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Animal Radio Episode 963  

Natasha Lyonne of Orange is the New Black is on Animal RadioNatasha Lyonne Spoils Her Maltipoo
Actress Natasha Lyonne (Orange is the New Black) is our guest. She divulges her obsession with "Root Beer," her Maltese/Poodle mutt. Natasha joins Will Arnett, Stanley Tucci and Shaq for the new movie Show Dogs. She says it's much easier to work with dog actors than human actors.
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Human Meds for Pets
Dr. Lisa Radosta explains the use of common human behavioral medicines, including Prozac, for use with anxiety-ridden dogs and cats. She says veterinarians are more eager to prescribe psychotropic drugs to help our pets live a Fear Free life. Listen to Dr. Radosta in the Fear Free Pets Expert Series.
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Can Animals Predict Earthquakes?
It's been believed by many people that dogs, cats and other animals can anticipate or predict an earthquake. Now, for the first time, researchers have scientifically studied the claim. It is near impossible to determine whether the unusual animal behaviors are predictive or coincidence. However, the experts acknowledge, "the animals may sense seismic waves generated by fore shocks, but probably can't predict an earthquake."
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Son of Telly Savalas - Christian Savalas in on Animal Radio
Who Loves Ya Baby?
Christian Savalas, son of Kojak star Telly Savalas, has just finished designing a smartphone gaming app revolving around his mother's dog. He joins us to share the inspiration behind "Wild Wiener," the wildly addictive dachshund game.
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United Airlines Bans Certain Breeds of Cats & Dogs From Flying
After a review of all of its policies and practices concerning animals, United Airlines is banning 25 different pet breeds when it resumes flying pets this summer. It will be a few months, but United will again accept dogs and cats in the cargo hold starting July 9 if the pet parent is booked on the same flight. United will now no longer allow 21 dog and four cat breeds that are prone to physical problems from heat or other travel stress.
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