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Animal Radio® Show #512 September 26, 2009


More Than 1,700 Pounds Of Muscle; Over 80 Tattoos; And One Unlikely Mission

Big Ant, Rescue Ink

We speak with Big Ant of Rescue Ink who tells us that when you take a look at them, your first reaction might be to cross to the other side of the street. Just remember to look both ways before you do! 

Rescue Ink is not a gang, vigilantes or a social organization, but they do have that certain "in your face" style when it comes to animal abusers.   You may find them hanging out together at a hot rod show, tattoo parlors, or even hitting up the blacktop together on their bikes for a little road trip, but the main thing that brings them together is their love of animals. They met because they were all doing the same thing on their spare time: rescuing and finding homes for abandoned and abused animals. None of them did it for money; they did it because they cannot stand by while anyone mistreats an animal!

Rescue Ink was formed because the problem of animal abuse and neglect has grown beyond the resources of the existing animal welfare agencies. They love the work done by some of the local shelters, but they cannot possibly keep pace with the volume of problems that need to be addressed.

That's where Rescue Ink comes in. They will stop at nothing within the bounds of the law to protect animals at risk. They will intercede without hesitation when they are informed of a situation that needs to be addressed, and they will address it. If they need to convince people to do the right thing ... they can be very convincing, they'll even buy animals if that's what it takes to get them away from abusers. Other rescue organizations might leave notes on doors when looking for possible abusers and no one is home, but Rescue Ink might camp out in their front yard and even order a pizza until they arrive!

Rescue Ink™ is all about zero tolerance when it comes to animal abuse and neglect. Their ranks are growing every day, as Americans from coast to coast are reaching out to join in our efforts. If you know something they should know, give them a call... NOW!

The Team:

Johnny "O"
A gentle giant, John is a fitness personality, personal security expert, martial artist, and musician.

You want to know anything about cars, especially custom cars, Batso's the guy. He's retired from the auto biz now, but still loves to work with cars.
Big Ant
At 6' 1", weighing in at 320 lbs., it's easy to figure out why they call Anthony "Big Ant". From farms in Italy, to the streets of Brooklyn and Queens, Big Ant learned early on that respect is a way of life.
"G" has led the life of a first responder since he was a kid growing up in rural Connecticut, when he would use Popsicle sticks to set the wings of injured birds.
Joe Panz
Joe can be a real sweetheart, unless of course you mistreat or neglect animals, and if so ... wouldn't want to be you!
Des "the Cat Man"
If you want to know anything about cats, anything at all, Des is the go-to guy. Rescue Ink™ 's resident feline expert, Des has dedicated years to the wellbeing of homeless cats in Manhattan, running TNR (Trap, Neuter, and Return), shelter, and feeding programs.

Angel "Pet Investigator"
Retired as a detective investigator from the N.Y.P.D., Angel grew up in the rough and tumble Harlem projects, where he earned his first degrees in street smarts and self-defense.
Eric is the kind of guy you can always count on, he’s the one that always has your back. Eric’s the big guy that surprises people with his little dogs, a couple of Min-Pins who sometimes think they’re Dobies.
A hard-working restaurateur, businessman and longtime animal activist, Junior spends his professional life taking care of business, but his real passion is rescue and caring for animals in need.

Look for their National Geographic Show, Rescue Ink, every Friday by checking your local listings.  Also, don’t forget to grab a copy of their book, Rescue Ink.


From the Hood to the Hills!

Artist Knox – Beverly Hills Groomer

After grabbing his $50,000 prize money for winning Groomer Of The Year, Artist Knox opened his own grooming shop and named it The Artist Knox Pet Salon in Hollywood, California.  He says it’s going really good and customers are calling on a constant basis.  Artist feels he has arrived, because he has a stalker – and as he says, “You’re nobody until somebody’s talking you!”

Even though Artist won the title of Groomer Of The Year, he admits that he was fired at his first job of grooming.  It turns out while grooming dogs at Petco, when the grooming salon closed, Artist stayed open.  He didn’t have the heart to turn any dog away and even after grooming the most dogs in one day at Petco, (27 dogs) they fired him.  This compassion for the animals furthermore almost cost him the title of Groomer of the Year.

Artist didn’t always have dreams of becoming a groomer. He originally wanted to be an obstetrician but his mother became ill and he had to quit school. 

Even though Artist is now enjoying the fruits of his labor, he has traveled a hard road in order to get to where he is today.

Artist recently completed his first season of Beverly Hills Groomer on Animal Planet and we are crossing our fingers that it will be picked up for another season!


Vladae, The "World Famous" Russian Dog Wizard

Vladae’s Top Picks

Vladae's weekly "Pet Product Pick" are Kyjen dog toys.  Check them out here.

Are Shar-Peis A Bully Breed?

Unfortunately, Shar-Peis, along with Chows and Akitas, and are known to be a bully breed.   However, these dogs are young and need to have training started immediately.   They also have a habit of bolting out the front door.  This is an easy fix.  Get a clothes line, about 20 feet long.  Attach one end to the dog’s collar and the other to a heavy object in the house.  Open the door and let them run.  When they take off, call them back before they reach the end of the line.  Of course, they won’t come, but don’t worry, they will correct themselves when they reach the “end of their rope.”  At that time, call them back and when they come to you, praise them and give them a treat.  A few times of doing this and they will learn.



Vinnie Penn, Animal Radio's Resident Party Animal

The “Clockwork” Squirrel

There’s something I’ve been noticing at my house.  For the last two years, the last two summers in a row, I’ve found this bizarre.  I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to out it here on the Animal Radio® airwaves. 

When I sit out by my pool on the weekends or even during the day, and I’m not exaggerating in the slightest when I say this, but there is a squirrel that I like to call clockwork squirrel.  Not like the Clockwork Orange in that he is murdering anybody, but at the same time everyday, you can set your clock by this squirrel, at l:05 everyday, he comes from one side of the yard on the fence, all the way down the fence, jumps from once fence to the other fence, and comes all the way around.  Same time everyday - two summers in a row.

My sister was just over when this happened.  I heard her saying to someone on her cell phone out in my backyard, “Just a couple of minutes to 1:00 right now, and I’m going to lay out in the sun for a couple of minutes more and then I’ll be by.”

I then said to her, “Laura, watch this.  In about 5 minutes, about 1:05, this squirrel is going to come by.”  She thought I had trained him.  She kept wondering how I could know that the squirrel was going to come around!

The same time everyday, 1:05, two summers in a row, this squirrel comes down one side of the fence, hops to the other fence and then comes around. 

I say he’s visiting a lady friend.  I say he’s got his nuts in mind and he’s visiting a lady friend.  No one else has a reason for this.  Are they that patterned of a creature?  Is he working?  Does Disney have it right – are these animals doing a little bit of work, punching a clock, whistling while they work?

I don’t know what it is, but I can set my clock by the Clockwork Squirrel.  I should actually tail him one time and take a look and see.  As a matter of fact, I did look one time to see, and he just disappeared off into another yard.  There’s got to be an opossum he’s got something going on with.  I think he’s got a little something happening with an opossum, and if I look around, I bet there’s a “squiresum” somewhere – half squirrel/half opossum.

The Litter

I have two words for you.  Two words that women cannot resist.  Vinnie Penn!  No, they can resist me – believe me!

Those words are “The Litter.”  If a girl hears that someone, a coworker, etc., has a cat that just had a litter of kittens and there’s a “litter,” or a dog had a bunch of puppies and there’s a “litter,” they get magical!   “A litter, are they all claimed, are they all taken?”

I mean I have seven animals of my own in an apartment that doesn’t allow animals, but you just said the word “Litter.”  If there are nine kittens, they will immediately think, are eight of them one color and the ninth another color?  Because they will immediately think one that is a different color from all of the others, that’s the one that they want!

What are with the words “The Litter” that lights them up more than doughnuts in the coffee room at work?  Doughnuts in the conference room do nothing for the working woman as much as the words “The Litter!”


Dr. Jim Humphries - Veterinary Minute

Dental Disease in Cats and Dogs

Eighty percent of all dogs and cats have some form of dental disease and gum disease and it can be very severe.  Dental disease affects much more than fresh breath, it can frequently lead to more serious health problems such as kidney and heart disease.  Veterinarian experts strongly recommend daily dental care for pets and twice a year mouth exams, beginning early.   One new development is the prevention of plaque using a barrier sealant gel called Oravet®. It’s applied by your veterinarian and then continued at home.


Animal Radio® News with Bobbie Hill

It’s The Happiest Time Of The Year.... For Parents!

It’s back to school time for kids, which could mean separation anxiety for Rover. That’s right, according to the Humane Society; dogs do feel and react to a change in routine like kids going back to class. Dogs may begin to act out by barking or following the parents from room to room. The Humane Society suggests getting your pet used to being away from the kids for short periods of time, try pet sitting videos, walk your dog before you leave and make your departures more gradual. Another suggestion, leave a recently worn t-shirt with your pet, your scent will help soothe them.

Wildlife Center Receives Grant – Again!

Good news for the California Wildlife Center in Calabasas - the not for profit group has received an 80-thousand dollar grant.  According to the L.A. Times, this is the 4th time the wildlife center has been awarded the John H. Prescott Marine Mammal Rescue Assistance Grant.  California Wildlife Center opened in 1996 and has rescued and rehabilitated thousands of deer, squirrels, bobcats, coyotes, birds and marine mammals. The center’s director said the money will “significantly help us continue our efforts in improving rescue programs.”

Number 7 Philadelphia Eagles Jersey Not In Demand

The largest publicly traded sporting goods chain in the country just isn’t seeing a demand for convicted dog killer Michael Vick’s number 7 Philadelphia Eagles jersey.  The company’s chief marketing officer Jeff Hennion told the Bloomberg News “We have not seen enough demand from Eagles fans to stock the jersey.” But the folks at an online athletic jersey retailer are making the Vick jerseys available for people and dogs.  No word on the number of orders they may or may not have received.

81% Accuracy When It Comes To Making NFL Picks

Football season has officially kicked off and so has the practice of betting on teams.  Few people have the accuracy of 81% when it comes to making NFL picks - but Princess the camel does.  Princess, who was owned by late heiress Doris Duke, successfully picked 17 out of 21 winners last season - she even got the Super Bowl winner right (Steelers).  But this year, as a protest against the Philadelphia Eagles signing of convicted dog killer Michael Vick, Princess won’t pick any games involving his team.  According to the A.P., Princess lives at New Jersey’s Popcorn Park Zoo where general manager John Bergmann helps the camel pick the winners.

Declaw Debate

The Uber Liberal City by the Bay - San Francisco - is locked in a catfight over proposed, “declawing” legislation. The law would prevent the practice of declawing cats except in the case of medical necessity. The controversial procedure, which is arguably done solely for the convenience of the owner, involves not only removing the cat’s claws but also the last bone of each toe.  Surprisingly San Francisco’s Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals opposes the law saying veterinarians should make decisions involving animal care, not politicians.  The group also says it’s possible, if the ban is approved, that more owners would abandon their cats at shelters.

The Nose Knows

The Nose Knows - you can’t fool a dog’s sense of smell.  A suspected shoplifter in Framingham, Mass. found that out the hard way.  Seems a scent tracking dog was brought in to investigate an unrelated robbery when the pooch was distracted by the scent of meat! Seems the suspect was hiding over 60-dollars worth of meat in his pants which he told police he’d lifted from a nearby market!



Your Vet Questions Answered with Dr. Debbie

Allergy Problem

A 3-year-old Miniature Schnauzer seems to have developed food allergies after 2 years of being on the same diet of lamb and rice.  The allergies actually close her ears and the vet prescribed a medicine that worked real well for her ears, but she is still having problems with her skin, which is red and inflamed.  She lost all of the hair on her stomach at one point, but it has grown back.  She is bathed one a week with a special oatmeal shampoo.  Her guardian says that her skin smells like a yeast infection.   The vet has recommended Benadryl for this, but her guardian doesn’t want her to live on it indefinitely.   Dr. Debbie recommends having a skin sample taken and looked at under a microscope to see what direction to take, and that dogs can develop allergies to food even after eating it for some time.  She suggest while trying to find out what is going on, try to a different food for several months.

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia  (BPH)

A guardian thinks her neutered Jack Russell Terrier has BPH (Benign prostatic hypertrophy – BPH -  or cystic hyperplasia, is an age related change of the prostate where the prostate increases in size. This increase in size, or hyperplasia, is a non-cancerous change that generally does not cause clinical problems. BPH is the most common disease of the prostate, and occurs in almost all intact male dogs as they age.) Dr. Debbie explains that since this typically occurs in un-neutered males, she suggests that if the prostate it truly large, then the vet needs to go deeper into that prostate and do a biopsy. 

Indoor/Outdoor Cat Has Now Lost Three Collars

A cat, who is indoor/outdoor, was adopted 4 years ago.  He has always worn a collar, but within the last 6-8 months, he has been coming in without his collar.  His guardian has even replaced it with a break-a-way collar, but that too was no longer there.  His guardian would like him to wear the collar so she knows when he comes in and out of the house.  Plus, it also alerts birds that he might try to stalk.   The guardian feels that a neighbor might be taking it off.  A recommendation is to place a note on the collar asking that it not be removed and to contact the guardian.  It was also suggested to place a bell on the cat door to alert when he goes in and out. The cat should also be microchipped.   And if all else fails, keep him indoors!

Puppy Sometimes Limps

Could this puppy be faking it for attention?  A Boxer puppy was playing with an Akita puppy when he was pushed into a cabinet.    He started favoring his front right leg, but x-rays showed no breaks or fractures.  It has been several months now, but he still favors the leg on occasion.  Dr. Debbie states that there are growth problems in large breed puppies that can cause limping problems on and off.   She suggests a follow up x-ray to see if there are any changes. 


Animal Minute With Britt Savage

Renegade Sea Lions

Gerry Dunlap spent more than a year fixing up his 1910 dream sailboat, but it sank right to the bottom of the Newport Harbor when 15 gigantic sea lions tried to take it out for a spin.  Besides barking all night long, these sea lions have also tipped over a mother and her child in a kayak.

Love at First Bite

A recent wedding ceremony was held in India, but it wasn’t your usual ceremony.  It was between a woman and a snake.  The 30-year-old woman said she was in love with the snake and was therefore married by a Hindu priest with 2,000 people celebrating the event.  The groom, I mean the snake, was a little shy and did not come out of his anthill.  A brass replica of the snake was used as a stand in for the ceremony.

Even though the cobra is very poisonous, the woman said she he has never harmed her.   Her relatives are very excited about the union and feel it will bring good luck.  They have even built a hut by the anthill where the woman will live.


Talk With Your Animals with Joy Turner

Was It Her Time?

Shelly had a female Beagle named Abigail, which she has had since she was a puppy.  She was 10 years old when she was put down because of complications of diabetes.  Shelley wants to know if Abigail is upset with her for putting her down, or was it truly her time?  Joy tells Shelly that Abigail says that she was very ready to go and that she wants to thank her for letting her pass.  She was truly ready, and as Shelly mentioned, you could see it in her eyes. 

Shelley also mentions that she got a new Beagle named Izzy.  But now her daughter has brought a new dog in the house and she wants to know if Izzy understands that this is just a temporary addition?  Izzy has a problem with the daughter, in that Izzy doesn’t feel the daughter is properly taking care of her dog.  But Izzy is happy that Shelley stepped up and is helping out.   However, he will be glad when the other dog is gone!

Does Black Cat Have a Home?

Elsa states that a black cat has been hanging around her house and she wants to know if he has a home or if she needs to find him a home?  The cat tells Joy that yes, he has a home, and that home is now with Elsa!  Elsa says that is okay with her, but she needs to check with her husband.  Elsa currently has 3 other cats, and is worried about one of them not getting along with the new guy.   However, the new guy seems to be growing on everyone.


Reel Dog Film Fest by PAWS/LA

September 26, 2009

Box Office opens at 6:00 - Screening begins at Sundown

Cheviot Hills Park

2551 Motor Avenue

Los Angeles, Ca

323-464-7297 x 113

Hey dog lovers!  Take your favorite pooch to the movies on Saturday, September 26th under the stars at Cheviot Hills Park in Los Angeles.

A cinematic celebration of all things canine — the screening will feature approximately 60 minutes of canine-themed short films. This family event represents a unique opportunity to share an evening with your special canine companion. The festivities will be held outside under the stars and animal guardians and their canine companions will gather with picnic dinners, lawn chairs and blankets.

In addition to the film, there will be various canine-themed products on sale for moviegoers to enjoy.

Tickets to the Reel Dog Film Fest are $10 per person.  Canines and children under 12 are admitted for free. Tickets are available at the door. The box office will open at 6:00 p.m. The screening will begin at sundown. For more information contact or call 323/464-7297 x 113.



Hurry - Animal Radio's Summer Giveaway End September 30th

This year’s Grand Package includes items from Celestron, the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of high quality optical products, with the Regal 65F-ED Spotting Scope; Bissell, with the Lift-Off Revolution Pet Vac; Automated Pet Care Products, with the Litter-Robot; Disney, with the Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park passes; and recently added from SCS from the Disney G-Force movie which opened on July 25th, plush characters, t-shirts and trading cards.  Enter as many times as you would like before September 30th.

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You may enter as many times as you want, but no more than 5 times a day prior to September 30, 2009. This contest is open to US residents 18 and over. Winner is responsible for all taxes on prize packages. Winners will be announced on Animal Radio® and notified by email or telephone. You may also enter by sending us a postcard with the requested information to Animal Radio -Summer-end Giveaway, P.O. Box 197, Shandon, CA. 93461. A complete list of rules is available at the Animal Radio Network™ Studios.

What are you waiting for?  Get entered now!



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