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Animal Radio® for October 19, 2013  

Are You Tired of Begging For Good Guys To Show Up In Your Life?
Leigh Anne Jasheway, Date Me, Date My Dog

Leigh Anne JashewayA poll of Dog and Cat Radio listeners found that almost 70% of female respondents would marry their if they could. Comedian Leigh Anne Jasheway barks up all the major problem issues single women with dogs face when trying to mate and relate with a human male and how to successfully have sex in front of the dog without causing dogus-interruptus.

Too many women try to be someone they're not when they start a relationship, which is always a shame and never works out in the long run. But when a woman gives up a canine family member in order to add a man to her life, it's a personal and national tragedy.

Leigh Anne tell us she is a dog rescuer and knows for a fact that many dogs end up in shelters for reasons such as, "My boyfriend doesn't like him." Since Leigh Anne is a comedian, she felt maybe she could help out in a humorous way to aid young women especially, because they aren't sure of who they are and if their dogs are just a phase they're going through.

She felt if she wrote a book that said, "If a dog lover is who you are, then don't go for a guy that puts himself between you or your dog. Find somebody that accepts you as the woman who is a dog lover," it would help.

Date Me, Date My Dog book coverBut where do you find these men? Leigh Anne says they are all over the place; just don't look in the wrong places. You can find them in places where you find dog lovers. This can be the dog park or at animal events. There are even on-line dating sites for animal lovers.

So now you found the man, how soon can you start bringing out the puppy pictures of your dog? Leigh Anne says wait until the third date, as you don't want to come off across as too crazy right away! But if you can, bring your dog along on that first date, as dogs are a good judge of character. This is a good chance for our dog to meet the guy and to let you know if he is a good one!

Leigh Anne Jasheway is the author of 17 previous books including Bedtime Stories for Dogs; The Rules For Dogs; and If I Was a Dog, I'd Be A Better Person. She is the humor columnist for Dash Magazine and previously for Family Circle.

How One Shelter Dog Changed A Man's Life
Joey Camen, My Life With Snoopy

Joey with Snoopy at ChristmasJoey Camen and his multiple personalities visit with Animal Radio®. He shares an exciting, tail wagging story about the relationship he had with Snoopy, his shelter dog.

Joey adopted Snoopy from the Burbank Animal Shelter because he doesn't believe in puppy mills. He says there are so many dogs that need love and are in shelters that have been abandoned and abused. So why not go and save their life? They are grateful, beautiful animals. Joey was ready for a new dog and immediately felt a connection with Snoopy. He says he, "Was hit like a thunderbolt" when he first saw Snoopy.

Joey is able to do many voices (including Arnold Schwarzenegger) and loved to try them out on his dog Snoopy. When he would call Snoopy using a different voice, Snoopy's ears would perk up and he would look at Joey almost as if asking, "Who's this? Where did my master go?" This is because when Joey does a character, his whole energy changes; his body changes, his nostrils dilate and he turns into another person, which freaked Snoopy out. Joey didn't do this too much around Snoopy, but he still says it was, "A lot of fun!"

My Life With Snoopy book coverSnoopy was able to heal a 30-year distrust of dogs that Joey had. Joey had a childhood incident with a dog when he was 10-years-old. His parents did something that wasn't kosher and it wasn't very good with Joey and his dog. But, you are going to have to read the book to find out what happened!

Joey is a veteran stand-up comedian, voice talent, actor, and award-winning short filmmaker. He has performed professionally since the age of seventeen in everything from movies, to sitcoms, to Las Vegas showrooms. He was a protege of legendary voice actor Daws Butler, better known as the voices of Yogi Bear and Huckleberry Hound. Joey has provided voices for numerous cartoon shows, commercials, movies and video games. Joey is also the voice of Terrafin, from the Skylanders video series. My Life with Snoopy is his book-writing debut. Joey lives in Los Angeles with his wife and their cat.

Over-The-Counter Vaccinations
Dr. Joel Ehrenzweig, ProLabs, FLEX Rx

ProLab Pets LogoProLabs understands that our listeners consider their pets family members. They also know that you want to play an active role in their health care by giving them high-quality products.

For more than twenty years, ProLabs has provided safe, cost-effective over-the-counter products for pets that match the quality standards used by veterinarians in their clinics.

Probably nothing is more important in keeping pets healthy than regular vaccinations. ProLabs offers the same vaccines that vets use in their clinics to protect pets against the most common diseases.

Dog receiving vaccineLately, people are becoming afraid of vaccinations and are backing away from vaccinating their pets on a regular basis. However, it is leading to a new wave of infectious diseases that can be prevented.

ProLabs has had USDA approved, single dose vaccinations over the counter for years. The same companies that make the vaccines used by your own veterinarian make these vaccines.

Due to the recession and money being an issue for a lot of people, many animals are not getting vaccinated. These over-the-counter options are for folks who can't get to the vet because their animal is overly aggressive or they may live too far away. Now, they can still protect their dogs from the major diseases. This includes distemper, parvovirus, canine hepatitis, leptospirosis and kennel cough.

ProLabs is the source for professional pet health care products.

Click here to get a $10 Off FlexRX Coupon today.

Joey VillaniThe Dogfather's Grooming Tip with Joey Villani

Keep Your Pet's Coat From Drying Out In The Winter
Now that winter is almost upon us, the weather starts to change and heaters go on. This can cause our skin to dry out and become itchy. However, we are not the only ones who get dry skin. Our pets also get dry, itchy skin. This can lead to shedding and scratching. It can also be extremely difficult for those people who are asthmatic or allergic to pets, as your dog will start shedding and their skin cells will start flying! However, there are things you can do to help.

If your pet is just scratching and his skin is a little dry, take some distilled water in a spray bottle and mist your pet down and just brush it in. You can do this on a daily basis and it will give the coat and skin a little hydration.

Dog with snowmanBut if you are having an allergic reaction to your pet's coat in the winter, mix one part of Downey fabric softener to four parts of distilled water in a squirt bottle. Spray your pet every day. You can use this on both cats and dogs and it will not hurt them, as it is not toxic. This mixture will not only moisturize their skin and coat, but will keep the shedding skin from flying in the air. It is also a great fix for an animal that has static electricity in his coat during the winter months. If you normally have an allergic reaction, you will notice relief almost immediately!

Animal Radio® News with Stacey Cohen

Fossilized Hyena Poop containing human hairHuman Hair Found In Fossilized Poop
Human hair found in fossilized hyena poop suggests that our ancestors satisfied the hunger of others during prehistoric times. The fossilized dung, part of a "hyena latrine," will be described in the latest issue of the Journal of Archaeological Science. The latrine was first found a few years ago at Gladysvalecave in the Valley of South Africa, but it recently went through an additional barrage of testing. Our ancestors lived around a wild bunch about 257,000 years ago.

Mice Sing To Protect Themselves
We all know that birds sing, but did you know mice do as well? And they do it to protect themselves. Anyone with pet rats or mice knows they make all sorts of vocalizations. Of course, most species on the planet do, but when it comes to defending their territories birds tend to scream and not sing. It turns out that at least some mice sing. Songs consist of a set of rapidly repeated notes, called trills. Notes are produced each time an animal opens and closes its tiny mouth, roughly 15 times per second. And the songs vary, so mice who live in the jungle of the Amazon may sound one way, while mice in Detroit have also been studied and they sound another way. I'm not sure how mice in Los Angeles might sound. But next time you hear a mouse sing, you'll know why.

Cat using toiletCat Uses The Toilet
A cat-lover has amazed animal experts by teaching his pet moggie Salem to use a human toilet. 29-year-old Luke Evans became fed-up with the puss using a smelly litter tray in his second floor flat, so he trained nine-month-old Salem to go to the toilet in his bathroom by offering cheese-flavored treats as a reward. The talented cat can also shake paws and roll over and is currently being taught to fetch. But it is his human-like toilet skills that have left experts baffled. Luke, who lives with his partner in England, said, "A lot of the time we don't even realize that he's been to the loo. Sometimes we hear him scratching at the seat but it's only when we step into the bathroom and see the evidence in the toilet that we know for sure. "He can't use the flush yet, he needs more training for that. It took a couple of months for him to pick it up, we used a child's toilet training seat at first. I guess it's a pretty rare thing. I mentioned it at work and everyone was pretty amazed."

Cowardly Killing Of Elephants
Poachers have devised a sinister and cowardly way of killing African elephants; they are poisoning them with cyanide. At least 100 African elephants have been poisoned, and that's from just one place in Zimbabwe, Hwange National Park. Hwange is the largest game reserve in the nation. The poachers placed salt laced with cyanide around the water holes where the elephants drink. The elephants eat the salt and die from the poison. There were eight poachers, with three caught and sentenced so far. Cyanide leads to an agonizing death for the elephants, which fall to the ground where poachers can then remove the valuable tusks.

Giant HornetsGiant Hornet Attacks Kill 28 People
According to The Guardian, at least 28 people have died and hundreds have been injured in a wave of attacks by giant hornets in central China. The hornets, also known as Vespa Mandarinia, have reportedly chased victims for hundreds of meters and stung them as many as 200 times. The venom from the stings can cause anaphylactic shock and kidney failure, the Guardian reported. The average stinger on a giant Asian hornet measures about a quarter-inch.

Research Team Is Making New Claims That Bigfoot Is Real
Dennis Pfohl, with The Sasquatch Genome Project, showed several video clips of tall, hairy creatures at a news conference in Dallas. The footage was reportedly presented by an entrepreneur to promote an upcoming documentary. But some observers say that one of the clips has been around since 2005.

CatstronautFeline Joins Space Program
Hey diddle diddle/The cat and the fiddle/The cow jumped over the moon. It might seem like a simple nursery rhyme, but to an extent, it rings true. Animals have long blazed trails for human space explorers. Now comes word that a feline from Iran will be the latest to join this storied group of travelers. A senior space program official for the Iranian government announced that the country plans to send a cat to space. This comes on the heels of Iran's unconfirmed attempt to send a monkey earlier this year.

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