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Francesco Marciuliano is on Animal RadioI Could Pee On This
Our special guest is Francesco Marciuliano. He's the author of the Sally Forth comic strip that runs in over 700 newspapers and a series of pet poetry books that he says he transcribed from his cat. Not bad for a kid with a "Bucket List" at ten years old. You'll laugh until you hurt!
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$1 Million Lawsuit Over Dog That Was Supposed to Euthanized
The story of the vet in Fort Worth, Texas, who is charged with keeping several dogs alive who were supposed to be euthanized so they could be used as blood donors, keeps getting more unbelievable. The clinic has been shut down while it is being investigated for animal cruelty and faces a $1 million lawsuit.
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Cuddle Clones on Animal Radio
Stuffed Pet Look-a-likes
Jennifer Graham has a pretty cool business. She makes customized stuffed animals that look just like your pet. You'll submit front and side-view pictures of your furry companion. Eight weeks later, the UPS man will deliver a stuffed version of the family pet.
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Panda Dogs on Animal RadioThere's Panda-Monium in China
There is panda-monium going on in pet shops all over China. Dogs that look like the country's prized pandas are all the rage. It takes about two hours to turn a dog into a panda, and the look will last for about six weeks before it is time for a touch-up.
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IKEA Helps Homeless Animals In Showrooms
The showrooms of two IKEA stores currently feature life-sized cardboard cutouts of shelter dogs available for adoption. Shoppers interested in the dogs can scan their unique QR codes to learn more about them.
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