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Animal Radio® for July 13, 2013  

Pets Cause $3 Billion Dollars In Damaged Devices
Sandy Robins, Square Trade Insurance

Dog chewing on cellphone

A recent study by SquareTrade Insurance shows pets cost owners more than $3 billion dollars in damaged devices. Overweight, overprotective and coddled pets are the most dangerous.

We speak with Sandy Robins, a Pet Specialist for SquareTrade Insurance, who tells us that it used to be that the age-old excuse was, "The dog ate my homework." Nowadays, you are more likely to hear, "The dog ate my laptop or peed on my iPad!"

The study by SquareTrade Insurance shows that American pets have bitten, chewed, licked, drooled upon, and otherwise damaged more than eight million devices, which adds up to more than $3B in repair and replacement costs. The most commonly damaged device is the smartphone, which accounts for one third of all devices damaged. The study also found that 3 out of 4 devices damaged were not covered by insurance or a protection plan.

The types of accidents caused by our four legged friends are as diverse as the breeds we collectively love. While ultimately forgiven, the top animal accidents are:

*Chewing: Two-thirds of the accidents are caused by the pet putting the item in their mouth
*Causing owner to drop: 21 percent of accidents happened while the owner was using the device.
*Vomiting/peeing: About 1 in 6 cat or dog owners say that one of their pets has thrown up on or gone to the bathroom on one of their electronics
*Two-thirds of the accidents happened while a pet was unsupervised

Animal accidents are not just due to mischief or unruly behavior. The SquareTrade research investigated what pets are most risky and what human behavior increases the rate of accidental damage.

*Male pets: Male pets are 50 percent more likely than female pets to damage your devices
*Peeved pets: 17 percent of pet owners believe that their pet damaged the device because it was angry with them
*Overweight pets: 72 percent more likely to have a pet-related accident
*Overprotective pets: 2 times more likely to have a pet-related accident

The survey also found that if you let your pets sleep in the bed with you or ride in your lap while driving, you are two to three times more likely to have a pet-related accident.

To improve pet owners device protection, SquareTrade offers the following tips for an accident free household:

1. Give your pets the attention, training and exercise they need so they have less interest in your gadgets
2. Leave your devices high up and out of reach of curious dogs and cats
3. Never charge devices at floor level or with exposed power cords
4. Don't leave your device next to liquids of any sort
5. Always use a protective case

Are you at a higher risk than other pet owners?

Fight Your Pet's Arthritis
Dr. Joel Ehrenzweig, ProLabs, FLEX Rx

ProLab Pets LogoFor more than twenty years, ProLabs has provided safe, cost-effective over-the-counter products for dogs and cats that match or exceed the quality standards of those used by veterinarians. ProLabs' staff of accessible and knowledgeable animal professionals is also available to answer questions about any of ProLabs product.

With us today is Dr. Joel Ehrenzweig, a veterinarian familiar with the clinically proven science and safety behind the ProLabs line and FLEX Rx, their new arthritis product.

When we asked Dr. Ehrenzweig how we can tell if our pet has arthritis, he stated that joint discomfort is difficult to detect in the early stages, but if the dog has difficulty getting up from a sitting position; is reluctant to go up or down stairs; can't jump into the car; needs help to get on the sofa; or limps following exercise, then joint problems are probably the cause.

Unfortunately most pet owners wait too long before they start addressing joint problems. They feel it is just a part of old age and if they have an active dog; they expect it to get banged up and possibly limp for a while. However, very often you can do things early on to stave the progress of arthritis.

Flex Rx productBut what can pet owners do when their dog has a joint problem? Dr. Ehrenzweig tells us that until now, owners have had few effective options to treat arthritis. They could go to their vet for x-rays and an NSAID prescription medication, which can have serious side effects. But most owners will look for a less expensive option before going to the vet, like trying one of the Nutraceuticals, glucosamine/chondroitin, that have been around for more than 25 years. These are supposed to work by helping to lubricate the arthritic joint and improve mobility.

Dr. Ehrenzweig tells us that FLEX Rx is the only product that manages the metabolic processes that lead to cartilage degeneration. So it works at the cause of the problem. It uses all natural medicinal plant extracts found in healthy foods like fruits, nuts, vegetables and tea. Each tasty FLEX Rx tablet (dogs love the flavor) contains 100 times the catechin found in a cup of green tea.

This is much different than how NSAIDs, like aspirin, work. They reduce Cox-1 (a critical enzyme) to dangerously low levels, often resulting in serious gastrointestinal problems in dogs just as in people. There have been no serious side effects in dogs using FLEX Rx. NONE.

So where can you find FLEX Rx? FLEX Rx had only been available by from veterinary hospitals, but now FLEX Rx is available over-the-counter from pet shops and retailers across the country.

Currently ProLabs has a $10 off FLEX Rx promotion. Go to the ProLabs Pets Facebook page and ‘like' them and you'll receive a $10 rebate coupon for FLEX Rx.

The Dogfather's Grooming Tip with Joey Villani

Joey VillaniTreating Your Pet's Poison Ivy
Joey currently has poison ivy, which he got from grooming a dog. This is probably the fourth time in his grooming career that he contracted poison ivy from a dog.

Contrary to belief, dogs do get poison ivy, and you can get it from your dog. It's not real common on dogs, but some dogs can come down with irritation and a rash. However, it's not as bad for dogs as it is for humans.

Dog with poison ivyWhen your dog comes in contact with poison ivy, it can last up to eight hours on their fur. This means that they can contaminate you, your car and even your furniture during that time. Basically, anything they come in contact with for eight hours.

Since poison ivy is an oil, any type of degreaser would work, like Dawn Dish detergent. There are other remedies, like bleach and water, but these are items that Joey would never apply to his skin or on his dog.

TecnuIn his search for a great product, Joey came across a product called Tecnu. Tecnu was originally invented by a doctor as a waterless cleanser for radioactive dust. It was developed in the 1940's when they were testing the atomic bomb. Somehow, this doctor's wife found out that it removed poison ivy.

You can find Tecnu in most drug stores on the shelves. In fact, you have probably walked by it a million times, but have never used it. Tecnu will remove the oils from you or your pet, and is safe for both of you. It also removes skunk odor and can remove sap from your clothes. It is a cream that you rub on you and your pet. Be careful not to get it into your pet's eyes. Then rinse with cool water, and repeat the whole process over again. While it can be a little bit of a process, and a little bit messy, it's definitely a lot better than having the itchy rash all over your body or your dog's body!

If you don't want to wash your pet, in a pinch you can use a waterless shampoo. This is a good ides any time your dog has been hiking or running in he woods. Just keep it in the car and apply it to your dog before he gets in the car.

Animal Radio® News with Stacey Cohen

RustyPanda Is Back Behind Bars After Making A Break
Rusty the red panda is back at the National Zoo after making a break. Zoo officials say Rusty was recovered in the Washington, DC area after someone called and said the animal was nearby. Dr. Brandie Smith, who is in charge of the red panda exhibit, says Rusty was hiding in a tree when zookeepers arrived. Smith says Rusty's keepers were able to get him down by calling his name and then put him in a small crate. He was taken to the zoo's veterinary hospital as a precaution. The zoo has not determined yet if the panda escaped or if he was taken. Rusty was missing for 24 hours

Japanese Pigeon Pigeon Defects from Japan to Canada
A racing pigeon from Japan is getting used to his new home after going 5,000 off-course and winding up in Vancouver, Canada. Maj. Birch, founder of the Mountainaire Avian Rescue Society, tells ABC News the wayward bird showed up in British Columbia last week emaciated and dehydrated. Birch explains that they eventually learned the pigeon embarked on a 600-mile race on a northern Japanese island back in May. But the journey apparently wasn't long enough for this particular bird, who instead chose to fly across the Pacific Ocean. Birch and his team got the phone number for the pigeon's owner from a tag on the bird's leg. The owner says he was relieved to find out the bird was still alive, pointing out that this must be a "superior pigeon." Nevertheless, he chose to let the bird stay in Canada to spare him the stress of making another ocean crossing.

Cooked stuffed camelIt's a Cam-Lamb-Chick-Fish
If you thought the now extinct 9-patty Wendy's T-Rex burger was excessive, wait until you hear about the Guinness Book of World Record's winner for the "largest item on any menu in the world." According to Foodbeast, the dish in question is a whole roasted camel stuffed with a lamb, which is stuffed with a chicken, which is stuffed with fish or eggs. The giant meal is prepared by an Arabic group called the Bedouin, who typically make the camel feast for weddings and other parties.

WalleChico Mutt Wins World's Ugliest Dog Contest
A mutt from Chico, California is taking the reigns as the World's Ugliest Dog. Walle is part boxer, part beagle and part basset hound. He won the title in Petaluma because of his huge head, short thick legs and duck feet. Walle's owner wins $1,500 and will be making television rounds this week.

Officers with baby mooseUnusual Back-Seat Passenger in Patrol Car
Police in Canada have raised the bar when it comes to unusual back-seat passengers. The CBC says a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer picked up a weeks-old baby moose along the side of the Trans-Canada Highway near Appleton, Newfoundland. Bonnie Harris of the Gander Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals explains that the young moose was crying out for her mom, but there was no sign of her. Like most people, the orphaned animal wasn't eager to get in the back of the police cruiser, but she calmed down once she got to the SPCA and gulped down a gallon of milk. Harris says the moose probably wouldn't have survived in the wild on her own, but things are looking up now.

Monkey who bit copMonkey Bites Rookie Cop
Police say a routine traffic stop became anything but for one rookie cop in Texas when he was bitten by a monkey while handing out a ticket. Twenty-one-year-old officer Keith Moore wears a camera clipped to his sunglasses and captured the incident in Aransas Pass on video. When he leans in to hand the driver the ticket, a small monkey jumps out and clamps down on the officer's hand. It turns out the monkey is a trained entertainer who travels with the car's driver to carnivals.

Pampered Paw ResortPampered Pet Resort Costs $72,000
Man's best friend now has a place to go if they need a couple days away from their two-legged companions. The new Paw Seasons Canine Holiday Resort in Long Ashton, England offers dogs a luxurious vacation that comes complete with spa and grooming sessions, fancy clothes and screenings of dog-friendly films like "Lassie" and "101 Dalmatians." The pampered pooches even get a private, custom-made suite modeled after their owner's home. The actual owners, however, are not allowed to stay at the resort. Instead, the Paw Seasons staff keeps them up to speed with Facebook and YouTube updates. The two-week package costs more than $72,000, but that includes a $13,000 donation to Battersea Dogs Home and Cancer Research.

Research ChimpanzeeRetiring Research Chimpanzees
The number of chimpanzees in U.S. government-funded research will be substantially reduced under a new set of principles and criteria, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Francis Collins, director of the NIH, cited new scientific methods and technologies that can replace chimpanzee subjects in biomedical experiments as one reason for the shift. Ethical considerations are another. Chimpanzees' "likeness to humans has made them uniquely valuable for certain types of research, but also demands greater justification for their use," Collins said in a statement. "After extensive consideration with the expert guidance of many, I am confident that greatly reducing their use in biomedical research is scientifically sound and the right thing to do." According to the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), there are approximately 850 chimpanzees in U.S. laboratories. About 350 of those animals are owned or supported by the NIH. The new guidelines will mean that about 300 research chimpanzees will be retired in the coming years, to possibly join more than 150 other chimps already housed in the Federal Sanctuary System. See the video, Chimps Outscore Humans.

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