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Animal Radio® Show #727

John Pilley and ChaserThis Dog Knows A Thousand Words
You may have heard about Chaser, the Border Collie that not only knows 1000 words but can understand sentences. John Pilley got Chaser when he was 72, and has chronicled this amazing story. Your dog may be just as brilliant!

Jerky Treats Death Toll Nears 600
Meat or plant-based "jerky" pet treats have been tied to mysterious illnesses in thousands of dogs, according to the FDA. Bernadette Dunham, director of the FDA's Center for Veterinary Medicine, said "This is one of the most elusive and mysterious outbreaks we've encountered."

Unlikely LovesUnlikely Loves
Jennifer Holland has release another book highlighting strange and unusual animal relationships. You'll hear about the unique pairing of an Elephant and a Sea Lion. But that's not the weirdest. You'll have to listen to believe it.

Jet Set Vets
Jet Set VetsDr. Cindy Bressler has a unique job. She's a vet for the other side of the tracks. This entrepreneur started the country's only private-jet, ride-along-vet, concierge pet service. For a small fortune, between $1,200 and $15,000 an hour, she and her team wild administer IVs and drips and handle any other medical issues.

...and the Animal Radio® Dream Team will be answering listeners questions about their pets.

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Animal Radio® Show #726

One Fat CatDoes This Collar Make My Butt Look Big?
The very amusing Dena Harris joins us as she parodies all the self-help diet books with tips to reduce the fat in your cat. You'll hear purr-actical tips like, eat whatever you want, just throw it up at 3am right in the middle of the bedroom floor.

What The Dog Knows
Cadaver DogCat Warren trains cadaver dogs to look for dead bodies. How does she do it? And just how good is your dog's nose? So good they can sniff a corpse at the bottom of a lake for 100 years. Would "Ladybug" the Animal Radio® Stunt Dog be good as a cadaver dog? She likes rolling in dead stuff.

We Hear It All
Reindeer PetMost of our listener questions are about dogs, cat, fish, birds and an occasional iguana. This week we're helping a listener with reindeer. Not just any reindeer. Could this be Mrs. Claus calling?

Anal Glands
It's all fun and games until someone gets squirted in the eye. Dogfather Joey Villani suggests you go to your veterinarian if your dog's glands need to be expressed. But just in case you want to do it on your own, he'll tell you what you need to know first.

Smelly Cat its not your faultSmelly Cat, It's Not Your Fault
It's not just a Friends song, it's a real problem that can be solved using stuff you probably already have in your pantry. We'll have the reasons and the cures for your smelly cat.

Pet Insurance Now Offers Hereditary and Congenital Coverage
Cats and dogs in nearly 30 states are now eligible for full hereditary and congenital coverage from several insurance carriers. Hereditary and congenital coverage is a relative newcomer to the insurance field.

Wine for catsWine For Cats
Wine drinkers in Japan can now share a glass with their feline friends. B&H Lifes is releasing a wine for cats. While the wine doesn't actually contain any alcohol, it is made from Cabernet grapes. It is also blended with vitamin C and catnip for a mixture that supposedly tastes similar to red wine.

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Stella and Chewys

Animal Radio® Show #725

Air Hollywood StudioAir Hollywood
Actress and animal advocate Megan Blake is teaching dogs to fly on airplanes using a Hollywood studio set and aircraft simulator. For $300 you can desensitize your pup from all the noise and vibrations that happen on a real plane.

One Cool Black Cat
One cool black catAs Halloween approaches, we're examining all the strange superstitions from Black Cats to Fat Rats. Self-proclaimed expert Kim Campbell Thornton shares the stories behind the myths and legends.

Condoms For Cats & Dogs
Cat and Dog CondomsA new website is supposedly offering an unusual way to control the pet population - condoms for cats and dogs. claims to offer a special brand of protection dubbed Animal Instincts. But anyone trying to purchase a pack of the condoms will quickly realize they're out of luck. As soon as they click on one of the links, a message pops up telling potential customers: "C'mon, there's only one real fix, spay or neuter your pet."

Skunk Haven
Skunk RescueAn Ohio woman is trying to prove that skunks aren't the "smelly little creatures" people may think they are. Deborah Cipriani has converted her home into the country's only rescue center for domestic skunks. She has 50 skunks that have free reign of her five-bedroom house - dubbed Skunk Haven - and some of them even sleep in her bed. She also hosts an annual animal lovers event known as Skunk Fest.

Cat Competes For National Pet Insurance Award
Squishy KittyA Northern California family cat is in the running for a national pet insurance award. After racking up a $1,200 vet bill being squashed in a garage door incident, Ariel, the Carter family cat, is now in the running for the "Most Unusual Claim of the Year."

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Animal Radio® Show #724

Comedians Leigh Anne Jasheway and Joey Camen guestDate Me, Date My Dog
70% of female respondents would marry their dog according to comedian Leigh Anne Jasheway. Leigh Anne barks up all the major problem issues single women with dogs face when trying to mate and relate with a human male - and how to successfully have sex in front of the dog without causing dogus-interruptus.

More Ha Ha
What's better than one animal loving comedian? Two of course. Joey Camen and his multiple personalities visit with Animal Radio®. He shares an exciting, tail wagging story about the relationship he had with Snoopy, his shelter dog.

Mice Sing To Protect Themselves
Mice can singWe all know that birds sing, but did you know mice do as well? And the songs vary, so mice that live in the jungle of the Amazon may sound one way. Mice in Detroit have also been studied and they sound another way. I'm not sure how mice in LA might sound.

Where Is Your Hard Earned Money Going?
Vinnie Penn takes a look at the Watchdog Report. It details exactly how much money animal related non-profits make and how they spend it. Once you hear the truth, you may think twice before making a donation to your favorite charity.

Cats in the bathroomCat Uses The Toilet
A cat-lover has amazed animal experts by teaching his furr-ball "Salem" to use a human toilet. 29-year-old Luke Evans became fed-up with the puss using a smelly litter tray in his second floor flat. So he trained nine-month-old cat to go to the toilet in his bathroom by offering cheese-flavored treats as a reward.

Cheap Guy Finishes First
Joey Villani has been grooming dogs since he was a toddler (FDR was president€¦we think). He's sharing more secrets to grooming your pet with stuff you have around your Downy fabric softener, Gold Bond medicated powder, Vinegar, Bounce dryer sheets and corn starch.

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Animal Radio® Show #723

Blonde BitchesBarking Blondes
Anna Webb and Jo Good are perhaps the two funniest ladies you've ever heard. They have an affinity for our "fur-kids" - and they'll tell you how two bitches taught two bitches to survive without men.

Flea Fodder
Once again we are having a record year for fleas. And this has, quite by accident, become the thrust of today's show. Dr. Cristiano Von Simpson and "Dogfather" Joey Villani offer up great advice for ridding your pet of fleas once and for all. Can you use Listerine or Vinegar as effective protection? Dr. Debbie busts the myths.

Rent the
Phil Thompkins and his wife Jenn are quite the entrepreneurs. They've successfully launched a chicken rental business just in time for a renewed interest in the feathered fowl. "Chickens are the new dogs" and many simply like having the egg supply.

Zero-Tolerance For People Wearing Animal Prints
Zero toleranceA wildlife park in the U.K. has started banning animal print clothing after zookeepers noticed the fashion choice was confusing the animals. The Chessington World of Adventures has even brought in "Animal Print Bouncers" to make sure visitors don't get in wearing anything patterned after zebras, giraffes, leopards, tigers, or other wild animals.

What's "Stud Tail?"
Did you know it's fairly common for unaltered male dogs (and cats) to be missing hair on the base of their tail? It's just another one of the problems when you fail to neuter your dog. You can even avoid some cancers by snip-snip-snipping.

Purr therapyPurr Therapy
A new cafe in Paris is offering patrons a dose of stress relief with their coffee. The Cat Cafe has a dozen resident cats to provide "purr therapy." The manager there says a cat's purring has been shown to help relieve arthritis or rheumatism and to lower blood pressure and heart rate. It seems the whole concept is a hit. So many people showed up for the cafe's recent opening that about 300 had to be turned away.

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How To Make Love To Your Husband While The Dog Is Watching
Who do you ask about what to do with the dog when you want to get romantic with your spouse? Accidental comedian Leigh Anne Jasheway of course. She also says 7 out of 10 dog owners would marry their dog if they could.

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Why Does My Chihuahua Hump My Golden Retriever? And What's In A McRib Sandwich?
It's a hard picture to get out of your head. The little Chihuahua dominating a large dog. But who's to say it isn't just a case of love? Dr. Debbie, that's who.

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Expressing Anal Glands
It's an unfortunate fact of life. Some dogs need their anal glands emptied regularly. Dogfather Joey Villani says make a sport out of it. With a little target practice, you can really upset your ex-wife.

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Animal Radio® Headlines

F.D.A. Moves to Regulate Food for Animals

26pet_span-articleLargeTThe Food and Drug Administration proposed rules on Friday that would govern the production of pet food and farm animal feed for the first time.

The regulation would help prevent food-borne illness in both animals and people, officials at the agency said, as people can become sick from handling contaminated animal food and from touching pets that have eaten it.

The proposal comes six years after the biggest pet food recall in history, when a Chinese producer contaminated dog and cat food with melamine, a compound used in plastics, causing the deaths of animals across the United States.

The public outcry helped lead to the inclusion of animal food in the Food Safety and Modernization Act, a landmark food safety bill which passed with broad support in 2010 and was the first major overhaul of the Food and Drug Administration's food safety laws since the 1930s. It gives the F.D.A. more control over food imports as well as broad new powers to set standards to prevent contamination of produce and processed food.

Jerky treats have also caused pet deaths. Since 2007, the F.D.A. has counted about 580 pet deaths connected to chicken, duck and sweet potato jerky treats, nearly all of which were imported from China. However, it is not clear whether the regulations, if passed, could have prevented the deaths because the F.D.A. is not sure yet what the hazard is. The agency had received more than 3,000 complaints about the jerky over five years.

The proposal is open for public comment for 120 days. If passed, it would regulate the production of feed for millions of farm animals, including cows, pigs and chickens, as well as pet food.

Much like regulations proposed for human food this year, the rules would require makers of animal food sold in the United States to develop a written plan to prevent food-borne illnesses, like salmonella, and to put it into effect. Producers would need to put protective procedures into place at critical points in the production process where problems are likely to arise.

For example, for canned dog food, producers might have to set up a system to monitor whether the food has been cooked long enough at the right temperature, said Michael R. Taylor, deputy commissioner for foods and veterinary medicine. They would also need to keep records to document it.

"We know from experience that when the system doesn't deliver, people get irate," Mr. Taylor said. "It's all about having a systematic plan to make the food safe."

The rules would also require producers to correct problems that arise and re-evaluate their plans at least every three years. And they would require them to maintain standards of cleanliness for the facilities and people who work in them.

The proposal does not address the use of antibiotics given to animals, sometimes in feed. Public health advocates warn that it is contributing to dangerous levels of antibiotic resistance in humans.

Animal Radio® Dream TeamAsk the Animal Radio® Dream Team

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Off Leash

Bill: I am the proud new owner of an 8 week old Redbone Coonhound pup. Training is going about as well as one can expect from a pup this young. Sit has been mastered and stay is coming along. I take my dog to the woods often and she is very reliable off leash. She stays by my side, and if I do get a distance away she runs to me. And responds pretty well to come commands or her name or a whistle. I have found that since I've started doing this she has taken to the leash better. I only walk off leash in the woods. In case she runs off it's easier for me to follow and safer for her (no cars)!! My question is, is this off leash behavior a puppy phase, or am I training her that following me is the only acceptable form while in the woods. I ask because some people have told me that eventually she will just take off and not care if you call her. And I do recognize that her breed is a scent hound that is capable of following scents and blocking out other things. So, in a nutshell- good or bad to walk off leash?

Alan Kabel: Puppies follow. When she gets older she won't unless you teach her too. Just be real nice when she comes to you. As she starts getting her personality and independence if she is interested in something she will probably run off if she wants to investigate it. You'll have to teach her to come when you call and you can begin now as you've done. Reward when she comes to you. It doesn't matter where, woods or wherever just make her earn her freedom. Practice teaching her stay and come on the leash before you let her off but 8 weeks is to young for this. You've got to wait until she gets older, maybe about 4 months.

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