pet Into A Viral Sensation
Kelly Lund and Loki, his Husky - Wolf mix, didn't intentionally become a viral Internet sensation. Kelly casually posted a picture on Instagram that was picked up by Reddit, Bored Panda and Buzzfeed. Now Loki has a half-million followers and a new book. Kelly will give us tips on making your pet a star.
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Pit Bulls Aren't Getting A Fair Shake
Fiona Gilbert has Multiple Sclerosis. a degenerative neurological condition that affected her ability to walk. Without her service dog, she cannot function or work. The only problem is that Koda, her service animal is a pit-bull mix. As a frequent flyer on Delta Airlines, she is no longer welcome because her service dog is banned on the carrier.
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Social Media's Top 10 Pet Influencers
Forbes came out with multiple lists on social media influencers. On the list of Pet Influencers, probably the best-known Internet pet that still commands the most eyeballs and makes money to match her fame, is the long-deceased 'Grumpy Cat.' Why are these animals so engaging and why are they so valuable to advertisers? Collectively, the top 10 Pet Influencers have 50 million followers.
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Parrots change traffic patternParrots Change Traffic Pattern
Kea parrots are big and about 18 inches long. They're native to New Zealand where they can be a pest, but they do attract the tourists. These big parrots have been caught on camera shifting traffic cones into active traffic lanes. Why? The New Zealand Transportation Agency thinks they know why.
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Pentobarbital Horse Meat Used In Pet Food
Through the freedom of information act, some new information has come to light in the case of a pet food company having pentobarbital tainted horse meat in some of its canned food. The manufacturer was in compliance and had a license to use horse-meat at that time. However, it turns out they had been processing horse-meat as early as 2015 without a license. Records show an inspector found it on the premises of the processing plant during an inspection that was made as a result of complaints over health concerns and unsanitary conditions at the facility.
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