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Deborah Howard explains Puppy Laundering SchemeDogs Laundering Lawsuit
A lawsuit has been filed in a California court saying Bark Adoptions masquerades as a non-profit animal rescue organization passing off puppy mill dogs as rescued animals and selling them for a profit. California has banned the sale of puppy mill dogs and it is believed multiple fictitious rescues are circumventing the law. Deborah Howard, founder of the Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS) explains how her organization is trying to raise awareness on the issue.
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Animal Occupations That Pay More Than $56k Annually
The Bureau of Labor Statistics identified the occupations that pay workers more than $56,000 a year and involve lots of quality time with animals. Veterinarians are the highest paid with a median yearly salary of  $90,000 and projected job growth of 19% over the next 7 years.
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Man Charged With Abandoning Fish
A North Carolina man has been charged with abandoning a pet fish that police say he left behind without food when he was evicted. Kind of unusual, but times are changing and how we think about animals is much different that it used to be.
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Camel Goes To PetsmartCamel Goes To PetSmart
Hump Day was a few days early at a pet store in Michigan when the operator of a local petting zoo walked in with his camel on a trip to their local PetSmart. This comes a week after a bull was escorted into a Petco. Both chains encourage bringing pets into the store.
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Do Cats Understand Words?
Cats are almost always described as aloof but they know their own names and recognize it when we call for them, new research shows. Scientists found that our feline friends are able to tell their names apart from other words and have a grasp of words closer to a dog's than we think.
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Bite size snacks of Animal RadioAs Heard on Animal Radio

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